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 Suzu Zumizimu [APPROVED, 1-1++]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Suzu Zumizimu [APPROVED, 1-1++]   Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:18 am



Character Name:
Suzu Zumizimu = Little Bell, Drying Water
Character True Age:
812 Years Old
Character Appearance Age:
Six, however, she can change her appearance age at will.
Character Gender:

•Favorite Color: Crimson red, this is because it brings back happy memories of her consuming people.

•Favorite food: Adjuchas and soulreaper... She may be a arrancar now, but she still likes to feed on them.

•Favorite flower: Pink and red camellia blossom though the scent is light she still loves them and their beauty.

• Habits: Experimenting on people she thinks of this as fun. In her own words, "Nothing is better than when I have a living thing cut open, and its heart in my hands still beating."

•Likes: She enjoys walking in the dead of night while most other life makes itself scarce. She also has a fondness for water and enjoys swimming.

•Dislikes: She dislikes sunlight with a passion. In her Familiar days it caused her a lot of pain.

•Fears: Suzu speaks for herself, "People fear what they don't understand; as someone who seeks out knowledge, fear is only a hindrance. "

•Loyalty: She is Loyal to her research... not so much to people

•Flaws: She is reckless at times and puts her own life or those of others in danger for what she believes to be the greater good.

•Goals: To transcend past being a hollow of any kind. She wants to remove her mask and fill the hole to become a completely new being.

•Friendly: She can act friendly and likes talking to people.

•Flirt: She is a flirt, if she is drinking. Both with blood or alcohol.Both from a man or woman, it doesn't really matter.

•Sexuality: Bi-curious: She has not met the right person in her life and though she is a flirt she has not done *that* with anyone.

• Ethnicity: She doesn't talk about this, but it is clear she is not Japanese, no matter how mush she wishes she were.

• Occupation: Some will call her a mad scientist, but she does not see what she does the same way as them.

•Elegance: She can act elegant if their is a need for it. After all, people like to get a good feeling off someone... who may be cutting in to them later. By acting elegant she can give a good first impression

•Hates: She really hates being called a hollow. She is alright with arroncar... for now but she has gone threw a lot of experimenting on her self to make her hole small and what little part of her mask that is left is all so small and easily hidden.

•Snapping Point: It takes some button pushing .. but when she snaps ... run, just RUN.

•Confident: She has a lot of self confidence. If something looks hopeless to her, she will try her best not to show it and overcome the hopelessness.

•Zodia: Traditional cancer Traits .Emotional and loving.Intuitive and imaginative.Shrewd and cautious.Protective and sympathetic /On the dark side....Changeable and moody. Overemotional and touchy. Clinging and unable to let go.

• General Personality: She is outgoing and hyperactive. She loves to joke and act like a kid. She thinks there is no point stressing over small things, so she is a pretty laid back kind of girl, but can be serious if it's needed. She likes to live a care-free lifestyle. She walks the world looking to see all she can. Her curiosity gets the best of her a lot. She loves to play with people as well.

her mother gave her the name of Iolya-Báthory. she was born into a Hungarian noble family. her mother was Elizabeth Báthory. father unknown. she was not fathers by Elizabeth's husband Ferencz Nádasdy. this is sure due to the fact that he was dead at the time of conception . so the pregnancy and berth was kept secret from most. if Elizabeth had another baby so soon it would have looked bad on her. Iolya's dad was a married man that cheated on his wife with Elizabeth as well. Iolya's father was another noble but she docent know who. Once Elizabeth divested herself of her children born from Ferencz , who were sent to relatives. they dont even know of Iolya's berth.
Iolya was razed differently than her half blood siblings. she was properly educated like a noble. but she was to act like a servant win people was around. she had to learn things a servant would do like cleaning and household chores. as well she had more freedom such as she could play all she wanted to and going to the village win she likes. as long as she did not tell people her last name.
Iolya's mother did love her a lot. she was kind and a good protective mother. but to the young servant girls she was more like a monster. Elizabeth would torture the other servant girls and even let Iolya watch and take part in some. Iolya did enjoy it but unlike her mother it was not a sexual thing for Iolya. Iolya was fascinated by the human body and she loved it When her mother let her "play" whit one of the girls. Iolya would try and see how much pain and how long she can keep a girl alive before she dies. testing the human bodies resiliency. as well she had a taste for blood and was known to drink it.


