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 Shino, the True Origin

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shino, the True Origin   Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:38 pm


"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Name: Shino, the True Origin
Former Human Name: Shino
Former Guardian Beast Name: Innis & Aura
Element: Life
Age: Death: 17, Current Age: ~400-500 years
Guardian Beast Age: As old as time itself
Gender: Female
Orientation: True Origin of the Undead Clan of Sugiura

Appearance: as Shino:

The first thing anyone will notice is the fact that Shino is an albino. Her hair is silver-grey, almost white, and rather short, but also looks very soft. The albinoism came with blood-red eyes as a human, but her Undead body now has violet, almost grey eyes. Her skin is almost white, and without any kind of flaw. Her smile is very warm, and can apparently even calm the mind of a mad beast.

Personality: The Enigma
Shino is a very aloof and mysterious person - because she wants to be, mostly. Her behavior and mood can change within the span of a couple of minutes, or not at all for years. Her acting is almost perfect - to tell that she almost never shows her true face is incredibly difficult. However, Shino often doesn't even realize that she unconciously takes on different 'masks' over her true self, and can't easily show it even if she'd want to. If nothing else, this is different from true split personalities in that the true thoughts and mind of her underneath never change, only the ways she conveys her emotions and thinking to the outside world have different faces.

Kindness and Sadness
Shino likes to smile, and to see others smile, but often hides that under a cold exterior. She feels detached from normal people, and thus prefers to watch from the outside instead of the inside. Death, fighting and pain of others awaken a deep sadness within her heart, and she will try to help those less fortunate survive, no matter the cost to herself... Usually, at least. She would not risk anything to help a dastardly villain, for example.
When one gets her to talk in something other than riddles, Shino is actually extremely nice to everyone she meets, regardless of gender, age or race. Hatred seems to be a foreign concept to her, and she cannot hold a grudge against people, even if she tried to. It almost seems naive from her.

Manipulative Witch
One of her masks most of the time, but still deeply engraved in her own personality - while Shino hates hurting people directly with her power, she is an exceptionally good 'chessmaster', playing enemies against each other and using trickery and treachery to ensure the survival and happiness of her own people above anyone else. While she doesn't try to actively hurt people with her lies, she often is forced to do so anyway. Her smile can be almost creepy once one realizes it could either be a friendly one, or one meant to give you security before her real allegiances stab you in the back...

Death/Awakening: Their life till their death, their awakening, finding of the real body, destruction of it, and further history.

Weapon: Dancing Mirage - a long staff with multiple gold rings and a shining gem floating between them on one end. Mainly a tool to enhance her spiritual abilities, and not a tool suitable for direct combat.

