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 Renamon Spirit of the Fox [Approved, 0-4, Guardian Beast]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Renamon Spirit of the Fox [Approved, 0-4, Guardian Beast]   Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:02 pm

Guardian Beast Template


Name: Kitsune (As a concept of many different mythological fox spirits, she does not technically have one “true name” except for what she chooses to call herself; Renamon. However, it would technically correct to classify her as Kitsune, and as such, that is thought to be her actual name.)
Alias/Chosen Name: Renamon
Titles: Kyuubi
True Age: Unknown, however, as she is both an intelligent and strong fox spirit, it can be assumed that she is rather old.
Gender: Female
Personality: A natural born warrior, Renamon; the legend of all Fox Spirits, has a very unique personality due to the concepts that gave her birth. For starters, despite her very animalistic appearance, Renamon is probably one of the more “human-like” of the Guardian Beasts, due in part to her age and concept. As a fox spirit, her “strength” is measured not merely in physical prowess, but in both age and intelligence/wisdom, so the fact that she is such a strong warrior is a sign of just how smart and cunning she truly is. However, this is not the only identity that makes up her personality. Although she may have lived for a long time and learned much, Renamon is and always will be a warrior at heart. As such, the main goal in her life is not so much to attain knowledge, but to continue fighting and becoming stronger. It is because of this that others often forget that she is in fact very intelligent; as a Guardian Beast obsessed with fighting is rarely also “smart”. Then again, seeing how she uses this intelligence during combat, most opponents quickly learn that she s much more than just a brute.

Now, while that works well and good for a simple overview of what kind of being Renamon is, there is still the fact of how this makes her act. When it comes to first impressions, many people believe that Renamon is antisocial, mainly due to the fact that she does not talk to others often and usually chooses to be by herself. While it is true that she usually prefers to be alone, it isn’t technically correct to call her antisocial; she simply finds most other beings to be rather annoying. The reason for this is that while she may be a fighter, Renamon is actually a very patient individual. People who are too noisy or impatient really get on her nerves, along with people who are “not intelligent”. Of course, there is another reason as to why Renamon is seen this way; stealth. One big reason why she does not “hang out” with others is because most often, she is hiding in the shadows; concealed and watching the world around herself to stay alert at all times. While this may seem contrary to her role as a warrior, this does not mean that she hides or funs away from fights. No, instead, Renamon chooses to observe a potential enemy very closely so that when the time to fight does come, she can have the upper hand.

When Renamon does actually manage to interact with others, her personality really doesn’t change much from when she is avoiding them. Because of her serious nature, Renamon really isn’t much for small talk, and prefers to simply skip straight to the point. In fact, when it really comes down to it, Renamon is actually not that good at social interactions. Because of her nature she has never really developed many social skills, and when it comes to personal or humorous interactions, she can actually be quite awkward. That being said, she is actually a rather good judge of character and is adept at reading the intentions of others; she simply lacks the necessary skills to convey her own thoughts.

Of course, all this being said, there is one exception to Renamon’s interactions with others; Rika. While she may not be the most sociable type, even Renamon knows that it is impossible for her as a Guardian Beast to reach her full potential all alone. As such, she has recently forged a contract with a young Sugiura known as Rika. Because they each have similar personalities, the two are able to work together efficiently, but they do not act as true partners. Essentially, each of them views the other as a means to get stronger… or at least, that was what Renamon had initially thought. As she has spent time with the girl, Renamon has begun to feel a certain connection towards Rika, though she knows Rika does not think the same.

General Appearance


Animalistic Traits: Pretty much everything; she’s an anthropomorphic fox, so just about everything except her size, speech, and walking on two legs is an animalistic trait.
Appearance Age: As she is definitely much more animalistic than human in terms of appearance, there is no real way to say how old she looks, as age doesn’t seem to be a factor in her appearance.
Height: Around 5’0” to 5’3”
Weight: ???

Natural Abilities

Natural Techinques:
Minor Shape-shifting: Going along with the whole “concept of her being” as a fox spirit, Renamon has a slightly odd ability to modify her appearance in small ways. While one facet of this ability is used for the large changes in appearance she undergoes in her higher forms, this ability does actually come in handy for one very practical everyday usage. As an anthropomorphic fox, Renamon has certain anatomical features that an adult female human would have instead of an animal; namely reproductive organs. However, as she does not wear clothes (seeing as her fur keeps her sufficiently warm and they get in the way of her body’s natural movement) Renamon uses her minor shape-shifting ability to conceal the “gender specific” portions of her body. While it is still quite easy to tell she is female thanks to her voice, any physical gender defining characteristics are usually hidden. Aside from this, with enough concentration, Renamon is able to use this ability to completely shift her appearance into that of another human-form being (like a human or other anthropomorphic being), but is only able to keep up that full disguise for a couple of hours. While not the most practical form of concealment, it does work quite well for situations where she only needs to fool someone for a short time; such as gaining access to a restricted area.

