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 Seems Like A Beginning Of Something Big

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Seems Like A Beginning Of Something Big   Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:57 pm

Orihime Inoue

There was a report about a hollow uprising outside the dome of Karakura Central. Judging by the gravity and additional details, the hollows are forming an army without order like they are driven by instinct or by a leader. Trusting that she can do the job with assistance, Orihime was dispatched with three seated shinigami to perform recon to confirm the tip-off and report back to their superior, Ichigo Kurosaki. The three shinigami are from the Fourth Division, Sixth Division and Eleventh Division. Orihime is from the Thirteenth Division as part of Jenna's requests involving her enlistment into the Gotei 13's ranks. The fourth shinigami is a collected guy with blond hair and a serious tone in facial expression. The sixth shinigami is a talented individual with black hair and hazel eyes. The eleventh shinigami is a tomboy girl who fancies a scarf like Rangiku. Upon their arrival, Orihime can sense the reiatsu in the air from away the dome. It confirms one part of it all in this tip-off.

The sixth shinigami was looking straight ahead like he detects it too while the fourth is keeping attention to the team, making sure that nothing is trying to flank them; the eleventh shinigami? She was smirking with excitement, a trait that is shared among the fighters from Kenpachi's division. "Inoue-sempai. The opposition should hold no threat to a captain, but is perceptively stronger than any of us together." The sixth shinigami judges as he looks to his left to see Orihime by his side. "I see, but we need to know the exact number of them or we will be wasting energy or losing lives over a mistake." Orihime replies. To what she can see, there is physically nothing ahead while the reiatsu was definitely a combination of multiple foes. Could they be a battalion or a platoon? What can be answered is when she investigates it further. Seems they are still in preparation like an organized force; Hollows are not that organized unless led by someone, another piece confirmed. "Ready?" Orihime asks.

Sam "Berry" Brewer

At the headquarters of the Vanguards led by Genpaku and Solas, Berry stands outside the front door while wrapped by the signature blue kimono that is worn like a haori to remind Berry of the time as a captain of the Gotei 13's Fifth Division. Despite the entire chest is bandaged up from the wound from the fight against the demon lord, TelcinVohlis, Berry's health is stable enough to scorn oneself for two failings; the failure of capturing TelcinVohlis and the failure to return to Shadin Yuudeshi as promised. It is aggravates Berry to know that the skills are great enough to handle the demon lord like TelcinVohlis, but somehow, that demon manages to best Berry. Berry looks at the Zanpakutō that was still snapped in two from earlier. Normally a Zanpakutō can heal itself, but Berry's Zanpakutō is powerful enough that it requires a special method to repair it; it can be repaired by using a zankido technique that Berry developed long ago while achieving bankai. Zankido originates from Berry's training.

The purpose of Zankido is to resonate the Zanpakutō with Kidō from its master, fusing the essence of the Zanpakutō with the Kidō for a new franchise of techniques that can only be mastered by self. For that to work, Zanpakutō and Kidō have to be at equal terms, meaning that if someone is a beginner with Kidō and the Zanpakutō is stronger than that, it will not work unless the user has improved in Kidō. However, for Berry's case, the health was stable, but not all recovered. Berry will still need some rest, but something bugs the blue ziamichi with no end unless consulted. With eyes narrowed and lips firmed with the self-scorning, Berry can sense the growing reiatsu outside the dome of Sukai Karakura. It was of little effort for someone like Berry to detect something from far away, but determining the strength is still much to be desired for now. Berry lowers the head and keeps arms crossed for now, waiting for a chance that Beauregard, the Zanpakutō calls for Berry.

Retsu Unohana

Out in the forest to collect herbs, Unohana was contemplating about the increase in accidents during training where few are in critical conditions rather than just badly bruised. Some was from the talented individual in the sixth division, another by one of her own during combat training and some from other divisions. What was curious was that the culprits are mainly have black hair or hazel eyes. If she just ordered a crackdown under that description, it will be a headache for even Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a figurative rival in matters of research in medicine. Behind her were two members who are currently learning under her tutelage in medicine. The thing that keeps her wary is the fact that one of the culprits is with her as a way for Unohana to keep watch of the shinigami's actions. The other one was also dark-haired boy, but Unohana knows he is a pacifist. For all things to go wrong in possibilities, the only one that Unohana can think is it just being coincidence or the female culprit behind her will try to strike her from behind.

Suddenly, Unohana hears a cry of pain as a swipe of a sword was synchronized with the scream. Unohana's eyes are widened and her left hand was outstretched and petrified by the cry. She could not believe that the girl was just accidental all along and there was a traitor right behind her. Unohana turns her head and sees the boy with his Zanpakutō stained in the girl's blood. His smile was sick with deep sadism. "Hail to the Queen." The boy speaks calmly to Unohana like it was a taunt. The volume of his voice was enough for Unohana to hear and not enough for anyone to hear unless they are in the area as well. Unohana returns to her duty-bound face and stands up to face the boy. She can see his eyes glowing red while a black and red aura surrounds him with great density. "A demon shinigami who can suppress the demon side so I cannot detect. You must be very skilled." Unohana observes before asking, "Who are you then?"

The boy smiles sadistically.

