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 Ezreal [APPROVED, 1-5+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ezreal [APPROVED, 1-5+]   Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:04 am

"It's all skill!"

- Name: Ezreal
- Titles: The Prodigal Explorer / Harbinger of the Pulsefire Armory
- Gender: Male
- Appearance Age: 17
- Age: 290
- Affiliation/Rank: The Rinyūaru

- Appearance Picture: Normal:

Pulsefire Systems Startup Stage:

Pulsefire Systems Full Power:

- Appearance Describtion: Ezreal is quite the 'cute' guy, something that he was actually teased for a couple of times. The Pulsefire systems change his body by encasing his body into the armor and weapons that are built into his body.


- Personality:

The Basis
Ezreal has the personality of a young and upbeat man in his heart that is hidden underneath sheets of metal. He is friendly most of the time, but can also be very cocky and slightly sarcastic, although he never truly tries to insult people on a deeper emotional level, he just likes to poke fun at those that he takes a liking to.

The Explorer
As a prodigy of exploration and knowledge, he is known to never turn down challenges. Even though his mind would've allowed him to become a scientist of high regard, he instead chose to spend his time exploring old mysteries and cultures, especially all those that hinted towards connections with spiritual races like Shinigami or Hollows, or even the more illusive Guardian Beasts. During one of his travels he even managed to befriend a Guardian Beast with his thirst for knowledge and understanding of cultures alone, marking how easy it actually is for him to raise excitement in other people.

The Quincy
He's still a Quincy - but he doesn't think too much of that little fact. While he is interested in the history of the Quincy War, old grudges have no place in his 'modern' mind, and he is more concerned about making sure that such wars no longer happen. He DOES have pride in his skills, though - he won't back down from people challenging his bloodine's power, and he has a desire burning in him to protect normal humans from Hollows and other evil monsters, even after turning most of his flesh into metal.

The Mercenary
Ezreal needs money and leads to do his explorings, and so he is also a crooked buisnessman that took up many more dubious research jobs and spying missions, not caring too much who he was working for, as long as it wasn't someone obviously evil like the Hollow King. His ability to gain favorable conditions for his missions is admirable, but nowadays he doesn't work for private people anymore, instead taking on the most dangerous missions Zefonse has to offer.
"Sounds dangerous. I'm in!"

The Machine
Obviously, a change as big as the one Ezreal's body went through affects the person underneath. While he usually tries to never let it shine through, Ezreal is quite unhappy about being more machine than man, but he also knows that he can never change things back to the way they were. Because of what nearly happened to him, he absolutely despises people trying to control others with the use of cybernetics, and will never give out the plans of the Pulsefire Technology to anyone he doesn't deem trustworthy. Using robotics and technology in evil ways is also a quick way to obtain a metal fist to the face.

The Friend
As touched upon earlier, Ezreal values friendship highly, and he enjoys befriending people around him, no matter their origin, as long as they're not planning anything evil. Because of his friendly and warm nature, it can be hard to hate him for anything, although cases of people despising him are known.

- Likes: Freedom, Mysteries, Challenges, Exploring

- Dislikes: Pessimism, Maps, Destruction of Ruins and Artifacts, Cero


- Human Skills:

  • Photographic Memory: Ezreal can fully recall anything he ever saw, from faces to different places to texts or even the dreaded maps, his mind is a compendium of images and recordings of each of his excavations. It is nearly impossible for him to forget something.
  • Hive of Knowledge: Ezreal can fluently speak in all languages that have ever been decyphered, even the died out ones like old greek or mayan. Furthermore, he can read any language that has ever been analyzed - and even Guardian Beast runes, which are usually hard to decypher even for Sugiura, are no large mystery to him, after he spent half a year learning them and their meanings.
  • Artisan of War: Ezreal has a knack for weaponry from nearly all eras and origins, and if it is made to harm someone, he can usually get that thing to do so.
  • Mathematician: He not only knows Pi up to the 1000th number, but also almost everything else that has to do with mathematics, including astrophysics, architecture, electrical engineering, biology, and chemistry.


Pulsefire Armor

Concept: When Ezreal was wounded to a near fatal level, his body had to be altered with the Pulsefire Systems for him to stay alive, making him more machine than man. The parts replaced are: His entire right arm, over half of his left arm, both legs completely, the majority of his bones and spine, his lungs, parts of the heart, most of his intestines, half the stomach, his liver, and most of his skin. Even his hair is synthetic.

