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Mutants. That was everything in sight. Turn left, see mutants. Turn right? See hollow and mutants. It was inescapable. However... this wasn't the main focus here right now, not by a long shot. Massive bursts of reiatsu were being shot across the wasteland, mostly by the rage that Hakai was in. All around him were mutants that were getting either pushed back or disintegrated into thin particles just too completely obliterated by the others around. As of now, Hakai had nobody by his side. He was the only person on his allied side that was there and in that current location yet he was surrounded by other vizards and 'good' guys as they called themselves. If they all wanted to they could swarm Hakai and attempt to stop him however; with Zin in his vision... nothing, absolutely fucking nothing was going to stop Hakai from getting Zin's head crushed beneath his right boot. An absolute sight of disregard was constantly radiation off of the Monsuta leader towards everything else that was around him. It was rather hot already here, the air temperature getting pushed to extreme temperatures. Hakai knew Zin to well. He knew it would be a bad idea to rush him, to give him any fuel and most of all... how hard it was to bring the mother fucker down. If anybody knew this, it was Hakai. Things had changed, however. Hakai was stronger... MUCH stronger. The last time they met Hakai was merely an ant to Zin that he could be stomped on within a matter of seconds... no... Things were going to be more interesting. Much more fun... much more... lethal.

Hakai didn't waste any time as he sent the kick towards Zin's head. If anything, Hakai knew Zin would be ready and on the offensive for any second now. It went without saying that Zin had sensed Hakai's reiatsu from miles before reaching the final position. His senses perked, the as he got closer and closer to Zin's body the heat getting more intense. As Zin raised the hand upon Hakai's leg attempting to send a burning sensation upon Hakai, his right leg turned instantly to metal. The area in which Zin touched sent strands of smoke out, heating up before the hand disconnected from the metal rod of his leg and turned back into a normal human leg after that attack had begun. Hakai watched closely, looking for any movement faults, any parts in Zin's fighting style that could slip... he couldn't find a single one as of yet. As he bounced back from the attack, he slid back in the dirt, a wild grin growing upon his face. Using his hand as a fan, Hakai started walking around and eyeing off Zin with an intense look.

"Jesus, Zin. When did you get so feisty, eh? Can't we just have a few beers and mull this ov-"

Before his sentence could be finished, the viscous assault upon Hakai had begun. The blinding light was being shot out across the wasteland, sent in all directions aiming to blind and make every other person, or thing, in the area completely blind. However... this was useless. Hakai had established a different sort of attack power which enhanced his own smell; taste and hearing with the sacrifice of his most important sense of all... eye sight. This was a risky power, however. If it wasn't used in the right circumstance it could and would have a major effect. Fortunately for Hakai... this chance was the absolutely perfect chance to show Zin exactly what he has become... how strong his former student has progressed without Zin in his lifestyle. Yes, one could call him a freak... the other could call him a very intelligent man who has fallen into darkness. The way Hakai looked at it? Well, Hakai didn't really look at it from any perspective. It was just... himself. That was all he needed.

Metal shades quickly made their way across Hakai's eyes, covering them completely and blocking out everything from his sight. Automatically, a sort of jolt was sent through his body, his hearing; smell and taste were shot up to amazing levels, way beyond normal human, shinigami or arrancar/demon levels. The sound of Zin's feet scraped against the floor as he listened in, each step, each movement of the body could be heard by Hakai. It was like living in an entirely new world. The sweeping arms of Zin could be sensed, as soon as they were about to his the body, the sound of swishing filled Hakai's ears, moving his body to the right; dodging the first swipe from Zin by swiftly moving his body to the right. The strong fist echoed and the sound of piercing wind breaking beside him rattled like a cobra. The new senses of Hakai were so immense it almost made up for losing his sight. The second punch... didn't come right as he though. Retaliating a bit late, Hakai raised a simple cross guard with both arms and blocked the punch that was aimed towards his head, blocking both his stomach and his face by crouching over a bit. The intense punch rattled his arms, the bones in his body feeling like they're turning to jelly for a moment. Intense shock waves surged up into his head and rattled his brain around. This punch... it was nothing like he had ever felt before. This wasn't normal. His stomach begun to feel a large piercing pain as he flew back from the punch after the guard.

This wasn't all however, the burning sensation of Zin touching his skin burnt like a bitch. The waves of force traveling through his body almost could nullify the pain of burning however. He had to stay focused, if he lost the plot... who knows what could happen. His chest felt the pain, the shock waves suddenly restricting his breathing, deep breathes were being made as he attempted to grit out the pain. He was distracted, this was obvious. But... throughout this attack Hakai never let his guard down. He was constantly focused, the shades still covering his eyes for a short period. Despite the surges of pain, Hakai slid the shades that were covering his eyes up, sliding back into his eye lids. This was a viscous attack, Hakai didn't expect it to stop, as far as he knew Zin that is. The small sphere of light was shot out, however this wasn't anything like Hakai had seen before. The shades were now off, the super hearing, smell and taste were now gone. He had his eye sight back. At the sight of this, Hakai would yet again release a wild burst of heavy reiatsu which smashed the little ball from existence. Even to this wild burst of reiatsu, it is likely it would put a little weight on Zin's shoulders for that moment in time.