On December 30, 1612 Count György raided the castle. he was horrified by what he found in it. One dead girl in the main room, drained of blood and another alive whose body had been pierced with holes. In the dungeon they discovered several living girls, some of whose bodies had been pierced several times. Below the castle, they exhumed the bodies of some 50 girls. most of the girls were tortured for weeks or even months. They were cut with scissors, pricked with pins, even prodded with burning irons onto short spikes in a cage hung from the ceiling to provide Bathory with a "blood shower" Iolya who was not recognize as nobility was found to have taken part in the killings. as such she was sentence to death by beheading and cremated after. she was only 12 wen she died.


even as a ghost she kept tortureing other souls she would come across. these dark thoughts and feelings made her turn into a hollow. unlike most her body did not brake apart and reform. but the mask started to form on her.

Lesser Familiar: she lost her mind becoming like a beast. she killed indiscriminately. souls,living people,hollows..any things she found she would try and devour it. she would jump from Hueco Mundo to the living world a lot and never staying in the same town for more than 2 days. so not meany soul reapers found her. the ones that did fell pray to her.
as a Gillian she spent most her time in the forest of menos eating others. day in and day out she was different from all the other Gillian she was bigger and look a lot more monstrous than they did.


by the 1800s she was an Adjuchas. she was a humanoid. she also gained a sense of right and wrong. she thinks she absorbed it from some one she had eaten. this is when she got into science as well. no longer acting like a animal. instead she would study her pray and learning how it moves and what powers it had . she would try and learn how there power worked as well dissecting if needed. with hollow you must keep them alive as you dissect them but no one really cares in Hueco Mundo if some one is screaming.

she encased her self in a cocoon like shell deep in a small cave in the forest of menos. after months of meditation and undergoing metamorphosis.the shell breaks away. she become a arrancar. she had regained her human appearance for the most part.

It was thru her experiments she was able to minimize her hollow hole and move it to her rights hand and as well make her mask tack the form of a fullfinger ring on the right hands model finger

IN year 2405 suzu murders two humans in the forest near karakura city. This humans had a smell baby that not even a year old.Suzu decide to spare the child's life and raze it as her own naming the little girl Ivy.

Aug 15, 2412. Suzu was honored to meet the hollow queen Ashlei Clixx for the first time. seeing a only a small sample of her power was completely astonishing to Suzu. how easy she could put some one in a hopeless trap along with her overwhelming power.

fore days later Suzu would go to the Forest of Menos and seal murmurs menos inside a steel sword infusing them with the blade it self. tacking this blade back to her lab she forced all the menos to become one effectively making the soul in side it an Adjuchas. But Suzu was not done there by utilizing her hasten chamber and using her own Reiryoku suzu forced the Adjuchas be some a arrancar. but this was no Pseudo-Arrancar O no Suzu had successfully created a full Arrancar even with out the Hogyoku being a 1-5 at birth. This is how the Hollow sword witch she named Eien akumu come to be.

on Sep 03,2412 Suzu wile in school meats a very interesting boy by the name of Zero. interrupting gym class for the older boys she wont as far as to try and provoke them. in the end she was able to get this boy zero to agree to show her the town.