Materials: The Pulsefire Systems are state of the art and beyond in technology, they are more advanced than anything aviable on the market for common customers - in numbers, they are roughly ten generations ahead of anything scientists have mass-produced. Even the military doesn't have prototypes half as durable as the Pulsefire alloys, making Ezreal's skeleton and skin able to take huge amounts of punishment, and the same goes for most of his internal organs. In addition to the 'hard' parts, his blood is also full of small nanomachines that power themselves with the energy given off by his main reactor, which is located around the heart. This energy source is based on an 'arc reactor', that, after starting up, produces energy for thousands of years on the highest output settings. This allows Ezreal to easily regulate the energy his body recieves, whereass 5% are enough for daily life, 10% good for days of exploring without rest and 20% and above enable him to do combat on high-end levels.
Also, the Pulsefire technology is able to adapt and absorb information, so it can constantly evolve and get stronger as the user does. New technology can also easily be assimilated into the Pulsefire Systems.

Voice of the Pulsefire: A female-sounding AI is implanted into the armor, granting Ezreal superior methodical thinking even beyond his already incredible mind, allowing for true multitasking, solving of complex riddles and superior battle analysis to be carried out by him.

Hello Ezreal. Do you require a map?

The Armor Plating: Ezreal has armor plating built into his body - to enable it, a simple thought command sends out to his machinery components. Upon doing that, the intensive armor plating stored in his torso, upper body, shoulders, back and legs is activated and slides into place easily, coating him into either of his Pulsefire states. The startup state is inferior to the full Pulsefire armor in all ways, but doesn't consume much energy at all. In a similiar fashion, the completely machinery of the right arm can turn it into 'cannon' mode. The armor always has an enti-EMP field active, even when not running, to protect the eternal systems.

Ultima Scanner: The visor of the armor is one of the best imaginable - combined with retina-implanted technology, it allows for perfect vision in the dark, through dust and mist, even through thin walls, has heatscanners, scent-trail displays, and perfect navigational software.
Also, it can judge the powerlevel of someone based on aura, appearance, weaponry, Reiatsu, Chaos Energy, and a lot of other readable things. From tier 6 to 1-1+, power levels are displayed as a slowly faster growing curve going from 2 to 9000. Anything above grows even stronger exponentially, with the maximum the scanner can pick up being tier 0-1, registered as one million raw power units.

Rebreathers: Ezreal's lungs are enhanced greatly, making him able to breathe normally in usually toxic environments for extended periods of time, or in very thin atmosphere, without trouble. These rebreathers are also equipped with a shock device, able to jumpstart Ezreal's heart if it suddenly stops. They filter out poisons and give them out with exhaling, making it very difficult to get any kind of poison to stick and work on the Quincy. With them, he can also potentially enter the vaccuum of space and survive for up to an entire week.

Icarus Landing System: When falling, Ezreal builds up a static field around him. The impact on the ground is fully absorbed by a 'cushion' of that energy and his enhanced legs, before sending out a wave of destructive energy IF Ezreal wants to release it, knocking enemies hit by it back a considerable amount.

Jetpack: Ezreal is equipped with a high-tech jetpack that makes him as fast as a top notch military jet and operates nearly everywhere, even underwater or in space. It is also equipped with a shield generator against the high velocity winds of top speeds or crushing weight of the ocean, or the re-entry into an atmosphere, making Pulsefire Ezreal able to travel to even different planets or the deepest depths of the earth.

Hacking Devices: Ezreal has the plugs and cables to connect to every known and maybe even unknown socket, and software to hack and force open many systems, making it incredibly difficult to lock something away from him using scientific methods.

Internal Weaponry: The armor hides a magnitude of other weapons as well. Both arms can unleash a Seele Schneider blade both from the palms and the elbows, the hands can turn into spinning drills, and normal, supersharp blades are also added for when the Seele Schneider blades show no effect. The general strength of the Pulsefire armor makes it also a bad idea to get kicked or punched by Ezreal while it is active, since the kinetic power is enough to smash through concrete without slowing down too much.

