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 Sanguine - WIP

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sanguine - WIP   Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:47 pm

Basic Information

- Name: Sanguine
- Titles: (Does your character have any sort of special title rank, nickname or alias?)
- Gender: male
- Appearance Age: 6
- Age: currently unknown 200+
- Affiliation/Rank: uknown

- Appearance Description:



- Personality:

Innocent: Sanguine, is found to be a rather innocent individual having only known bits and peices of his past. From this fact though many things about him are unknown and he does not know much about the world which is around him.

Playful: He is playful and rather strange but other then this he can be found as one of the few people which can always be up for a game depending rather on what or when even simply how the object has come to pass.

Amnesia: Sanguine has amnesia. From the tramatic and ill fated incidents as when he was a human, These surface up when hes in times of serious stress or agony. And they can trigger a partial for a quick period of time awakening of dormant powers which lay buried within.


Background History

- History: Most of his history is speculative and at best is a mystery. But from the time he had been on earth, for the most part he was a run of the mill person with nothing real to do. but most of the time, he could have seen things which particulary could have not been explained. Natural ocurrences which changed and fluxuated on the needs and the differences of what happened around him.

You could say for the most part, things where pretty normal for the kid who's life was obscure and hard to remember.

When he died, he did'nt know how, all he saw was a explosion and then blackness, he then light once more, This was around when he found himself a soul which had appeared somewhere well. exactly this was the best way to explain, somewhere was something which fit where the fuck he was quite nicely. A endless exspanse which had nothing then on the horizon the feeling or the site of buildings which gave way to pavement..

From here could be seen who knows. but all that happened was he walked forward and forward. This life was something new, but it all amazed him . Which was true. But at the same time the question of the matter was. "Who the hell am i"..


--------------------||||||Sanguines Human life File : Serial code ///1221//:3e3134///||||--------------------

..Sanguine as a human, never lived long. But the problem of where he lived was it was a area full of afew key things. Hookers drugs, Death riots. Hollows everything the fuck wrong in the general area of Manhatten. It was the world of the drug lord, and the gun. Two things which goverened, the lives of so many;Funny really since if you think about it, the gun goverened everything in the human world. It was this place which he had found himself to become. To be found and to be had, most of the problem was his dad, The drunk who never shut up. And his mom, the skank of the century. Sanguine was not what you would consider , A “Wild child”.. But he still was odd in his own way none the less.

When he was born, he had been conceived in the back of a meth lab, on the back of the glass shattered floor. Not a pretty sight to have been had I know, But it was what the fuck it was. He had been born at 5 pounds 11 ounces, a light baby if you could have known him back then, He was small and fragile. So easily broken.

Years went by, and he had been subjected to the common monstrosities of the time, His mom the hooker was always on job. The sad part is she usually brought her work home, which resulted in many hours a day ; Of churning bodies and banging headboards walls and squeeking bed springs. Generally though it got the bills payed that’s what really mattered to everyone and everything at this time. From this moment though Sanguine once had asked his mom
“..Why is that stranger here”..

The sad part was the stranger, had heard of this, and then proceeded to beat Him, First lightly but, he had a hickory cane he had brought as he was disguised as a cripple. So then the crack of the cane and sanguines screams where prominent the whole time this had been going on. Screams like a finger nail on a chalk board. Loud and deafening, To the point he had been bleeding and unconscious by the time the assailant had been done and left. That day he had went hungry, as the client had refused to pay. Under the reasoning of “Your snotty ass brat would’nt stop screaming”.. Funny thing was everything here was true through and through but. Still, As he grew up, to the age of five he met his dad. Needless to say the encounter was nothing special.
His father, was a-typical druggie with a taste for cheep whisky and more hookers then he could finish off in a year. It was a sorry site.. But the fact being, that the kid literally had watched his father and mother afew months later, As they had ; Sadly enough made enemies of the yakuza, Gotten beaten to death infront of his eyes.

