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 Lucrezia von Luft [Approved, 1-3+ TSURUGI]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Lucrezia von Luft [Approved, 1-3+ TSURUGI]   Sun May 13, 2012 3:37 pm

Name: Lucrezia von Luft
True Age: Approximately 432 years old.
Gender: Female.
Birthday: 5 June
Personality: In the basest sense, Lucrezia is a true Artisan. A purveyor of all that is great and wonderful in this world; she is one who will simply stop, and appreciate the scenery around her. A natural user of paints and words, she is oft seen with a brush in her hand, humming a soft tune as she places her dreams and ambitions onto canvas and paper. One will watch her eyes close and her mind wash away into nothingness with the motion of her paintbrush; it appears that Lucrezia is purely in ecstasy. She will also call forth small tidbits from her own poetry, as well as poetry of others—she has learned to appreciate the works of those that she feels are great. Playwrights such as Shakespeare and Wilde, or authors with the minds of Conan Doyle and Poe; they are those who Lucrezia appreciate, as well as others. Always caught in her own little world, Lucrezia tends to sit around and hum a small tune to herself.

Unfortunately, this is who Lucrezia is when she doesn’t believe there to be anyone else around her. Around other people, she changes. Stoic, hardened, powerful. Lucrezia becomes the epitome of a perfect soldier, shutting away those around her from her true emotions, and instead giving them a cold and icy visage to deal with. She is efficient in her work, and makes it her priority to complete whatever tasks she is given. Unfortunately, this efficiency and coldness moves into her private life; if she is required to meet with others that she does not know so well, she will be cold and stoic with them, to the point of almost seeming rude. For that reason, some will become frustrated with Lucrezia, taking it upon themselves to lambast her for actions that she finds are out of her personal control.

If she finds herself liking somebody in “that” way, Lucrezia cannot usually bring herself to trust them in the way that one normally would. She will, instead, continue to act cold towards them; possibly even to a greater extent than before. This trait, known to a lot of people as “Tsundere”, may be one of the things that frustrate Lucrezia the most. People’s reactions to such actions are strange for her, since a lot of the time they are pulled closer in by her coldness. Unfortunately for them, they will almost always be driven away by her. Unfortunately, Lucrezia has found few that she can truly “fall” for, due to her distrust of other people and of the world itself. Instead, all that she can find herself trusting is the weapon on her hip. If she really trusts someone enough to open up to them, then they’re either very endearing to her, or they’ve put a lot of work in.

Being a traveller at heart, Lucrezia finds it difficult to settle into a single place. She moves from location to location, taking jobs as they come to her. Her youth is something that a lot attempt to take advantage of, for that reason Lucrezia is generally unafraid to use violence to solve problems that she cannot talk her way out of. Although she is physically quite weak, she is nimble; allowing her to use the strength of her opponents against them. She is very similar when being questioned too; dodging the heavier questions until they trip over their words, or they simply end up giving up in frustration. Because of this, there are times when she can seem evasive, and frustratingly so. At times, she has been told off for this, and told to be honest and upfront with people. This method of dealing with Lucrezia has rarely worked, if ever

Despite her shortcomings and cold visage, Lucrezia still appreciates the ideals of charitable people. She will give a small percentage of her monetary holdings to a good cause, unless she has no way of surviving without it—Lucrezia is far from a truly selfless being, instead she is a woman who can neither live without herself, nor without seeing the happy faces of others. Instead, she is a true balance of selflessness and selfishness, though she has been known to travel into that foray of selfish when the mood takes her, or when she has to live for herself. As such, Lucrezia can sometimes be called foolish; she is. She is foolish, naive, but also very wise to the workings of the world around her.

To conclude our understanding of Lucrezia von Luft, we must understand that most of what she does is a facade. In reality, she is a kind-hearted artisan; one must make sure they break away that layer of emotional ice that spreads around her body first, or they will have no hope.