Cloaking Device: Ezreal uses super-advanced cameras and mirrors/displays to appear to have vanished for the naked eye. His emissions of sound and energy are buffered away almost completely, however, using this quickly overheats the Pulsefire Armor. Cloak can stay active at the most 2 posts in a fight, or 5 posts while flying/spying/social interaction, and always has a 7 post cooldown afterwards.

Various Devices: Ezreal can freely modify himself and install new devices easily - he has a magnitude of different communication systems installed, can scan energy fields for their origin, analyze blood samples and other genetic material, determine extraterrestial ages and origins, and possibly mix drinks and cocktails with his extensions. The ultimate spy, scout, and bartender in one package.

Pulsefire Systems, Online.

Pulsefire Cannon: Ezreal's right arm can turn into the mightly Pulsefire Cannon, which acts much like a Quincy Bow, and even uses the same type of energy mixed with energy from the Pulsefire reactor. It can rapid-fire a magnitude of blasts much like a bow, but also charge a 'Mystic Shot', which deals increased damage (roughly like a Gran Rey Cero) and takes the time of a Cero to charge and fire, while travelling much faster than one. If this attack hits someone, all of Ezreal's current cooldowns on abilities get recuded by one post. 2 post cooldown on it, unless it hits someone, then it is 1 post.

Essence Flux: An unstable, short-ranged wide-firing blast of blue energy, which breaks down things in it's path to deal damage. Said damage isn't all that high, but being hit with Essence Flux without guarding against the secondary effect specificially applies it - and that secondary effect is a slowing factor, which recudes the foe's speed to 70% of what they would normally be for 2 posts. 3 post cooldown.

Arcane Shift: Using the Quincy energies in conjunction with the Pulsefire reactor, Ezreal performs a short-range teleport. After teleporting, his cannon releases a single, homing arrow of golden color with high damage potential. 4 post cooldown.

Blut: By making reishi flow directly into their blood vessels, a user of this technique is able to drastically increase their attack and defense power. However, despite the significant danger this potentially presents to one's opponents, Blut possesses one major flaw in that the independent forms of the technique for attack and defense operate using two different reishi systems, meaning they cannot be employed simultaneously... usually.
  • Blut Vene: The defensive form of Blut that grants the user inhuman durability, represented by a faint pattern beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. If consciously kept at full power, even attacks delivered by a Shinigami's Bankai can potentially be negated completely.
    However, despite the considerable defense afforded by this technique, it seemingly isn't absolute and can be torn using sufficient power.
  • Blut Arterie: The offensive form of Blut that grants the user inhuman attack power. This technique is the only thing capable of ensuring that a Quincy's attacks are able to significantly damage a Bankai-wielding Shinigami.
  • Pulsefire Overdrive - Blut Körper: Ezreal overclocks all of his machinery, pumping both offensive and defensive reishi circuits throughout his remaining flesh and synthetic body parts. For three posts, he has the effects of both Blut forms at full power, but after the end of it, he suffers from an 8 post cooldown during which he can't use Blut at all.

Trueshot Barrage: This attack channels for a short period, during which Ezreal can't move and locks onto his target. His Cannon expands into a gigantic crossbow for a short period, and unleashes a wide, destructive wave of energy roughly in the form of an arrow. This attack has destructive power slightly above the Cero Oscuras, so it's extremely powerful and shouldn't be taken lightly. Obviously it takes quite a bit of energy to fire, and the cannon would be overstrained if used too much, so it has a cooldown of six posts.

Letzt Stil - Endlos Schuss: Ezreal's own version of the Quincy Letzt Stil, this one doesn't take the powers of a Quincy away from the user, by redirecting the strain into artificial body parts that can deal with it more easily. Upon using it, Ezreal charges up an insane amount of energy from the environment, becoming strong enough to deconstruct spiritual structures like Soul Society and Hueco Mundo and take in their energy. Once he has enough strength, he overclocks his attack systems fully, and fires up to ten Trueshot Barrage attacks nearly at once, now with homing capabilities. This sends Trueshot Barrage on cooldown immedeatly, as well as subsystems such as Cloaking or Blut, and that special cooldown holds on for nine posts.


