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 An Aegyptian Battle

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: An Aegyptian Battle   Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:10 am

"Great.....the douche bag is releasing, THIS should be good. Vague Katti, let's take him down together."

Stefan easily shattered the ice around his hand that had kept Orochi attached to it, and then proceeded to return the sword to it's home inside the device he had brought with him. He would no longer have a need for the swords and weapons stored within, as he had a secret that would possibly give him the edge he needed in this battle. The man below him changed slightly as he released his own power, one such change being an odd silvery-blue aura surrounding his body as he also became slightly more cat-like in his features. Biggest pussy I've seen in awhile, Stefan thought jokingly to himself.

"Big whoop, you can glide on ice. Stop being such a prissy little school girl and show me something interesting."

Noticing the immediate weather change, Stefan casually glanced around, noticing the storm clouds moving in. These dark clouds were clearly something special, as they appeared to be being controlled by James himself. Stefan, annoyed, groaned deeply as rain began pouring from the thick, dark clouds far above his head. Just what I need, MORE water. Knowing only bad things could result from such a change in scenery, Stefan sighed again, preparing for the next assault from his foe, which began as quick as the others. Though, perhaps the main thing that annoyed him was the fact that James had given up on the sword form of his weapon, and was now using a spear, for, you see, Stefan wasn't exactly a big fan of spears, and was about to show just how much he hated them. And the lightning certainly didn't help things.

With his Hollow Masks still on, Stefan seemed to have the advantage in sheer power, with massive amounts of reiryoku within his body, and a heavy spiritual pressure radiating from himself. However, this wouldn't make a huge difference as combat resumed. Stefan, testing his new strength, waited for the ice spear to reach him and then swiftly moved to the left slightly and cut the spear in half with his enhanced physical body, leaving both pieces to fall to the earth below. When James suddenly appeared in front of him and the water behind him rushed upwards, Stefan knew that there were two possible events about to happen: One being the water was going to surround them again, and the other being something Yes, Stefan's superior intellect deduced that James was an ice user who liked to use ice rather often. As the stream of water stopped moving upwards and ice began to launch towards Stefan, he made only one motion: he lifted his left arm so his palm faced the ice coming towards him. Though, he didn't want to try and block the ice shards with his hand, so instead he used a Hollow ability. Energy formed in his hand, and in less than a few seconds erupted as a large wave of purple and black energy, signifying the mixture of spiritual energies within Stefan. The Cero he just used not only eradicated all of the ice shards, but it also took away a good portion of the water stream, but that wasn't all. It kept going, flying through the sky until it hit the clouds, going straight through, which caused a gigantic hole to open in the dark layer of clouds above the battlefield. Rain in the immediate area stopped as quickly as it had begun, as it would take a few moments for the clouds to recover that specific portion of the sky. Though that wasn't all that was needed at the moment.

Stefan, distracted by what had just happened, didn't notice the slab of ice heading towards him at high speeds. Using reflexes and instinct alone, Stefan blocked the first slab with his Zanpakutō, which cut straight into the ice thanks to its high cutting power within it's new Shikai form. Though, right now, the sword had only cut an inch or two into the ice due to Stefan not actually swinging at it and instead defending from it. This time more in tune with his surroundings, Stefan was able to notice the second ice panel come towards him from the opposite direction. Without warning, a rather bland sword suddenly appeared in Stefans left hand, which he used to block the second slab. Jumping back quickly, Stefan pulled both swords out of the panels as they slammed into each other, shattering into many tiny ice pieces upon impact. Stefan, in less than the blink of any eye, cut these pieces into even smaller pieces in order to prevent an attack directed at him from the remaining shards. Fuck. This.

And again, James, being the little douche he is, tried to trap Stefan in ice. Which he did. Stefan, not being able to react thanks to the panels that had just caused him annoyance, was covered from head to toe in the thick, energy-infused ice sent at him from James. Well guess what? Stefan wasn't the type to take such a thing that easily. Just as suddenly as before, blank, simple swords appeared around Stefan trapped in the sphere of ice, and immediately stabbed into said ice with massive amounts of force behind them, shattering the ice into many small pieces. The green haired Vizard turned to face James, his mask still covering his expression, though if you were to look underneath it you would see a rather wide smile on his face, for it was time again for him to go on the offensive. Also, floating around him were nearly two dozen swords, twenty two in the air, one in his left hand, and his Zanpakutō in his right. This was the power of his Shikai, this was the power of Vague Katti. Hearing the man speak again, Stefan replied quickly.

"Aqua Cat, eh? Well, I'm Stefan Soan, and they call me The Neuterer."

