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 Snow wip

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Snow wip    Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:38 pm


• Name: Snow
• Age: 999
• Gender:male
• Appearance:


• Personality:

Depression; he in extreme cases has been known to have depression. This comes from his long life and not to mention all the souls and the agony which he has endured for who knows how long. It's hard to say when this started but what is known is that he has severe depression, which has been one of the driving problems in his life. For the most part it's easy to cope with but sometimes it becomes more of a problem then a asset it's times like these that he has sat down and for years at a time began to meditate on what he knew and aswell what he did not know, it really was hard to understand but at the same time it's normal to him.

Mental limiting removed disorder(M.L.R.D) ; this disorder is the reason he has what is known as super strength . It's not that he's hulk strong physically but that while the body naturally limits the strength and force which the limbs can actually do. This happens in your brain which is the problem, as with this disorder there is a lack of that natural limit, meaning he can use his body to the maximum of it's abilities.

Mental capacity disorder (M.C.D) ; due to the disorder in the brain he can acces all. Of his brain capacity, and not just a small portion of it, this comes in handy Due to his computing capabilities which can be shown in many situations.

Junky; he is commonly known as a adrenaline junky and behaves as such, not to be rude or anything else but for that moment of elation when the adrenaline is pumping through his veins. This is the kind of thing he lives for, and more often then not this is the kind of thing which can generally get him in trouble; as it leads him to take more bold and risky actions then is practical, as he literally does stuff to seek out this kind of high. An example of this being when he was eight he pissed off the yakuza just so he could have some fun. Sadly though the members involved with attacking him never lived to give a account of the incident. So needless to say there is a great deal of speculation as to what happened.

Genius; he is many things but genius is something he adamantly argues he's not. So if you want to find out don't ask him outright , he will deny being one and claim that he's merely a well studied man of average intelligence. In fact he truthfully is a friggen genius, as he has a iq which is very high above average; being Its well off of what can be measured in a chart. It is this very reason why he is so good at doing what he does.

Well-versed in combat; another thing he is , though he does not look it interestingly enough is a well trained expert if not master in the wide spectrum which is considered combat. He has persistently and vigorously trained in Judo, Muai Thai, jujitsu, taekwando , boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, karate, mixed martial arts, ninjutsu , street fighting, asura, air fist, kinetic energy utilization , stealth, art of unseen movement, and a lot more. This is thanks to the general fact he, generally sucks up knowledge like a sponge there for he knows a lot.

Photographic/idetic memory; for the most part he also has what is known as a photographic memory ,which not only gives him a perfect memory ; but also it means when he sees something or reads something once it remains images in crystal clear detail in the brain in this case his brain. Which has shown to be a crucial advantage in what he does.

Solo complex: Its hard to say but probably due to his past he usually wants to keep to himself. Having more or less a kind of quiet and unsociable demenar, is mainly why he has decided over the years to keep to himself. Its easier that way for him. There is less complications , plus at the same time there is probably not to mention much much less chance of him getting dragged down and harmed by other people. Thats one of the real perks with him being alone there is much much less that can cause him trouble. Or cause problems for him. Also its for that reason he usually goes and can be found in area's which have very very seldom been traveled in. Meaning that for the most part, its easier for him to remain alone and hidden from most of the outer knowledge of people. Thats how though he has remained hidden for the past 600 years or so without much problem. Its not hard to hide when there are so few people that will go to where he generally hides himself.

insanity: The easiest way to put this is he is pretty insane, When he wants to be. Just because of how he was and the incidents he has gone through in general. Not to say that, insanity is pretty sane for him but. Really in the easiest way to put it , is that while for others this insanity is not normal in the slightest for him it is extremely normal. Actually for the most part its not only extremely normal, its just part of who he actually is. Nothing more and nothing less then that. And thats well just the easiest way to put it at this point.

Machosist tendancies: Pain a long time ago, became something which got a rise out of him. Its not because really he enjoys it but, something inside him snapped a extremely long time ago. And as such really, Pain has just become another sick joke for him to mess around with. Its mainly because of that , that generally even when he is harmed or injured it really will not affect him that much. But it still will affect him sometimes really just depending on how things go, and how badly you hurt him. But other then this it really just depends.

