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 [Iramasha] Future Alice :: From Another World [0-5-; HYBRID]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Iramasha] Future Alice :: From Another World [0-5-; HYBRID]   Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:12 am


• Name: Alice Yadomaru Iramasha : Simplified as Future Alice
• Age: 300 or so [looks 12-18]
• Gender: Female


• Personality: Alice seems to be a well meaning person : with a shifting demeanor, she seems to be often unsteady of opinion and taste. Actually, she seems to have a hard time making a defining statement : most of the time anyways. Alice herself is very shaky towards her own self : she's ever changing and shifting. But one thing is more then obvious, no matter what she does. Almost like a sheer lucky charm, Alice is pure. That said, the purity is of being, and person : no matter what Alice does, it seems she does it with a gentle sense of self. A peaceful self : something that shouldn't be considering her more then tragic past. It seems odd, but most seem to find Alice soothing.

In general, Alice is very yeilding and soft, being shy a bit, and not very much used to people. She seems to be a bit awkward, but has a large, dynamic energy. She has a bit of a trickster's gift, liking to make traps and well, getting people to fall for her tricks. Some might consider this manipulative : as enraging as it can be, Alice never means to harm. She's a bit loud and enthusiastic, but in general, her personality is a bit whacked. The girl herself has a hard time telling what's her or not : so it makes sense that it transfers into her actions. Eventually, she figures, she'll settle into a way of being : for now, she keeps her mind open for anything to happen.

Although, anyone that spends more then a day with her realize just how straight forward, and dedicated she can be when in love. And she loves the color pink for some odd reason.

Even with these traits, time has started to refine some more aspects. Namely, the demon blood in her veins : Alice seems to be keenly aware of it, more so then most hybrids. Perhaps it's because she's actually more demonic then pure-bred hybrids : not only is she a hybrid Iramasha from her father, but she also human with demonic blood from her mother. Her more demonic side of the blood is strangely sensual in nature : attractive and dark, it's like a wave of danger that is drowned in beautiful honey. Alice might seem flirtatious, even wanting : but beneath that exterior, as the demon blood takes hold, lies a very dangerous creature. This blood seems to become more active when predominantly demon-blooded or even demons are in her presence : it's like her blood is a demonic radar. Such was proven when she reacted strongly to Ketsu. Her demonic side seems to surface more strongly the stronger the demonic influence is : more dark oriented emotions seems to flutter to the surface easily, such as pride and vanity.

Otherwise, she seems to be refining a role as an idealist, and a sort of quiet person : keeping her distance. She has discovered an intense protection complex : since this is a new world, she'd rather protect it then be active in it. But also, she discovered she thirsts for power : exactly to what purpose, she isn't entirely sure other then she will find her place in this world, by force if she has to. Strangely enough, it seems like she has a bond with her other self - a twin like bond almost, but a bond of mostly communication, and bloodline. It also seems as some effects carry : strangely, a lot of F.Alice's negative emotions are disapearing, but she's not quite sure what it means yet.


• Background: Living gives everyone a meaning : Alice was supposed to be the last born of the quintuplets. However, she ended up being forth, protecting her sibbling even though harm could have come to her : it was selfless and that was Alice's first act by herself, before even being brought forth to the world. Her selfless action started a chain of fate that no one could stop : after all, no one had seen the strings in the sky move, and fate itself become terse. Alice was a new thing into the world, along with her sibblings : and life began with a difficult turn. Hanako succumbed to the demonic influences in her blood, and was consumed a mere year after the children's birth : taking none of the children, she disapeared off the face of the earth, to the fact that even Koichi could not find her. The children were perturbed, but Alice being the youngest female, understood immidiately that she would have to keep smiling. And thus she kept smiling : the pain of losing her mother buried to soothe her sibblings and her family. During this time, the children often were split up according to who was on watch duty.

It was during this time that Alice met her uncle, Azure Iramasha. In fact, the little girl spent as much time with him as possible : always laughing and playing, drowning in the endless love her offered her. Of course, her sibblings were loved to : but to Alice, it was special. Considering she always retired herself from the love of others, putting others before herself, the fact that she even allowed the pink haired male's love to wash over her was a surprise to herelf. Demure and well contained, Alice was a girl of elegance and gentleness : that spurred a lot of protecting factors amongst her sibblings, particularly to Inuyasha. Life seemed to go just fine : the children were growing at a rapid pace, influenced by their spiritual Iramasha side, and stemmed by their human side. It became quite obvious that Alice was powerful : her eyes of the sky seemed to speak of something extraordinary, unusual and more so special.

However, there was a problem : with these eyes, Alice could see it. The progression of the virus : infection, and then dormancy. But to her, these things didn't exist : this corruption didn't exist, as she let herself laugh and dance, playing with her family. She let herself play : until the infection started to wake. Seeing it wake, she ignored it : people got sick and died, and she didn't care, stubbornly refusing to see the symptoms and the cause. The world slowly descended into the pandemic : and then life got hard. All spiritual beings hid in their own dimensions : nobody wandered to earth, not even hollows, on the fear of death. However, it was too late : it took longer, but it became apperant that it had made it's way into the dimensions as well. By then, Alice knew : she knew it was her fault. She had seen it as it started : she had the chance to stop it.

The girl was around 20 at this time, and looked barely six. But without a single warning, packing her things, she disapeared into the night. She knew she was immune to what this was : but at the same time, she feared for her family, and yet foolishly clung to the pride that her family was also immune. This was a darker period : on Earth, there was rumors of the Night Demon, a figure that looked like the day sky that would come and end the life of those that sought unworthy. It was said that figure aimed for power : no matter the race. The fear of the virus still strong, this added fear was sending people into a frenzy : right into traps and destruction. In fact, Alice in this period of time, began to understand fighting in a way that was uniquely hers : she understood the darkness and looking for someone to end her pitiful existance. She didn't dare trust her family any longer.

The guilt of her actions was swallowing her, and more and more, she found herself getting closer to the pounding demon in her veins : she could feel herself lose to the beast inside of her. It was starting to win over her : Alice didn't care. If she lost to the beast, she would die right? There was this sinking feeling, as she began to wander the world : if she was alone, she didn't have to feel that guilt, that pain. And yet, it still bothered her : even in the loneliness. She could feel the beast snap more and more : the girl spent a good 30 years like this, hiding her Reiatsu and letting no one find her.