Energy Concealment: Another ability of Renamon’s that is quite useful for concealment, she is able to fully mask the presence of her own energy while in her first form. As with the latter usage of her shape-shifting, this ability does take a certain level of concentration, so it’s only real usage is seen outside of combat. That being said, because it allows her to completely hide any trace of her own energy, it is perfect to use for stealth, and when combined with her ability to completely shape-shift for a few hours, can allow her to pass as any normal, non-powered being.

Fox Flash: Renamon’s unique high-speed movement technique, Fox Flash can be seen as similar to the Shinigami’s Flash Step in appearance, but it’s actual workings are slightly different. Basically, it is similar in that, when she uses this technique, Renamon will seem to “flicker” as the initial movement is fast enough to temporarily create an afterimage even at her lowest form and she will then appear at her intended destination before it fully fades. Aesthetically, the only real difference is that unlike any other race’s high-speed movement technique, Renamon’s Fox Flash does not make any noise, making it one of the only silent high-speed movement techniques that can only be detected by actually watching her use it. As for what is actually happening in this technique, it differs from the Flash Step as it is not technically a “step” movement. While her natural speed is very high and allows for her to move very quickly, her Fox Flash can be thought of more as an “instant movement”. Basically, so long as there is an actual path to get to her selected destination, Renamon is able to instantly move there without having to actually take the steps. Now, this is not teleportation, as the actual path has to be something that one would have to be able to travel as if they were walking, but so long as that path is available she is able to cut out needing to travel it through tremendous speeds and instantly move to where it leads. Because of this, it is impossible to keep Renamon from moving with this technique once she has initiated it because of how it works and how fast it is; it can only be prevented by blocking any possible path beforehand (such as capturing Renamon in a cage). However, if she is only pinned or held by an opponent, she is still able to use this technique, as they have not cut off every path; they have only made it harder to access said paths which does not hamper this technique.

Other Weapons: Because of her fighting style and unique body, Renamon does not need to use any actual “weapons”. While fighting, she uses martial arts and her claws.

Guardian Beast

Yin-Yang: Though not a naturally considered “element”, Renamon’s main powers all revolve around the two complimentary forces of Yin and Yang; or more accurately, around the concept of Yin and Yang. Basically, this means that she uses the concept of the two sides, shadow and light, female and male, within any living being; regardless of whether they use chi or any other form of energy. When using these Yin-Yang based abilities, any state her opponent starts off at is considered a “harmony”, or a state where the concepts of Yin and Yang are at a balance within their body and energy. While this state is called a harmony, it does not necessarily mean that the opponent is actually in full control of their own energy, or that there even is any balance between two energies within their own body (such as in the case of a Vizard or Ziamichi). A harmony for this power is simply the base state of any being before they are affected by Renamon’s powers; which in turn “disrupt the harmony”. When put into practice, the main effects of these powers, although they vary in design between her three forms, are to interfere with an opponent’s supply and flow of energy, mainly used to severely weaken them. Of course, these effects are quite different from other weakening abilities, in that they are all based around the concept of disrupting a balance within the opponent. Basically, when affected by one of Renamon’s Yin-Yang abilities, it is extremely difficult if not impossible for an opponent to actually realize any difference within themselves as they were never able to sense the “harmony” of which she is effecting. And, because her abilities work off of the concept of Yin-Yang and not what chi users believe, even disciples of Yin-Yang have difficulty noticing the effects of her attacks. Because of their nature, they do not so much notice themselves getting weaker; so much as they notice Renamon and her allies becoming stronger. Finally, there are no real “conventional” deterrents or methods of recovery from Renamon’s Yin-Yang attacks. Now, this does not mean that they cannot be blocked or recovered from, but it means that the methods of blocking and recovery all depend on which of these abilities Renamon uses; not on what the opponent is able to do or how strong they are.

Fox Fire: The other element behind Renamon’s actual “attacks” (as the Yin-Yang attacks are more along the lines of weakening abilities), “Fox Fire” comes from the actual concept of her being as a fox spirit. Now, despite being called Fox Fire and looking like blue flames, this is not actually a “fire” element. In fact, the so called “blue flames” are only a form of energy specific to Renamon (and sometimes other fox spirits) and does not “burn” or cause heat. Basically, this just means that her Fox Fire attacks are just special attacks that use the Fox Fire energy (simply referred to as Fox Fire) and as such, can cause just as much damage to those with resistance to fire-based abilities as anyone else as it is not actual fire. Now, while the Fox Fire is energy, this does not necessarily mean that it is always used for energy attacks. Because of its “mystical” nature and ties to Renamon’s actual being, she is able to manipulate the Fox Fire for a variety of different attacks; both energy and physical.


