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 Randevú With The Big Dogs: A Meeting Between Organization Leaders

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Randevú With The Big Dogs: A Meeting Between Organization Leaders   Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:35 am

Character: Shadin Yuudeshi | Tier Level: 0-2+ | Rank: The Yayjuu Leader, The Leader Of The Yuudeshi Clan | LETS ROCK!!!

There was sounds of commotion beginning to come from above the Vanguard's Base if anyone happened to be in the Underground Section of this massive facility. From the looks of it, a lively Shadin Yuudeshi had entered it's compound and he seemed rather joyous about his catch. He phased right through most of the security, got instant clearance from most staff and was seen walking past those giant doors that would most likely lead to the other big huncho in charge of Sukai Karakura: Genpaku. Greeted by different Vanguard Members, Shadin seemly waved them off as he tried walking towards whatever direction would lead him to Genpaku or possibly even Solas's direction. Thus, if you were able to take a decent look at The Yayjuu's leader during his walk you would notice that he was seen wearing a pair of somewhat dark grey, slim fit denim like jeans that went together rather well for casual use with two white tennis shoes. As you would begin to take a closer look at him and inspect his body, you should notice that he was wearing a lighter grey hoodie with a similar colored grey shirt underneath that faded to white near the mid section of it. Lastly, one of the few aspects about his clothing that would be noticeable is that he was wearing a pair of black gloves on both of his hands as he was seen cracking each of his fist with sheer joy; his long waving, luscious, white hair also flowing in the wind of this chaotic night.

"Alright Genpaku, wherever the hell you are, we are gonna need to talk about this punk who I just took down in Karkaura City!" Shouted Shadin at the top of his lungs; acting if he was at home while the people around him stared in disbelief at his casualness at the situation. You see, previously before arriving here, Shadin had received varying reports throughout the Yuudeshi Network about a brawl occurring somewhere in Karkaura High between one of his own Yayjuu members, Zero, and one of the Co-Heads of a rather new organizations named The Rinyuu. Judging from all the static feeds he picked up from the cyber net and law enforcement, things were getting pretty heated at the school as each of these people were going all out and forced the people in the surrounding area in addition to the school itself to evacuate. Thus, based on all of that information gathered from the Yuudeshi Network, Shadin decided that enough was enough; forcing himself to jump into that fight for the sake of Karakura City in order to prevent what occurred with Gilgamesh and Poliro from repeating itself again. After all, Shadin was pretty hot that he failed to get wind of that fight and will do whatever it takes now to prevent a similar night from happening ever again in Karakura Central so long as he breathes and fights.

Alas, when Shadin was able to get to the scene of the brawl, he discovered that both of them were still going at it as he witnessed a giant flare from Alexander, The Rinyuu agent, flashing into the night sky of Karakura City. Seeing that he was still roaring with valor, Shadin decided to douse his flames and effectively take him out in less then five minutes by overwhelming with a barrage of unforeseen techniques, nanobots and his electric based powers. In this scenario, there was no need for Imaginary Computation he had the entire thing under control in an extremely fast amount of time. After a brief talking to with his Yayjuu Organization Member, Zero, Shadin decided that it was best to head out to Sukai Karakura to contain Alexander from trying to escape his clutches, get questions from Genpaku about The Rinyuu's leader, figure out what in the hell this organization wants and possibly even hold a meeting over this that will require the attention of Genpaku, Shadin, The Rinyuu's Leader and his brother Zin Yuudeshi whom leads The Vizard Corps in underground Karakura.

Now, with everyone caught up to speed, Shadin took an irritated sigh as he took a glance at the now captured Rinyuu Co-Head. Ever since they took flight from Karakura City, Shadin had placed him inside of a white sphere of energy meant to contain him. This was done to prevent anyone from stealing him along the way, Alexander from escaping and to keep a lid on any surprise moves that may happen in the process of moving this fucker to the Vanguard. "Man, you really better give me some answers." Grumbled Shadin a bit, constantly having his nanobots repeatedly zap the hell of Alexander's body in order to create an electric current that is connected to Shadin in order to read through The Rinyuu Co-Head's memories in an attempt to figure out just what in the hell he was doing up until this point along with any additional information he could dig on Alexander, The Rinyuu, his body, powers and so on so forth. By the time he was done with this guy, he was going to have a full profile on this man stored in The Yuudeshi Network for any future reference or use.