The yakuza had torchered his parents for three days straight before spitting in his face, and sewing his genitals to his ass crack, yes you heard me ; Gentailia to ass crack. But atleast they did’nt kill him. Now the kidd had been alone hungry and fucked to shit.. When he had been thrown in a garbage can. The next day he was still unconscious. And died.

Lets just say the fact was, The garbage compressor did the favor the yakuza could not. Giving him a death which would free him from the horrors of his living life. Not to say the trauma did not affect this child though. As it sure as fucking hell did, Many nights as a soul before purifying he had cryed his eyes out. But soon he had forgotten it. All his bad feelings syphoning into a alter ego. Which had died when he was purified.

He was found in harlem and purified in 2034 yes harlem, not in Manhatten, but none the less he was purified and then his memories inexplicably vanished. He had then been in the soul society.. But not quite where he could be found.
---------------------------END OF ARCHIVE------------------------------------------------------------


Background History
- Reiatsu Color: If released it looks like millions of pin needles exploding and sparing around him like static.

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Onima

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: It looks like a mirror image of Sanguine

- Inner World: It looks like a white expanse without a beginning or a end. Generally the changes within look strange and are a day to day occurance.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : It looks like a white aura which is around him. Generally it can be seen by the static vibrating feeling when another can be found touching him. This is generally but not secluded to some basic natural affects which arrise from this situation.

The Zampacto’s properties are like a second skin, But they have more or less the same property; as is shown in the move known as shatter. The move shatter more or less, is augumented into this, but gains some interesting twists from the raw energy concept within it.
Energy itself is tricky within this faze as the zampakto is constantly being shattered and then reforming from , the same way if a attack of energy hits him it shatters. So does the field of his zampakto shatter itself. But this is partially why the behavior of this zampakto in its sealed or dormant state. Either one, depending on how you think about it, can be so versatile and unique. From this standpoint, the unbalanced but constantly shifting state of this Veil is the most useful aspect of him in general.
When acted onto by a outside force, The veil is hyper sensitive to such things right?. . So it acts kind of like a relapsing force, it will using its constantly shifting make up to its advantage. To attack with he degrading pin needle like property of it, but as well at the same time hold it back to a distance, By the same property that is used against it. This distance is only the membrane just outside his body, and it glows in a 3meter circumference of him in different manners. Being this is the zampakto, it though behaves slightly strange when in contact with objects of spiritual power and what not.
It has a kind of outside force enabling it to be acted apon but at the same time, It has affected the body in ways which are useful and at the same time can be not so useful. But for the most part these, work to help and protect in prolonged periouds of time. But at the same time can be a hinderance and because of it. It also adds to the reason he cannot use bakudo in any way shape or general form to be blunt.

•Slight regenerating boost: The fact of how the zampakto is shielding or surrounding if you will ; Just depending on how you look apon it really. Has the slight affect of adding a low to moderate healing faze. Which may not be much but is enough to mend wounds shut, as the property of the zampucto is to keep out and to heal and protect its master or living body within it. This is why its basically so useful but this mending is compared to a adept regeneration of a low ranking arrancar. Its not much but still. It can be pretty useful when all is considered.

• Elemental possession: This part of its natural quirks is kind of strange. Being it can manifest or posses in a sense the power of a given element. As is shown right now, in his sealed state this zampucto has presented itself with the manifesting property of sound. Which it does behave and act like sound in generality and make up. Of the move set; And not to mention the essense of it itself. The way this quirk works is pretty simple, by instead of exerting all the power into a outward blade, it enveloped the shimigami apon creation and rather in a odd manner presented itself as a possessive field of sound. Which is part of why the shatter ability is avaible in this latin form.

•Dormancy: The problem with such a potency of his zampucto, is the fact is generally lays dormant within him, the abilities which are presented. Only arise when in times of extreme stress, And even then they will harm him as much as the harm is done to the other or what ever is affected by the outbreak. This is generally why the generating boost is such a god send in this particular situation. Being from the fact of it being as it is, The thing hurts him as much as it helps him.

