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 {MISSON/PRE-EVENT} Wanted Alive! Hanako is the Prey!

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: {MISSON/PRE-EVENT} Wanted Alive! Hanako is the Prey!   Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:28 pm


Considering that Shizuo sacrificed his life for nothing, Hanako was forced to flee to avoid being suspected of being the one leading the attack that killed four Iramasha Guards.

How can I be that blind as to not predict Shizuo idiocy? I can only curse my carelessness and hope that Koichi would find a way to revive him. I can definitely remember the time I was hauled into the dreary prison where my hands cannot find a lock or there was no guards with the keys. I can even find no luck in having a temporary relief of freedom like the prisons on Earth would have.

Hanako stands at the grand hall of the palace located in Eden. With celestial mosaics of silver, gold and marble reflecting from the passive daylight, there are no torches anywhere in the palace as it even shines brightly in moonlight. Before her was the throne where she sits as the Queen of the Children of Vohlis and where her father, TelcinVohlis used to sit to view the people's daily lives. As she thinks, she walks to the throne, where a bag of memorabilia is resting by its foot.

What just happened there? Assassin? I must be coming at a terrible time and they thought I was an enemy. First was the blacklisting out of the blue, then I was called an assassin; maybe my only chance would be to collect my gears from the armory and find my bike. I remembered dropping it off at the mechanics at Megumi Square. Probably by then, I'll be able to make my run to the outskirts or the forest to hide until Koichi could find me. What bothers me is how that busty knight shown genuine signs of fear when looking at me as I looked at her; even before I used the Delori Particle Aura I learned from Malcolm. Maybe she was involved in the situation I was in somehow.

Hanako kneels by the bag and examines the album, the children's toys and more that she saved from the destruction of her pub. The teddy bear that Alice loves, the lego set that InuYasha plays with since Christmas. Hanako can see her past replaying as a little girl, she was like Alice without the powers. Unfortunately, Hanako's life was harder than what Alice would have. Hanako lost her mother and her father was a surrogate who cares only for her to be "bride-material" for her real father to sell her off for alliance. She embraces the teddy bear close and sits at her throne. Back in her childhood, she was given a teddy bear for her birthday from her friend, which happens to be the delinquent man that she dated before the delinquent was killed by an assassin sent by her surrogate father. Now that teddy bear was burned with her beloved nanny in her old bedroom in a mansion in Osaka, Japan. Alice's teddy bear is still with her this time and like her promise to her children, she will not let it go out of her reach.

Shizuo, you idiot. Can't you read that I was sarcastic about destroying my pub? The pub is all I have on Earth other than the children. Furthermore, I did not want you or Malcolm to follow me; now things are more complicated thanks to you. Luckily mental energy is separate from body and soul, so it can ignore spiritual and physical resistances, otherwise I would be overwhelmed before Koichi would come. Wait...Koichi is not there with the knight. That's...unlike him to be hanging in the sidelines like that. Something is definitely wrong.

Hanako stashes the teddy bear into the bag along with the others and picks up the bag. With the plan to head to Megumi Square to collect her hoverbike, Hanako approaches the gateway out of Eden's palace and she begins to hear multiple footsteps of heavily armored people coming her way. The sound of it was new to her since she never heard them at all since the time she first arrived in Eden. Hanako turns around and notices a band of six orcs, one armored troll and a horseman in light, yet heavy armor, eyes glowing green and a sword clutched in his hand. His person is unidentifiable as a human as the shadow was painted all over his flesh. "Who are you? Seeing you brought your friends, you're intending to use force when given the opportunity." Hanako speaks to the horseman. "Insightful, but disappointingly dull. I merely wished to protect you by offering you my cohort." The horseman replies. "Alternatively, I can send myself out and give you the intel necessary, my liege."

Something is not right. Judging by the emblem, they belong to the Demon Maggot Army, my father's army. If my Roman is on the mark, he is sixth. Strange I cannot read his memory, so he is not related to me at all. My intuition bids me to flee because he will be too much for me at this rate. I cannot trust him either... That's right! He intends to keep me in Eden!

With the sheer will of her mind, the gateway behind her opens up to a random location in Karakura as she lifts her right leg widely and swings it around a near one-eighty turn to the left. What comes from her kick was a wave of black energy with a red glow rushes out to the cohort and the horseman. While the wave distracts the cohort, Hanako rushes into the gateway, never knowing where she would be in Karakura Central. All there is to do is to survive and avoid capture until she gets her gears from Megumi Square and Downtown Karakura.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: {MISSON/PRE-EVENT} Wanted Alive! Hanako is the Prey!   Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:22 pm

I am here

deal with it


while in the vicinity from a previous fight, something had attracted auro's attention, something he thought he would not be able to feel or sense .. but it was strange.. . human.. Or for the most part was. At the moment though Auro had allowed his full demon form to slip, Trying to see.. what this was was quite tricky when you thought about the fact he had just had his other leg blown off. With persperation and for the most part a stumbly way of moving he had made his way to where he had generally sensed the disturbance.. It was a wild guess.. but he had shouted out two words.. Since the second he had died.. he would'nt admit it but he for th first time.. He felt alone...