"Otherwise, I'm going to be fairly irritated." And with that said, Shadin sent a message to The Vanguard to give off a signal that Shadin was here, informing Genpaku of everything that had transpired and directions to where he was inside of The Vanguard's Hidden Base. Hopefully, Genpaku or Solas would respond to him soon. In the meantime, Shadin used his imaginary computation to generate a hologram in front of him that displayed all of the recorded video feeds of the fight between Zero and Alex, an analytic on how much damage that their fight caused to the school in addition to the surrounding area, a scan of Alexander's body with the current information Shadin has about it, video feeds of both Genpaku and Zefonse meeting in the ruins of Force Feedback and lastly a full set of charges that Alexander could face if his reasoning, actions and cause wasn't just enough for Shadin. Thus, with all of that set up, Shadin took yet another irritated sigh and leaned back against a wall as he looked around at his surroundings.

From what he could tell, he was in a barrack of some place that neared Genpaku's main office. Hopefully they would find him, or better yet, Shadin should decide to keep moving until he found The Vanguard leaders office. "Better keep moving..." Uttered Shadin, snapping his fingers and having the sphere of energy that Alexander was contained in move closer towards him. "You better hurry up to, Zero." Not sure what happened to him at this point, Shadin really couldn't care less as he proceeded to use his Imaginary Computation alongside the use of the Yuudeshi Network to create a wormhole that would lead him from the location that he is at now to the Vanguard Leader's Office rather quickly. With a snap of a finger, Shadin entered through a portal that emerged from a bright white light and proceeded to make his venture there until he found himself standing in a rather large office and hoped this place was Genpaku's home.

"Alright Genpaku, you better be able to find me." Said Shadin aloud, changing the location on whatever map Genpaku or anyone in the Vanguard would be able to find him and then leaning back against a wall as he gently placed Alexander on the floor below him. "This meeting should be good; I'm going to need to find out more about these people and what they intend to do. I don't need anymore people trying to blow the hell out of Karakura Central, that's for damn sure." Uttered Shadin in a agitated voice as he had enough on his plate to deal with before this whole little fight break out between the two strong organization leaders. In any case, now Shadin would play the waiting game as he would let Genpaku or Solas have time to meet him in his location. This would give both of them time to think of a plan, contact The Rinyuu leader, going over what occured with Alexander, access all possible resolutions to this incident and have some communication between the two of them.

So now, as much Shadin didn't want this to happen, it was actually a rather good chance for him to bring up some other issues and have a massive meeting between org leaders in Karakura Central. And, with that in mind, Shadin smirked a little as he turned his head towards the door of Genpaku's office and waited any second for that man to come through those doors.




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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Randevú With The Big Dogs: A Meeting Between Organization Leaders   Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:42 pm

Sound Master, Yayjuu

Zero entered the Vanguard base shortly after Shadin since he stuck around the school a bit before leaving. As he walked behind the path of his joyful leader and tried to keep up with him but Zero observed the place in which he was in now. He stared at every individual thing around him with something always catching his interest and then taking glances at the people he came across. Eventually he stopped to look around to which he heard Shadin's call for him to hurry up and rushed and flashed to shadin's location and his leader had just gone through the portal as he arrived. It was sort of strange since they had alrady taken a portal just to get here, what required them to use another. Just earlier he was locked in combat with who Shadin had captured, his name was Alex Washi and Co-head of the Rinyūaru a suposed neutral org. But due to what Alex has done he isn't quite sure how to react to a member of the org now. It is all just quite a day for him and he was now from being in school doing math to being in Surkai with Shadin in the Vanguard base.