In fact, Alice was binding and caging herself with her own emotions, letting the fetters snap around her own being, her own thoughts. She was alone : until one day, she saw him again. Her eldest brother : the eldest of the quintuplets, somehow chanced a meeting with her. Initially, Alice attacked : she almost got the upper hand, but then the demon almost broke through, causing a lag in her very actions. And he took that chance, hugging her, he whispered how it was alright : even if she had said something about the infection, there wasn't much to do. That it was alright to feel sad and angry : he understood her just as much. It startled her, Alice's entire being relaxing for the first time. Similing at her brother, she considered his question of going back. And the very thought of her family, of being forgiven, was enlightening : her mouth opened to say yes.

However, she only found a metallic taste in her mouth, accidently swallowing it. Coughing, she caught her brother, feeling how heavy : and could only reflect on the scarlet color. That blood color, as her eyes narrowed and slitted : the demon broke free of the fetters for a few moments, as she snapped, intense. When she woke, she was bathed in blood, her brother's body in the middle, almost angelic. Without a second thought, she ran away, hiding her pressure : she sensed her father in the vicinity, and quickly took herself out of the area. She managed to keep herself hidden for a few years again, restraining the beast once more.

But that loneliness continued, filling her heart up with such a darkness. That's when her youngest sibbling found her : once day, accidently, as Alice was fighting against demons. The younger sibblign ran up to Alice : only to see too late the smirk and the glint in her eyes. Without warning, life was extinguished : and as the child lay dying, the Iramasha's senses returned, and with horror, watched that death, the sheer weight of what she had let herself become settling. The fear, the lack of strength to move forward : this whole time she had been running away from her fear, from her very own guilt! And although she wished for a better time, she couldn't move. That realization broke the girl, as she fled again : that was two out of her four sibblings lost. Her long strands flying into the nights and days, she fled for weeks, never staying in one place for more then two days : she was everywhere and nowhere.

Arriving in a town she was fond of as a child, the girl smiled, and strode happily. However, happiness wasn't on her side : the place was smouldering the deeper she went, screams and echoes of fighting. Fear paralyzed her : if she tried to defend, she would only become that demon. Shivering, she saw a small child, hiding behind a box, crying for their mother, her corpse on the other side. Alice's steps had stopped, and she was watching this child, even as they cried, powerless to stop the demon that slowly crushed it's head and devoured it. Her sky blue eyes recorded it : her mind understood it. The demon rejoiced : and Alice snapped, a wave of power pulsing over the area, all demons and hollows now looking towards a very pissed off Iramasha. The girl felt her own strength pouring in : the very scene she had seen was wrong. She should have stopped it.

Why then, if she didn't rise, would have her sibblings died for! Their deaths was scarring, yes, but she had to exist, she had to fight. She had to be Alice, not the demon in her blood, in her family! The girl's power wafted over the land once more, as she no longer cared to be hidden. There was a strength in the girl, in the tears that fell down her face : there was sorrow, but she had made the decision. She would stand on her own two feet, and go foward, and destroy this invasion, as the power blasted through her veins. She knew it wouldn't be long : and so with actions, decisive and swift, she ended the destruction of the place, the pulsing of her power almost like a beacon to her family. One by one they appeared : first Inu and then Azure. But the Alice they saw was not one they had seen last years ago.

There was a strength boiling, there had been a demon, and when her eyes touched on their face, that tired smile explained a life far beyond what they could know. At least, that's what it felt like to her : soon after, she collapsed, having used too much energy, falling into Inu and Azure's arm. ''Home.'' was all she could croak, before the darkness took her. And for the first time, she felt welcome to the darkness, no longer afraid. For she had conquered her demon, her impulses. However, she had seen something she wished she could have never : how far the progression of the infection was within Azure. That wrecked her heart in a way that no one could understand.

When she woke, she smiled happily, her fingers stroking through Azure's hair. He had been worried for her all night. Her smile stayed on, but became fixed as a strange woman came into the room. Alice knew immidiately from that gaze, that she and her uncle were together. Alice's movements had stopped, and she had closed her eyes, hopefully before the other could notice. Their discussion was simple : the woman roused him, and quietly pulled him to their bed, where definitely, things were happening. Alice felt the demon's blood rage in her, as she bit her lip hard. Her eyes turned to a darker color for a moment, as the rage and jealousy pounded in her veins. Slowly rising, she simply slid on a night gown, white in color. Her steps softly walked on the dark floor, the cold almost welcoming, as her strands of blue floated in the evening. Everyone was tired, she knew that much : she herself had not really needed sleep for a long time.

Steps echoed behind her, quite a few hours later. ''Alice?'' called the voice, as she turned, her blue eyes noticing the male. Her long blue strands fluttered, as she gave him a smirk, a glow in her eyes. ''Yes, uncle?'' she said, softly, leaning against the edge, her look slightly cocky, which seemed to throw off the male just a little bit. The male seemed to hestitate, and then approched her, touching the girl's forhead, as if to check for a temperature. ''You alright?'' he said, as the girl's eyes snapped open, that glow almost too powerful. Azure was strong, yes, but a surprise attack would catch anyone off guard, as the girl pulled him down to her, and kissed him full on the lips. It was several seconds, before she let him go, smiling that strange smile once more. Her uncle's face was cutely horrifed, as he backed up a few steps, before running off, as if to clear his thoughts. The girl simply laughed, the moon shining down on her. Twisting her head to look at it whilst facing inside, her eyes seemed to be luminous. The demon was still awake, just for now : just for now.

The next day was unevenful : so where the following weeks. But somehow, it seemed Alice had progressed the infection within Azure : he was getting weaker slowly and surely. When his partner had to leave for other matters, Alice promised to take care of it : it was evident that neither of the two spoke of that night, and still treated each other normally. But that was over : alone in the same room, that demonic face came once again, as Azure's fear seemed to return. It must have been strange, to see one's sweet, gentle niece become.. this sort of creature, as she advanced, giving him no chance. ''You know uncle, I've always loved you. And I was sure you loved me.'' she said, in between breaths and actions. ''But.. I think your kind of love towards me was never the dedication I wanted to give to you.'' she said, that dangerous smirk of hers slipping on once again. Her fingers were moving deftly, and he seemed stunned, paralyzed. ''Kind of sad for you to be defeated by your own neice.. or is it that you feel this way about me and don't indulge?'' she said, her laugh soft and dark, as she licked the side of his neck, leaving no marks.

