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 Krieg [APPROVED, 1-2+ BEAST]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Krieg [APPROVED, 1-2+ BEAST]   Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:52 pm


Name: Krieg (lit. War in German)
Nickname/Alias: "The Beast of War"
Former Human Name: Charles Sinclair
Former Guardian Beast Name: 戦争悪魔 Sensō Akuma (lit. War Demon in Japanese)
Age: Around 1000 years old
Gender: Male
Orientation: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 6’5”
Weight: 150 lbs (without armor)
Appearance/Human Form:
Tall, dark, and creepy, Krieg looks like a boss pulled straight out of a Final Fantasy game. Standing at 6’5”, Krieg is taller than the average human, and has been so all his life. Krieg is Caucasian, though his skin is a darker tone than most, and has medium length brown hair and pale brown eyes. Krieg also has slightly gangly features, his arms and legs seemingly slightly longer than they should be. Instead of the normal blush that most people have, Krieg’s cheeks are actually paler than the rest of his skin tone. This leads Krieg to have an almost lifeless appearance to his facial features, though he is usually seen with an ominous grin on his face. Krieg has a more lean and muscular body type, though this is usually hidden when he is clothed.

When it comes to apparel, Krieg’s appearance truly stands out from the pack. Because of the fusion between his soul and the Guardian Beast, Krieg was left with a set of armor that he is always seen wearing. The armor is made of a mysterious red, crystal-like substance that is stronger than steel. Because it is actually spiritual garb, it is stronger than any human materials, and is resilient to spiritual and elemental attacks. Krieg also wears a tattered black cape that holds the proof of every battle he has been through. Weapon wise, Krieg wields a clear, crystal-like sword and red skull, both seemingly made out of the same material as his armor. When not in use, Krieg keeps his sword at his side with the skull kept attached somehow to the pommel.

Personality: Personality wise, Krieg is about what you might expect from his appearance and name. In fact, the best words to describe Krieg would be fight happy and apathetic. Krieg lives by his own rules, the main two being fight and don’t give a fuck. Seriously, Krieg does not fight for any higher “justice”, nor does he care to philosophize and try to determine whose ideas are “right”. He fights because he was born to fight, and will often ally himself to the side that will grant him more interesting battles. Of course, being this “Chaotic Neutral”, Krieg’s loyalty should never be fully trusted; unless you can assure that he will be able to fight great battles on your side indefinitely. Of course, this does not mean that Krieg fights without any sort of personal codes, as he does not fight an unarmed man. Then again, Krieg would probably arm the man just so that he could actually fight him. Still, at least he’s willing to give you a fighting chance.

Though Krieg is most often preoccupied with fighting, he does have an actual “personality”. Being more for the fight, Krieg is impatient and tends to find any real sort of planning to be boring and pointless. He also tends to show an apathetic nature towards any sort of conversations about ideals and ethics. In fact, the only time you will really get Krieg started is when you discuss fighting with him, or ask him to tell some of his war stories. Because of his nature, Krieg tends to not make many real friends, but he has been known to forge alliances as well as rivalries. Although he is an Undead and does not actually have the biological impulse to reproduce, Krieg does actually enjoy sex. Because he has had sex before, Krieg knows how it feels, and does actually want it again. Unfortunately for Krieg, the only way he really knows how to “impress” women is with his strength, so he tends not to score too often. Still, since he only looks for sex for the physical feelings, he does not get affected by rejection, as he can just find another woman. While he is capable of “love”, he only really respects those who are strong fighters; so any possible girl would probably have to be able to kick his ass.

When it comes to fighting, Krieg is really able to display the full extent of his personality. Because fighting is his greatest joy, Krieg treats his fights like competitions; viewing them as a way to show his dominance. Of course, he also tends to take his fights a little lightly, almost as if they were games. Because he tends to run into battle instead of staying back and planning, Krieg tends to fight mainly off of instinct; using his past experiences to guide him. This being said, Krieg is in no way an incompetent fighter, and is able to adapt to any battle situation faster than most. Of course, once Krieg finds a serious opponent, his personality does seem to undergo a slight shift. When fighting someone whom he knows is strong or who he respects as a fighter, Krieg will don a much more serious personality. While this might make him a “better person” in some respects, it also makes Krieg a much more dangerous opponent. When fighting seriously, Krieg is almost always fighting to the death, or at least until his opponent cannot fight back anymore.