Magic Spells:
Repth - a standard, weaker healing spell that is easy to cast and reaches the target just as fast. Only works on the targets Shiro wants it to work on, it effectively poofs into nothing if the enemy jumps into the way. This applies to ALL of her spells.
Ol Repth - A spell that can heal bigger wounds and bleedings, but is ineffective against mortal wounds and poisons.
Pha Repth - A long casting time and Reiatsu cost, but it results in a healing spell able to heal even normally deadly wounds. It slows down the effect of poisons in the body, too.
La Repth - A Repth spell that targets more than one ally.
Ola Repth - An Ol Repth spell that targets more than one ally.
Phal Repth - An amazingly strong healing spell that targets multiple allies. Very high costs, for very high results.
Rip Teyn - A spell that can cure poisons from someones blood stream.
Rip Synk - A spell that can lift dark confusions, insanity, and curses from people. To cure extremely strong versions, the spell needs to be applied again and again until the target can keep it's sanity without it.
Rip Maen - Insanely powerful spell. This consumes nearly all of Shiros Reiatsu at maximum, and can kill her if she uses it in any other state. This spell can breathe life back into someone who died recently, healing body and soul.
Ap Do - Increases the speed of the target. A magic circle appears underneath the target once it's used from which the helpful effect flows up, so it can't be blocked off normally. This goes for ALL of her buffing spells.
Ap Corv - Incrases the targets physical strength.
Ap Vorv - Increases physical defense.
Ap Torv - Gives the target better accucary and eyesight, bettering the reaction time in the process.
Ap Corma - Makes the target stronger with spiritual arts like Kidō or Cero.
Ap Vorma - Makes the target more resistant to Kidō, Cero and other energy/spiritual moves.
Gi/Or/PhaRue Kruz: Raises high-pressured water from below the enemy out of nowhere in an attempt to crush with high pressure, or make the enemy suffocate or swallow a lot of water to hinder them. Higher levels create more and faster water to make dodging harder. The water is, obviously, deep blue.
Gi/Ra/PhaVak Don: Rains down fireballs from the sky on the enemy. Higher levels more resemble a small shower of flaming meteors than fireballs. This fire, unlike the Azure Flame, is burning red.
Ra/Or/PhaJuk Zot: Raises a mass of leaves, thorn vines and earth clumps from underneath the enemy to strangle and trap him, and inflict minor injuries. The highest level creates a hybrid of tree and thorn bush all together with beautiful but also slightly poisonous flowers. Starting from Or-level, these flowers appear, and their poison, should their sharp petals cut someone, cause minor blurry vision or slight dizzyness.
Me/Om/PhaRai Kruz: Shoots yellow lightning bolts from a seal underneath the enemy, which may appear under the earth if used on ground, making it shatter the uppermost layer of stone, ground etc. This lightning can shock and cause minor to strong paralysis, depending on level and duration of exposure. Complete paralysis would need a full PhaRai Kruz to hit the enemy, so it's very unlikely.

Fate Reading: Shino can see the threads of fate with her dead eyes. If she has a chance to focus, she can make predictions about the future of certain people and places, the more she knows of whatever she reads, the higher the probablity of her being correct. While by no means a perfect tool, she can thus predict the future quite well.

Human Powers: In human form, Shino is mostly a healer. She can conjure bright, pure light from her hands and the long staff she wields. This light can cure others or strengthen them. Her own body is only on human level, making her unable to fight directly in this form. While posessing quite a few offensive spells, she usually doesn't use them in this form, as she hates combat. Her spells are listed above under Magic.
However, being one with the Mirage of Deceit has granted her usage of the signature ability of that Guardian Beast - the magic has roots in Aura and general Guardian Beast technique instead. This signature ability is the 'Hidden Self'. As Shino never shows her true self, hidden beneath all the layers, the defense of her 'ego' has grown to a weaponized level - an AT Field, which she can activate conciously or even protects her unconciously, in the form of various barriers and blockades, both physical and spiritual.
This AT Field can block attacks in a rather basic fashion, by materializing infront of the attack near Shino - it takes on a hexagonal, beehive-like shape of many, yellow-golden layers from a center point outward and backwards as well, making it incredibly durable and hard to penetrate. The AT Field can't actually break, only be penetrated, and will rebuild itself to full strength the instant the breakin-point is free from interference again. Meaning that if one energy attack hits, the next one doesn't have to - but getting inside the AT Field yourself leaves it useless for Shino's defense while you manage to stay close enough.
As her Human Form doesn't grant enough of the sixth sense required to fully control the AT Field, Shino can't use it to attack in this stage. However, she can shield other beings with her barriers, but that leaves herself vulnerable.

Monster Form:
Shino's Monster Form is unique in being very humanoid, which steems from having two of the oldest Guardian Beasts fused with her at once.
Monster Powers: This form is rarely seen, as it reflects Shino's will to fight. Should it be released, though, then the first assumption would be that her physical weakness still persists, but this is only halfway true. Her internal body structure changes drastically, replacing her heart with a magic construct that is powered by 9 'Core Medals', white, round objects around the size of a child's hand. These constructs each hold 1/9th of Aura's power and are virtually indestructible, while the construct keeps the blood pumping through her body, thus making attacks on her heart meaningless for the most part. Her bones also become magical constructs, and her skin hardens slightly, almost as if half of her is turned into a magic puppet controlled by her thoughts, instead of an Undead body housing her soul.