Form Name: Renamon
Description: Unlike many other Guardian Beasts, Renamon is constantly in her Untainted form until she moves to a higher form. So, the Renamon you see while she is not in combat is still this form. While she does have one form weaker than this, it is not technically a true “form”, but is more a state that she reverts to when she has used up all of her energy and remains in it until she can regain said energy.
Untainted Appearance:
(Same as her normal appearance)

Untainted Abilities:
Yang Seal: The first technique of Renamon’s Yin-Yan powers, Yang Seal takes on the “light” side of the balance, and as such, is less aggressive than the other Yin-Yang techniques. That being said, just because it is less aggressive does not make Yang Seal any less useful. For starters this technique is activated when Renamon punches her opponent with either arm. As soon as her punch makes contact, the Yang Seal activates, and is used to break the base “harmony” state the opponent starts in through the usage of Yang. Basically, the effect of this technique, once activated, is to dispel all energy from the opponent where her punch landed. Now, because the attack gets rid of the energy where Renamon punched, it not only creates a temporary weak spot on the opponent where she punched, but it also allows her punches to bypass any type of energy-based defenses, such as hierro and barriers; as it dispels all of the energy sustaining it in the area where she punched. However, there is one thing to remember about this ability; the opponent will only lose the energy temporarily. Although it will take any opponent a while to realize that they have actually lost any energy where Renamon punched them, once they do they are then able to regain that energy; as it was never destroyed, only removed from their body. At the very least, the process of regaining their energy takes the opponent about 1-2 posts, but stronger opponents with much more energy may take longer to regain their energy. So, in the end, this ability is perfect for creating temporary weak points on an opponent, as well as allowing Renamon to bypass any of an opponent’s energy-based defenses, which can both be utilized by her allies as well.

Fox Fire - Diamond Storm: The first of Renamon’s Fox Fire techniques, Diamond Storm is one of the more basic attacks she uses. That being said, it is also a perfect example of the Fox Fire being used for a physical attack instead of an energy attack. To use this ability, Renamon simply summons her Fox Fire (usually by crossing her arms in front of herself) and condense it into a razor sharp diamond shards that she shoots at an opponent. As the shards are now physical, this attack causes physical damage, and is equivalent to being cut and sliced by hundreds of small blades. Though it is a rather simple attack, it can be quite dangerous to an opponent caught fully in it, as there are enough shards to cause many severe cuts.

Fox Fire - Wisteria Punch: The second Fox Fire technique available to Renamon in her Untainted form, Wisteria Punch is a more energy-based attack, despite its name. To use this ability, Renamon once again summons her Fox Fire, but this time, she summons it around her paws (fists and feet). While using this ability, the Fox Fire not only increases the power and speed of her punches and kicks, but also makes each strike both a physical and energy attack.


Form Name: Kyubimon
Unleashed Appearance:

