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 Ilyasviel von Einzbern

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ilyasviel von Einzbern   Mon May 21, 2012 6:24 pm

Magus Template


Name: Ilyasviel von Einzbern / Ilyasviel Sugiura
True Age: Unknown. Apparently, a few years older than Shirou.
Gender: Female
Personality: llya is cheerful, being up-beat and generally having a positive attitude. She is outgoing, being friendly and easy to talk to. She is playful, being a bit mischievous. Deep inside, Illya is lonely, as she has no friends her own age to play with and is often stuck inside the Von Einzbern castle honning her magic skills. When she first meets Shirou, she sees him as something of an older brother. Though he is distrustful of her at first, he comes to like Illya, seeing her as a little sister.

Illya's interest in Shirou later appears to be romantic. In reality, she is the daughter of Shirou's adoptive father, Kiritsugu Emiya, and Irisviel Von Einzbern. This would make her his adoptive sister - this doesn't stop the romantic side of her feelings one bit, though.

It can be said that Illya gets her outward personality from her mother. Like her mother, she is kind and childlike. however, she also has a bit of her father in her, as she can be cold and kill others without remorse.

Another thing of note is that she greatly dislikes her parents, thinking that they abandoned her out of coldness. She doesn't want to hear explanaitions, and just wants Shimura and Kiritsugu either gone or to suffer the same pain she had to feel during her 'training'.

General Appearance

Appearance: Much like the characteristics of all Einzbern homunculi, Illyasviel has crimson eyes and long silver hair, similar to her mother, Shimura Sugiura. She wears a collared, purple long-sleeved shirt with a light purple scarf to match, a long white skirt and purple boots.

Though Illya was born through natural means, her body has been heavily modified before and after her birth to maximize the magical circuits in her body, making her the ultimate homunculus and a refined vessel for the Holy Grail. As a result of the modifications to her body, her physical body develops slowly. By the time she is eight years old, Kiritsugu notes that even his Thompson Contender is heavier than Illya is. A decade later, when Illya meets Shirou Emiya, she still looks as though she's a young girl rather than a young woman.

Through channeling her Reiatsu whenever Ilyasviel is at her peak of charged power, she can 'break' the limitations on her aging, and look more like a teenager than a young girl.
Animalistic Traits: Oddly enough, none.
Appearance Age: 12 Years normally. Can 'age' her look up to 16.
Height: 1.33 meters normal - 1.56 aged
Weight: 34 kg normal - 49 aged

Natural Abilities

Basic Magic: Ilya is able to use all normal magic of the Sugiura to good effect, but she's the strongest with bounded fields. Attack magic is her weakest field, but still no slouch considering her general magic output.

Magecraft Unleashed

Magecraft: Heaven's Feel: Enslaved Soul Play

To use this Magecraft, Ilyasviel channels the dark and forbidden magic of the enemy of all Guardian Beasts, Sugiura, and by extension, life itself - the power of Angra Mainyu, or Cubia, which is how the Guardian Beasts call him.
As the first step, Ilya changes her clothing through magic to make it easier to channel the power, while also granting her a magic staff which enhances all Magecraft and normal Magic by double the normal power.

After changing form this way, Ilya's second great ability comes into play. Abusing her connection fully now, she channels the 'memories' or 'imprints' of the evil spirit. Summoning the spirit itself would be too dangerous, so she instead summons sentient, but controlled beings based on what the Angra Mainyu destroyed or tainted in the past - what someone lost or what someone was before meeting it, both are possible. Her summonings are the following...

Prince of Heroes

Those that fall into the grail are usually consumed - but some are so strong that the grail only manages to twist them slightly. The taint replaces part of the original person... And for Gilgamesh, this was the Innocence of Gilgamesh, the younger, pure him. Calling him to her side, he serves as one of Ilya's strongest companions in both combat and also general advice.