The Monsuta leader watched closely, the movements of Zin were very interesting. Hakai knew he was a hakuda user, but it was still a very unique pattern of movements. Despite this, Zin was still shining extremely bright; almost to the point in which it burnt his eyes like a bitch. However, he had to tough it out for now if he wanted to truly beat Zin at this wasteland. As the second punch enveloped it's way in, Hakai could feel the amount of force that was getting pushed through. It was tremendous... it was like he was experiencing a whole new level of power... IT WAS GREAT! Snapping within a millisecond of thought, Hakai identified the path of the fist and quickly reacted according to the path. Using shunpo, Hakai travelled far back, stopping around 20 meters away from their original position. As the shunpo ended, both arms were turned into razor sharp blades, the light glimmering off of them. As he stood there, a blue light could be seen emitting from Zin's general region, slowly, the light grew bigger... and bigger. This was it! Hiryugekizokushintenraiho! One of the most powerful Hadō in existence! There was absolutely no way in hell Hakai could take such a high level Kidō from such a high level opponent, it could even spell the end of Hakai if he didn't act in perfect movements. The now red infused blast of electrical energy was flying towards him, without a moment of thought behind his actions; Hakai's general region began to grow darker... and darker as if the light was being sucked out from that entire region around him. It large ball the size of a door frame was being forged in front of, mainly his tongue, but covering his entire body. What this would do is then launch a massive black ball of energy at Zin. This was, literally, a cero. However, it wasn't normal. This cero was extremely cold and full of dark power, the same power that was infused with Hakai's smoke. If someone was to come into contact with such a blast, it is likely they could be blown away into smithereens as well as the black smoke seeping into their skin and attempting to burn at the skin plus other regions.

This was shot out, it was the equivalent in size to the hiryugekizokushintenraiho, the Hadō 88. Just as about the two massive blasts colided, a very large sized garganta appeared right before Hakai, both of the cero and Kidō attacks getting swiped in just by the pure pressure of the garganta being there. Due to this, if minor bits of smoke were to shoot out and hit Zin, it is likely that it would begin to burn away at his skin like a deep acid. Hakai then noticed something, more feeling of ripping air appeared around them, other gargantas which were linked to the same path as the one previously opening that consumed both energy attacks. The began appearing, each one as they opened shooting out minature versions of both Hakai's cero and Zin's Kidō attack. This was bad, even if the cero hit Hakai, it would do force damage. However, the smoke would not effect him. Hakai smirked as the energy balls flew everywhere and across the battlefield, possibly effecting others in the area as well. Zin REALLY was going all out on this one. Hakai took deep breathes, his eyes scanning over each light that purged over the battle field. Constantly his eyes snapped between each blasts, swiftly using shunpo to dodge 5 of the small energy waves before the attack had finally stopped. However, the chain of attack was far from being broken. The heat that was surging around him was immense. His body began to feel burning as the entire region around him quickly rose in heat from Zin's flames. However, Hakai had become more resistant since their last meet. Hakai had prepared himself for such intense heat... you had to be ready to face the leader of the vizards in EVERY way.

That wasn't all though, no, Zin was clearly not wasting any time in an attempt to crush Hakai where he stood. Hakai couldn't even find a break in the moves, each time he went to lunge and set the pace to his liking, there would be another shot of energy flying at him or some other attack. The prime moment was to come... all he had to do was wait. The massive rage of cero was immense, the burning sensation could already be felt from where Hakai was standing. The Destroyer watched closely, scanning as the garganta opened, each element being pored into this one cero. Once this had been achieved, the large ball of static, freezing yet hot energy was being slammed towards him at amazing speeds, using the same technique as the Hadō 88 which was used previously. More and more garganta's opened up, shooting out cero's from different angles at Hakai. He stood still. A large smirk smashed over his face, like this was JUST getting fun. As the blast came closer and closer; within the blink of an eye, Hakai slammed his fist into the ground, large bits of dirt being sent flying up all over the battle field. The cero's hit his body at an alarming rate, massive explosions going everywhere. As the bala's came, they suddenly did the same. However, these did not make contact with Hakai's body. Rather; they were stopped WAY before they could make contact in the slightest. Massive spears were coming from the inside of the explosion, each bala having a massive spike through it from the hundreds of piercing throughout Hakai's body.

The cero faded, as it faded, the spears were being drawn back into Hakai. However, this wasn't all. Hakai slowly raised his body, a large scale grin controlling his face at this point; yet he remained serious. As the explosion faded it revealed Hakai's body covered in a thick layer of pure metal. This had taken most of the attack from Zin and stopped the energy blast right in it's tracks. Slowly, the metal faded away, seeping it's way back into which it came: Hakai's skin. It was like it just melted and forged back with his body like it was nothing... this technique sure would come in handy. As the metal faded, Hakai' felt a weird sensation of cold and hot sweeps swashing over his general area. Hakai raised a hand as a bit of sweat dropped from his head, using his hand as a fan for a little while.