Sick- Just plain mental: As i've said, a long time ago this dude snapped, and i mean he went bat crap crazy. He now gets a rise out of inducing pain to others and even to some extent the pain thats inflicted to himself. But its really just part of the whole gist of things. He is sick, as he does not veiw things as a sane person would. He finds revolting and grotesque things humorous and even to a point out right freaking hilarious. Meaning he could just laugh his 'arse off while you get yourself disenbowled. Really to him the fact is he just could care less really. Which for the most part is why he is so sick.

detached: Its said that he is emotionally detached when it comes to sympathy .Its a sad fact but at the same time , this is only when he's had that dormant side of him brought out , and then this will shine through blue and true. Really when you get him serious he will not really give a damned. He could slaughter your child and then drag the babies and then turn them into party hats or balloons. Which would not affect him what so ever, he would just stop replan and then go back to doing what ever the hell he was doing before you interrupted him in the first place. So really, it just does not matter.

Sadistic - Blood lover: He is a lover of blood, thats just part of his nature, but just the site of blood gets him all invigorated and hyped up. Kinda like adrenaline, it does not matter if its his blood or his foes. To him really blood is blood, and thats about all there is to it. Nothing more and nothing less then that. He does not care if the bloods the color of the rainbow. to him its all blood, if its what is beating through your heart and keeping you alive. But other then that, its nothing more to him and nothing less to him. Though he does like it, that is a pretty obvious fact by how he behaves when around the stuff in general.

Mister Genocide: Once he hears a scream, and kills, he will keep killing and killing. Nothing more too it, its probably safe to say the time he spent in the cell, was not a good way to deterr this budding aspect of him, but it sped up the process of it showing itself in a obvious way quite nicely. And thats why when he kills or sees someone killed there is a good chance that he might even go on a rampage and kill more people than where going to be killed in the firstplace. With him you never actually know.

Doctor Jeckle n hyde: Its known that the voice that was in snows head that night in the messiah was the true personality of him. But when hes not around, there is the harmless one which is comparative to mister jeckle. Which is pretty tame and timid even by a normal beings standards and is a person who really does not stand out that much . Well other then how he looks physically but there is nothing he can really do about that now is there?

Though when his true personality which is comparative to the monster hyde comes out, all bets are off. Just like hyde the true snow is a monster, who loves nothing but blood and guts. In short, he's that monster you'de be looking for under your bed. Or someone which would make a weeping angel actually stay still and shit their pants but in which ever order really its hard to say. But the true snow makes hyde look like a child. Which is a feat in itself but other then that really. There is probably enough for you here to get the point loud and clear. The dude got issues.

Mister Identity crisis: The funny part is, while dormant snow, or lets call him, sane snow. Does not remember any point in time which the insane or "true" snow has decided to take the reins back of his body. While the insane snow or "true snow" Always remembers everything and knows what goes on when sane snow, is behind the wheel so to speak. Which is why its kinda like a identity crisis. While one of them does know remember parts of their own life. The other remembers everything being its their body. Other then this is really hard to explain other then One has blank holes in memory other does not. Enough said you get the picture right?

insomnia: Both of them though are clearly suffering from insomnia due to the fact they rarely get any real form of sleep. Not if buts or exceptions. They really just don't or are not able to sleep often, period. Which is a pain for them some times but in the heat of battle really it can turn out to be quite handy. As unlike most creatures, he is alot harder to catch asleep or vulnerable meaning that he is very much so harder to ambush. Or even spook.

The SentimMentalist: Its hard to say why but when dormant snow actually can relate, and holds stuff with a kind of value that his true counterpart could not even begin to fathom. Its kinda like the real snow finds his sane counterpart kinda, or as he likes to say "Has a big case of stupid which he forgot to ship" But really this is what separates the two, since one gives a damn while the other does not. Its kinda funny but at the same time, its outright hilarious since if they keep switching back and forth it makes for one weird conversation.

Mister Morbidity: While they are different both find a kind of unnerving fascination in morbid things. Such as someone spilling their guts. Or a corpse that has been turned into a puppet. (Long story ) Such as this kind of stuff, it makes him kinda a odd ball, well more of one then he already is which is kinda hard to do in the first place. Though it can be done if someone is determined enough to do so, in the first place.

Timid contradiction: Well even as hard as it would be to believe , when he's in his dormant form. He's actually quite timid, being he does not want to fight. Actually the only real thing he wants is for you to leave him the freaking hell alone. But generally he does not get his way so. He gave up on that a long time ago, but he still is easier to deal with being he has his emotions and at the same time, he is harder to deal with in the first place, when he's insane or in his true personality.