Sugiura Class: Crusader/Musha

Appearance Age: 22
Height: 5’3” (160.2 cm)
Weight: 112 pounds (50.8 kg)

Natural Abilities

Techinques: Infinita Tormentarii Creatio [Unlimited Gun Creation] – This is the one and only ability that Lucrezia, as a Mushi outside of her Tsurugi, has at her disposal. With her own knowledge of ranged weaponry, brought about by her own personal knowledge, mixed with the knowledge that her Tsurugi brought her, Lucrezia has gained the ability to formulate any firearm that she, as a fighter, feels that she needs. If it is a firearm, Lucrezia will be able to visualize it, create it and use it without any difficulty whatsoever. Holding her hand out to the side, she will grip an invisible foregrip, letting the structure and formation of the weapon form itself out and travel down the distance needed to fully formulate the weaponry itself. Once the creation is over, the weapon can be used in battle, for as long as she needs it. There is no need for ammunition itself, as the creation of the weapon includes creation of ammunition as a formality. Anything can be created, from a simple handgun to a depleted uranium rifle—the limits of the creation are Lucrezia’s imagination, and her moral standpoint in the middle of the battle.

Although this is the basic idea that comes with this ability, there are a few additional abilities that [Unlimited Gun Creation] enable for Lucrezia herself. As stated in the name, the creation of weaponry is ‘infinite’. Because of this, and because of her inextricable link to firearms that was forged when she and her Tsurugi contracted one another, Lucrezia has a psychokinetic link to anything that can be classed as a firearm, or a product of a firearm. This link allows her to stop bullets in midair, or even turn them back at her targets. This ability can also be used in conjunction with the creation of firearms, allowing her to psychokinetically control them, firing them at targets that she wouldn’t normally be able to reach. However, this link with weapons only lasts within a certain range of her body, and whenever anything is put outside this range, she cannot manipulate it. This does not exclude weapons that aren’t created by Lucrezia, either.

As well as this, her high level of weapon knowledge allows her to pick up almost any firearm, be it new, old, or even obscure, and immediately know exactly how to use it. The word ‘almost’ is used, because some weapons ‘cannot’ be used. For the sake of things, all Lucrezia gains is the exact knowledge of how to use the weapon—if she cannot physically use it for some reason, her body will not forge a way for her to use it. There lies one exception to this rule, however. That exception, as it stands, is known as the ‘rule of mass’. If the mass of a weapon exceeds a certain point of strength for Lucrezia, she will temporarily gain the necessary strength to wield it. All forged weaponry from the [Unlimited Gun Creation] is modelled exactly for Lucrezia’s use, so there is no strength adjustment needed, no matter how large the weapon may be.

Of course, there are always certain weaknesses that this ability has that are rather difficult to get around. First is the law of equivalence. This law dictates that for every reaction, there be an equal and opposite reaction, and for each particle of matter formed, another has to be taken away. This leads one to wonder exactly how Lucrezia forms her guns. Well, the answer exists in the world around her. “One is all, all is one.” Everything is linked, and because of this, Lucrezia’s weaponry is forged from the world that exists. All matter used in the creation of Lucrezia’s guns is taken from the world around her feet, around her body, and in the air. If she is serious enough, a ten-storey building standing nearby will become nothing but a skeleton when she is finished with the creation of her weaponry. As long as any matter exists, however, Lucrezia will be able to continue with the creation of each and every one of her weapons.

The second weakness is known as ‘misplacement of knowledge for the sake of knowledge’. Despite its rather long name, it’s a simple concept. Lucrezia’s mind is tuned towards that of a gun. Whenever she holds up her hand to activate her Tsurugi, it’s like placing a firing pin to her strength and pulling the trigger. It will always be bolstered as long as she realizes that she is fighting with the way of the firearm. However, if Lucrezia were to attempt any other forms of combat (beside the use of her Gunblade within her Tsurugi—that is a completely different story), she would become immediately confused, and most likely lose all ground that she may have gained. This makes close combat difficult, especially when unarmed. Swords are also impossible for her to use—bows give her some ground of usage, and she can certainly use them for a short time, but even then it remains difficult for her to perform such actions, especially with the needed skill. As it can be made painfully obvious, it’s difficult for Lucrezia to truly battle masterfully without anything but guns.

Finally, there exists one more part of this ability. It is neither a weakness, nor is it of any true tactical use. If Lucrezia wishes to store her weaponry for later, there is access to a small pocket dimension up her clothing, or in a more simple to understand sense, up her skirt. By sliding the weapon up her skirt, she is able to bring it out later in the battle, later in the thread, or even in a completely different thread, from seemingly nowhere. Although, larger weapons do require her to lift up her skirts—that said, nothing can be seen when she’s opening this pocket dimension, except for a large expanse with a lot of weapons within.


