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 Kon Nagumo: Enter (Open Challenge)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kon Nagumo: Enter (Open Challenge)   Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:18 pm

Kon stood in the middle of the empty street that started to materialize right in front of him.The room was at first, a large white dome with nothing to it, but over time it took the shape and form of Karakura central.It was astonishing as to how they captured the environment and placed it in such a secluded area.It was even more amazing when everything from appliances and regular facilities worked as how they would in the "real" Karakura but without anyone around to use them.Taking his first step, he was already aware that the competition had started.Knowing this by the spike in energy felt all over. "So, what's our first priority?" A soft voice whispered in the wind.It was clear to Kon that it was his ziamichi spirit trying to communicate with him. "Higher ground, should be able to scout out the competition from there.With any luck we could take on someone with a low spiritual pressure,Attacking the most powerful would just be unwise and exhausting" . He replied aloud."How strategic." It said mockingly.

Ignoring that last comment,Kon began bending his knees and took off.In mid flight he could perceive the entire metropolis sprawling out before him and for a moment felt at peace as he was lost in the scenery.Landing on a rook top of what appeared to be a regular office building, he wandered over to the edge of the roof Looking below to see if he was high enough. "Only three stories, this wont do." He muttered before taking another large leap.He was east bound, reaching at the top of one Karakura Central's phone towers and you could tell he had a pretty great view.The lights were dazzling as the place lit up with not only his fellow competitors raw reiatsu but the lights of the buildings just located below.Felling another rise in energy, only this time closer to his location, he had focused his view to the right of a restaurant and somewhere along that district.Anticipated he allowed for his reiatsu to drop in order to go unnoticed.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kon Nagumo: Enter (Open Challenge)   Sat Apr 14, 2012 10:44 pm

Are you lost again Andrew?

I'm not lost Tetsu, I just need to get my bearings.

Andrew had a small piece of food in his mouth as he seemed to maintain his spirit of exploration of the F-zone. He had been exploring for a while to see what it could offer but while he was lost in thought there was something he should of watched out for: his own mind blanking out. There were times in his life where he could be able to stare intently into a particular direction or pour his focus on some kind of random object that not only would he lose all track of time but sometimes he would be able to lost his direction. But he had been prepared for this since now he left behind markers he would have noticed on the way into the area. Eventually he saw a brick that he had left behind a small etching of a pineapple to make sure he would not forget. Smiling, he knew he was on the right track. "See Tetsu? I know where I am going...."

Andrew stopped for a moment and looked around cautiously when he felt something strange in the air. But he simply shrugged it off when it vanished and continued to walk patiently. He then saw the restaurant and nodded his head. "I remember being there not too long ago." He looked up at the sky and then looked around. Something didn't feel right to him. His mind now went to thinking about Yukiko and always being ready for any kind of ambush. He kept one hand on his weapon as he studied the area intently. His dark brown eyes looked high and low for anything that might be out of place like something that had been disturbed or other traces of life other than his own.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Kon Nagumo: Enter (Open Challenge)   Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:51 pm

This was something she had definitely not prepared herself for. News spread of a peculiar tournament being held between all factions and races alike and as much as this did not interest her, Juvia was taken by the idea of breaking free of her non-violent lifestyle. She had viscous powers and had not used them for months. She had absolutely no reason to as the Sugiura were being defended perfectly by her allies. A battle like this however was more than enough to get her interested and so here she is: In the middle of a generated Karakura city.

being fully aware of Karakura's layout, Juvia decided the best option to move around and detect her targets would be by the river and sewers. Manholes were dotted all across Karakura and she could easily slip between them via the river with little effort. Why was this? well...

Juvia was in the river currently, but had no physical body to prove it. She moved along at the pace of the river which wasn't too slow but wasn't that fast either. As she as she spotted a drain under the water, she darted towards it with her liquid body morphed into the shape of her being. The girl made of water splished down a drain and through several pipes until she was out in the sewers beneath Karakura.

it was here that her pace would increase. Almost at Shunpo speed, Juvia would dart among the sewers taking any possible turn to travel across as much of the city as possible. Whilst down here however, she would be constantly trying to sense the neighbouring area for reitsu signs. Because the hosts of this game did not want any real destruction to occur on the real world, everything here was generated. Because of that, it was much easier picking out a living being than a generated body.

After a little while of swimming, Juvia had slowed down and moved her water body into the air to take a peak out of a manhole down an alley. From here, she could see anybody that would walk past and as luck had it, one guy wandered past her at about 10ft away, right past the alleyway she was down. Moving herself onto the alleyway floor now, Juvia turned her entire body into a puddle shape and slowly moved herself across the ground to the edge of the alley so she could see where this guy was going.

It would appear he was closing in on a restaurant. Was now really a good time to go eat? Nevertheless, this could have been a trap so she wasn't going to get any closer than this. She was a puddle, the perfect disguise on a sunny day. Wait... sunny. There wouldn't be any puddles here. Regardless, who would ever think one of their opponents was a puddle?

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Kon Nagumo: Enter (Open Challenge)
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