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 Adegraine Dechtere Isserian vei Tributius [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Adegraine Dechtere Isserian vei Tributius [WIP]   Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:49 pm

Sugiura Template


Name: Adegraine Dechtere Isserian vei Tribrutius
True Age: 17,000 (Birthday is 21 January 14,588 BC)
Gender: Female
Sugiura Class: TRUE ANCESTOR

General Appearance

Animalistic Traits: None
Appearance Age:
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 62 kg

Natural Abilities

Toho to Kōgeki: (徒歩と攻撃; lit. Walk and Attack) Dechtere has an interested martial arts style that she has developed thanks to her attitudes. Toho to Kougeki is based around Dechtere's nonchallant walking. If someone attacks her from the front mid-stride, Dechtere will not dodge, but rather deflect to the side, causing the opponent to still approach, which is then followed by a swift strike to the neck, nose, then the shins. The attacks will most likely then cause the opponent to fall, allowing for Dechtere to then use the steel toe of her boots to crack the mongrel's skull. This is only an example, but the general motion and viscosity of the movements is nearly identical. The fluidity allows her to move around fast-moving multi-strike opponents and then strike back with nearly the same force.
Sekai wo Ute: (世界を撃て; lit. Shoot the world) Dechtere can convert small objects made of reishi back to their purest form--free-floating particles. As soon as she does, 25% of the floating particles are formed into a clear container that is shaped like a bullet. The reishi inside is a light cyan, and appears like a liquid. The hardness of the container is determined as Dechtere creates it. Depending on how Dechtere wants to use the now-pure reishi-filled container, it can be as tough as an anti-tank round or as brittle as a glass syringe (or anywhere in between, obviously). Dechtere can spend an extra post further refining the reishi to make it what is known as "purposeless energy." There are elemental energies and spiritual (such as Death Energy, Life Energy, and Reishi) energies. However, those all come from a natural, base energy that is like a blank slate. Dechtere can convert the pure energy within the vial to any other kind of energy, save for Death Energy and Life Energy. However, if a user of either pours their own energy into the vial, then the energy in there will be turned to that respective energy. Dechtere can only keep the containers for the thread that she creates them in, except in Events where they are usable until the cessation of the Event. Dechtere has a sort of telekinesis when it comes to the vials. She can launch them forward with the same velocity of an anti-tank rifle. Once the glass is broken, the telekinetic link is also severed. Depending on the energy within and how Dechtere uses it, it can heal or paralyze, burn or freeze, or even cause confetti to rain down in the form of shredded legal documents (see page 563, paragraph 11, section 19, sub-section 4, word 18). The only limitation to the energy's effects is that it has to be based off of something that the energy type can do (a freezing energy can not electrocute someone). There can also only be one type of energy per vial. However, she can stack effects by having other vials hit and shatter on the opponent. The only way it is limited in count is that it all depends on how many things Dechtere can fit in her palm. She carries five apples made of pure reishi around with her at any time, giving her a minimum of five vials at any time.
Mou Hitotsu no Sekai - Yochou: (もう ひとつ の 世界 - 予兆; Another World - Omen) This is Dechtere's "window" magic. It allows her to look into a Reality Marble. She can't look out of one, but only into one. It appears like a subway's window. She can't talk through it, and those inside can't see the window. Lasts for three posts with a two post recharge period.

Mou Hitotsu no Sekai - Hakaishin: (もう ひとつ の 世界 - 破壊神; Another World - Destroyer) This is Dechtere's "door breaker" magic. Barriers can not be broken with Hakaishin, but that's not what it is meant to do. Hakaishin is there to break in-or out-of a Reality Marble or equivalent. Dechtere will be able to sense the edges of the Reality Marble (or equivalent) and then place her hands on the edge of it. The Reality Marble (or equivalent) will then open a subway-style sliding door, allowing her access. The entrance is only usable by her, and no one else (not even if she is carrying them) can enter or exit using it. It can only be used once per Reality Marble and has a five-post recharge period.