''I won't get caught, and you won't give me up. You'll die soon anyways : the infection is too subtle for anyone to catch it before it kills you, Uncle.'' the girl said, her demonic blood stired, as she kept going, knowing he was under her grasp. ''So this is really good bye uncle. Don't worry, no one can save you from your own delusions.. like no one saved me from mine.'' she said, laughing darkly, even as bonds were forged : however, she remained a virgin. Why? Because there was no way the demon would give such a thing to a dying man. It was a source of power : the girl knew that much, as she cleaned all evidence, the man's laboured breath before her. As she stroked his head, the demon bled away, the horrors buried in the back of her mind, as he could only whisper the words goodbye and I love you. It was a peaceful passing : the tears that poured down Alice's eyes were a torrent.

That's when things began to seem worse : Alice withdrew into herself, into a dream world. She seemed to deny Azure's death, the word bringing no emotions other then love in her : the mere mention of his death was retorted with angry words, and arguements. Soon enough, it became evident that Alice would not subscribe to reality. In fact, she seemed to ignore as the infection seemed to spread to people that were immune before : as if it had mutated. Invasions, rebellions : chaos smacked the worlds like nothing before, and Alice unaware of it in her lost world, wandered out into the midst of a battle. She seemed to be miraculously untouched : but soon enough, all forces became focused on the girl that seemed to deny this very world. In fact, their hate was drawn by something : her very file of Reiatsu was almost exactly the same to the infection.

Without warning, people turned on her, and tried to attack her. His instincts wild, Inuyasha burst in, fighting. Protecting the sister that seemed to deny reality, each shout of pain, and blood splatter of the male seemed to bring more and more light into Alice's eyes : and soon, he was felled, falling at her feet. The remaining of the armies looked at the girl, as she seemed to stare at the corpse for the first time, her fingers touching the brown hair, caked in blood. ''Live.. Alice... I .. love you.'' words that burned into her mind. Words that caused a scream, and another burst of power. The girl destroyed everything within a certain radius : it seemed the key to her powers were emotions, as she began begging, to every force out there : good, evil or neutral. She promised them the world, in exchange for her loved ones back : her screams seemed to make the world shake, the very words disconcerning to some, as it finally took Koichi out of his stupor to come see what was going on. Watching his youngest daughter with his last son dead in her arms, reality seemed to hit hard.

Her fingers curled tightly around the body, and it took Koichi a week to pry her off : took him a month to get her to speak again. By then, her sister was with her, holding her hand, as they stared at their last brother, their father, grandfather and last uncle beside her. Kabuto was there as well, as Alice could feel the guilt crush her again. It was stiffling, she thought : it was something beyond that she wanted to feel. But the infection : something was causing it, was bringing things to a dastardly life, as her fingers curled. With a movement, she cut off the remaining ties between the hesitance, and her fury. The demon blood no longer controlled her : with a firm fist, she controlled it, as her eyes flashed. ''I won't let it do this anymore.'' she said, her determination strong. The fact that only Azure had been infected amongst their family was amazing : then again, Azure's woman, whom had come back, had been a carrier, and his high exposure to fluid transfers.. well. The most surprising part it seemed that Alice herself carried the strain : not as a carrier, but rather, as the creator. This reminded her of when she was seven or so, the male that had tried to attack her, and that she had dispatched with explosions. He had gotten her with something because she had fended him off.

That memory in mind, the girl began wearing Azure's clothes : she even cut her hair to match his style. She didn't need to dye it, as within a week, she had his smile, his accent : down to the last detail, it seemed like she had reincarnated Azure. It was more then startling : it was scary as it seemed she could even understand how he fought. Her body was limber : her form was perfect. She was basically Azure, as she laid down the plans to find the organization that attacked her. It was almost like the girl had split herself : during the day she was Azure, leader of a revolution against those that poisoned the world, and at night, she was Alice, the weapon of destruction that was sent only if it was dire. It was strange to think of herself that way, but Alice understood more then anyone.

Intially, the trail led them to Hueco Mundo : the heavily handicaped forces of both sides were fighting slowly, turning on one another, and themselves. The revolution, comprised of mainly Azure and Koichi, easily burst through. The Bloody Wars had begun, as they began to take anything they could : finding the traces, connecting the dots. As time went, they lost people : Alucard was taken whilst fighting about a good 1800 of them : all Azure and Alice could think was ''Took them long enough.'' to figure it out. Azure's woman, perturbed by Alice and yet not, was killed as they advanced deep into Ashlei's treaterous areas. No matter their losses, they kept going. It didn't matter who was in their way : by the 200th year, it was surprising how much wasteland the entire series of worlds were. In fact, only Earth remained, all other dimensions rotted to the point that anyone going there was suicide : except of course, for Alice. They found Hanako's corpse : Koichi grieved for days, when they found her. But the time for crying was no longer available.

The long road of resistance was almost over, as they entered their last fight. That was truly a battle : long and hard, the Resistance fought. But the tide seemed to go towards their opponents : and slowly, they were failing. Azure/Alice fought hard, so did Koichi : over, the eldest girl sibbling got caught, and slashed to pieces. Alice witnessed this, and that's when the dam broke, so to speak. Alice let go of any emotion, and became truly something fearful : single handed, she broke down the opposing faction, and slaughtered them all. But by then it was too late : entirely much to late, as she swore to her sibbling that she would join them soon. But she still had something to finish : that's when she and her father, the last two of a family remaining, went towards the one that started all of it.

Alice's memory is fuzzy. She can barely remember the details of that fight : yet in her dreams, they are so vivid it hurts. The fight was simple : it lasted only three minutes, the so called boss quickly ended. But it was a burst of short victory : it was then, that they realized their worlds had been lost to all : that nothing could be no longer gained, no matter how hard they tried. In their quest to return everything, it all got destroyed, annihilated by their own hands. Alice had realized this long ago : facing Koichi's despair and wrath, she could only do what was right. In terms, she was the Goddess of the New World. Looking to those that survived, she calmly asked those that did not wish to live to line up to her right. Those that wished to continue, to her left. At first, no one moved : but her father was the first to move to her right. Surprise lit up in Alice's eyes, as Koichi shook his head. Whatever had been left was broken : and slowly, to her utter surprise, all chose to go right : no one wanted to live. Feeling betrayed, Alice simply closed her eyes as she gathered the energy. And hearing her father's voice, looked up, those three words given to her, as the blast overwhelmed them.