Bone Appearance:
(as a ring on list right hand model finger )

Hollow Hole:
(rights hands pawn only has a hole in her fully Sealed state )

reiatsu Colour:
( A mix of purpal and black. or some time blue)

Sealed Zanpakutô:
( a sword with a double edged blade. the hand guard is a forked like emblem. the hand guard and hilt are one solid piece all Arrancar Seal there power in to a sword. all Suzu powers are in the hilt. tho her spiritual pressure determines the strength of the blade same as any other Arrancar/ Shinigami. but she does this in case the blade gets broke this is the same in her altered Zanpakutô.

altered Zanpakutô
(Suzu has developed a way to make her Zanpakutô change not unlike shikai. the blade is like a chain sword. its does not get stronger. and at full extent is only 6 meter's long . she can control if the chain links are lose stiff the links as to make them unmoving . how ever she can only do 2 or 3 chain whip attacks before it must return to gather. but attacks done will the blade is stiff don't count. )

[*]bala; a technique of firing his hardened spiritual pressure against his enemies. Less powerful than a Cero, but it can be successively fired at 20 times the rate

[*]Cero a powerful spiritual light fired

[*] Broadcasted Sight: ability to broadcast information of whatever she is currently seeing or experiencing to other Arrancar,

[*]Descorrer a technique used by Espada-level Arrancar and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo

[*]Hierro An Arrancar's outer skin with high spiritual hardness that serves as armor.

[*]Pesquisa An Arrancar ability to measure and locate spiritual pressure.

[*]Resurrección Releasing the core of an Arrancar' ability sealed in their Zanpakutō to regain the original powers of a Hollow. They often take on a form closer to a Hollow than a human after performing Resurrección.

[*]Sonído The Arrancar equivalent to a Shinigami's Shunpo.)

[*]Flight: is capable of flying supernaturaly

Soul-Body Separation: This technique allows a Hollow to forcibly extract a living spirit from his/her body. The soul is still attached by the Chain of Fate and can be saved but if it is broken then the soul can prevent the Encroachment so long as he/she is placed inside a soulless body or animal.

[*]Grand ray cero:Is a Cero that only Espada are capable of using. It is performed by mixing an Espada's own blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the Espada. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero, capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor upon release as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. It is stated by Ulquiorra that using a Gran Rey Cero is one of two things that are forbidden while inside Las Noches, as it is so overwhelming that it could destroy the fortress.
Unique Abilities

[*]hasten chamber. the ability to makes time move faster with in the area she cast it in. this ability is not used in battle but for her research. to speed thing along. the more energy she puts in it controls how fast time gos for the one in side it "
time Gauge:
1 week to a 1 month: with little effort. 1 of her own post it rest ( by rest it means she cant use the skill again for that number of her own post)
2 months to 4: the is abit more taxing on her 3 of her post it rest.
1 to 3 years : this is really hard on her: 7 of her post it rest.

[*] Vampirism: this is her favorite ability. This ability works on ether living thing or nonliving. This is when she bites in to someone and drinks their blood/Reitsu" from some ones body. This ability heals her. she is immune to all natural blood diseases and natural pathogens . If the other person skills however is blood related it steal does effect her. if blood is their weapon she cant drink the blood there using.

healing limits: can only heal/regenerate 1 limb per fight by using this skill. but if the limb is fully gone she must keep hold of the victim and drink from them for 3 post or she cant regenerate it

[*] Analyze: basteed off of Pesquisa and must have the implant of the Reitsu Scanner before the skill can be used . she has modified her own Reitsu Scanner working with her Pesquisa ability to make a new ability to analyze things further. by Analyzeing some one physical movements as well as flow and utilization of Reitsu and even biological makeup. to learn how it works and copy it.

conditions of use
if in battle to copy a skill its owner must use it first. It takes 8 post to learn the skill and she can only work on learning 1 skill at a time . and after the 8 post are done their is a 4 post cool down before she can try to learn another. she can only use this skill 2 times in a fight. As well she can only recall 2 skill's in a fight. meaning she can only use 2 skills she got from other people in one fight.

if not fighting or the person is willing only #4 post are needed to copy and #2 for cool down.

