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 Sora [APPROVED; 1-3+, 0-5; Undead]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sora [APPROVED; 1-3+, 0-5; Undead]   Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:53 pm


"Believe in me!"

Name: Sora
Former Human Name: Sora
Former Guardian Beast Name: First of the Cursed Wave; Skeith, the Terror of Death
Element: Data/Reality
Age: Sora himself is around 850 years old by now, his Guardian Beast half, Skeith, however, is older than humanity itself.
Gender: male
Orientation: Dumb is good!

Personality: A hero of justice and everything that is good in the world! Or that's what he would like to be, anyway. Sora is a very hyperactive, goodhearted and fun person. He often doesn't seem to be all that bright - but that's actually a farce, he simply doesn't like to show off that he does indeed think about stuff from time to time. His usual approach to problems is head-on, and with a healthy dose of confidence and positive energy.
He is also a supporter of the theory that everything human has a 'good' core to them, and that evil is a choice, not something a human can be born with. That is why he especially dislikes humans, Ziamichi, Vizard, Shinigami and Arrancar that openly chose to be 'evil', calling them weaklings and idiots openly. As part Guardian Beast, he is protective of others of his kind to a high degree, which expands to other kinds of Sugiura as well. He is not officially considered part of their military, but often shows up when he is needed anyway.
However, Sora is also a warrior, one that has a great honor in him. He doesn't like disrupting others fight, unless it is to save a friend from certain death, and takes great offense at not being taken seriously (which is all the time), and will often challenge people that are superior to him (which also happens all the time).
Another trait that Sora has is his drive for adventure. If something seems to lead to a fun adventure of heroics, general greatness and some justice is involved, expect him to show up and try to steal everyone's spotlight as if it were a competition. Oddly enough, he also has a musician-side, he plays the Keyboard - and occasionally a Keytar - whenever he feels like it. Some people mumble he once tried to get Zefonse to start a band.
Occasionally, though, something else shines through. And that is true genius, amazing intellect, and most importantly, a cold and uncaring side completely unlike the known Sora. Called the ‘old Sora’, he is one to look out for - betrayal and treachery are his weapons when he needs it, and justice is only served for as long as he survives to tell the tale. The bumbling fool has an incredibly dark side to him.
One also shouldn't forget that his Guardian Beast half influences him from time to time, though. Whenever Skeith 'awakens' in his subconscious, Sora becomes ruthless, even bloodthirsty, and destructive. He hates to use Skeith's power as a result, and will generally only assume his Guardian Beast form when he is sure that it is needed AND that he can control it. Of course, Skeith can take over completely as well, should Sora be in mortal danger, and force him into his final form.
One should not mistake the Terror of Death for a brainless monster, though. While he is a ruffian and often seeks battle, Skeith is also honorable, cares deeply for his siblings and mother and would do anything in his power to beat back the darkness that threatens life - for he is the first of the cursed wave.

Death/Awakening: To comprehend Sora's history is to go back in time far longer than just his birth - because of how old his Guardian Beast half is. Skeith, the Terror of Death.

Skeith was 'born' many millennia ago, in the time of the Guardian Beast empire - long before evolution carved the way for humans, and also long before their dimension even had any connection to any other realm, being a secluded reality like many others. Back in that time, the Guardian Beasts had never yet seen a war - after Aura was created by their worlds 'will', she had created her children out of legends and dreams of dead old gods, making them nearly perfect.
But her people feared the mother - Morganna Mode Gone, the Queen of Demise. Morganna was left alone, feared, despised, and that drove her mad. She began to hate her daughter, Aura, and everything she stood for, and so devised a plan with the few beasts loyal to her. This lead to the first Guardian Beast War - but not before Morganna Mode Gone split herself into seven sinister 'Phases of the Cursed Wave', spreading her power equally amongst them. The first one was Skeith, a being feeding on betrayal and fear of death.
Thus, Skeith became the general of the first army of Morganna. However, he was also a hot-blooded and honorbound warrior that always searched his next challenge. As such, his strategies were often times brutal, ruthless, and reliant on brute force. He was also the only one, though, to ever come close to killing Aura, although she was saved in the last second by her first knight... a human.
This lead to a growing rivalry between that knight and Skeith, who were both now leading their respective armies into combat. However, as the war dragged on, and other Phases came into contact with the first knight, Skeith felt himself growing angry at his own kind for trying to steal his fight. Eventually, he challenged the knight to a single battle, one on one.