Overall, Krieg isn’t really a “bad guy”, he just doesn’t fit into the conventional categories of good and evil. To put it in more metaphorical terms, in a world of black and white, Krieg’s intentions are a stark grey. Though he is fight happy and does not conform to the conventional ideas that others fight over, he does have his own set of moral codes and is able to respect strength. Despite being Undead, Krieg does look for a “sex partner”, but is capable of finding love one day. Krieg works on his base instinct to fight and surpass. In the end, Krieg does not fight to be the best, but he fights because he must.

Element: Earth/Metal
Human Powers:
Enhanced Strength: Even in his human form, Krieg’s physical power surpasses the Undead “norm”. Because of this, Krieg is capable of physical feats that even most Shinigami are incapable of. Though this physical power is born from the fusion between the human and Guardian Beast souls, each one was respectively very strong; their combination only further enhancing it.

Enhanced Defense/Armor: Though it is a power born from the Guardian Beast, Krieg’s armor is worn even in his human form. Although he already has a high level of endurance, Krieg’s armor increases his defensive capabilities to a new level. Because the armor is an “ability”, it is able to protect Krieg from most any attacks; both physical and spiritual. Of course, it is not indestructible, and when it does crack or break, Krieg will have to spend roughly 24 hours to fully repair the armor with his reiatsu. In rushed situations, he can partially repair it in roughly 5 to 10 hours. Because of the armor, however, Krieg's movement speed is slightly reduced.

High Reiatsu: Because the fusion between Human Soul and Guardian Beast is so stable in Krieg, he has a higher reiatsu level than most. Also, because his armor is reiatsu based, Krieg is always exerting more reiatsu than the average Undead. This high reiatsu level warns potential opponents to Krieg’s true strength.

Metal Control/Creation: Sensō Akuma’s, and now Krieg’s, main power is the creation and control of a special type of Spiritual Metal. The metal itself is nearly identical to the blade of a Zanpakutō, and as such is just as durable. While Krieg does “create” this metal, he cannot do so just out of thin air. To create this Spiritual Metal, Krieg must have a solid surface to call it forth from, and in his human form, he must physically place his hand against the surface to “call forth” the metal. Other than that, there aren’t many restrictions to what Krieg can do or make with the metal. In fact, if it can be made out of metal, Krieg can make it. The only restriction here is that the solid surface must have a surface area equal to or greater than the metal object Krieg is “calling forth”. Though he has a wide variety of uses for the metal, Krieg will most commonly call forth simple objects such as spikes, blades, and shields.

Exploding Skull: An odd technique that utilizes Krieg's second weapon, the red, crystal-like skull; its effect can be guessed from its name. All this attack consists of is the skull exploding. To do this, Krieg can either throw it at his opponent for a medium ranged attack, or smash it literally against an opponent or other surface to make it explode in his hand; though this will damage him as well. After exploding the skull, Krieg must wait one post before the skull regenerates and he can use it again.

Monster Form:
Compared to his Human Form, Krieg’s Monster Form is a large step towards becoming a true monster. For starters, Krieg grows to be roughly twice the size he is in his Human Form. While this may seem like a large growth, it is harder to notice because Krieg now walks on all four legs. His features also change to become animalistic, as well as growing a tail; giving him the appearance of a large bear or wolf like creature. Of course, the armor remains in this form, but it changes from the red crystal-like material to what appears to be darkened steel. While he does keep his armor, this form does leave one part of his body unarmored; his chest. His chest area, however, looks almost like exposed muscle tissue, and adds a morbid touch to the whole transformation. To complete the transformation, all the skin on Krieg’s head literally peels back and shrivels away; leaving what appears to be the skull of some great beast. Finally, two large horns grow out of his head, slightly behind the empty eye sockets, and bone-like protrusions grow out from his spine. Although in this form his main weapons are his claws, Krieg can also crush and rip opponents apart using his jaw strength and fangs. Because Krieg and the Guardian Beast’s personalities mesh so well, there is no real struggle for control in this form. If Sensō Akuma so wished, Krieg would give him control of this form; for who is he to rob the Guardian Beast of a true fight.