•Damaging: The other reason its not often out, is that it is damaging to his body even though it works so great, After 6 turns he would essentionally loose all feeling and use or motor control, Of his limbs. This is why the zampacto lies dormant within him. Its strong yes, but it can severly hurt him as much as it would harm the other person. So in this manner it is kind of like a double edged blade; Even though it is a good dormant state, it hurts him as much generally as it helps him.

•General Super sonic speed: When the dormancy is awakened ,Due to the acceleration properties of the zampacto. Even in its sealed state it can boost the user to the capability of being classified in the speed realm of. Super sonic, in this manner it is useful but the problem is once its dormant all that damage would be harming and immobilizing. Since the muscles are untrained to this. Even if the potentional is there. Nothing is stopping it from seriously harming the person in general.

•Particle damage: From each individual particle of sound possessed, it has manifested with a sliver of the sealed zampacto, While this is useful; you probably are wondering how this could cause remotely any damage. Well it does do in a simple but efficient manner. The hollow centered needle like blade shards of the zampacto are vibrating at very potent speeds as they are moving, These particulates then, apon contacting the veil. Literally are puncturing into the skin over and over. Leaving holes which allows more of the destructive particles to follow. Generally after a period of two turns of general contact. One would begin to bleed from the pours and the skin underneath would look a dark red shade.

• Subconcious attraction: When the power manifests it usually does so when hes subconsciously in peril or knocked out. This is why generally he is different in his sub conscious then his conscious. Which leads to such a different skill set.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

Hyper Awareness: The way he sees things is slowed down, meaning he grasps many details at once without knowing or meaning to observe of them.

- Is unable to control abilities below yet -
These powers are usually and generally sealed unless he snaps and ulteriorly he becomes basically unconcious this happens for a post or two until he passes out.

Shatter level 1: Basically the power to upset and destroy reistu and energy attacks at the source. His energy works to pummel the components which hold the attack or the bonds of the attack constantly. This allows for the illusion of the item shattering. From this the unwinding Reistu is rendered useless by literally ripping it to shreds. by doing this, it also has the affect of rendering the attacks useless if its indirectly around him the reishi will shatter for the most part. Due to aswell the attack becoming pushed apart thinner and thinner the closer it gets to the users form. Thusly it will force it apart like something shattering on the inside. From this is the feeling of an object which will just simply blast apart. It behaves as such from the concept of forcing the object apart over and over, until it gives in, constantly bombarding it till simply in short, the attack cannot hold itself together anymore.

This can also in essence work by making the energy in the attack over a long perioud of time progessivly become more and more unstable due to the nature his energy itself works. Causing it to ultimately have that affect of shattering. It works due to the fact it has a very unstable nature and this is why it reacts so effectivly.

Energy Quantity/Affectiveness: Ok so now that you know the concept basics, there are afew things i should point out. The first of these being that you know the saying the bigger they are the harder they fall? Well the way this works is somewhat the same. in the matter being the more energy the foe has, or just is around him in general , attributes to a greater affectiveness from the attacks. In a basic manner of it. In a round about way aswell, the greater the exerted outward energy there is, the more violently and quicker the destruction of it is. So say, you have someone who trys to overpower the area around a person with energy? Well in this sense due to the shattering contact basis of this technique. It will cause the exerted energy to be shattered by disrupting the amount of energy that is bonding the energy in itself.

Ok here's and example: You take a floating particle right?.. Now, this is hard to fracture. But say we get a group of them?.. It becomes much easier to shatter and break correct? Well that is part of the way you could say this technique works itself. Through quick expanding discharges that happen all the time, Which will cause on contact a forigien or clumped substance to begin to shatter or break down. Since while multiple particles usually are docile , the opposite affect can be true aswell. Exibited here each individual Particle is Moving and is shapped alot like a thin blade. It is useful since at the high speeds it can be found moving. The exibihited energy is able to be sliced through and thusly can be shattered with ease.