- Type: Bow
- Appearance: Ezreal's Quincy Bow takes the form of a magical pendant, combining his Quincy energy with his brainwaves to create a bow on the arm, which can fire a variety of trickshots and enable all the skills he normally has to activate the Pulsefire Armor for, at reduced effectivity and strength.
- Reishi Color: Light Blue and Yellow


- Background: Ezreal is not the youngest Quincy, but also not truly old. He was born in the turbulent times between ages - not quite the future of today, but also not the past of the Winter War. Born during World War 3, his parents were amongst those fleeing into the new cities, them being dormant Quincies of a died out clan - their gift had not awakened in generations.
However, when the young Ezreal had almost reached safety with his parents, an explosion caused by the fights knocked him away - and into a rift in space, caused by the disturbances. Before shocked eyes, he was dragged away, into unknown space...

But in the end, the hands were not those of demons. Instead, the one that grabbed and saved him from the fall, was a gigantic spider-like creature - a friendly one, at that. A Guardian Beast, who had by chance come across the portal that had sucked the young Quincy in. It explained to him where he was - the Guardian Beast lands, quite a ways away from the Sugiura. So with the help of this spider, Ezreal started a journey - a journey towards civilization that was going to take him years.
But those years were not going to be uneventful years. Being in the Guardian Beast Dimension, the spiritual air awakened the dormant powers within Ezreal - he awakened as a Quincy, but without a cross, his powers were nearly useless against the threats of wild beasts. So his spidery friend brought in another friend - one that resembled an old golem - who lead them to a ruin - a ruin of Magitek, technology so far advanced that it could no longer be differentiated from true magic, a leftover from the time of the beasts own empire. And admitst the ruin, the young Ezreal found it... a pendant that could shape energy into whatever he imagined, his very own, and quite fancy, Quincy Cross.
However, collecting the artifact had a side-effect that nobody knew of beforehand - it activated a trap that made the enite group crash down into an old cavern. Thankfully, any other traps inside said cavern had already been deactivated prior - but the adventure of getting out again sparked the fascination of the old civilazations within Ezreal.

The rest of their journey was long, and quite eventful. One small adventure was followed by the next, and Ezreal developed from a teenager into a confident, skilled Quincy, although he never seemed to age on the outside, which was possibly a side-effect of the lands he was travelling through. Many Guardian Beasts became either his friends or his enemies, and during his journey, he learned both their language and dialects as well as their old runes and writings, making him an expert on Guardian Beast culture like none other in such a short time.
But like any journey, this one was also destined to end. At one point, years after their initial goal, Ezreal and his new group of friends reached the borders of the eastern Sugiura Kingdom. This was a one-way ticket - once he left for his own world, Ezreal would be unable to return to this dimension on his own accord. After a long pause and many goodbyes, he decided to leave this dimension after all - to return to the world that he could barely even remember now.

Being helped along by a Sugiura that he met near the border training - said Sugiura called himself 'Wataru' - it was not hard to be escorted to one of the many gates. Decades had passed since Ezreal fell through the cracks of dimensions, so obviously, nobody even knew of him anymore - the surprise amongst the Quincy was great once he appeared again in the human world.
There, however, he learned of the fate of his family - they had died years ago of natural causes. Now, he was alone once more - alone in a world that had changed so much. Still, his skill as an explorer was now greater than anyone could imagine, and he was quick to take on excavation missions and surveys in order to keep moving - he knew that once he stopped, he'd surely think about the family he had now lost in both worlds.

This fast, reckless lifestyle would come back to haunt him eventually, though. The Rinyūaru found out about him after he managed to steal important data from one of their bases, and set out to hunt down this Quincy-spy - and while Ezreals ability to gather information was incredible, his actual fighting strength could not compare to an entire organization. Thankfully, the Rinyūaru did not want him dead, but alive - this enabled him to slip away time and time again, leading them on a wild chase through the entire mortal realm.
However, after one of his many escapes, he had fled into the wrong ruin. Once inside, Ezreal suddenly felt the dread and fear of death - and for good reason. He had stumbled across a dark church - one dedicated to the Shadow of Existance, or, as he knew it, the church of Cubia - the ones to worship the Angra Mainyu. The Vasto Lorde that resided here did not take kindly to him intruding without invitation.

Cero Oscuras.