Stefan launched a sword at James, though he didn't really expect it to do much. Instead of relying on it, he quickly Flash Stepped behind the Iramasha and attempted to deliver a quick slice to his back, cutting downwards from a high point. As he did so, he caught the sword he had just launched with his foot, holding it's hilt between his big toe and his second toe, and then quickly spun horizontally, attempting to cut the Water Pussy in half with the blade. Right as he finished cutting, he spun in mid air, attempting to deliver a swift kick to the top of the mans skull with enough force to launch him downwards. However, instead of letting him get sent back into the water, a bed of swords suddenly appeared beneath the man, acting as a "Spring", as the weapons shot him back up towards Stefan. As soon as James reached Stefan's location again, he put his hand out and stopped the Iramasha from flying up any further, and used his Shikai's special ability again. This time, instead of just a couple dozen sword appearing, over two hundred appeared and immediately began to intertwine the blades of the swords to form something.....large. In less than a few seconds, the swords had formed a moderately sized sphere around James and Stefan, locking them inside of it and disallowing anything from the outside from getting in, including even the tiniest drops of water. As they were out of the storm, Stefan began to speak to his adversary.

"This is my Zanpakutō's ability, and it's called Boidoburēdo. I can call upon an unlimited amount of swords into combat, and use them as I see fit. Your water cannot break through this barrier, no matter how hard you try, and as for your body itself....well, lets just say it won't be all together in a few seconds. Goodbye, James Mizumuzi."

As Stefan finished speaking, more swords suddenly appeared within the confines of the sphere, with all of their tips pointed towards James, ready to strike. On Stefans command, all of the swords shot towards James, attempting to pierce his body from multiple directions. Afterwards, Stefan opened the sphere back up, and Shunpo'd upwards, enjoying the higher elevation as the water had yet to reach that location. The swords launched up as well, and began swirling in a massive ring about 40 feet above Stefans' head, ready to strike should he request it. Despite the deadly force in that last attack, Stefan doubted it would be enough to put the Iramasha out for good, so he prepared another attack.

Dropping quickly, Stefan dived towards the mass of swirling water below, going straight through the surface and ending up within the "Belly of the Beast" yet again. However, this time he had a plan. He quickly summoned swords around him, which formed a protective barrier surrounding his body, acting as a deterrent should James attack again. Suddenly, Stefan and his body armor of swords shot through the water, exiting on the left side of the swirling tides. When he reached a sufficient height with his swords, he stopped moving and turned to face the water and his opponent possibly within. He launched himself from the swords, with only one in his left hand and his Zanpakutō in his right, moving at a break neck pace. He sped up and up and up and up until he reached the very limit of his movement speed, and with a loud CRASH, he impacted with the water, with him holding one sword downwards pointing away from hi body, and the other sword doing the same except pointing up. With this amount of speed and strength behind him, he flew straight through the water, and any barriers James might possibly erect to stop him. This wasn't just him trying to act fancy, no, this had another affect. With such force and speed, the blades cut the entire mass of water in half, as well as push the water away from itself. Yes, there was enough force to send one half of the water surging to the left, while sending the other mass of water surging to the right. As he did so, the water on the right, as it was moving away from the Nile, just splashed upon the ground many many meters away, over the length of two football fields away to be more accurate. Stefan quickly launched a Cero from the tip of each blade he held at the wet ground, completely evaporating the water held within. Yes, he had just cut James' ground supply of water in half.

However, there was more to be done. Stefan used his Zanpakutō to force over a hundred of the swords downwards, aiming towards the Nile. As these swords fell, they began fusing into one another, steadily increasing in size while decreasing in number. By the time they reached the ground, there were twenty swords, with each sword being over 4 stories tall, and much, MUCH more powerful than any regular sword could ever be. The impacted into the ground in the Nile's normal river area, shutting off water from flowing towards the battlefield. This happened on parts of the river, creating a damming affect. As soon as they did this, they immediately began pushing the water back, away from the battlefield. They would keep on going for nearly a mile if left untouched, though the strain took it's toll on Stefans mind as he winced from the effort. However, he ignored the small head ache and prepared his next assault. Stefan launched over 30 swords into the remaining conglomerate of water, each blade stopping at a certain point within. These swords would act as sensors for Stefan, letting him know exactly where James was, assuming he was still inside his mass of water. Next, Stefan appeared closer to the water, ending up about a hundred feet away. At the tip of either sword he was wielding were spheres of energy. These spheres shot out, turning into massive cone-shaped blasts of purple and black power, converging on the water under control of James. Using this to find James, knowing he would have to attempt to shield himself or dodge, Stefan pinpointed his location and appeared right next to him, ready to show off his actual Zanjutsu skill. Stefan slashed with his Zanpakutō in his right hand diagonally from the lower left hand corner of his range, attempting to wound or at least make contact with James' weapon. As he did this, he also stabbed forward with the Slate sword in his left hand, with his Zanpakutō cutting above the stabbing motion. Right as he did so, another sword appeared below him with the hilt between his big toe and second toe, as he had earlier. He did an extremely quick back flip, slicing at his target with the third blade, which, when done with the slash, was tossed upwards, before returning to Stefan, this time with the hilt in between his teeth in his mouth. In one extremely fluid and quick motion, Stefan had just slashed diagonally, stabbed forwards, and cut upwards without breaking a sweat. Using his Hitotsume: Nadegiri technique, Stefan attempted to cut James with the sword in his mouth so quickly, nothing appeared to had happened except for Stefan now on the other side of him.

