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 Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]   Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:11 am

[ V i z a r d T e m p l a t e ]


General Information

Name:[/ Shou nagano
Appearance Age: 21
True Age: 689
Gender: male


Overall Apperance

Appearance: 5'9" - 164 lbs.

A man of average build, Shou does a pretty good job of portraying the "average Jin", with few discerning features to call his own. His hair is of medium length, originally purple, but later dyed black (though purple highlights remain). His right eye is green, though it's sometimes speculated what color his left eye is as it's always covered by a bandage (hint: it's also green). The Vizard's body is surprisingly toned for someone so lazy, but that comes from the rigorous training he put up with as a former Ōnmitsukidō operative.

Shou is usually seen in his Gigai wearing faded jeans and a plain shirt, but occasionally wears his old robes that he took from the Seireitei. In his soul form, his Shihakushō is modified from the original model, sleeveless and with shorter and less billowy legs for the sake of more mobility. One thing that's always a constant with his appearance, however, is the basket he carries around, which is always filled to the brim with apples


Personality: Above all else, Shou dislikes stressing himself out running around too much. The guy doesn't like to work a lot; whenever he can get out of a job, he will. Shou would much rather be lying on the grass, taking a nap. Most people would take this and call Shou lazy, but really, he's not (or is he?). Whenever he's forced (yes, forced) into doing a job, he will never put less than one-hundred percent into it. His theory for work is that the faster he can finish it, the faster he can go back to taking a nap or having an apple (or maybe ten).

Underlying Shou's straightforward and "work less, play more" nature is a fiery passion you wouldn't expect from someone so laid-back. First and foremost, he loves apples, and will not settle for anything but the finest, ripest fruits. Secondly (and perhaps moreso than his apples), Shou thrives on art; he'll even forgo his precious naps while he's working on a painting. His art reflects himself a lot--it's very tranquil, and soft and soothing to the eyes. Shou refuses to color any of his work, keeping to his black paint at all times. Lastly (but mentioned before this entire paragraph), Shou loves to sleep. Even after a good night's worth of rest, he's always ready to hit the hay again for a pleasant snooze. But The Vizard won't just sit down anywhere and doze off, no no. The nap zone has to be very quiet and soft, like a grassy field or a forest clearing... Maybe with some apples close by...

For the most part, Shou's a simple, carefree guy. He doesn't ask for much, and can get by on just a few apples a day (but why eat a few when you can eat a ton?). His temper's real mild; he doesn't get mad often (if ever), and if he does, it's short-lived. Shou's real easy to talk to. You can just walk up to him while he's napping or working, and he'll be willing to stop and talk to you for hours on end about anything you could think of. When the conversation's done, he'll just go back to what he was doing before. This usually gets him in trouble if he's running an errand, though...

However, despite his relaxed demeanor, Shou is far from being happy with himself. Though he often gets along with others, and can strike up easy conversations, he's always sitting alone in the grass, eating his apples. For much of his life, living and as a Shinigami, he was never acknowledged for his talents, scorned for the black Reiatsu he possessed, and was overall a wall-flower that longed to be more. The younger Shou always tried to draw paintings to impress those around him, only to be met with silence. Gifts of good will were turned down, and sometimes, thrown back at him with revile and contempt. People can only take so much abuse; after a dew decades, Shou simply stopped trying.

The years of isolation and abuse from his former colleagues has developed into a suppressed wildfire of spite, one so strong that in order to keep himself from snapping, he desperately holds to his artwork as an anchor of sanity. Shou never forgets those who have wronged him, and though he may keep a civil tongue around them, he often wants nothing less than to grind their faces into dust... But of course, that takes a lot of work, and it's hardly healthy for the psyche, so Shou just sweeps his anger under the rug, assuring himself each time that his malignant desires will go away with time_____________________________________________


Zanpakutō Name: Inkutsubo (inkwell)

Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:[ /b] Inkutsubo is a small, canine-like spirit made completely out of ink. He has a full chest of inky fur and two arms, rather than forelegs. Inkutsubo's midsection stretches out into innumerable tails that constantly drip with ink

[b]Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:
Much like his Vizard companion, Inkutsubo is laid-back and easy-going. He's usually lying on his side in his inner world, idly painting with his tails. The two share a mutual friendship, and whenever Shou comes in to train, they usually end up napping together, surrounded by black paintings. Like Shou, Inkutsubo has a deep-seated love for apples, and often he and Shou will end up having painting contests for them. Just so you know, Inkutsubo usually win)
Inner World: nkutsubo's inner world is a vast, seemingly endless white room. The floors and walls are made of fine ivory with gray stripes. Inkutsubo is often seen lying around or painting on the walls with his tails. The inner world exudes a cold yet homely feel. There's always a white basket of apples ready to eat lying around

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Shou's Zanpakutō takes the form of a very plain tanto. The blade is short, the sheath is lacquered black, the tsuba is round, and all-in-all, it's rather unimpressive. The only distinguishing feature about this tanto is the blue thread that's wrapped around the handle and sheath.
Release Phrase: Okoru, inkutsubo!


Shikai Information

Shikai Appearance: In its Shikai form, Inkutsubo transforms from a tanto into a paintbrush about the length of Shou's forearm. The shaft is made of lacquered bamboo, with a red tassel on one end. The brush itself is made of wispy white threads, and seems as if it has never been used[
Shikai Abilities:

Shikai Ability:GASHŌ ("Painter")
fundamental ability
reiatsu manipulation

Inkutsubo's primary ability uses Shou's Reiatsu and transforms it into tangible substance in the form of black "ink." The medium for this ability, obviously, is Shou's Shikai. Using the brush, Shou can draw anything he wishes on the ground, on a wall, or in the air. The only real limit to this ability is the amount of Reiatsu Shou has and his own creativity. For example, if an opponent is coming down on Shou with a blade, he can just paint a line of his own Reiatsu above his head and block the attack. If he wants to impede someone's path, he simply draws a rectangle with an X mark inside it, forming a quick barrier.

However, Gashō is not just limited to defense. After creating a drawing, Shou is free to mentally control his art, but he cannot re-shape it. An example of this part of Gashō would be Shou hastily drawing lines of Reiatsu, then shooting them at his opponent like flying blades. If Shou ever seems dissatisfied with his work, he can simply absorb his creation to regain 1/2 the Reiatsu used for it. If cut, the ink disperses into drops of ink. He has to physically touch them to regain the reiatsu in them

All of Gashō's creations hold the same durability as a Shikai of Shou's rank would.

Technique Name:KANMAN ("Ebb and Flow")
supplementary ability
four post duration
two post cooldown
Description:Ahh, the muse. It governs any creative artist's will to... create. When muse is in high supply, an artist can churn out stunning sketches and paintings by the truck loads. On the other hand, when muse is running dry... Nothing happens. At all. We've all been there. Kanman is an ability that can only be used on just about any part of the body that involves motion, with joints and hands being the prime targets. The hands, feet, knees, shoulders, ankles, elbows, wrists, hips, etc. are all subject as targets for Kanman. Internal organs, on the other hand, are not subject to Kanman.

Kanman's first power is activated by drawing a circle on the target's skin in a clockwise rotation with an arrow connecting the ends, The ink seeps into the skin and begins to tamper with the flow of the target's Reiryoku, manipulating it to increase its speed several times. The end result is that specific limb or joint qadrupling in speed. This speed increase will last for four posts, and is extremely dangerous to be used again after wearing off as overextended use will begin to erode at the bones of the target's body due to the irregular flow speed of their Reiryoku. This part of Kanman is primarily used to increase Shou's painting and Hakuda speed.

The second part of Kanman is the exact opposite of the first, and is mainly used on nimble foes. Shou closes in and draws a circle on the target's skin in a counter-clockwise rotation, closing the circle with an arrow. The ink will once again seep into their skin, but this time, the target's Reiryoku will be manipulated to slow down drastically, cutting the speed of spiritual beings the same rank as Shou in half, while weaker beings may be slowed down to the point of immobilization. Beings of higher spiritual level may only have their speed cut by a quarter, if at all. In rank terms, anyone who is a rank above Shou will have their movement speed cut by a quarter; beings two ranks above him will have their speed cut by ten percent, and beings over two ranks stronger will be unaffected by the second phase of Kanman. The debuff's duration is the same as he buff: four posts. It has the same cooldown time.

This ability does not affect Shunpo or any other form of high-speed movement at all.

KASHI ("Flaw")
offensive ability
long range

Every artist knows that they will create dazzling, magnificent works of art, and that they will likewise create... well, to be honest, crap. However, while some artists may trash their crap, Shou knows better, and is more than willing to salvage his failed art. Kashi is Shou's strongest Shikai technique, and requires a fair amount of energy from him in order to use it. Shou will begin spinning Inkutsubo above his head, and a thick ring of ink will begin to form around his body.

After calling the attack with the utterance of "Hanekasu" (Splatter), the ring will transform into a large, black cocoon of Reiatsu ink around Shou before exploding. The splattered ink will cling to whatever it touches, whether it be clothing, skin, metal, or wood. Any ink that hits Shou will simply be absorbed back into his body for later use. Then, by calling "Shimiru" (Permeate), the blots of ink will instantly harden, then shoot into the surface they are touching as spikes. These spikes can easily puncture stone and steel, but spiritual beings at a higher rank than Shou will be significantly less affected. If the target is of high enough level, the ink will just shatter on their skin. Targets one rank higher than Shou will only be half as afflicted. Targets two ranks higher will only feel a quarter of the pain, and anyone stronger is unaffected. The reverse is also true. Fubi's effectiveness is hampered by Hierro and other armor-class techniques; the reduction in power is a case-by-case issue dependent on rank.

This application of Kashi can only be used twice else Shou risks draining himself completely of energy.
Takes 4 posts to do the entire effect of the attack.
Bankai Information
Bankai Name:体インク
Karada inku (body ink)

Bankai Appearance:Shou's full body becomes a form of Ink, the brush floats over his head dripping into him constantly. His body never drips, sort of looks soild but is a complete liquid. his can still be harmed by cuts,blunk attacks,Kidō,hakuda,ceros and other physical attacks.

Bankai Abilities:
Technique Name: Tracing.
Description: Shou runs towards the opponent fully extended. if he makes it through the person, he appears on teh other side,a complete copy of them. The form is not as fast as teh orginal but can keep up with it. He can only use one ablilty fthat the original copy used, but it had to be used on him before he copied it. this ablilty can heal too. For example if he was cut up or had gashes and copied a new person, he would heal my gashes that he orginally had. He cannot regain limbs. If He copies a person with already sustained damage then he will get the same injuries when He copy them.
cooldown :7 pots
duration: as long as needed or until struck.
charge:2 posts

copy and paste
Shou slabs the opponent with ink, then blowing on it slightly, brushing it off next to them. Slowly a clone of the person he copied arises from the ink, just pure black though. Shou can control it with his mind as well as attack with it at teh same time with his own attacks. It is only half the power,speed and physical condition the original copy is. it is only able to use 1 single ability that the person it was copied off of from the start. It has a sluggish looking physical form, like dripping constantly. When attack the in hardens so it has the strength to attack. It can be absorb back into Shou for 1/4 the reiatsu it is used for. Only 1 clone can be used, not multiple clones.
cooldown ;4 posts
durataion :2 posts
charge :6 posts.

