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 [Demon] Cupcake :: The Runt Banshee [APPROVED, 0-3+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Demon] Cupcake :: The Runt Banshee [APPROVED, 0-3+]   Sat Mar 10, 2012 10:38 am

☨ T h e D e m o n T e m p l a t e ☨


☨Basic Info☨


Name: Simply known as Cupcake
Real World Alias: Miss Sanguine Rose
Banshee Alias: Angelique Distortia
Age: Unknown : old as parties themselves! [as she likes to say : rumored to be around only 200 years or so.]
Gender: Female

Shifter Appearance: Cupcake is simplistic : she always has a humanoid form. All demons know or reconize cupcake very, very fast : she has wild bushy hair, strewn all over the place, and a grin that seems to make the entire world melt into a puddle of nothingness. She has bright blue eyes and a seemingly brighter way of being : her clothes seem to change all the time, but usually loose fitting and ready for a party! However, there is at times an apperance that most avoid : the straight haired kind. She looks darker, and more dangerous : she's almost like a psycopath with that look. This makes people remember that not even the brightest of lookers is completely styled.. if one would call her normal self that. She's about 5'6, which is average for a girl.

Miss Sanguine appears different : with long pink hair, tied into twin tails, they reach long onto the floor. They are beautiful and sinous, almost elegant and gentle : her entire frame is tall, reaching a good 5'10 for a woman, and very elegant. She seems like a black lady, because of her perpetually dark clothes, and her witch like apperance : it's said that she is a witch, and that's why people come to her. Her body is most definitely adult and very charming if one where to say so.

Angelique is a whole different matter : when appearing in official banshee meetings, she seems like a submissive : wearing whatever her master wants at the time, she tends to show up in maid outfits the most. She often carries food with her, and is seen munching, but is a very quiet looking girl. About 5'4 in this apperance, her pink hair is put into two very small ponytails. She has a very defenseless and innocent look to her, but can still look intimidating with the right stare.

True Appearance: Cupcake doesn't seem to have a true apperance, just a myriad of shapes she takes. Her true apperance seems to be forgotten by all, even her.

Personality: Cupcake is a happy go lucky party goer : she seems obssessed with throwing, recieving and attending parties. She loves parties : there's a reason many call her the party demon. She shows up without an invite : she walks into a party and with her there, it just FEELS right. She's the life of the party : grinning like a loon, perpeptually cheerful and right, she just seems like the ultimate party goer. She's always happy : everybody's friend, she seems to make no enemies. Genuinely warm and loving, even people who hate the world seem to take her into their hearts : that's how radiant she is. There seems to be no sorrow, no hate within the demon : odd in all measures, she always seems to spare BUCKETS of smiles for anyone. She's also very touchy feely : warm and comfortable, she usually finds any means necessary to fufill someone into happy mood. That's because she can't leave a frown : that has to be turned upside down! Her energy is almost manic like this : she almost never stops, is always on the go go go, some wonder if she even sleeps or anything like that. She's like the energizer bunny on crack, more or less. Her hair is always frizzed up and fuzzy and bubbly and cloudy : she looks like a messed ray of sunshine in person form. This obviously when she's in her common form.

But there's the alter mood : this is when her hair straightens, and flattens out. Her eyes tend to become sunken, and her entire demeanor is twisted. This is when it's obvious that she's a demon : her cheerful and happy personality make way to a more sad and depressed one. Her energy is still present : however it's manic becomes tinged with craziness. An almost sick laugh seems to roll off her, and this is when her demon self becomes inherently visible. She becomes almost sadistic and cruel like this : enjoying giving pain and sometimes recieving it. Her very perceptions are dark in nature : everyone she considers her friend seems to hate her, or just mocking her, and other such things. Her mind frame is dark : but her manic energy is still present, albeit possibly a lot more dangerous. This is an almost psycopathic mood : almost no one sees it, but when witness, definitely recalls to mind that indeed, Cupcake is a demon, and a scary one at that.