Then, Stefan tossed away the two extra swords he had been carrying, and formed 6 more swords in a circle around James. Turning to face his opponent, he used his terrifying speed to launch himself straight past him, attempting to cut him again with his Zanpakutō, shouting "One sword!" as he did so. He ended right where a sword was and picked it up with his left hand, spun on the spot, and did it again, except this time cutting with both swords and yelling "Two Swords!". He then repeated this multiple times more, yelling each time "Three Swords, Four Swords, Five Swords, Six Swords, Seven Swords, Eight Swords!". Now, holding nine swords with various parts of his body, Stefan did it one last time, cutting with each sword at least once as he flew by his opponent, yelling "Nine Swords Killing Technique!!!" as he did so. If you add up the total amount of strikes made on James, you would get forty five slashes done in mere moments. The sheer amount of power and speed put into these attacks was ridiculous, able to shred weaker opponents to bits and pieces, though James was by no means weak, so he didn't expect that attack to defeat him either.

Finishing off this onslaught with one final offensive, Stefan prepared for his epic finale. He made the other 8 swords he was carrying disappear back from which they came. Stefan faced James, though....there wasn't just one Stefan. No, there were many more.....there were twenty five Stefan Soan's gazing at the man who did battle with them. Each one of them had their very own Zanpakutō, and each one of them launched themselves forward, going towards James. Each "clone" attacked James, slashing multiple times with actual physical swords, able to hit and do damage. This went on for several seconds, the Stefan's attacking James from every direction and in every possible way, doing as much damage as possible and attempting to tear his body to shreds. By the time they were done, there was only one Stefan left, and possibly a very battered James Mizumuzi just a little ways away from him. With his demonic yellow eyes staring down his opponent, Stefan appeared to be acting Hollow like in the sense that he was really getting a thrill out of this battle. The Grand Vizard made one more attack, another horizontal slash, though this time he put all of his strength and speed behind it. This single attack was stronger than any that had come before it, overshadowing even the most powerful of techniques used by Stefan thus far. He launched himself off of a plate made of spiritual pressure, using the momentum to add even more speed and power behind this single super-slice. Even someone like James would have to be very lucky to completely dodge this attack, and if he was hit by it, he would most likely suffer a severe injury, granted he could attempt to heal it again. When he was done with that massively powerful attack, Stefan flash stepped as far up as possible without going above the clouds. When he stopped moving, he took his Zanpakutō and sliced off the accessories he was wearing around his waste, and then tossed away his one sleeved jacket, letting it be pulled away from him by the wind. His clothes were drenched, and he was breathing heavier than he had been a few minutes ago due to the strain from all the attacks he had done, as well as from the damage he had received so far throughout the battle. With a booming voice, Stefan spoke.

"Heh...well, it looks like it's time to really get serious, eh? I'll be're one tough opponent to have done this much to me so far. If you're still alive, just know that this battle has been excellent so far, and hopefully it isn't anywhere near done. Well come on ya big old Water Cat, show me your claws!"

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: An Aegyptian Battle   Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:10 pm


James Mizumuzi

You want something interesting? James thought to himself as his eyes narrowed. There was really no point in cutting it half, either... He continued to think to himself as he stu died his opponent's movements. He blinked as his opponent launched a cero at him; his eyes widening as it went past him. He was unsteady for a moment, before the stream of water intensified, coming back to him as he glanced back at the huge hole in the sky, clicking his tongue as it began to swirl and recover itself.

James was surprised; it seemed his opponent had quite an arm on him; or else his blade was simply unnaturally sharp, which James could see being true. He was surprised, however, when Stefan blocked the second panel with mere strength alone, before leaping back. As he flew on his panel, the wind whipping at his thin blue hair, he couldn't help but smile. Cutting them into such tiny pieces isn't really a good idea... He thought, knowing he could redirect those shards into attacking Stefan again if he wanted them to.

He blinked in surprise, a blank look on his face as Stefan got out of his last attack; James supposed that he would have to keep up his assault if he were to continue as was necessary. As Stefan responded to his little challenge, he couldn't help but smile and laugh, although he was disappointed in him. ”So you have THAT much of a problem with animals?” He asked, his eyes narrowing as his opponent threw his sword at him.