Monster Form Powers:
Greater Enhanced Strength: As the next form of Krieg’s powers, his Monster Form takes his normal strength enhancement and throws it into overdrive. Not only is he accessing and using more reiatsu, but the entire muscular system of this Monster Form has been specifically constructed for raw physical power. When fighting in this form, it is not uncommon for Krieg to cause massive collateral damage to the entire area around himself.

Greater Enhanced Defense/Greater Armor: In this Monster Form, the color is not the only change that Krieg’s armor undergoes. Because of the stronger form and greater supply of reiatsu, the armor has become many times stronger. In this form, Krieg is able to withstand even some of the strongest attacks. The main drawback in his Monster Form is that Krieg can no longer repair his own armor, and must revert to his Human Form to restore it.

Higher Reiatsu: As with all other aspects, Krieg’s reiatsu also receives a substantial boost as well. This is not only because of the stronger form, but also because the body of his Monster Form can handle much more reiatsu than his Human Form.

Enhanced Speed: Although it is not this forms focus, because of the body and muscular structure, Krieg becomes much faster. This is mainly due to his muscles and limbs ability to exert more strength to move the body forward. Also, the shape of the body itself, as well as the fact that he now moves on four legs instead of two add to this.

Enhanced Metal Control/Creation: In his Monster Form, Krieg’s base powers to create and control the special Spiritual Metal undergo a few enhancements. For starters, the Spiritual Metal itself is now much stronger; it’s strength comparable to the strength of a Zanpakutō in Shikai. Because of this, the strength of all attacks or items made from the metal is roughly equivalent to a Shikai-level weapon. Along with the strength, Krieg can also “call forth” the Spiritual Metal at a faster rate, allowing for faster attacks and blocks. Finally, in his Monster Form, Krieg no longer has to be physically touching the solid surface that he is using. Now, he can “call forth” the Spiritual Metal from any object within roughly a 2 Kilometer radius from himself. Of course, because of the distance, it is unwise to make any weapons that he would have to physically hold to use away from himself; so it is really only ideal for remote attacks.

Bloodshot: A special attack of Krieg’s only useable in his Monster Form. As the name suggests, it uses the trace amounts of Iron and other metals in Krieg’s blood to attack; but it also draws metal from the parts of his body that are armored. Also, the attack can only be fired from the exposed area on his chest. By concentrating the Iron in his blood and drawing in some of that armor on his body, Krieg is able to shoot a large, organic-metal spike out of the “weak spot” on his chest to attack the enemy. Because the attack does rob his blood of Iron, Krieg is left slightly weakened after using this attack. While it can really be used at any time, Krieg usually saves it as a surprise attack for any opponent who thinks that his chest is completely unprotected and tries to attack it. After use, there is a one post cool-down for the attack.

Guardian Beast Form:
While Krieg's Monster Form turned him to a true monster, his Guardian Beast Form goes further; turning him to a Demon of War. For starters, Krieg once again takes on a humanoid form. While he is not as large as he was in his Monster Form, Krieg is much taller than the average man, now standing over 8 feet tall. Although Krieg's armor does not change color, it does become much stronger; almost as if it is made of a new metal. While there still is an unarmored spot on his chest, the "skin" there is very durable, and his anatomy has been changed so that there are no vital organs in the exposed areas. In fact, that is all that patch of muscle tissue-like "skin" is; it's only real function being to support his frame. Krieg now also has a more traditional "head", though it almost looks like his head is just an empty helmet. There is, of course, an actual person behind the armor, though the only way to separate the "man" from the armor is to literally break off the armor. The black, tattered cape also makes a return, though there is much less of it now. Weapon-wise, Krieg does have a blade again, but it takes on a slightly unorthodox form. The blade is jagged and looks almost as if the metal had "grown" into the shape of the sword. Overall, Krieg's Guardian Beast Form truly does earn him the title "The Beast of War".

Guardian Beast Powers:
Extreme Enhanced Strength: In this, Krieg’s final form, his physical strength seems to know no bounds. Because it is more compressed (compared to his Monster Form), every single muscle in his body is working to its maximum output. Because of this, Krieg is capable of astounding feats of physical strength that could surpass even Bankai-level opponents.

