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 The Sneak Attack [Open]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Sneak Attack [Open]   Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:21 am

Seeing that Toki comes to her rescue while Kade was backing off, Hanako rolls onto her back with right hand clutching the runestone that Kade was after as the runestone was resting on her belly. Her left arm extends outward limply to the ground as she breathes more smoothly. A grin was on her face as she closes her eyes to take in all that happened to her. After that, she chuckles softly with her temporary frailty. "I'm alright now. What happened during the time that Kade put a spell on me?" Hanako asks Toki as she looks at the sky above her. To her, it is bluer than before and the clouds are more vivid as well. She seems to not realize that she was possessed during the ordeal. "Thank you for the light. The bastard is something I cannot touch without it." Hanako thanks Toki as she caresses the runestone with her thumb. When Toki gives her the healing gem, she can feel the aches disappearing with her injuries. "Toki. I am weary. What is it that I was holding and what was Kade talking about?" Hanako asks Toki, wondering who is that woman that Kade was spouting off at her about. Clearly even with the gem, Hanako was quite exhausted from her ordeal, though she is lucky not to be incapacitated by the overexertion of her body caused by the possession and the fight against it. "Send in the guards to secure the area and see if they can secure Kade while he is weakened. We need him alive to find out where he put the doctor's notes and the map. As for me, some sleep will be in order." Hanako informs Toki about what is next to do at this bleak situation as she clearly has no idea that she was possessed at all. For now, she would have to be send back to the Iramasha to have her health checked for any problems.

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Toki Iramasha
Heir to the Iramasha Guard

So this was actually the end of the battle with Kade's retreat from this scene and peace could be returned temporaily. The victory for today was with Toki and Hanako, that was great but a saying echo in his head and thoughts. The saying was, "You can lose a battle, but can win the war." and in this case it was true as this was only going to be the first of Toki and Hanako's encounters with this demon. Hanako was now healed by the gem and she had a grin on her face as she closed her eyes and then she chuckles. After that she asked Toki a question and it was a confusing one at that as she asked what happen to her after a spell was placed on her. He wasn't sure exactly what was happening with her but his divine purification must of helped break the spell.

"I believe during the spell, you fought along side me...., It didn't weaken you it made you stronger for some reason, maybe a spell to increase his own abilities hit you for some reason and had side effects on you." He told her.

After she said thanks to the light he brought, it got more confusing and Toki decided that this should be test or something to make sure that something wasn't effecting her. He never brought any light to the battlefield but he had performed that ability on her.

"It was no problem." He said.

Then Hanako asked about the rune and what Kade was talking about exactly.

"It's a rune that is a demonic tool that might of effected you as well as he said that seven of them each improve a demon in a certain way. As for what Kade is exactly speaking about I'm not certain but this entire situation is becoming quite a mystery with the runes. He did speak of a serial killer that may interest you called Hagokumo for some reason." He responded.

Then Hanako told him that it was probably best if they sent in guards to secure the area and try to track down Kade and that she herself would be heading back to the island for some rest. Toki would enjoyed some rest but of course he had work to be done for the guard still and then maybe he could from his success on this mission.

"I'll make sure that guards are sent maybe even send a elite out to protect the area or hunt down Kade to his next location. For now, I do think that it's best if we head back to the island with the rune."

With that after he would call in some of the guards to be stationed to there location, then Hanako and him would be sent back to the island.


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The Sneak Attack [Open]
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