This version of Gilgamesh is refered to as 'Prince of Heroes', for it reflects him in his earlier years, where he just started his adventures and was still completely pure-hearted. This fun-loving and nice individual would later become the true King of Heroes, the golden king of his lands. However, even this younger version of Gilgamesh has access to an impressive amount of power.
While his physical body might look frail, one can't forget that he's a magical construct - he can withstand a lot of punishment and has physical strength that exceeds human limits easily. He has access to the legendary Gate of Babylon, and the weapons stored within - with one slight drawback. Only the weapons Gilgamesh already owned in his younger days are in this variety of the gate! These weapons are:
  • Hrunting: A sword that always seeks it's target out, no matter what. Each strike with it will always be aimed directly at the enemy, and evasion is not possible as the sword can twist in impossible ways to reach the goal. However, it can be blocked - since the strike connected, the curse of the weapon doesn't work against shields. When fired as a projectile, it turns into an explosive arrow of incredible force that can potentially rip someone apart.
  • Galantir: A spear from ancient times. As a primal and old weapon, it carries a special 'weight of the ages' with it, a curse that fatigues whoever is struck by it. It's piercing power as a projectile is high, but the damage is mediocore.
  • Fragarch: A special dagger of ultimate defense. It lacks any kind of offensive capability, but the moment an enemy strikes at Fragarch, it activates - the stronger the attack, the stronger the counter becomes. A normal attack will only be partially nullified, but if the enemy strikes with one of his strongest attacks, the counter will easily eradicate the original attack and be able to cause intense damage to the attacker with it's blazing speed, blinding light and searing energy. While this move is incredibly powerful if timed right, Fragarch can't be used again for quite some time after reflecting an attack - the cooldown period is roughly 4 posts. 2 Less if the attack blocked was only nullified and didn't cause a destructive counter.
  • Empirial Demon Sword Zanvat: The sword of Emperor Kiva was in Gilgamesh's hands in his earlier life. It is an immensely powerful two-handed sword, that, when charged with energy and sharpened through the use of the living, moveable hilt and sharpening stone, Zanvat Bat, can utilize an energy wave of unforseeable destruction. However, it's dependance on dark powers makes the Prince of Heroes only able to use it when Ilya conjures it together with him.
  • Nameless Swords: Gilgamesh didn't descriminate against weapons in his earlier life - he was able to amass quite the nice collection of nameless, but beautiful and permanently sharp treasure swords that he can use as projectiles. Or explosives. Or both.

Heroic Spirit of Ideals

When Archer returned to his own timeline, he saw it destroyed by the Angra Mainyu, and his despair and pain caused his ideals to shatter. Those ideals got imprinted into the evil spirit, and given a new form by Ilya when she summoned them forth...

This female spirit of heroism is a fighter that never gives up, no matter how grim the situation is. She possesses Archer's natural abilities and innate ability to copy blades, as well as the skill with them - however, she is physicially less strong and enduring, as a result of being the copy of a faker. She has a strong courage burning in her, though, and will always do what is right to defeat evil - a glorified version of Emiya Shirou in a female body, shaped to be a sister that Ilyasviel never had in her early years.
For a general idea of what she can do, refer to this:
Archerko can even utilize Unlimited Blade Works, although her version is only short lasting and generally less powerful than the real thing.
(Note: Any blades that were copied from characters on the side are NOT aviable to the Heroic Spirit of Ideals unless she saw them as well. Her own list:
  • All of the weapons the Prince of Heroes uses
  • Placeholder

The Mad Warrior

A great hero that went insane during his lifetime multiple times. Known as Herakles, the strongest man alive, he was actually quite peaceful whenever his madness left his mind alone for a few weeks. After falling in battle during the first great grail war, his spirit was captured as 'the Berserker'.

Berserker is easily 3 meters or more tall, as wide as three people and has arms like thick trees - his physical power is high enough so that swinging his club-sword creates rips through the air, drawing in things infront of it to hit them no matter if they dodged or not. Ilyasviel controls him nearly perfectly, and he unleashes his mad fury at all who would harm the girl.

Soul Puppets
Apart from the souls she has through All the Worlds Evil, Ilyasviel can also enslave souls and trap them with her own will. To do so, the target needs to be in a state of near death - Ilya can then trap their souls in the original bodies, making them unable to actually die for as long as she keeps the spell active. Afterwards, pulling out the concious mind of a person is rather easy for her, and it can be inserted in a 'Homunculus' - a weaker copy body that has to listen to her commands, forcing them to obey every whim of Ilyasviel. This can be used on animals as well to create familiars that are able to spy on target locations and transmit their information to Ilya directly.
This ability also comes with the minor advantage of being able to directly mold the darkness used to enslave souls in other ways, as Ilya becomes able to directly assault people with corruption magic in order to weaken them in the first place. The black substance created by this ability can unleash raw energy waves or form into solid objects for attacks, but she can at the most use enough black fluid at once to create a greatsword.