The explosion was thankfully big enough to instantly give a clear sign to Ezreals other enemies. As they reached the scene, the Hollow had disappeared - but Ezreal was barely left alive. The attack had hit him full force, without any of his defenses being up - the result was devastating, and it was nearly a miracle that this charred body was still clinging to life.
Once taken back by the organization, it was quickly deducted that only his brain had survived the blast without extensive damage, and that only Quincy disciplines were still keeping his unconcious mind in the horribly devastated flesh. Obviously, Ezreal was useless like this to them - he couldn't be forcefully recruited while barely left alive, and thus, was simply used for another experiment... The Pulsefire Armory.
Pulsefire was the codename for a secret project. Intelligent machinery that needed an organic body to connect onto, the resulting unity of flesh and metal was supposed to surpass the limits of mortals and normal machines, by giving the growth potential of organics and the superiority of machinery in one package. Obviously, such a project was not unique, but the Pulsefire Technology was and still is to this day one of the most advanced cybernetic projects - and Ezreal became the first test subject for the machines.

Being kept alive by the highest of medical technology, the Pulsefire Armory began it's work of replacing all the damaged and useless parts. The lower body, which had been burned into nearly nothing, was almost completely replaced - new legs from alloy, new nerves to replace and enhance the natural ones. Broken bones were removed and replaced with artificial ones, the intact ones got a coating out of active metal to achieve the same sturdiness as the artificial ones. Intestines that could no longer function were thrown out for cybernetic replacements, the blinded eyes got new, enhanced nerves and lenses inserted into them.
The completely destroyed arm was replaced, the injured one got enhanced. The heart, which had been deemed too weak to supply the Pulsefire Reactor with enough power, got implants and active metal alloys to increase strength - the burned out lungs, which barely had half of the natural strength, were healed by implanting the rebreather system and replacements straight out of the highest grade technology. The unharmed brain was linked up to the new systems, and a travelling enhancement Jetpack was formed into the metal plates on the back - all in all, Ezreal was being enhanced to become the perfect scouting unit, but they could not yet whipe his brain, for it was needed to keep the mortal soul chained for the time being.

But before the project was finished, something dire happened - the head of the organization was killed, and the entirety of it taken over by that person, called Zefonse. Nobody remained alive after the takeover that knew of the Pulsefire Armory Project, so Ezreal was left in stasis within the armory...
Until one day, the secret rooms were discovered, and with them, the sleeping Ezreal. Under Zefonse's orders, all of the Pulsefire armaments were installed in his body now - weaponry, cloaking system, enhanced targeting, modular slots for new enhancements at any time, new, sturdier skin, his entire body was turned into a walking representation of the best the Pulsefire Armory could possibly ever produce - and then he was woken up, without a mind whipe as originally intended.

Obviously, this was quite a shock for Ezreal, but he was alive - and felt better than ever before. He was never quite sure what to make of his sudden ehancement into a cyborg or Zefonse, his benefactor, but he at least knew to pay back his debts, and now works as the chief scout and spy for Zefonse in all matters.

"Who needs a map?"


- Durability: (How tough you are)
- General Speed: (How quick you are without using any enhancement)
- Strength: (How strong you are without using any enhancement)
- Weapon Skill: (How well you can generally use a weapon)

- Archery: (Uses of Bow and Arrow, primarily replaces Weapon Skill whenever using the bow, crossbow or gunnery)
- Hirenkyaku: (Similar to the Shinigami's flash step, but you are able to make a platform to take you any which way, providing it is not a solid obstruction)
- Reishi Absorption and Manipulation: (Quincy has the ability to gather spiritual energy and use them for their attacks)
- Tool Usages: (Using things like Ginto and Seele Schneider)

- Tsuineda Technique: (How well you can use the Twin Bow, it replaces Archery and Weapon Skill)
- Kaunta-Atakku: (How powerful is your counter attack)
- Sukai-Kataki (How many arrows you can fire at once)
- Jeet Kun Do: (How well you can fight in close quarter combat)
Click here for detailed explanation of the Tsuineda's abilities.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Ezreal [APPROVED, 1-5+]   Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:52 am

Sorry, two weeks are up! Find it in old wip!
If you want it back into WIP, please contact a moderator, or even a site assistant <3

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Ezreal [APPROVED, 1-5+]   Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:37 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master


Tier: 1-5+

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Ezreal [APPROVED, 1-5+]   Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:02 pm

Cleaning this out! Feel free to pm me to move it back!
Don't worry this isn't deleted! Your app is now in archives!

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Ezreal [APPROVED, 1-5+]
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