( This skill is also used in her experiments to tell what flaws some one has and to try to fix it in the pursuit of perfection.)
~sub-skill~ infusion experiment : As well she can try to sew skills she knows in to others how ever this is hard to do cause their body and mind don't understand the skill. this makes the body reject the skill some times. she can not give some one a skill she copped from some one more than 3 tire steps above them. as well she can only proforma a skill fusion experiment on an individual person #2 times a month "real days" and both times must be at lest 1 week apart.) this counts as an experiment

[*] genetic enhancement: this ability is tweaking what they are for better or worse. she will only do this for others if they are willing and they MUST accept the outcome no matter what it is . this has a side effect in the next thread they are in they will be recovering and only at 75% to25% over all strength and speed depending on how the operation go's. side note : they will be told of the risk before the operation and fullwell know what may happen and may not go as they like.

genetic enhancement and infusion experiment outcomes are determined this way. I did want a fair and unbiased way of doing this but doing so is impossible with a human medium the best thing I could come up with to determine an outcome that is not completely under my control is to ask a staff member to pick a number 1-10 both I and the other person well make 1 guess at the number. if my guess is closer I win the same go's for them. I think this will only be necessary if the experiment required a death waiver as a life would be on the line I think it's best no one has full-control over it. with out a death waver nothing it really is at risk so I will pick the outcome at my own whim to not bug the staff too much with the matter

But death... death is a possible outcome but only for extremely dangerous experiments with a death waiver signed before hand . this counts as an experiment. the death waiver allows her to try extremely dangerous experiments mixing the ways she experiments on people . example like the infusion experiment and genetic enhancement: disregarding the tire limitation she normally would use with infusion experiments as well as pushing the body to its absolute limits and some time past the point of braking.
~death waiver code:
 Death Waiver
By posting this I full well know my character may die as a outcome of this experiment and Suzu is in no way at fault if this happens

Your name [b]

[b] Your character name[b]

[b] Your character app [b]

[*] soul forging : this is the act of what she would call playing god. the placing or removing a soul from something or some one. she uses this in her experiment. when doing research she come a cross a file on Muramasa who she sees as the father of the Ziamichi's. she has found away to forge souls in to things as well as other people. but if they can control the spirit or not is up to them. she prefers to use this on other hollow to make them stronger. seeing how all hollow from Gillian up are a cluster of souls easyer on them than other races.
Useable on soul reapers to. She can put a hollow in side them to make a stronger Vizard if they win the inerfight after this happens. But this is not suggested cause the hollow well become your inre hollow. have its Unique Abilities and skill's and gain all yours too. Making it harder to beat in a fight in the inerworld. but if you win its Unique Abilities are yours aswell as the normal Abilities of a Vizard.
but their is a safer way she can do this. she will put a weak hollow that lives off the Reitsu in hueco mundo with no skills of it own into you. this makes it be come your iner hollow just like a normal one only having the same powers as you. if you win the Vizard ability you get to make like normal.
(Vizard ability must be approved by a site official and proper things added to your app after its all said, ok'ed and done. )

she can forge souls in to things to make them in to weapons and such so they can be use in a fight. its best to only have one soul in one thing or the souls may fight.

she can give any race a Ziamichi's useing thes. the spirit may fight the host or not. if not it will submet to you. or than it will fight to tacke over the host aka "you" all of them are experiments

soul forge: the outcome is determined in a thread in a fight in most cases with the exception of putting a soul in an empty item this is 100% success rate. but the ability that carries over in to it is not how ever. empty item must be ordered from a shop. all threads with this being used must be 10 post long at lest or 10K lettercount. if using to get a Ziamichi after the thread you must make a proper Ziamichi app. and use the info from the thread as how you got your Ziamichi. app must be approved by a site official as normal.

important note !!
( the is less of a skill and more of a service. giving people a way to polymerize your characters in a way. i will make some things like hollow etc to use as material for other people tho this will cost yae)
Resereccion Name:
(Shi no yoroi) Armor of death

Resereccion Release Phrase:
(now open your eyes and reveal the beast of old)

Release Actions:
(kissis the sword)

Resereccion Appearance:

Resereccion Abilities:

[*]Wormholes: she can create wormholes to redirect ranged attacks, both physical and energy based, after useing thes skill she cant useagen for 2 of her own post.
This is what the skill looks like

the best way i can think to explain it is it's two small portals to another spot near them a max of 5meters away from her body. the ranged attack inters the one she makes in front of her self and comes out some where else
this skill can only be used 3 times in a fight at max. and only useable on ranged attacks. living things can not inter the Wormhole.

