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 Holiday Iramasha

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Holiday Iramasha   Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:52 am

[I R A M A S H A]


Name: (What is their name?)
Age: (How old are they? You do have the right to hide your characters age.)
Gender: (Are they male or female?)
Appearance: (A picture is required OR 1-2 paragraph's on their personality)


Personality: (Everyone has a general personality. Be sure to include any traits, fears, likes, dislikes and things of that nature.0)


Background: (Everyone has a past. 2 paragraph minimum)


Seishin Buki Name: (If you have a Seishin Buki, what is it's name? It is optional to not give your Seishin Buki a name.)

Seishin Buki Appearance: (The Seishin Buki can be almost anything. It can be a person, it can be a weapon, it can be an object or it can even be things like lightening. It's up to you to decide depending on your characters wants/needs. Just keep it within reason and do know that it will change to fit your characters need, so you can change it at anytime.)

Seishin Buki Passive Abilities:

B|A|L|A|N|C|E| |S|K|I|L|L|
Feather Stream passive: Increases over all speed, by increasing the flow of partial chaos energy through the blood making it much more potent, aswell as increasing the thrusting power of the legs by 1000pounds, though its draw back is, holiday can break bones from this, as his bones have not caught up to the stress that can accomidate it, this aswell increases thrusting speed of hands , making it so that he aswell can strike with around the force of his hand plus the force of the momentum behind it making it not Such as his stregnth but his speed. aswell as his sense of balance. this though , as a side affect, can cause him to break bones, without trying .

Leg thrust: since the seishi is partially in the blood, it makes it so that, the power in the blood stream is transphered into the body functions, though this is about 60% of his over all power, thats in his blood stream, which highly increases the power in his body. this has gauges that must be activated with a verbal command. though this aswell adds strain to the body. which is why high endurance is needed.

10% At ten percent, you verbally will have to say, Power up 10% increase, when saying this, 10% of the seishi in the blood will be activated, making it so that, now from it it can increase kicking force and thrusting force by around 200cubic pounds of force. increasing life off heavily. this aswell does not cause much damage.

20% At 20% you verbally have to say power up 20% increase and when saying this the limiter will remove and add another 10% of the seishi in the bodys power, into the blood stream, this increases Thrusting force by around 400cub pounds of force increasing lift off heavily this does not cause much damage.

30% at 30% you have to verbally call out power up 30% increase, and the limiter will further add another 10% of the seishi's power into the blood stream. increasing thrusting force by around 500cubic pounds of force increasing lift off and speed greatly this does not cause much damage.

40% at 40% You verbally call out 40% increase and the limiter will further add 10% of the seishi's power into the blood stream, increasing thrusting force by around 700cubic pounds of force, increasing lift off and speed. this causes minor tears in the legs, causing pain, and possibly loss of ankle movement by 10turns.

50% at 50% you verbally call out 50 % incerease and the limiter will further add 10% of the seishi's power into the blood steam increasing thrusting force by around 900cubic pounds of force increasing lift off and speed, this causes decent tears in the legs causing pain and possibly loss of ankle movement by 8 turns.

60% at 60% you verbally call out, Limiter 60% increase and the limiter will max out releasing all the seishi within the body, increasing thrusting force by 1000cubic pounds of force increasing lift off and speed. this causes minor bone fractures. and tears in legs causing pain and loss of leg movement around the 7th turn .

Winded Rainment:

This Passive skill orients the balance of Holiday , by Magnetising circular gyrosphere like items within the Blood stream of Holidays form, these spin at high velocities Giving Holiday his own Mini Equalibrium orbit, which makes it so that His balance, has a full 360 degree Focus point which makes him able to fight on nearly any surface, with ease, aswell as it makes it so that , his balance can correct itself when needed using the alignment of the spheres which will spin to acomidate a throw or Tilt, making his Balance right itself almost instantly.

Gyro: This is made up of, Slight amounts of chaos energy, which have been focused so much, that they have formed small orbs these orbs, are tied with the balance of His body. Making it so that he can Basically as said above it grants him, amazing grace and balance on almost every surface. Aswell though this makes it so that he can also react quickly.




A blackened coat of chaos energy hardens on the skin, this acts as a tuner tripling his power outage, this makes it aswell so blood mixes with the cloak increasing the power. This making it so that it has a harder power outage. As-well as having the power to absorb and contort the fabric of the cloak. this within the cloak , is A amazing amount of energy, as it warps out the inside is like a exspanse, which now expand out. Aswell as the back of the cloak is darkened from the exterior of the cloak. This is different since the cloak is just a halo of the origional skin around him. This projection being passive, but is able to Increase over all arm power, and kicking power by twice. Making it much stronger then origionally was.

The defense:

This cloak offers moderate defense though its not as strong as a full bodied armor. it makes it so that damage is dimished by 1/3 of what it was, though this is not all powerfull. The more damage it takes the more of it shatters off, untill the cloak shatters. It can take up to a half the damage that Holiday himself can take, though as i said before this is not almighty, since it makes it so that, the armor aswell becomes more unstable the more damage it takes, and here is the stats below depending on teir.