OOD, Obsessive observation disorder: In both his personalities he has a kind of bad habit of not just focusing on one thing, he is pretty dillagent in observing and taking in as much of his surrounding as he can. As such he can see small tell tale signs which would give someone away. Or something which could cause a different light on the matter to be taken. BUT, basically it means he is pretty dang observant, almost to the point that it can be fairly, well scratch that it can be extremely creepy. Case closed, but it does serve its purpose. Just make sure your not the one thats being observed, it gets kinda um.. well ima just leave it at that lol.

Demon complex: By the way he behaves and how he goes about being himself, Its quite easy to mistake him for an actual bonafied demon, which do exist but its easy to see that hes nothing of the sort. Being that instead of being a demon, hes something else. But just by how he acts when he's in his true personality its quite easy to relate with them. Since well he is pretty ruthless in general, when he's raging and running around wild and free. Though thats only when hes provoked for the most part. Which is why its generally a good thing to leave him alone. Unless you have a very very good reason as to why your bugging him in the first place anyways.

Curious- Always curious: When dormant the sane side of snow, is a very curious person, though this is one of the few things the true side of snow, actually comends him on, Although sane snow does not even know the insane snow exists. Much less that he's just a sub standard being in the whole of one. But it is what it is, and just well in a general gist of it, snow will get himself into ridiculously stupid situations for the chance to learn something new and i wish i was joking, which is another sad thing about that in the first place. But other then that basically the dormant side of him is pretty curious all the time.

Hyper-active knuckle head: Sometimes when he's dormant he is known to be a spazz , But thats mainly because when he gets excited he gets very.. And when i mean very i cannot stress the emphasis on the V enough. As he can get pretty off the wall nuts. At those kind of times, people might think he has a bottomless well of energy, which in general he does not have but, he can sure act like he does at times. Being like everyone else, he's prone to getting crazy every now and then, though with him unlike other people it has a literal and then over kill literal definition to it. Sad but its true since the dude is pretty loco when hes hyper.

And the mule calls me stubborn: Hes a pretty stubborn dude when in his dormant form, since he acts kind, well scratch the kind he acts childish. As to that nature though it means that if he does not want to do something, and is adamant about not doing it, there's little you can do besides knocking him out and risking a episode with his true side. Since well once he has his mind made of generally its very, well extremely hard for someone to get him to think otherwise. Even if the person knew him, really it would be probably more trouble then it would be worth to convince him to go along with it. Meaning he is pretty pig-headed, not like swelled head, but just as an analogy to how god damned stubborn he can be. Like i cant even explain how dense the dude is sometimes.

Child-Complex: Its said as i explained below, that snows dormant form acts rather childish, and as such he is usually not even really identified as who he truely is. As people just take one look at him, then at how he acts and just are like. "No way in hell" Which is a good thing since it means snow in a dormant personality can flit around and mingle with society. Though still the true snow has a hard time grasping why the dormant snow would do that but. Really in general he lets it go. But also who knows why, but just the simplist way to put it is that dormant snow has a childish streak to him.

Music Lover- Lad-di-daaaa~ : Dormant snow tends to be a music lover, which is why he can be found humming tunes or listening to hymnals being sang, in random places. Again its hard to really get a logical explanation for this, being how different he is from his true personality, dormant snow is just basically a troll to who the real snow is in general. Being even though he does not know that hes the dormant side, Really he just enjoys music and finds it calming and soothing for the most part. Which is generally why he loves listening to it, and at times though its extremely rare he does it, he might even sing himself. Though its kinda odd when he does, he still has done it before once or twice. Since who hasn't sang once or twice? I mean everyones probably done it atleast once, and he's not a special case regarding this i mean, its near impossible to live as long as he has and not sang once at the least.

Dependable: Though dormant snow is dependable just like the true snow is. You can always trust they will do what they say that they will do. Since either they will do it, or they will die trying. Since really this is the one reason true snow will not harm the freinds of dormant snow if he has any. Since really true insane snow would not admit it openly even if he was at gun point. He really does care for his dormant alter ego. Since well, he reminds snow of how he was before he snapped. He does not want to see the little bugger go through the same pain he did. Since snow himself would then endure it with him, And lets just say even though snows pretty insane, the prospect of him getting even more insane is not that appealing even for him. Which is why both dormant and true snow are dependable. Also this means that they will do what they say they will, which is a good trait to have in anyones book, even if its a book as messed up as true snows book is in general.