Sticky ink blast
Shou charges up his hands infront of him, the longer he charges the bigger the blast. If struck, the opponent will be slowled down or stuck to the place at where they were struck with. can be broke when the ink is still wet, but once it hardens it is more tough than before.
cooldown: 3 posts
duration 2-4 posts
charge: 2-6 posts

The beast within.
this is Shou's strongest bankai ablilty. He takes the form of a wolf, brushing the sky with kanji. Each having ameaning of a different animal (bird,mammath,lion,snake,tiger.) and one by one they each come alive, at first he can only use one at a time. but if needed he will summon all 5 for a stampede. All the animals are made of ink. The damage is like being hit by multiple buses or trucks. Could cause broken bones and high damage. But against a hierro it would only cause brusiing.
cooldown_ none can only be used once
duration: 2 posts
charge" 6 posts


Inner Hollow & Mask
NAME - Yoshe ("Beauty")

Inner Hollow Description:

Inner Hollow Personality: Yoshe's a ditz. She acts more like a spoiled little girl rather than a vicious Hollow. What she wants, she'll do her damnedest to get, although against Shou's cool and nonchalant personality, she doesn't get much. Yoshe whines a lot and teases Shou just as much, though the latter doesn't seem too perturbed by her antics. Although she complains all the time about being the Horse in the Vizard relationship, in reality, she's just as lazy as Shou and Inkutsubo, and has no qualms with not having to be in control. She won't deny that it would've been nice if she won, though.

Inner Hollow Powers: Exactly the same as Shou.

Hollow Mask Appearance:


Vizard Powers

Vizard Powers: CERO ("Zero; Hollow Flash")
offensive ability
long range

High-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various places on the body. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Vizard have been shown to use Cero attacks, and stronger entities can use it more efficiently.

BALA ("Bullet; Hollow Bullet")
offensive ability
long range

A weaker but quicker alternative to regular Cero blasts. The technique hardens the user's Reiatsu and fires it at around twenty times the speed of a Cero.

Defensive ability
almost like a shunpo, but a more advanced version of it. Being faster in his mask, Shou has complete control of his speed. he may not be the fasetest, but he can keep up with most others with sonido.

(Don’t have one)
Resurrección Appearance: (What does your character look like when they transform into their Resurrección state?

Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. As such, you will need to post at least 5 paragraph's describing their powers.)



Background: History: ▶ CHILD OF THE SANDS
1787 A.D. There was a great sandstorm raging through the village of Embabeh, Egypt. Many houses were uprooted and torn away, and many lives were lost. The storm raged on for weeks on end. The sheer destruction it caused was outrageous. The survivors were few, scarce even. They gathered at the village square to find a shocking sight. Atop a mound of sand, a mother was shrieking in pain. Her stomach had been torn open, and a bloody plank of shattered wood was lying on the ground next to the mound. The villagers gawked at the sight for a moment, before one slowly approached the woman. The villager soon found out that it wasn't the woman screaming. She was dead. The source of the cries came from within. A newborn baby boy was shrieking his head off inside his mother's stomach. The villagers quickly took the baby off and had him cleaned. They were hesitant to take him in, thinking of him as a cursed baby, but one particular family who had just lost their own son volunteered to take the kid. They even named him. Not that he remembers what it was anymore, but they did name him. We'll call him Shou to keep things simple.

Shou's childhood was fairly uneventful. The boy showed early on that he didn't mingle well with the other children of the village. Perhaps it was the fact that their parents kept their kids away from him, but nevertheless, Shou stayed home most of the time, drawing little pictures in the ground. They were remarkably detailed for just a child; most of them impressions of what he saw in the village. Nobody really noticed, though, not even his foster parents. He would drag them to see his pictures, and they would just nod and smile. Sometimes he'd get an apple.

Shou quickly learned that these apples cared a lot more about him than anyone else in this village. As a result, Shou grew up to be a quiet and reclusive, spending his hours surrounded by apple cores and sketches in the sand.

Did you know? Shou was eleven years old when he died. Napoleon Bonaparte's forces were marching towards Cairo, intent on seizing Egypt's capital. They were met by various Mamluk forces just miles away from the pyramids of Egypt, intent on halting the conqueror's advance. The citizens of Shou's village were in charge of one of the Mamluk's garrisons. Buckling down in the village, they were determined not to fall to the French.

And Shou, unaware of the situation at hand, was just drawing as usual.

The Battle of the Pyramids was a landslide win for Napoleon. Using his famous divisional square formation, he efficiently mowed down the Mamluks and their cavalry. The garrison at Shou's village was quickly surrounded, and the French charged in with abandon. Shou, wondering what the commotion was, walked out of his hut to face a line of French cavalry barreling through the street. Eyes widening, he turned around and tried to run, but at that point, it was far too late. The boy was trampled to death that day, lying among his art.

There wasn't much of a middle-ground between death and ascension for Shou. The Battle of the Pyramids was quite the slaughter, and many Shinigami were sent down from Soul Society to send the souls on their way. Before he knew it, Shou was in the 42nd District of West Rukongai. With no knowledge of what had become of him, Shou began his life as a Soul wandering his new environment. He couldn't understand anything that came out of these peoples' mouths, and because they too could not understand him, he was again ignored and left alone. Really, it was no different than his life before. So, Shou did what he did best. He found an empty clearing and a stiff branch, and started etching drawings into the soft soil.

So maybe drawing all the time wasn't such a good idea. Shou got along fine for the first two days without any food or water. There were a few dizzy spells, but he just slept them off. However, it was now the third day without any nourishment, and Shou wasn't feeling all that great. He'd drawn hundreds of earthen portraits in this time, but none of them were going to feed him.

Feeling weak, the boy made a valiant attempt to rise to his feet... and almost immediately fell down. The lack of energy was too much to bear, and he could already feel himself blacking out. At that moment, his vision went red, and that brought him back to his senses. Looking up, he could see a woman holding an apple out to him, smiling...

The woman tried to communicate with Shou, but quickly realized that he didn't speak any Japanese, and she couldn't discern his language either. Instead, she took Shou back to her home in Rukongai, and he gave no argument to that (Food! She gave him food!). The woman lived with her father, who was a skilled linguist. The old spirit quickly caught onto Shou's language, and the two began a small conversation. Shou did not remember much from his past life. Just a lot of sand and apples.

Speaking of apples, Shou had gone through at least six from the time the woman found him to this point. The elder soul smiled, and decided to let his daughter take Shou in as her foster son. The youth smiled; it would be nice to have someone to feed him again. Maybe they'd even care for him. The old man introduced himself as Nagano Kenta, and his daughter, Shou's new mother, as Nagano Fujiko.

"So what'll his name be?" Kenta had asked. Fujiko shrugged, then remembered all the drawings around him, and mentioned to her father that he had a knack for drawing. The old man laughed, flashing Shou a wide grin.

"Gwaha! Then we'll call him Shou! He'll rise above the heavens and take the Rukongai by storm with his art! Or something like that." Shou tilted his head, not understanding a single word from his new family, smiled nonetheless. He was enjoying his new life already.

Shou spent thirty years with his family, learning about the Rukongai and the Spirit World, as well as Japanese. The lessons were long and somewhat grueling, but there was always a juicy apple awaiting Shou at the end of each session with his grandfather. Fujiko made her living as an amateur artist, and an instantaneous bond was forged between her and her son, who spent his free time at a canvas beside her. Shou made a quick transition from stick drawing to ink painting, and just as Fujiko said, he had a real knack for it. Pretty soon, Shou had joined his mother in her business, and the three-person family flourished in West Rukongai on their art. For Shou, this was the happiest time in his life...

And it all came crashing down in one day.

The sun set once more on the quiet streets of West Rukongai's 42nd District. Shou was coming home from the market, bringing with him a large sum of gold from his and his mother's paintings, as well as a huge basket of apples. He returned to a gruesome sight.

The house he lived in with his family had been utterly destroyed, and his neighbors were scurrying away, rushing past him with looks of fear and horror. In the middle of his former house, a black figure with a white mask covered in blood was eating away at... something... One of his neighbors clutched his arms, trying to pull him away.

"Shou! Shou! You have to get away from here, now! There's a Hollow!"

A Hollow?! His grandfather had spoken to him on a few occasions about the dark beings, and they scared him to death. Now there was one inside Rukongai? Shou's eyes widened as he put the pieces together. A Hollow was here, and his house was destroyed. That only meant...

The young spirit dropped his basket and gold, breaking free of his neighbor's hold to rush to the ruins of his house. He was closer now, close enough to the Hollow to see it eating... Eating his mother... He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as the Hollow swallowed up Fujiko.

The next few moments were a blur for Shou. All he could remember was that he saw black fire clouding his vision, and that grisly mask staring at him, drenched in blood. The boy flew at the Hollow, fist drawn back. A loud crunching sound echoed into the new night as Shou's fist shattered a hole in the Hollow's mask, causing it to reel back in pain. It batted him away, and he collided hard with another house. As the boy started to lose consciousness, he felt something cold seep into his hand...

The white fragments of a shattered Hollow's mask had entered his body.

Shou woke up to see the worried face of an elderly man dressed in black and white robes. The man sighed in relief, and a second, collective sigh was heard all around him. Shou sat up weakly to see the robed man and a dozen of his neighbors sitting there, watching him. Shou was about to ask them where his family was when memories of the previous night came rushing back to his mind. His wrecked house, the Hollow, those black flames... His mouth shut tightly, and a sorrowful expression overtook him. One of his neighbors explained how the Shinigami before him had come and purged the Hollow quickly after he was knocked out. Shou nodded, unable to speak. He could barely comprehend this information in light of the fact that his family was dead. Shou looked up at his neighbors, all who quickly reeled back in fear as if he were the Hollow they had fled from yesterday. The Shinigami spoke up.

"Ah... Nagano-san. These people have told me how you bravely attacked the Hollow. I noticed a strange Reiatsu clash against the Hollow's before I arrived, and when I saw you strike the monster, I knew that force was you. Nagano-san, would you be interested in joining the Shinigami academy?" he asked, smiling softly. One of the neighbors quickly spoke up with a stutter.