At the end of the fight that dragged on for three days, Skeith stood defeated. His power shattered, he vowed loyalty to the only man ever able to defeat him, and abandoned Morganna - using her power against her own other creations, Skeith became a true Terror upon the enemies of Aura, a savage beast able to slay everyone in his way..
During the last battle of this war, Skeith and the knight together with their other allies finally faced Morganna Mode Gone herself, who had possessed the last of the Phases, Corbenik, directly. In their fight, Corbenik was proven to be more than a match for the heroes - it's power was far superior to anything ever seen before. And so, to counter it and to save his new-found allies, Skeith sacrificed his strength to the first knight, who was then able to pierce Corbenik’s core - ripping away it's strength, Corbenik, as well as the other Phases, lost their immense power from Morganna Mode Gone.

As a masterless warrior, he afterwards wandered the Guardian Beast Dimension, and only once more joined the other great beasts to seal the ancient evil, the 'Hidden One', into the Holy Grail. As the empire declined, so did his power, and he hid himself in the darkest parts of his home world, entering hibernation, only to awaken if something strong was to appear, so strong that it would release him from weakness and make him powerful like in the old times.
And one day... he met a spirit that would fulfill his goal.

Now, the story shifts over to someone else - Sora. He was born not as a normal human, but as a Quincy. That was during the thriving time of the clan - before their open war with the Shinigami, but when they already held influence over many regions and were feared by Hollows far and wide.
Sora was exceptionally gifted for such a young Quincy. He was able to form his first bow at the age of four, and learned how to use the tools of the Quincy at age ten - a true prodigy of the Quincy based in Japan. However, he was also an incredibly serious and cold kid - one could call him almost creepy, seemingly soulless and many other bad things. The only thing giving him slight smirks was to destroy Hollows - in other words, killing. For some reason, nothing in the whole world ever enticed him, or lead him to believe that life was precious and should be protected at any cost.
He was only fifteen when the Quincy War broke out - and his prodigy status was not proven correct, as instead of helping and rescuing his fellow Quincy, he ran away in the night, saving his own hide, thinking himself superior and more important than them. The next time he spent in hiding - as a mercenary and evil ghost killer for hire, the Shinigami left him alone, for a single Quincy was no danger to the Soul Cycle. Or so they thought.

During this time, and through his incredible ego, Sora earned more enemies than friends - he had no respects for anyone, and betrayed people for a handful of money or luxury, being fickle and often even working for feuding lords at the same time without either one realizing until he had taken the innocence of their daughters and claimed the entire treasury for himself, escaping into the night with a laugh.
So it came how it had to come - Sora himself was betrayed, and all of the sudden, the prodigy Quincy found himself trapped between enemies on top of a hill - 100 men sent out to end his life. And so, he fought - an endless slaughter, without a victor - for as the bow was lowered, a sword was pointing out of his chest. The sword had been wielded... by a Shinigami, not a human.
”You are a disgrace to the memory of your people. You left everyone behind... Only to end like this. You are truly pathetic, Sora.”

And this death was not to be the last humiliation in his life - and also not the last time he was seen in the still ongoing Quincy War, which had easily gone in favor of the death gods. Thanks to the many deaths of the time, the veil had grown unstable - the killed Sora plummeted down between dimensions, trapped with only his own thoughts. Had he really been pathetic, even though his brilliant mind and powers had never even once failed him? Finally, he remembered why he never even once had fun before in his life, and why only the thrill of betrayal had given him anything worthwhile...
Because he himself had wanted to distance himself. Seeing yourself as something better - that had been his greatest sin, and one that could never be forgiven by the only people that had ever truly cared for him - the Quincy of his clan.

