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 all star suzu vs Ayane

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: all star suzu vs Ayane   Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:02 am

Suzu entered Zone-F of the Imaginary District. Suzu was in a jet-black one piece swimsuits and a jacket holding her sword in hand with the blade resting on her shoulder. Suzu had gotten word about the All Star Challenge and it sounded interesting to say the least. 10,000,000 yen is not really something she wanted to miss out on and the gems Suzu could do a lot of things with them.

As she walk thru this rundown city where the streets was cracked and had large chunks missing it was obvious this place had seen a lot of battle's in the past. Even the buildings looked like one good punch would level them to the ground. Suzu said laughingly. " I think this place is actually in worse shape than hueco mundo." Suzu kept walking till she came to a car which had its roof torn off that looked to be more rust than metal. she took her jacket off throwing it on the drivers seat of the car covering up the upholstery that was rotted from the elements than sitting in it. she would lay her sword on the seat by her and prop her feet up on the dash. I wonder who will come... I really hope they prove to be enjoyable." Suzu would let out her spirit energy a bit more so that anybody around know she was here.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: all star suzu vs Ayane   Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:43 pm

Name: Ayane Meidu
Alias: "Clear Vision"
Appearance: Casual Garment
Transformation Status: Dormant State
Damage Status: Unharmed
Emotional State: Piqued Curiosity
Tier: 1-3

It was funny, Ayane was merely doing errands for the day before she stumbled into the Imaginary District. She had a bag of Groceries in her right hand before tilting her head from left to right, Looking at her surrounding with a curious gaze. Her pace within the district was merely that of an observer, Taking in the sights and scenes that inhabited the area. This young Sugiura was new to Karakura, So, It was understandable if she didn't know where she was- It's great to explore anyway, Even if the place she was walking through looked like a war zone. Constantly having to take steps over big pieces of rubble, Ayane sighed softly before losing her focus and tripping over a rock. SMACK! All of her groceries flew everywhere along the ground as Ayane lifted her head and whipped her head from the dust off the ground. A disgruntled look was flushed over her face before long, Looking at all the ruined food she had just bought. But, Nevertheless, She stood up and begun picking up all of the items that were salvageable, placing them back into the bag she once had. It was there she slightly lost focus when it came to picking up her groceries- There was a girl; She had on a jet-black one piece swimsuits and a jacket, holding her sword in hand with the blade resting on her shoulder. Interesting clothing choice considering her surroundings Ayane Thought to herself, But, She was never one to blatantly judge someone just because of what they were wearing. Alas, Ayane set the bag of food down before walking up behind the girl.

"Um! Hello there ! Whatcha doing out here ?"

Her eyes noticed the sword from a distance before, But, She didn't pay any mind to it, Wanting to try and carry on a civil conversation if possible. As for Ayane, She was completely unarmed; No Sword, No Knife, Nothing- Well, Except for her own body. Ayane wasn't keen on using weapons, But, She wasn't completely against using them either if the situation absolutely deems it necessary. Moreover, Ayane has such a Bastion of Spiritual energy considering her age and size where she doesn't need to use a weapon- One of the great perks of being a Magus Suguria. Alas, Ayane's bright green eyes beamed onto the girls stature, Still trying to figure out if she was a real threat or not. Nevertheless, Ayane begun to walk in front of her about three feet before turning down to face her; A smile was painted onto the young Sugiura's face. Placing both of her hands behind her back, She interlocked her fingers in an innocent embrace, Swinging ever so slowly back and forth as if she was wanting to ask a question.

"So... What's your name ? I'm Ayane!"


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: all star suzu vs Ayane   Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:47 pm

Suzu turned her head to where she heard an odd sound coming from to see a young girl tripping. suzu let out a giggle taking a small bit of amusement in the girls carelessness before turning back around. After a couple of minutes the girl had picked up her things and made her way over to behind Suzu. Suzu didn't really feel this girl was threatening or that she was here to fight at all. No this girl looked misplaced here perhaps lost. this judgment was made off the fact most people don’t bring Groceries into a war zone and she was careless enough to fall and the biggest hint was her asking why Suzu was here any one that knew of the All-star would know on the spot why she was here. A thought did inter Suzu's mind that it may be a trick but was unlikely and even if that was the case Suzu would happily play along.

"I am waiting to find an opponent. You see I am participating in the all-star challenge competition. I must find and fight people and if I win 3 in a row I get 10,000,00 yen as a prize. Can I ask why it is your here? After all the closest store is miles away and only those who want a fight should be here."

The girl than walked in front of suzu glaring at her intently as if she was trying to gather information. Than striking a pose and asking "So... What's your name? I'm Ayane!" the girl said her name with such energy in her voice Suzu found it cute. suzu gave the girl a smile. “Én vagyok Io.... I mean my name is Suzu-zumizimu it's a pleasure to meet you. " she put her rights hand out in a manner that would suggest a handshake in order to introduce herself properly with two days customs but this would also show Suzu’s hole in the palm of her hand.
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all star suzu vs Ayane
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