[*]form sword and shields: in her Released state she can form reiatsu in to a sword and or to use in a fight. and she can chous to fire ceros from it or slaches on enrgy. she dose like to use a sword.thes is like Michel's Trident in a way but the sworde is manifested not as reiatsu but a phyaci blade

sword :


[*] Enhanced Hierro in Release state: Suzu's Hierro in Release besom sronger win she Releases becoming armor.
[*]Highly Perceptive Combatant: suzu has demonstrated an ability to be very detail oriented when it comes to fighting. she notices his opponent's mannerisms and discerns with ease the reasons behind those actions and the weaknesses and strengths of his opponents. she is also able to look at unfamiliar attacks and figure out the way they work just by viewing at least once
[*]Enhanced Bala: Already demonstrating his ability to fire consecutive Bala blasts at the enemy
[*]Enhanced Spiritual Power: While in her released form, his spiritual pressure has explosively increased
[*]Expert Swordsmanship Specialist
[*]Kidō Resistance: ability to weaken effect of Kidō spells.
• Dues Ex Name: Luna Senka
• Dues Ex Release Phrase: Dark desires will manufest you..!
• Dues Ex Release Actions: her reiatsu will spiral up her body like a tornado
• Dues Ex Appearance:
• Dues Ex Abilities:

•Razor disk: Suzu can make her reiryoku form a saw blade like metal ring. she can control only 2 at a time using her hands or fingers to guide it. She can make 5 of the blades and they are made of the same metal as her armor. A Razor disk is a max of 2foot long and a minimum of 1foot. Max spin speed of 550,000 rpms. That means it spins around more than 10,000 times each second!

•High Speed: While in this state, her speed also increases greatly.

•Vast Spiritual Power: an advancement of her Enhanced Spiritual Power in Resereccion. Her power is so much that even some one at a captain's level would have trouble moving in her presence if they did not focus their energy. Her reiryoku is so great it can disrupt energy attacks from enemies and make them so week that it’s not even worth trying to avoid.

•Vast Spiritual Power Energy Disruption and Movement limitations details .

3 tire classics or lower 100%
2 tire classics lower 70%
1 tire classics lower 40%
with in same tire class 20%
higher class Tier 0%

•Magnified Hierro: in Dues Ex Release state: Suzu's Hierro become stronger by amplifying her Enhanced Hierro from Resereccion form.

•Enhanced Bala machine gun: her ability to fire Rapid consecutive Bala blasts at the enemy with high energy concentration.

•Rapid Cero: she can fire a normal cero without warning.

•Absorption: by placing her hands on some thing she can break it down to a Particle state and absorb it in to her body. by absorbing she makes a complete copy of its ability's and full atomic structure. This applies to NONE living things only. As well the ability's she gets in this method can only be used for reproduction in weapons not living beings. with the exception of Xeno Hollows as they are weapons. This ability well helps her in her position in the Third circle.

•Cero-body: she can fire cero's from many of her body parts.the body parts are as listed. feet, hands/fingers, elbow, knees,
General Skills

Durability: Adept
General Speed: Advanced
Strength: Advanced
Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills

Willpower/Determination: Adept
Mental Deduction: Advanced
Pain Endurance: Adept
Focus: Advanced

Racial Skills

Perquisa: Adept
Sonido: Advanced
Hierro: /Advanced/
Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner.

It only hurts till you go numb.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Suzu Zumizimu [APPROVED, 1-1++]   Mon May 07, 2012 8:37 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [O]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [O]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [O]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [O]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

You have an age set by history, so please add that in.