Ok Now what if its something like a arrow or sharpened attack you ask?. Well say lets take for instance a quincy's arrow right? Now say this comes in contact with the thin accelerated particle?. Ok now since the accellerated particle is so thin and sharp it will slip between the bonded reishi and slice right down the middle. Following the bond links between them. Which would the exit less then a split second later. Thus the object could then if you will Explode and then simply disperse to the point of it becoming rather anoying for the user, but harmless in any other given form.

Ok so there's the over all concept of how this ability works . But what does it physcally do you may find yourself wondering. Well Thats what we will get to next.

Hardness Ratio/ Affectiveness: Ok now you have learned how it behaves with reistu, and energy in general but, The difference between physcal attribution and the energy side are quite different in concept and in deployment. So now this part is found on a thin layer which is stretched acrost the skin membrane of his skin. This layer is moving constantly with the force of individual Thin acellerated objects which are in a stasis state. But ok once a object which lets just say that is deemed harmful comes in contact with the skin. The Built up kinetic within the tiny individual molicule is focused then discharged into this object. Which then will cause the loosening of the bonds. But there is a catch, the harder the object or deemed harmful thing is. Generally the latter of the two, the more affective this works in actuality.

But say if the skin is soft? Well then it would not work as well being this is ment to cause tiny fractures within hard objects. Once a object which is iron clad like say a arrancar has been hit a tiny circle forms on the spot it was struct. And once a triangle is formed from three different strikes the next part would simply come in.

Heki: Known as break its pretty simple to understand between the three spots the weakened area is then bombarded with a triangular wave of the indiviual molicules which would result in it shattering.

Super Sonic Sound Potentionals:

As with carried in vibrative wave lengths which usually have the potentional to generate sound and vibrations. He has been seen and veiwed to have a high affinity for such matters. Being when he's either Upset or generally alarmed. From the mannerism of this, can be generated impulsive waves of uncontrolled sound. Generaly if he's upset Mostly the usual result will be a exspansion of untapped energy which will Rip Outwards in a keening and more over destructive dog whistle like wave. Results of this generally can be limited or found to Having Or more over obtaining and or resulting in the problematic wave which can cause the ground to explode inwards and other general affects like it.

Zwei Zendo: This is why his feet and hands are always obscured. Since from the same substance considered by the molicules is the fact of his extreme speed. As his body may not be durable. Nor strong But The fact he can momentairly accelerate his body at a given moment, from this increases the change of the force which is exuded.

Ok for an definition of this skill it can be simply called : "
The partial or full body immersed acceleration of movement or force at a given focused point. "

Basically what it does it increases the speed which is being traveled. And from this is the key force generated. By accelerating he can momentairly move if in small movements at roughly mach 3 or 4 speeds. Though this is due to the quick acceleration of the molicules hes in contact with, this speeds him up then allows him to basically move at a much much faster rate then previously expected.

Sonic Projection level 1 : When seriously stressed the concept of a projected bone like armor forms around his body, Though the problem of it is it causes his eyes to bleed and a serious amount of Energy to be used so usually after manifestation it causes the user to pass out and then become basically useless there after. This move itself erects around the user in a projected form of a bone like banshee creature. Though it seems see through its erected of fuck strong amounts of Highly vibrating singular particles. The only difference is instead when impacted the person or persons attacking are Basically assaulted with Hundreds if not thousands apon thousands of tiny micro Particle blades which are expanding outwards at super sonic speeds. The fact of this aswell the nuetrality and manner it functions makes it unable to be absorbed and shattered by ulterior means.

When the sonic projection is in play it basically will act as the armor which will surround and protect for up to 2 turns at level one. Any more it causes him to pass out and basically become unconcious for the remaining part of the thread. But until the fact of this starts. it will be used much like a armored vassal which can be manifested in seperate formating But when its in affect he remembers nothing of what and how the thing in question is working or starting

Img of when its in action is below.

This is a full manifestation of the powers above. But from the fact of how it works, its highly versitile and does'nt in actuality really block a movement as its happening but more or less. It will slice the attack into many ribbons depending on what is needed or what in actuality is being used and or. In this manner behaves just like shatter itself.

