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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: [FINISHED]Florence Italy [MAIN STORYLINE EVENT]   Mon Jan 24, 2011 4:09 pm

Kiyoko/ Kimiko: The Devils Daughter



What did this pathetic world have left? It had been the same thing since the dawn of time, but somehow it always seemed to interest her. Kimiko looked on through the distance in Florance Italy...Kiyoko was no t in control at this point, thogh it really didnt matter if she was in control...Kiyoko was afterall, a part of Kimiko's soul...
She closed her eyes for a moment, she was at least a good hour away from the city, she was standing in a field, a rule area that borders Florance (Idk if thats true bu...lets just go with that 8D)...

"Princess Kimiko..."
A weaker, shadow demon appeared beside her, kneeling on one knee with his head bowing down to her.

"Hum? What is it?"
Kimiko's eyes opened for a moment as she looked down at the shadow demon, she had almost any demon she wanted under her command. Her peircing yellow eyes could send shivers down any demon...or human's spine. The ddemon dared not raise it's head and continued speaking with its head down.

"I have rounded up the demons of this area...They will be here shorty"
There was something going down, was Kimiko the cause of the little hollow infestation?...Perhaps...
Kimiko looked onwards back to the city, she could sence a couple desturbances, two to be exact...No matter, she would deal with them if the time came. Not to mention she had as many disposable demons at her fingertips.
It didnt take long for the demons to arrive, group by groupe they surrounded the rurel planes until not a shread of grass could be seen from above. Over 100 demons had arrived, and now, the fun starts...

Kimiko didnt move, she simply shifted her eyes to the side as she looked at one of the strongest demons there, a wind demon by the name of Tenkuu, he took on the shape of a lion. Tenkuu stepped forward and bowed down to Kimiko, waiting for her to give him an order.
She was going to use Tenkuu to attract more hollows.

"Go to town...and wait for them, summon them by whatever means nessesary...attract as many as you can...there are already hollows in the city...your brother, Tei is already there, he produced a wonderful turn out...lets see if you can do the same...."
She nodded once more before Tenkuu dissaeared in the howling wind towards the pizza plaza.

It didnt take long before Kimiko could actually hear some destruction and screams from the city...what a wonderful sound it was had been so long since she'd cause some destruction...this was the fun she'd been waiting for...


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: [FINISHED]Florence Italy [MAIN STORYLINE EVENT]   Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:41 pm

[ I c e V i z a r d A i s u A n z a i ]


[ P o s t i n g M u s i c ]