Your Adjuchas's appearance is claimed.

Quote :
This ability heals her if she is hurt and it in-powers her if she is not, she is immune to all known blood diseases and pathogens.
I need to know the limits of healing for this. I'd also change to natural pathogens.

Quote :
Analyze: basteed off of Pesquisa and must have the implant of the Reitsu Scanner before the skill can be used . she has modified her own Reitsu Scanner working with her Pesquisa ability to make a new ability to analyze things further. by Analyzeing some one physical movements as well as flow and utilization of Reitsu and even biological makeup. to learn how it works and copy it.

conditions of use
if in battle to copy a skill its owner must use it first. It takes 8 post to learn the skill and she can only work on learning 1 skill at a time . and after the 8 post are done their is a 4 post cool down before she can try to learn another.
This needs more limitations.

Quote :
"" must use your face book as well i will temp add you to my friends list . a site PH officiall will be told about the match. And proof of who the winner was
as well thar will be posting in a thread before the game. the game will be done only right before the the final part on the experiment. if i win it fails if they win it worked. All experiments must be at least 10 post long
Find a different medium than that.

Quote :
in the case of Zanpakutō she can put a soul in them as a way to make them stronger but this spirit may fight the Zanpakutō. win this is happening you cant goin to your iner world it is your Zanpakutō's fight alone. If the spirit wins your Zanpakutō will become a abomination. in the event of it becoming a abomination she can purify it back to your old Zanpakutō. but she charges to do this cause she must use a specially made Tenshintai to manifest the abomination. she will start the purification as you fight it. but the skill takes time. she like to have a third persone thar to act as back up.
This is simply impossible in my professional opinion.

Quote :
[*]shatter soul: this in the skill to remove a soul from some thing.
Uh yeah, needs much, much, much, much more detail.

Quote :
hidden power or 50%Resereccion Release
No. Just no. You can't have a 50% Res. release.

Quote :
[*]Wormholes: she can create wormholes to redirect ranged attacks, both physical and energy based, after useing thes skill she cant useagen for 2 of her own post.
More detail!

Tier: 2-1+ when fixed

Tsubine's Character List
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Suzu Zumizimu [APPROVED, 1-1++]   Tue May 08, 2012 1:39 pm

ok i fixed it all i think.

[*]age added 812
[*]Adjuchas's appearance changed
[*] limits of healing added and replayed diseases and pathogens changed to natural diseases and natural pathogens
[*]Analyze conditions of use if in battle limitations added:
[*] different medium: done
[*]Zanpakutō soul forge: gone
[*]shatter soul detail added:
[*]hidden power: gone ad will Resereccion Appearance changed
[*]Wormholes detail's added.
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Suzu Zumizimu [APPROVED, 1-1++]   Tue May 08, 2012 3:21 pm

I see no problems now, approved!

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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Suzu Zumizimu [APPROVED, 1-1++]   Wed May 09, 2012 8:50 pm

[center]analyzed powers


  • powers name: Blade
  • The original details.: Ashlei
    conjures the blood around her to attach itself to her body or a surface
    or even somebody elses body. She then stretches it out to a very fine
    shape almost like a shark fin with a bladed edge. On impact with this
    construct of blood, the target would be struck by sword-like slashes
    similar to a mounted wrist blade. Ashlei
    can lay traps out on the floor with spikes and blades of blood that cut
    people that run over it. Suddenly changing the length of these is what
    gives the abilities such an unpredictable feature. A simple slash of a
    short blade can become a heavy slash from a great sword sized weapon. A
    spike in the floor somebody tries to step over can suddenly shoot up and
    spear the target.'
  • The thread analyzed in: ( )
  • The original owner: ( [url= clixx]Ashlei Clixx[/url] )
  • The original owners tier. ( 0-2 )
  • powers name: Medical Techniques
  • The original details.: In addition, he has a special medical technique of his own that allows him to heal his allies and other personages. Basically, Dr. Hebi holds his hands over his patient, and his hands begin glowing, sending positive Reiatsu into the targets body. These medical techniques can break down and reattach tissues, isolate poisons and draw them out, restitch skin on a molecular level, replace tissue, and even pump blood through the targeted area. As stated before, Dr. Hebi is a doctor, a very, very potent doctor.
  • The thread analyzed in: The Med-Lab
  • The original owner: Dr. Kabuto Hebi
  • The original owners tier. ( 0-3 )