Name: Gemini Quinque Elementorum [Twins of the Five Elements] (known and referred to as ‘Gemini’)
Type: Blood Crus/Shinuchi
Curse: The curse of Gemini is known as In Malediceret de Didymus Sorores [The Curse of the Twin Sisters]. For each singular death, another must occur. This is not a curse which asks for the death of someone opposite to that of the killed, but for someone that is the same. It could be the same in any number of ways. Same race, same face, same name, same gender, same powerset, anything. As long as they have something that is the same as they who have been killed, then the Curse itself will be fulfilled.
Smith: The smiths of this armor were a pair of fraternal twins from the Western Kingdom of the Sugiura—Apuleya and Honora de Claro Monte.
Standby Form Appearance: When in standby form, the Gemini construct changes itself into a pair of mechanical birds that flutter around in the air above Lucrezia, or sit on her shoulders. The birds themselves emulate the colors of their human forms—Apuleya is generally purple and white, with black streaks, while Honora is black and white, with long pink streaks. The birds themselves are about 10 cm long and 4 cm tall.

Personality: Apuleya – Out of the twins, Apuleya is far more rational and level-headed. When one is to consider the personality that this half of the Tsurugi has, it would be wisest to think about the role that she had alongside her sister as a “Blacksmith”. Apuleya would be the one to design the weapons, gather the materials and put them into place. This insinuates that her character, unlike her sister, is more worried for the planning and development, as opposed to the actual task. Because of this, she will quite often play her part differently, controlling the functions of the Tsurugi that are more strategy-oriented; such as the radar, or the inbuilt direction computer. She is quite often at odds with her sister, but has no way of actually performing actions that involve direct control, therefore cannot exist and work without her. If the OS were to freeze, Apuleya would be able to, about a quarter of the time, regain control of the construct. However, there is very little chance of doing this successfully in battle.

Honora – As obviously stated, Honora is a bit of a hothead. She is rash, quick to anger and quick to act, despite an originally calm demeanor. In fact, this rashness is only shown when Honora is in need of actually performing actions, she is quiet and docile otherwise, usually drawing those that are unaware of her true nature, into her grasp. As a Blacksmith, all of Honora’s jobs involved the actual working of the smith, and such. Although she was quite good at that aspect of the job, it was a lot more difficult when she did not have her sister at her side, giving her the proper planning of things. Because of this, she plays her part in the Tsurugi, running the more active parts of the controls. These parts include the regeneration factor of the armor, as well as the targeting systems. If Lucrezia’s body were to fail, even if only temporarily, Honora would be able to take over and properly land the Tsurugi. As with Apuleya, Honora is at odds with her sister. But she cannot work without her.

History: In every world, there is always going to be prejudice. Whether it is prejudice over gender, or prejudice over race, it does not matter. For when there is prejudice, someone always loses. That was how it was with the twins known as Honora and Apuleya. From birth, they were cast off as devils. Twins, two babies borne from a mother who despised the idea. It was laughable for her to accept them, so they were never given the best of anything. Food, living standards, nothing was theirs, and only ever were things taken away from them. So they decided to work with the best of things, and started to earn their own living. The moment they could leave home, they started relying on each other, making the best of life and becoming Blacksmiths. In this time, the idea of handheld firearms was only just starting to become big in the Sugiura Lands, so they decided to monopolize upon such a thing, creating guns for those who wished for them. However, it was also painfully clear that, as time went on, they felt that their skills as forgers were being squandered. This was when Apuleya discovered the ritual that turned a Sugiura into a Tsurugi. By researching it properly, she asked her sister for her jurisdiction. Honora agreed, and these twins performed this ritual together, forging armor and placing both of their spirits within, waiting for the right person to come along and become one with them.

Tsurugi Unleashed

Calling Phrase: When there is one, there is also one more. When there are two, that is when the cycle is complete. Yin must always become one with Yang, as they are one in the same. This is the way of my gun!

Height: Approximately 2.6m
Weight: Approximately 250 kg
OS Name: Quinque-Via Arma Processus [Five-Way Weapons Process]
Fixed Armaments: Before we begin the explanation proper, there are a few things that must be understood about the Gemini itself. It locks away access to most of the user’s own power, except for a single one of Lucrezia’s sub-abilities, amplifying it instead. Therefore, it is best to explain this part of the Tsurugi itself, before going on to explain the five fixed weapons of the Gemini construct. In all honesty, the weapons listed below should come under ‘Optional’ Fixed Armaments, simply because they will never necessarily be attached or fixed to the Tsurugi at any given time. Anyway, the Gemini construct seems to focus on extending the range and power of Lucrezia’s psychokinetic abilities with firearms. Rather than limiting it to a certain range from her body, the Tsurugi increases that given range for about twenty feet, allowing for placement of weapons in angles that wouldn’t normally be reachable. This allows maneuvers with firearms that wouldn’t be available with fixed armaments. She also has complete control over each of the weapons, as if they are each different extensions of her body being individually controlled. This is made possible by the increased processing power of the Tsurugi’s OS.