She was left alone.

Her steps wandered to the exact center of the world : her gaze looked up at the sky, the moon, and the rotting earth. She could feel it rumbling, compacting : it had been two years since she was the last soul remaining. Litterally. Everyone else had left : there was no way to rebirth. There was nothing : and the earth was slowly eating itself up, as her fingers reached up to the sky. Her fingers were high to the sky, as she felt her body trembling, landing on her knees. She could almost feel as if she was disapearing, her tears vanishing : if she died, everyone would have died. Their memories, their smiles : their pain, the hate. Everything would fade away. There was a sort of feeling, a strange one, as her power flared, surging. If she was to die, she would die in the most beautiful glory.

''I.. I want to live! For their memories... their smiles. Their happiness, the saddness, the pain. The crushed hopes and dreams, the forgotten promises : the very fact of life itself! I want to live : I want to keep going! I need to perserve these, until my end : I will fight fate itself. So if anything, anyone, can hear me, please, let me live longer!''

Her voice seemed to break the heavens, as she screamed with the last of her breath. The world continued to rumble, and she could feel it fading. Everything seemed to be breaking, destroying, shattering, breaking : she felt her entire self began to decay. The world was falling, falling, deeper, and deeper, futher. For this time, she was linked to everything in their worlds : all of the worlds crumbling, causing distortion and breaking this world : the earth's cry as all it's children are gone, and she herself is attacked : Alice's very will, and need of existence, as she struggled with it. She was almost completely reseigned : her worlds were but a last plea, and seeing nothing granted, her hands retreated.

''Thank you.. world. For letting me live.. for letting us live.. and goodbye.''

Her eyes closed, as the end of the world was mere moments away. The girl felt.. happy perhaps, that she would leave with the world.

'Are you going to leave it at that?'

There was no choice, Alice was sure of that. No matter what the voice would say.

''Are you really happy with that end? Are you truly content with this?'

No matter the disatisfaction, it was over. The world was dying, there was no other powers but hers : and nothing would exist ever more.

'So you're giving up? Turning tail and running away? What happened to living, to keeping their memories alive?'

It can't be helped, if there's no world to exist on.

'As if. You can do better then that.'

You're wrong.

'You're stronger then this. Get up. Fight. To the end.'

And slowly, Alice rose.

With a will, defying the gods, her powers flew. She gave it her all : even if it didn't work and she died : even if it worked and she ended up powerless. There was no way that Alice would let this continue : Azure's face flashing in her mind, the first time she saw him at seven months old, flashed through her mind. And then, without warning, without a single message, the world was black. And the flickering light at the end of the tunnel was beckoning. The blue haired girl didn't even hesitate : running, she went towards it, breathless, free and wanting. The light was everything she could want : and with her speed, she reached it pretty fast. Air, light, breath : the sound of life and people surprised her.

''Watch out!''

And without warning, Alice dodged out of the way of a hover car, finding herself in Karakura city. Almost immidiately, she warped herself to the Royal Demon Mansion on Iramasha Island : only to find her baby self, and give her back to her family, before warping away almost immidiately after. Shocked at actually seeing her family alive, Alice took a day or two, before she went to the Royal Demon Mansion yet again : this time to seek Ketsu out. There she learned many things, including a truth that she always knew, and yet pushed away. And thus, her path continues to unwind, continuing.. for what, Alice didn't know.

Her path just moved on.


• Roleplay Sample: -


• Powers:

Part 1 -- Characteristics

Bitch of the Family Alice's bloodline is linked to that of dogs by her father's side. This makes her attuned to canines : although seemingly lacking most canine attributes, this by no means downplay's Alice's connection. She can speak and communicate with any type of canine, and even holds a superior physical shape because of it. She is a graceful, and strong person, almost like a wolf in battle. She also does have slightly typical dog-person like reactions to things. She does have a beyond average sense of smell, hearing and taste.

Body's Own Being Hanako's daughter, Alice has a predisposition to Martial Arts. In a strange way, Alice is very kinetic. This is simple : she able to see body movements, and match them, copying them if necessary. This also gives her a great control over her own body's movement, making none of her movements a waste.

Reiatsu Resistance A gift from her mother, Alice seems to resist spiritual pressure that most would have crumbled to : perhaps this is what allowed her to connect to the remaining energy in her dying world. However, it is a double edged ability : whilst allowing her to withstand pressure that most would be weak from, she cannot sense as well as most would assume she could. She mostly guesses where people are: spiritual pressures are such that anyone under 3-1 is neigh invisible to Alice.

Split Side Also Ziamichi like but not quite, this is actually Alice's Reiatsu on her Iramasha side, clashing with her natural human side. Where she is merciful, she is also cruel : in fact, it seems that once she has been in battle long enough [total of 10 posts in the fight] it seems she starts losing that moral compass. In fact, her entirety of her Reiatsu also seems to change : light turns to black. Although mostly a psychological shift, it can also be seen in the color of her energy : normally a very light, almost ice blue, it turns into a dark marine blue when she has shifted.

Observer Alice is quite an observer : with a memory that almost never fails, trained to an almost Eidetic level, and her habit of watching things, well, it makes life interesting. She can see people do certain things, and thanks to her kinetic abilities, often is able to reproduce such things easily. Some may call her a copy cat, but Alice doesn't do it on purpose : this is the same with Reiatsu signatures. Alice, once she can sense them, can memorize their feel and then imitate her own with it : however, she must hold an important bond with the person. The only signature she learned from her old world was Azure's.

Sense Shutoff A weird talent : but Alice seems to have managed to make her reiatsu able to shut off a sense, and she has compensated herself accordingly for it. Meaning that if she was suddenly blinded, she could compensate for it because she has trained for it. This also means she can shut off her sense willingly, for example, forcing herself to become deaf. It is a strange characteristic, but one that is certainly more then interesting. This also allows her to be adept at sudden sensory changes : like dimming lights or sudden increases in sounds.

Adaptable Prescence Alice seems to have a naturally soothing prescence, which is amplified in her human skills. This makes a lot of people at ease with her, even when normally they wouldn't. Even should they not wish to be soothed, this prescence simply makes her favourable to people, due to the nature of her prescence melding to what they lack and look for in people. This helps cool off several arguements that used to occur around her.