His fall finally ended, but not his torment. The air his soul was surrounded by was poisonous and heavy - it burned into his very fabric. Darkness and regret surrounded him, as he blindly stumbled through the ruin of an old temple. Searching light, he finally managed to find his way out of the catacombs of this old temple, as they crumbled behind him - but besides a fallen statue of a great forgotten goddess, his strength left him and he collapsed onto the ground. Breathing was hard, and tears were running down his face - tears of endless regret and sadness. Shame filled his mind, thinking he had finally reached the end of his days... When a voice entered his mind. A strong, alien voice, full of honor and power. And so he was lifted into the air, as two gigantic hands closed around him - claws digging into his flesh, dark metal liquefying and streaming into his blood. Sora wanted to scream, but no tone escaped his throat. And during all this, the voice in his mind echoed endless times, and then, the thoughts became his own and still were someone else’s. This was the day Sora the Arrogant and Skeith, First of the Cursed Wave, died.
And born, out of black metal and white energy, was a being with silver hair, darkened skin and unyielding determination. Whom he had been was now unimportant... for he was now Sora, the first Avatar User and Terror of Death.
”I have found you!

On that very day, Sora entered into the real world again - and into the Quincy War. Bursting onto the battlefields like a whirlwind, nobody even noticed who it was for the rest of time - his appearance had completely changed through the influence of his will to become someone better, and through the power of Skeith. Cutting a hole into the line of the Shinigami, many Quincy were saved that day by him - and the slayer of one hundred Shinigami and Hollow trying to prey on the dying Quincy race had turned from a dream into reality, and from a man into a legend.

But even a legend has limitations. After the war was over, he had no place with the Quincy - as thanks, they forged him two blades that he carries to this very day, extensions of the own soul engraved into eternal steel. With no place left to go, the man without a goal travelled the worlds. In the end, the way led back to where he had become someone new - but this time, the cathedral wasn’t empty. There, by the fallen statue of Aura, was where Sora saw him for the first time - Zefonse, the god of battle.
That man was... different. An unseen aura surrounded him - he was an Arrancar, no doubt about it, but Sora did not care. Ever since he had been reborn, his eyes finally saw how unimportant race was in the end. There was little need for words - this temple was a place of silent prayer. It was only when they met again outside of the cathedral, at the graves nearby, that they first exchanged words - and names. Skeith had known this man - one of the oldest human souls, and one of the few to have ever been allied with the old Guardian Beast Empire. That was also why Sora knew of the abilities this man had, and asked him for training - but was confronted with a question. What was it he hoped to accomplish with strength? What was his ideal, his goal? And Sora knew the answer to it.

To be the real me. To be a better person. That was his ideal. Sora spoke freely of his past - he had always been a coward that hid behind prodigy status, someone that preferred the quick life to the real one. How he had effectively killed many Quincy by simply not acting in time - and how only death had been able to open his eyes. That day was also the day Sora learned of peace - the peace his new master desired. And so, he had become the student of Zefonse Kaizme...

And that was not an easy feat in itself. During the times Zefonse spent undercover in different parts of the world, Sora reflected on his times with the old man - and on how broken the old Arrancar really was to the core. Lately, noticing an old spark returning to the master of swords, Sora finally became able to call himself a fully fledged student of Zefonse - and after many cuts, deep wounds, and broken bones from him, he became also able to call himself one of the few masters of dual swords.

Transportation: Sora has allied himself with a Dragon Type Guardian Beast, which serves as his travelling mount. It can reach speeds up to Mach 5 in the air, but is not fit for combat. It can also burst through the wall separating dimensions and thus transport Sora into any known world, assuming it is not protected in a special way.