The Weapons:
Ignis: Tormento Verberare [Fire: Cannon Barrage]

  • Description - The ITV Cannons are, before take-off, mounted on the two back shoulders of the Gemini. At about a foot long apiece, these cannons do not appear to be very menacing. Once take-off has been achieved, they are free to float around the Gemini as Lucrezia pleases. Although by name, the use of the cannons is seemingly apparent; it is difficult to discern exactly what is going to happen when the cannons are aimed at you. Essentially, they will fire shots of solid material in a straight line at a high speed, reaching their specified target within three seconds. However, this is not all that occurs. Due to the given element on the projectile of ‘Fire’, the solid projectile itself is actually consumed within a half-second, replaced completely with a ball of spiritual fire. This ball of flame will go towards the target at this high rate of speed, with a long tale streaking behind it while it flies, using up its energy to travel a maximum of 300 feet. Upon collision with a specific target, the balls will explode with a rather large radius of damage, causing burn damage and attempting to eat away at the defences of the target. If the target is itself a Tsurugi, then this fire will attempt to cause damage to the link between Tsurugi and Musha, though this is less than likely to work.
  • Area of Damage – 10 ft
  • Armament Count – 2
  • Barrel Radius – 7 cm
  • Element – Fire
  • Individual Mass – 150 kg
  • Length – 50 cm
  • Muzzle Velocity – 100 feet per second
  • Projectile Mass – 15 kg
  • Rate of Fire – Five shots per post per cannon
  • Range – 300 feet
  • Weaknesses – There are a few main weaknesses of this ability. Despite the high speed and large damage radius, the projectile itself is actually rather small and quite easy to avoid if seen coming. This is because it travels in a perfect line until the energy used dissolves away into nothing. There is also absolutely no tracking possible with the ITV systems. Water-element attacks or defences will destroy the projectile without hesitation, and the brightness of the projectile itself makes it easily noticed.

Aqua: Dividendo Secat [Water: Slicing Cuts]

  • Description – Mounted on the right arm of the Gemini system, once lift-off is achieved, this weapon is quickly put up in defensive positions around the Gemini. Although it does have a usage as an assault weapon, the ADS construct is better used as a defensive weapon. The extremely quick rate of fire and high accuracy makes it best for defending against projectile attacks, cutting straight through them without any real issue at all. It can be used as an assault weapon, however, as stated before. When used as a primary assault weapon, the ADS construct floats at a distance from the Gemini itself, hovering around and watching over the battle. When a target least expects it, the ADS will fire a slicing stream of water at the target, aiming to cut. If this hits the engine of a Tsurugi, it also aims to cool it down enough to cause them to stall in the air and fall to the ground. The cutting power of this is reduced against spiritual steel, however.
  • Area of Damage – 1 inch
  • Armament Count – 1
  • Barrel Radius – 1 inch
  • Element – Water
  • Individual Mass – 10 kg
  • Length – 20 cm
  • Muzzle Velocity – 300 feet per second
  • Projectile Mass – N/A
  • Rate of Fire – Can be used continuously for a single post, however requires another post to cool down.
  • Range – 50 feet
  • Weaknesses – It is not a powerful attacking weapon, and as such can have little use against Tsurugi opponents. The singular stream is extremely fast, but has a short range, reaching a distance where it disperses at about fifty feet, making it quite useless for distance-based attacks. Wind-based attacks and defenses can easily disperse or redirect the water flow without causing damage to the target.

