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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Truth Revealed

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Truth Revealed   Mon May 07, 2012 1:31 pm

Reiji Hagomora was having a tough time believing it but still in his mind he was trying to stay sane about whole information he was able to trick that shinigami from before. He couldn't believe that the soul society created him it was like they ruined his life or something worse, he didn't want to be called a shinigami anymore. He places his zanpakutō on the ground still in emotional pain over looking over his files again, Reiji really felt alone right now he couldn't deal with the soul society anymore. All this time he has been feeding him lies and now finding some new info on his past it was just hurting him deeply. Shenro Kenshosaki was about to start his long training hopefully he could fulfill the doctor's last wishes and hunt down the people responsible for destroying the Dark Nebula Organization. He heard somebody yelling or perhaps crying as he walks over to see what the crying was all about it was a shinigami. Shenro went into panic mode this was the first time he ever encountered an shinigami not like that vizard in the mall who went crazy and got killed by another human. Shenro didn't feel afraid another seeing the guy's weapon on the ground as the human was in caution mode walking over to the person.

He wanted to know what was wrong. "Hey you, What's the deal here? I could detect you spiritual pressure a while ago so why are you crying and I thought you soul reapers were strong and didn't have any emotions at all" Reiji started explaining his story the human about his past as the human started listening and thinking this has something like a connection to him. Shenro couldn't the soul society had their own bio-technology and this shinigami was a result of that yet he didn't want any part of the society anymore. Shenro continue to listen to the shinigami's story they were kinda the same in a weird sort of way Reiji told Shenro what new information he found out about himself as the human was thinking of an idea that could work to his favor with some lies along the way. "I just can't believe it I mean these files say that I was supposed to be an hollow killer of some sort with no compassion but these files are stating I' wasn't complete or something that I might die or something" Reiji said. The shinigami shook his head in disbelief over such a find like this but the human tired looking sad but in his mind he had a perfect chance to get revenge on the soul society. The chance of getting revenge was standing right in front of him and now it was how he was going to use this good hearted warrior against them. Shenro knew it was going to take a whole of time and effort ot manipulate this shinigami into a deadly and unstoppable force.

"Hmmm that story is quite interesting......I think there is a good chance the soul society try to kill you to hide their many secrets they didn't want anybody knowing but you are proof that their secrets do actually exist" Shenro was actually trying to get this shinigami to join him in quest for power hopefully he could get the shinigami to see the big evil picture. The former hero was trying to manipulate the shinigami into believing the soul society and had lefted them for good he believed it was working too. "Listen, I don't believe that the soul society want to help you if they did then they would have re-acccepted by now and that isn't the case....but you do have a choice...I do believe I can help you with some of your problems" Shenro said caimly. The human was about to try his way of dark tactics "Your their dark secret right? Yet they hidden this shit from you and they could kill you again because of this hidden truth hey I'm just trying to make a point so your they tool but you can do a whole lot better then this and I'm offering you a chance to get to a level you never thought possible to finally show those monsters you had enough of their lies but I do want you think about it and then find me and give your answer" Shenro wanted the shinigami to join him in his quest for power yet he just given the shinigami a lot to think about before walking away. Reiji yelled "I'll help you um what do you need to know". Shenro was smiling this was the break he needed as he was trying to think what should this guy help him with. He started looking at the shinigami's Zanpakutō thinking that might be the first thing to start with and then more ahead to the difficult stuff. "Excellent, But I think your mistaken pal....I want to help you out but really the only way that can be possible is for me to understand your weapon there the Zanpakutō....I want to learn everything which could help me out a lot". Reiji looked at his Zanpakutō and thought there was no option and the soul society had abandon him and then he nodded.
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The Truth Revealed
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