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 Kaito - Falling Star [APPROVED, 0-5+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kaito - Falling Star [APPROVED, 0-5+]   Sun May 20, 2012 8:23 am

Human Template

Basic Information

- Name: Kaito
- Titles: Falling Star
- Age: 25
- Gender: Male
- Affiliation/Rank: As Kaito: popular musician with his own music label - as Falling Star: Anominous Hero of Karakura, nobody knows his true identity. Yet.

- Appearance Description: Kaito is known for wearing blue most of the time, to go with his hair color. Even in the now nearly destroyed world, his looks and music still make him a fan magnet around the remaining strongholds. However, whenever he is using his powers as 'Falling Star', Kaito hides his identity with a special costume. It is made out of a very light fabric that can easily withstand high velocities and even repair damage done to it to help conceal his identity without hindering him. He always 'wears' his costume as a belt - his belt can actually switch out his clothing with the costume nearly instantly, while flashing out light to conceal his body while doing so.
The costume covers his upper body with a white, body-tight, not not completely encasing fabric, meaning you won't exactly see a six-pack through it. While the basis is completely white, on the chest above his heart, there is a black ring on it, with 'flames' out of black cloth wavering around on the outer part of that ring, while the exact center of the ring is a black 'dot', which lights up white once he uses his powers.
The shoulders of his costume look like two black armored pads, going into white sleeves complete with gloves. A single black line goes from each shoulder down the arm and hand, where it first goes into a larger black dot on the back of each hand, before expanding in a thinner line over each finger.
Attached to the neck-part of his costume, Falling Star has two blue strains of cloth, like a scarf. The blue color is a very light blue, like the sky on a cloudless day in the middle of the summer.
Furthermore, from his black shoulder-pads, another two black lines go down the sides of his body to the pants. Going alongside the sides of his legs, the main part of the trousers is once more white apart from that black line, while his boots are white, with the classical black line on the sides. The closing 'hatches' of the combat boots are black, too.
On his head, though, Falling Star is wearing a full-cover mask. Hiding his hair, and his eyes behind a strange 'white' cover, only his mouth is visible. The white mask has two black lines going over his eyes and crossing at his nose, and expand backwards all around his head. A single, further black thin line goes around his entire head and cuts the other lines exactly in the middle of their crossing points vertically. This line goes down over his chin, downwards over his chest, and ends in the 'ring' around it.

- Appearance Picture: Only for normal Kaito. For Falling Star, you gotta use your imagination!



- Personality: Kaito is very two-faced, but not in a bad way. It's more or less his way of keeping a dual life. Because he doesn't want anyone to know that he is in fact Falling Star, he is often seen as a rather airheaded, funny guy who is easy to be around. While being a 'celebrity' and 'voice of hope' to the people of the remaining cities with his songs, he always seems upbeat - he believes that one day, the earth will be safe and under human control again, with the help of all of their allies. He promotes working together and teamwork, even though he himself can't fight spirts, as he says, and encourages everyone to keep on believing.
Needless to say, as a singer, he is very music-loving and open-minded, although his songs are mostly influenced of the J-music of the time before the invasions. His songs are wide-spread, ranging from cheering for the fighters of justice, to lamenting songs for the lost, to songs about redemption for those Arrancar that decided to join the good fight on their side. He also loves to make compillations with other voices of hope, as he himself calls them. His entire personality seems to be focused around music, and he is known to be very fan-friendly, too.
When NOT talking about music, though, he is often seen just dreaming away awake, likes to have good times with friends, and simply enjoy life as a whole, since life without enjoyment is empty to him. He also doesn't have high regard for his own life, though, and can be reckless to protect people. While that may LOOK like he is suicidal, he actually has enough power to fight many evil beings, and while hidden, his personality goes far deeper than just being a musician, because he also is...

"The earth cries out! The sky cries out! Humanity longs for salvation! I am the hero who answers their call - FALLING STAR!"