"O-Of course! Shou-kun would be glad to leave and become a Shinigami like you, right Shou?" The boy looked from the Shinigami to his neighbors and back, frowning. He knew what they really wanted. They wanted him gone. There must have been something about that black "Reiatsu" he released yesterday that made them scared of him. So much for friendly neighbors.

With a shrug, Shou nodded, hopping off the bed. He gathered his money and a few apples, and the two were off.

A few hours passed and Shou and the elder Shinigami arrived at the Academy. The boy was given a clean set of robes and the next day, began his lessons.

Shou found out very quickly that he was the youngest student in his class, and that being the runt meant that he was going to get pushed around. A lot. The older boys would often pick him up by his collar and hang him from ledges, high doorways, or any other towering point in the Academy. Shou's entire first year at the Academy was literally hell, but he didn't care. Whenever he could get away, he'd just stalk off to his room and draw, or sit around in the dining area and eat apples. His hair in particular was a point they enjoyed making fun of-- its purple hue was unique in a sea of black, brown, and the occasional blonde. At the very least, Shou could remedy that issue by dying his hair jet-black, leaving only trace highlights of its original hue.

Outside of class was usually torture for Shou, but during class, the people around him were just a minor nuisance. The boy excelled in Kidō studies, and even more so in Hakuda. However, his Zanjutsu was extremely lacking; he could never keep up during sparring matches, and often, he would simply drop his sword and use hand-to-hand combat skills to fell his opponents. His instructors caught on to his abilities, and soon Shou was placed in upper level Hakuda and Kidō classes. For the rest of his Academy life, Shou worked on Hakuda, Kidō, and Hohō, forgoing swordplay for the most part. At the end of his fifth year, Shou had already materialized his Zanpakutō, a small tanto with blue threads wrapping around the handle and sheath. People messed around with him less often now that he had a little stabby thingy to stab them with.

But only a little less.

Shou graduated from the Shinigami Academy with flying colors, and was scheduled to be instated into the Second Division as a result of his Hakuda expertise. However, he declined an invitation into the Onmitsukidō, claiming that despite his superior ability in hand-to-hand combat, he preferred Kidō, and opted to join the Kidōshū as an officer. The real reasoning behind Shou's choice was that he had heard the Kidōshū had a much softer physical training regime, and that most of their missions involved opening Senkaimon Gates. With that little work to do, Shou would optimize the amount of time to paint, eat, and nap. So, he joined the Kidōshū, spending a good hundred years lazing around the Soul Society as a gate-opener. The pay was decent, and he didn't get into any trouble. Most of his Shinigami colleagues would find him snoozing in his room or on the grassy fields of Sōkyoku Hill. Shou began making paintings once again after his entrance into the ranks of the KidōShū, and he made a fair amount of money from his art.

During those first hundred years as a Shinigami, Shou had been assigned to a crew of Kidōshū Shinigami much like him. On the first day, he'd attempted to introduce himself-- after all, first impressions were very important. His new partners thought otherwise. They were students from the class a year ahead of his, and none of them had been inducted into the Kidōshū until a year after they graduated, around the same time Shou was accepted. In addition, the three of them had only just then discovered their own Zanpakutō. In short, they were quite jealous and spiteful towards their teammate. Shou tried for many years to try and gain their favor, drawing them paintings, offering them apples, even volunteering to shoulder their work for them. They took the paintings and sold them, tossed the apples, and loaded their work onto him with no sign of gratitude at all. After a while, Shou came to the conclusion that he just wouldn't get along with the three of them, and stopped trying.

One-hundred-fifty years passed since the formation of Shou's Kidōshū squad, and the four Shinigami had been assigned a specific mission in the Living World. It was their first full mission, so naturally the team was excited to go. Or at least, everyone but Shou was excited to go. The Shinigami just sighed, munching on an apple and hoping that the mission would end quickly.

It didn't. The Kidōshū team had bungled up big time, underestimating the Hollows they were pitted against. An Adjuchas Menos Grande had already ripped into two of the members, and was currently attacking the third. Shou had tried to summon a Senkaimon Gate to retreat, but the Adjuchas had already finished off his third teammate and moved on to him, clicking its clawed hands, a macabre grin on its face. Its expression upturned horrific memories of Shou's past, ones he thought he had put past him. The anguish and rage that he had experienced that day burst forth from his being once again. Black fire, black Reiatsu engulfed the Shinigami once more, and his vision turned white.

He found himself standing within a vast, seemingly empty ivory space, facing a small canine-like creature. Its maw curled into a lazy smile, and ink dripped from its innumerable tails.

~Oi, you lazy bum... Do you know how long I've been waiting for you to unleash your Reiatsu? Well, come on, hop to it! Let's get this over with so I can go back to sleep...~

The voice was that of Shou's Zanpakutō, he knew that much. Nodding his agreement, the Shinigami snapped back into reality, feeling a deep power swelling in his body. He drew his blade and held it at the Hollow's face, uttering his blade's name as if entranced.

"Okoru, Inkutsubo...!"

Upon his return to Soul Society, Shou submitted his mission report to his superiors. He was granted a promotion to the Kidōshū's ninth seat, and the option to become a solo member of the Kidōshū or join a new team. However, before he could make a decision for either choice, a messenger from the Nibantai appeared, unraveling a scrolled message.

"Shou Nagano is to be moved to the Onmitsukidō without further ado, and will occupy the valued Rokuseki position."

The Shinigami's face paled, and he was carted off to work under Shihōin Yoruichi, the Nibantai Taichō. His missions became more and more hectic, giving him less time to eat, paint, nap, and laze around. What he did gain, however, was free time with his new partner, Inkutsubo. Shinigami and spirit found themselves immediately fond of each other, sharing a personality so similar that they were almost the same being. Shou trained for forty years with Inkutsubo, spending many days slaving away to perfect his abilities, and even more days wishing he could be snoozing, or painting... or eating...

Within those four decades, Shou mastered his Shikai abilities. The two stopped there, mutually agreeing on the fact that working on Bankai immediately after would just... take too much work, you know?

Some twenty years before the present day, Shou had begun to notice something fishy about himself. Within the past few years, Shou and the other members of the Onmitsukidō, under the command of Soifon, were being assigned many more missions to the Living World. More often than not, Shou would find himself blacking out during certain missions... Hollow dispatch missions especially. When he awoke, he would be alone, and a strange black-and-white mask would be lying on the ground next to him or within various parts of his shikakushō. The first few times it occurred, Shou put it off as odd coincidence, but after the tenth occurrence, the Shinigami began getting worried. He returned to Soul Society after one particular mission and consulted an older Shinigami who he knew he could trust about this sensitive situation-- the man who had taken him to the Seireitei so many decades ago. Showing the old Reaper the mask, Shou asked what was going on. The old Shinigami looked solemnly at the mask, shaking his head.

"Nagano-san... It is time for you to leave Soul Society..."

The Shinigami began to explain the story of the eight Taichō and Fukutaichō who, along with Urahara Kisuke, Shihōin Yoruichi, and Tsukabishi Tessai, were banished from Soul Society some eighty years ago. This was something kept under the rug, something most Shinigami were not made aware of... When Shou asked why they were banished, the old Shinigami held up the eerie mask that Shou brought.

"They gained the powers of the Hollow."

Another hour passed within the home of the old Reaper-- he imparted Shou with some money and a rattan basket full of fruit that he quickly dumped out. Next, he rattled off strict instructions to Shou, directions to make a clean escape from the Soul Society before his Hollow Reiatsu was detected.

With little else to say but words of gratitude, Shou broke out of the old Shinigami's home at a run. A sprint, even. Hell, he had never run so fast in his entire two lives, and yet here he was now, darting to his home in the Second Division barracks. Dashing through the automated doors (when did Soifon have those installed?), the Shinigami hastily collected his belongings (some pencils, three paintbrushes, a pot of ink, his sketchbook, and a few dozen apples), tossed them into the basket, and scurried back out, intent on running until he made it to the outskirts of the Seireitei. Shou found himself in a deserted street near Seireitei's north gate before he finally came to a stop, panting and standing hunched over. Looking around one last time to make sure nobody had followed him, Shou materialized a Senkaimon Gate and quickly slipped through. The Gate took him to Karakura Town in Japan, and there he spent his days in hiding from his former home, and the Shinigami he once called comrades.

Shou quickly became accustomed to life in Karakura Town, purchasing a Gigai of his own from a well-known Shinigami shop, the Urahara Shōten. He took on various odd jobs for the next twenty years, including a grocer, art instructor, commissioned artist, and as a farmhand. However, he quickly grew bored of those occupations and spent his days just lazing around in Tsubakidai Park, eating apples, making paintings, and taking naps, like any other simple (and homeless) man would. His simple life, however, took quite the turn one lazy March afternoon...

...At the hands of a small girl, Seya Hikari. She was a rogue Shinigami, just like Shou, and though he did not know it at the time they met, the two would become inseparable friends for the years to come, for there was something special about this young spirit...

She was a Vizard.

And soon, he too would become one.

Since becoming a Vizard and befriending Seya, Shou has found his life to have picked up a bit. He has established a connection with the banished Taichō and Fukutaichō, for they were men and women with one common thread binding them together. Shou took leave of Karakura, following silently in the footsteps of his new friend, and the two have been wandering Japan since, though they never strayed far from the place of their meeting. Since then, the two have grown in many ways, ignoring their bleak pasts for their own bright futures. Eventually, the two parted ways-- Seya had found another calling abroad, and though Shou considered her to be his closest friend, he knew that his own destiny had yet to meet him, and until then, he would remain in Japan.

A tearful farewell led into a return to Karakura, and with the memories made with Seya lingering in his heart, Shou Nagano returns to his solitary days at the park.

It's been a nice third life so far, he'd say.


RP Sample

Role Play Sample: will put in reply since it sbeing buggy on me

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability:master/adavanced /Adept/ beginner
  • General Speed: master/adavanced /Adept/ beginner
  • Strength: master/adavanced /Adept/ beginner
  • Weapon Skill: master/adavanced /Adept/ beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: master/adavanced /Adept/ beginner
  • Cero/Bala/Kidō: v master/adavanced /Adept/ beginner
  • Zanjutsu: master/adavanced /Adept/ beginner
  • Hakuda: master/adavanced /Adept/ beginner

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Rp sample/ inner fight


Keibetsu Shou ripped another piece of paper from his sketchbook, crumpling it and tossing it away. The Shinigami was lying on his stomach on a rather large bench at Tsubakidai Park. Surrounding the bench were dozens of apple cores and numerous crumpled wads of paper. Shou sighed, yawning. "Fwah... The muse just doesn't want to play with me today, does she?"

