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 ASCENTION INTO THE DEPTHS- Further awakening of nue

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: ASCENTION INTO THE DEPTHS- Further awakening of nue    30/5/2012, 12:55 pm

I see youuuu

Come out and play

The place was decrepid.. It was the unmistakable ruins of the last great gremory seal.. From this place which was littered with the minor demons which used to live within. And without, it was the last place where the gremory history could be seen. The gaint seal which layed in it. was something different. Its sinister purpose reeking of a hot spot of death energy.. This place was the throne of the once high born demon blood line. Which fell unexplicably, to the point its name has been lost in legend and in fact. Soon things have been resurfacing the massive rot quantities here being enouhmous. To the point it was like a becon to all rot iramasha and could be sensed from miles away. The demonic energy still lingerd too running up and down.. This was a place which was of hell itself. .. The sacrificed demons.. and the seal which held nue's ancestors in check.. This was the place they had been sealed.. Chained to the earth to be reincarnated at the earths whim. It was a cruel fate but none the less.. It was something which had been done.. and was beginning to be undone.

In the center of it all is the great demon ghanta. Which was as tall as a mountain.. The great demon lord.. fell thousands of millions of years ago. Its head and body decaying in morbid states.. But this was not the thing which outline the area. the bones of the great demon loomed in the sky like a collosal monument to the last of this great and powerful bloodline. somethings never changed and some things did.. From this place was what was once lost.. and some things which would be found. Many things change and manythings had gone by. the land itself being now once proud having been reduced to a cursed anvil in the remotest regions. Where snow was all around was this last ruin of the demon's which once belonged to the blood line. Here would have been the last lingering aura of them too.. Something different.. Something that changes and grows.. Something which had awakened once more. ..

Nue's.. dream..:..

The sky was dark and gloomy as crows all around seemed to look at him cackling and growing from this place which was somewhat like the hell which was talked about so often. Fires and flames seemed to long to reach him each being the body of the dead.. And each having the power to drag him to hell through his dreams.. But something changed. as a light seemed to apear within the depths of the dream. A Tall man which had on a hood and a wolf like appearance to him.. The flaming spirits seemed to run at this,. as the man looked up grinning in the light. From this was the interesting feel of someone he should know but at the same time someone which had been gone for a long while. .. The man looked down.. slowly the grin spreading on his face being a real and placid one not one which was mock and fake.. Everything going on was strange.. he could not understand it.. What was happening?..

"..Come.. remember.. who.. you are..."... The voice echoed.. getting softer and softer.. As then the realm of sleep was taken as nue woke up sweating in the snow.. He was somewhere deep within the icy snow filled lands.. Where ? that was something he could not really judge from this fact and manner. Due to the way and the pull of the currents of energy around.. They where almost sickeningly high.. As something drew him closer and closer. To somethign which he felt like he should remember but at the same time did not remember. It was strange and weird almost.. It felt like dejavu all over again though this should be something which sounded silly when he thought about it. But the mroe he thought about it the more sensible it seemed. Nue trudged on.. something about this place was familiar but what.. And a pain in the back of his head kept getting bigger and bigger. Whilst this was going on, it was weird almost as if the world itself had changed and become something from another age. Another time.. If you will, Something which had importance and meaning within it that could not really be explained normally in any way shape or form.

As nue walked through the snow.. Something changed within.. he felt drawn to what seemed like a dark ruins.. filled with the stench of demons and something else which he could not really adentify. But the fact of that just made it more of an uneasy gut wrentchign feeling which usually came in demonic places of origin. Which undoubtedly was what this thing was.. It was strange and weird but for some reason he felt like he should remember it.. It was familiar in ways which he could not really even understand.. This place was of life.. and of almost like a home to him. It was a place which seemed to entice and bring him to wonder just where the hell and what the hell was actually going on in this world? But there was no answer to something like this.. For the world itself was different and new.. A world of sorrow and a world of life. A place to be remembered and loved.. But something about this was none of those.. But a place of sorrow... and a place of consuming death hate and demonic prescence.

Nue walked onto the stone area within the ruins. the place looked desolate as it was amazing.. Something about it.. just drew him in in ways that nothing should.. The world itself was one of oddity and vanity. But one of difference and awe.. This was one oif the things he felt.. right at the moment which he stepped onto something which caught his attention more partially then the other amazing things about it. The red dotted item which looked like a marking. Something which seemed to be there for some reason or another. Most things where you know. .. Now though as he looked down rubbing away the substance.. he stumbled back as the runes where made in blood.. the ancient object being a circle of some sort of seal.. As he stumbled back.. his finger ripped on a jagged peace of stone and the white blood which hit the runes caused some kind of reaction which he certianly was not expecting.. Not as the ground glowed the light seemingly coming up from the cracks of the tiles.. as demonic tainted nature energy flowed up within him.. as if it was his very own..

Nue looked down, his body now having felt like it was onfire.. An amount of energy consuming it being one kind of like agony but somewhat of rememberance.. Now slowly as his veins seemed to humm with the energy. .. It slowly had begun to be sucked intwards the seal itself slowly becoming different and almost it was decaying in each passing second as black liquid began to ripple from the ground forcing its way down the mouth of nue himself.. He had fallen on his knee's as simply put the energy had stunned him.. As eons of decay and dark elemental energy had begun to flow into his veins.. As quickly as it come it seemed to become part of him.. a peice of him he could not really live without.. Slowly now as a glowing coat of rot had began to show around him.. The cloak itself being like a torrent of unkept energy.. Which had slowly rippled outwards.. Scorching the ground and causing the strange feel of sickness yes.. but it seemed to form another barrier of protection.. Disinigrating some of an object on impact.. it created the flowing form of his tail and body.. as it literally rose from him..

Nue.. had looked up once blood running down his lips once more from the intake of energy.. His vision becoming clearer. as the world he knew seemed more fake and uneeded in the passing second.. Now slowly as he watched. he felt more alive then he'd ever been.. The world.. around him looked lush and vibrant like a tapistry which had been brought to life. For some odd purpose or another. But.. it also felt.. was more like it was a part of him then anything else... Odd yess. .But it felt normal in the fact of the manner its presence was one of defference.. A demonic tang slowly having slid into nue's body.. becoming one and the same with him.. Making it more of a addition to his rapidly changing body then something which had been forced apon him.. Slowly now.. though the world seemed to flash in a second causing him to tips and turn for a second..

Then as fast as it came with a dull boom.. It vanished the seal which had disinigrated seemed to explode outwards forming a dull ring of dusky silver in the sky as it spun once twice.. Maybe three times around before jettisoning upwards. This was strange yes but as it accelerated anyone who was near enough could have felt it.. It was something that was hard to miss.. As aswell the released souls seemed to launch up dissipating too into the once tranquil sky which now once more had become something like a storm above the once haunted manner.. From the rubble of the demon.. formed a pool.. this pool seemed as depless as as bottomless as tartarus.. But it seemed to be reflective looking back and up.. almost as if it was showing someone what they truely where.. But it was a portal of some sort this was clear enough. But to what? The was the real question.. As a gust of wind blew past making nues hair go in a wild kind of whipping motion.. He seemed to be able to smell.. the tang around him.. And something else he could not.. quite pin point.. ..

Nue Gremory Iramasha !


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: ASCENTION INTO THE DEPTHS- Further awakening of nue    4/10/2015, 11:34 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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ASCENTION INTO THE DEPTHS- Further awakening of nue
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