Yachiru Kusajishi

Rangiku Matsumoto

It was a casual day at the coffee shop in Downtown Karakura as people are socializing and being liberated from care thanks to Karakura being the hub of the alliance. However, that peace suddenly turns to chaos as a woman in a white haori crashes through the walls and into the kitchen. The woman emerges out rubbing the back of her pink hair. "Yachiru! Are you alri-?! Shi-!" Rangiku calls out before a masked shinigami and an angel iramasha nearly crushed her with a two way charge. Their swords connect, but not onto the flesh of Lieutenant Matsumoto. For only two cents, Yachiru and Rangiku hardly have a clue as to why their allies are attacking them without warning and what about "the Queen" they are hailing? Rangiku can only piece together one thing and that there is something at work and it is troubling for anyone they intended to hurt. "Bull Toss!" A ziamichi cries out as a spiritual bull charges at Rangiku from behind. Ranigku dodges it and rolls onto her back to block the two swords of the Iramasha and a Vizard.

The Ziamichi, the Iramasha and the Vizard seem to all have red eyes, black and red aura, and black hair as well as they are allied with a queen that was unspecified. Yachiru rushes out to engage the Ziamichi, but was intercepted by the Vizard with the use of Sonido. Yachiru was skilled enough to anticipate the attack and blocks the Vizard as she can see the Ziamichi was charging at her with bull charge. Rangiku kicks the Iramasha off of her and regains her footing while Rangiku and Yachiru goes back to back. "Boobies. I don't know what happened, but these guys are mean!" Yachiru speaks to Rangiku as she tosses the Vizard into the Ziamichi, tumbling both of them over. "Hell should I know! If we retreat, they will follow us!" Rangiku replies to Yachiru, leaving the nickname as little to do with the frustration that these guys attacked them openly and nothing was implied. All the same, they are traitors and the alliance may not know about it! Rangiku keeps an eye on the Iramasha while knowingly, Yachiru can handle herself against a Ziamichi and a Vizard at once.

Hanako Yadomaru Iramasha Junior

It was on her way back from the store with baby care products that Hanako can see the struggle of Yachiru and Rangiku against three unusual enemies. As a former bounty hunter for the Iramasha, it is her duty to help the Gotei 13 with something like this. Especially when one of the assailants was an Angel Iramasha. "Now that is strange." Hanako comments to herself before she breathes in. Then she lets out a shout, "Hey! What is going on here?!" The Ziamichi and the Vizard stop and the Angel Iramasha stops as well as they look at Hanako. "Well, Sister. We're serving our Queen. Want to join in too?" The Vizard asks, surprising Rangiku and Yachiru. "I do not know how I am a sister to you three, but for attacking authorities, I have to assist Lieutenant Kusajishi and Lieutenant Matsumoto." Hanako vouches for herself as the Ziamichi turns to Hanako, "A traitor you will be to us, then a traitor you shall die as." Hanako blinks in mild confusion as to what the hell the guy is thinking at all.

The Ziamichi rubs his foot across the pavement like a bull as Hanako can see the clue and steps to her left, where she stands in front of a hover-truck. As the Angel Iramasha attacks Rangiku and the Vizard attacks Yachiru, the Ziamichi charges at Hanako with full speed. Hanako stands there, waiting for a chance. By the time that the Ziamichi is about ten feet away from Hanako. Hanako flicks her right ankle inward and hops to the left in a graceful evasion while the bull ziamichi rams into the hover-truck head-on. The truck moves four feet backwards from the impact while the bonnet implodes with the ziamichi's heavy head-on collision. The Ziamichi pulls his head out and was bleeding from the forehead. Hanako rushes in with an impressive dropkick to the face without giving the ziamichi a chance to raise his arms to defend. She watches the ziamichi flies onto his back and lay there in a daze as to what happened. Hanako swipes her right thumb across her nose like a victory moment.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Seems Like A Beginning Of Something Big   Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:47 pm

In the far right back corner of the coffee shop the male Carter sat, his Zanpakutō rested on his left hip as always. He was staring into the coffee mug resting on the small table resting in front of him. The cup was white and around the edge on the inside the liquid appeared brown, darker by a few shades then his own hair. The brown coloring faded to a abyssal black in the middle where wisps of fog produced from the heat of the drink rose into the air before fading. Carter's mind was else where at the time, He had just pulled himself out of the slums after an encounter with a woman he thought had died many years ago.

She haunted his mind, his usually stark white blue eyes were glazed over like that of a dead man and he hardly moved. He was a statue aside from the movement in his chest and shoulders that expressed he was breathing slowly.

As the time trickled by he felt a faint energy source build up then another joined it. They appeared opposite of one another, as if clashing. The wall to his left exploded as plaster and paint chips flew inwards all around the room. The dust settled and Carter stood up as the white powder of dry wall fell out of his hair. He saw two beings clashing. One his own race and another something angelic. He went to assist the vizard until he saw the glint of red in his eyes. Stunned for a moment he watched a a single woman entered the fray and she appeared to need his help. It look like the vizard and Angel like being were ganging up upon her.

Picking up his steaming hot coffee he leapt from one table to the next without making a single drop leave the cup. "heads up!" He yelled to the woman, throwing the steaming liquid he hoped she would duck in time as he pulled out blade Nacuto and sent a jab outward to the other vizard's rib cage to force it to focus on him and not the woman.

Carter Zenaki 2-3
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Seems Like A Beginning Of Something Big
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