Ventus: Multi Impetus [Wind: Many Attacks]

  • Description – This is the primary attacking force of the Gemini—the VMI system. Mounted in four places on the backs of the construct’s legs, the VMI immediately goes into action as soon as the battle begins. Rising up off of the legs, these four Gatling machine guns float around and above the construct, generally facing forwards and either aiming for a singular target, or four at once. Once within range, the machine guns will begin to fire large amounts of small projectiles at the target. Being imbued with the ‘wind’ element, each projectile has a small barrier of wind around them that stops their path from being disrupted, and stops them from losing velocity over time. Once they reach their range, they are automatically designed to combust and disappear, however.
  • Area of Damage – 2 feet (radius of attack)
  • Armament Count – 4
  • Barrel Radius – 0.747 inches x 6
  • Element –Wind
  • Individual Mass – 248 kg
  • Length – 182 cm
  • Muzzle Velocity – 3450 feet per second
  • Projectile Mass – 100g
  • Rate of Fire – 6000 RPM – continuous fire for two posts, and then one post cooldown
  • Range – 2000 feet
  • Weaknesses – The weapon cannot penetrate earth-based defences, due to the incompatibility with elements. As well as this, the barrels are prone to overheating occasionally, though due to the wind elemental affinity this happens less than usual.

Terra: Cónterens Inspiratione [Earth: Crushing Blast]

  • Description – This weapon is the only close combat firearm that the Gemini System can use while in its usual state. Mounted on the left arm as what appears to be some sort of shield, the TCI system rises off almost immediately after lift-off, floating around the armor of the Gemini. This weapon, though usually a weapon, can act as a shield to deter enemies from getting too close to Lucrezia. Despite having an exceptionally small range, the weapon's high power and quick attack allows it to be used as a shielding firearm, as well as crowd control. The Earth element of the attack allows for an almost earthquake-like pushing effect. This is, effectively, fifty rounds shot at once at a small distance with a large amount of power.
  • Area of Damage – 10 feet (radius of attack)
  • Armament Count – 1
  • Barrel Radius – 22cm x 50
  • Element – Earth
  • Individual Mass – 350 kg
  • Length – 10cm
  • Muzzle Velocity – 5000+ feet per second
  • Projectile Mass – 500g
  • Rate of Fire – One use per post.
  • Range – 3 feet
  • Weaknesses – The short range and size make this useless as a primary assault weapon. Fire-based defenses will be able to burn through the attack quite quickly.

Hand-held Armaments: Out of all of her weapons, Lucrezia has but a single hand-held one to use in battle, while accompanied by her Tsurugi armor. If she were to give it a proper name, it would most likely be called the Irritum-Agentes Acinaces, or the [Void-Giving Saber]. This weapon can be classed as a 'Gunblade', and has the functions of both a gun and a sword; being the only weapon that Lucrezia can wield which is formed from a melee weapon. When normally used, the IAA is just a simple blade, used for close combat. However, the real ability of this weapon comes out when Lucrezia switches the modes.

When used as a semi-long-range rifle, the IAA is able to fire off single-shot rounds. Each of these rounds can either act as normal weapon rounds, or they can have a secondary use. If she sacrifices all rounds fired for a singular post, Lucrezia can fire off the 'Void-Born', a singular shot that, upon collision with anything without some form of mental will or spiritual body, will completely implode, taking whatever it hits with it. This can include anything up to and including the size of a Hummer H3.

Shinogi Alpha: Mille Tormentarii Verberare [Thousand Gun Barrage]
Shinogi Alpha Abilities: Out of the two Shinogi, this is the more calm and controlled--allowing for ease of use in battle and a simple motion throughout. As soon as the MTV is activated, a rumble can be heard within the battlefield. The ground below (no matter how far) begins to crack and crumble, and thousands upon thousands of guns are raised into the air, floating around the Gemini Construct, under Lucrezia's direct control. The difference between this and her usual firearm psychokinesis, however, is that with this, Lucrezia cannot control each as a single entity, but instead in groups.

Groups of fifty guns, known as 'Platoons', float around her and attack different sets of enemies. Only rifles can be created, and each rifle has an unlimited amount of ammunition. As well as this, her psychokinesis is doubled in range, giving her the chance to reach out further in order to take on enemies. This lasts about ten IC posts before dying out and disappearing.
Shinogi Alpha Drawback: Once this Shinogi is used, Apuleya fails. Lucrezia is then required to take control of this half of the OS. This makes battle difficult; so a finishing attack with the MTV would be the best bet.

Shinogi Beta: Infinitum Dolium [Infinity Barrel]
Shinogi Beta Abilities: The ID is the more chaotic of the two in usage, though in appearance it does not seem this way. By calling upon a large amount of material from the ground (almost as much as needed to use the MTV), Lucrezia creates a gigantic cannon that floats up in the air around her, held up by the sheer strength of her Psychokinesis. When activated, a large light shines in the barrel itself, and Lucrezia chooses a singular target. Once this target is chosen, the weapon fires off and sends a projectile down towards them.