Name: Phantasmagoria (幻燈結界 Fantazumagoria)
Description: To describe Phantasmagoria, one must know what a Reality Marble is. The concept of a Reality Marble is having one's inner world materialized and projected onto reality following the World Egg theory. Reality Marbles allows only for the creation of a set world that defines the practitioner. The created worlds are completely cut off from normal reality, projecting their internal landscape and sealing off the regular World. The actualization of a Reality Marble is the result of switching the Self and the World while keeping the boundary the same. The size of the Self and the World is switched, enclosing the World in a small container while the Self is expanded. The contained World is the World Egg. They will encase anyone within range, causing them to disappear from view. Magi are still able to feel the presence of the Bounded Field. The World constantly attempts to crush the unnatural bounded fields, meaning that it costs a great deal of energy to construct one and keep it stabilized. This generally only allows them to be used for a few minutes, but given their powerful nature, that is likely enough time to properly utilize them. Each world has its own set of patterns and rules, which can be said to be an invasion of reality by the diagram inscribed on the soul, and they cannot be freely manipulated by the caster. Although Reality Marbles and Phantasmagoria also enclosed an alternate reality where the laws of nature can be violated, the biggest difference between the two is that a Reality Marble is representative of the caster's soul and so the caster is not able to pick the type of violation desired, whereas in Phantasmagoria, the effect of the can be chosen as Dechtere creates it. However, Dechtere can not create a so-called "perfect counter" to someone's abilities. As in, if it's a wind-based opponent, Dechtere can not make Phantasmagoria create a vaccuum. Instead, Dechtere can make an area with many so-called "breaks" that will take the damage of the wind like a shield. However, once Dechtere sets a reality within Phantasmagoria, it is there for the duration of Phantasmagoria, which is at most five posts (with a ten post recharge period). And like a Reality Marble, another "Reality" can not be formed within it. And thus, Phantasmagoria can not occur within another "Reality."
Drawback: Mentioned above.

Marble Breaker

Name: Marble Breaker (マーブル ブレーカ;Māburu Burēka)
Description: Dechtere's most intriguing ability, and her main one. Dechtere is known as the "Marble Queen" because not of Phantasmagoria, but of her rule over Reality Marbles and their cheap counterparts of the other races. A Reality Marble is, in essence, a representation of the caster's soul. The cheap knockoffs of Reality Marbles create an alternate reality or dimension as determined by the caster. Dechtere's title of Marble Queen actually has a dual-meaning. The main meaning is that she is the most powerful Reality Marble creator. The underlying meaning is directly related to Marble Breaker. As a Queen, she crushes anyone opposed to her. In this case, Reality Marbles and their knockoffs are useless against her. The only one that is not affected by Marble Breaker is Phantasmagoria. This is because Phantasmagoria built up a resistance to Marble Breaker. When someone uses a Reality Marble (or a knock-off of it), the abilities of it are completely unusable. If she goes against Unlimited Blade Works, the weapons would be completely untouchable. Essentially, Marble Breaker "breaks" the physical connection between the people within it and the Reality Marble itself. However, the mental connection is not severed. This means that while the user can not use the Reality Marble, the energy drain from it still exists. In fact, it is not hampered from the effects of Marble Breaker. To better describe its effect, the user is disconnected from the Reality Marble but the Reality Marble is still tied to the user. The deadliest part of this ability is that it really isn't an ability. It is Dechtere's existence. This is the effect of the "Destroyer." To Dechtere, there is always an opposite person. "If there is someone who stabs, there is someone who slashes; if there is someone who impales, there is someone who heals; if there is someone who creates, there is someone who destroys." is her quote about Shimura and her own's existence. They balance each other out. Marble Breaker is essentially her rejecting other's ideals and realities, and torturing those who have strong ideals and realities.
Drawback: The main drawback is that she can't turn it off. This is a good thing, but it is also a horrible thing. If a Reality Marble is strong, it takes more away from Dechtere. Essentially, Dechtere's existence is weakened the stronger the Reality Marble is. However, it doesn't affect anything except the rest of her magic skills. At most, her skills are reduced by 1/3, which is still dangerous. The other drawback is that, as stated above, Reality Marbles and the like can build up a resistance to Marble Breaker. The resistance is normally solidified after it is exposed to Marble Breaker thrice. However, some cases where the opponent is nothing but a termite compared to Dechtere's overall power-level the resistance appears only after 5 uses. If Dechtere had an ally with a Reality Marble, even its effects would be useless, as Marble Breaker is indiscriminate.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

General Skills
Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Animal Instincts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Martial Arts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Casting Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Adegraine Dechtere Isserian vei Tributius [WIP]   Mon Apr 23, 2012 2:59 am

JUST on the two week mark. XD

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Adegraine Dechtere Isserian vei Tributius [WIP]   Sat Mar 16, 2013 12:00 pm


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Adegraine Dechtere Isserian vei Tributius [WIP]
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