Part 2 -- Abilities

Energy Touch Alice is strange in nature : due to her natural immunity and high reiatsu, along with such attuned touches to Chaos Energy, it seems she has learned to physically materialize such. It often takes the color of her reiatsu, and turn it into an electric shape, when used. In fact, Alice has the ability to transfer her Reiatsu into someone else, thus increasing their stores, or an object, creating gems or maybe just Reiatsu/Chaos energy bombs. She uses it most often in a unique combat style, here her hands and feet are imbued with this physical Reiatsu, and infiltrate the opponent's system, overloading their Reiatsu components. It starts with light numbness, to full on paralysis, if she's using it very subtly, which would leaving a nasty sting when hit. She can also turn it to immense levels, and shock a person. In some cases, she was seen forming a ball of such, and attacking with it. As pure energy, Reiatsu/Chaos Energy when materialized, resembles lightning the best, due to it's static energy. This is applicable to both Reiatsu and Chaos Energy : as long as Alice can use that energy, it will work.

Depth Alice's eyes are almost hypnotic : actually, they are. When her eyes meet with someone, she can slowly start to implant an idea in their head : however, this idea is by no means specific, or overruling the user's own personality. It simply implants a possibility, a suggestion. This is done via light rippling of Alice's pupil, sending gentle reiatsu pulses directly from her into the other person's head via their eyes and their nerves. This is how a suggestion would work : Alice vaguely implements the notion of hunger in a person. From there, the person, according to their own personality, can interpret that as they wish. This is a vague suggestion : anyone can resist it and discard, no matter their will power. This is mostly a plot device, but it can be used in battle as well, but to the same effect. Again, this ability is suggestion, not forcing action : like someone giving advice.

Hagoromo Manipulation Alice's Hagoromo, or Garnment, is about 8 feet long in it's natural form. Wrapped around her body and light floating, it is manipulatable with a few of her thoughts. It can extend up to twice it's length, and change shapes, even grab things if necessary. This gives her an extra hand : as long as she can focus on what it needs to do, it will follow her commands. It also seems her Hagoromo is possessed : sometimes it will preform actions on it's own. It has a trickster personality, and loves to tease Alice, by putting her into awkward situations. In general, her Hagoromo is invisible until used, which is why people can be surprised at times.

Truth Bound An almost strange attribute, but Alice has this strange feel about her : lies seem to disperse around her. This may seem odd, but when Alice activates this ability, it seems she has transcendent sight : she can see the truth no matter how hard it is hidden, as long as she spends enough time. This is done via analyzing and the feeling of her energies around her : it allows her to splice lies from truth by the shape and colors of words. She cannot read thoughts, or break illusions : this simply gives her the ability to not be fooled. In simplification, Alice becomes able to tell fake from real, in a sense.

Avatar of Peace Alice's very presence is more then calming when she wills it. This is an ability that is derived off her natural adaptable nature. In fact, it seems anyone without a 20 foot radius of Alice is overwhelmed with peace and tranquility. However, no matter the peace and tranquility, the users can still consciously make their choices how they wish. Those of will power greater or equal to Alice can easily overrule these feelings : those two lower then her will have slight difficulty. Anyone lower will be harshly affected, but can still continue on their course of action. This aura simply makes Alice a very soothing presence, allowing those that accept it to wash their worries, stress and what not away, and speak to her. It also makes her very likeable, since it also gives her ungodly amounts of patience and gentleness.

The Mist Alice, seems to become so much more supernatural when she begins to use some of her off hand abilities : this one actually gives her the ability to transfer to a place called ''The In-Between''. A non-combat ability, this allows Alice to literally, enter at one place, and come out just about anywhere : as long as she has a clear mental image of the place. Alice cannot do this to times without a specific condition : that she gives up half of her life energy total for the period of time she jumps back in time. The only exception to this rule is transfers between her own alternate timeline, and the current timeline. This is because of the fact that her alternate timeline is destroyed, and that she should have died : however, using the remaining Reiatsu of that timeline, she has placed herself into the current one. This transfer can never be done again.

Fairy Magic Alice seems to be almost attuned with the world in a way that few can. She can speak to trees and animals, and understand things the world wishes to speak. She also has a natural touch with elements in general : this means she can nullify her body functions that are considered necessary if needed, such as breathing, or heating and cooling. This also grants her next to no impairment in any sort of terrain, due to connecting with the element and speaking with them. This means she can move silently on just about any surface, as long as it's related to nature in some way, and not changed much beyond it's original composition. For example, a stone floor would qualify, whilst a cement floor would not.

• Death Energy:

DE Class: 5th Glass

DE Powers: [For more information, look at the thread Here]
Alice, only very recently connected to Project Hellharvester and thus unlocking her natural DE energies, still has shaky control over them. Therefore, her abilities with DE is still very weak, as it requires training.

-- Semi-Imortal --
Alice has the Semi-Imortal trait : it allows her to seem supernaturally long lived. This deals with her very young apperance, some effect of the DE naturally having taken effect : however, now with her Death Energy more awakened, she has adapted a bit further into this skills. This allows Alice to, once per 3 posts, to cleanse her body of any impurities : such as diseases, poisons, viruses, invading things, so and and so forth. She also is able to release slightly some of her bodily functions : such as still functioning in extreme cold or heat, or even holding her breath underwater much longer then the average person. However, this hasn't gone much further as of yet.

-- DE Field --
Alice has light access to her DE field, even though she should have it much stronger due to her past. However, most of her DE potential was sealed when she switched worlds, thus why Project Hellharvester has started to re-awaken her potential. Currently, Alice can only seem to sense stronger DE fields on a feeling level alone : she cannot manipulate it, but she can at least sense, and tell the difference between different DE fields.

• Chaos Moves:

Custom Chaos Moves:

• Equipment:

Granted Access to Project Hellharvester


• Seishin Buki Name: Sign

• Seishin Buki Appearance: Sign is a strange Seishin Buki : rather then being a sort of item, or anything of the sort, it's actually invisible tattos across Alice's body : each tattoo is definitive to what the mark does or provides. For example, the Flame Mark is a classic fire shape, located on the back of her left hand. Such marks will be elaborated where : in general the marks remain invisible unless she uses them. However, in some cases, should someone know about the marks, they will see them.