This target cannot miss, nor can it be fooled. It has infinite range and a constant speed. The damage it does is exactly equal to MTV's possible damage.
Shinogi Beta Drawback: Once this attack is finished, Honora fails, meaning that Lucrezia must manually control her half of the OS. Lucrezia may use the MTV as well, but this means that she has to control the entire Construct on her own, or risk freezing and dying.


The first of the world’s mysteries, the mystery of the heart. That is what the goal of Ferruco Von Luft, a Italian man that lived and worked within France, was. A powerful person, Ferruco’s position as a politician within the French society gave him access to a high paycheck, allowing him to support his wife and twin daughters, Gaia and Maria. Maria and Gaia looked much alike, and Gaia loved her sister like she was nothing else; they were inseparable, girls that, with every word, seemed to complement each other perfectly. Their mother was a baker that had moved her small shop from their villa-town on Italy, taking the business to France when her husband had taken up his position. Setting up shop in the capital city of Vaingloria, Ferruco, Miria, Maria and Gaia were a pure, innocent and happy family, with little qualms throughout them. Each night, Maria would sing her own little song, about a butterfly that flew through the vineyards of Italy.

”O precious butterfly,
How thy beauty sings to me.
Fluttering through those Italian hills,
Over the wondrous wine country...”

However, as time went on, Ferruco and Miria grew distant from each other. Although they continued to hold up this facade of ‘love’, they were not showing the same signs as they once were. While Maria slept, Gaia sat up in her bed and listened to the shouts emanating from their family room; Ferruco and Miria arguing their lives away. A slammed door was usually the result, and Gaia could only cry herself to sleep in order to stop herself from throwing herself into the arms of her father... Did he still love her? Did Mother still love her and Maria? Even as her parents divorced, Gaia kept on smiling, trying to keep up a happy visage for them. Maria watched in wonder, and kept smiling honestly and purely, while Gaia’s smile was much like the smile that her parents had been putting on for the previous year—false, simply smiling to avoid being asked questions.

After that, the battles for custody began. Miria wanted to keep both girls, as did Ferruco. They knew that splitting them wouldn’t work, however they posed the same question to both Gaia and Maria, asking if they wouldn’t mind being split up, and maybe seeing each other on the odd occasion, allowing them to see and play on every weekend. Maria was the first of the two 9-year old sisters to answer, clinging onto Gaia and crying out her refusal to comply. She had “been with Gaia for too long”, and “wouldn’t be the same without her sister”. And while Maria held onto her and lamented, Gaia upheld both the sentiments of her sister, and her parents; making a very mature decision despite her age. Gaia said that it was up to her parents; she would only hurt Maria no matter what she did. The decision was made; Maria and Gaia were split. Maria went with Miria, and Gaia went to Ferruco. That night, Gaia slept while cursing herself for not choosing to keep her sister. That was her first truly lonely night, but it wouldn’t be her last... or her most lonely.

For the next year, Gaia and Maria met frequently, either playing upon a playground happily with each other, or swimming at the local pools. Miria and Ferruco made sure to choose locations carefully; public locations meant that they wouldn’t begin causing a scene with arguments. Neither Miria nor her ex-husband had found anyone else, and neither girl was interested in such a thing. These two girls, crossing into ten years of age, were only interested in staying as close as they could. In fact, when they reached the age that they could join High School, they were both enrolled into the same school, joining the same class. The twins were reunited once more, frequently having sleepovers with each other and finally being together again. Although both parents had some disagreements, they felt that the girls were of an age where they could choose such friendships. Therefore, Ferruco and Miria refused to intervene.

First and second years of High School now past, the two seventeen year olds started being more active in the outside world, getting a liking for boys and such; they had taken to wandering the streets at night—much to the disdain of their parents. A serial rapist had been out in the streets recently, they were warned to stay at home. However, on this particular night, Maria and Gaia snuck out of their respective homes, planning on meeting in the usual spot. As they met up before the fountain, they didn’t notice the shadow behind them, nor did they see the glint of the knife in his right hand. They walked side-by-side, talking and laughing, discussing the latest gossip, being teenage girls. Gaia, though interested in that, also expressed her interest in the arts, while Miria showed more interest in the sports side of life. Just as Miria announced the name of the boy that she felt should be best suited to be dating her, he struck.