Harmony of Unity
This special spell allows Ilyasviel to take the power of a summoned spirit and fuse with it, locking away her Magecraft and Magic as long as it lasts but giving her the ability of whomever she fused with her body. So far, only the Hero of Ideals and Mad Warrior actually work, though. When fused with Archerko, she can materialize a red energy bow that acts like Archerko's normal metal bow, and when fused with the Mad Warrior, she matures quite a bit and becomes physicially strong enough to wield her own version of the club sword like a twig.
The Appearances:

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Ilyasviel was not born like the other Sugiura. In fact, her sole existance and creation went against anything nature would want. When her mother, Shimura, was injured in the fight against Dhaos, she became unable to bear another child for quite a long time. As she had promised to have a child with her lover, and no healer amongst the Sugiura was able to help her - the goddess of life was still nowhere to be found at that time, after all - she took the help of someone she had not expected any from.
Her old family, the Einzbern clan of the Soul Society, made her an apparently easy and nice offer to help her with their soul alchemy and make her recover from the injuries. However, the goddess of the Sugiura was tricked by her own parents. Against her will, her blood signed a contract - a blood pact. Unless she followed all the Einzberns said to the letter, she'd be cursed - and the first day, one Sugiura would die. The second day, two Sugiura. And it would continue forever, until her kind died out. Backed into a corner like this, she had no choice but to help them.
The result of that is Ilyasviel. Born from the desire to obtain the Holy Grail, she was not 'born'. Instead, the fetus that would later become Ilya was created from Kiritsugus seed, Shimuras blood, fragments of the grail and forbidden black magic and alchemy too sinister to still be considered anything but evil.
The original intent was easy. Once Shimura carried out the child, the Einzberns would take it from her. If everything went according to their plans, the result would be a soulless, mindless husk ready to recieve their orders and control the Holy Grail even while it was still sealed, to reach the 'Heaven's Feel' and root of all things that was even above the Soul King.

However, fate would not have that. Instead of a mindless husk, Ilyasviel von Einzbern was born as a thinking being - an artificial Sugiura, sometimes called a 'Homunculus', an imperfect copy of her mother. After all, Shimura was potentially able to control the Heaven's Feel if she gave her own self up. So it was only natural that her daughter closest to being her was the same, in the end. Enraged by this failure, the Einzberns kept Ilya away from her mother after the first years, and put her through the most painful and sinister training they knew of. In the nights, as she was crying herself to sleep, she wished for her mother to come and rescue her. For her father to come and take her out of this hell. But nobody ever came.
And over the years, and then, centuries, hope turned into despair. Love turned into hate. The little information Ilya was able to obtain let her know that they had another kid, called Shirou. Forgotten, that's how she saw herself. But no longer would Ilyasviel have that after getting to know that she had a younger brother that most likely already looked older than her. The own body a creation of dark arts, her aging was slowed and almost halted way too early, an error that only the destruction of the darkness that bound her soul - the Holy Grail - would make possible.

What she had planned was quite sinnister, but not surprising. She held no love or affection for the Einzberns or their artificial, soulless Servants at all. And what they did not yet realize, was her amazing power. Sure, being beaten up at age 4 for not saying a 20 line incantation without error had been a traumatic experience - every day anew. But it had also strengthened her. With raw potential rivaling her mother in the Sugiura arts, Ilya was a Magus-type Sugiura - and the strongest born in millenia. During one training session, it then happened. Having recieved word of her brother, and where to meet - and kill - him, as her original intent was, she had no more time to waste. And on that day, Ilya wore the dress of heaven for the first and so far only time.

In the wake of destruction, the mansion burned. The land around it burned. The eternal snow melting, evaporating, leaving behind black and soiled earth, forever unable to bring forth life. Souls forever trapped in All The Worlds Evil, and thus, eternal hatred, had burned this land into an unrecognizeable piece of the earth. Through sheer luck or maybe even hidden intention, the blood contract original was destroyed - and thus, with the creators dead and the contract turned into ash, the Einzberns lost all hold of Shimura again. Not that any were still alive to regret it, though.

Now, that had only been step one of her revenge. She was long gone before word of the death of her old family reached Shimura, gone like the wind. Her next target was supposed to be none other than her brother, Shirou Emiya.
But in the end, she was unable to do that. Even while floating above, unnoticed, unseen, she had a clear shot and would've been able to kill him - but she was unable to. Something inside her - the last flickering light of humanity and attachment through the darkness that had created and nurished her, most likely - stalled her hand. And thus, she disappeared like the fresh snow, only appearing infront of Shirous eyes once, with a strange, warm smile on her face.

General Skills
Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Animal Instincts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Martial Arts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Casting Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Ilyasviel von Einzbern
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