Where as Cupcake in both moods is loud and leading, when presented as Angelique, she is a quiet, withdrawn like person. Soft-spoken, and often mute, she's the image of a submissive : which is odd for a banshee. Her work is always done though, even though she's always seen munching on food : her personality seems like a push over really. That's because she was the last of them to be brought in of course : she's the sixth, and the runt. Therefore, she's very oriented to being submissive and doing what she is told : sometimes people take advantage of it. Very few do see her stubborn side : she is very stubborn and observant, even though she seems to be staring off into space constantly. But yet, those whom have seen Angelique out of Banshee meetings, and face the opposite end of the battle field, see a force that will never stop, just like death itself. In the end, she seems a very quiet, introspective person that is in fact very observant towards others around herself, which makes her a danger.. at least to those whom like to stay hidden and not too obvious.

Miss Sanguine is a very unique person : her apperance is dark, her voice is sultry and her personality is like that of a whip : pleasurable and yet painful. Cold and dark in nature, she seems to be a sado-masochist by nature : she likes to torture and yet loves pain. She has a kind streak, helping those that come to her, or find her, and seek her help. She is a most ethereal type of person : her traits cannot be simplified to one thing, as she moves from one to several. In all, she is a mysterious person, her reactions unpredictable as is her way of thinking : but that is the entire nature of Cupcake herself in most cases.

In all, one sort of phrase sums this demon up.

Goddamn crazy beyond belief.





Cupcake's past isn't that horrible. Born to a pair of parents, the girl got to live with them until the age of around five : that's when they died in an accident. But after their deaths, she still smiled and interacted with people, although depressed at times, as she went to the orphanage. Eventually, she became known as the party thrower, since she kept throwing herself to parties, and making them. That was her salvation : her mother was a florist, so Cupcake knew how to arrange flowers and her father worked in a pastry : so she knew how to cook, having watched him so many times. Many seemed surprised at the flexibility this young child had : and yet, she was never adopted. Some said she scared them : her looks were not the greatest, and she did have a nearly psycopathic smile. However, everyone enjoyed her parties, no matter if she was there or not : that's what was most important to the girl. When she turned 18, she went out into the world, to make parties a business!

And she succeeded. Too well. And then she was killed by a rival party thrower, because Cupcake's parties were so much better! Even then, Cupcake was never mad : she forgave the other person. But she became a demon by choice : simply because she wanted to throw one hell of a party, if you know what I mean. And that's the story of Cupcake!



☨Role Play Sample☨

Role Play Sample: To do later, but you knows meh x3




Natural Abilities:

Natural Attributes Cap Removal :: As a demon, Cupcake is naturally stronger and faster then a normal human being : this is only by x4 the amount of speed and strength a human would normally have at her tier. However, even for a demon, she is abnormally strong : about just over x2 stronger then a natural demon of her tier. [Abilities and what not do not factor : this compaired to the average of both races.] This allows her to pick up usually heavy things without hesitation, or preform feats that most humans and demons would shirk from, such as keeping balance on one toe.

Body Manipulation :: Not really sure how, but some swear up and down that Cupcake can transform her body. They are right, and yet Cupcake doesn't show much of this ability unless she has to : so in so far, it's quite hard to determine where she is upon it's mastery level.

Death's Energy :: Cupcake HAS the capability of utilizing this energy, but has not settled down long enough to be taught the basics yet, so she has next to no idea on how to USE said energy. This is to signify that she does have the capibility, but does not have any powers or control around said energy as of yet.

Natural Healer :: Due to many things going in Cupcake's life time, it seems her demonic body has adapated to the heightened level of coma she has endured, and adjusted to that level. When unconcious, wounds heal faster, since the body is not encumbered by thoughts to hinder it's proccess : all systems slow down, to allow the healing to work. This has transfered to the awake state : this means her body functions perhaps at around 25% more then it should : making it easier for Cupcake to withstand and heal from wounds.

Sealing :: Cupcake has learned the art of sealing somewhere : this allows her to seal magical energies into seals, simply put.