Teir 5 It can take up to 2 hits, before it shatters flaking off of him, this aswell can slightly harm the user, and takes up to 3 turns to reform.
Bonuses: Increased pain tolerance: (x2) (Increased durability x1.5) Increased defensive properties x3 (Chaos energy collection from particles in the air (50% increase)

Teir 4 It can take up to 3 Hits before shattering, flaking off of him, this aswell will harm the user, and takes up to three turns to reform.
Bonuses: Same as previous teir.

Teir 3 It can take up to 4 hits before shattering, flaking off of him this aswell will harm the user, takes up to three turns to reform. New stats add on for third teir: Heightened Reaction time 15% increase

teir 2 It can take up to 5 hits before shattering flaking off of him this aswell will harm the user, takes up to 3 turns to reform. no increased stats but whats been there.

Teir 1 It can take up to 7 hits before shattering flaking off of him aswell, will harm the user taking up to 3 turns to reform. increased stats:
Chaos Control (.5% increase)

Teir 0 It can take up to 13 hits before shattering flaking off of him aswell will cause a cero grade point blank damage to the user. taking up to 3 turns to reform. increased skills.
Sword: 1.5% increase

Offense: This Darkening cloak has a nasty suprise for all who mess around with it too much aswell. Not only does it increase the over all defense for the character. It also Helps focus the blasts of Chaos energy within the user by 20% increase in overall focus.


This once every 4 turns allows For Holiday , to use some of his chaos energy, to renew his cloak. this resets the damage to zero, but this aswell requires some of holidays blood to complete. Which slightly drains him, but this move aswell can only be used at max 5 times per thread, making it so that even though its a four turn cool down. it aswell needs to be used wisely so that it does'nt mess it up. Leaving him without power or a decently upgraded defense. this is why hes careful when using this skill.

Over all renewal: His skills will be renewed aswell but these are usually only renewed by half while hes doing this. Though he can exert a 1 turn charge faze to reset all his abilities to a decent rate of zero. Making it so that they are fresh to go. though this only works with the enhancing abilities not the battle abilities like blasts or attacking moves. ext.
Below are the stats of renewal fluxuating on tier. since as i said before its not al mighty

teir 5 Can only reset half the health of his Darkening though it cannot renew any other skills at this level.

Teir 4 Can reset Darkenings Damage counter to Zero, And reset half of one other skill in the arsenal on use.

Teir 3 Can reset Darkening Damage counter to Zero and Reset 4 skills by 1/4th their damage counter or, can restore 2 other skills damage counters by half.

Teir 2 Can reset darkening damage counter to zero and can reset 3 other skills by half. or 6 skills by 1/4 their damage.

Teir 1 Can reset darkening damage counter to zero and Mysterio to zero. aswell as 2 other skills by half damage counters.

Teir 0 skills Capabilities are increased only by +1 renewal for 1 other skill fixing 2 skills fully and 1 skill by 75% and one by half.


Mysterio forms a strange blurred halo around Holiday's hair, this then will bathe him in a decent light. Which increases over all evasion through, a slight displacement of the mass around him, which allows it to look like hes a blurred image, due to the fact, it aswell off sets the tracking or sensing of others by 15meters by the off setting it displaces the perception of his Energy, making him seem like hes somewhere hes not. This is used in battle for stealth making it so that hes harder to hit and is easier to hide. Mysterio is Unlocked at Teir 2 and higher.

Displacement: Mysterio Displaces by warping some of the chaos energy around Holidays form, this making it so the energy signatures moved slightly to the left right or below where Holiday actually is. making it so that hes harder to detect. so if you think you are stalking the energy signature of Holiday you could be way off or right on. It changes with 3 factors. Focus of the iramasha's will . The iramasha's Chaos warp skill and the Iramasha's Chaos energy skill. and below it will list the affects of this on the outcome.
Chaos energy skill: Adept: Increases versitility within the skill, allowing him to place it in more strategic places, making it so that he can hide himself or lead someone into a ambush this increases place ment options by 50yards.
Advanced: This increases the versitility and potency of the skill itself, allowing him to blend into a crown and pin someone else as him while hes concentrating. though if he loses focus it relaspes to 15 m around him.
Versitility of skill: +50%

Master: This grants him high Controle over the skill making it so that he can move when focusing the displacement potency up to around 100meters making it so that someone could easily run by him chasing a fake Trail, if his focus is interupted he still can hold it up to 50m away from him. making it harder for him to be found. aswell the skills unhindered now in its placement, so it can be put in the most redonculous places

Skill versitility : 150% increase
Skill distance: +100 meters

Adept: Allows him to Focus, on fighting up to one person, and keeping the skill maintained or allows him basically dual function in his mind, though this makes it so that the skill is easier to move and work. though it still has some glitches. like, a small amount of energy will tie Holiday to the skill itself.

Advanced: Allows Holiday to focus on three different things while keeping the skill maintained , and allows him semi unaware manipulation of mysterio and leaves barely no energy connecting the main displacement to Holidays form.

Concealment: +50% increase
Concentration for skill: semi concious function unlocked.

Master: Allows holiday to focus most of his mind on the duty at task, while a small part of his mind, unknowingly keeps tabs on mysterio manipulating it at will. Making no Connection of energy to the displacement and the user himself, while it grants full concealment.

