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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: NI BASE SUGGESTION.    Tue May 29, 2012 8:54 pm

The Ni base was located in a reclusive part of the iramasha island in a area that people really to be truthful seldom ever went what to ever. Due to the fact it was too overgrown with energy of nature to be used or used to any sucsess anyways. Things usually no matter how far they where chopped down began to grow back with a resilience which was breath taking. Here was the metal foundation of the new NI base but there was more to it then just what was on the outside exterior. Through the base was the wonders of the natural energy. Which replenished and helped them grow and live and survive. It is the thriving and wonderful haven for them all which they to have found to be attractive. Like a luxury that everyone should have. The base of the Ni Is needless to say somethign that is a modern marvel of the natural technological age. from the fact it is primitive but in a natural stand point is so much more advanced then what the Iramasha or humans could come up with.

First the outside rustic appearance was that of a gaint tree. Which seemed to pulse this being kind of like the ni's mother tree, its roots went down from the bottom of the iramasha islands and connected to the ground, forming somewhat of a massive anchor but drawn up from the earth was not nutrients to support this magnificent tree which attributed to the life of all energy within the base. But the fact was it drew up natural unferminted sources of raw nature energy which where spread evenly around the base. This could be seen from the flowers which seemed to glow of natures vibrant and fruitful bounty. Making something which was to be beholden and at the same time something which was as amazing as it was stunning in the stand point of the modern age. These flowers aswell glowed at night acting as the phospheresence that led the ni on there nightly duties making it have much more then a simple use.

The lower floor which jutts out is somewhat like a office complex. having wood little different cubicles. which house the area's which the ni work. Though where normally would be a swivil chair, natural alcoves or seat spots have been put within the area's. And lining the cubicles is the natural vibrant root systems which will relay news just by gripping them. As nature and the nature iramasha in the essense are one so they can easily relay the info to one another like the modern age's computers making from something useful and at the same time sureal and breath taking . It is this system of roots which glow different colors depending on weither or not the line is in use. But just gripping the root and then using your will to exert where you want to go is the key to keep the caller on dial instead of going to the wrong number if you will. But this is done through the chemical pheramone which all of the ni can receive with relative ease.

Ok now that you know about that, its time to get to the middle passageway. Or in the terms of the place they live in . It could be known simply as tje jungle. A vibrant subterrainian complex which runs down for a unreal exspanse of miles. due to the properties of distortion from the massive tree's absolutely enormhous amount of chaos energy. It causes the fact of the matter to have exteneded the hall to the 2nd floor. Covering this landscape with the diverse terrains fitting all climates. Swams and other things even a river which rushed through the enterance to the second story almost like a guard keeping intruders who dont want those who need to be elsewhere to get into the heart of the NI Lands. if you will. This is the place which they keep there most heavily guarded treasures and one of the few places they can gain energy without much work due to how the place itself is made up. So its natural this would be one of the more grand and splendid places to be beheld in the Ni base itself.

Once you go up the long almost woody root system of stairs. you find yoruself in a metterainian bog, covered with grass storm clouds over head, rain and even wind gusting past. this is located in the dome which is right below the boughs of the tree they have been put in within this base. From this area it is seen to be like the mash up of all things a primordial soop which everythign yes even akisame could find a way to gain energy without harming another person. (Or eating!) so this is why this place holds a special importance. from the rustic smell of the earth withijn that brings the ni here to rest. But from this area comes the more important placing of the roof. Which in itself can be described as nothing but amazing and spectacular in the mannerism of what it is being the tree itself extends up for hundreds of feet above the natural Skyline of the Iramasha island.

From up here you can see pretty much everything from the fact beign that the protective brantches wind around, the glow of the fire flys which seem to be spirits of nature themselves. Whisps of smoething that was long lost. these and animals the souls or the creational 3d imagry of them floating around. These are not harmful and are made entirely of nature energy. They are untamed and free as they wander between the brantches and tree's. But if you pay attention you would notice the trunk being made specifically for walking up and down for the fact of observing when it is needed. The deep brown glowing color of the brantches which are thicker then condominiums. Can be een jutting into the sky like the world tree. But the fact is that up in the upper story is the heart of the ni .The observitory if you will. but from up there the ni Can gaze at the stars. So yes there is even a place for someone like moonie in this amazing place which is the home of the ni.

Ok now if you got to the top of the base you would be broken into the massive exspanse of a sea of stars. In the night sky. High above the clouds from just how high you would have gone. This is the observitory. The highest place which can be seen from the Ni Base. This is on the loamy uperstory of the great tree itself. Becoming something like the last reminder of what they can be done. Up here elements run torrented and free. seemily forming the haze of mingling and seperating elements. From the might force within the heart of the tree which is known simply as the master gem. The giver of life within the tree. And not to mention from way up here you can see for miles around at the unpoluted air that the ni of the air would positivly love. Its a place where you can come and chill when your annoyed or otherwise need somewhere to sit doqwn and thing of what has happened.

In the observitory aswell there is a kind of soft thistle down covering, which allows the ni to sit down and rest peacefully if they want to watch the stars. But even if it rtais up here no rain will hit the upper story of the observitory it will only roll off and become part of the lower area's of the tree. The rain which is drawn here. Forms a thick storm cloud system around the second story. Frmo there fanning out it cloaks the enterance to the ni base like a shroud. Preluding this base is the loamy large tree roots which form like a jungle within the front of the place making for a labrinth specifically if you will to discourage non ni to stay away from there sacred grounds.

The Ni entrance is covered in thistle and thorns and can be seen growing at an alarming rate though it never goes out of the borders of the sacred area it was designated to be within. Makintg it thankfuly not as much of a nightmare for the other people occupying the place as it would be otherwise. From this though in the rought outlines if a onlooker tryed to see the base. they would make out a large tree which was clouded in much clouds. which always would boom thunder and spray lightning. This being of course for the wind rain and lightning ni .Which love such things. Even hail for water or ice ni. Which would make it a diverse place for all to come and enjoy. Which is part of the reason the place is so popular to the ni in the first palce.

Ok now, over all the ni base is large. but at the same time the way the things fit together is not like the area was built. which it was not but as if it just grew out of the ground. A natural haven for a people who truely are one with the great earth which gave life to the races which now live within it. Some times people forget this but the Ni do not. this is why the tree itself is connected to the earth to pay homage to the one who gave them the first chance at life itself. But more then this its connected as i Said before to gain and drain the natural energy from the earth,. Even though it does not harm the earth in any way shape or form. Making it a kind of symbiotic relation ship as nothing is hurt from it what so ever making it almost a godsend. But right now i need to explain the last part of the ni base which is probably one of the more important places within it.

The ni council room is located right under the first story. in a large root filled cavern. The cavern is lit by the glwo of the roots. which spark with interchanging information which comes and goes at random intervals making it somewhat of a irrergular place. A woodin raised root grove forms a table in the middle and roots which grew this way form the chairs of the shaman. And the aprentices must sit on the soft grasss beneath. One made for each element of the shamans. And the last is of a indiscernable element for Akisame who is of no real nature but all the natures at once. This place itself holds a special signifigance to the people of the ni. As it is the closest to the heart of the tree. And the most of its power can be felt saturating the air. This is where the ni go for council in dire sitiuations. For the purpose of understanding and enlightenment. this and many other secrets are within the ni base. Making it a wonderful place as it is a necissary one. Being a pure refuge for the ni.

Welcome to the NI HQ


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: NI BASE SUGGESTION.    Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:31 am


Yea, this is too damn long to be a board description. As such, I'm throwing this in archives for the time being until a summarized version can be made by him.


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