James' feet froze onto the plate as it spun him around, his body dodging the blade as it went right past him. By now, the clouds had reformed; and they began dumping back down their loads once again. James' entire body spun around as Sakibo slammed into Stefan, his eyes narrowing as he pressed against the master swordsman, his mouth in a scowl from exertion as he prevented him from blowing James away with raw power. As it was, his sword was generating an immense amount of ice to prevent the blade from merely slicing right through it; it took a small amount of exertion, but it was what James could do at this moment.

He leaped back as the other blade came for him, deflecting off the edge of his glove that he wore; this glove was reasonably strong, considering it was his Gem Glove; as such, the ordinary blade couldn't cut it. However, James still felt the strength behind the attack, and his eyes widened as he realized that this character had enough strength in his toes to be felt as a normal man wielding a blade with both hands. James frowned as the man's foot came right for him, as he smiled as his foot nailed right onto James' face. His foot would feel a great amount of resistance, and then most likely have a bruise form; James' energy in this form greatly increased the resistance of his skin to impact damage in particular, and his resistance to damage in general.

He flipped his entire body as the sword swent by him, wincing as he felt the blades cut him on his left arm and right hip, taking a deep breath as the nature energy in his body sealed up the wounds again. His eyes looked back and forth as he realized he had been completely surrounded on all sides by swords, leaving just himself and Stefan inside of it. He held his blade firmly in front of himself with both hands, his ice plate only staying beneath him with his nature energy, holes and scratches all around it. He closed his eyes as his adversary spoke, thinking to himself.

He realized as he half opened one eye at the other swords around himself, as Stefan said his parting words. ”This is a bit... over the top for a capture attempt.” He said simply as a wide smile covered his face, as he flipped his blade, pointing its tip right at his own neck as he plunged Sakibo into himself, right in front of Stefan and completely in his view as all over James' body a huge amount of ice covered his skin, as his Ice Armor formed. He merely turned his head and looked up at Stefan as he felt each and every one of the blades slammed right into his armor. However, they were not his shikai; and he had not clearly made them sharper, as each and every one glanced off his armor of ice. This was the only thing about his Return that he himself could activate after entering it; and he had decided to use that fact to his complete advantage as the seishin of the first nature iramasha covered his form, greatly increasing his defensive power as he looked at Stefan.

”You didn't expect that to work. Are you really that disinterested?” He asked as his eyes faintly narrowed, his eyes staring at Stefan as he shot himself upwards, along with his swords. As he watched Stefan begin attacking his source of water, he could only smile. Seems he doesn't realize what he's just done. He thought to himself as the amount of the water vapor around them in the air... had tripled from Stefan's actions. James hadn't moved from his spot in the air with his armor; he was standing on a plate made of Chaos Energy as he watched Stefan down below; partly because he was wondering what he was doing and partly because this armor was heavy and made him slower as a result of its enhanced protection.

However, he diffused the plate and felt himself falling down extremely quickly as James saw Stefan making those giant swords; it was obvious what he was doing, and James wasn't going to allow it to happen that easily as he fell into the water. He felt the offensive part of his armor beginning to activate as his hands and feet gained much, much harder and heavier ice than any other part of his body.

As he plunged down into the water, he felt a part of rage began to enter his body as the swords impacted into his river. STOPPING THE FLOW... He thought to himself as his entire body began to roar with that same silver-blue aura, as his breathing got much faster, his eyes going wide as he moved his right fist forwards, all the blades directly in front of himself from where he had fallen in.

He suddenly shot out as to what Stefan would see, giant cracks shot through every one of the massive swords, as James stopped himself, taking deep breaths as all four of the swords shattered, falling into the Nile as the great river acted in vengeance, as the water completely ROARED back inside, Ice shooting up from it as it completely covered each of the swords that had tried to block it from its flow, stopping them completely in their tracks. Stefan would have felt EVERY sensor he place in the water going off as James moved through the entire river all at once, using the full power of his Return to perform this deed, ramming through each massive sword as he ruptured them and turned them into pieces.

James' head turned and widened as he saw Stefan standing right next to him, as he dodged around huge spheres of energy, wincing as the blasts attempted to melt his armor. James could merely throw his chest back as Stefan's zanpaktou went right for him, as it cut through his armor and nearly cut the Aquacat's skin. James' armor stopped the stab dead, although it seemed to crack a bit near where the stab was performed. He quickly crossed his extremely thickly armored arms in front of his head as the one in Stefan's toes impacted with himself; however, it was deflected by the heavily armored James.

He was lucky, very lucky he blocked the way he did; as Stefan vanished, James feeling as an inch deep slash appeared in his left arm, just below his wrist, the ice cut through from Stefan's attack as James inhaled a great amount of the water, the wound healing up. James saw him turning around as he gained another blade. Hmm. He thought as he felt his armor going back back to his one hand, as Sakibo returned to himself, as his eyes narrowed and he met Stefan's blows. However, now they were underwater again; James could maintain his blade's hardness and ice restoration with the water around himself as he met most of Stefan's blows; however, he still gained small scratches here and there from his opponent's blows.

