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 Yui iramasha [APPROVED, 1-1+, DEVIL]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yui iramasha [APPROVED, 1-1+, DEVIL]   Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:04 am

Name: Yui iramasha

Age: 200


Background: Yui Was Born in a Lower Part of the iramasha Branch Just About and Slowley moved her Way up as a child, she always had a animal instict and often wrestled with the animals, She used unbeleiveable strength as a kid able to bring Down a Huge Black Panther and bring it back to the family so they could eat, she was recgonized by A council Leader in the clan to have very great potential as a fighter, this proven by the way she was able to go on Small missions With the children and Lead them to victory against their obstacles, proving she could play a leader role, as a Kid She often to kept to herself, shy and de-tached Were two things to describe her, She Would seen Make her Way into being in the main Demon Clan of the iramashas, their she grew up and started to become More and more Stronger everyday, around these years, she Would Watch Ketsu Iramasha Train in the forest and burn it down, or Train in general to get stronger, She Would be amazed at how Much Power he'd Show, Whch Made her look up to him as a strong warrior and brother, and one day hopes to fight him in a Battle, this was her inspiritation to delve into Deeper Powers, as she Began to train to acheive the Demon Angel form and Devil Angel forms, She trained hard everday and Also continued to Watch Ketsu Train from afar, although her views were kind of jumped a little, the day she witnessed him On his Killing spree, she may or may not want to admit, but maybe that's the reason why she was so bloodthirsty, from seeing his dark side do so much damage, it was scary yet a Strange and good feeling to her, Yui Then Began to follow Halo ketsu and ryou Around, she looked up to ryou and halo for being leaders and having pure hearts to see the good in everyone much like she could even though she was a Demon iramasha, so she would also watch them train as well, Which is why she got her speed from ryou, and More of being a leader from Halo, Yui had become quite powerful by her own after seeing other people with more power then her, she knew she had to get Stronger so she could be like them or at least be able to stand beside them as a powerful warrior, eventually she would reach that goal, She finally acheive both her forms and also Learned chaos soul from Halo, Yui is quite protective of all of her brothers, and is Willing to send anybod to an early grave if they mess With them, especially ketsu, Yui has proven to be her Size she is quite a prodigy and very Strong,

Personality: Yui is a very ditzy and crazy type of female, very hyperactive at that, she love's food very much, usually wanting to eat it all the time and mistake other thing's for food. She can be quite sadistic as well when her mask is on, being quite hyperactive in battle, However when her mask or cloak is knocked down and her true face is revealed, she take's on a much serious persona, then that of a child. having a more serious Leader like approach to thing's. She is also quite very intelligent and one of the best strategist's known in the iramasha clan,

Branch: Main demons

Likes: Food, Her brothers, Miko, Ketsu, Ryou,

Dislikes: Anyone that tries to harm her demon relative's, Not having any food or munching on anything

Fear: Losing the people she love's the most

Class: demon


Yui has domain over air its self. She can feel and control its flow, its force. She even says the wind speaks to her as if it was a person. To put it simply Yui can control the wind and make it do whatever she wants it to. The only thing she could never do was make air not exsist or exsist. She could not create or elemenate it. She can manipulate it however. The current of the wind, the force of it, the speed, the directon. Her powers are much like herself. Deadlyer then what meets the eye.

Yui's ability's lie in Direct Attack's, As Well, if she wishe's so, the claw's have so much physical strength that they create huge crater's in the ground below her over 1 mile radius area's

Comet Drop-A More powerful version of Midori's Moon drop in this She interfaces with the air and molds Wind into a Dense Air. Iori's version of moon drop is a different version where she repels anything with in a a full 360 degree around her with amazing force enough to create crater's on concrete floor's and wreck everything within a large radius of herself

Yui Learned this move from watching Iori in a battle one day, since then she's learned to manipulate it with her claw's and release it in the form of shock waves

Fangs- Like Agito she can create these shockwave's over a huge and far range sending them at an opponent with great speed

Sigh of a god Infinite stratum- Yui is able to send a barrage of up to fourteen destructive and huge Fang's, but it wear's her leg's out. slowing her speed down

Dragon Tornado- Midori Can create a powerful tornado comparable to that of a gale with the wind velocity of 80 km/h or higher if she deem's so in the form of a Dragon As well. this Can even shred solid and concrete building's into piece's She can also send it into the ground and create a 1 Mile earthquake

Yui also learned this from watching Watching midori in battle, and has since made it quite a stronger techinque

Hexa Wave- Hexa Wave will Have Yui go into her first demon form, then in the blink of an eye, she will create a Huge Wave of Purple energy that fall's around the opponent, she will then have it turn into a cross and fire it at the opponent, if caught in the cross, she will Leave a numerous amount of cut's and slashes on their body immobilizing them

Soul rip-when activated Yui takes her hand swirling her aura around it forming a spiritual claw. With this claw Lucien is then able to directly attack his opponents organs. This attack is severly damaging to her opponents crippling them. However, this attack must be very precise attacking points of the body, such as the forhead, middle of the stomach, heart, and kidney. This attack does severe physical damage, and can even kill them if enough damage is done. However it wear's her out as well

DEMON SWIPE: only done when no weapon is drawn. Yui takes her hands and spreads them out to his sides. she gathers his energy around her arms, she then moves them in opposite directions unleashing the energy in a circle around herthat pushes all enemies back.

Harmonized strike- Yui Will leave a slash on the opponent's body, it will look like she slashed them once, but more slashe's will appear on their body, this is from her creating special pressurized strike's through the wind it's self to cut the opponent's body.However if she adds in movement, like Byakuya with his Sakurazenbon it becomes astoundingly faster.

True Defense-Yui's wind wraps its self around her body and spins like a counter clock wise tornado, giving a very hard to penitrate deffense.

Forms: Demon Form, Special Demon Form, Devil angel form

Roleplay Sample: You guys know how i do

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Yui iramasha [APPROVED, 1-1+, DEVIL]   Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:17 am

Auto Approved for 1-1+


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Yui iramasha [APPROVED, 1-1+, DEVIL]   Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:53 pm

This is going into archives
All right, you haven't been active for some time so I'm going to move you into archived character apps. If you want it back, post HERE


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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Yui iramasha [APPROVED, 1-1+, DEVIL]   

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Yui iramasha [APPROVED, 1-1+, DEVIL]
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