He is the hero of the masses, the mysterious protector of all cities, the man who is faster than time itself - Falling Star, hero of Karakura. Having mysterious spiritual powers, Kaito forged this second identity complete with costume and mask. He thinks deeply about the states of the world, and sees himself as a hero to bring it back to it's former state. He is a big team-player, siding with the good guys at all times, praising them - while never belitteling himself. He is a strong idealist, believing that the light will never succumb to darkness. His voice is distinctively stronger, more determined and deeper than Kaitos normal voice, partially because that is actually his real voice, partially to hide his identity even more.
He has a strong disgust for villains, but does allow for them to turn around, face the error of their ways and join his cause, if they so decide after a hummilating defeat on his hands or another heroes. He never kills, unless he is fighting a mindless beast like a run of the mill Hollow, and prefers to talk smack after beating an enemy, explaining just why they lost, why their ideals fail to beat his, and why they'll never beat him, no matter how many times they'll try. His 'Reasons Why You Suck' Speeches are quite good.

As another remark: It should be noted that Kaito only started to be so upbeat, happy and also good-natured after a very important occurance in his life - the awakening of his powers.


Soul State Evolution

Kaito has a unique setup for his power thanks to it's origin. While normal 'Soul Evolution' is the result of constant changing of DNA and adaptability, his powers have their root in the past - his blood is not entirely human. Many generations ago, his bloodline mixed with the 'Blue Oni'. This power of a 'mixed blood' changed his body.

For one, Kaito has no normal 'heart' as one would put it. After severe damage to it once, it has been replaced by the first level of 'Judgement of Corruption', his inversion power - by giving in to his demonic blood, it has created a construct out of living light that replaces his heart. Normally, it is rather dimly lit, and thus not visible through clothing, but while using the rest of his abilities, it shines through. Without clothing, one can clearly see the crystal-like structure that is embedded into Kaito's chest. This light heart is not only stronger than the human heart, but also more resilient, making him able to take larger quantities of adrenaline in his system and making it very hard for him to die due to exhaustion.
This power prevents Kaito from dying thanks to having a damaged beyond repair normal heart. However, his own spiritual energy is not able to keep this power up all the time - as a demon blooded being, he has a special way to recharge his energy aviable. Thanks to his 'Judgement of Corruption', he can see the so-called 'deadly sin fragments' within criminals and villains. Normally, those have no effect on anyone, but Kaito is able to 'grab' these fragments by coating his hand into a screen of light and extracting them, even in the middle of combat. These fragments can then be absorbed into his light heart, recharging him. The fragments are: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.
This has a major downside, though. Each time Kaito absorbes a deadly sin fragment, his soul becomes more and more tainted by them. If he finds no way to release the dark feelings brooding inside of him, he risks to 'fall', or 'invert', which would turn him into a monster with the direct opposite of his normal feelings, a true demon that feeds on the dark emotions of others and his own. Unless otherwise stated, Kaito enters each thread with at least one deadly sin fragment, although which sin it is can be varied depending on the thread in question and has to be stated in his first post.

Kaito holding a Deadly Sin Fragment, normally invisible for everyone else:

That is the basic nature of Judgement of Corruption. However, it allows for the 'living light' to be manipulated in different ways by Kaito as well, which leads to three different forms of supernatural combat being open to him, and a bunch of powers that are shared between them all. This manipulation of light energy right around him is called 'Ray Force'.

Shared Moves - These can be used in every Form

1. Lightphase - This move is Falling Stars equalivent to flash step. Instead of dashing through the air at impossible to percieve speeds, he turns the imminent area around his body into light particles, which then phase in at his target place. A short-distance teleportation, this can pass through thin or organic objects without trace (like the opponent). The sound made by this is similliar to the humming of a big light-bulb, and when disappearing, Falling Star leaves behind an image of himself that slowly fades out, effectively making an 'afterimage'. This move can be used in rapid succession to create optical tricks. After re-entering reality from his phasing, Kaito glows in all rainbow-colors for a short moment.

2. Ray Shock - A small energy blast released from the right or left hand, this move creates a small orb around said hand and makes it explode into a flash of blinding white energy that sears and burns if it hits. Has the same strength as a Bala, and doesn't need to be announced to have full power.

3. Shining Ray - Turning himself into a pure light-source for a moment, Falling Star can obstruct view onto his body, or even blind someone with enough intensity for some time.

Ray Force: Body

This focuses the energy of Ray Force into Falling Stars body, and that is his general fighting style. While centered around speed, the light energy flowing through him also gives him a naturally hardened body, and increases his physical and kinetic strength. All in all, an all-around speedster form. While his body is flooded with the light energy, he can't reach actual light-speed, but his figure can sometimes seem to 'skip' when he does a sudden movement, which has a similliar effect to an afterimage, but only lasts for a fraction of time. (Going from standing to crouching without the movement itself being visible is one example) His speed while running normally exceeds the speed of sound in this form, making his figure blur to normal eyes.

