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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: -THE ANGEL SERIES- [WIP]   Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:16 pm

/ / / V E S S E L S T O A N G E L H O O D




Shadin Yuudeshi
Zin Yuudeshi
Celia Yuudeshi
Haruko Yuudeshi
Seika Yuudeshi
Sharu Yuudeshi

Yayjuu Related

Unit 0-8 and 0-9
Unit 0-7 & 0-6
[0-5 and 0-5+]
Unit 0-5 and 0-4
[0-4 and 0-4+]
Unit 0-3 and 0-2
[0-4++ and 0-3]
Unit 0-1
Unit 0-0

Basic Information Section

» Name: The Angel Series
» Age: Three Years Old
» Gender: Male
» Tier: 0-2+
» If Applicable, Position: None.

» What Race: Genetically Modified Human

» Associated Character: The Yuudeshi Clan, The Yayjuu, Vizard Corps, Karakura Central

» Appearance:The Angel Series are a group of clones in the Yuudeshi Project that stand out among all others. One of the most colossal features about the Angel Series is that they are roughly sixty five meters tall in their height. This is because their genetic structure were modified by the Yuudeshi Project in order to deal with large waves of armies easily at first and because it gave them a much better base to work with as a weapon in general. Therefore, without their armor, they are essentially monstrous sized humans being that their DNA was mapped and based off of Shadin Yuudeshi's. Henceforth, when their armor was synced together and powered by their internal engines, a white, black and red color infused itself into the shield due to their Yuudeshi Heritage.

Moving on, it also appears that the Angel Series seems to have the functionality to have fully retractable wings that seem to have an extended tail piece. These are attached to their shoulders and appear to serve the function of dramatically heightening their speed in combat from the research logs in the Yuudeshi Network. Although they can levitate much like any other being of supernatural strength.

In battle, the units have been noted to carry around one piece of weaponry that resembles a spear sealed within a bulky, gray hued sword known as an "ooken". It appears to be a dual edged blade with a handle in the middle that seems to be utilized for massive damages across large areas. With this being the case, they can easily mend and shift it as they see fit to do between it's transformed states.

Lastly, in the center of their upper back they near the region of their neck, each Angel Series appears to have a chamber area where the pilots of these vessels are injected to prior to their operation of the units. This allows them to sync their thought patterns with the Angel Series, give them time to adjust to the creatures and ultimately become one with them for the duration they handle these weapons of mass destruction.

The Angel Series Recorded Habits

» Personality: For the most part, the Angel Series themselves aren't that sentient. While they have organic matter behind their armor, a large deal of their cognitive functions were removed or modified prior to their creation to subject them to the whims of the pilots or Yuudeshi Network. Though, an additional reason for this according to one of the scientist behind this project is the fact that most of the clones prior to the creation of the Angel Series seemed to have their brains implode. Being that the likes of Shadin Yuudeshi's power stems from the mind, it was reasonable to deduce the more their knowledge were removed, the better the chances for them being stabilized creatures were. Therefore, they have limited knowledge of their consciousness.

However, they seem to have a pack like mentality similar to a group of animals. For instance, if they were fighting against an opponent who seemed rather dangerous, they would circle in the air like a flock of birds before descending on their prey and going to battle with them. So it can be assumed that they are aware of enough to be able to work together as a functioning unit without the assistance of the Yuudeshi Network or their pilots guiding them.

Furthermore, they seem capable of enough to follow most commands issued to them either by the pilots, The Yuudeshi Network itself or Shadin Yuudeshi. An illustration of this trait in their personality would be if they were given a task to rescue people throughout a burned city. In par with this request, they would use the resources at hand in order to figure out the most efficient way to perform the operation. Rather it be by accessing the Yuudeshi Network to teleport them away, destroying the targets endangering them or doing complex search and recovery throughout the rubble; they seem to have these traits stored in their brain to do these intricate challenges followed by the machinery in their bodies assisting them.

The Angel Series also appears to be able to sense the displeasure of pain in varying reactions. During one of the trials in their conception, they were noted as hollering in pain when losing a limb by one of the observations to see how they would react to stress. Oddly enough, after the first time they've experienced this agony, some began to react in...adverse ways. Once the exercise was conducted again, some of the Angel Series appeared to take delight in pain as shown by an eerie smile or grin across their faces as the case with Units 0-4 and 0-3. Units 0-7 and 0-6 of Angel Series seemed to become angry and agitated by roaring, shouting and increasing their energy output. And the final pair, Units 0-9 and 0-8 started to show no expression at all as they seem to adapt to it.