• Seishin Buki Abilities:

-- Marker --
This is the first, initial ability of Alice's unique Seishin Buki. First, Alice finds a person, attribuete or something of extreme importance to her : the relationship between her and the mark must be something deep. It will definitely be important enough on her soul. This ability can create a mark on herself only, or in rare cases, make a twin mark on someone else, depending if the mark is as meaningful to them as to she. In that case, it becomes possible for the marks to transfer,and give this person additional powers, similar to the ones that the marks would offer Alice.

-- Mark of the Phoenix
This is the mark that Alice has recently gained : it symbolizes death and rebirth. This is related to her own timeline, in which her world died as she transfered herself to this timeline : as such, her world died, but she herself lived, and would keep it save. In a sense, it also describes her relationship with her true self : her sense of self had died when the demon side in her blood took over : and yet she rebirthed when she had to lead the resistance. As such, this mark means a lot to Alice : it looks like a phoenix with wings spread to fly, and it takes up her shoulder blades and lower neck. This allows her to a strange thing : increased healing. Her entire body has an advanced healing method : ironically, much like her uncle Alucard. Some might even say this mark represents him in a fashion. Alice is able to, once a thread, release the seal and heal all physical damage done to her body : this does not include mental or emotional damage. [such as insanity abilities or breaking her heart]. After use, this seal cannot be used for the two threads following that one in the timeline. Naturally, the seal has a passive ability that allows her to heal five times as fast as someone of her level. This natural healing also takes the level of reforming limbs, taking about 2-3 posts for a limb to return : however, fatal blows still apply to her.

--Event/Plot Only--
Alice can use this mark ability once before it vanishes forever. It allows Alice to fool death for the duration of the thread : that means killing her is virtually impossible. However, should she die more then 3 times, she will be considered dead for good, and not be able to come back. If she survives, the number of deaths determines what happens : 1 death reduces her energy capacity to 50% for the next 10 threads, whilst 2 deaths renders her unable to combat for 10 threads without dying. 3 deaths is the final stepping stone, and renders her dead for good.

-- Mark of Virtue
This mark represents Alice's virtue. This ties of how much faithful to her sexual nature, which is to be conservative, is. Without marriage, she will never give up her virginity. Should she give it up, in the right context, this mark would change. This mark looks like a lock, located on her left thigh. Alice actually gains little powers from this mark : it simply makes her resistant to any sort of sexual spells, due to her promise and iron will.

-- Mark of Flame
Alice often played with fire, particularly after the death of her first sibbling. As such, she has grown an affinity to fire : as she often set fire to the body of her dead soliders, to offer them a funeral pyre to where they wished to be in their afterlife. It is also what she used to burn down their home, after the death of all remaining survivors by her hand. Fire is filled with hope and sorrow for the girl. The mark is a classic flame drawn shape, located at the back of her left hand. This mark is almost self explanining : it allows Alice a light flame control, producing or controlling no more then 3 cubic meter of fire at all times, no matter the size or amount of fire. As long as if cubed, it would fit those dimensions, it is alright.

-- Mark of Sorrow
This mark is strange, as it is one of the two drama masks located on Alice's right ankle. This mark is defined by the sorrow she felt in her life, seeing her family's death and suffering through the course of events she was in. It slowly came to realization that Alice was in deep sorrow, and as such, this mark awakened, forming itself around her ankle. This mark is very unusual in nature : it's powers are more passive then active, however it is both. This mark prevents sorrow from sources other then Alice to affect her. However, Alice can concentrate her sorrow and pain into a physical format, forming the ''Harbringer of Sorrow'' or ''Shades of Pain'' equipment.

-- Mark of the Mimic
A mark that forms as a box on the nape of Alice's neck. This mark was formed when she began to imitate Azure : down to every habit he had, to even his general attitude. This mark is a reminder that Alice herself can move beyond who she is, and even become someone else should she desire. This mark is relatively simple in the fact that it allows her to change her very composition, into imitating someone else. This imitation is limited to apperance and personality only, none of the powers. Alice supplements her imitations with marks or some of her own abilities, forming them around the target she wishes to imitate.

--Mark of Demons
Alice, having spent enough time around the demonic Royal branch as a child, considering that her grandfather is Ketsu, although she didn't get to spend time with him, and her uncles are mostly all demonic, she learned to adapt to a certain point. This is one of Alice's more elaborate marks, as she incorperates demons that she sees and interacts with, one at a time. Each part of the mark is unique in each way, and is always evolving. It doesn't help that demonic blood flows strongly in her, considering not only her father's mixed hybrid blood, but of the dormant demonic genetics in her mother's blood too. This mark is also unique considering it is always visible : and it is located on her stomach, the form of a reverse pentagram formed an inch around her belly button, being the empty center.

This allows her to adapt to certain demon skills, as long as she understands the concept behind their form and activation. Unfortunately, this cannot be done by sight alone. She must be explained the technique, or experience it in some manner in order to adapt it.

-- Mark of Seiryu
A mark that is very strange, as it follows along Alice's spine. It is in the shape of a Eastern dragon, much regarding like a snake. It seems to be quite unique, as it is single handedly the biggest mark that she has on her body. This mark is unique : it seems to work in relativeness to the Suzaku, Genbu and Byakko marks. The Seiryu mark itself is unique : as with the rest of the set, it has more then one capability : it's first is it's ability. This is the ability to spread, with each movement of Alice's body, shining blue particles. These particles may seem innoffensive, but they're actually dangerous : once they touch something, they chill it to frozen over. Although, nothing appears to happen, because it doesn't form ice over the object : just absorbs any and all heat from the object until it's almost black in thermalvision. This is the passive spore's effects. Second, the Seiryu mark allows the user to summon ''The Azure Charm'' equipment. This also plays in with the particles. However, Alice is not high enough to unlock the third skill of the mark.

-- Mark of Suzaku
A mark that is on Alice's back : under her shoulder blades, and all the way to her hips, it's two beautiful red wings. They are eye catching when activated, and is part of the Four Marks set. Once activated, the Suzaku mark has a first stage : which allows Alice to summon ''The Vermillion Bands''. The Second level of this mark is different : it allows Alice to grow two beautiful vermillion red wings, and there are sparkles of red that shower around each time they move. These particles are explosive : once Alice mentally activates them, all of the particles explode in a fire based explosion, incinerating a lot of things if done right. Alice does not have access to the third level of the mark.