If he hadn't been underwater, he wouldn't have been able to keep up with Stefan as his sword slashes repeatedly impacted the Aquacat's own blade. He was moving at an insane rate, using his speed to keep off the little swords with another blade forming in his left hand as he parried the Zanpaktou with Sakibo, knowing he'd have the one in his left ripped through otherwise. Dang. He thought to himself. This guy's no lightweight. As the other Stefan's appeared all around himself, his deep blue eyes looked around, taking deep breaths as he closed his eyes, focusing on the calm core of his body, his breathing become slow and calm as time seemed to slow down around himself. This was in reality just the Aquacat slowing himself down, calming down to such a state that everything seemed to be... slower, in reality just his perception speeding up. He opened his eyes wide, and as he did so, felt all the water around the Clones of Stefan as he felt like he was one with all of it all together. As he did this, currents formed all around James, swirlling aruond but away from himself as it pulled along the clones, as in front of each one a spike of ice formed out of the water, causing them to slam into it as they were pinned down and dragged along, making them unable to move or attack James as he took deep breaths; this was a large amount of elemental control for his Return form.

James managed to open his eyes, leading him to widening them as he saw Stefan pushing off of where he was standing. NOT GOOD! He thought to himself as the current TUGGED at Stefan, trying desperately to slow him down as he kept coming, as James felt a block of ice forming across his stomach. However, even as he did this, he felt the flesh of his feline like stomach being slashed as Stefan went by him, leading to James coughing up a pile of clear water, as water quickly flooded his stomach area, himself freezing it as he healed it up, taking deep breaths. Lord of the Isrealites...! He thought to himself in frustration as he looked back at Stefan.

As he calmed down again, feeling the current returning to normal as he slowly rose towards the surface, his head breaking it first followed by the rest of himself, as he looked up at his opponent, his eyes narrowing. This guy... He thought to himself as he stopped panting, swallowing and looking at him evenly.

”To do all of that and be so little apparently strained... it would seem you're much more than you seem, Neuterer.” James said simply as his aura began to spark and waver around himself, his eyes narrowing. He reached an arm behind himself, taking a deep breath as he thrust it forwards. ”Water spout.” He said, his eyes flashing as the water all around himself began to circle, trying to go up his arm as he looked up at Stefan and smiled. Then he pressed down, as the surface of the water literally CRACKED, then SHATTERED in a deep crater all around him as the water shot up in a HUGE cyclone, going up for one hundred feet and thirty feet in Radius as James himself shot up it, reappearing right behind Stefan as he punched forwards with one single hand, his speed having returned due to the water spout all around them. His fist was covered in his silver blue aura, followed by a swift kick around as James spun to the side in an instant, his leg also silver blue; if either of these attacks hit, Stefan would suddenly feel as if in addition to the cyclone, he was caught in a current pulling him back from where James had hit him, his grip on his reiatsu plate slipping as he was pulled off of it and slid away.

Then, James suddenly vanished, as he used an actual chaos warp to Stefan's front, his right fist held back and charged with Chaos Energy as he threw it forwards, activating Shattering Chaos as he did so. This punch would roar through Stefan's entire body; if he was hit by it, not only would he swirl back from the current change, but he would also feel the waves of chaos energy ROARING through his body, enough to normally turn a good sized area into a cracking forest of stone. James winced as well as he pulled his hand back, feeling the vibrations going around his numb nerves as well.

James reached behind him as a strange construct appeared in his left hand, a piece of ice that was most strange. It was a folded up ninja star that quickly unfolded, revealing its five points. This was Babylon Star, James' custom tool that he held in his hand. Then, he threw his arm forwards, releasing the tool as it flew from his hand, going straight for Stefan, as it's points extended, all becoming Fifteen feet in length. In addition, if Stefan cut it open, James would pull his hands together, forcing the shards to all be pulled towards his opponent.

Then, he flipped through the water, as ice spears formed in his hands, seven of them as he threw them at Stefan. If he cut them, James would reform them as he reappeared behind Stefan, grabbing one in his right hand as he plunged it forwards at his opponent, rolling and releasing the spear as it went forwards, gripping another as he swung it around into Stefan's side, his right foot coming up as he felt yet another wrapping around the bottom of his bare foot as he flipped, bringing it down on Stefan's head as James' left hand grabbed another as he dodged around, releasing that one as he pulled up on the one in his left hand, aiming to strike it straight up Stefan's back and end it at the back of his neck from his waist. James curled around, grabbing another as he inserted it at Stefan's left hip. If every one of them hit, Stefan would be cut and engaged by a construct made of six spears, as James held the final one in his hand, pointing it straight at Stefan's chest as he thrust it forwards.