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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Suzu Zumizimu [APPROVED, 1-1++]   Wed May 09, 2012 8:55 pm

Items listing.

  • The Container
  • Info: Need somewhere to store all your shit? Buy The Container! Why you ask? The Container is a small circular device that breaks down the atoms of any object you have, stores it inside of the device and keeps all your junk organized by showing you pictures of every object you havein your inventory. Simply press whatever object you have in The Container and it will be rematerialized. And to store items, simply point The Container at the object and it will be broken down.

  • Fire Bottle
  • Info: It looks just like any ol' bottle of water, but it's actually very deadly. If you were to unseal the bottle and wait five seconds, a massive explosion of fire will expand for 200 Meters. This fire can be very difficult to put out and the explosion can be damaging.
  • How meany:9 in a Box

  • Item Name:Light Grenades
  • Item Description: Light Grenades use chemical reactions to produce an extremely bright flash of light and a very loud concussion blast when deployed, stunning targets, but doing very little physical damage to them. The primary purpose of a stun grenade is to temporarily blind and deafen the enemy for one post. If the victim directly observes the flash, a still frame of what is observed by the victim will be seen for up to ten seconds, at which point their eyes will have returned to their unstimulated state.
  • How meany:five

  • Item Name: Stun Grenade
  • Item Description: The stun grenade is about the size of a can of soda-pop, but packs a serious punch. After These green spheres are activated by pressing a black button on top, they analyse the spiritual signature coming from the person who throws it and releases a white cloud of smoke that can disable all types of reitsu based attack's for one post.
  • How meany:3

  • Item Name: Invisibility Cloak
  • Item Description: You can easily hide yourself in the cover of darkness with the invisibility cloak installed in your body. It will be put in the middle part of your stomach and you can activate it in your Cyberbrain to project a barrier that blends in with the color of your environment and even reflects theimages to match without being seen. However, if you happen to take too much damage the Cloak will de-activate itself.

  • Item Name:Burning Grenade
  • Item Description: Info: It is a multi-purposed infantry explosives munition, and can be thrown up to 32 feet by the average person. Upon impact with a hard surface, the casing converts to liquid form, burning at around 2992 °F (1644 °C) ,and causing significant damage to weapons, people and attack's alike, destroying everything near a 20 foot radius. The gel-like filler substance also escapes from the burning casing, splashing over nearby objects and causing significant damage as it burns for 4.5 seconds.
  • How meany 20

  • Item Name: Reitsu Scanner
  • Item Type: Is it commonly available
  • Used For: is used in her eye to make one of her powers
  • Item Description:Info:
    The reitsu scanner is a small implant placed inside of your eye that is
    the size of a gain of rice. However, it will usually give you the
    ability to actively gauge how much reitsu a person has. Typically, black
    means they either have none or it's extremely damaged; Blue means they
    have low reitsu, green means they have moderate, red means they have
    high, white or black means it is extremely high. It can also gauge how
    much reitsu you have by displaying these colors in your vision and
    referring to your body structure. It can also tell you how much damage
    you have taken on this body structure as well.

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Deus Ex Approved, tier increased to 1-1, analysis recall increased to 3.
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Aivee Clean-Up Time!
This member has left the site or is inactive! Therefore, I am placing this into archives! Don't worry, if you want it back, simply post Here!

a beckoned run away leisure

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Suzu Zumizimu [APPROVED, 1-1++]
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