He's just been through a pretty high stake battle for Shadin to get involved it was so quick too with both of them being so powerful. It had all started with his echos on the roof as eveyone evacuated the building from the release of some of Zero's power and his silence zone that made a silent panic. Since no one could communicate it was certain that everyone would freak out but he wasn't certain that everyone's react would be to run away but then again in this age anything mysterious meant something big was happening and if you were normal you were going to get seriously hurt probably. But it was smart of Zero to start things slow since he saw what Alex was fully capable of and he was glad that Alex didn't blow up the school but one thing still bothered his thoughts. The Co-head had said he felt the intent to destroy the school and it wasn't his own... yet he went on to destroy the building anyway with his forms and holy fire. That just completely threw him off a lot now that he thought about it.

Zero had pushed himself to the limits as well throughout the battle as he had even entered Omega state to sill find himself still struggling to cope againist Alexander and his holy fire only got stronger it seemed to him. In the end Zero nearly felt that they would be killing eachother but Shadin arrived to relieve Zero to make the tides of this battle completely change to a victory for them but for just protection. It's quite a confusion too because every time the enemies attack us we are fighting to keep things the same as they are and everytime we fail it justs gets more worse than before. Why aren't we on the offensive, why do we not seek out more than we have now. That is a thought that was running through Zero's mind right then at the moment. He also realized he now had no clue exactly where he leader was but then another object caught his attention. It was a screen in the wall that said HELP, and had listed under it a few options." Assistance, Map, Alarm" Obviously this was meant to be used for emergancies or for a new member of the Vanguard to use. Since he had needed help to get around this base he clicked on the map and the screen expanded to include the entire base's inside that was at least shown to members. At the moment he searched the map until he came across the area he needed to get to. Specifically the area that said Offices and had the Leader's room labeled.

Shadin had said they were going to meet many of the leaders of orgs so he set out to the exact place memorizing the directions closely. It would of been better if he found the place called the meeting room but he only through luck came across the offices so quickly. So even if he didn't find the leader srecifically at least their someone could try to inform him of his current location or torwards someone else to seek out or even to ask if they came across Shadin and know where he went would probably be better. He moved quickly through out base moving slow enough through that he could avoid colliding with someone at least if they didn't come around a corner suddenly and he's too close. Hopefully he could figure out where Shadin was before he leaves or something happens. It is rather rude to walk in to a meeting after it has started of course and certainly when it was filled with so many important people.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Randevú With The Big Dogs: A Meeting Between Organization Leaders   Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:46 pm

The World Can Burn for All I Care...


Enter The Firehawk,

Alex Washi

BEGIN... THE HOLY BLAZE (Who is presently in a peril)!

Ah… !$@#... Head… pounding… headache… what… oh crap…

The Firehawk finally began to awaken, within his own mind, his thoughts being the first thing that returned to him. Freak… talk about a hangover… wait… wait a- He shook slightly in his sleep, as he began to remember what had happened. I'm not hung over… I got attacked for… what was I attacked for…? His head was still pounding, and he tried to open his right eye. The lid opened slowly, and he realized that he felt absolutely miserable, like his entire body had been slowly ripped apart. That's right… I think I was. Carp, as Colin would say. Speaking of whom… was he part of the reason I was attacked? He wondered, seeming to remember SOMETHING about his brother. He gradually opened his other eye, before his whole body began shivering as he tried to forget about the feeling of those… things all around him. Ope…. Wait a minute… I think… OPE.

He took a deep breath, pushing down his hands as he rolled over. He winced his eyes, which had been staring down at his collar at this point, seeing a bright white field all around him. That's right… I felt that evil energy at the school… and remembered how Colin would have felt about that… Then the guys boss showed up… seriously. Why does he let that… that thing into a school…? That's just… ugh. My explosive nature probably harmed the school… Of course I was planning to fix it, but when clones of something evil and echo-y appears around you and begins talking weird like that, there isn't a lot of options… He looked around himself, holding up a hand.