Sora uses twin swords that were forged out of his soul, giving them similar properties to a Zanpakutō - they can't be used by anyone but him, as they weigh a ton for everyone else, reduce their skill to below a novice of sword-fighting and are as dull as a stick unless wielded by him.
The runes engraved into them are ancient Guardian Beast runes - they increase his human form strength to standard Monster Form territory, making him a viable and dangerous fighter. They also unlock his techniques in human form. Should they be knocked out of his hands, they will teleport right back in the next post. To 'draw' them in the first place, Sora calls them into reality with a thought command. They are sentient to a degree, as they can summon themselves to protect Sora from harm that he did not see coming by teleporting in the way of it or floating around him.

Human Powers: Sora's powers revolt around his element - 'Data', or 'Reality', as it is sometimes called. It allows him to 'hack' the reality around him much like a highly advanced hacker with equipment that even the cyberspace of today can only dream of, and change even the laws of nature to a certain degree, change the attribute of things, and make the impossible happen. However, this power has a glaring flaw in that it can only be used on himself, and those he touches directly. He could in theory 'hack' the area he is currently in and leave it, and the 'hack' would stay for a certain amount of time, leaving reality changed according to his will.
Now for a list of what his actual abilities, statistics and general strengths of Human form are:
  • Nimble Fighter: Sora is quick on his feet, quick to react, and fast with attacking - he is lacking a bit in the defense department, but can boast the highest speed of any Undead, which is no small feat. He is apparently fast enough to see and comprehend the moves his teacher, Zefonse, pulls off.
  • Burning Will: Sora can withstand the most gruesome wounds as long as he still has Reiatsu, and he WILL get back up even with half of his stomach missing unless someone whacks him over the head with a giant hammer. Keeping him down is harder than one would think.
  • Ancient Power: Sora's other half is ancient and powerful - his Reiatsu exceeds any normal limits of a human form of other Undead. Guardian Beasts, Sugiura and Undead can all feel that his power is not only ancient, but also very primal in nature - other races are not able to tell the difference, though.
  • Blade Arte: To influence the own weapon with the power of reality, to change the very nature of the own body and skill - that is the Blade Arte. In direct application, this can change the swords in multiple ways - either enchant them with an element or special properties. These can either last until cancelled, until a charged move is performed, or until a set number of attacks are made - this varies from skill to skill, but is always stated clearly.
    Heaven Strike: Imbues the swords with holy, cleansing energy. While it gives off no direct increase or decrease in any statistic, it has the unique property to clean away all dark and tainted energy - for example, death energy or demon magic can be easily cut and destroyed with Heaven Strike. This Arte lasts up to five (5) posts, or until Sora unleashes ‘Divine Fury’. Coating both blades in literal blinding light, Sora raises up into the air, before dashing down onto his enemy with the swords following like the wings of an angel. A cross-strike is then performed, and the searing white light destroys all that is evil and dark within it’s wake.
    Bolt Charge: This Arte charges electric energy into both the blades and Sora himself, which appear as crackling blue bolts of lightning. These cannot be absorbed by the usual means, and in general, rarely behave according to physics at all. In fact, they ‘magnetize’ Sora in a special way, which makes him faster as long as he is headed directly for his opponent, and slower when moving away - this can be switched around once per post. The electric energy increases the cutting power of his swords a lot, and also ‘arcs’ out at enemies upon a strike, to hurt them even if they block or dodge. Needless to say, using something pure metal to block this is quite suicidal. The charge lasts until given up, or until Sora uses ‘Thunder Reign’ - raising both swords to the sky, a massive blue bolt of lightning erupts from him, disappears into the clouds (if there are any) and then crashes down on the enemy’s location, with slight homing capabilities and a large area of effect.
    Calamity Surge: The power of flames surging through the swords and Sora, this enchantment super-heats his blades to the point where they erupt into flames once swung. Even he himself now leaves behind a trail of fire and hazy after-images thanks to the heat. His offensive power drastically increases, however, his speed takes a hit downwards. Sora can control the fire that erupts from his swords to extend his reach and destructive power, creating small explosions upon each swing if he so wishes. The charge lasts until it is dispersed, or until he uses the charged move - ‘End’s Flame’. Charging the enemy while cloaked in flame, Sora attempts to capture his target in a ring of fire upon impact, before engulfing them in a tower made out of fire, while relentlessly slashing at them.
    Black Embrace: Channels pure darkness into Sora’s blades, making them more effective against holy targets, and also able to block other dark energies easily. His speed is lowered, but his defense increases in turn. The charge lasts until it is dissipated. The black aura of the blades also make them a lot harder to track than before. As a charged move, the ‘Void Maw’ is executed by slashing both swords towards one another horizontally in a wide arc, producing two big ‘maws’ of black energy to crunch down and devour the enemy.
    Critical Slash: A charge that lasts only for one attack. Enhancing his own ‘luck’ and effecting ‘chance’ itself by way of reality warping, Sora makes sure that his next hit - should it connect - will do a ‘critical’ hit. This could mean damaging a blocking weapon, having a high probability of causing a large amount of blood or energy loss for the enemy, making a lucky hit against a vital organ, and similar effects. It can combine with every move of Sora.
  • Sword Moves: These techniques were taught to Sora by none other than Zefonse.