Unique Abilities:

.:: Friendship is Magic! ::.
-- Cupcake is suprisingly adept at supernatural abilities : this includes telekinetic and telepathy. She has the potential for many more, but these are the only two that are currently developped.

|| Telekinetic || This is the ability to move objects with thoughts. On any object larger then a card or knife, Cupcake has difficulty in maintaining the aerial moving patterns. This is limited, because she has not worked too hard at it : but if she's moving mentally things with her thoughts no larger then cards or a throwing knife, she has no limit to the amount of time she can make them float. However, if it's larger then that, then she has a count of 3 posts to make it float : floating a person sized object will only be done for one post, and nothing larger can be done.

|| Telepathy || This is the ability to mentally use one's thoughts, in conjunction to another. However, Cupcake will NEVER be able to read minds, unless the user accepts to open their mind to her. She is naturally able to broadcast her thoughts at 50 meters of distance, and when amplified, via a crystal or another's effect, this range can increase up to 150 meters. Two way communication is possible : but only should she mark the other with a tattoo of hers, namely a single ballon on their body. This will allow her to understand any mental thoughts within the ranges sent towards her and for them to have back and forth conversations. This is it for this ability.

.:: Cooking is too much fun~! ::.
-- Cupcake is an avid chef. Like avid : such to the point that people think she has a magical talent for those things. In fact, it is magic. This is because Cupcake actually holds abilities to cook anything, into anything. Blood into cupcakes, flesh into steak : you name it, she can make it. In fact, she can imbue her energy into these things. And this makes them magical : they can do a various amount of effects from such : to exploding in people's faces, to making them stronger, her cooking is so flexible that she's often in demand. She doesn't need anything to preform this : her magic by itself is plenty strong. In fact, the girl has become resistent to extreme temperatures from this : because some things needs to be frozen, and some things need to be heated. She cannot use these elements, but she has a natural resistance to any sort of temperature damage : to clarify, fire itself will still hurt her, but rising the heat won't.

Here's some effects that her baking can do. [List will be added to, as new effects are thought of]
-- Explode in a 2x2 feet range.
-- Cause food poisoning
-- Put them to sleep within 3 posts, to sleep for 1 post.
-- Make muscles seize
-- Temporarily strengthen their mental deduction to one rank above for 4 posts
-- Temporarily strengthen their pain endurance to one rank above for 2 posts
-- Temporarily strengthen their physical skills to one rank above for 2 posts
-- Temporarily strengthen their energy core, for use of skills [Kidō, magic, etc.], one rank above for 1 post.
-- Temporarily give them a healing factor that heals any non-blood wounds and takes 1 post for scratches to moderate wounds for 5 posts. It can also heal 1 major injury, as long as it's not life threatening or amputation. Effects fade if a major wound is healed. Takes 2 posts before effect can be used again, as in eating another item.
-- Temporarily allows them to spit fire, for 3 posts.
-- Can cause constipation
-- Can genderbend [must be agreed on ooc]
-- Break Character [must be agreed on ooc - basically turns the character ooc]
-- Temporarily allows people to spit up rainbows for 3 posts.
-- Cancels any other magical effects that does not belong to the one that consumes the food item [binding spells, etc. As long as it does not belong to the user's own energy.] One use only.
-- Temporarily places the consumer under a hallucinogen effect for 2 posts. [they create their own visions and what not.]
-- Turns the consumer into a chibi form for the rest of the thread the food is consumed in. [must be agreed on ooc]
-- Once consumed, wakes the person from unconciousness or sleeping near instantly.

.:: The Joker's Bind ::.
-- Cupcake specializes in party and laughing. So many think that her abilities revolve around those : they are right, in a fashion. Cupcake has a special deck of cards, made for only her : modelled after a 13 card deck. This includes a mix of the Major Arcana, which are used in readings, and the Minor Arcana, which is used as playing cards. These cards are naturally infused with her very energy : they cannot be destroyed or deleted other then by her own will, since they are products of her imagination. Each card is different in it's own format, having it's own skills. These cards are easily sensed energy wise, since they are entities and yet not : this makes those able to sense energy easily able to locate the cards in battle, unless impaired.