”Maria!” Her sister was pulled back into the alleyway, a hand over her mouth. Attempting to scream, Maria was dragged backwards, unable to resist the pull of the obviously stronger man. Gaia burst off quickly, running into the alley after her sister. Unfortunately for both, the man had already pushed her to the ground, using the knife to slowly remove the clothing from her body, and producing his own... thing. Gaia couldn’t look away, and as she stood there watching, mouth agape; this mysterious man raped her sister. Gaia felt sick to her stomach, almost ready to throw up everything that was within her stomach. Her sister’s moans and screams gave her a migraine beyond belief, and the sounds of two bodies slapping violently against one another almost etched itself within her eardrums. His fill served, the man pulled away from Maria, flaccid and sated. Expecting her sister to be freed, Gaia stood up and prepared to run to Maria’s side. As she did so, however, the man drew the knife to Maria’s throat, and slit it with a single motion. Blood ran from the wound and spread onto the ground, and Gaia dropped to her knees, understanding. That man had killed her sister. That man knew she was there. That man was going to kill her, now. He turned away from Maria, and looked at Gaia with a perverted glint in his eyes, pointing the knife at her with a silent chuckle; gaining strength below once more. Gaia’s eyes were now locked upon the gleam of the blade, and as he approached, whispering sweet nothings and words of orders to her, she felt the rage increase. He finally reached her, placing the manhood against her lips. ”Suck.” A hand reached up, gripping the man’s testicles in a lighting grip, his face contorting from the sudden pain. ”No.” Pulling down sharply and quickly, the dangling mass was ripped off without a second thought. A scream of the utmost pain came from the man above her, and Gaia moved sharply, standing up and planting her fist into his chest, knocking him backwards; the knife falling from his fingers. She moved without thinking, ducking and gripping the handle of the knife, lunging at the stunned man and slicing his throat with the blade of the knife. Blood gushed from his wound and covered Gaia, and then the man fell backwards onto the ground, laying there, dead. When the police found Gaia, she was resting on Lucrezia’s lithe and naked form, sobbing away her life; knowing it to be completely over...

The court case lasted three weeks, passing through Gaia’s eighteenth birthday and allowing her to be tried as an adult. Upon recognition of both bodies, the court surmised that Gaia, though she had taken this man’s life, was under mental pain and anguish. The body was that of the supposed serial rapist; he had been arrested once before and, as such, was known to the police. Realizing that the other deceased was Gaia’s identical twin, the judge decided that it was a killing made in self defence; Gaia was allowed to walk free with the condition that she joined the Military within three years of the given date: Her birthday. That night was the first time that Ferruco and Miria had truly felt such sadness together, and they were found, the day after the court case, drunk and in bed together. Apparently, their relationship has prospered since then, and Ferruco proposed again, six months after that day.

Three days after the trial ended, Lucrezia’s body was released to Miria, Ferruco and Gaia. Four days after that, they held a funeral. Only a few people attended the small ceremony on the hill; Gaia wearing a black dress that Lucrezia had helped her make. While the rest of the funeral-goers watched and listened, Gaia sung the song that Lucrezia had always sung to her; singing of the butterfly that flew over the hills of Italy. The crowd were in tears the entire, and as she finished the song, the coffin was lowered into the ground. Her song finished, Gaia herself didn’t break down. In fact, during the entire funeral, she shed not a single tear. However, that night was the first time since the divorce that Gaia felt truly lonely. This time though, this loneliness was worse; for she knew that Lucrezia would not return to her. She wept herself to sleep, and woke up to a saturated pillow. Lucrezia, on the other hand, woke up in a completely new place. It was neither worldly or true to her--it was not the Italy that she once knew. Searching through the wastes of this newfound place, she stumbled upon a palace, and a town that didn't seem right to her. It was Western-styled, yes, but it was not right. There was something strange about it. Wandering in, she was approached by two women--they called themselves Honora and Apuleya.

And, as they say? The rest is history.

General Skills
Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Animal Instincts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Martial Arts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Alter Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Tsurugi Skills
Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Manuverability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Martial Arts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Synchronization: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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And ready for checking. Agito/Tsubine preferred.
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Master

Tier: 1-3+
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Moving to Inactive.
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This is moving to archives.
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Lucrezia von Luft [Approved, 1-3+ TSURUGI]
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