  • Number One: Nadegiri (????, "Clean Sweep" or "Killing Several with One Sword Sweep"): This is a technique that relies on aim and absolute speed. The precision cut of tremendous force can easily cleave through enemies multiple stories higher than Sora, and it ignores even steel-like skin or armor. As Sora executes this skill two times in a row, he usually does one horizontal and one vertical slash.
  • Number Four: Kamishini (????, "God Killer" or "Cutting down God with a Single Slash"): Sora brandishes both blades forward, unleashing a destructive force in a cone in front of him. The range is around four meters, and by enhancing it with his Blade Arte, he can add various effects to the blade storms. The general force of this move can cut Adjuchas-level enemies apart like butter.
  • Number Six: Gyaku Karasu (??, Reverse Raven): This move aims to dash past the enemy before executing a spinning slash with both swords, to behead the opponent or at least cause some serious wounds with the force and speed of the two swords.
  • Number Seven: Tsubame Gaeshi (???, "Swallow Reversal" or "Turning Swallow Cut"): A legendary technique, so fast and precise that it is able to cut down a swallow mid-flight. As the only user of the original Tsubame Gaeshi is unknown to Sora or Zefonse, the student developed his own version. The first downward cut and upward cut are executed at exactly the same time using the dual swords, and to complete the ‘cage’ of slashes that leaves no escape, the third slash is executed by moving the arms into opposite directions - right goes from down to left, left from up to right - and then pulling them towards one another, causing a gale of wind from the speed to trap the opponent and strike at a speed that virtually turns it into three strikes all at once, from different directions.
  • Number Eight: Kujira Shogeki (???, "Whale Crash" or "Crushing Whale Impact"): Sora uses his left sword for a faint, light attack upward, to get his enemy to dodge or block, before executing an especially strong slash downward from his right sword, able to crush most defenses and cut apart whatever stands in it’s way. This technique is slower than his others, but more powerful.
  • Data Drain: This is the one move that truly hacks reality unlike any other. Data Drain is the special skill of all the Phases and the hero that defeated them. Sora wears a ‘Bracelet of Twilight’ in his soul, which can project itself into an actual bracelet around his right arm, floating in a small distance around the arm as non-connected, long parts that go down the entirety of his lower arm and a bit over that. These ‘petals’ are in turn connected to a full ring around the wrist. When Sora activates it, it turns visible and tangible, and the ‘petals’ snap upwards, circling around the hand faster and faster, as a giant eye appears in Sora’s hand. The bracelet and the eye both look like see-through, half finished blue and orange graphics in a computer or cyberspace as it was envisioned in the 21th century. The eye then shoots out a beam of energy tendrils of different colors. They can penetrate almost anything, or latch onto defenses. They then drain the energy of whatever they hit immensely, while returning that energy to Sora. This can depower weaker enemies or force them to change form into something weaker for a time. Also, Sora gets a general overview of their powers in the current form, no matter how the enemy normally obstructs that. Defense structures can also be drained away and heal Sora, but don’t give him any insights. The only real downside is that Data Drain has a charge time attached to it. Using it more than once in 3 posts is not possible without damaging Sora’s right arm through spreading ‘infection’.
    However, it has another application as well. He can draw out infections of dark energy, death energy or raw corruption with it, or use it in reverse by administering energy into the target instead, which can both be helpful and damaging.
  • Finger of Justice: Sora stretches out his index finger and points at an evildoer - a sudden premonition will come over them as a warning, right before a wide area around the area he was standing in suddenly explodes violently with the ‘energy of justice’ that Sora fires.