Card 0 -- The Joker
Placement: Black and Colored : the Joker
Arcana: None
This is the most personal card that belongs to Cupcake : quite opposite of the fashion of the other cards, this card is quite unique. Since it is Cupcake's direct link to her soul, using this card doesn't seem to do much : however, she gains an invisible protector, one in the shape of a large skeleton, shielding her. This skeleton is only invisible until Cupcake is attacked : this means it does not move, or effect the battle field when invisible. Ethereal, it only appears to take an attack, or when Cupcake's will demands one of it. This card can be used whilst others are active regardless of their conditions. This is because it is not techniqually a card, being the number 0. It lasts 5 of Cupcake's post before fading. It requires a 4 post recharge and can only be used twice a thread.

Card 1 -- The King of Kings
Placement: King, Card #13
Arcana: The Emperor, The Hierophant
This is the techniqual first card of the set that Cupcake has. The title is fitting : majestic and regal, this card is a summonable. First, the humanoid form appears, and dances around the opponent for 3 posts : then, the card can change itself to the actual full form of the card. This card is simply put, the master : it is usuable with any other cards. This card has the ability to use the air as a weapon : all elemental strength and weaknesses apply. In all, it can put the air into a whirl of massive energy and shoot it, much like a Cero would be. However, this beam can be dispersed in mid air into tiny compressed ones, making it much like a bullet rain. This card also has the ability of flight. Due to being the king, this card can control others, and is uncontrollable by other cards. When controlling a card, the king gets a boost in lasting time : this is one post per card he controls. He has a maximum of 4 to control at anytime. It lasts 6 posts, and takes 4 to recharge.

Card 2 -- The Ethereal Queen
Placement: Queen, Card #12
Arcana: The Empress, The Priestess
This is the second card of the set. The title is unique : a ghost like entity first appears. For 3 posts, this is the inital form of the queen. Once those 3 posts are up, she can now shift into her humanoid apperance, almost like a child. As the Queen, she can easily rule those if needed. She can be on the field with any card lower then her in a controlling capacity, or with the king if he is controlling her. This changes the card's abilities. When controlled, the queen makes a supporting field : this field allows her to simply confuse an enemy's sensing, by giving them false readings. When controlling a card, she makes a shield around that card, negating movement impairments to that card. She can control a maximum of 3 cards at a time. When used without controlling a card or being controled, the Queen attacks with the beads around her body. These are imbued with spirit power : they pass through physical objects and instead attack what can't be touched by physical hands. She lasts for 5 posts, requiring 4 to charge. When controlling a card, she gains 1 post of stability per card she controls : when being controlled she gains a flat 2 post of extra time.

Card 3 -- The Towering Jester
Placement: Jack, Card #11
Arcana: The Fool, The Tower
This is the third card of the set. Unlike the former two counter parts, this card seems to be a reflection : mirrored from the King, it is the darkness present in the king. Where as king is the air, this one is the darkness of that. He is unable to control any cards : however, he can imitate the king's air manipulation : however in his case, the bullets are not white, they are black in color. When they hit a target, they also transfer bacteria : acting like pollution to whatever was hit. The second ability this card holds is much like the first : gathering energy, it can release a burst of black, gassy air. This air causes anything it touches to twinge : over the progress of several posts, unless strong enough to fight off diseases or immune to such, it will begin to harm said items. However, once the card is recalled, all damage is reverted to the original state. This card is uncontrollable. This card lasts for 7 posts but takes a 6 post recharge

Card 4 -- The Knight Temperant
Placement Card #10
Arcana: Temperance, The Chariot
This is the fourth card of the set. This is harder, heavier card : it can only be in prescence of other cards if it is controlled. In it's controlled state, it works as a shield : using itself to protect other cards, and able to instantly relocate, once per post, to only a card's side, excluding the Joker. When not controlled, this card is able to tank damage. It has abnormally high strength and can crack the earth with one hit : it also has ability with martial arts and weaponry utilization. This card can conjure ice : all elemental advantages and weakness apply. This means that they can freeze a user with a punch of ice, or slam into the ground to make ice spikes : the card can only preform general elemental manipulation. This card lasts for 4 posts, and has a cool down of 2.

