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 All-Star Challenge: The Silhouette vs The Corrupted

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: All-Star Challenge: The Silhouette vs The Corrupted    Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:01 pm

Yuri Tsukuyomi
Warden of the Northwest

Fight. Fight and survive. The Dark Enforcer has been living by those exact words all of his life. If It hadn't been one thing, it was another in his life- Sometimes, Death may have been the better route for him. But, That was only the path he took to become the man he is today; Unwavering, Intelligent, Brave, and above all else- Smug. It was going to take all of those things to make sure he came out victorious in this battle today. It was a rather pedantic day, Nothing out of the ordinary could be seen; Clouds stagnant in the sky, just a pale gray. The sun trying to peak out between the gaps of clouds, But, to no avail. The winds even were completely docile, not a gust could be felt, merely a wil-o-wisp of winds grasped the ends of his hair slightly. The Silhouette stood by one of the many abandoned building in this particular area, Reclining on the wall with his hands behind his head. Rather relaxed stature he has considering the fight he had in front of him- But, He wasn't here yet, so the only thing he could do was relax. Yuri wasn't the type of person to be scared or anxious to fight someone. It was merely a "Duty", or maybe a "Hobby" in his eyes. The Dark Enforcer kicked off the wall in a nonchalant manner, rolling his neck from side to side to "Limber up" as it were. Tilting his head back towards the wall he was resting on, His Zanpakutō was resting there as well- Teion-en. The other part of his soul so-to-speak. They have been through a cavalcade of experiences together, and they're still here to tell the tales of their past. Tsukuyomi bent down with his knees before grabbing the white ribbon that was tied around the sheathe with his left hand, He grinned in a classic fashion before muttering with a very relaxed tone of voice.

"Well, This is going to be interesting to say the least- Haven't fought anyone for real in a long time."

He rose back to his normal posture, holding his Zanpakutō over his shoulder by the ribbon as usual. Teion-en was usually his main weapon when it comes to fighting strong opponents, however, Yuri had been trying something else out to try and...Trick his foes into which sword was his actual Zanpakutō. There was another sword on his person that resided on his right hip side- The Katana had a Octagon shaped hilt, A extremely Shiny blade with the Kanji (正宗; Masemune) engraved into it. The Blade length itself is about 100 Cm's long, with the handle being 30 itself- Giving it a Total Length of 130 Cms. The Sheathe has a Blue-flame like Design that wraps around the outside, The backdrop of the sheathe being Black in Color. This weapon was Called Yato Iseen, A relic he found among his travels to K-world wastelands. The powers of this blade are daunting to most, But, very interesting in it's concept. With his soul ready, and his body even more ready, He awaits his enemy for this epic battle of will, determination, strength, and above all else, Balls.


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All-Star Challenge: The Silhouette vs The Corrupted
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