Concealment: 125% increase
concentration for skill :

Chaos Warp:

Adept: Gives a decent Speed of moving the Mass to make it look real. though it has only a slow 1 position change per post. making it seem slightly fake though better then not . at all. making it easier to detect the fake in it.

Advanced: Gives Controlled speed, of moving , making it seem at best Life-like in speed functions making it harder to reveal it being a fake from moving eyes, it can move up to a max of 3 miles per post. making it usefull to put people on a wild goose chase. greater control over excelleration of skill and realistic-ness of the skill.

Enhanced movement control: +50%
Realistic: +125%
Acelleration control: +100%

Master: Gives flawless control over the speed , movement and the realististity of it , making it seem life like enough to fool most people into chasing after it. This makes it harder then ever to tell the real from the fake. Acelleration control is top class

Enhanced movement control: 120% ^ increase
realistic: 150%^ increase
Acceleration control: +150%


Graymore wings: These wings are gray and look like liquid ink. Though they have a strange property to them like they are Made of crystal though they are not. This is because these wings are made of A hardened Material of blood and Energy which cannot be absorbed. But it over time has taken a physical form , of these wings making it so that is much harder to deflect and Harm Holiday since the wings, are in both his normal and non normal forms. These as well have a light snow like halo around them as they vibrate constantly at high speeds this gives off light, which is strange. Kind of like a phospherecent though its something much different as well. But this has a difference in it then just what it does. The wings themselves are highly resistant to energy attacks. Though the wings can be physically cut, since they are not rock hard defending against physical attack but they are Good against the attacks that are more or less energy based. These as well, give off a slight soothing air to them, from the calming frequency the vibrations give off. Like a holiday, though these wings as well, can look either tendril ish or like normal wings, they are around 50 feet in over all length when expanded though they are shrunk in the normal form to around 5 feet to accomidate the small child like size of holiday. This is why the wings are different and can be considered in some ways a living thing if you look at it correctly. As well though the wings are durable, and can take up to 15 cero grade hits before breaking, though it only takes 3 to 4 good blade slices to tatter the wings, which will greatly reduce the affectiveness of them against cero like attacks. This is why the wings themselves, as well have a snow like form, since they reflect some of the nature of holiday himself these wings as well exude a sparking dust from them which is like a fine powder though this is made of tiny ionized charged Chaos crystalized energy, which is converted to charging the air, which allows for a range of the skills in the area around Holiday . this is partially why holidays wings are so usefull.

Affect of Grey-more Wings: The affect is it diminishes energy based attacks by 20% though the draw back is the wings themselves when cut cause 3 times the normal pain of a injury then it would be on the body of Holiday to the point he will show pain. This as well is from the fact that the wings as well can change in two modes, this being the neutral mode which is good, against energy based attacks which is usually the one that Holiday uses.
Energy based attacks weakened by 20% pain from injuries on wings +300%

Jet-Black Mourners wings: The wings in this form ,turn a dark black, as chaos energy in this form will rocked outwards, as the mourners wings, is the offensive part of the Grey-more wings, which allows for the increased power outage. The wings themselves are jet black looking like someone spilled ink all over a piece of paper, before letting it dry. The wings themselves, look rather strange, as they have spiked feathers but, they seem smoothed together, as the wings look like long ravens wings. From the beats of the wings will come a dark like mist, the mist is made of chaos energy though its only a slight amount, this will trail up in the sky, making it look like the day has turned to night. In this form though Energy attacks do slightly more damage. +20% and physical attacks do only +10% since, the pay back is his power is increased.
Bonuses of Jet-Black Mourners Wings: +200% Chaos energy level +150% Chaos energy absorption /+200% Destructive power potentional /offensive skills +50% power .
Downsides of Jet-Black Mourners Wings: - 130% defense +200% pain from attacks. – 130% energy defense -130% stamina Defensive skills -50% power

This, as well Changes some by giving some new moves to Holiday Iramasha, through this form only, as they can only be accessed in this form.due to the difference between The wings. And how they are made. Which makes things much different through they are both useful. Powers are below.

Mourners Black-Hole: for 2 turns, The right arm of Holiday becomes unable to be used. As massive amounts of chaos energy form, from around his body, this uses a high amount from his body, so it cannot be used often like.. 4 times per thread max. This uses the high amount as a nucleus, and drags in other stray chaos energy particles in the air towards the epicenter for two turns, it keeps doing this for the first turn as it now it will as well force a Circular orb around the outside of the move this causes smoking on the palm from the power, while as well messing up the nerves in the hand. The Orb as well can continue charging for an additional 3 turns to go into Over drive Faze, . When fired it will form a orb which will cause a small eclipse on the sun , before now, for a turn it gathers energy, pulling life force from animals and npc objects on the land scape, as it does not need the users life force but does need life force. Then after the turn finishes the following turn it will cave in forming a dark circle which will draw in anything with around 30g’s of force everything in the field but the caster, for that turn, while the energy will continue to get more and more unstable that turn.The final turn it will explode with a concentrated blast of around 5 gran-rey cero’s. this making it so that it will level the surrounding area for around 2000ft before relapsing. This though will leave the users arm with third degree burns apon casting. And limited use of the arm. This as well in the second it detonates burns at the suns surface temperature before it cools down . though that’s only because of the friction being released.
Charging: This charges by pulling the stray chaos Energy into the center of the already highly Condensed mass of energy. This will work by then increasing the pull of the stray energy into the center of the attack. Which makes it so it charges much better. This as well uses some of the blood of Holiday to create a black orb. Though this orb as well is more like a spinning mass which further helps by the gravitational pull which decently is formed by the rotation of the energy, to further draw stay chaos energy particles in the vicinity towards the center of the blast. Increasing over all power
Side affects: It causes a burning of the arm used, while as well causing minor bleeding from the arm, and severe pain from the blasting force from the hand,