-- Mark of Genbu
Another mark of the Four set. This time, the marks are on her elbows, in the form of a circle of triangles, with a single shell like pattern in the middle. The mark itself doesn't seem to do anything once activated : but level one increases Alice's strength about x50 the normal strength of her rank, making her insanely strong. It also builds up her natural body defenses to that amount, making her quite hard to not only damage, but even move. However, she cannot move as much as she used to : one can say her entire speed is cut by 75%. Grand defense for less speed. The second level is summoning the ''The Black Gauntlets'' equipment item. The third level is not unlocked yet.

-- Mark of Byakko
Another mark of the Four set. This time, the marks are on Alice's knees, two stripes on each side, looking like a tiger's coat. The mark itself works like Genbu's : it, instead of giving defense, gives speed. It gives Alice x50 the speed of her level, allowing her to run in circles around some opponents : however, much like the Genbu mark, it has a big draw back. It weakens her defense : more or less making her a speedy glass canon. Her defenses are 75% lower then they normally are. Level two of the mark allows her to summon the ''The White Claws'' equipment item. The Third level is not yet usuable.

- Combination of Suzaku, Seiryu, Genbu and Byakko -
Seiryu can be combined with Suzaku, Genbu and/or Byakko and vice-versa. It depends on what Alice wants to do : however, due to how dangerous fusing any of them together is, Alice does not use it. The blacklash of fusing them may end her life at this point. Should Alice choose to do an all or nothing, she can fuse two marks together, and use their abilities simmutaniously. If she uses all four at once, she can unlock the Koryu and the Kirin marks for use. However, due to how dangerous this is, Alice does not use it, not until she has a better grasp of the Marks.

-- Mark of the Dragon
This is a mark located on Alice's tongue, the top side. This mark is actually an abstract dragon head within a circle. More or less, the mark allows her to charge a breath weapon : by breathing in something, she can massively reproduce it within her lungs without damage, and then expel it into a blast of energy. By anything, it means anything : ice, poison, water, fire, ceros. You name it, she eats it and then spits it back out in a beam.

-- Mark of Saliva
This is a mark located on Alice's tongue, placed on the under side. It is a tear drop thing, with a triangle in the middle. When Alice activates this mark, her drool overflows : she can also manipulate this drool into making bubbles. There are two versions of this drool. The first drool is also incrediably acidic to energy. So if it gets on someones mortal, it won't effect their outbody, but it will start to erode their energies. It will harm a purely spiritual being of course. This drool effects not only allies, but herself as well. The second allows her to transfer images and emotions, even memories to someone with just her saliva.

-- Mark of Notes
Underneath Alice's right ear is a music note. It's actually a classic note, which indicates 1/4th of a beat. It is a unique mark, and it is specifically made for Azure. This allows her manipulation of sound to an extent, which flows easily into one of her form's abilities. This is the mark that even allows her to move into that form, as it is required for most of her abilities. Alice formed this when Azure died : it formed out of the fact that she wanted to keep his memory alive, along with her Mimic mark. In fact, using both of these marks at the same time actually gives the illusion of her BEING Azure. Which was her point.

-- Mark of Ice
A mark on Alice's right hand, much like the flame mark. It is in the shape of a snowflake. This mark allows Alice to control ice, like making it cold enough for ice, forming ice spikes, that sort of deal. She can create about 3 cubic feet of ice at a time : that means any more won't be created since it's her limit. This mark was created when Alice felt as if her heart was suffocated under ice, swallowing her up immensely. It came from her steeling her heart, and killing off her emotions, and also using ice as a torture weapon when she needed it.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [Iramasha] Future Alice :: From Another World [0-5-; HYBRID]   Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:14 am


-- Alice, as part human, has access to most of her powers no matter which form : physical or spiritual. However, as a spiritual being, her Iramasha powers are more prominient then her human powers, and vice versa. Alice seems to have developped her human powers much later then anticipated in most cases : her mind frame seemed to also influence their discovering at the time, and changed them from the reality's path. In all, Alice's human powers seem to be the opposite of her demonic Iramasha nature, thus making her quite unique. They cannot be used in Conjuction with an Iramasha form, and vice versa. However, her natural powers, DE, and her Seishin buki can be used in her forms, no matter which ones she accesses.

Iramasha Hybrid Forms

• Hybrid Stage 1: This is Alice's first hybrid form : unfortunately, it is not as well developped as her Soul States, simply because Alice did not have that much of an Iramasha influence in her life until much later on, and currently. So it's a bit behind the times, to say the least. But Alice can still access it and minor abilities.

-- Water Fall --
Strangely, whenever Alice engages in this form, the weather changes a bit. Light rain or snow starts to fall, as if the heavens were acknowledging her almost crystal like composition. Alice is more at an advantage in the snow or rain, considering that it's actually either a holy rain or a demonic snow : allowing Alice to dampen saints and devils with her light area change. The entire weather change focuses around Alice, and expands in a 200 meter fashion. It moves, as Alice is the center. It is a minor ability, but it helps Alice deal with more angelic and demonic beings. It doesn't really play around with those that have dual natures, but can harm them if they are more one then another [for example, a Vizard wouldn't be effect in Vizard, but with full hollow mask, the rain would affect them, or if in Shinigami form, the snow would effect them. It depends on the character's energy alignment versus the weather. So if a person used Holy energy in the rain, they might even be bolstered. However, if they used holy energy in the snow, they would feel detriments, considering the snow is demonic in nature.]

-- Crystal Formations --
Alice is able to toy and manipulate crystal : making swords out of diamond, or making an obsedian wall. Such general tactics are not far from Alice : however, she only has general control, and doesn't have any specialized effects in her crystals as of yet. In fact, this is a precursor for Iramasha gem creation, which may be suprising, as Alice can form the very gems that the magic is sealed into.

• Hybrid Stage 2: Ulterior Form [NSFW]

• Azure Form: This form is actually unique to Alice : a bit creepy for others, since she ressembles Azure so cleanly, this is her general appearance. She can morph it to match Azure using her mimic mark down to the last clipped toenails. This form relies on the mimic marks and the sound marks to reproduce a life-like representation of Azure.

-- Choir Voice --
But even though it was meant to imitate Azure, it seems Alice has developped her own abilities. Using her chaos energy with her mark has made it more unique, as the form developped. Alice's words are now immensely powerful. Their very shape and being can do wonderous things. However, these words are divided into a list of good and bad words : each word has a different effect. For example, Eifl would breathe life into an object, person, something of Alice's choice : whilst Etdh would bring death. Each word with a requirement will have it noted beside them.