Kind: This is a side of dormant snow, which exists slightly in true snow's personality aswell. They are both kind, meaning that true snow will tolerate dormant snows freinds. Since they have to share the same body even if one does not remember it. Which generally leads to true snow kind of watching out for dormant snow, even though its amusing to figure out how they do it, true snow does look out for his oblivious and rosy dormant snow. But other then that, really this also means that dormant snow, will try to cheer you up if your sad. Or really has a hard time killing, which is also another thing that the true snow cannot fathom how his dormant counterpart cannot do it. But its really just that one has a sense of value for others lives which is something the true snow lacks, and frankly for a long time, has treated as a alien and stupid thing to have. Which is mainly why true snow wonders how the hell dormant snow is so unlike himself. Well he does sometimes.

Scatter brained: Dormant snow is quite the scatter brain Also ,being that he can be thinking of one thing. Then in the span of a second go off and do another thing and forget about what ever he was doing before. This is one of those things though, that gives true snow a headache and makes him want to bang his head into a wall. Since in true snows opinion the dormant snow is just a big overgrown nutter. Well true snow can't really call anyone A nutter but in his mind dormant snow is the definition of a nutter. Though for dormant snow its kinda a blessing and a curse, It means he does not linger on one thing too long persay but at the same time he does not actually, focus on something as long as he should. Which means sometimes he's prone to doing things half assed or half done. Which can be a problem when hes trying to held or get a job done. But it could be worse, in true snows opinion, and with dormant snow well, if he could pay attention long enough to give you an answer he'd tell you plain and simple. He does not give a crap about it .

Do not anger: When dormant snow is pissed, he becomes something so screwed up even true snow has shit his pants once or twice. Since with true snow, he's actually in control of what hes doing. But when dormant snow takes it a bit to hard and falls off the DEEP end , he tends to give way to mindless destruction,l ust and glee which knows no real bounds. Which is why its reccomended to not piss off dormant snow, Since if there one thing that dormant snow is worse then true snow at. Its when he's pissed off. Which is why even true snow, does not wanna do anything and have the risk of dormant snow waking up and going bat shit crazy. Since well that would not be pretty in the slighest bit at all. And would infact be very very extremely scary.
Other then that really there is not much more to be said about them , Either of them actually. So i think i've painted a pretty clear picture in your heads. Screwed up and extremely crazy. I think that is what can summ up the personality in one short and simple word ; Just wtffm?

Hatred: Hatred for, the people who brought him to become how he is. Thats is one of the things which is shown within his body now. His personality reflects it, he holds not sympathy for those which get in his way, its his hatred which keeps him going. Hatred for those that nearly took his life, those who did not have enough emotion, and acceptance to not brand him a freak a thing that was a crime. Because of that, he is still moving, its this hatred. A hatred blacker then the night skies, one that has increased over time, never lessening. This is why he does not stop, it is this hatred of those who forced him, forced him to be like this. He never wanted to be a monster, but he was forced to be one anyways. No he was not given any other option then to be a monster, no matter how much he wished he had been.

Killer vibe: This is part of his personality, it branches from that hatred which he has allowed to fester all these years. Its the vibe of death and despair, to look into his eyes is to see who he truely is. they are eyes of someone who has endured pain beyond recognition, pain which warped and changed the fabric of who he was. It continues to change and shape him. But it now always shows when he is serious, thats something that is a given without a doubt. It is this hatred and the vibe that he gives off which further has made people believe he might actually really be a monster in the first place. So more or less its because of this that he has been branded as he is. Nothing more and nothing less then that. its hard to explain but, this is who is nothing more and nothing less. Simple as that, not much more to say about it then what has already been said in the first place.


• Background: (Everyone has a past. 2 paragraph minimum)


• Seishin Buki Name: (If you have a Seishin Buki, what is it's name? It is optional to not give your Seishin Buki a name.)

• Seishin Buki Appearance: The appearance is quite straight forward. It looks like basically a black inky Cloak of spikes, which are long. Though it seems to bend and pull in light, for the most part anyways. While there are Two black smiling masks on the back of this cloak. It seems to be attached to the body by A light but pretty decently made interwoven mesh of organic and inorganic compounds.

• Seishin Buki Abilities:

Liquid control: Its rather blunt and straight forward, though it only works in a 30 by 40 foot radius around him. It does not work on gas or solid states of matter. Although it allows for the manipulation of liquidated substances. Such as blood and anything thats classifyed as a liquid. Though when saying control it does not mean he can manipulate him, it just moves the liquid outside the radius through redirecting its force and so fourth. Its passive, and its not a means of attack. It only affects liquids that are going to cause harm to him directly. Though it also can affect high tiered liquid attacks, though it will still cause moderate damage to him. Since the power difference can cause a decent amount of stress.

