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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Simple Game, No? [OPEN FOR FOUR PEOPLE MAX. INCLUDING MYSELF.]   Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:36 pm

Kawashima Ami

A simple yawn escaped the girl's mouth as she leaned against the Park bench. It was a sunny day, a hot one at that. She had worn a simple skirt with a blue blazer, covering a white blouse. This wasn't the only thing that Ami wore either, she had covered a Two Piece swimsuit underneath her clothing, she knew it would end up coming in handy. Ami uncrossed her legs, crossing the left over the right. It was around 2 p.m in Fuma Park, the park bench that Ami sat on resided directly behind a fountain that resided in the center of Fuma park. Her plan was simple, Ami would end up within the fountain itself to cool off.

Rubbing her neck, Ami stood from the bench she sat on. Slowly, her hat was removed, alongside her blazer. The girl understood that it was a saturday and rather hot, but she was dying of the heat at this point. Besides, showing off her body wasn't someone she was afraid of doing. A simple step moved the girl forward, her shoes sliding off as she began to slide her skirt and stockings down her figure. Smirking, Ami un-buttoned her blouse, piling her clothes together next to the bench.
"Ahh~ The wind on my skin feels so nice~" Allowing her feet to step forward, left over right, she moved towards the fountain. People began to stare at the girl, but she wasn't afraid of it, nor was she worried that someone would do something. It was a simple game, getting into the fountain and swimming around was something that she always found interesting. Nothing could stop the girl at the point, even if they wanted to stop her, she wouldn't allow them. Stepping into the fountain, she crouched down. Ami sat on the cool floor of the fountain now, allowing her arms to cross against her best as she lounged in the cool water under the beating heat from the sun.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A Simple Game, No? [OPEN FOR FOUR PEOPLE MAX. INCLUDING MYSELF.]   Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:03 am

Feasting upon a hearty chocolate bar, apart the bench next to the one of high school proportions sat the bob haired assassin turned bodyguard enjoying her sweets with a delightful lack of care for the world. Adorned in the mantle of a business suit, masculine as it was for her femininity. Minding her own business and all that, enjoying the finer points of the day, the sort of things one actually enjoys when they aren't employed by someone as whimsical as her boss. Ah well, there ain't no strange elements, weird or otherwise to ruin her day, NONE at all. Nope, no siree, she was out here to enjoy the finer points of this day and she expected nothing to go out of its way to disrupt the peace and quiet that comes from an otherwise ordinary day in her life otherwise most abnormal.

"What a perfect day, ahhh... the odds of someone acting dysfunctional in this park is probably five hundred thousand to one." She mumbles to herself, chewing on the chocolate bar that Anna.

But then ALL OF IT WAS RUINED. Ruined by the cocoon shrinking off and a butterfly emerging out of her shell, as in her clothes. What first impression Anna got from glimpsing that way by a happening passing glance was met with the vision of the minority feeling such needs to actually strip off of her clothing. SO Anna was spurred to action and activity as to do the most reasonable thing and watch! Nope, not go over there and help her out YET, but see the extent of this suddenly inclined depravity go on for a while till she dipped into the fountains. The more important question is... was that lingerie she was wearing? Or was that actually a swim suit? Come to think of it, the sun was unbearably hot and suddenly things made sense, if only that she should've went to a public swimming pool.

"Goddamnit, my statistics and odds wrong AGAIN." Once more she mumbled wisdom to her brain matter.

Standing off of the bench, walking towards this deviant Ami, Anna responsibly littered the piece of chocolate wrapping to the ground, took off her jacket, and flung it at Ami's face, "LITTLE GIRL, as uncomfortable as clothing are, you shouldn't expose yourself, sure they suck, and sometimes they tend to chaff and give wedgies, BUT, point is, you're meant to cover yourself because... it's bad, because exposing yourself is bad, okay? It's just bad, that's the reason for why not covering yourself is bad, m'kay?" She says neutrally to the high schooler clear of her usual obscenities or innuendos at least THIS TIME, this sort of thing reminded her of Vietnam, not the war, but going there. Flashbacks rippled of girls streaking JUST like her where things just were never the same... and then... actually she has no idea where she was going with this. Vietnam wasn't so bad, but point is, people shouldn't streak in public, because it's bad... it's bad because it's bad.
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