Monster Form: Sora doesn't like accessing this form casually or to show off, despite his personality - but when he does use it, he turns into a big, white wolf surrounded by mirage-like fire, lightning and wind, which all seem to ally themselves with him naturally. Called 'Shiranui', he loses the ability to speak while in wolf form, although those that understand wild beasts can still communicate with him.

Powers: Shiranui uses his own set of weapons. On his back, he carries a mirror surrounded by mirage fire, around the neck a rosary of 1000 beads and a necklace that can turn into a sword three times the size of the white giant wolf. He can attack with all three of them - the mirror can be flung around in an arc around him and always returns, even when thrown out farther as a boomerang, and can surround itself with mirage fire completely, which burns away spiritual energy and cleanses away dark energy used by demonic forces or Arrancar. The beads can act like a telekinetically controlled, long whip, able to snap a steel bar through with a single flick, and also able to produce a strong shock of spiritual energy, akin to a lightning strike. The final weapon, the giant sword, has a slow speed and wide arc for each attack, and uses the power of the ice to relentlessly freeze and break everything in it’s way.
In general, Shiranui is a LOT faster and stronger than Sora. His jaw and claws are incredibly strong - and don’t be distracted by his appearance, for he still knows how to fight with Kung-Fu moves as a wolf even if all his weapons get disabled. His reality hacking becomes more primal - instead of focused ‘Artes’, he hacks reality with his power to emit raw waves of energy and attacks, desecrating a large area with a focused fire blast from his mirror, for example. Most of his attacks now use the three elements fire, lightning and ice.
A final special move is the ‘Ravaging Drain’, a stronger version of Data Drain. The Mirror turns into a giant, hovering bracelet, before aiming to hit the enemy with the same tendrils that the normal Data Drain uses. This time, however, being hit causes the ‘Drain Heart’ effect, which can potentially short-time depower the victim and heal Shiranui by a lot, while also granting basic knowledge over every power the enemy can use in their current form (absorbing energy from an enemy in Bankai would grant insight in all Bankai techniques, for example, but not into Resurrección for Vizards).

Guardian Beast Unleashed
[aright]INTERFERENCE /$§&$%”! DETECTED[/right]
IDEN%§”%& COMPL%&§

Guardian Beast Form: Skeith is not a normal Guardian Beast. As such, it shouldn’t surprise that he also functions differently in this form. Basically, he has multiple stages of ‘Avatar Awakening’. By definition, later stages can use all previous ones. The powers also all grow stronger with each stage.

First Awakening: Skeith the First - Fragment of Silence

The sleeping Skeith, with his power rising slowly. While Sora has only minimal control in this, Skeith is strangely calm and collected, never talks, and a big feeling of foreboding surrounds him...

