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 Tsukasa Kadoya - Kamen Rider Decade [APPROVED 1-2+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tsukasa Kadoya - Kamen Rider Decade [APPROVED 1-2+]   Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:47 pm

Human Template

”Ride the wind.”

General Information

Name: Tsukasa Kadoya
Age: 19
Gender: Male


Overall Character Information

”Just a passing-through Kamen Rider... remember that!”

Personality: Tsukasa is a weird person to be around. He never seems to be serious unless it's almost too late for a situation, and might even appear dumb or idiotic. His alooof nature makes him seem uncaring, and he is honestly someone who could do without having to solve troubles for everyone. He does take interest in people rather quickly, though, and might be more inclined to hang around those kind of people and help them if needed.
While he is often mean to his friends, he still cares for them, and will show it when needed, even if it makes him feel uncomfortable. His intelligence is actually quite astonishing, and analytical thinking makes him a good person to rely on, if one can stand the obvious attitude - whenever he uses his brain for once instead of having it on standby, his bragging and showing off can easily get on everyone's nerves.
What he certainly doesn't like are one-sided conflicts, too. He has a soft spot for the 'good guys' in many a scenario, and often charges into battle without being involved himself, breaking the code of not getting involved into the problems of other people.




Kamen Ride: Decade

The Kamen Rider without an identity or plane of his own, Tsukasa is Kamen Rider Decade - the warrior of ages. Having obtained his powers after using the DecaDriver - a belt that materializes on him whenever he needs it now - he can use it to change his body into the armored warrior Decade, a basic, well-rounded fighter. He possesses both ranged and close combat weapons, moves and abilities, but doesn’t excel at any of them. This also means he lacks any real drawbacks, though - a true jack of all trades, master of none.
It should be noted, though, that using the DecaDriver in itself is not without drawback. Using it greatly consumes the body’s spiritual energy to fuel the suit - it won’t show during combat itself, but afterwards, Tsukasa can’t transform for a while.
It’s true ability, though, is different - Decade was intended to ‘steal’ the power of mighty warriors by killing them and absorbing their souls. However, this is not the only way for Tsukasa to grow in strength - if he bonds with someone (or kills them), and they are sufficiently strong in either battle or simply in heart, it’ll unlock a Form Ride card to be loaded into the driver. The cards are usually stored inside of the Card Deck that he also uses as a weapon (together with a whole bunch of blank cards), and once loaded into the DecaDriver, will transform Decade into a different Kamen Rider, with a form and powers based on the person he got the power from! The exact forms and their specific sub-forms, abilities and general statistics will get listed as Tsukasa acquires them. It should also be noted that the belt/buckle never changes, and always stays the DecaDriver even when using a Form Ride.
Two more abilities that were built into the suit are Final Form Ride: Decade, and Violent Emotion Form: Decade. Final (also sometimes called ‘Complete’) form Decade requires him to have acquired ten Form Ride cards of different people, Violent Emotion lacks that requirement.

Decade Appearance:

Decade Abilities: As Decade, Tsukasa possesses above average speed, strength and resilience against both physical and energy based (this includes elemental) attacks, and thus gives him an all-around good chance against most oppositions. His fighting style is very abrupt and short range at first glance, but he wastes no single movement and thus executes every move with the utmost precision and strength, making it look like he is dancing around his enemy instead of fighting seriously. In short, this gives him the following abilities:
  • Expert Hand to Hand Specialist: Highly adept at close range combat, his kicks and punches have the strength to shatter steel if needed.
  • Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Decade can turn his card deck into sword mode. To do so, he loads the Attack Ride: Slash card into the DecaDriver.
    While in this mode, Tsukasa is extremely adept at striking the weakest points of his enemies with his vibrating blade. The vibrations don’t quite reach Seele Schneider levels, but are high enough to easily slice through hard metals and spiritual energy. His style relies on speed and striking the right spot more than strength.
  • Expert Marksmanship Specialist: Decade can turn his card deck into gun mode. To use it, he loads the Attack Ride: Blast card into his DecaDriver.
    While using the gun mode of his weapon, he can unleash both charged shotgun blasts and long-range attacks, rapid-fire, or even do trick shots that change directions in mid-air.
  • High Resilience: Since the Decade suit is made out of strongly condensed spiritual energy given form, it is hard to impossible to actually rupture it. Tsukasa can of course still take damage, but it will usually not show on the outside of his suit, and cuts quickly knit themselves back together if they occur. Energy discharges can usually be seen when Decade is hit, indicating damage done even without outwards signs. The suit is able to function in vacuum, up until 9000 feet under the water and in many more hazardous environments that would otherwise kill Tsukasa instantly.
  • Attack Ride: Illusion: This move copies Decade, turning him into four warriors at once. They can each use both the gun and the sword, but are not as strong as the real Decade. Upon defeat, the illusions disappear until only the real Tsukasa remains, but until then, the illusions are very much real and physical and can hurt even those immune to normal illusions, seeing as they are Doppelgangers more than actual fake images.
  • Attack Ride: Invisible:[/b] Loading this card causes Decade to become invisible for a short time, making it nearly impossible to detect him by cloaking view, sound and spiritual signature nearly perfectly. Attacking out of this mode deactivates the cloaking.
  • Final Attack Ride: Decade: This is a special card and move used to strengthen the next kick of Decade to incredible amounts. Floating golden cards appear on the way to the enemy, and Decade executes a blindingly fast and punishingly strong flying side kick against all laws of gravity or physics, gaining more momentum and speed with each broken-through golden card, before unleashing an exploding and devastating hit if the enemy doesn’t dodge in time. The kick is called Dimension Kick.
  • Final Attack Ride: Slash: A finishing move where the golden cards appear towards the enemy again, and Decade slashes at the enemy from a range, unleashing a red and golden energy wave that ruptures through the cards to gain incredible momentum and strength before exploding. This attack is called Dimension Slash.
  • Final Attack Ride: Blast: Dimension Blast is a finishing move where a giant, golden, white and red blast of energy ruptures through the appearing golden cards with the Decade symbol on them, in order to unleash an explosion of incredible strength.
  • Final Form Ride: An ability that exists to be used with a partner that has given enough trust to Tsukasa to reveal the Rider cards for them. Changing the body of the partner into a different shape for one attack, Tsukasa executes an amazing move with the devastating combined strength of him and his ally.

Decade - Violent Emotion Appearance: Decade in this form looks almost the same as the normal Decade, but the magenta of his armor changes into a darker shade and the eyes of the helmet take on a more vicious, flame-like shape.

Decade - Violent Emotion Powers: At first glance, Violent Emotion appears to be the exact same as his normal form, but it is clearly superior in every regard. His strength, speed and endurance are all upgraded into higher levels, but his main ability is that he can instantly form-shift into any partnered Rider’s highest form without having to load a card into the DecaDriver, and to execute their finishing move without a charge time. In exchange, Violent Emotion can no longer use Final Form Ride, and goes more berserk the more hate he feels - and hate also strengthens Violent Emotion further, meaning that a hate-filled Tsukasa using Violent Emotion is by far one of the most dangerous things one can face when fighting him.

”Final Kamen Ride: Decade!”

Decade Final Form Appearance:
The cards seen on Decade’s armor are not set, but he needs to have 9 different cards on his chest plate at all times. They can be changed on the fly during combat. The card on the forehead always shows Decade Final Form, though. To enter this form, he uses the K-Touch, the device that’s now attached to his belt, while the DecaDriver gets switched over to the side. Activating Final Form is done by pressing ten symbols of all available Riders on the belt, with Decade being the last symbol touched.

Decade Final Form Abilities: Final Form is the true ultimate strength of the DecaDriver, uniting all the powers of Tsukasa’s allies into himself. The cards determine which aspect of his normal Decade form receives a boost, adding up to 9 different boosts that can even be changed by switching to different Riders in the slots - for example, if he had a speed-based Rider in every single slot, his own speed would be insane, but the other statistics would still be like the normal Decade. He is thus more variable and less balanced than Violent Emotion if used incorrectly.
Tsukasa can now instantly change forms into the Riders presented on his chest plate by touching their card, entering their highest form immediately, with the K-Touch replacing the originals belt buckle now. That is not all, though:
  • Complete Form Ride: As stated earlier, hitting one of the cards on his chest plate allows him to instantly change into the highest form of that ally’s corresponding Rider form.
  • Final Kamen Ride: Decade summons a copy of his ally’s corresponding Rider by using the K-Touch. He can summon multiple Riders at once, and then uses their powers to execute a finishing move that combines his attacks and their own finisher into a devastating combination attack. He can use the same move to turn the summoned copy into their final form ride instead and use them like that, too.
  • Attack Ride: All Together: The perfect Rider Kick - this summons all the allied Riders that Decade has, no matter if they are currently on his armor or not. Together with them, he unleashes the power of the masked heroes, and they all strike the opponent at once for massive damage. The Riders disappear after this one attack again.
  • Perfect Ride: Blue Earth: Channeling the power of the planet, Blue Earth is the strongest when used on earth itself. A blue sphere of energy appears above Decade, filled with the power of nature, before being absorbed by him. The following attack is a Rider Kick like none other - with the full strength of his homeworld, Decade unleashes a vaporizing, shining and insanely strong attack that has yet to be stopped by any force without taking insane amounts of damage. In fact, getting hit with Blue Earth bypasses most defenses, and only really elaborate ones will hold at all!