Chaos Moves:

C|H|A|O|S| |C|O|N|S|T|R|U|C|T|

Priniciple of chaos construct:

Chaos construct is a lot like Gray from fairy tales Ice Make, magic, though its much different in the manner, he cannot instantly make anything from nothing. Given enough time, he can make some pretty big things but, if you rush him really it does'nt take much to overwhelm him since, while hes making it he must focus on the task at hand , or it can cause some serious problems. Chaos Construct, uses the natural flow of chaos energy thats floating about which does not belong to another person, while using a slight bit of the energy of the user, to collect and harden it into a solid object, this can take depending on how big the object is. Afew turns to maybe 10 turns for the bigger things, though the limit to the skill is how Much damage you can take to construct the item that your making. Construct Chaos energy is a secondairy type within him though, it cannot make anything that can move or has fluid movement, it cannot i/e make say a tank or a lion / elephant since those require some movement it can how ever make things like rocket launchers and bazooka's depending on how long it takes. this can be used in different ways. depending on the creativity of the user.

Chaos Construct :

Chaos Make Sword grade 1: This sword is simple to make though it uses a simply pulling motion of the hand from the opposite arm, this will streatch out the construct Chaos energy which then causes simply a certain amount of elasticity this will stretch and mold the object until its roughly the shape and size of a short sword. This can be formed instantaneously being it uses barely any of the chaos skill to make, as well as it is pretty flimsy compared to the more versatile Constructs, this one being not as hard as most, taking about 1-2 turns to shatter or around 3 good hits, to shatter. Which is why this is only used when Holiday is low on energy since what it does , basically is not for a durable instance its more for a hit and run strike, or when he needs a sword and does’nt have energy nor a real one. As well as not enough time to make a better one. The sword is roughly 4 foot long, and has a simple bar straight horizontal cross guard. As well as a grooved gripable handle and a simple rounded pommel to the back, it has a decent balance, so its around 75% balanced making it fairly easy to use.

Stats on Chaos make sword grade 1: 75% balance of weight / weighs around 34 pounds/ Height of 4 feet. / “21” inch blade from flat side. / 20% Durability / 1.5% concentration to make/Shattering point 3blows/blocks.|length of longevity 2 turns |

Grade of weapon: D

Chaos Make Sword Grade 2: This sword is fairly simple to make though it uses a double fisted press then pull back, motion to create. It causes sparks when being made taking a minute to make, its fairly Durable though it is not the best. Since its made from a light still sparse stretch of chaos construct it has a slightly longer 21 inch handle length being a hand and a half , its still the same basic design of the others. Though, this one has around a 80% balance which makes it slightly better to use then the other, though it uses abit more of concentration to use, this one will dissipate after around 3-4 turns . and can take more of a beating. Its around 5 feet long, and has a 21 inch blade width making it a fairly wide sword. Its double sided for its blade. Making it more like a broad sword then anything else. It is fairy easy to use and make.

Stats on chaos make sword grade 2: 80% balance of weight/ weighs around 34 pounds/ height of 5 feet/ “21” inch blade width/ 30% durability/ 1.5% concentration to make. / Shattering point of 5 blows/blocks and parries. / Longevity- 3-4 turns. |

Grade of Weapon D+

Chaos make Chaos Sword: This sword is complex to make, as it takes a double fisted press and a crossing double pull to make, causing a fairly noticeable release of energy when made, this blade takes a decent pounding before it will shatter. Being around 12 blows before shattering, though it as well as a fine 14 degree grade of the blade edge making it severly sharp. It as well though can last up to 6 turns, and is around 6 feet long, having 85% balance, making it easy to use, but it weighs around 100pounds and takes a whole turn to make. Leaving Holiday open for that turn. Since it takes a good deal of concentration to make it.

Stats of Chaos Make Chaos Sword: 85% balance of weight/ Weight 100 pounds/ Height of blade 6 feet/ 34 inch blade width/ 50% durability/ 12% concentration to make/ Shattering point: 12 blocks blows/ parries /longevity 6 turns.

Chaos make Wall : This wall takes around half a turn to make, so it limits the mobility of the person while the walls in place, This wall is the equivalent though of a bakudo 60. It has a high defense rate, and is complex to make. It requires Holiday to press his fists together then to the ground. Mist appears once this happens, as he then pulls up,. The Construct will rip from the ground forming a 1 sided wall. Which is around 12 inches thick. Its highly versatile and can take up to. 3 turns before breaking. Though it can break if hit repeatedly 3 or 4 times with a high level grade blast, these constructs will dissipate after around 4-5 turns. Though up to 4 constructs of this kind can be on the field at a single time. The wall is around 10 feet high and 15 feet wide. Though its Curved inward around the user. Making like a half dome shield.