Shou closed his sketchbook, dropping it below a ridiculously large basket of shiny apples. Stretching and yawning once more, the man rolled over on his back, staring at the tree branches that shielded the sun from his eyes. Shou lay there for a few minutes, watching the leaves sway with each passing breeze, a pensive look on his face.

Ten minutes passed... Shou idly grabbed another apple (his fiftieth?) and bit into it, shutting his eyes and listening to the crisp crunch that resounded when his teeth sunk into the fruity flesh. 'Hmm... I've had this many apples, and still nothing...' he thought, chewing. Inspiration really was slow today.

Twenty minutes passed... The artist took in a deep breath and exhaled loudly, tossing another apple core over his head. The basket was half-empty now; at least eighty apples had been eaten... Was that even healthy? 'Well, the common saying is that an apple a day keeps the doctors away... Maybe I'll draw a sketch of Unohana-taichou... Nah...' Shou lazily pulled himself into a sitting position on the bench, plopping his elbows on his thighs and resting his chin on his palms. "So bored..." he muttered, blowing a lock of hair away from his eyes. Shou moved again, picking up his sketchbook. "I'll try again..."

Within a few minutes, five more paper balls joined the growing heap of cores and failed sketches. Shou groaned, grabbing his head and swaying from side to side. "Damn it all.. Why can't I draw anything?" he asked himself, scrunching his face in frustration. He was getting rather fed up with what came out on the paper... The Shinigami exhaled and picked up his pencil and pad, beginning to sketch again. He stopped mid-way, tearing the page off with an exasperated grunt.

"Agh! Always the same, always the same thing! I can't even draw an apple!" he hissed, holding the paper in his hands tightly, grasping its edges with his fingers as if to shred it apart. The half-drawn image glared up at him, as if mocking him. I'll never go away... it jeered, and Shou just glared helplessly at his picture before dropping it between his feet. He grabbed another apple and bit into it harshly. Too harshly, for he yelped and drew back the traitorous fruit which had a new coat of blood tainting its juicy innards. The crimson fluid slid down the apple, dripping off its surface, and onto the center of his most recently discarded drawing.

It wasn't really a bloodstain, though. The red rivulet simply adorned the Hollow mask that Shou had left incomplete. Shou gritted his teeth and chucked the apple away, wiping the fresh blood on his mouth away with the back of his hand.

"This is hopeless..." he mumbled, closing his sketchbook and lying on his back once more. There would be no good drawings today. Only hollow sketches.
t was weekend, and as every weekend's afternoon, Seya had her usual walk at the park. She was pretty much a lover of nature, coming mostly from her so greeny abilities. She enjoyed been surrounded by nature, as well as she could pass an enough amount of time just playing with flowers. In her gigai she was. Wearing a white, long until her knees, dress with blue flowers on it and a blue ribbon on her hair, Seya had reached the entrance of the park with hopping and joyful steps. Now was the time for her to get some real rest and relax, away of her training and work, to a place that she loves.

Keeping her joyful pace on her steps, Seya kept walking deeper in the park's path. Her glance was moving playfully around, enjoying the tiny bit of the nature's view. The big trees, the flowers, as long as the birds and the butterflies that was flying around was a beautiful view, in her opinion. She loved the birds' song, more than she did with any type of music. That was the meaning of music for Seya. As she kept walking deeper and deeper, her glance caught up ahead a figure, laying on a bench, as far as she could see. She raised her eyebrow slightly, as for a moment, her soft smile vanished from her face. Even though that person up ahead was a human, Seya could feel something different for him. Something that was rather familiar to her.

Regaining her smile, Seya started walking toward that person that was laying on the bench. As she was moving closer and closer, she could clearly notice the mess of the eaten apples around the bench, that he, obviously, had made. Reaching him finally, Seya held her hands together in front of her, at the height of her waist, before talking to that person with a warm smile and a gentle sparkle in her eyes.

"Uhm, Good Afternoon. It seems that you had made quite a mess around at the park, heh... Don't take me wrong, but you should clean this up before you are going to head out of the park tonight..."

Shou sighed. Someone was coming, and they were probably going to see the mess he'd made all over his park area. 'And then they'll either bark at me to clean it up or start taunting me, right?' The Shinigami sighed and sat up once again, back to whoever was approaching him. A quick check of the mouth proved that his mouth was clean, no longer bleeding.

"Uhm, Good Afternoon. It seems that you had made quite a mess around at the park, heh... Don't take me wrong, but you should clean this up before you are going to head out of the park tonight..."

'A little girl?' Shou thought, closing his eyes and sighing once again. He shook his head, more to himself than to this girl. Her reiatsu was far too powerful to be a normal human's... And it felt much like that of his Shinigami brethren. Something was off, though...

I told you I'll never go away... Shou's eyes widened a bit. He'd just been making fun of himself with that voice from earlier... How come it'd resurfaced? Oooh, what a cute little girl. I didn't know Hollows were into children like her too... Hehehe.

Shou stood up abruptly, shaking his head furiously, What was that voice? It was feminine that time, no doubt about it. The first time he'd 'made' the voice, it was distinctly male, his own voice mocking him. But now, this miser of a songbird was flitting around in his head. After standing there for a few moments, Shou realized that this strange girl was still standing behind him, probably wondering what the hell he was doing. Coincidentally, the mysterious voice had faded out of his mind. Hm.

Shou straightened his white jacket and turned around to finally address the girl speaking to him. She was rather short, and looked no older than fourteen or fifteen. Her hair was silver, and her eyes blue... 'Interesting hair color,' Shou thought, raising his brow. He looked around at his apple cores and paper drawings and shrugged, sitting back on the bench. They were about on eye level now.

"I appreciate your concern, kid. Don't worry about these cores, though. The animals come over here every night; I feed 'em." Shou smiled warmly as he spoke, reaching over to grab two apples. He bit into one and held the other out for the girl.

"Hungry? I've got a couple more to spare."

That was an understatement. Shou still had at least twenty apples in his basket.
Seya was staring with a rather curious glance at that guy over the bench. Was he alright? He was acting so strange that Seya pretty much got worried about him. Staying quiet while Shou was acting weird, she was patiently waiting for him to answer to her, obviously, as he had for sure heard her. It would have been to rude for him if he would totally ignore her. Waiting patiently, Seya noticed Shou turning to face her, finally, as he spoke. Girl? That sounded so wrong to Seya. She was not a girl, she was an enough-grown teenage girl already. Seya tried to hide her frowning, using her soft smile as a mask over it. Though that frowning feeling was wiped away, as Shou offered her the shiny red apple. Her soft smile now was real, not some cover, while she gladly accepted his offer with a sly nod, before taking the apple in her hands.

"Thank you. Seya is not hungry, though she would never say no for a nice and sweet apple. And is that so? Do the animals come and eat them at nights? Uhm, didn't know that. I barely spend the nights at part..."

Seya gaver Shou another warm smile, before biting the apple joyfully while holding it with both hands. Her eyes sparked with happiness. It was such a sweet and nice taste. Combaring to other apples she had eaten, that one was one of the best she had tasted. Taking another bite, she chewed slowly, before shallowing it and smiling for once again at Shou. Her glance had spotted Shou's sketch book, as long as the paper ball that was messed up with the apple cores. Turning her glance on Shou, she began to talk once again with her friendly and sweet voice. She didn't bother to ask what had happened before at him and he acted so strange at first, while she tought that would be kind of rude.

"Thanks again for the apple. It's really nice and tasty. And, by the way, are you a painter or sketcher? I love watching sketches. Uhm... If so, would you please... uhm, show me your drawings? I would love to have a look at them..."

"Oh, and by the way again, I'm Seya... Seya Hikari... Nice to meet you."
Shou's smile widened into a grin. The girl seemed to take a liking to his apple. He took another bite out of his own apple, and chewed on it a bit, savoring the fruit for a moment before swallowing. Yup, apples made everything better...

"Hahah, I wouldn't expect anyone to actually be living in Tsubakidai Park. It's not really a home for anyone like us, and it gets pretty creepy at night..." Shou grimaced, thinking back to last week, when he'd had a lovely nap interrupted by a pair of Hollows. It'd be so much easier to live in the park if it weren't such a hot spot for Hollows, you know?

Shou finished off his apple within the next twenty seconds, tossing it behind him and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand once more. He reached for another apple when Seya introduced herself and asked for a glance at his sketches. Shou changed course and grabbed his sketchbook, chuckling.

"Nice to meet you as well, Seya. I'm Keibetsu Shou. I guess you could say I'm a bit of an artist. I do the occasional painting once in a while, and I do like putting whatever's on my mind on paper..." 'Although at the moment, all I can think of is that mask...' Shou pushed that thought away and opened his sketchbook for himself, quickly flipping through the drawings inside. Most of them were of Seireitei, some dating back at least fifty years. He'd had to trace over those drawings so that they wouldn't fade away. The more recent pictures were of Karakura sights, especially the park. Shou looked from his drawings to Seya and back.

'Could I show this to her? Her reiatsu definitely fits the mold of a Shinigami... She might have picked up on mine by now. If she isn't a rogue like me, things could get messy...' Shou mulled the situation over. Seya was short, and did not look very threatening as she was, but for all the rogue knew, she could be some Lieutenant level Shinigami. 'Man, I don't wanna fight... but I don't wanna be rude, either. Bah, I'll show her the book, and if she starts getting hostile, I'll just high-tail it out of here.'

With that decision made, Shou opened the sketchbook to the first page, a drawing of his former captain Soifon walking out of a Senkaimon gate. Shou grinned, rubbing a spot on his head. He'd been slacking off in the trees just by where she'd appeared, and after she'd caught him, he'd received a swift kick to the skull. He was out for at least two days after that one...

"Here... You're free to flip through it if you want, Seya," he said, offering the sketchbook to her. He was now free to grab another apple, which he did. And with great satisfaction. Apples made everything better.
Seya chuckled slightly from Shou's first comment, before giving back at him a soft smile. He was fun and as well, he was not a normal human. Seya could understand more than Shou could notice that she does. Not only that Shou was a shinigami, but as well the second power he has hidden in him, the same power as Seya has. Keeping her soft smile on her lips, Seya was waiting patiently for Shou to show her his drawings. It was obvious something was bothering him, while he was hesitating to give the sketch book. But Seya didn't want to annoy him, or force him in any way. So she was waiting patiently, until Shou finally decided to open his sketch book and give it to Seya. She took it with a smile and gave the first glance at the first drawing. The view didn't surprise her at all, while she already knew that Shou was a shinigami. Raising her glance from the sketch book to him, She gave him a smile, before talking.

"You were in Second Division, hm? Aah, Seya could have joined, if I didn't lack of physical strength..."

