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 Tried of these days (OPEN)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tried of these days (OPEN)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:19 am


How long has it been? Since he walked these hallowed lands of the earth. The barren Wastelands, where constant Hollow attacks ravaged the land. Animal and plant life is here still possible, though the destruction often makes it difficult. This wastelands was a mixed of snow and cold rain. Since the remaining humans see little good in keeping these safe. A venture to these areas can be very dangerous, since the veil between the worlds is extra thin here. Hollow and Arrancar can not only pass over through a Garganta, they can seemingly mold with the air or step out of it instead. However, for skilled people, this can be a good place to train. The bones scattered throughout these forsaken fields of ice and snow filled the area with the smell of iron along with the rain. As a man walked out of the thin space and time of this area, the barrier of this world so tragically thin. His eyes unchanging unnerving to the point it can even freak the most stoic of people with just a glance. He looked on the snow covered lands of old, ruined buildings buried in deep snow, bones everywhere. Darkness covered the sky, full of pointless amount of hollow. How many of them are there? One hundred? No more than that, ranging in the thousands, normal for this type of things from Hollow’s. Even the weakest of Hollow’s would want to go after a powerful being. The sky was starting to glow red. Cero. They wanted to blast this man to death in one ambush style of attack. Then it rained down.

Beams of energy flew through the air. In total they were as many beams as they were hollow’s one hundred thousand Hollow’s, and just as many cero’s filled the area coming down to one man. The man who just appeared for one reason today, was to think about everything. This man slowly reached for his sword drawing it out. It was a Nodachi over 9 feet long. Most Nodachi had a common appearance and design of a tachi though they are significantly longer. They primarily were used for status symbols of either skilled duelers, a sword maker's example of skill, dueling in general, and while thought to perhaps be used to counter cavalry Nodachi, such things were never proven. They were infrequently used for several things, but for this man it was his soul, it held everything about him in that blade, in short his Sealed Zanpakutô known as Byaku-Majinouken itself is a fearsome sword to face, as it showed his skill to wield such a blade easily. He held it in one hand then as the cero neared him, now five feet in front of him, his blade started to channel his energy that would be normally used for a projectile-based Cero and maintains it into his sword, giving it a red fire-like aura. Physical strikes made onto the opponent will be drastically enhanced, capable of cutting through extremely durable Hierro and even stopping other enhanced cutting blades. Then he slashed just as fast as the cero appeared around his blade. The cero fired off in a form of an slash giving the wave the same damage of his cero. Then that single cero had something else behind it, his force alone created another type of slash that flew in the air it was nothing but pure wind.

His Cero alone craved through the thousands of ceros of these mere hollow that wanted to blast this man away to nothing. Then they started to notice that all their ceros vanishing into nothing after that, and this man own cero that was flying in the air is now gone. But the wind kept going forward slicing a good chunk of these hollow to pieces. The ones that remained after the impact of the wind blade, were either brave, or extremely ready to risk themselves but they started to die off as soon as the energy of this man can be felt, and like that the “battle” of over. This fight became meaningless as soon as they appeared. This man placed his Zanpakutō back to his side, and started to walk once more in this endless barren snow field land. This man was called Zefonse Kaizme, former Kokuryuteshi’s Iron and Diamound Cross commander, former original 2nd espada. And now the current leader in a new organization he just took over himself, and wiped out another Organization all by himself. This day is meant to be Zefonse’s own personal walk. While it is dangerous to walk out in these lands, the threats that do appear are not on his level. Not a threat to him in short. Zefonse walked into what seems to be a old city, what ever this city name was is long forgotten. But this area is special since it bends to the lands of the Guardian beast, and with the thin wall, he can simply walk into the lands unnoticed. And so he vanished like a ghost.

In the land filled with vast sands and mountains so high they reached the very limits of the sky. The gems all throughout the land, scattered like the bones in the human world. This place seem to be home to nothing but sand, and gems. The perfect spot for Zefonse to relax, walking over to what seems to be a tree made of pure gems and placing his back to it, caused it to darken to the point it rainbow colors turned black and decayed, Zefonse paid no mind to this, since in these lands this is normal for these kinds of trees. So much has happen in this year, so many projects, building a city, controlling many lands. and even battles, and to top it all of his co head was captured. Zefonse shall soon deal with him, and the fact Johnathan walker is alive placed even more strangeness in this whole mess. Zefonse started to slide to the ground, to the point where he is sitting. Zefonse just looked at the vastness of these sands, it was just like the hollow world, but more peaceful.