Extreme Enhanced Defense/Greatest Armor: In its final form, Krieg’s natural endurance and the strength of his armor are increased to unimaginable heights. In his Guardian Beast Form, Krieg is able to shrug off all but the strongest of attacks as if they were nothing. Unfortunately, the near impenetrable armor does have a drawback. Because it is so strong, Krieg’s movement speed is slightly hindered; though this does not seem to affect his attack speed at all. Overall, however, Krieg does not need to dodge as many attacks because his armor is so strong; and by taking some hits, Krieg can pull off counters and parries that would be impossible if one had dodged an attack.

Extreme Reiatsu: In his Guardian Beast Form, Krieg now possesses a truly tremendous amount of reiatsu. Because his actual body is slightly smaller than in his monster form, the reiatsu is more condensed as well, making it even stronger. After sensing his reiatsu in this form, anyone who would approach him would have to either be stupid or have a death wish.

Master Metal Control/Creation: In his final form, Krieg's powers of creating and controlling the Spiritual Metal have reached their apex. To begin with, the Spiritual Metal is now incredibly strong and durable, able to match and even surpass some Bankai-level weapons. The speed at which Krieg can "call forth" the Spiritual Metal is also enhanced further from his Monster Form. Finally, Krieg can now "call forth" the Spiritual metal from any solid surface within a 5 Kilometer radius of himself, though the same practical limitations still apply.

Enhanced Bloodshot: Carried over from his Monster Form, Krieg can now perform an enhanced version of Bloodshot. All the same limitations still apply, such as the cool-down period and only being able to fire it from the exposed portion of his chest, but the attack now takes less of a toll on Krieg's body.

Enhanced Exploding Skull: Making a return appearance from Krieg's human form, this enhanced version of Exploding Skull is now more deadly than ever. For starters, the compounds that cause the skulls to explode is now much more potent, creating a larger and stronger blast. Krieg now does not have to carry the skull, but can produce one at a time from his hand. Finally, Krieg can also call forth an exploding skull from any solid surface within the 5 kilometer radius that his powers can effect. By doing this, Krieg can set them up as proximity mines, and they will either explode at his will or when an opponent comes too close to the skull. When creating the exploding skulls away from himself, Krieg can only "call forth" 10 per post. Any skulls that do not explode, however, will remain on the field of battle.

History: Born in the 14th century, the path of Charles Sinclair's life seemed almost predetermined from the events going on in the world during that time period. As many know, the 14th century was the time period where the conventional idea of a "Knight" was born from. And, in the war torn era of the Middle Ages, there was no shortage of need for these brave warriors. Being born in England, the heartland of warring Kings and Queens, Charles was raised to be one of these elite warriors from a young age. Being from a wealthy family, this was not an impossible goal, but Knighthood was a title that had to be earned. Of course, from the time he could walk and hold a sword, it was clear that Charles was meant to hold that title. At an early age, Charles showed an unnatural amount of skill with a sword, as well as being able to adapt to using different type of weaponry with ease. Building off of these skills, Charles learned how to adapt to different styles of combat, as well as how to fight effectively in heavy armor. Because of his natural skills and intense training, when Charles was of age, he was one of the top candidates to become a Squire, pretty much a knight in training. Since he had been trained for this, Charles had no remorse for his path, and was able to put himself fully towards his goal.

During his years as a Squire, Charles not only continued to develop his skills, but also began to develop his own morals and ideas. As he watched and even took part in battles, Charles learned that the battlefield was his home. When he fought, he was able to shut out all distractions, and was able to cut down his foes without remorse. The problem, however, that he had was that there always seemed to be some overall idealism that drove each man to fight. Charles, however, did not fight for any of these higher goals, and even began to wonder why he fought. Because this was still during his time as a Squire, Charles brought this issue up to the Knight he followed. The answer he got would change his outlook on battle for the rest of his life. The Knight told him, that for soldiers like them, fighting held no higher meaning than to win. He said to let the noblemen worry about the reasoning, and to just focus on the battle in front of him. After taking time to fully ponder what the Knight had said, Charles realized that this was true, at least for him. Fighting needed no reasons, at least for him, and those who had to find a purpose to fight were merely lying to themselves. True warriors did not need to fight for a purpose, they were simply born to fight. With this new idealism in mind, Charles quickly began to improve even more, and soon after, he had become a full fledged Knight.