"Is that all the fabled 'Zin Yuudeshi' has? I remember you being stronger than this. Oh well... The fight has only but just begun!"

Hakai took a few deep breathes as Zin had his attention focused on the purple-haired man that was standing not to far away. Within the blink of an eye, Hakai launched from his position, another piece of sweat dropping from his forehead and dropping onto his shoe as he moved. These speeds were phenomenal, enough to definitely catch you off guard. Hakai was being hasty though, he was barely wasting any time and barely giving any time to get his breathe back after such a nasty assault. He didn't care, though since it was Zin he was facing. Almost all of his emotions were based around getting the joy of defeating Zin for the first time. He knew he wouldn't be a push over, though, since he kicked Hakai's ass the first time. His speed was crazy, it would be extremely hard to follow to anyone that was below his level. As he was within punching reach, Hakai launched a quick jab to the face of Zin, aiming to throw him off balance for a little. Next, Hakai would aim a full right handed punch into Zin's gut in an attempt to send shockwaves through his stomach and crush his inner organs. However, there would be another force aiding the punch. A blue aura, a cero, would begin emitting milliseconds before the punch made contact. At the time of contact, the cero would launch straight into Zin's gut and totally obliterate his stomach region. The cero would be massive, enough to cover a area full of the blue cero in the same colour as Starrks cero. Little blast of the cero would appear around the punch, blasting past Zin's body. At this time, a black ripping noise would fill the air within seconds. A garganta would appear in the left over cero's wake and totally engulf it. Another garganta would then appear above Zin's head, aiming to let the rest of the cero crush the Vizard Corps leader from above. Hakai would shunpo around 5 meters away to avoid the his own blast as it attempted to slam upon Zin.

Not only this, but once the cero had begun to show Hakai would be turn both arms into blades once again. From here, more blue aura would fill up around Hakai's general direction totally covering the area around in blue aura's.

"You want a energy battle!? YOU GOT IT!"

From all around Hakai's bladed arms, would appear 40 different balls of energy in different area's. Hakai knew that Zin could absorb heated energy, so this is where he would have to be careful in his actions. They stayed in that position for around 1 second, before suddenly a wall of black reiatsu exploded all around Hakai, the cero blasts leaping from the blades as he swung them in mid air. Each one taking a different sort of angle, but all generally aiming and running the same direction... at Zin. As the wall exploded and the cero's were flying their way towards Zin, Hakai would be completely invisible within this reiatsu. However, once the spiritual pressure had faded; Hakai was gone. He wasn't standing inside the reiatsu any more, he had used shunpo to disappear from his original position and appear 10 meters to the right of the cero's flying towards Zin. From here, a massive wave of thick smog would erupt from Hakai's mouth and coat the cero's in a completely thick layer of the smoke he uses when in shikai and bankai. If any of these cero's were to hit Zin, or if he tried to take their power/absorb, Zin would also be absorbing the smoke from the mix and get intense shock waves of pain through his body and likely burn his skin away slowly/rot away at his insides if it managed to enter his body.

This wasn't Hakai's normal state... it was his shikai. Once exploding from the black smoke his entire skin became darker, his eyes glowing a piercing red in colour while a thin black layer of smoke like substance was wrapping itself around his body. This smoke was unknown to anyone apart from Zin, Kaiedo and Poliro. Even then, it is hard to fully grasp it's purpose until you have it used against you. Hakai was channelling a small amount of reiatsu into his foot so he could simply hold himself up in the air, while he was standing to the right of Zin. Following with his previous attack, The Destroyer would vanish from his position and reappear to the close left side of Zin, attempting to slice one strike up his chest, a second strike horizontally across the chest area. To finalize this attack Hakai would use the motion of the horizontal strike in an attempt to bring around his foot and slam it into the face of the vizard corps leader.

However these were in no way normal kicks and punches. Before each attack had made it's hit on Zin, Hakai would quickly vibrate the smoke at the same speed as a quincy's selee schneider, which is capable of cutting open even the toughest of objects. If Zin was to take any of these hits, it is likely the area around the spot of impact would tear the flesh open and send blood spurting everywhere. Not only this, but if these punches made contact there would be small amounts of smoke that entered and attempt to tear the inside of his body apart. However, as Zin knew from previous battle's, with enough reiatsu the smoke could be forced out. Hakai wasn't showing any regard for people around him, since he was the only person, despite Stefan, that was his ally. He was surrounded by enemies from the vizard corps. It was dangerous, not only for him, but if someone was to but into their fight... it is likely Hakai will lose his head and destroy them as well as Zin. Which... Hakai didn't honestly want. Hakai would then attempt to shunpo away and gain some distance. He was panting a bit after the assault from Zin and now his assault.

This was the start... of something massive. Whether this be the end or not... destruction was ensured.


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