No good. Already tried it while you were KO'ed, Alexander. Something's suppressing our power… although I'm not sure what, exactly.

Just tell me what the hell happened after I lost consciousness.

Well… first, you got the living embodiment of the holy spirit beat out of you. THAT especially looked painful. Then, they took you in, examined your entire body and your skull, those same things poking around. Since you sent me away when you did, I didn't have a lot that I could do against them other than watch. D!@#able buggers, my holy fire couldn't damage them. It would seem that they were poking around your brain, although I'm not sure if they were messing with your mind or what.

Alex shivered at this, scratching the back of his neck with his other hand as he sat up. He looked above himself, seeing a white cord of the same color as the rest of the barrier. On the end of the string was a…

Thank god. I'm starved.

He could see a bowl of cereal with a spoon above himself. He reached up a hand, gripping the bowl and slowly pulling it out of the string. He looked inside of it, smiling Oh god.BAD ALEXANDERSHUT UP! I !~@$ING LOVE LUCKY CHARMS! IT'S LIKE CUTTING OPEN A LEPRAUCHAUN AND HAVING IT SPILLING OUT LIFE ENERGY!I swear… you act like such a retard at times, Alexander… Well you're the crazy one.Fair enough… hehehe…He took the spoon, holding it up before his face for a few moments before he looked back in the bowl, seeing the flour and the marshmallows that had survived for nearly four hundred and fifty years. He pushed the spoon into the bowl, licking his lips as the milk poured into the spoon and he moved it diagonally, pushing lightly across as it scooped up the charms. He brought it up to his mouth, opening wide and biting down. He chewed, grinding his teeth against the grain and the sugary marshmallows, swallowing with a small grin on his face.

He dug in, getting milk all over his face as he devoured the cereal in the bowl. He brought up the bowl, holding it up to his lips as he widened the opening that was his mouth, tipping the bowl upwards. The milk flowed down, cool right on his throat as it went down. He smiled, putting down the bowl and leaning back with his arms behind his head on the rim curved part of the sphere. Seriously… how can you be so lax right now…?Because A. I really don't give a D!@~ what they do to me, B. Lucky charms is awesome, and C. F@#$ you too buddy. He merely heard Leonardo sigh as he slowly began to realize something: he was moving. He reached down to his feet, checking something. He grabbed his pant leg, pulling it up. Oh thank god. They didn't take them. He thought, seeing the rainbow color that came from his socks. His special socks showed off his creativity, and he would have been devastated if he had found out they had taken them. He looked at himself then, realizing that they had stripped him of his overcoat, leaving him only wearing his t-shirt.

He merely shrugged, before he looked back up at the roof of the sphere. He yawned, his hands still holding up his head.He decided that there wasn't much for him to do, so he merely closed his eyes and thought about two things. One of which was his brothers…

I Will Burn Another Day...


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Randevú With The Big Dogs: A Meeting Between Organization Leaders   Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:06 am


-{E N T E R}-
-{T H E}-
-{T E M P E S T}-
Considering the fact that Genpaku was not present at the time of Shadin’s arrival, it was little wonder that the Yayjuu Head had such a hard time locating the Vanguard Commander. Genpaku had taken leave of the base a little over an hour prior to Shadin’s arrival to investigate a report of an organized Hollow/Demon attack on a small, outlying domed city. He had gone on his own with little warning for 2 main reasons; 1) because the nearest active way-station of the Vanguard’s advanced travel system would still require travel time on foot, and he preferred to not be slowed down on this mission, and 2) he needed to get out of the base before he went crazy with the diplomatic issues that had arisen in the past few days. Considering there had been several reports that had begun to come in of similar organized attacks, this was something that he felt needed to be checked into and quickly. In his relatively short time as a Shinigami he had seen maybe a handful of truly organized raids by hollows or demons; only a couple of the hollow attacks had proved to be “inconsequential,” and the last major organized demon attack had come with London and Spain. There had been other, smaller, raids to take over settlements or locations; recon indicated that these had been turned into bases for these enemies, which cause some worry for Genpaku and many others.