After the official ceremony for Knighthood, Krieg joined the military of the local nobleman. Because he only cared about being able to fight, Charles did not care what the nobleman he would serve wanted him to fight for. Of course, Charles still had a sense of chivalry, or at least his own variety of it. He refused to fight an opponent that could not fight back, but was known for giving his opponents the time they needed to prepare themselves for the battle. While the other knights that fought with him never liked this, Krieg did actually gain a somewhat good reputation with his enemies. While he may have been ruthless in the battlefield, they could at least admire his own "ethics". Still, this did get him into problems with the nobleman he served. Because of this, after a few years of serving in his army, Charles simply left. While he loved the fighting that being a knight let him do, he disliked having to fight for some overall purpose, and his own battle ethics just clashed with him too much. Of course, this was not the end of Charles' battle career. After leaving, Charles became a mercenary, a roaming warrior, fighting for whoever was willing to pay the most for his services.

Over the years, Charles really had fun at being a mercenary. It allowed him to fight just for the sake of fighting, as well as getting paid for something he loved to do. Of course, the reputation Charles had gained for himself over the years followed him, and even though he now fought with no loyalty to any of the nobles, he was still a respected fighter. Then again, he was also feared for his abilities, and no one wanted to actually face him on the field of battle. Because of his reputation, Charles was actually able to charge quite a high price for his services, though he honestly could have done his job for a lot less. Then again, by keeping his price high, Krieg could ensure that he'd only have to fight in some of the best battles; the battles that must be won at any cost. It was in those battles, that everyone put their lives on the line that Krieg loved to take part in. Yet, while all of these battles were fine and all, Charles still felt unsatisfied. While he loved any fight that he was in, Krieg was always looking for a stronger opponent, wanting to have a battle that was truly challenging. Around this time, Charles began to hear rumors about a legendary knight, famed for his bravery, fighting powers, and honor. Though Charles knew that they would have conflicting idealism's, Charles wanted to find and challenge this man. Of course, this legendary knight was none other than one Lancelot; one of the most famous knights in history.

So, for the next few years, Charles spent his days following the rumors of this legendary knight. While the knight was well known, nobody ever seemed to know exactly where he was. Of course, Charles still kept up with his mercenary work, fighting battles whenever he needed the money. Unfortunately, Charles' reputation had grown too large for many of the noble's to be comfortable with; so as he went out to look for this legendary knight, they began to plot a way to kill him. Of course, because of all the rumors about him, there was a slight mythical nature to Charles. This seriously scared the nobles; if someone like Charles were to rebel against them, he would no doubt be able to lead a true revolution. While they did not know that this was completely out of character for Charles, the fear that something like that might happen was enough to push them to take action. Their plan was simple really, send a force that would be too large for one man to handle alone to take care of him. Charles, however, was none the wiser to this, and by a mere coincidence, the attack was carried out as he was actually getting close to finding Lancelot, the legendary knight.

The attack happened suddenly one day, catching Charles by surprise. Of course, he wasn't going to go down easily, and as they attacked, he managed to actually take out a good number of them before he was finally overtaken. While he had died in battle, Charles was not satisfied. He had spent so much time searching for the famous knight, and to be taken down by a surprise attack by such cowardly opponents was an unfitting death for him. Because there was such regret over his death, Charles' spirit was unable to pass on at first. Luckily, he was found by a Shinigami, but as they preformed konso on him, something went wrong. While what exactly happened is still unclear, it is suggested that Krieg's own fighting spirit actually prevented the konso from working properly. Of course, it is still more likely that it was a freak accident. Either way, instead of being sent to the Soul Society, Charles was sent to the Sugiura Lands instead. Though surprised by the suddenness of the transfer and the new location, Charles was able to adapt to the new surroundings rather quickly. Whether by fate or mere coincidence, Charles was soon confronted by the Guardian Beast known as Sensō Akuma, the war demon. While a Guardian Beast would normally have attacked a plus on sight, there was something special about both of them. Each one was able to sense the fighting spirit held by the other, the thirst for battle that each held within their hearts. Because of this, Charles and Sensō Akuma actually chose to merge and become one being.