The silence made Zefonse reflect on his past. In short Zefonse past self, was insane, The very aspect of madness, the original second espada from over 20,000 years ago. He was so insane. He earned the title of ""Crazed destroyer" In terms of character, Zefonse was maniacal, short-tempered, destructive, and cruel. He is completely insane with no regard for human life, and he, in fact, finds amusement in the suffering and death of others. He tends to crack dark jokes at times, also sometimes breaking out into hysterical laughter upon causing death, destruction, and mayhem, and possesses a hatred of virtually everything in the world; Zefonse's only joy in life comes from causing death and chaos wherever he can. What begins as simply a disregard and indifference to human life develops into a sinister nihilism. He turned the third espada of his time into is follower, by destroying the third espada own powers. And sent every day up to the point where Zefonse left, taunting the once graceful espada.

Then he got bored with it all, killing humans, fighting, everything, became dull The world was grey, he was just a mere tool for chaos. He just left it all. Tried to find himself, not before killing the former 3rd espada. He looked at all the worlds, explored them all. Found no enjoyment. Till he saved the life of a Quincy, for no reason, he held no more hate any race. It felt strange. Unnecessary, but it helped him found the enjoyment of the world. He found beauty in this once dull world. Beauty, thought lost. He had a reason to live now, to help people he once killed. The years after where filled with harder and harder fights. year after year, stronger, and stronger forces came down on Zefonse. To think he was so weak back then. These friends he had, were the best thing he gained in his new life. But then it happened that war..... A war so great it claimed the life of so many, changed Zefonse once more. But how he became the “God Of Battle”. One day, the news of his feet reached years of a guardian beast the God of battle. It came after Zefonse, wanting to test his skills. The battle was long, nearly impossible, seven days. Endless wounds. Endless blood, everywhere. But in the end Zefonse won, and gained the title of God of Battle from then on, and was respected to the guardian beast. News of this soon spread to The Kokuryuteshi, They had arisen out of the shambles of what was left Ender's army in what is now known as "The Kokuryuteshi's Realm". It was a small, rouge group of people without a cause at first, but it grew into something bigger as Kin's determination to change the way things ran in both the human world and Soul Society. He was asked to visit there leader Kin.

The Kokuryuteshi's goals is to bring about wishes, within reason, to those who are among their ranks. Rather it be wealth, power, love or anything else have you, if it's physically possible, they will try to attain it for you. If they cannot fulfill said wish, you are eligible for three wishes to make up for the wish they could not promise. Zefonse wish was simple, peace, between everything, thou any means. He was promised it was possible. And placed his trust and full loyalty into kin from then on. He raised to the rank of Diamond Cross commander shortly after. But he grew tired of Kin methods, risking so much life, then it happened. Nagato a foolish King of a powerful organisation..The Rinyūaru, his methods Zefosne didn’t like, but he refused to kill... till he heard the man dream for himself. To create a weapon so great it would install fear on all, and stop war, but killing thousands, granting a short term peace... Then use it again every time tries to fight, battle, even if everyone else did nothing, millions shall die. Zefonse lost it, and murdered Nagato.... took over, reformed the Rinyūaru in his own image. But now as Zefonse found himself on this island of ages past, to figure out if there was someone here, or was it his age.... The curse of living so long, is the amount of inner pain one gathers, the pain to learn, the pain of sadness, the pain of death, the pain of battle, the pain of war.... so many kinds of pain.... and he took them all on.... As he himself is lost on the path he has chosen, as on the inside Zefonse was truly near dead, a mere ghost, unable to love, or be loved, or so he thinks... so many battles. So many students, who shall die in time, while he watches through the glass of time. This empty glass all alone, battling for a future that may never come.

The darkness he had inside him.... the ghost he became, this shell of a once insane man, now turned into a ideal leader....But what does the future hold? Does it hold high hope to others? Does in it end in fires of a selfless war. As you become stronger, it becomes important
To judge what you use your power for ,your very own. Brandish it—once you get everything through fear...don’t make a mistake. The core of a prayer is just an egoist isn't that true? Devoured in that moment, a dangerous desire of the Dark Side. Just as now, a time to be tested . A destroyer can becomes a protector, controlling with that wish. To now tame it If you immerse your body in ,that ancient power, the mission is about devouring or being devoured. The same method, as usual, will someday, think about it. Be it threatened; confusion; and what after that? Don’t run away. It’s all or nothing; the last resort; a time to test; risk the danger. if you’re going to challenge. Even if it’s faint, there is light. Even if it’s an uncontrollable reality, there’s a chance so don’t miss it. Protect strongly, steadily, the wishes and dreams in your heart. Don’t lose sight of the future you’re heading to... Now Zefonse seemingly fell asleep on this tree. What Shall fate hold