Stats of Chaos make wall: durability 60% / Longevity 5 turns max/ 15% concentration / Height 10 feet/ Width 15 feet. Curve grade. 30 degree’s/ Hardness 50% / Flexibility 2 inches / Temprature consistency: up to 1000 farenheight and -400 farenheight | Takes 1 turn to make. | 15% In Presence / Transparency 1.5% / Density mass: 10x / Weight 131tons/ Anchoring depth 101 ft /

Chaos construct grade: C

Chaos make Bunker: This takes several turns to make, since its hard to make, it takes around 50% concentration though, as well this cannot be made to many times before fatigue. This though is not only hard to make to the extreme. Holiday presses his hands together like a thunder clap before drawing them back to make a decent boom, as a ring forms around him, now from the ground will form several pillars on the first turn . this will also, break his concentration and reset any of his Cloaking skills. Since the bunker takes a lot of energy and only 3 can be made in a thread. The bunker is around 40 yards in length and is around 13m high, it’s a circular dome, within which resides a triangle. Though its thick and versatile, this as well can last up to ten turns after use. Pushing the user to the point of needing a 2 turn cool down before using the skills again, This as well leaves him pretty open so that he needs to be protected by allies, he only uses this when he has more then himself to protect. It as well has a Second layer around it which is hardened and flexible being able to give up to 3 inches if needed to keep from breaking though is as well very dense.

Stats of Chaos Make bunker: 90% durability/ 60% defense/ 3 inch flexibility/ Density 33.3% /Longevity 10 turns. /Concentration 80%/ Building time 7turns/ Incline of slope 30degree/ Cool down till Chaos Construct can be used again 3turns/ Max building of item per thread 3times/ Height 13m –Length 40m/Anchoring depth 300ft/ Weight 3111tons/ Construct: Building/
Chaos make Sniper rifle: This takes a second to form being low grade, giving off a slight release of energy when its made. It looks just like a average A.K 47 and has a scope on it, It will Stay intact up to 13shots, before it breaks or 3 turns before shattering. It has a low Durability and can be shattered if something strikes it or if Holiday drops it by mistake. The Barrel is around the same length as a average Ak47 though it has no magazine due to the fact it just uses Chaos energy to fire Since it’s a chaos construct skill. Only one can be on the field at a time.

Construct sniper rifle round: This is formed in the chamber before being fired, it looks like a simple orb before being fired, and it spreads out forming a bala, like power when fired. Though its not as powerfull as a bala being a 6th less powerful then and actual bala. It uses the Energy then to be fired in a accurate format, though once it spreads out, it then contracts into a 2inch in daimiter condensed form, which apon hitting the ground target ext it will expload with a light 1ft by 1ft blast radius, this is a piercing round so its affective against Flexible skin/ weak hierro.

Scope: The scope of the Rifle, is a decent one, giving the User, a Range of up to 1500m of sight, though it uses a chaos lense which allows it to focus in and out, depending on the users will, though it is useful, it can leave the user with migranes if used over 2 turns at a time, making it kind of annoying for a person to use. The scope is narrow like a normal scope on one would be.

Light: The Rifle Comes with a small Chaos Formed light under the barrel which uses a slight amount of chaos energy to gather and refract light in a beam, this can be used as a pin pointer, and is useful in the dark where it acts a lot like a normal flash light. The light dissipates from sight after 30m but its dim as well, making it useful since it does not draw too much attention to ones self.

Firing rate: The firing rate of the Rifle is semi auto-matic like a real Sniper rifle would be, it as well though can fire up to 4 shots per turn, as it needs time to recharge to orb itself, though it can be shortened to 2 per turn, to Make the blast the power of a cero. This as well can be useful when in stealth missions since the Bullet goes quick and refracts light around it to make it decently hard to see.

Stealth: The rifles Stealth is superb, as at the end is a muzzled silencer made of chaos energy, which warpes the sound waves that emit after firing, making it so that it makes around maybe 1deci of sound, which is very little, so it is hard to hear it when fired. While a real rifle would sound like a gun shot. This is why This is useful in stealth missions because its easier to use in a hidden manner while most things are out in the open .

Indefinite run mode: This also has the option of a indefinite run mode, making it so that it can be used as long as neccisary, though the draw back is. That only 1 other Construct can be made, as well as the fact that, the construct cannot be over grade D+ The pay off is. He can use the weapon as long as he wants. Which can be extremely useful on stealth missions.

Stats: Firing silencer -90% sound / Firing Light: +45% accuracy / vision. /Power: +40% for firing/.

Grade: Stealth b+

Chaos make assault rifle: This rifle is made instantly out of chaos energy, when he pulls his hands apart, its demensions are coherient with a real Assault rifle, though as the sniper rifle, it has no clip or mags what so ever it has a scope on the top, and a decently spiraled barrel, having the same back as a real assault rifle, being it can as well change so that it fits with the landscape it needs, this one has a highly sensitive trigger, which fill spray out up to 100 bullets per turn depending on how much is used, each is usually around half the power of a bala. It can last up to 4 turns. Before shattering.