As the two fused to become one being, each half of this new being, though still a monster, knew what it had to do. Without hesitation, this new being ripped open a portal to the world of the living, and entered it. Luckily, the monster was brought close to where Charles' body lie, and without too much worry, was able to find and destroy it. Once the deed was done, the being reverted into its human form, and having intelligence, chose a name for itself; Krieg. While his past was somewhat f a blur, Krieg still held all of his values and views on fighting, and knew what he must do. Over the net centuries, Krieg took part in many famous and epic battles, his one purpose for existing being to fight. He still held that fighting needed no reasoning or higher meaning, and fought on whichever side would supply him with the best battles. During this time, Krieg did hear of the brutal attacks by another undead against the Sugiura Lands, and while he didn't care what happened to the lands, he did want to fight this being. Unfortunately, because of the rules against two undead fighting each other, as well as timing, Krieg was never able to challenge this being to a fight. Currently, Krieg does not serve any side, choosing to fight against anyone who proves to be a worthy opponent.

RP Sample: (Note: this is a post from me from another Bleach site, but hey, it's what I've got, lol.)
As his Kidō collided with Artix's Zanpakutō, Ravana was able to catch a glimpse of Artix's features; it seemed that the alcohol might be wearing off, and his clouded judgment may be defogging. Watching as the kid flew off into the ground, Ravana stood still, waiting to see what he would do next. Although that hit did seem to jog the kid's memory a bit, Ravana knew that these feelings the kid had were quite strong. Then again, if his judgment was now clear, the kid could still try to attack him and continue the battle, as he was a member of squad 5.

As all of these thoughts were swirling around in his head, Ravana was disrupted from his thoughts as he saw Artix rising to his feet. Judging by the kids grin, he was able to see things clearly, but by listening to his tone, Ravana could tell that things weren't over. "Well, you're finally gonna man up, eh?" he said before Artix had finished. Hearing the second part of the kid's sentence, he sighed a bit. Sure, although he had not taken any damage, he was still feeling the effects of having fought Artix, whereas it seemed that Artix was almost unaffected. Even if they were both roughly at the same level, Artix had a slight advantage in his moral, having just faced his inner demons.

As Artix made his way closer, Ravana stood his ground. That was, until the kid lunged at him, seemingly putting all of his might into the attack. As it seemed that the attack was going to make contact, Ravana sidestepped it, circling around to be behind Artix. Sure, the attack, although strong, was made slightly easier to dodge due to the distance between them, but still, it was close. Knowing that he would have to up the ante now that Artix was going all out, Ravana sighed a bit, and raised his Zanpakutō up in front of himself "Cut them all down, Ikusen Kireme!"

With that, a blast of spiritual pressure came from Ravana and his Zanpakutō, strong enough to push away any opponent that happened to be standing too close to him. The spiritual pressure took on the form of swirling winds, but it was a pale silver in color. As the pressure continued to swirl around him, an almost transparent pale silver aura enveloped the blade of his Zanpakutō. With that, the swirling spiritual pressure dissipated, leaving Ravana standing there in his shikai. Now, to the untrained eye, it would seem like nothing had changed, and even people who could sense the increase in his spiritual pressure would not be able to notice much of a difference. In fact, the only visible difference was the semi-transparent aura surrounding the blade.

"Now, let's see how much you can take" Ravana said before using shunpo to appear behind Artix. Quickly and fluidly, Ravana slashed across his opponents back, followed by another slash to bring the sword back, creating a two-combo slash. This, however, was not all; as soon as Ravana had slashed his Zanpakutō each time, ten more slashes were created, making twenty in total. Now, the slashes were as quick as Ravana had slashed his actual Blade, and they all seemed to converge upon his opponent at the exact same time as Ravana's Zanpakutō. Not even someone who had trained their body to feel the slightest of differences would be able to tell any difference in the timing. Following Ravana's will, the slashes hit his opponent from all four sides, five in front, five to the right, five to the left, and five from behind.

This was the true power of Ravana's Zanpakutō, or at least the power it showed in its Shikai form. Anyone foolish enough to try and take Ravana out by head on attacks would be met by the multiple slashes he could conjure up with only one swing of his sword. This ability seemingly left no openings for head on attacks, so his opponent would either have to devise a way to fight at a distance or suffer multiple wounds before even being able to lay a finger on Ravana. Then again, since his opponent was one of the fight loving members of squad 5, it seemed overtly obvious that he would rush in to close range without a single care for what injuries he might receive.


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Okita Souji~Sexy and I know it~0-5+
Alfonso Gunter Reinhold~Evil Bastard~W.I.P.
Hanako Ikezawa~Malignant Tragedy~5-5*

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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Tier: 1-2+

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Krieg [APPROVED, 1-2+ BEAST]
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