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Tried of these days (OPEN)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:21 am

Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz

It is a shame the South is nearly a wasteland. The vast expanse rivals even the North in sheer size, spreading over what would be Eurasia in the Human World. The one thing that separated the South from the other three Sugiura lands is that there was an abundance of different biomes. From a harsh desert with nothing but the occasional dried-up oasis and dead trees to a lush forest sheltered between a pair of massive mountain ranges to what was before the man of the North. This snow-covered and sand-packed sheet of sheer nothingness spread out for miles, reaching the mountains that surrounded this dried lake in the center of a crater.

A few small Guardian Beasts fled from the figure in the center of the icy wasteland. The larger ones, who were smarter, knew not to even emerge from their hiding place. The man walked beside the dead beasts who had fought for the scarce food in this sheet of nothingness. The sand beneath the snow occasionally erupted from the ground due to volcanic activity beneath the crater's hollow shell. The sand, infused with the reishi of the dead beasts, would form beautiful crystalline tree-like shapes. This crater was once home to a few nomads whom had since long perished due to the scarcity of food and other precious resources. However, remnants of their existance could still be seen throughout the crater. Whether it be a skull or a tool lodged in the ice or perhaps a carving of whatever beast they had slain, remnants of the past civilization were scattered around the entire ice-scorched surface.

However, none of that concerned this dutiful man who walked past the history of this land. The man who walked above the powdered coating was a man whose past meant as much as his future. His official title of Knight of the North meant nothing to him. He had a debt to repay and a honorable ruler to swear loyalty to. His name will not be found in many history books, nor will it ever most likely. Despite his power, this knight was not one to use it lightly. He wouldn't fling his sword around like a crazed madman, but neither would he allow it to collect dust sitting atop a mantle as he drank tea. For one, he despised tea. This man would train daily to make sure neither his blade nor he would dull in a single aspect. This white-haired devil was like a silver speck on the pale desert landscape, not spouting anything but a glint of armor that could give him away.

The wind blew the small particles of white dust that could either be sand or snow, and only a scientist looking under a microscope could determine what it actually was. The man continued in his straight path. A vast number of "hostile" spiritual presences had suddenly appeared and vanished within a matter of seconds, leaving only a single presence who was most certainly not an affiliated--or rather, announced--guest. The man with the white hair had taken only five minutes to reach the crater, which was thousands of miles away from his mountainside post. A normal being could not do this, but this man was far from normal. Born to a family of vast influence on either side of his lineage, the heir to the von Zarkonheinz name was truly unique. A Sugiura mother and a Shinigami father had fallen in love and thusso he was created in her womb. This man had been through thick and thin, going from a no one upon his death to the most respected military position within the Soul Society and even further. This man was none other than Tsubine von Zarkonheinz, a true knight.

Tsubine looked ahead and at the near edge of the crater. This was an area where the barrier around the core of the crater was open and so it was warmer. The snow had melted in a near perfect circle. The trees of these crystals slowly became darker and darker as Tsubine ventured near the center of the circle. However, even past that the rainbow of colors only continued to darken and lose their vibrancy. Near the far edge, yet still far away enough for there to be nothing but sand in sight, the tree's hues became nothing but a monochromatic wasteland of black, cracked crystals. There, the apparent cause of this disturbance sat. This figure was obviously male, which is a rarity these days, and had a color scheme that contrasted the white-haired knight's. The black hair reached to his lower neck and the red armor completed the look of wealth, or rather it completed the look of the contrast. Yet looking at the weapon this man carried, this man was also a swordsman. If he was the cause of the disturbance and the removal of a mass-invasion, then he surely was not someone to take lightly. However, Tsubine cared not for what this man did to appear nor if he even had anything to do with the darkening and the removal of those presences.

"Man in the red armor, identify yourself and your affiliation. This is a land under the guard of the Sugiura Royal Family and if you do not comply, I will be forced to take action."
Tsubine's words were, obviously, cold and harsh. However, they were also full of his dutiful arrogance. Despite his claims not to be arrogant, his arrogance stems from his undying will for honor and his duty. His words, hopefully, would meet that man's ears before Tsubine's blade met that man's neck.

Tsubine's Character List
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Tried of these days (OPEN)
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