1. Repulsion - his main means of being fast in combat, floating in the air, and attacking at the same time. He can exert energy from his hands and feet, and reverse gravity around them for himself, or create attraction points infront of himself or repulsion points behind himself - they only affect him, and make him able to move at insane speeds no human would ever be capable off. He often has a trail of light behind him from his hands when using the rays to repulsive himself for high-speed flight, and that is actually where he got the idea for his superhero-name from. (for the easiest example: ever seen Iron Man and those repulsors? Exactly that.) He can use this in the other forms as well, but is considered the signature of this one.

2. Ray Stream - Bringing both hands together, Falling Star channels this ranged attack, which releaes a beam of energy able to explode upon contact with something and release a searing, burning white Reiatsu-blast. Roughly has the strength of a Gran Rey Cero, and 3 posts cooldown.

3. Ray Pulse - This is Kaitos signature move, and one he uses pretty much all the time. Basicially, in full extreme-fast punching or kicking motion, he forcibly absolutely stops his movement for a fraction of a second, and all the excess energy that would normally go into that small movement gets focused into his attacking body part, resulting in a 'ring' of light flying inward around it and giving it a slight glow. A single charge of Ray Pulse doesn't deal much more damage, but it can be used multiple times in rapid succession, making multiple of the white rings focus into one body part, resulting into a devastating, truely explosive punch or kick that creates a small 'geysir' like blow of pure white energy.
Using 1-4 pulses won't make an explosion, and doing it only takes less time than it takes for a human to blink, still being extremely fast.
Using 4-10 pulses takes about the time to fire a bala, making it seem like he 'skips' while all light in the fighting area seemingly dims thanks to the glow of the attack, resulting in a strength of half a cero upon hit, and a small eruption.
10-20 pulses take about the same time as a mid-level Kidō cast if used all at once, but Falling Star can also half-charge one body part, fight without using it, and charge the rest later, to give less of an opening window. This strike has more power than a normal Cero at maximum charge, releasing a mid-sized blast able to knock opponents back and break steel.
20-40 blasts take the same amount of time as a high-level Kidō (up to 80) or a Gran Rey Cero, if charged all at once. This is the maximum Ray Pulse of Body form, and has slightly less power than a level 90+ Kidō or Cero Oscuras from someone on his level.

Ray Force: Tool
This conjures the light into solidifed forms mostly, and takes away all protective abilities of Body form, leaving only speed, forming solidified weapons and more speed. He is generally faster than with Ray Force: Body, but less resilient to damage, having to rely on weapons and defensive constructs.

1. Weapon Creation: Falling Star can form handheld close-range weapons out of solidified light, meaning all weapons are purely white. He can form two one-handed weapons, like daggers or swords, two-handed weapons like claymores and battle-hammers, and protective gear like shields for one hand or giant tower shields. He can even make a one-handed crossbow that can fire bolts of light with large piercing, but not much destructive power.

2. Ray Strike: This is basicially Ray Pulse, but for weapons, focusing motion-energy into them. However, they have another level above 30-40 charges:
40-50 Charges will ignite the weapon into burning, fluid light-flames, a strange energy that, upon hit and release of the explosion, has a bit more power than a Cero Oscuras from someone on his level, and slightly less charge time than an actual Cero Oscuras IF charged all at once.
Ray Force, unlike Ray Pulse, can be focused into a shield as well, leading into a charging attack, ramming into the enemy to release the explosion.

3. Breaker Blade: While a weapon creation at it's basis, it needs special mention since it breaks the 'rules' of weapon creation. The Breaker Blade is a gigantic, white two-handed sword, about three times the size of Kaito's body. Using it takes a lot out of him, but it's power is intense, able to cleave through normally impossibly hard defenses.

Ray Force: Accel
This is Falling Stars ultimate form. Channeling the light not into his body, or into a solid form, he instead affects the space and time around his body, twisting it to his liking in a way to increase his speed even further - he now becomes able to travel at ten times the speed of sound at maximum, completely invisible to the untrained eye if he speeds away. However, he loses all defense in this form, having to focus completely on not burning to ash from air friction alone. Also, his body, being without the protection of the Body and Tool forms, can't withstand the high speeds for long. Attacking while at top speed, or going at it for too long, can and will break his bones and damage his internal organs. He is as likely to break his own arm with a punch as he is to shatter titanium and steel three times his mass to dust, thanks to the immense power the high velocity gives his punches. Running at absolute top-speed or flying at it for more than 1 minute will fracture his bones and rip his skin and superhero-suit which can normally even withstand a Cero blast.