Letting out a sigh, Seya moved her glance on the Sketch book, as she started turning the pages. Shou was skillful, it was obvious. Seya liked the drawings a lot, as well as they were reminding her, her times when she was a Shinigami of Gotei 13. Letting out a soft sigh, she turned another page. The view at that page made her narrow her eyes slightly. It was a mask. A vizard mask, obviously. Shou's reiatsu didn't give Seya the feeling that he already had conquered that power. Though, she found it quite rude to ask straight away. Turning her glance on him, Seya gave him a soft smile to not show in any way her suspicion, as she asked him with a rather normal and friendly voice.

"Where have you seen that Mask? And, you know what is it?"
Shou slowly bit into his apple, watching Seya's reaction from over the top of the fruit's glossy surface. Her reaction made him smile a bit. Shou was right in his hypothesis; Seya's initial response confirmed it. 'So she is a Shinigami... Is she a rogue like me, or is she out on a mission? Hm.'

Shou began to devour this apple as he closed his eyes. Sometimes, he really missed his position in Seireitei. Other times, he was glad as could be that he wasn't weighed down by all the responsibility. Shou just shrugged off the worries and regrets. He didn't need them anymore, and his past had already occurred. Only the present and future mattered to him. Shou nodded to himself and opened his eyes just to see Seya narrow hers. Had she seen something she did not like?

"Where have you seen that Mask? And, you know what is it?"

"Wh-what? What mask?" Shou stuttered, standing up suddenly. He'd forgotten to remove one of those mask pictures... The ex-Shinigami gulped. 'This is bad... What if she knows about the Vizard too? If she's just another Shinigami, I could be a goner...' Shou had taken the time to learn as much as he could about the Vizard as possible in his two decades as a rogue. He'd learned a lot; the process of Hollowification, the insane power that was granted to those who survived on top... The relationship between the King and the Horse.

A high-pitched giggle heralded the return of that infuriating presence in Shou's mind. Oooh, Shou! That girl's on to you... Shou narrowed his own eyes and shook his head. 'What are you, voice? How the hell did you get in my head?' The feminine voice whined a bit, giggling all the way. Why Shou, you're oh so cruel! How can you not know what you created???

What I created? Shou thought about it for a moment, though that was quite difficult with this jolly siren ringing in his head at full volume. A few minutes of futile thought ensued, with Shou being unable to come up with anything. Only a theory. A theory he desperately hoped was untrue.

'No... I don't know. Just what are you?' The voice's giggling grew in volume, something Shou thought impossible, until they turned into little, maniacal cackles. Kekekeke!!! Shou, you crack me up! I'm your Inner Hollow, silly! Shou blanched, dropping his apple and falling back on the bench. 'Inner... Hollow? No... I don't believe that. You're just some annoying... trick of the mind. Maybe all this time alone with Inku Tsubo has finally gotten to me... A searing pain in Shou's head caused his hands to fly to his temples. The voice exuded anger now, and was snarling.

Ooh, you jerk! How dare you write me off as a passing hallucination! If you won't believe me, then I'll give you visual proof!

"Wh-wha--!" Shou's eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he was forcibly removed from his Gigai, flying back over the bench a few feet and landing on the grass. There was no time for respite, though; as soon as he could begin to comprehend the situation, the Shinigami was sucked into his Inner World.

Shou opened his eyes to the bright white that was his Inner World. It seemed... emptier than usual. "Hey, Inku Tsubo! Where are you?" Shou called. There was no sign of his spirit or the basket of apples that was usually lying next to him.

"Hey, Shou! Over heeere~" Shou whipped around to see...

.: The Beast

She was standing on her hind legs, snapping her claws at Shou, monstrous maw curled upwards in a demented, distorted smile. "What the..." Shou took a step back, reaching his hand into his shihakushou, drawing his tanto. "Wha... No, who are you?" he demanded, preparing to release his Shikai. The Hollow laughed, the volume amplified by their close proximity and the acoustics of Shou's inner world. Her ribboned tail swished behind her as she walked towards him.

"Hehehe... Silly Shou... I'm Yoshe, your beautiful Inner Hollow!" she replied with a giggle. Shou shook his head, backing away until he hit the wall. A realization struck, one that he hoped would work on this scary new(?) being in his mind.

"So I created you... Then I'm your King! And as King, I'm telling you to back the hell off!" Shou shouted, holding his Zanpakutō out before him. Yoshe just laughed again, increasing her pace, closing the gap between them.

"Silly Shou, he thinks he's the King! You may have been the dominant one for the past hundred-and-sixty-two years, but now my powers have developed all the way! I'm not going have us end up like that girl, no no no!" Yoshe halted her advance just ten feet from Shou, falling on all fours. Her mane bristled as murderous black reiatsu similar to Shou's flared around her. "No siree! I'm going to usurp the throne, and then I'll be Queen! Hehehe!" Yoshe curled back on her legs, then pounced.

.: And dear God, the shit did hit the fan.

Back outside Shou's Inner World, his body convulsed for a moment, before an explosion of cold, white blood created a gaping hole in Shou's stomach. The Shinigami screamed, writhing on the ground. bits of a Hollow's mask began to form on his forehead, and his eyes turned yellow...

Hollowificaiton had begun.
Seya watched carefully Shou, as he was acting strange. She had a serious glance, while she was holding still Shou's sketch book on her laps, though she wasn't paying any attention on it. With a slow move, Seya closed the sketch book and left it on the bench. She already knew what was coming. The sly hollow reiatsu that she felt at first in Shou started increasing rapidly. Was it going to be like her same situation? She couldn't know, though she was rather worried. She didn't want at any chance to see someone at such suffer and even more, she couldn't see anyone losing and becoming a hollow himself. As well, Seya knew that she had to keep Shou at that area, no matter what. While her own hollowification, she was locked in a room in order to be safe. Though now, while they were at an open area, Shou would most possibly start spreading death if not be distracted.

~Don't lose Shou, Please, don't die...~

~Why the f*ck are you worried for him?! He is just a mere stranger and weaklin, just let him die, idiot!~

~Shut up, Yayu. I will most possibly need you here, don't start your nonsense again...~

Seya stood up from th bench slowly, as she let out a sigh. She kept her glance steady on Shou, not wanting to take her glance off him. She didn't to miss him, while the hollowification could be started at any moment. Her head tilted to the left, as she saw Shou's spirit getting thrown backwards, over the bench. It was coming. Without thinking it twice, Seya forced herself out of her own gigai. Appearing now in her own spirit, Seya was wearing a black, long dress, having her Zanpakutō at her side, while her fox ears twiched slightly. Her three tails was having their usual slow motion wave, as her crimson eyes was slightly glaring. Forcing her reiatsu on her body, in order to enhant her weak physical strength, Seya grabbed her own, as long as Shou's gigai. The sly sound of shunpo was heard, as Seya moved in an instant on a tree, in order to hide both gigai's out of the humans. She heard the scream of Shou, and she tilted her head once again to the right in order to notice where he was. He was still at his previous place. Moving with her shunpo's immense speed, Seya appeared several steps away of Shou.

Seya's glare became heavier, as she noticed the first parts of Shou's mask appearing. The hollowification had began. Raising her hand quickly, she pointed her two fingers on Shou. In an instant, a red light surrounded Shou, paralazing him, at least for the moment. Geki she had used. Seya was known for her skillful Kidō art, bringing as a result that for such a weak Kidō, she didn't need to even spell its name. She kept her fingers pointing at Shou, in order to keep the Kidō strong, forcing with her own reiatsu to hold Shou down. Her expression was serious, while her glance was glaring, though it was obvious that she was worried.

" If you can hear me, please, don't die, Shou..."
I'll Be the One Sitting On the Throne

"Okoru, Inku Tsubo!" Shou wasted no time in transforming his Zanpakutō. Grasping the handle of his brush, Shou slashed an X in front of his body, rolling out of the way as Yoshe barreled into his reiatsu.


What? Shou brought himself up to see Yoshe charge through his reiatsu and smash into the wall. "Damn... She's strong..." he mumbled, drawing a thick blade of reiatsu over his head. "Go," Shou commanded, snapping his free hand at the Inner Hollow. The blade zoomed towards its target, and the remaining shards of reiatsu shot towards her. Yoshe just stood there, a malignant grin on her face as she lifted her tail.

"Surprise!" she yelled, drawing two wide lines of reiatsu ink in front and beside her. Yoshe's blades began spinning at high speeds, deflecting Shou's attack completely. The Shinigami stood there, dumbfounded. Yoshe snorted. "Hah! I can do it too, Shou! Watch me!" Yoshe's spinning ink blades suddenly flew at Shou, ready to chop his head clean off. The Shinigami regained his posture and tossed Inku Tsubo in front of him as it began to spin. A thick wheel of inky reiatsu began to form an outline around the brush.

"Bakudou 39, Enkosen!" A circular shield of light-green reiatsu formed before the inky circle, blocking Yoshe's attack. The spinning blades created a screeching noise loud enough to shatter the average man's eardrums. Hollow and Shinigami covered their ears, and blades and shield both faltered. 'Now's my chance...'


Shou flash-stepped behind his Zanpakutō and it immediately stopped spinning. The Shinigami grasped the handle and raised the heavy ring of reiatsu over his head as he lifted the brush.

"Nijimu." The ink became a thick cocoon that surrounded Shou entirely, and exploded. The entire area around Shou was smeared with dark ink. The ink on Shou shrank back into his body, and as his eyes were uncovered, he grinned. Yoshe was covered head-to-tail in the ink as well. "Got you..."


Shou's eyes widened with horror as all of the ink covering Yoshe's body was absorbed back into her. She cackled, pointing an outstretched claw to Shou's left arm. Slowly, the Shinigami looked at his upper arm, dotted with a single blot of ink that did not retract into his skin. He turned back to the Hollow. "What... How did you do that?!" he yelled.

"Tch! Don't be so silly, Shou! When you raised that Kidō shield, you obviously couldn't see what I was doing! I was making a Fubi as well, didn't you know! Teeheehee! I got lucky! You fired yours off a lot faster than me, so I still had time to form the cocoon! It's too bad I couldn't get more than your arm, though... But that'll have to do!" she replied, growling in triumph as she stood on her hind legs and pointed her paw at him. "Hehehe... Eguru!"

Shou howled in pain as a black spike shot right through his upper arm in a spray of blood. A second later, all the black ink seeped away from his arm and the room, leaving the only colors in the world white, gray, and red... Shou gritted his teeth, straightening up. The pain pulsated through his arm, but the Shinigami shook off the distraction.

"Oh Shoooou! Ready for another beating? Heehee!" Yoshe laughed, drawing five narrow-tipped spikes of ink the size of Shou's body. Shou grimaced, looking at Inku Tsubo, then back at Yoshe. "Okay then... Let's go."