Liquid Weave: This is a compound which is not of any known substance, its merely a kind of well blackish liquid, which comes from the cloak around his body. It works by slipping through pours and attacks . What it does is weaves together forming a bind like state in an opponents body. It can be cut, but by performing this manipulation, it allows it the more its cut to expand a good deal more. By doing so, it will wrap around or weave into tiny gaps. When doing so , it does not immobolize the opponent until the 3rd turn. Unless its sudden activation, which instead of being a full body bind, only will work on a limb or part of the body. It behaves like thread would but its really not that smart for it to be cut.

Liquid Sharpness:

Its hard to say liquid is sharp, but with him it is. As liquid compounds around him even if they just splash onto an opponent, will seep into the pours and cause the same affect as if the person was Cut by a blade, It basically means if he flicked water at you that water, would have the same affect as if he had stabbed a blade into your body screaming bloody murder.

Absorption: Due to being liquid it can do damage by being absorbed into a foes body, kinda like skin soaks up moisture or by going into ones pours to do cutting damage.


• Powers:

liquidification: The ability to turn solids into liquids by breaking down the strength within the bonds that hold it in a solid state. This only works on npc/ fields. Example: If he steps on the ground he can make a lake. This starts out 300 feet squared and 100foot deep, and expands 20feet per turn, unless he moves.

Condensation: The ability to liquidify gasses within a 300 foot radius. By strengthening the bonds which are so dispersed , and by doing so causing the gas compound to condensate and drop down as a liquid. this works on gas leaks and things such as hydrogen gas, ext. It does not work on direct attacks, from another person, but will work against say i/e ice attack hits fire attack steam forms, he could turn the steam into liquid, and cause it to rain.

Dehydration: Note: This must be done only if his hand is touching, the person.

If he touches you, he can by 1/10th per turn, suck the moisture out of you, and use it to form a murky puddle of liquid on the ground. It happens by pulling the moisture molicules from the body, thus drying it out. Being very similar to how ancient egyptians mummified their dead, after 10 turns, it gives pretty much the same result as you would see when looking at king tut.

Liquid state immunity: He's immune to anything thats in a liquid state, he's vulnrable to anything in a solid or gasious state. making their damage x2.

• Chaos Moves: (What type of Regular or Custom Chaos Moves does your Iramasha know?)


•Angelic Release/Demonic Release/Hybrid Stage One Appearance: (How does your character look when they ascend into either their Angel, Demon or Hybrid form? One paragraph please)

• Angelic Release/Demonic Release/Hybrid Stage One Abilities: (What abilities does your character upon activation?)

• Awakened Divinity State/Hell Evolution State/Hybrid Stage Two Appearance: (Same as before. Simply state how they look upon ascending into this form)

• Awakened Divinity State/Hell Evolution State/Hybrid Stage Two Abilities: (Same as before. Simply state what they gain from this form)

• Custom Form Appearance (If you have unlocked at least Angel or Demon Form's or have reached 2-3 tier, your character has the ability to create their own unique form. Be sure to tell us how they look in this form)

• Custom Form Abilities: (List any special abilities, techniques or upgrades they get in this form)


• Class Title: (What is your Angel, Devil or Hybrid Title? For example, one could be The Angel Of Ice, The Devil of Fire, The Hybrid of Memories and etc)

• Class Traits: (What Class Traits does your character get? Please try to limit this to 2-4 powers or abilities. Also take note that Class Traits they get are based on their Class Title, the path they took to get to this class, personality or even other powers. So for example, if a person was heavily into blood, they could possibly become The Angel Of Blood. Or, if a person's path in life was full of hardship, they could become The Angel of Will.)

• Branch/Position: (The Branch basically tells us which part of the Iramasha Family you are in. Go here for more information: )

• Race: (Are you an Angel, Demon or a hybrid Iramasha)

• Skills:


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Warp: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Gem Creation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


• Roleplay Sample: (If this is your first application on the site, please be sure to show us a post from another site or make a new one to show us how you RP. If you have already made a character, you may remove this!)


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Snow wip    Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:02 pm

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Moving to WIP board because this application is still in WIP.

Applications that are in WIP are supposed to be in the WIP board until you are done, then they will be moved to the unchecked board for someone to check it.


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Moving this to inactive wip.

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Whoopsies, moving this back to wip, as it's only a one day old app. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sorry, two weeks are up! Find it in old wip!
If you want it back into WIP, please contact a moderator, or even a site assistant <3

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Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to od wip please feel free to post within this thread

Staff Help Thread


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Snow wip
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