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 ANNIHILATION -vs- RAVANA (Exhibition/Spar)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: ANNIHILATION -vs- RAVANA (Exhibition/Spar)   Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:34 am

The winds sweeping cold concrete and desolate steel are tainted with the lingering characteristics of age and inactivity. The smells of life, flesh and activity are absent, his nostrils intake the unmistakable fragrance of rust and earth. Twisted steel and countless ornaments symbolizing a civilization far from it's peak, long having plunged into the bowels of decadence. Each and every step taken creates a small wafting plume of dust beneath his soles. To one who has been confined from life so long, to emerge and witness such a large representation of death---was jarring.

Onyx oculars slowly move from one corner of their sockets to the other. Where as some might gasp and wonder, he simply accepts and quantifies. He offers this place no empathy, no sympathy, he cannot relate. He in part doesn't care. In the earliest stages of his development and release he himself has lain entire civilizations low, it's only morbid curiosity and a task at hand that makes him afford this place even the slightest consideration. The Echo of the metallic strands of hair, confined within that massive pony tail dragging along the floor behind him could be heard afar----it's eerily quiet here. Devoid of EVERYTHING, even the sounds of life.

He'd come across an obstruction in the form of a car and delegate his hand the task of removing it. Outstandingly strong digits would seize hold of the car at the roof by the A pillar, gripping and contorting the metal under an outstanding rip and only a simple gesture, his outstanding physique, consisting of hyper-dense musculature makes paperweight of the 1.5 ton object that's sent sliding along it's side and into one of the buildings, where the sound reverbs for miles on end, and a thick plume of dust surrounds him.

His continuation forward resumes, and in time Aramand would be standing at the city's center.
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ANNIHILATION -vs- RAVANA (Exhibition/Spar)
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