As the strength of her inner self grows in this form, so does the control over the field that protects her. The AT Field can now be layered over itself in a focused manner, sacrificing complete encasing protection for a nearly impenetrable barrier in a single direction instead. Also, using the strength of her 'ego', she can now use the defense for offense.
This works in a variety of ways. Her AT Field now constantly enriches the energy within her body and strengthens, enhances it, making her entire body act much like a storage unit for growing masses of energy. Shino can use that energy to empower her spells, making them vastly more destructive and powerful. She can also 'throw' her barriers to cause varying effects. For example, a barrier could emitt a strong pushing force to crash into an enemy as a blunt attack, or reverse gravity to pull an enemy in. She could even make gravity disappear completely in an area underneath or above a barrier. Combination of these by conjuring and throwing multiple fields is also possible, and it is entirely within her power to catch an enemy off-guard with anti-gravity and reversed gravity to possibly catch them in a cage of null movement and hard to destroy walls. This is where the stored energy comes into play once more - Shino can unleash a small particle explosion on her target location, as long as it is near a free-floating AT Field, no matter how small the field is.

First Guardian Beast Form:
First Guardian Powers: These powers exceed Bankai a bit for normal Undead, and almost always have a time limit. A Joker in this form is stronger than other Undead in it.

Second Guardian Beast Form:
Second Guardian Beast Powers: Aura is the oldest Guardian Beast of them all. However, she is not a combatant at all. Lacking any powers for actual combat, her original strength was the ability to create life. This ability was crippled when her empire fell and so many of the Guardian Beasts died - but should they ever reach their old glory again, then she could summon lesser Guardian Beasts into existance, and create higher ones with some hours to days of concentration.
As it stands, though, Aura is only able to use her voice to command existing Guardian Beasts. A Guardian Beast, Undead or Sugiura can refuse her words, but doing so is like refusing one's own existance, and scars the offender on a psychological level. She can use this both on wild Guardian Beasts and on those with contracts.
As far as creating life goes, Aura's power is reduced to an actual 'aura' surrounding her, which revitalizes people and gives them new hope, as long as they stand for the forces of good, no matter their element. It has been noted that the ground under her bare feet sprouts out flowers and fresh grass, even in previously devastated and ruined areas.
The only remotely combat-oriented ability she posesses is to awaken 'small spirits' out of rocks, sand, grass or the like, small, insectoid beings which can pin an offender down, but hardly deal enough damage to even kill a normal Hollow.
Defensively, Aura posesses an Absolute Territory Field similliar, if weaker, than the one used by Innis and Shino. This is different while within her own world - the Guardian Beast Dimension grants a nearly infinite amount of defense to Aura, making it practicially impossible to penetrate her AT Field to hurt her. Even more, if her blood were to be spilled within her own world at all, every single Guardian Beast and even the land itself would move to defend her instantly, which could even awaken mountains and oceans to life in order to crush the offender without mercy.

Another power that Aura has retained is the power of the 'Divine Intervention'. She can appear in an area in a flash of divine, white light, which instantly repells all evil forces from her target location with a strong knockback. The light heals any fighters for good it reaches, and Aura can use her divine power to rejuvenate not only those that stand for the good in the world, but can even resurrect the dead, reconstruct entire destroyed cities or close dimensional portals all at once. This comes at a great price, however - since Aura's strength is quite limited, doing a divine intervention leaves her vulnerable to a big degree, deactivating her own AT Field for the remainder of the thread it is used in.

Finally, Aura can channel the power of a 'legend' in a curious way. As her people are born from dreams, legends and stories, whenever someone with a great 'legacy' or 'legend' to themselves dies for real (i.e. doesn't become a Plus), she can channel that energy, together with the memories of that person which linger in the minds of people, and draw their concious mind, their 'will', back from the void - and resurrect that person as a Guardian Beast.
This ascension gives a person a second chance, and can even be used on those that are normally to weak to become a Guardian Beast. Furthermore, even living and soul beings can subject themselves to this energy, without having a legend at all - if Aura is willing to do it, she can make a person into a Guardian Beast.

RP Sample: The better this is, the higher the chance for a high tier!

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Moved to Old, application is over 2 weeks old.


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Shino, the True Origin
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