Card 5 -- The Dual Astre
Placement: Card #9
Arcana: The Sun, The Moon
This is the fifth card of the set. This is a strange card to say the least : it looks like a young but old woman, with a strand of her pigtails ice and the other flames. Just as her hair suggests, she has control over hot and cold. Strangely, it does not represent as fire or ice. This card can only be along with others if controlled. Alone, this card is able to use heat off her right hand, to boil things, and cold off her left, to chill things. This capability comes in handy when facing elemental attacks, along with physical ones as well. The field of effect is a mere 2 meters from her hands : the most effective method is to create a ball of magic and throw it, or to touch the opponent in question. The card can raise or lower the heat if necessary. If being controlled, the card chooses one aspect, and uses that aspect only, as the controller of this card also gains the attribute to melt/chill. This card has a duration of 4 posts, with a cool down of 3 posts.

Card 6 -- The Lady of Power
Placement: Card #8
Arcana: The Chariot
This is the sixth card in the set. This is a card of power : the image of the woman within is almost dangerous. Her spark and fire are all from will itself : she has enough will to rival perhaps the mountains themselves. And she's strong : her grace and elegance come from dancing, making her a frontline fighter like the Knight. This card can co-exist with other cards as long as she is controlled, or that they are one of the other two existing Ladies. This card's power is simple : the strength to see the binds of fate : ties between people and of people, along with physical peak. Basically said, this card fights physically and can see bonds between people as colored thread : blue is sorrow, red is passion, white is love, black is hate, etc. She can also influence bonds : these bonds taste and feel like seasons, strangely enough, as if to reflect feelings like seasons in a person's heart. This is a general effect, and takes all her summoned time to change a single feeling just a bit : this is a constant aura, and will not effect those of superior will to Cupcake. When combined with the other two Ladies, they can use a tri attack : combining their powers, this allows Cupcake to travel in time. [PLOT ONLY!] This card lasts 4 posts and needs a 3 post recharge. Gains +1 post per lady that is used along with her.

Card 7 -- The Lady of Wisdom
Placement: Card #7
Arcana: The Star
This is the seventh card in the set. This is a counter part to Power and Courage : this is the second Lady. She is a graceful being, a sort of melodious voice slipping off her tongue. Her skill with the harp is such that she can create sounds that seem enchanting : enchantress at heart, her ability is simply able to charm the opponent with song and voice. She seems awfully convincing, and does her best to make friends with whomever needs to be fought : she also seems to have an affinity like Din, but instead of emotions, she is oriented to a person's state of mind, describing a time for that person's state. This is the general sensing of such, no thought reading or anything. She can slowly change a person's state of mind, but it takes her whole time present : and only then it's a small change. Those of a greater mental deduction then Cupcake will resist this naturally. When combined with the other two Ladies, they can use a tri attack : combining their powers, this allows Cupcake to travel in time. [PLOT ONLY!] This card lasts 4 posts and needs a 3 post recharge. Gains +1 post per lady that is used along with her.

Card 8 -- The Lady of Courage
Placement: Card #6
Arcana: The Lovers
This is the eighth card in the set. Similar to the first two, this one is counter part to Power and Wisdom : this is the final card in the series of three. Courage is a quiet girl : rarely seen, she is adept at hiding and finding secrets. This makes her an accidental spy of sorts : she has no summon time, except for battle. This is because her nature is to find secrets : therefore she can float around and follow a person. Someone with stronger mental deduction the Cupcake will figure her out easily. In battle, she can only divulge information she knows about things, and it's often quite random. Otherwise, she can often deduce things much quicker : allowing her to help Cupcake in making tactical decisions. When combined with the other two Ladies, they can use a tri attack : combining their powers, this allows Cupcake to travel in time. [PLOT ONLY!] This card lasts 4 posts and needs a 3 post recharge. Gains +1 post per lady that is used along with her. [This is only in battle.]