1. Life Pulse - The stronger brother of Ray Pulse, Life Pulse works the same up to the 50 charges of Ray Strike, but can actually charge up higher, releasing most of the users energy and putting the life at dire risk, while charging up faster than the actual Ray Pulse.
50-70 - strength exceeeds Cero Oscuras levels, explosion reaches levels that can hit multiple enemies.
70-100 - double Gran Rey strength is easily matched.
100-200 - The absolute maximum, 200 pulses all at once will for sure fracture or completely break every bone in Kaitos body, in exchange for a punch and blast releasing not an explosion, but a complete, blinding white light and punch right into the existance of the enemy itself. Using all 200 is called 'Light Force', anything in-between is still called Life Pulse, and with lower numbers, weaker and less backslashing depending on the amount. 100 could be called 5% of Light Force, while 200 is the 100% mark.
200+ - Virtually impossible to reach. It is simply physically impossible to hold that much stored motion energy in ones body without simply exploding into a cloud of dust, or phasing out of existance because of too much stored 'speed' so that the world itself erases the person.

Other Abilities

While Kaito can't utilize the power of Chi like some humans can, he has a few other qualifications.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: One wouldn't expect it from a melee brawler, but Kaito shows extensive knowledge of swordfighting, different styles and quite high skill with different kinds of blades.

Expert Martial Artist: His main form of asskicking is obviously one he is quite good at.

Lie Detection: To tell a lie souls the soul a little bit, something that Kaito is able to see - it's impossible to trick him with lies.

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Demon Blood Mastery: Advanced (Control over his powers)
  • Battle Continuation: Advanced (Continue on to fight despite being heavily wounded)
  • Instant Movement: Master (Flashstep-like movement)
  • Body Enhancement: Advanced (Think Hierro - the skill to resist attacks with little to no damage)


Background History

- Background: To understand Falling Star's origin, one has to trace it back quite a few centuries. During the era of the Samurai and living legends, in the old Japan, there was once an isolated village hidden from the view of the world. In that village, a young maiden lived - but while beautiful and kind, she was blind, and would never be able to see the world around her. A curse - and a blessing, as should later show.
Near that village, someone - or rather, something - different lived. In a small house, seperating himself from the world, he was only known as the 'Blue Oni' to the people in the village. That man was not human - his origins are shrouded in mystery, but one thing is clear - nowadays, one would call him a 'demon'. That demon was not evil, though - he was a gentle and kind creature that didn't want to endanger any humans in the world, but the people of the village still feared him - for he had blue hair, horns and was taller than any human they ever knew.

One day, the blind maiden was getting water from a spring near to the forbidden parts of the forest, where the Blue Oni lived. A sound rang to her ears - too quiet for anyone else to hear, but her fine hearing thanks to being blind allowed her to listen into the beautiful singing coming from within the woods.
Entranced by this music, she wandered deeper into the forest than ever before - and on a clearing, they met for the first time. The Blue Oni, and the maiden - the first human to never be afraid of the demon. She became, quite literally, his first friend in a very long time.

Soon after the maiden started disappearing into the forest time and time again to visit the sad but kind Oni, the village people noticed what was happening. Telling her to never enter the forest again, to fear the Oni, they threatened the creature with all of their courage to kill him if he was to ever speak to the maiden again. So on that night, the Blue Oni departed, with tears in his eyes.
But the maiden continued to wait on the edge of the forest, for many years.

Almost a decade later, the blind maiden was still waiting when tragedy struck her village. Rampaging demons and Hollows had found the secluded area, and knowing that no Shinigami would arrive in town, tried to devour the living... But nothing went as planned for them. Before they could even slay a single person, a bolt of blue lightning struck the leader of the pack, killing him right on the spot. In a brutal, but short and devastating battle, a blue-haired demon ripped apart his kindred to save the humans that had once driven him out with so much hatred, simply because he felt that it was the right thing to do. And after that deed was done, the Blue Oni disappeared from view again, this time forever - but with him, the pure maiden disappeared as well, following the man she loved, no matter his origin.