Firing rate: It has such a high firing rate because it is basically used for Co-Op missions having a Spiralled barrel, which as well has a highly compressed chaos energy field, allowing for the quick Charging and firing rate of the item.

Light beam: Under the barrel is a simple issue, beam, which is used in co op missions, which are useful for holiday since he in co ops needs it to basically Focus in and is used slightly for accuracy since usually he will use this in the sewers. Or in his under cover missions. This allows him to see where he is going.

Power concentrating: If he lowers the firing rate to around 50 per turn they are of bala power, which is useful since what it does is makes it so that he can fluxuate to a annoying spray of weaker bullets to a high concentration of powerfull bullets.

Scope: The scope is of the Assault rifle is used for mainly When there is a large concentration of people. It then makes it so that they can be used to fire and fight in accurate manners. This makes it very useful so that it can focus in around up to 400ft and do decent damage.

Infinite mode: This disables the ability to make other constructs besides 1 that’s under grade d+ due to the high power of the skill. It can be used at a reduced rate of 16 shots per turn, these being around the power of a bala. Though this is hard. Its usefull.

Stats: Firing speed: 16 per turn 100 per turn / Durability 30% /Longevity max 4 turns
Grade of chaos make Stealth Assault rifle: B+

Chaos Make Bazooka: This can fire 4 times before shattering each having the power of a gran rey, It takes around 1 turn to make., and 1 turn to recharge between hits. This has no accuracy but its just aimed then fired. For a area affect damage, This Will dissipate after 4 turns this is slow and while in use, No other constructs can be made, this particular construct takes around 3 turns to recharge and cannot be made more then 2 times in a thread. It’s the same size as a normal Bazooka and has no Sites or anything.

Chaos Make Bazooka Ammo: The Ammo of the bazooka is Made from high amounts of Chaos energy, which is hardened into a foot in diameter space, and looks like a ball, when fired the force will cause a vibration in the ground , and it will move 2 times slower then the rifle or the Sniper rifle. Taking awhile between to charge. This has no infinite mode.
Blast radius: The blast radius is around 5m, when the bazooka ball hits highly concentrating the power in the area around where it exploads. Making it have a highly concentrated damage area Which causes high amounts of damage.

Chaos make rank: A

Chaos make Machine gun : This is used in missions, but what it does is within a turn, Holidays hands will clap together then will pull back, Causing a Stretch of the Construct Chaos energy, Which now will take the same characteristics of a M60 Banisher which has minimal protection from it. Making it more of a cover fire weapon then anything else the weapon weighs around 50pounds, and has no clip like the others due to using construct energy. It can be broken in two turns, once 100 rounds are fired from it. It shatters.

Bullets: The bullets are light, and do barely any damage. But each has a charge of around 5 feet, of intense light, which makes a good diversion when one is needed. This is why when this is used. Its generally used for general Diversions, which make for a good Fail safe to escape.
Durability: Its not that durable being it usually will crack and fail after around 2 turns, being it is the light form cannot take much of the Damage charges within its barrel, making it after 2 turns crack and decay. This is why this is A favorite for A easy retreat as its more or less, easy to escape as the lights can cause headaches due to the intense amount of light being taken in.

Barrel: the barrel decays rapidly since the light within it causes huge amounts of energy to crack the sides, this causes miniature explosions within the gun which is what causes the gun to shatter after 2 turns.
Rank: C

Chaos Make M60 BANISHER : This is used when holiday needs to create some quick damage, So it is a heavy versions of the Machine gun light. And fires the same amount of bullets but lasts 2 turns longer, making it much more useful. As well the bullets have a more dispersed round when firing making it much more effective then just the other things themselves.


Angel Form/Hybrid Stage 1/Demon Form Appearance: Same as base form.

Angel Form:

Power up 25% acessable : Apon asending to this form chaos energy is increased by 3 times its normal power. due to the fact that in this form more reistu is able to be used than before which accounts to him being able to use more of the chaos energy. As his body in its normal form cannot even come to handle a fraction of his power. this allows him to use 25% of his power, since in this new form he can handle more energy then in his other forms.

Enhanced Poison Resistance: In this form , the seishi in the blood stream, acts as a anti bodies , which makes it so that in This form, hes able to actually heal and defend against more corrosive attacks. Making it so that he has enhanced resistance to certian aspects of elements though not entirely. This aswell makes it so that he can tolerate decent amounts of poison in his system. while this strengthens the immune system, it as-well increases the over all Immunities to rotting/ Ailing Substances , making it so that he is able to basically trudge through many things . This as-well is a passive skill which makes it so that all demonic feilds are -25% In de-buff affectiveness, making it more usefull then not.

Poison resistance :

This decreases the affective-ness of debuffing items. as well as it makes it so that area affect ailments will be less affective. by -25% This is especially the case for demonic cases. Making it so that, simply it is much harder to harm or weaken him with the feild moves.