Shou drew two circles, one on his left wrist and the other on back of his hand. They were drawn in a clockwise manner, ending in an arrow-head. A surge of reiatsu entered his body. He quickly drew two more circles on his left elbow and shoulder, then traded the brush into his left hand, ignoring the pain that came with using the muscles in his injured arm.

4:32 P.M. :: Five minutes remain.

Within less than a second, Shou had traced five vicious blades of reiatsu, each one the length and width of his body. They floated in front of him, ready to go. Both beings flicked their brushes, and the blades and spears locked in battle.

Out in the park, Shou's body suddenly stopped writhing under Seya's Kidō, and a deep wound appeared on his shoulder, signifying Yoshe's hit. He shrieked and thrashed around, forcing heavy waves of black reiatsu to fly from his body. The red light began to fade into black, and soon, Shou's body had overpowered Seya's Kidō.

Shou leaped to his feet. The .: mask had already formed on the top of his head, covering him from hairline to the tip of his nose. Shou's eyes had already changed hues, from soft blue to sinister gold. His hair exploded into a mane of brown, streaked with impure silver. The skin around his Hollow hole on his stomach and back began to harden into thick white bone armor. Shou clutched at his developing mask, trying to rip it away with his still-human hands, but to no avail, and more screaming. He had yet to attack Seya, but the way things were going... Shou roared, and more thick waves of reiatsu rippled from his body.

Seya's glance was glaring, as she was trying to force her Bakudou to last longer. She bit her lip, as she could feel that Shou was slowly breaking through it, though she was pressing more and more her reiatsu onto it, trying to prevent that happen, at least as long as she could. The black reiatsu waves had started devouring Seya's own red light of her Kidō, slowly making it fade away. She had already understood that she would not be able to keep Shou paralized for much longer. Her whole arm waved to the right, as Seya made a step backwards.

The force that Shou used to break through her Kidō made Seya's hand wave like that, as Shou jumped on his feet. Seya quickly lowered her hand and placed it on her Zanpakutō, ready for any sudden attacks. She kept her glaring glance on Shou, studying his actions. The battle inside him had already made some progress, it was obvious. She had to distract him, otherwise the progress would be smooth and rapid. A medium sized wavelength of light green reiatsu surrounded Seya in an instant, as she released it in order to lure Shou. The wavelength, even quite small, it was rather forceful, making the grown shatter slightly, while flowers started growing slowly.

~Hey, stupid Seya. Why you are waiting for him? Just kill him already! Not everyone is lucky like you. He has no chance of winning!~

~No, you said it wrong. The correct way is that Not everyone is weak like you to lose. Now, don't distract me!~

Keeping her forceful reiatsu wavelength steady around her, Seya kept staring at Shou with her glaring glance. With a slow motion, she pulled out her Zanpakutō and moved into her battle stance. She hoped that Shou would win his inner hollow at the end. She didn't want to end up killing him...

4:34 P.M. :: Three minutes remain.

Shou clutched his left arm, panting lightly. He and Yoshe had simply stood there for two minutes, hurling blades of reiatsu at each other. Even with Shou's added drawing speed, he couldn't get past Yoshe's defenses, and keeping up with her onslaught was just as tiring. 'Damn... She hasn't even broken a sweat. That skin of hers doesn't look too friendly, either.' The Shinigami released his hand from his wound, watching as blood trickled down his fingers. All this movement using his left arm was not helping the wound at all... Smatters of blood were everywhere on and around Shou.

"Hehehehe! Come on, now! Can't you keep up, Shou?" Yoshe taunted haughtily. She whipped her tail around, creating a curved blade of reiatsu that she launched at Shou. The Shinigami flash-stepped to the side, narrowly dodging the blade. However, no sooner than he had landed did Shou find another blade hurtling towards his face. Using his Shikai, the brown-haired man quickly made a repeating motion to craft a thick wall of reiatsu.


Shou fell flat on his rear as the mere force of the blow connecting to his barrier knocked him back. Looking up, Shou saw that his wall had nearly been cleaved in two. 'It's like she gets stronger with every passing second...'

4:35 P.M. :: Two minutes remain.

"Damn. I better get serious, then!" Shou's reiatsu flared around him once more as he stood and began to flash-step towards Yoshe, the latter cackling and forming more spikes of reiatsu to chuck at him. Shou began to craft his own spikes, albeit smaller, and shot them at the Hollow whenever he flicked back into sight. In his right palm, red sparks began to gather.

"Rajin! Mighty god of thunder--!" Shou halted in his tracks, slamming his left fist into the floor and using it to change his trajectory to avoid a speeding spiked wall of ink. He flung his left arm in across, making a thick line-barrier that barely deflected five more ink spikes aimed for his side. Shou blipped out again, approaching Yoshe with each Shunpo.

"I call upon thee! Lend thigh thoust hate!" Shou threw himself down, skidding on his chest as he dodged another wall. "H-hate, fury, and anger!" The Shinigami threw Inku Tsubo up in the air, letting it draw a thick plank of ink reiatsu that he commanded to fall on Yoshe. The Hollow merely yawned, leaping forward and out of the way...

And face-first into Shou's palm. "Hadō 26, Red Lightning!"


A huge bolt of lightning burst from Shou's palm, surging through Yoshe's body and searing every nerve cell inside her. The Hollow screamed as she was fried from the inside, her own tail discharging sparks of crimson electricity for a good ten seconds, before his hand and her body fell limp. Shou stood there, breathing heavily.

"Haaaah... I haven't had to work that hard since I had my last mission..." he muttered, grasping his maimed arm. His eyes caught Inku Tsubo lying on the floor a few feet away. "Sorry, friend, but I had to do it to buy some ti--" Shou was cut off mid-sentence as a fearsome black blade slashed up from his leg, cutting up through his hip and chest, ending right below his right shoulder. Blood exploded from the rent wound, and Shou's scream of agony resounded throughout his Inner World.

4:36 P.M. :: One minute remains.

"You... You JERK! I HATE YOU! Look what you've done to me, you... you... YOU!" Yoshe pawed at the floor for a minute as she slowly stood on all fours. There were numerous cuts on her armored body, and blood oozed out of each one, complete with steam from the boiling! Yoshe snarled at Shou, reiatsu heavy enough to crush a good block of steel. The injured Shou fell on his good knee, gasping heavily for air. He could barely raise his head to Yoshe.

"H-how did you..." Shou coughed in the middle of his sentence, sending blood flying out of his mouth. Yoshe snarled, using her tail to smash into Shou's uninjured side, sending the Shinigami spinning away in a spiral of blood. The Shinigami landed quite a ways away on his back, none too gently. Shou quickly turned on his left side, moaning in pain.

"Oooh, you've done it now, Shou! I was going to be nice and just outright kill you, but you had to be such a bad horse, fighting back with that evil Kidō! Well now, you're gonna get it!" Yoshe spoke each word with increasing fury, stomping over to the downed Shou. "Now I'm going to cut you up so badly, there won't be any trace of a horse left! Are you ready, Shou? Hehehehe!" Yoshe raised her right claw, ready to jam her nails into Shou's neck when a black, glowing hand shot out and under the offending limb, sending another surge of energy through the Hollow that completely immobilized her. Reverse Demon Kidō.

There was a bit of chuckling, hoarse chuckling coming from Shou as he weakly brought himself up. The wound on his shoulder and the deep gorge of a slash over his body had been covered in black ink, and the blood had stopped completely. In Shou's left hand, a bloody Inku Tsubo hung limply on his fingers. "Looks like you've underestimated my laziness, Yoshe... If you'd been paying more attention to where I was going, rather than your fashion disaster, then maybe you'd have noticed my hand snap out to grab Inku Tsubo as I went careening away. But you didn't, and now we're right back where we started... Just a bit roughed up. Maybe you should copy me and stop the blood flow with some ink?" Shou's taunt infuriated Yoshe even further, and he flash-stepped out of the away to avoid her snapping jaw as she regained mobility. "Come on... Now the fight's getting started."

4:37 P.M. :: Fuchin has expired.

Shou's rapidly transforming body stood there for a minute, staring curiously at Seya's pulsing reiatsu. He stumbled for a few steps, as if he'd become a newborn trying to walk for the first time. Shou's face was now covered all the way to the top of his lips in his mask. A thin, spiky tail sprouted from his back, whipping behind him, its end a jagged blade of quartz hue. The entire skin of his upper torso and arms and hands had become stark white, and his human hands became three-clawed paws. Fur sprouted at his wrists.

Shou stopped his advance to stare at the cracked earth and the flowers that began to rapidly bloom. He stared from the flowers to Seya and back, breath coming out in dense, cold puffs. Another second passed before Shou roared, leaping at Seya. He spun in mid-air, becoming a whirling Hollow-morph tornado. His arms and claws were outstretched, and his target was her neck. Shou's tail lashed out as well, striking for her knees.
~Come on, let me fight him! I will finish him in a mere second, just let me kill him..! Please, my allmighty Queen...~

~No. There's no way Seya is going to let you kill him, nor fight him... for now.~

~You bitch...!~

Worry. That was what Seya was feeling right now, watching Shou slowly transform into a hollow. It was yet to early for the winner of his fight to be decided, though she was getting more more worried each second that was passing. The thing is, that Seya didn't want to show it by any chance that she was worried. Wearing her glare and her serious expression as a mask of her true feelings, Seya was watching carefully Shou approaching her slowly. She was already prepared to react at any attack that Shou was about to do. She was sure that Shou would do, after all, Shou was overtaken by his hollowification ranpage.

Her foot moved slightly to the right, as Seya saw Shou performing his first attack. It was easy to be avoided, while Seya had her eyes focused on Shou, studying every of his movements, at least at the moment. Dissapearing at once, just before Shou was about to strike her down, Seya appeared several yards above him, standing on the air. Shunpo was always useful at such situations. She quickly solidified her own reiatsu below her feet, in order to get a stable place on the air. Keeping her glance on Shou, Seya extended her hand toward him. SHe wasn't going to use too much force, though she had to somehow keep Shou down. Her reiatsu started quickly gathering in front of her palm, creating a blue, glowing sphere, from pure reiatsu. The sphere started sparking slightly, before it was fired at once, straight away toward Shou's head.

A backflip jump was for Seya, as she got of her reiatsu-made step, landing gracefuly on the ground. Raising her glance, she watched Shou, to know if he was striked down with her sôkatsui or not. It was still the beggining, Seya knew that. Though, she knew as well that she had to keep him as much as she can down, in order notto be overtaken quickly, as well as hope for him to not lose in his own fight...
Shou wasted no more time. Though his body ached for rest, he knew better. Playing defensive got him nowhere; if he wanted to win, he'd have to lay down the offense. Shou hopped back, then flash-stepped towards Yoshe, aiming a flying kick for her skull. The Hollow roared, bringing her tail down to draw a quick slab of reiatsu to guard. Shou let his foot connect, bending his knee and bounding off the reiatsu and up above Yoshe.