It slammed into the other spears, as they all shattered, James closing his hands as the shards went all around Stefan, cutting at him as James tried embedding them within his skin. If enough of them got in his limbs, his body would begin to freeze up, slowing his movements and making it more difficult for him to perform at the rate he was going. James reached over a hand, smiling as out of his one hand, sixteen Freeze Shots fired right at Stefan. Each one that hit would shoot out five ice crystal like a plant, freezing what they hit further as well as dealing light frost damage. James leaned back his head, taking a deep breath as he prepared his own finale.

He then leaned forwards, as he clapped both hands in front of himself. In front of him, a sphere of water energy appeared, a kind of field that would freeze anything that came out of it. He was pointing right at Stefan within the cyclone as he prepared himself, the dome of energy surrounding him as another field fired out from his own field, forming on the other end of a massive blast James fired off at Stefan. When it impacted with Stefan or the edge of the Cyclone, it would explode, firing off energy everywhere, a fountain of energy that exploded enough to disrupt the cyclone, cutting off that side of itself and making it smaller as the water had to move around it, water bursting out everywehre from the blast as well, James using a large amount of energy in this one attack.

Still within the cyclone, he was breathing heavily after those attacks had finished. It's been... far too long since I've gone that hard on anyone. He thought to himself, swallowing. He was almost scared; scared of the man before himself... as well as himself. Not scared of him as a person; he was scared of what both of them could do. What these abilities of theirs were capable of; James was only at roughly 30% of his maximum power right now; and they were already doing things that would make any other being alive run as fast as they could. This... is madness... He thought calmly to himself, his arms on either side of his body as he watched Stefan; watched and waited, panting hard. He had used a considerable amount of his Return energy in those last attacks; he didn't have that much less, and he smiled softly to himself. He knew he would have to enter Strike soon; he just didn't know when, as it were. ”Tell me, vizard, what is your name? I thought all swordsmen did that before they fought an opponent; so they would know who beat them. After all... I gave you the courtesy of my own.” The nature iramasha said with a smile, thinking this... might get under the seaweed head's skin, even if it was just a little tiny bit. He thought he could stop the Nile...? He has a lot to learn still, it seems...




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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: An Aegyptian Battle   Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:09 am

He...actually....called me....the Neuterer.....AHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!

In Stefans mind, he was laughing, for the nickname he had used as an alias earlier had been meant solely to make fun of the Aqua Cat, but as it turns out, James appeared to had taken it seriously. This had made Stefan stop for a second to let out a little bit of a chuckle as he watched his opponent prepare something. He just thought the situation was hilarious, and deserved to be laughed at. On another note, two words. Two words was all it took for Stefan to snap back into the fight and realize that, despite his last attack hitting him, the fight was nowhere near done. These two words also signified the next stage in the fight, the stage where Stefan's nine sword style would slowly lose it's ability to surprise and do mucho damage to his opponent, so he decided to switch back to his normal style. Without even moving, all of the swords in the area besides the gigantic ones disappeared as quickly as they had appeared in the first place. returning to the Void within Vague Katti.

Stefan unzipped his purple jacket and threw it away, it's sleeves already shredded from an attack at the beginning of the fight. Honestly, it was soaked and just weighing him down, and without the extra weight he would be able to move slightly faster in the water that he just knew he would end up in again. After tossing it aside, he watched as the giant torrent of water rushed up towards him. Seeing it as a chance to prove that even in something like that, that he could still take on James despite himself being at a slight disadvantage, he didn't move at all, letting himself get caught up in the cyclone.

When James made the move to hit him, he brought his left hand up above his head and blocked the strike with the only remaining normal-sized Shikai sword left. If James punched hard enough, he might even end up cutting his own hand open from the strike, due to the unnatural sharpness of the blade. Stefan also blocked the next hit, this time using the lower part near his wrist on his right arm. Though under normal circumstances he would have taken a hefty amount of damage, thanks to the Hierro-like barrier around his body, produced by his Hollow Mask and energy, he was able to block the strong attack with his body instead of a sword. The next hit nearly caught him though, but thankfully he was able to bring both of his swords forward, blocking the attack with their combined strength. Despite him blocking the attack, he still felt vibrations as his opponents' energy attempted to go through him. While the hit was tough, it wasn't on the same level of the onslaught that had yet to happen to poor old Stefan Soan.