That was the start of what would later be known as a line of 'mixed bloods'. The first descendants of this line were still very strong in the demon blood - but over the years, the blood began to thin out. Demonic powers became instincts only, and supernatural powers adapted into human versions, until finally, only the inversion impulse that could release the last demonic powers and the blue hair on each member of the family remained...

And that is where our story actually starts, in the present day of Karakura Central. The line of the Blue Oni had long since adapted into the human society, even though the odd coincidence of everyone in the family having blue hair - and the similiarity between all male members of the family - struck some people as odd. The family kept contacts with other mixed bloods during that time - mainly the Tohno family and their many branches, the last real demon blooded people.
The father of Kaito was the last 'leader' of the family. Their once wider spread across Japan had disappeared over the years, until only his father, the brother of his father and Kaito himself remained - his mother had left his father many years prior, in times the young man couldn't even remember. His father was not just any old man, either - he was a prosecuting attorney, one known for getting anyone behind bars if need be, guilty or not. Playing favors, cutting deals, forging evidence - Kaito learned from a young age that this was the true way of the world, and the world of attorneys, which he wished to join.

To call him a prodigy would be undermining Kaito's true talent - he managed to finish college and law school so blindingly fast that he became his own fathers prodigy and student at the age of merely 17. His mind was sharp, his heart cold as ice, and his methods just as cruel as the ones of his teacher - a true menace upon anyone unfortunate enough to be judged by these two blue-haired 'Demon Prosecutors', as they were called. But as they say... Karma always finds a way to repay you for your deeds. And the deadly sins ran strong within the two...

It happened shortly after a major case. The demon prosecutors managed to get an innocent man convicted for a murder series in exchange for a heavy sum of money - but that money was blood money, dirty with crimes. The two didn't care - until two men waited for them at their car after the process. Turning around, they were surrounded, and then, two gunshots filled the halls. After all, the true culpirts had to erase their only loose end in this ordeal.

Kaito's father was dead on the spot, recieving a bullet through the head. The younger of the prosecutors was shot through the heart, though. On the ground, his life was quickly bleeding out of him - not even a full minute would pass until his brain functions ceased. After all, humans could not survive without a heart.
Or at least, normal humans couldn't. But normal humans lack the ancient blood of a gentle and strong demon flowing through their veins, and they also lack an inner energy unlike any other. On that day, the proescutor Kaito died. And in exchange...

The hero Falling Star was born.

As he suddenly rose from the ground, his heart had been replaced by one of pure, beautiful light. In his formerly cold eyes, a red hot anger burned, and emotion flowed through his trained mind of steel, melting the coldness he had given himself to endure being a monster in a different shape. None of the true culpirts of the murder series left the parking lot that day - instead, they were found neatly tied up next to the corpse of a legendary prosecutor, next to them the real evidence that would free the innocent man and get these individuals into prison.

Losing his father and achieving these strange powers deeply changed Kaito. His formerly cold self was no more - vanished like a bad dream. He knew that he had been a monster in a different shape all these years - so he decided to make up for it. Tracing his origins and records of his family, Kaito found out about the demonic power of his blood - and about the deadly sin fragments his family alone could see and use.
Spending a few nights on the drawing board, and pulling a few favors to get the materials, Kaito designed himself a suitable outfit for his new plan. That was the suit of Falling Star, his new alter ego. Still, the demon prosecutor also needed to change his official life - and so he disappeared for many years from the public eye.

Only to re-enter the stage of Karakura... on stage. Using his voice - an inherit gift since the days of the Blue Oni - he was a completely different person - instead of an abusive bastard, he was now the heart and soul of an industry that aimed to control art. 'Freeing' many an artist from their shackles in his own, visionairy label, he became a 'voice of hope', one that sings of a better time, of the past heroes, and of the bright future and battles ahead of those able to fight.
All while being in the fight himself, too.

He is Falling Star, the hero. But he is also Kaito, the legendary singer of Karakura Central. Now, the true story is just about to begin...

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kaito - Falling Star [APPROVED, 0-5+]   Thu May 24, 2012 1:12 pm

Since there is no history in this application or any note of it, I am going to move this into WIP until that section is completed.


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finished and ready for checkage.

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Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: Approved

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Cleaning this out! Feel free to pm me to move it back!
Don't worry this isn't deleted! Your app is now in archives!

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Kaito - Falling Star [APPROVED, 0-5+]
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