Hence, what's more disturbing about their core is the fact that they seem to take delight in causing bloodshed and death. This was noted in one of their serial experiments where units 0-1 and 0-0 destroyed a large gathering of hollows, swooped down on their remains and devoured all of their flesh, organs and bones until nothing but a puddle of blood was left. All the while, during this event, they were seen grinning, smiling and cackling among each other. This was a rather unsettling find after that examination as they should not have been able to experience the emotion of thrill, elation and joy as signified by Unit 1's brief laughter. So it can be assumed that their consciousness is on par with that of a rapid, flesh eating creatures akin to Hollow or rapid animals and Demon's when left to their own devices. And the more powerful they become, the more...human-like expressions they appear to receive in the cases of Unit 00, Unit 01 and Unit 02.

The finale documentation of this is that during one of the final experiments of the Angel Series Project, Unit 01 seemed to become briefly sentient and had the urge to project Seika after she had been rendered unconscious by a freak accident where her mind was temporarily out of sync with the Unit. This resulted in her taking some bodily injuries within the cockpit, and Unit 01 was noted as giving some of it's energy to heal her and roared at the other units to stay away from her as they were forced to back away during this operation.

The Recorded Data: Enter Their History

» Brief History: One or more paragraphs on how the character came to be. Have they been through any hardships? How did they come across the PC they are associated with? What is their goals

The ACU's Powers

» Yuudeshi Network Connection: Being that they were apart of the Yuudeshi Project, The Angel Series have an automatic synchronization with the Network. This allows them to use most features associated with the Network and is how Shadin is able to control them if they are lacking in pilots that are capable of harmonizing themselves with the units. This is connection is achieved through the many sorts of antenna compressed within their body that allows them to pick up the signals of the Yuudeshi Network, or through the internal computing systems routing it's functionality to the location of the ACU Models.

» AT-Core: Standing for Artificial Core, this is a special device that has allowed the Angel Series to sustain itself far after taking mortal injuries. By gathering a dense collection of energy associated with the Yuudeshi Network, the AT-Core was infused into the ASU Models and made to infuse itself into their heart; essentially making it the central point of their being. Once this process was complete, they were able to achieve a state of rapid inventory in the fact they are constantly resupplying this energy within the engine with their own spiritual force or any fuel they can receive within the Network. Through this heavily rooted core that has synchronized itself into the physical structure of their entire being and the coating of armor compressed around the Angel Series body, they are then able to regenerate themselves by feeding nano-machines this source of energy from the AT-Core; which in turn will start the process of sending commands to these nanobots with the information they've retained on The Angel Series's structure to rebuild their body and formerly destroyed parts.

This regeneration can stem from lost limbs, decapitation, destruction of organs, critical damage to their armor and even being able to withstand having a majority entire body destroyed. However, this is all provided that their AT-Core is not destroyed as the nanomachines within them will retain every ounce of memory prior to their destruction, but if they are damaged or lack the energy to do so then the Angel Series will be deactivated. Furthermore, in critical circumstances, it may take time for the Angel Series to rebuild themselves. Generally, the lower tiered Angel Series will have a longer time trying to recover themselves, while the strongest will have high-speed regeneration at the cost of putting strain on their body if they are repetitively under fire. This means that even if they are able to reform themselves, after awhile, some of the Angel Series Unit's will stop their activation due to placing too strain on their body and soul and may retreat or be recovered by the Network; and it makes the only surefire way to kill them would be the impaling of the AT-Core itself.

One of the primary drawbacks to this, however, is that if they are without this wireless syncing of energy throughout the Yuudeshi Network, or are unable to fuel themselves naturally with their own spiritual force; then they are dependent on the constantly being forced to refuel via a battery near the base of their spine. It has emergency reserves stored long enough to last roughly fifteen post before they are needed to be refueled. This refueling process can be achieved through any sort of energy they can amass and is then inserted into this battery to be purified, filtered and converted to continue their operations. If they are unable to find a suitable source, then the unit will deactivate.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: -THE ANGEL SERIES- [WIP]   Wed May 14, 2014 2:28 am

Moving to archive

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: -THE ANGEL SERIES- [WIP]   Fri Mar 13, 2015 4:07 pm

This app is very old now. It's getting archived. You can unarchive it HERE!

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