The next thing Stefan knew, James had retreated slightly and chucked something at him, a rather odd object. At first it appeared to be a regular old throwing star, but in a mere moment it was.....huge! The size was ridiculous, and James clearly was hoping to hurt Stefan with it. Why would he want to hurt poor old me?!" Stefan pleaded to James inside his head, but he was just kidding around. It being his first instinct, Stefan immediately brought his left arm forward, blocking it with his sword. However, instead of just being blocked, it was cleanly sliced in half, not what Stefan meant to do. Each half, instead of falling to the ground AS THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE, they launched themselves towards Stefan at James' behest, attempting to cut him up. As they were about to make contact with him, Stefan jumped up above them which made them hit each other and caused the pointed edges to get lodged into the broken pieces. Next thing he did, to make sure they wouldn't come back to bite him in the ass, was launch an extremely quick Bala from his left fist, which was around his sword, blowing the throwing star to smithereens.

The next thing Stefan knew, James was creating even more weapons to use against him. He's starting to remind me of myself. Seeing the spears launched at him, Stefan made basic blocking movements, sending the spears off into various directions with the use of his own two swords. The first hit was a shocker to Stefan, though he should have known the first attack would come from behind, considering who he was fighting. James Mizumuzi clearly liked giving it to people from behind. Jokes aside, Stefan didn't have enough time to react as he felt the stinging pain of the sharp tip of a spear be pushed into his back, its blade piercing his skin and going a good half inch into his body before his defensive instincts kicked in. Though the first spear had hid, Stefan was prepared for the rest. After moving forward, out of the first attacks range, Stefan brought his left sword up to block the next attack. He also blocked the attack coming from above, this time with his Zanpakutō in his right hand. Moving extremely quickly, Stefan dodged the next attack and parried the one that came after that, sending the spear reeling away. However, he was cut by the attack aimed for his hip, though he quickly shattered the spear with a swift kick to its shaft, breaking it into many pieces. The final blow resulted in a shattered spear, Stefans strength enough to defeat the onslaught brought against him.

Despite that last series of attacks, James didn't appear done yet. Sending forth a vicious series of what appeared to be ice spheres, Stefans opponent stayed on the offensive. Quickly making the sword in his left hand disappear in order to free up a hand for his defense, Stefan prepared himself. In a series of extremely quick hand motions, Stefan pointed his index finger of his left hand at each Freezing Shot, intercepting each one with an equivalently powered Bala. Ugh, if he wasn't attacking from such range I wouldn't have to use energy attacks. I'm going to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget. Again, this wasn't the end.

As quickly as the last attack had begun, James had launched an overly powerful blast of energy at Stefan, aiming to do as much damage as possible to him in one hit, it seemed. Too bad trying to do a lot of damage with one hit wasn't something you should do against this green-haired man. In a normal situation, Stefan would attempt to defend himself with a Cero when it came to an energy attack like this one, but this was no normal circumstance. Wanting to preserve his energy, Stefan instead brought both of his arms in front of himself, forming an X-shape with his swords. When the energy impacted the swords, instead of freezing or covering Stefan in water, instead it exploded into a blast of powerful water and energy, sending Stefan flying right out of the side of the typhoon he and James had been fighting in. He had taken some damage from that last attack, but James speaking again signified he was done with his current series of blows...........and would now face an Angry Stefan. Using Flash Steps, the green haired swordsman appeared nearby, settling about twenty feet away from his adversary, and began to speak again.

"Yanno what? I tried to have fun. I tried to make this fight worthwhile, and I most CERTAINLY tried to keep things fair. But no longer shall I hold, you're about to face me with my shackles off. I'm going to show you what I can REALLY do! Ya better hide, because it's the best chance you've got at surviving!"

Out of apparently nowhere, a multitude of swords appeared around Stefan, ending at about 49 swords. Then...these swords began to move into each other. As they did so, they seemingly fused into a single, core blade. This blade, unlike its predecessors, appeared no larger than a standard katana, though it did give off a grim feeling. With one motion, that sword merged into the one he had been holding with his left hand. Reaching the number of 50 fused swords, this one suddenly began radiating a dark, seemingly "empty" energy, this energy appearing suck everything in around it. In reality, that was just the power radiating from it, as it was a condensed form of powerful reishi particles in a physical shape, a sword seeming to be from a completely different realm. With this new weapon in hand, which, by the way, was much more powerful than the last weapon he held, Stefan prepared to begin his assault on James.

Moving at super sonic speeds, Stefan put all of his momentum and crushing flash step skill into getting to James as quickly as possible, able to dodge and ram straight through nearly anything he could put up to defend himself with. After making it to James, he didn't stop and ran right by his back, cutting his back with his new sword. This wound wouldn't be gaping nor fatal, though should the hit have impacted it would still probably surprise James, considering he was moving to fast to be seen. He then did it again to James' right side, attempting to either cut his arm, his side, or both, again moving too fast to be seen or sensed. Stefan kept doing this for a few more minutes, though thanks to his speed, the attack count quickly went up: by the time he had finished, Stefan would have sliced James a good 39 times in just a short moment.