Card 13 -- The Ace of Worlds
Placement: ACe, Card #1
Arcana: The World
This is the last card of the set : and perhaps a very dangerous one at that. It cannot be controlled and cannot be in the presence of other cards, disincluding the Joker. The card itself is a representation of the world : it has affluences and touches from several other things. Thus, in techniquality, this card is a controller of several aspects of itself, hence the child like apperance, with a doll form in her hands. By itself, this card is a support card : it amplifies Cupcake's other abilities to one rank above her own, for as long as this card calls no other. On natural, this card lasts for 3 posts, and takes 6 to recharge.

Kali of the Dark is the first of things that this card can control. It summons a four armed, around 9 feet tall, dark skinned woman. This woman is the incarnation of darkness : her very prescence makes people wary. For a good reason too : she manipulates the shadows of people. What does this mean? She simply links her energy to a person's shadow, and uses that as her main focus for attacking : making spikes of out their shadows or other such things. Her attacks can only be direct : for shadow build creatures, this means their entire surface is easily attackable for her. Again, they are direct attacks. When this one is summoned, the card's ability changes to such : she makes a 11x11 meter area around her, and anyone in this area will have extended shadows : that includes Cupcake's own. She adds an aditional 2 posts to the card's duration and lasts for those two posts.

The Triad is a three pronged summon. They look like balls of light, seperated by the colors blue for Sky, yellow for Earth, and red for Core. These three beings are unique : they work together in a set. Alone from one another, they can produce an intense light, and gather information off an opponent, by observing them and relying the information to the card. Together, they work as a support : they can sacrifice themselves in order to make a shield that temporarily negates any energy based attacks that pass through it. In order words, they can form a shield that if fire or lightning passed through, it would be absorbed, but if it was water, only the energy pushing it initially would dissolve leaving the water. These aspects are more useful as scouts, since they can move around almost unnoticed, cloaking themselves in neutral light to look around. When they are summoned, the card gains the ability to flash a bright light that blinds anyone that looks directly at it, and causes the area to take spots if eyes are not covered. If they are attacked, these balls of light can explode. This summons adds another 3 posts to the card's duration, and lasts for this amount.

Heven is a unique summon on her own : she herself seems to hold no real power, other then her sexuality. In fact, her only ability is the fact that she can copy Kidō and spells from those she observes, and use them for herself. That's what makes her dangerous : mastery of energies to the point that she copies the basics of a spell, and then preforms it exactly as it was. The card makes a 11x11 meter field around, and in this field, her summons have increased speed. This card adds 2 posts to the card's duration.

Celestia, the final summon that the card can bring forth. Her main duty is defensive : she creates walls and barriers with seals if needed. Her ability is simple : for 1 post, she creates a barrier that either negates all energy, like the triad, or forcefully pushes physical contacts from all participants. The field is 11x11 meters, much like her summoner's field abilities. She can use this offensively as well : since in theory, creating barriers is the use of force and hardened energy, allowing her to bash with them if she wishes, or making a pushing strike. Meanwhile, the card has a 11x11 meter field, which simply allows all participants in that area to float up to 30 meters in the air.


☨Adjustable Demon States☨


Adjustable State Appearance: -

Adjustable State Benefits: -


☨Skill Sheet☨


Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

-- NA

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List; Comm; Perm;Temp
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [Demon] Cupcake :: The Runt Banshee [APPROVED, 0-3+]   Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:14 am

Will Skills
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  • Focus: Advanced

Application Checklist
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  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

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Due to prolongued inactivity and a missing activity check, this is being sent to the inactive characters section.
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Archiving because at this point it's pretty clear that this member has left.

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[Demon] Cupcake :: The Runt Banshee [APPROVED, 0-3+]
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