Partial Manifestation level one: In this sense the general concept, of this bone like slicing armor, basically can be partially manifested as a rib cage. But in this manner, it does not have sentience and or ample protection of the body and or the idealistic make up of the body itself. Generally this can hold for around roughly 3-4 turns Before he looses conciousness . This is due to the manner he is. And more over how that works in general. But other then this the concept stays the same throughout the whole, well the most part of the move itself.

Picture of partial manifestation below:

Tengan Traits:

Sahasara Path (सहस्रार, Crown

This is one of the main paths that he could be found to be using. When in deployment the path is much like Nagato’s Universal push and pull. It allows to a point the manipulation offcentering and even to a point. The bending of gravity and reality. This uses a large sum of energy, But the fact is it is used and manifested as a outward fluxuating force, which offcenters gravity and allows for the quick motion of reversing or expanding the force which is usually held in check. Once used it will allow the user to do something such as exploding the ground to even sucking a object forward. This is used most commonly in the manner of not exspansion or Pulling the object inward, But as a inner veil which is expanded and contracted. This veil allows for the offcentering off a attach by 3feet on either side of the user. Even allowing the manipulation to displace the general mass of the user to generate feats such as Walking on air, but in actuality is done by messing with the gravity directly contacting him, and then asfixiating it to a certain level allowing for the feats to seem real. The make up of this is explained below. In the key dotted lines.

[i]•Direct contact gravity manipulation: This is how he can defy gravity doing insane stunts, Such as floating upside down, And even to the point, causing affects of insainly heavy gravity to avoid his direct area completely. This is done by manipulating and messing with the conflicting elements. But other then this part which is passive. The mannerism of how it works is generally unknown. But what is known, is the involvement with the direct contacting elements that associate with the conception of gravity. Such as air pressure ext. This can only be used on Sanguine himself but can be used in rare cases on npc’s and so forth.

• Light manipulation: This grants the user to a slight degree, a control over the working of Light and the conception from it. This comes with the fact of how it works defying and direct contact wise. Affecting gravity. This is shown by a quick static which spreads over the user. It works for only 1 post and faids, But what it does it causes the users form to have the light asfixiated to the previous area they where, while bending the light around there form for this turn. And basically hiding their own signature. Making it look like they are there. This is just a general Mirage and cannot hurt another person though.

• Slight Force control: This is subtle but useful in its own manner. From the fact of how it works in its underlying components. It uses the direct contact against gravity to manipulate a barrier of high outward moving gravity on either side of him. This allows for attacks within three feet to if they are traveling under mach two. To be offcentered and moved on either side of him by three feet. This only works 50% of the time though.


This is the signature technique of Sanguine . This ability is constant, meaning is is always on, and the only way to turn it off is to gouge Sanguines own eyes out. This so much isnt a technique or ability, as it is part of Sanguine himself.Sanguine can see through solid objects, as well as see Spiritual Energy in a pure form, meaning a human would be rather dim, and a powerful being like another arrancar would seem completely blue and glowing. This doesnt mean he cant tell what people and objects look like, its just he can also tell the exact amount of spiritual energy in a persons body. He can also distinguish peoples' exact species from one another. As in, if someone was even 10% demon,Sanguine would be able to sense it. Sanguine can also see through any darkness, even those that are abilities of enemies. This makes him seem like an all-knowing sage being.

Absurdly high Reistu: Oddly enough another trait which had carried on is a absurdly high reistu signature. As when it is fully released. It can be seen To basically explode outwards compacting the ground around him down around 70 feet. In an area of 400ft. But the strangest part of all is that his reishi keeps the same properties of shatter. Which makes it extremely odd indeed.



Phantom Tech

- PhatomTech: (Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

- Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

- Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)

Note: If you don't want Phantom Tech, just REMOVE the sections.


Skill Sheet

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

General Skills

Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


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First, your history is F@$#ED UP.

Second, Just... no@Rinnegan, I see nothing from gin in your entire application allowing you to have it

Third, application is more than 2 weeks old and is subsequently being sent to Old WIP. If you want it back, just say.


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Moving to archive

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Sanguine - WIP
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