The First’s Powers:
[list][*]Avatar Space: This is a power shared across all forms of Skeith. Upon releasing Skeith, a black sphere expands out of the center of his body, and encases everything - and then, everyone in the area that Sora decides to include gets transported into Avatar Space. Avatar Space is an unlimited area for the people inside, while the people outside see only a sphere of blackness that they can enter, but not leave.
While inside of the space, gravity exists only as one imagines, up, down, left and right only exist as your mind decides on them. So you can either float, or stand upside-down out of the view of someone else, without any trouble, or suddenly fall through nothingness. The center seems to be a glowing sphere of energy, and it is possible to reach it, although it has no special properties.
While inside of the Avatar Space, only a few copied pieces of debris are floating around in it. Those can be used as cover or as projectiles. Skeith is able to use free flight in all forms to soar through this space.
Skeith can also decide NOT to use Avatar Space upon release.
[*]Blast Strength: Skeith’s staff and power is greatly enhanced in this form, as he can let it freely float around him and bash across everything in his path. He can enchant the staff with the Blade Arte.
[*]Elemental Insanity: Skeith can unleash irregular elements out of himself and his weapons. Flames, ice, lightning, water, he can summon blasts of elements freely, enchant his weapons with them and make special attacks: For example, slicers of each element, targeted explosions in a specific area, making elements rain from the sky, raising them from below, or shooting them at the target from his hands like for example a Cero.
[*]Data Drain: Skeith’s staff shoots out and tries to bind the enemy to it with energy bindings, making them look like they’re crucified, before shooting out a Data Drain from his right hand at the bound enemy. This Data Drain is a lot more powerful than a normal one - if the enemy doesn’t defend or dodge, this drain can easily destroy a target forever.

Second Awakening: Skeith the Second - Fragment of Discovery

This Skeith is the one that has found his strength again. His speed greatly increases, the Staff is replaced by his main weapon, the Scythe, and he looks a lot more ‘alien’ compared to before. His sharp claws and spikes are all highly dangerous, and the ‘cloak’ of energy can reflect a lot of energy attacks or nullify them if they hit it. He also regains his voice in this form.

The Second’s Powers:

  • Super Acceleration:Skeith the Second can go from standing still to his maximum strength instantly, without having to accelerate onto it. The same goes for instantly stopping, or changing directions on a fly without having to decelerate or fly in an arc - he can just turn 45° to the side instantly. Or just 20°. Or maye 180° to go backwards! Super Acceleration has no limitations placed onto it.
  • Hard Energy: All of Skeith’s energy powers are now ‘hard’ energy, meaning that normal energy resistance and absorption are weakened against it, a single layer barrier won’t do anything anymore. His scythe thus is both an energy attack as well as a solid object. This effect is reached by hacking reality and allowing two things at once.
  • Insanity Slash: After a three-slash combo, the scythe charges itself. The next slash will then send out a disc of hard energy that can cut apart nearly anything thanks to acting like a flying saw blade.
  • Rapid Fire: Skeith can unleash a volley of shots out of his hands that act like giant bullets from a machine gun. Limited to twenty shots a post.
  • Rage Empowerment: The angrier Skeith gets, the more powerful his attacks become. This obviously means that going berserk is beneficial in many ways, but it can also make Skeith weaker in defense because he’ll disregard blocking.

Third Awakening:
Skeith the Third - Fragment of Destruction

Skeith the Third, the true Avatar. His power in this form grows exponentially compared to Skeith the Second - also, Skeith the Third has a much lesser chance to go out of control and into a berserking state. His energy cloak now gets replaced by a ring on his back that can expand into a full on round shield large enough to cover his body, and float in front of him. The Scythe becomes a lot stronger and more destructive, as it now superheats itself or cools down far below zero to inflict maximum damage depending on the situation. Blades appear on the back of both of his hands, looking like unevenly thickened circles at first. His legs also get ring-blades at the ‘feet’. They are all razor sharp, just like the scythe, and viable weapons.

The Third’s Powers:
[list][*]Hyper Acceleration: Skeith’s max speed doubles in this form, and he is able to double it again for short bursts in hyper jumps.
[*]Shooting Stars: Skeith shoots the blades attached to his arms like boomerangs, slicing through whatever is in their way before returning in an arc to him. If they get destroyed, then he will regrow them the next post.
[*]Endless Rain: Skeith unleashes an even greater volley of bullets from his hands, unleashing up to 200 at once per post.
[*]Double Up: Skeith charges his scythe by swinging it - after three swings, the next two will send out energy blades that have the properties of activated Blade Artes.
[*]Insanity Veil: The madness of war surrounds Skeith - this calls it into reality, hacking the area around Skeith, and creates an area of absolute obscurity, making it next to impossible to see through it even with enhanced visions and modern technology. The longer the move is charged up, the wider the area gets - Skeith can move while charging, but not use his weapons or other powers without losing the charge.