Odog Words:

Adb Words:

• Child of Eden Form:

Soul State Evolution

Soul State Evolution Stage 1: The definition of a weapon is a tool used for combat. When Alice enters her first Soul State, no one can deny that one of the thougths that come in is that Alice looks like a weapon.

-- Suit --
Alice's suit in itself is extremely resistant to damage, increasing the girl's natural defenses immensely. She has this sort of ability to move quietly, without a single sound : that is because the suit mutes her bodily noises from exteriorizing. Her suit also increases her human aptitudes up to one tier higher then herself, allowing Alice to keep up with stronger opponents. That means in this form she is faster, stronger and more reactive. She has taken a cero to herself and shrugged it off before. The suit in itself feeds off her energy and emotions, rendering Alice emotionless whilst in this state.

-- Blades --
The blades that adorn her like a pair of cloak wings are razor sharp, able to cut through diamond with ease. These blades are moved with just a suggestion of her thoughts, making them entire flexible in her movements and methods of combat. She can also infuse elements into these blades in order to make them stronger, if not more dangerous. Alice has also show the aptitude to infuse Chaos energy into these wings, releasing sharp after cuts of her own movements. These blade like tools can also use Chaos or Reiatsu in order to counteract gravity for a period of time, allowing Alice to glide rather then walk or run.

-- Scanner --
On Alice's forhead is a blue gem. It can glow suddenly and sweep out a blue light over the area, scanning things. It will give Alice their components, levels and even other information that Alice may desire. This information is uniquely on the perceptible level : such as levels of energy, what type, genetic race markers, and current condition : things in that line. It will not reveal personality, intentions, thoughts or anything that could be constituted godmod.

-- Limiter Release --
Alice has several jewels and buckles on her outfit. These are limiters : they are the physical representation of her human potential. By removing one, she releases her potential : the first bangle releases to 100%. And from then one, she can release up to 1000% : however, each level of release increases a backlash on Alice's body, building up the higher she releases her levels. It starts with internal damage, and as she continues to release, it may even sever her arm out of sheer internal pressure. However, as long as Alice can regulate the damage within her, she can use this ability to full potential.

Soul State Evolution Stage 2: This is the second soul state that Alice has access to. The abilities of this state simply add onto the first on. However, in this state, she has two forms : her Angelic version and her Ulterior Form, which both have the same abilities, just different looks. However, Alice loses her floating blades : however, she retains the gliding ability

-- Ying and Yang --
In this soul state, Alice summons two companions, Ying and Yang. These two are actually helperes for Alice : they gather and summon energy to them and add it onto herself. They can also transform into dual handed weapons, such as saber swords, daggers, etc. In this weapon form, they simply offer Alice a more extended range of striking, able to channel her energies, as she lost her wing blades. In fact, Ying and Yang are actually independant : by this, they think and they react, they also strategize. Considered AI, they easily help Alice in battle. They can also connect to the virtual world, as to allow Alice a different dimmension of attack. She can easily hop into a virtual network or area, and to do so, she uses Ying and Yang as hotspots and ports. These are like floating pets that obey only Alice, and thus are a great asset in battle.

-- Overdrive --
Alice can activate an ability called Overdrive. When she is at the height of damage peak or her emotions are more then the suit can absorb and dampen, she can activate this mode. More or less, it allows Alice to bust past her potential and attack at a level that surprises even higher tiers. This mode allows her to unleash some of her more lethal moves, such as forming Ying and Yang into one weapon strong enought to cut through a mountain, or summon fire hot enough to burn the ocean. This overdrive however, is strangely ressemblant of a berserk mode button, as she does not differentiate between friend and foe, and only aims to annihilate offensive targets.

-- System Release --
Like a weapon, Alice has several safeguards that allow her to keep herself from dying or from killing an opponent out of her beliefs. However, she can release these safeguards. Once a safeguard is released, Alice will become more reckless, and more focused on the objective that has been assigned. There are four safeguards : Morality, Self-Preservation, Guardian and Control. As these safeguards are released, she loses that particular sense and safeguard. Once the last safeguard is undone, Alice becomes as if a deamon unleashed : she will not stop until the objective is met. Her willpower and determination increase from this skill : to the point that even should Alice be mortally wounded, it will not bring her down until the objective is met or she is obliterated. Friend or foe gets in her way will be attacked as well : this is more or less a sort of last resort, if she cannot defeat the opponent in a timely manner. Releasing these safeguards also allow Alice to become unpredictable, since she will use her powers and her abilities in new ways, as she sheds parts of what keep her herself.

[strike]Soul State Evolution Stage 3: Access Ability[/strke]


• Class Title: The Cosmic Hybrid

• Class Traits: -

• Branch/Position: Hybrid Heir

• Race: Hybrid Iramasha

• Skills:

General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

DE Control
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Master
  • Breakdown Skill: Beginner
  • Necromancy Strength: Beginner
  • DE Barrier: Beginner

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Beginner
  • Soul Sorcery: Adept
  • Soul Dash: Advanced
  • Soul Detection: Master

Iramasha Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Advanced
  • Chaos Warp: Advanced
  • Seishin Buki Level: Master
  • Race Control: Adept

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: [Iramasha] Future Alice :: From Another World [0-5-; HYBRID]   Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:21 am


First : Updated personality some. Added in DE powers, as well as the stuff for Project HellHarvester.

Second: Soul states are COMPLETELY redone. From scratch.

Third : The old Soul states powers are scattered around on the app, EXCEPT the one where she fuses with spirits. There are some under just natural powers, and the word one is under the Azure form.

Fourth: Added abilities to my hybrid form, have the p lans for Hybrid 2 AND added an Azure form. I also have plans for a more Hanako form, but that's gonna be developped in plot.

Fifth: I added a BUNCH of marks to my Seishin Buki. Yeah.

Sixth: added a blurb to history.

And that's about it. The old file is up there for comparing too. For references, please look to the following thread :

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: [Iramasha] Future Alice :: From Another World [0-5-; HYBRID]   Sat Jun 16, 2012 2:08 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: OKAY, HERE WE GO.
Tier: 0-5-


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Due to prolongued inactivity and a missing activity check, this is being sent to the inactive characters section.
In order to claim your character back, feel free to post in the link below.

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Archiving because at this point it's pretty clear that this member has left.

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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[Iramasha] Future Alice :: From Another World [0-5-; HYBRID]
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