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 Kakeru and Kethel Part 1. Reunion Battle.

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Kakeru and Kethel Part 1. Reunion Battle.   Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:27 am


Vanity and Pain.

While his sister had the advantage of not limiting how much she could spam her bullets and weapons, Kakeru had the innate advantage of disappearing at high rates of speed, but granted that he couldn't perfectly dodge everything was a truth, but he getting those few cuts filled with that deep seated cold would cause pain to her as well as him taking a few slices of his own would hurt, but he could push on for now. There was something that he was hiding back still, but he wouldn't use it yet. While that true she could shoot tens of thousands of bullets and they were easily draining each others energy like there was no tomorrow, she didn't realize that their hearts synchronization was coming to a focal point, that point was where they could just hide in each others reitasu. The sickening facts were that they were awakening shit in Kakeru faster than either one of them could imagine. He didn't just realize it as she thought, he had been remembering as it it was a live stream remembering the dual pistols that he'd always called Bolverk, and not Cyreth and Sylreth her actual gun names. Which was nuts to him that her weapons had such power in this early game, and yet he was bleeding oh yes he was. The blood from his right shoulder trickled down his clothes as he closed his eyes for a moment as he began to hide within the trees like her as he'd catch his breath for a moment.

So once the bullets started flying, he moved at top speed them dropping after images of himself as the bullets most of them splattered and torn into the forms as a few strays that hit his shoulder a back as he got out of that AoE for the time being as he began to plan shit out. His heart began to beat faster as his eyes closed for a moment. If he stepped back once, he'd die, am I going to die? he thought to himself as his eyes remained shut in that moment of serenity as his power became real to him. In that darkness his heart began to shine and then the thing within him, That Power of Order, that became real to him. That truth began as his mind remembered the true power that it could hold besides rejecting phenomena was the absolute will it bestowed someone in dangerous situations to hold true to their intentions and show their paths true. He was fighting Kethel in the wrong way and that was the truth. When he was leaving and he had fought Kethel she was wondering on his thoughts and his response was this Give up? You have got to be joking. I've already given up on life... on the world. But I've decided to cast aside apathy and fight... not only against this so-called "order," but against the world! Kehteldrein if you insist on preserving this travesty you call order, then from now on, you are my enemy! I am the cold steel... the blade that will restore balance to this world! He couldn't deny that fact, and now his response to that past truth became real soon. His eyes opened then the reality being awoke within his heart and mind now finishing the last part of his sentence in a loud declaration of his intent. "Give up? Hell no, I am the cold steel... the blade that will restore balance to this world! I will wake you up sister! You may be able to throw all of those weapons at me, but you're hiding from yourself!"

He loved his family and that was the truth. He'd sheath his blade for that moment as he'd remember something that he'd jokingly say, that he would be the knight of the azure flames, but that was a joke, he was the knight of the Praetorian division, the head of it. He began to think out rationally what he could do once he had established his dominance over the power of order and his now controlled weapon Yukianesa. That will of Abs0lution well It would be necessary, Kakeru had limits in terms of spamming millions of bullets, his annoyance was waning down into nothing. He was calmed down completely. As forgetting about that ice wasn't the most damning issue, he forgot that over time it'd errode a bit of life, and for that one second he had face palmed. How did he get away from all of those bullets? Originally he used his warp like movements to get away, but even though he got nicked a bit, they weren't the sticky kind hopefully but it did hurt. He had a right mind to stop it, but it looked like his sister wasn't, so he'd have to continue in fighting her until she ran out of energy or they nearly killed each other again, and that one was looking more and more likely. This was now a game of cat and mouse, and they were deciding who was cat and who was the mouse, well this was more than likely more of Cat versus Cat. He'd begin to generate something around the series of trees he was hiding behind thick layers of ice filled with Kinetic energy to reinforce the layers of ice that were behind them as the area's cold levels would show the rapid decay of trees around the area. 'Shit... If I keep this up I will end up killing the life in the forest, but I gotta keep fighting stronger, I will have to just destroy it all.'

For that one moment in time the cold in the area seemed to increase into a shocking level then return to normal when he thought about the words he wanted to say, but wouldn't.

''Semete mo tamuketa... Kore wa boku no kotae ga!''


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Kakeru and Kethel Part 1. Reunion Battle.   Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:47 pm