Golden Angel Form/Hell Angel Demon Form Appearance: (Same as before. Simply state how they look upon ascending into this form)

Golden Angel Form/Hell Angel Demon Form Abilities: (Same as before. Simply state what they gain from this form)

Custom Form Appearance (If you have unlocked at least Angel or Demon Form's or have reached 2-3 tier, your character has the ability to create their own unique form. Be sure to tell us how they look in this form)

Custom Form Abilities: (List any special abilities, techniques or upgrades they get in this form)

Class Title: Angel Of Purity

Class Traits: (What Class Traits does your character get? Please try to limit this to 2-4 powers or abilities. Also take note that Class Traits they get are based on their Class Title, the path they took to get to this class, personality or even other powers. So for example, if a person was heavily into blood, they could possibly become The Angel Of Blood. Or, if a person's path in life was full of hardship, they could become The Angel of Will.)


Branch/Position: (The Branch basically tells us which part of the Iramasha Family you are in. Go here for more information: )

Race: (Are you an Angel, Demon or a hybrid Iramasha)



General Skills
Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
Chaos Energy Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Chaos Warp: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Seishin Buki Level: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Race Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

For more information visit: The Forms and Techniques and The Iramasha's History


Roleplay Sample:
I will not bow. I will not bow, this world may be cruel, pain is a game not new , old it is as the world. But I will not bow

War from within, sorrows of hell.

Silver “ It was raining the day the world, fell apart. Sorrow and ash rained down like hell that day for something changed within what the people where. It was different not just a new thing. It was old. In this bloody battle field, it was something hellish for nothing else compared. Rain blasting the ground, the wind howling as if it had a mind of its own . Blood spattering everywhere for no one else could have protected the sadness that went on within. It was here where Holiday awoke sad and alone in a pile of corpses as a band of hollows had arrived within the scene laughing like nothing else had happened in the world. These Hollow where covered in the splatter of his Comrades and fellow friends. His school mates Mother father. His whole town was killed and splattered over these feinds. Like some messed up horror story. They came, in two’s three’s and fours but in disarray swarming everywhere without intent like maddened beasts without the slaughter. Feinds that never knew what it ment to have someone they loved. And to be frank. Holiday was sick of it, he was going to make a change even if it killed him. Now picking up a bat, he had began to get up from where he weep under his mother and fathers rotting half eated corpses . Blood streaming from several bite marks on his arms. The sickening crack of bone resounding everywhere, as a prelude to the end but this did not matter at all to him. What did, was he would get pay back for what they did. And avenge his family once and for all. No matter what he would. This is what he swore to his Mother before she died.. but he was too weak.. naïve.. it was like he wasn’t who he was. This is what made him sick, As if a dam was about to break and let something horrid back out into the world. Opening his eyes, Now he was in a different scene, he was in a scene of a black warped lake, full of Screaming corpses and Hellish Monsters, As they swarmed around him threatening to crush his mind.
He screamed now looking up holding his head between his bloody hands.


Surprisingly they did though, as someone or something held their hand out, a hood over their head and a grim fanged smiled on their face, but they said one thing that surprised him, in this moment as Holidays eyes widened he had now listened to what he had to say , before once more screaming as He now though reached up taking the hand of the person that had offered it to him before the person spoke.. once.

“Get up.. Its not your time.. FIGHT YOU MOTHER FUCKER”

Holiday got up .. the corona of his older brother vanishing, as the dull delayed roar of Chaos energy around his body now, had Increased His Jet black hair hanging infront of his face shadowing it, while his eyes where half closed looking from under his Long jet black thick lashes. Looking up, now no emotion but the desire to kill was shown in Holidays face, before a demented grin slipped onto the face of Holiday . Before then Gripping the bat, and allowing his tongue to slither over his lips before disappearing into his mouth . Charging now, With a bloody cry of roar. Holiday had Lunged with a flash bang at the coming hollows Which were much stronger than ordinary ones. The bloody scream from his lips was like a stranger from hell, when he brought the bat around, at a large grinning hollow which now had begun to form a cero in his mouth, One Mississippi two Mississippi .. boom, the cero detonated within the crushed mask of the hollow from the force of the swing, causing near by hollows to get vaporized. Enraged the rest launched at him and then it was 399 vs 1 , Holiday did something natural, he charged the mass, from the dust cloud, charring on his skin seeming not to bug him at the moment, while he ran, he had slid his free hand back, as now a roar of Chaos energy focused in forming a Shuriken like spinning blade, with a vibration banging within its center. As he got closer, Roaring holiday now crashed into the front line, smashing the Shuriken into the nearest Hollows face, the force expanding out now, Caused Holidays face to pull back , as he fought to stay still, while now, the other hollows where blown away in the huge Pillar of energy, while Holiday began walking forward. Why you may ask? Because, He was through with being weak. Holiday would not stop till he killed them all. Now as Holiday bent back reaching his hand forward, in a inraged roar, Holiday brought the bat down with all his might on the Residual blast, causing it to detonate. The blast radius, turned white while, the ground began to come away, slow at first then getting bigger, while big chunks broke into smaller chunks. Rising slowly into the air, before then Being thrown away like silly putty. Slamming through the surrounding hill side. As holiday stood smoking in the middle of a crater, his skin now being burned partially off, bone showing in some places. Now the hollows again began to advance. Holiday slowly got up, bones ripping and snapping, while he had look up his eyes being like mirrors as he had not cared. It was time for him to destroy, While now the hollows now charged and fired. Looking like a hundred falling stars had went off, slamming into the ground around Holiday like a procession of hell itself. Now, as the ground caved in before being blown away, in the surrounding area. While it looked like a nuclear bomb went off.