Auro had shouted this as loud as he could as stated before but, now wobbling he lost his balance and was sent sprawling, his hands thrusting out , generally towards the ground to catch himselve before he fell and hurt himself. It was a bother having lost a leg but still.. it was generally something that happened and would continue happening so.. It was what it was and there was no use crying over it now.

So as he was laying there he remembered how he died and lived. The good and the bad and it was enough to make him want to cry. He had a purpose then but even then it was the one thing that kept him going. But what did he have now that he was dead?.. Well the answer was not one which would be easy to come by or figure the fuck out. But What was known was he would figure out what he could do.. And not to mention.. not give up it was unlike him to even do anything remotely this sappy or this stupid , He was not one to punish himself over something which happened in the past. But here he was lying face first in the ground one leg gone to the hip, and his other having foulded and was looking rather the same. His face covered in blood. And everything in the world he knew he was beginning to doubt.

While he was contemplating by himself, he would have been seen breathing in and out, in deep panting breaths, his eyes which glowed yellow being for the first time ever. Shadowed with the feeling of doubt; What had happened to the fearless person which used to be within him, the one which had in the line of fire, caused himself to willingly sacrifice himself for the cause?.. Well multiple people where wondering the same thing within him.. It was sad and sickening that he had been lowered to such a miserable state. To feel so alone and useless.. what could have driven him to do something like it.. All he had done.. up till the second he died.. its not that he regretted it, he was quite happy, he would have not had his life go any other way. But still the shadow of doubt lingered and clouded his judgement. He lacked the resolve he once had.. the humanity he once had.. Was he truly a monster after all? .. It was hard to say for sure.. but maybe he actually was..

“..Stupid stupid stupid.. You let yourself doubt in yourself.. get weak because of it. What the hell is there that Is lacking within the world.. .Within this void in my heart.. It’s a hateful thing which brought nothing but despair and doubt into my world.. Something new and something different yes.. But why now?.. Why did all this have to happen now?.. why ..did I have to start doubting myself.. my limits my expectations.. My morals. I should not have given up.. my soul gave birth to something strong.. Yet WHY do I still feel so weak.. So alone and desicrated, What the hell am I missing which has driven me to this “..

I had shown compassion.. maybe that was my problem.. But hanako.. hanako never abandoned me did she?.. Wait if she did’nt.. why am I here. And not with her.. WHY WHY DAMNIT WHY.. god this makes no sense to me… What the fuck.. happened to me.. this is sickening.. sickening.. I let my emotions get in the way of my job.. And I died.. SO WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY still haunting me so much.. So much desicration.. So much anger and sin.. .. It was like the life he had lived and dutifully had followed to the death was coming back to haunt him.. From what had this world done which had caused such pain and madness .. It was not fair.. Not fucking fair..

In the last seconds.. every time.. He vaguely seemed to remember hanako had always been walking away. .Ditached and alone.. And he had always been the one who was stuck following always there and faithful.. Yet she had always tried to leave him behind.. IT MADE No fuckign SENSE ANYMORE.. nothing did.. yet why did the past always have to hurt so much?.. Why did the past always have to bring someone to there knee’s then shit on them again and again. .. Was it that life found this fucking shit funny?.. Did it want to break someone and then shatter them over and over again.. just to find some fucking amusement out of it?..

At this time.. the world was so different and old.. But everything always seemed to hurt.. it was the world which kept doing this.. to find something fucking funny about this.. Now.. slowly though coming to this realization.. he had began to push himself up to lean against the tree gripping the bark. While he contemplated. His eyes having become clear once more.. It was not the world which wanted to break him.. It was what he had become that was already broken.. Woefully incomplete.. Sad.. and hateful.. he needed to become .. how he.. was..
When he was truly unbroken..



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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: {MISSON/PRE-EVENT} Wanted Alive! Hanako is the Prey!   Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:13 pm

Sound Master, Yayjuu
Quincy Ziamachi

(WIP) Be done by tommorow. Anyone else that is joining may post over me since Zero will currently have not any effect on any other characterrs entering for the time being,

I'm never going to be a hero! But I'm Zero!
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{MISSON/PRE-EVENT} Wanted Alive! Hanako is the Prey!
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