Last Awakening:
Skeith the Xth - Fragment of Rebirth
”Every ending is also a new beginning. Skeith may be only the first, but he is the one that has our hopes with him always.”

The true power of Skeith awakened and realized. Achieving his ultimate form, he sheds the shackles of insanity and berserking associated with wrath, turning his anger into a force for good. Becoming an angel of death, he is now a white knight clad in light - his body is hardened further to the point of diamond-like strength, while his physical power quadruples from Skeith the Third. As he holds a fragment of the rebirth in him, he is a pure expression of hope from the Guardian Beasts, and thus instills great trust and morale into other Guardian Beasts, Undead and Sugiura. While losing a few weapons at first glance, he can actually form those instantly from his energy and use them as always - just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it won’t cut you.

The Xth’s Powers:
  • Empathic Weaponry: While Skeith no longer wields his scythe openly, he can now control the energy blades on his back to become his signature hard energy in multiple forms. He can now utilize a scythe, a broadsword, dual swords, chakrams, and even a hammer if he needs to. The maximum size of the weapon is roughly 1.75 the size of Skeith.
  • Lock On Ray: The swords on his back start glowing, and Skeith stops for a short moment to focus his view onto an enemy. He then shoots out homing lasers, red in color, from his ring of swords. They act as a great cutting force, but if their advance is stopped dead in their tracks, they will instead explode violently.
  • Constant Overdrive: Skeith can send out energy blades with each and every swing of realized weapons, increasing his overall fighting range greatly.
  • Divine Awakening: Depending on the weapon used, Skeith hacks into reality and combines a blade arte with an incredibly powerful burst attack. The Scythe sends out an immensely powerful light-elemental stream, the sword unleashes a volcanic vertical slash, and dual swords cause Skeith to zap through the battlefield and fill nearly everything with highly energized and damaging lightning. This ability has a cooldown of 1 post.
  • Drain Heart: The REALLY big brother of Data Drain. Skeith charges up a sphere in his hands, revealing a giant cannon-like contraption instead of the normal bracelet around his arms, with the archetypical eye on the front of the energy ball. Upon release, the even slightly curving ball it shot forward. Should it hit the enemy, it will paralyze them in place while their energy and ‘data’ is drained into Skeith, giving him all the information about any powers his enemy possesses, while also leaving the opponent heavily damaged. However, for this full effect to occur, the enemy has to ‘guard break’ first by taking at least 3 attacks from Skeith during the last fight round (Skeith’s post and the enemy’s post that came before the current one). Drain Heart costs virtually nothing to shoot out, but thanks to the charge time with each ball it cannot be rapid-fired. A strong defense can lessen the impact of the drain.
  • Bullet Rain: Skeith unleashes bullets from his hands like two fully fledged machine guns, quadrupling his Third Form rate.
  • Spray and Pray: Instead of locking on, Skeith releases many unguided red energy rays from his swords.
  • First and Last: As the first of the Cursed Wave, he is also the first to be reborn. Should Skeith receive mortal damage during combat, he can nullify that damage ONCE per battle.
  • Aspect of Rebirth: Using the power of his brother Corbenik, Skeith uses the power of rebirth ONCE per post to change a major calamity around. While he would not be able to save a city from destruction (hello London), he could for example make it so that a lot more innocent people escaped.

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x x

Double slow poke, I'mma catch your toes! Just ask someone to move it from old WIP when you wanna work on it!

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Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [omit]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [omit]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Adept

0-5 In Skeith the Xth


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Cleaning this out! Feel free to pm me to move it back!
Don't worry this isn't deleted! Your app is now in archives!

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Sora [APPROVED; 1-3+, 0-5; Undead]
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