Before now, Holiday had been holding back. He no longer wanted to hold back, While now getting up both his arms bleeding profusely. He had screaming charged a orb like item flinging it into the crowd, causing a Huge pull towards the object. Hollows now flinging towards it before it then recoiled causing a huge explosion. Which now, made it so that, blood splattered everywhere. The blast now flung Holiday back Several hundred feet, he went skipping like a stone, his head slamming into the ground digging it up as the blast ripping the ground up in blocks sending it flying back around him, then he skidded on his back slamming through a wall which sent him spinning, as he then slammed digging into the ground the area around him smoking, as he then slammed into another building going feet first as he rammed through puking up blood as he skidded to a stop, now as he did simply, what happened next, was that a shape came from the ashes of the wreckage a demon, who had Six heads floating from the Body which was his. These seemingly looked around, in disarray, but they each seemed to have a life of their own.
Writhing and squirming as they fired off beams of energy at Holiday which sent him Skidding back, until he slowly got up. Now, spitting to the side Holiday grinned, As the blood in his circuts cooled. Holiday began to advace, once more his bones cracking while he looked up his face contorted into rage.

The kid screaming while he broke into a run, his form now blurring, as he ran at the man, now, though what happened was blood sprayed from Holidays Chest, as a spear impailed it, Causing him to puke. Though, this caused a blackness to seep through Holiday, it as well, made the voice again enter his head. A hand reaching out to catch and comfort him as he had began to puke up more blood, he looked up in dismay at the person, wondering what could be said. But the person was gone, by now, as Holiday now tottering side to side looked at the Being infront of him with a grim smile. Before then he had , Allowed his head to bend puking up blood, before then gripping the bat, he charged. His form now, roaring in rage while he had now simply began to rush the opponent, His body shaking , now Emanuel Rushed him as well, his blade raised, while now, it was skidding on the ground causing sparks. This was when Holiday Swung the bat around almost at inhuman speeds to meet the invisible sword. Causing a screech as the ground cracked around them. Neither seemed to want to Give up, so now what happened was , They broke The lock, As Emanuel Slid his Sword up , to be blocked by a flick of the bat, which caused more sparks to fly while, now they seemed to blurr, As Emanuel jumped back, Holiday reacted bringing his bat around in a stroke, towards Emanuels Ribs which was parried by the flat of emanuels sword. To then be countered by emanuels blade coming up howling towards the Underarm of Holiday. This was to be parried by the side of Holidays bat, as now, they vanished from sight appearing in the air, a boom occurring when the bat and sword collided. Now, as then they both skidded back on chaos energy tiles. And resist tiles. Feet smoking as with a roar they charged again. This time, the bat slammed into the sword with another boom, as Holidays Head slammed forward as Emanuels did, Coliding in a thundering head butt. While then Holiday slid his foot up. To knee Emanuel off, to be stopped by a downward thrust of emanuels Elbow while then ,They jumped back, skidding, before Holiday then thrusting forward charged. Bringing this bat around in a circular smash. To be blocked by a upward stroke, which dented the bat but did not shear it off. As they continued like this. Thundering thuds echoing in the sky accomimpanied by a screech of steel on steel which sparked off everywhere. While then something changed Emanuel got a shot with a thrust of the foot to Holidays Stomach which sent holiday flying into a building which seemed to crumble under the blow, as from the building Holidays Scream was heard while he recklessly had charged a huge Orb of chaos energy throwing it at Emanuel. Who had answered by in a defying roar firing off a blast of his own, which both canceled each other out, with a deafening shockwave of energy. While then Holiday streaked forward through the Ash and dust, as Emanuel did, their streaking forms colliding in a downward upward thrust. Both now grinning fiendishly at the other. Their muscles and veins bulging, as now Emanuel seemed to faulter. Allowing Holiday to throw him, back, as now Emanuel launched forward Holiday giving ground, as Emanuel launched a furious string of up down reverse back hand pommel and angled slashes and thrusts, Holiday blocking by a side down quarter slant and full thrust of the bat before Holiday then was pressed against a wall, while Emanuel came flying down a huge energy spear in his hands. Holiday now Waiting till the last second moved to the side, a fraction the spear now exploading the building behind him while he brought the bat around into Emanuels Blade, sending him flipping off as he skipped through a building which then had crumbled after groaning under the weight. For so long. To come out hissing now, his heads firing off a barrage of beams which peppered the landscape., while Holiday had slid down Vanishing for a second to appear below Emanuel, who brought his blade down, as Holiday slammed into the blade with his bat. Which groaning had now broke. A streaked line of red forming on holidays side. As he skidded back blood spray painting the landscape. Was this the end?.. No one really knew.. Holiday began to get up now, before in rage lunging once more at Emanuel who now parried the broken bat hands thrust to smack Holiday back with his hand.


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Holiday Iramasha
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