”There are some things we just can’t lose... Blue Earth!”

Transportation Method: Tsukasa has his own bike based around Decade - it has an incredibly strong engine and runs off of spiritual energy in the air, and it has a couple of functions to enable flight and to burst through the barrier between worlds, so that he can travel between dimensions.


Kamen Ride Cards

This section will be expanded as Tsukasa obtains Form Ride cards.



Background: In short, Tsukasa is an amnesiac. He remembers his name, how to use the DecaDriver, and how to fight, but not much more than that. Knowledge about all known planes is imprinted into his mind as well, including information about different species and even the rarer or nearly extinct ones, like the Undead or Nature Iramasha - but obviously, this has a source. He didn’t just appear one day out of nowhere, oh no...

The story of Decade begins a little over 19 years ago, in Karakura Central. From the get-go, Tsukasa seemed like a completely normal child - no anomalies to speak of, not in the body or the soul. Just another human of many born that year, one surely didn’t expect him to grow into a bad person that day - after all, his parents were both highly educated and good people. But as nearly always, the general opinion was wrong, because they didn’t know whom the actual sympathies of Tsukasa’s family belonged to...
His parents, both people in high corporate positions, had little to no liking towards the spiritual world and the way they influenced business. Not the most noble reason, but nonetheless, they secretly supported the by now quite strong underground organization called Force Feedback. Thus, it was no wonder that while Tsukasa got both the perfect education and parental love, he also learned to see himself above spirit races, and how to get rid of them quickly if needed...
Which brings us to his actual education and training. Thanks to their fast fortune, his parents had taken care of getting him genetically modified before he was even conceived properly, all in order to make him above any normal human. He has thrice the life expectation of any normal human, regenerates inhumanly fast, and his brain capacity rivals some computers - the height of humanity, but without any spiritual power. Tsukasa’s parents aimed to make him a perfect ‘Ace’ of everything, so even the physical abilities of his body got the same genetic treatment, making it easier for him to grow stronger, virtually impossible to gain any unnecessary weight, and a bunch of other advantages to give him an edge.

However, even the perfect son doesn’t always perform to expectations. He was homeschooled at first, but quickly, his learning curve got to out of control that he could basically pass high school at age 9. Not only did he grow bored as hell thanks to it, it actually frustrated even the best of teachers to work with a kid that was able to read an entire book on a subject matter and understand it completely faster than they could actually teach it. So Tsukasa convinced his parents to at least give him some enjoyment out of the time he still needed to stay at school-level before he’d be able to enter university for legal reasons, and he was reassigned to an actual school...

And that marked the beginning of a new era of psychological terror for said school. It was no simple school, of course, but one for the highly gifted and talented, but even there, Tsukasa was top of the line. Things came naturally to him where others needed practice and study, and he rose from the ‘weird new kid’ to the ‘aloof and cool leader’ that many people looked up to. It took him a whole two weeks to become highly acclaimed amongst the student body, ensuing in some rules to be changed quickly so he could enter the student council of this highschool... while still only being nine years old.
However, even the ‘obvious approach’ for bullies didn’t work on this young and uprising newcomer, thanks to already having over four years of practice in kung-fu, taekwondo and karate, leading him to single-handedly kicking the asses of an entire gang of good-for-nothings once that only stayed in the school thanks to their parents.

This didn’t make Tsukasa a pleasant person to be around at all, though. He was smart and skilled, and knew it - his ego was enormous, but even teachers were unable to touch him for fear of the influence his own parents held. Even more, he was one smug individual - knowing how to act nice when it counted, how to convince everyone of himself. At age 11, Tsukasa had taken a great liking to this style of life - controlling, using people like pawns. He was a master of everything, and nobody but his parents had any slight control over him, a masterpiece of genetic engineering and drive to be the best in any situation.