This last assault was nowhere near Stefan's finishing move. No, instead he was just getting ready for more. Before his opponent would have even have even a moment to realize what was going on, Stefan continued this frightening onslaught. This time he tried a more direct approach. Launching himself off of a reitsu plate, Stefan used both his normal insane speed as well as momentum to reach James in roughly a second or less. He jumped up was he attempted to put all of his power into a mighty downwards swing.....or did he? In reality this was just an Utsusemi clone, as Stefan was already behind James attempting to stab him with his Zanpakutō.....or was he? No, that was an Utsusemi clone as well, and was also giving off spiritual energy in order to attract James' attention. The REAL Stefan was coming at James from his left side, attempting to slash his arm in multiple places with his swords, once on the side of his wrist, another near his elbow, and a last hit on his shoulder. Each attack had a tremendous amount of speed and strength behind them, so hopefully James wouldn't be able to dodge all of them.

Instead of keeping up that offense, Stefan had revealed his location, appearing a good 30 feet away from James, though something was off. His Zanpakutō was gone, while his other sword now rested in his right hand....and something else as well. If one were to look up above him, they would see a mass of blades, numbering in the hundreds, all floating above the two combatants. Slowly, they began to decrease in number, fusing two at a time til there was half the maximum amount left. Then they did it again. And again. And again. And again. They kept going until there were only two blades left, who then combined two form one single sword. This sword then floated downwards to Stefan, resting in his left hand. In one motion, Stefan put the two swords he was holding together, morphing them into a single sword, while also holding it kendo style. This blade, made up of Four Hundred single blades, was radiating so much energy that it caused wind to pick up with itself at the epicenter. It appeared to have a heart beat, the energy radiating from it being sent out in pulses, able to be heard and felt above the tap, tap, tap of the rain hitting the ground all around the area. Yes, this sword was extremely powerful, and was going to be the bane of the Aqua Cat, or at least thats what Stefan figured. Using his absolute maximum speed, utilizing both momentum and physical strength in his legs, Stefan sent himself flying at his opponent, appearing in front of James in a mere moment.

And then it began. Stefan started sending a flurry of blows in James' direction, beginning with a vertical cut downwards. Should this ferociously quick attack be blocked, he quickly followed up with a diagonal slice starting from James' left shoulder. He then slashed sideways, cutting horizontally from his own left and James' right, attempting to form a deep wound across James' chest. As quickly as he had performed that last attack, Stefan was now to the right of his adversary, continuing his assault from there. With a large amount of strength, he quickly and powerfully cut downwards with enough force to shatter an entire city blocks' worth of buildings in one powerful blow. With this blow making contact, whether it be hitting James or a defensive construct, Stefans sword suddenly shattered into fragments, though this wasn't because of weakness. No, he had planned this.

That single sword had released the bonds between the individuals within it with that last strike, forming 400 separate ones again, which promptly surrounded James and Stefan in one gigantic sphere, though they didn't intertwine their blades as Stefan had ordered some to do earlier. No, they just floated there. Remaining in Stefans hands were two weapons, a "normal" Shikai sword in his left, and his Zanpakutō in his right, reappearing after its absence. With a deep breath, Stefan began his assault. He attempted to hit James with both swords at once while flying past him, moving extremely quickly. As soon as he reached the nearest sword, it immediately combined with the one in his left hand. He then attacked again, and followed up doing the same thing. And then again. And again. And again, again, again, again, again. This went on for a good sixty seconds, Stefan moving even faster and hitting even harder as time went by and his sword became stronger and stronger thanks to fusing with more and more swords. Eventually, he had absorbed every single blade again, and appeared in front of the perhaps weakened James Mizumuzi. With a quick chuckle, Stefan put all possible speed and strength he could muster into this final attack, attempting to hit James once with each sword he held. He did this as he had done before, slicing as he sped by his opponent. Yes, this final attack would be fatal to many opponents, or at the very least extremely damaging. And this was just the topping on the cake. Including those last two attacks, Stefan had attacked James Eight Hundred Times within a minute. Yes, thats right, 800 slashes, cuts, and slices, all performed within a minute at top speed and strength.

Quickly moving out of the way after that insane series of blows, Stefan flash stepped to a location in the air a good 50 feet from James. He was not only panting, but his arms were bleeding from earlier, and his back had a semi-deep wound. Lets not forget all of the damage he had sustained from various ice-based attacks as well as energy blasts, such as the one he had received just a short while ago. Despite this, Stefan was confidant that he had caused as much if not more damage to James Mizumuzi in this conflict, dealing at least a few strong hits to him. Even if he hadn't, his determination to win this fight would not faulter, as he was Stefan Soan, the Green Haired Beast of the Desert, a Vizard certainly not known for giving up or admitting, he would fight on, and he will overcome this opponent.

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An Aegyptian Battle
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