"Hadō 26, Red Lightning!" The electrical attack was far weaker than before, and came from a fair distance, but nonetheless it came falling on Yoshe, who rolled out of the way to avoid it. As she looked up to her attacker, she saw a black net falling towards her. "Damn!"

"Bakudou 37, Tsuriboshi!" The Kidō net came down on Yoshe, binding her momentarily. It was long enough for Shou to draw a spiral screw with a sharp tipped end. Grabbing the other end, Shou began to spin his body, and the improvised drill came down at the Hollow. Yoshe struggled to bring her head to face Shou, red reiatsu compressing in her mouth. Shou didn't see it until it was to late, however, and so his attack collided head on with Yoshe's Bala.

Shou was thrown back in the explosion that followed, and when the smoke cleared, Yoshe had broken free of the binding net. However, all that was in sight was a massive clump of inky darkness. Shou's eyes widened as he threw three curved shields of ink in front of him. Yoshe's ink cocoon exploded, and Shou barely managed to avoid another hit. "Fly!" he yelled, pushing an open palm in Yoshe's direction. The three barriers zoomed away at breakneck speed towards the Hollow, their creator running behind them so as not to be seen. There was a thump and a shriek, confirming a clean hit for Shou. He drew a sharp spike of ink and grasped it, read to stab it into Yoshe.

The Hollow had other plans. With a deafening roar, she slashed her claws through Shou's walls, another Bala already in her mouth. She launched it as soon as she caught sight of Shou's Shihakushou, and the Shinigami took a direct hit to the stomach, reeling back in pain. "Ooooh, now you're REALLY PISSING ME OFF! Die already! Just DIE!" Yoshe's scream was accompanied by four flying axe-heads. The man, on his back, weakly raised another two walls of reiatsu. Under his barrier, Shou panted heavily. 'Damn...! She's gotta be getting tired, but...' The Shinigami turned his head to the side as his barriers cracked, and the concussive force hit the side of his head none too lightly. He coughed up a bit of blood before shoving his barriers away, standing up weakly. 'Gonna have to go hand-to-hand for this one...' Shou mumbled to himself, seeing Yoshe barreling towards him, ready to chomp his belly off. A second's worth of thought was all he needed before he had an effective counter-attack formulated.

Throwing Inku Tsubo as far above him as he could, Shou positioned his feet to shoulder-width, bending his knees and holding his arms out, palms glowing red. As soon as Yoshe's face came within an inch of his fingertips, Shou stepped back, arching his stomach in and grabbing the Hollow's neck with both hands. Using her momentum to add to his strength, Shou easily threw Yoshe over his shoulder and into the air. Shou's hands were now glowing red, and as the airborne Yoshe turned to look at him, he shot his palms out. "Hadō 26, Red Lightning!"

The crimson electricity struck Yoshe dead on, and weak as it was, it sent a surge through her body that she could not ignore. Shou smirked. The battle was far from over, but now he had an advantage. As Yoshe's body fell onto the floor, Shou caught Inku Tsubo and began to spin it. Surrounding himself again with his ebony reiatsu, Shou prepared Fubi.


Hollow!Shou clawed at air, landing on his feet. He roared and looked all around, unable to find Seya until he looked up to see the Shinigami charging a strong Kidō at his face. There was a small explosion as the Destructive Art struck Shou dead-on. Smoke shrouded the transforming man as he screeched in pain. When it cleared, Shou's Hollow transformation had furthered even more. Shou's mask was now fully on, and jagged white blades had appeared on his forearms and back. The Hollow skin began spreading to his legs, and vicious red reiatsu was swirling in his claws.

With a roar, Hollow!Shou slammed his claws together, and the two compressed orbs of reiatsu collided, becoming a large Cero that he shoved at Seya. He quickly leapt up with the attack, ready to tear Seya apart should the Cero have missed...

The smoke started clearing slowly. Seya was standing still, holding her Zanpakutō gently, while she was waiting patiently for the smoke to clear off, or see any movement of Shou. Her eyes slightly widened up, not from surprisiness or fear, but from worry, as she witnessed Shou be even more transformed into a hollow. She let out a sigh, watching him heartless be like that. The person she just met a few minutes ago was turning into a hollow, in front of her eyes. Not a good view or feeling, at least for Seya. She raised an eyebrow, watching Shou slamming his claws together. Her glance became a glare, before opening her eyes widen up, as she saw the Cero getting fired toward her. Seya didn't have much time to react. The cero was coming closer and closer to her. Though, from all that mess, a voice was heard, a double sounded voice...

[00:01 seconds]
"Too weak... Shou..."

An explosion happened, as something crushed together with Shou's cero. Smoke spread all over the place, making nothing visible through it. Silence had spread around as well, while there was no sign of Seya. The smoke started clearing off, giving nothing through it. Seya was not where she was standing. Suddenly, the breath of Seya was heard, quite creepy as it was double voiced. Seya was several yards above of Shou, having her hand expanded toward him, while a light purple sphere was already formed in front of her palm. Her mask was already on, covering totally her face, while the only visible thing from it was Seya's glaring eyes.

[00:04 seconds]

The light purple Cero was fired from Seya's hand with force, toward Shou. It was fired with great speed, leaving few chances for Shou to avoid it. Without waiting to see if the Cero was successful or not, Seya moved with the Shunpo's immense speed on the ground, several yards to the right from her previous position. Having her back to where Shou was standing, at least where the cero was fired, Seya looked at there from the edge of her eyes, as she tilted her head. Raising her hand, she aimed it randomly to where Shou was, waiting for him to make a straight forward attack, as her hand started sparking with white lightnings.
.: Turning the Tables - Battle with the Four Fiends

The cocoon of ink reiatsu surrounded Shou once again, and this time, Yoshe had no way of counteracting against his attack. The ink exploded, and Yoshe was once again drenched in the fatal reiatsu. "Eguru!"

The sickening sound of flesh being gouged echoed throughout the room, and Yoshe's screams did not fall on deaf ears. Shou huffed, hunched over. When the ink faded away, he noticed that he'd only pierced through the Hollow's stomach and chest, as well as through her hind legs. That last Fubi took a great deal of energy out of him, and it was far weaker than he would have liked. Yoshe groaned, stumbling once more to stand on her paws. Her yellow eyes gleamed with the sort of fury that could kill in an instant. There was no whining this time, no complaining. Just pure, unbridled rage. Shou's jaw dropepd as she charged an enormous Cero on her tail. 'But she's supposed to be getting weaker! Damn it!' Shou began to run in the opposite direction of Yoshe, raising a slab of reiatsu behind him with every three steps he took. It wasn't long before the Cero was sent after him. The barriers shattered one by one as the humongous negative energy came hurtling towards him. 'I can't keep up... Can't believe I gotta waste energy like this...'

4:41 P.M. :: Five minutes remain.

Shou skidded to a halt, using his free hand to help him turn around as he did. The Cero was just thirty feet away... Shou rapidly drew four Fuchin circles on his right shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. Just as the Cero was mere feet from his face, Shou began rapidly slashing Inku Tsubo from side-to-side, creating a wave of reiatsu to counter the Cero. A great shockwave shot out as a result of the massive Cero coming into contact with his constant barrier. Inch by inch, the Cero was coming closer, until Shou could almost touch it with his tongue...




And it stopped. Faded away. Shou exhaled loudly (had he been holding his breath the entire time?), almost falling over. On the other side of his world, Yoshe stared at him with slack-jawed shock. 'How the hell did he survive that?!' she thought, narrowing her eyes. "Ooooh, every passing second makes me more and more MAD at you, Shou!!!" she screamed, charging towards the Shinigami again. Shou gritted his teeth, swiftly drawing Fuchin circles on his knees, ankles, and hip joints. He was almost out of spiritual energy. He'd have to conserve it for the last attack... Shou flash-stepped away, ready to meet Yoshe at the center of their world.

4:42 P.M. :: Four minutes remain.

Bony skin and soft flesh met hard. Shou got the advantage, appearing above Yoshe's back with an axe kick ready to go. Yoshe swerved, skidding along the floor to turn around and rend Shou's leg apart with her claw. The Shinigami could not stop the kick, so instead, he painted a blade of reiatso and used it as a distraction as his right foot kicked hard on the floor, sending a rippling pain through his body. 'The wounds are still sensitive... Gotta be watch them...' Shou's heel had landed on the floor, and he allowed his entire foot to press flat on the floor so he could crouch on one leg and spin around for a sweeping kick with the other. The second attack caught Yoshe off guard, and she was struck on the side of the face hard, sliding away a few feet. Both beings charged at each other again.

4:43 P.M. :: Three minutes remain.

This time, Shou had no intention of attacking head-on. He changed his footing just a second before getting clawed, running past Yoshe and grasping the end of her tail with both hands. He planted his feet into the ground and lifted Yoshe off the ground, spinning around five times before launching her away. The female Hollow hit a wall hard, creating a small cracked crater where she made contact with it. Yoshe landed on all fours, snarling and barreling towards Shou, who stood there in a defensive stance once more. However, Yoshe saw through his plans, and charged a Cero in her mouth as she ran, as well as spinning her tail in a circle, preparing a third Fubi. The Shinigami snapped out of his defensive stance and sprinted towards Yoshe with his Zanpakutō spinning in front of him. Yoshe fired the Cero early, using it to scare Shou off as the ring of ink around her tail grew to massive proportions. Shou swore and leapt over it.


"Bakudou 39, Enkosen!"

4:44 P.M. :: Two minutes remain.

The cocoon of ink exploded, and caught Shou on his right hand and left ankle. Shou quickly called off the shield and began focusing his remaining reiatsu into those two points to minimize the damage that was coming. "Eguru!" Shou bit his lip to keep from crying out; the spikes had not completely lanced through his limbs, but they still pierced skin, and they still hurt. Both beings were breathing heavily, looking ready to pass out. There were only two minutes left in his Fuchin... Shou didn't have much fight left in him. He would have to finish the fight within those two minutes, or he may just lose this battle for dominance...

Hollow!Shou jumped back as his Cero was deflected. The smoke made it difficult for him to see Seya... The transformation was nearly complete. Every part of his body but his feet had been morphed into a Hollow's. Soon, there would be no turning back. The mask that had formed on Shou's face was now infused with his skin.