But all that did not protect him from one fatal flaw he had: not possessing any supernatural powers at all. At 15, he finally joined college - there, life looked a lot more interesting. Even he felt slightly challenged at time, and the fake friends surrounding him actually had brains, even if they lacked the insane IQ he had. He was a prodigy still, and knew how to use it.
So where does the helplessness fit in? Well, even the barrier around Karakura Central is not perfect. From time to time, evil is able to pass even through the best security - and one day, after heading towards home with a few of the people he actually started to genuinely care about amongst the other college students, they were attacked - by a demon. Even with Tsukasa’s ability at defending himself, he didn’t stand a chance - he was only a human without spiritual powers, martial arts alone were unable to help him. So the group ran - but to little avail. One by one, each of his group of ten friends died right in front of him - torn apart, pierced, slashed and mutilated, as the demon was toying with him. He was about to move onto the terrified Tsukasa when the sudden appearance of security forces drove the demon away, but also proved unable to kill him.

That day traumatized Tsukasa greatly. But not only did he develop a severe case of sleep deprivation from fearing his nightmares, but also a fixation with the number ten. Using the connections his father had, Tsukasa dropped out of college and right into the only place in the entire world that he felt could give him justice...
And so began the story of Tsukasa Kadoya as a head researcher for Force Feedback. At first, the terrorist group was questioning letting such a young person join, but his fierce determination and incredible intellect quickly proved his worth - and he was just as quick with playing those still against him against each other, sinking his roots deep into the foundations of the organization.
The first step was to develop a system that could force the user to develop spiritual energy by themselves, and Tsukasa quickly achieved that goal - the prototype of his machine killed exactly ten people before it started working correctly, draining the user almost completely and forcing them to regenerate stronger as a result.
But that wasn’t enough for Tsukasa. The system was able to give him Reiatsu, but developing his own powers would take longer than developing technology to acquire it on easier ways - so while harnessing his Reiatsu, he began work on the first Rider System of Force Feedback, DiEnd - designed to absorb the energy of defeated enemies and summon apparitions of them for combat, but also with a heavy focus on stealth and recon. When that system alone was proven ineffective, he designed the second Force Feedback driver - Decade, a warrior with the ability to steal powers and take on their shape themselves, even forcing the enemy to be used as a weapon against their will and their allies, all to destroy every single spirit being in the human world.

Both systems were finished some time after Tsukasa turned 16, but they were still prototypes, and too unstable for actual use. The prototype had the power of what would later be called the Complete Form, but without enough energy - and thus, power sets - absorbed, the unstable energy easily ripped apart whoever was using the Drivers. So in an effort to stabilize the powers, Tsukasa locked the ultimate power of both systems, focusing mainly on the Decade system by also giving it a Violent Emotion Form to counter being weaker, but driving the user partially insane with it.
Stabilizing the powers was tricky - it had to be usable without danger, but also still needed enough power to acquire cards in the first place. Once again, ten proved to be the answer - ten Ride Cards to stabilize Complete Form, and a default form meant to acquire and change into different power sets for Decade, while giving DiEnd the ability to summon fewer Riders at once, but also giving it enhanced firepower with the gun.

However, this was when things started to change. Tsukasa became Kamen Rider Decade - the nightmare of all spiritual forces on earth, with eighteen years of age, he was already called ‘Great Leader’ by many within Force Feedback, although he never assumed official control yet. While he was still a spoiled, rich bastard underneath the mask, becoming Decade slightly changed Tsukasa for the better, one could say - he was not outright villainous all the time, and often saved lives with the powers he now possessed.

However, shortly after having been Decade for an entire year, disaster struck the base where he had his laboratory. Two powerful individuals crashed into it, and the shock of the impact was enough to bury the untransformed Tsukasa Kadoya under a pile of rubble, giving him severe head traumas.
After awakening one day later, Tsukasa found his memory... lacking. He remembered details about races, people, worlds, and cities - but not about himself. He had his name, and quickly found out that he had money up the bazooja, but also that nearly everyone he met wanted him dead. And he also knew that he was Kamen Rider Decade, the one Force Feedback had titled...

Destroyer of Worlds.


”Onore... Onore Decade!”
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Tsukasa Kadoya - Kamen Rider Decade [APPROVED 1-2+]   Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:29 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: Just make sure ya play fair.
Tier: 1-2+

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced


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Cleaning this out! Feel free to pm me to move it back!
Don't worry this isn't deleted! Your app is now in archives!

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Tsukasa Kadoya - Kamen Rider Decade [APPROVED 1-2+]   

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Tsukasa Kadoya - Kamen Rider Decade [APPROVED 1-2+]
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