He didn’t know what exactly was brewing on the horizon. How could he? But he knew that something was. The signs were mounting, and beyond that he felt it; something in him KNEW that there was a storm on the horizon. These small attacks were just heralding something, and as much as he hated it all Genpaku could do in response was react by moving his men around to guard vulnerable areas as best he could. With that being the case, he felt he needed to see one of these attacks first hand, and potentially put a stop to it before it got too out of control. After having left the transit system he shot across the barren wasteland, and arrived at the domed city in good time. There was a decent sized hole in the side of the dome, an older model than the one that covered the various sections of Karakura city. However, there were defenses in place in this town; a small regiment of Vanguard members had been at a way station within the city, but it had been the first place struck after the dome was hit. The transport system had been destroyed as a result, which was why he couldn’t move directly into the city proper.

He kept back, observing the movements of the enemy. He stepped in only to save others from the “monsters” or to keep the enemy out of the city proper. The lack of movement finally drew the attention of the leader of the enemy force, who came roaring in with the intent of smashing through the defenses of the city. Genpaku stepped in then. That demon died like all the rest. It took surprisingly little effort to destroy the demon, and once the leader fell the surviving demons and Hollows retreated, phasing back into their native worlds. Any of the stragglers were cleared up as they were found. The city had been successfully defended, the enemy routed, and yet Genpaku felt no better. He had learned nothing new from this excursion that he had not already pieced together back in his office. He was overseeing the check of the wounded when the call came in.

”Commander Arishima, Shadin Yuudeshi has arrived at the main base,” the voice cracked over the com-link in the badge. Genpaku frowned slightly at this.
”What for?”

Genpaku was brought up to speed as what had been gathered by those at the base was relayed to him. He muttered a small curse as he turned and started out of the dome. There was always another problem to take care of, and it always seemed to be his job. As he left he, like all the rest, failed to notice the lone figure floating just above the dome’s pinnacle; a figure who gave off no energy that could be felt and made no hostile action or action at all. He looked no different from any human, with the exceptions of the fact he was floating and the slight red glow from his eyes.

Genpaku arrived back at the main base shortly after departing from the town. By then, Shadin had moved. A little inquiry and he knew where Shadin had gone, and a better idea of what had brought him here. What he didn’t know was what Shadin wanted from him, other than possible access to the Rinyaru leader, Zefonse.

“Send a message to Solas, bring her up to speed, and have her join us when she’s ready. I’ll contact the wardens about this personally later.
He arrived at his quarters a few moments later, and decided to spare the formalities as he walked into his quarters. Shadin was leaning against a nearby wall, the same usual smirk that always decorated the Yayjuu Leader’s face firmly in place. His subordinate, Zero if he remembered correctly, was not there however; he knew that Zero was in the building somewhere, but had probably gotten lost somehow. He’d have to send out a notice to direct him here as well.

”Evening Yuudeshi-san. Pardon the delay; I was dealing with an attack on an another domed city a ways out,” Genpaku said as he walked in. The captive, Alexander, lay in a type of shield. So it was this man and Zero who had caused the ruckus in Karakura Central and consequently the rest of Karakura City at this point.
”What is it with people and causing problems in your backyard?” he asked, almost jokingly, to the Yayjuu leader.
”So, what exactly is it that I can help you with today?” he asked, preferring not to wait for Zero to be collected or Solas to show up; Solas he could bring up to speed later if it was needed, and there was no telling just how long it would take for Zero to be found and brought here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
-{B R E A K - I N}-
-{T H E}-
-{S T O R M}-

~We trip and stumble only so that we may stand back up...~

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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Randevú With The Big Dogs: A Meeting Between Organization Leaders   Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:38 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Randevú With The Big Dogs: A Meeting Between Organization Leaders
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