The smoke had finally dissipated, and the sight of the Vizard Seya standing high above made Hollow!Shou howl in twisted delight. He flew towards her, arms drawn back, ready to stab. He didn't even notice her charging her Cero until he was feet away from it. As the purple reiatsu shot at him, Hollow!Shou whipped his tail out, slicing the blast clean in half and causing a third explosion. The smoke did not hide Hollow!Show for long. He emerged with his body almost completely unscathed. His tail, however, had become a short, bleeding stump. The transformation had been stunted temporarily with the loss of his tail. Hollow!Shou screamed in pain, flying towards Seya, who had her hand sparking with lightning. Similar sparks began to surround both his hands, and seconds before he collided with Seya, he shot out two Balas, aimed at her face and stomach.

[00:06 seconds]

"Lord, the shattered vault! Pale the midnight rose. Silver rain, broken sky. Sigh the man's cry in the deep sepulture of cowards. Carry the arched fool to the gates of torn hearts!"

Seya's hand was sparking more and more forcefully with its white lightnings, as the spell of the Kidō was coming out of her mouth. Her words was sounded with a double voice, coming through her Mask, while her glance was still at the smoke from Shou's and her Cero's contact. She was waiting as much as she could to get track of Shou, before firing her Kidō. Though, the charged up reiatsu was too much, as well as the lightnings, to allow Seya to keep it still for very long. She heard the scream of pain, allowing Seya to understand the exact position of Shou. Moving her glance quickly, She saw Shou flying toward her, while his hands was surrounded as well with lightnings.
"Hadō 56... White Lightning Fury!"

[00:09 seconds]

White lightning jolts got fired out of Seya's hand, flying straight away on Shou. Her glance through her mask was a furious glare, while she kept forcing her Kidō to last longer, firing out countless lightnings, almost like twelve flying toward Shou. Some of the lightning jolts went straight away to Shou, while others tried to counter his two Bala. Seya couldn't thought that the two Bala would have been so forceful. Both of them broke through her lightings and kept flying toward her. Noticing quite late, Seya canceled at once her Kidō, as she tried to roll to the side, in order to avoid the two bala. The one was successful, though the other managed to strike her down on her hip. Frowning from pain, Seya used her shunpo to get some safe distance from Shou, without bothering to see if she had striked him as well or not, while she had to take care of herself. Both her hand and hip was bleeding, the one from canceling at once such a forceful reiatsu, while the other was from the bala. It was not a major wound, though it caused quite some pain to Seya.
.: Overextending Oneself - Just An Itty Bitty Too Much



Shou and Yoshe collided with one another for what seemed like the hundredth time. Less than thirty seconds had actually passed since the Hollow's last attack, and the two were both covered in small cuts. Shou's arm wound had re-opened, and Yoshe's shoulder had a nice looking gash going across from the shoulderblade to the outer shoulder. Shou was holding Inku Tsubo in one hand, and a rough blade of reiatsu in the other.

"Give it up...! I'm not gonna let you have your throne anymore, Shou!" Yoshe yelled, bounding towards Shou. The Shinigami kicked three times in a blur with his right leg, knocking the Hollow away. Yoshe flipped mid-air to launch a few reiatsu blades at Shou. The man flash-stepped past the blades to slash at Yoshe, who blocked it weakly with her tail. The two stood there on the air for a few moments, panting heavily, staring at each other with rapidly dimming eyes.

"I'm getting tired. What about you?" Shou asked, still pushing weakly against Yoshe's tail. The Hollow nodded, slowly raising a claw to bat at Shou's face. Shou brought Inku Tsubo up lazily, forming a weak slab of reiatsu that Yoshe seemed to use as a surface to lean on rather than an impeding barrier. Shou laughed. The two were seriously just leaning on each other, though each being's will to kill the other was just as strong as before. "For a fight to the death, this is pretty pathetic."

4:45 P.M. :: One minute remains.

Yoshe growled at him, but made no further effort to attack. "Oh, shut up! I'm just building up my energy for the final blow! I told you I'd knock you off your throne, and I will!" the threat seemed half-hearted now. Both sides seriously looked ready to collapse. Shou rolled his eyes, releasing the deadlock and hopping back. The blade of reiatsu ink sank back into his body. "How about this? One more attack. I'm tired, and I wanna take a nap... I'll finish you off with one last blow..." Shou was mumbling, almost inaudible. He even yawned in the middle of his threat. Yoshe cackled, standing on her hind legs to point at Shou.

"You're just being a lazy bum, Shou! But I'm getting sick of fighting like this... I'll finish you off in shot, too! Hehehe!" Yoshe snapped her claws, tail whipping behind her. Black reiatsu began to gather around her. Shou also began to call forth his remaining energy just as...

4:46 P.M. :: Fuchin has expired.

Shou cursed inwardly. This was one time where his laziness was not going to pay off... 'Great. Now I HAVE to finish her off with this attack, or I'm screwed... I hope Seya isn't dead out there...' Shou shook the thought off. Now wasn't the time. This was it. The last attack. Shou raised Inku Tsubo, and Yoshe raised her tail. Both brush-heads began spinning rapidly, a final ring of ink surrounding them.

"Nijimu!" Two massive cocoons of reiatsu shrouded the Hollow and Shinigami, then exploded in a burst of darkness. The majority of Shou's Inner World was now covered in black ink. Yoshe and Shou pointed their brushes at each other's location. There was no point in absorbing their ink--this was the final attack.


The resounding screams of pain echoed painfully throughout the immaculate space of the Inner World....

"Man, what a bust... Time for that nap..."

"Shou... I've got you...! Now I'm... the Queen!"

"I could use an apple right now..."

Hollow!Shou snarled in pain as the first few sparks of Seya's Kidō struck him. He continued his headlong charge, hissing with delight as one of his Bala made contact with the Vizard. His claws came crashing down on the spot where Seya once stood, but met naught but air. Hollow!Shou howled, his tail having been completely restored. In fact...

He'd completely transformed.

Reiatsu came bursting from Hollow!Shou's body like multiple tremors. He'd completely transformed into a Hollow, and his first order of business was to charge a Cero the size of a car from his mouth. Hollow!Shou let the reiatsu gather for a few moments, then flung his head forward, letting the over-sized Cero come bowling down on the Vizard. However, the Hollow wasn't finished. He quickly ran on the air and jumped over his creation, bringing a claw down to slam it as hard as possible. The result was a great expulsion of compressed reiatsu in the form of an earth-shattering explosion. Bits of the Cero flew everywhere, destroying trees, upturning chunks of land, and mangling benches and tables.

But he wasn't done yet. Hollow!Shou located Seya as soon as the chaos had cleared, and charged her, tail ready to behead the Vizard... He came closer and closer, gaining momentum with every second. He was mere feet from Seya now...

And then he cracked.

A jagged crack started at Shou's right foot, speeding up his body like wildfire. More cracks split from the original one, and soon, Shou's entire body looked like a shattered porcelain doll that had yet to fall apart... His Hollow skin crumbled, the shards fading into nothingness as they came off his body. Second by second, the pieces of his Hollow self disintegrated, until it was no longer Hollow!Shou frozen in the air...

It was Vizard Shou staring at Seya through his mask. His new yellow eyes blinked for a moment, before the darkness surrounding them faded away, and his mask cracked as well. Shou finally lost consciousness, falling slowly down from the air, his body settling down on the scorched grass of Tsubakidai Park.

Hollowification was complete.
00:11 seconds]

Seya finally managed to stop the slow bleeding at her hip, forcing her reiatsu on it, in order to block the blood flow at that spot. Letting out a sigh through her mask, she turned around to face Shou, as she heard a strange voice. Her eyes widened up at once, as she saw the huge Cero getting casted on Shou's mouth. THere was no way to be able to charged up a Cero with enough reiatsu to deflect that one that Shou was performing in time. She stayed still, watching carefully, ready to use her shunpo in order to get off its way.

The cero was fired and as well, the shunpo sounded was heard again. Seya moved several yards away of her previous post in order to avoid the Cero. Looking back at where the cero was, She widened her eyes once again, as she saw Shou clawing over the Cero, making to fire away randomly at different places. Some of them was coming toward her. She rolled to avoid one of those cero parts, before falling to the ground at once in order to avoid another one that was coming straight toward her head. Letting out a sigh of relief from her success, Seya raised her glance to see where Shou was.

[00:14 seconds]

Rapid heartbeat. Seya was watching Shou flying toward her, ready to strike her down with his claws, unable to do anything. An arc shield wouldn't be enough to block such strike, while she didn't have time to stand up and get off the way. Crack. The first parts of Seya's mask fell on the ground as it was broken, obviously reaching its limit. She kept staring at Shou for several moments, while he was coming closer and closer. She closed her eyes. Expecting for her to be one-hit-dead, she held her breath. Though that hit never came. Opening her eyes, She saw Shou standing mid-air, while parts of his hollow armor started cracking and falling on the ground. Her eyes widened once again, not from worry or scare now, but from happiness. A smile was formed on her lips, As she slowly stood up. Did Shou managed it? It seemed so. Running with smooth and soft steps, Seya caught Shou's body, before falling on the ground, making him at least to land softer than he was about to do. She kneeled over him, and after she gave a quick glance at the shattered pieces of his armor, he looked back at him with a smile.

"I don't know if you hear me or not, but I'm happy you survived that. I wouldn't want to see you, or anyone else, falling..."

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]   Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:10 pm

Finished. I was informed the RP sample was suppose to be an average post done by you. not the best you can do. So if my rp sample is not up to par, i can lower it to my actual Rp posting. I jsut thought since i Rped my inner battle out when i typed , It could count as a Rp sample

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]   Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:08 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: Approved
Tier: 1-3


Ravana Ichiro~Ex-Captain Vizard/Vizard Corps Co-leader~0-3+
Toshizo Hijikata~The Demon Commander~0-3+
Diablo Cortar~The Cutting Devil/Segunda Espada~0-3-
Albert Wesker~Biohazard~0-4++
Dracula Vlad Tepes~The Dark Lord~0-4
Okita Souji~Sexy and I know it~0-5+
Alfonso Gunter Reinhold~Evil Bastard~W.I.P.
Hanako Ikezawa~Malignant Tragedy~5-5*
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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]   Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:14 pm

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability:adavanced
  • General Speed:adavanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: adept
  • Cero/Bala/Kidō: adavanced
  • Zanjutsu: beginner
  • Hakuda: adavanced
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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]   Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:14 pm

Moving this to inactive characters because this guy has missed two Activity Checks. If you want this character back? Simply post in this thread and ask for it to be removed from inactive characters and back into accepted Vizards.


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Subject Post 7PostSubject: Re: Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]   Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:29 pm

A'ight! This is has been in here long enough!
Moving from Innactive to Archived! Post Here if you return or pick up this character again!

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Subject Post 8PostSubject: Re: Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]   Tue May 07, 2013 3:28 pm


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Subject Post 9PostSubject: Re: Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]   Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:03 pm

Moving to archives
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Subject Post 10PostSubject: Re: Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]   

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Shou nagano [APPROVED 1-3]
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