Unleashed Abilities:
Yin Seal: The second of Renamon’s Yin-Yang techniques, Yin Seal works as the “complement” to Yang Seal, and takes on the “shadow” side of the balance. As such, Yin Seal can be considered to be a more aggressive technique when compared to Yang Seal. Now, while Yang Seal was available to Renamon in her Untainted form, Yin Seal is only available to her as Kyubimon; her Unleashed Form. As with all of the Yin-Yang techniques, this one also focuses on disrupting the base state or “Harmony” of an opponent’s energy, but this time it utilizes the principles of the concept of Yin to break it. For starters, as Kyubimon attacks differently than Renamon, this technique is activated quite differently. Instead of punching the opponent to activate, Yin Seal is activated once Kyubimon strikes her opponent with one of her nine tails. Not only that, but unlike Yang Seal which can be activated through every punch, Yin Seal can only be activated nine times; meaning that each tail will affect the opponent by itself and add up to the full effect only once all nine have managed to strike the opponent. Now, while Yang Seal affected the opponent’s energy by dispelling it from their body wherever Renamon managed to punch them, Yin Seal works almost in an opposite way; sealing the energy of the area she strikes inside of the opponent’s body and off from the rest of their energy. While this may not sound like much at a first glance, the true strength of this technique is how the sealing works. Essentially, once the seal is created around the energy in the opponent’s body, they can no longer use any of the sealed energy until the seal is dispelled by Kyubimon. When put into practice, the opponent will not be able to actually notice any difference in their energy until they begin to use it again. As the energy sealed is unusable to the opponent for any means, they will only be able to use the energy in their body that is not sealed, meaning that, while they will continue to burn their energy at the same rate as before, they will have a significantly smaller supply of energy to use. This effect becomes quite evident relatively soon, though it will depend on how much energy the opponent has and how much Kyubimon has sealed, but generally, the opponent will burn through their energy supply much more rapidly, and will become fatigued much more easily. Not only that, but once the opponent has used up all of the energy that is not sealed and their only remaining energy is sealed, then they will react as if their body had no energy left; causing them to instantaneously lose consciousness and collapse, rendered unable to fight anymore. Now, as for how much energy each tail is able to seal when it strikes, this can be altered slightly by how much energy Kyubimon actually puts into her attack and how much energy an opponent has, but even then, the average amount sealed per tail seems to remain constantly between five percent and eight percent. So, given these numbers, one strike from Kyubimon will only end up sealing five to eight percent of any opponent’s energy, but once she has managed to strike them with all nine tails, she will have managed to seal between forty-five to seventy-two percent of an opponent’s total energy; easily making any fight twice or three times as easy/short. Now, while this all sounds very severe, the actual drawback to this technique should be rather obvious; each tail can only seal five to eight percent once. So, that means that, to seal off the full forty-five to seventy-two percent, Kyubimon must have struck her opponent with all nine tails; not just one tail nine times. As for the duration of the seals, each seal will remain in place as long as Kyubimon wills it to, or until she changes her form. As the seals are all based upon her conceptual power of Yin-Yang, factors such as how much energy she has or how much energy her opponent has do not play a role in the effectiveness of this technique, as a total amount has nothing to do with the overall balance. However, should Kyubimon be forced to use this technique to its fullest potential (having struck with all nine tails and sealing eight percent of the opponent’s energy each) and have to keep them up for a long period of time, then she will end up degenerating back to her Viximon form after the battle.

Fox Fire – Will-o-Wisp Inferno: The first Fox Fire technique available to Renamon in her Kyubimon form, Will-o-Wisp Inferno is a direct link to the overall concept of her being as the basis to all fox spirits. Unlike her prior Fox Fire techniques, Will-o-Wisp Inferno is a purely energy-based attack. To use this technique, Kyubimon must summon her Fox Fire just as she must do for all of the attacks, but this time the Fox Fire is generated from the blue/white flame-like tips at the end of each of her nine tails. Once the “Flames” (once again, not actual fire, only looks like it) have reached a certain size; determined by Kyubimon depending on how strong she wants each “flame” to be and how much energy she uses, she will then fire off all nine at her opponent. Once she has fired them off, the “fireballs” will speed towards Kyubimon’s opponent, and she is able to slightly correct their course by will before they contact any surface. Once the “fireballs” collide with any surface, be it her opponent or the surrounding area, they explode into giant pillars of her blue Fox Fire energy; trapping them within the vortex if even one manages to strike an opponent. Of course, the size of the pillars/vortexes all depend upon how many of the energy balls hit the same target; one hit causing medium to small pillars, and all nine hitting the target creating a gigantic pillar of blue Fox Fire energy. While this attack can be very damaging, because it is solely an energy-based attack, opponents with a resistance to energy will have a much easier time withstanding it. That being said, even then, this attack can be quite formidable to even them at full power.

Fox Fire – Dragon Wheel: The second Fox Fire technique available solely to Kyubimon, Dragon Wheel is once again a mixture between a physical-based and an energy based attack, and seems to be the single strongest attack she has access to up to her Unleashed form. To use the ability, Kyubimon still summons her Fox Fire energy, but instead of doing this before readying the attack, she does it at the same time; beginning to spin rapidly in a circular motion. Not only does the speed at which she is spinning increase as her Fox Fire energy is harnessed, but the actual energy comes up from all of the flame-like tips on her body, including all nine tails and all four paws, before fully engulfing her and spinning just as fast. As she reaches the maximum speed of her spinning, a rate so fast that it creates an intense vacuum around the entire sphere of spinning energy she has become, an enormous, mythical dragon, composed entirely of the blue Fox Fire emerges from her; it’s position remaining the same even though Kyubimon herself is still spinning. Now, as this entire process takes Kyubimon no more than a few seconds, as soon as she begins to spin she starts her dash at the opponent, meaning that as soon as the dragon appears she is within range and ready to attack her opponent. Because of the dragon’s size, just how much of the Fox Fire energy makes it up, and the pressure alone created both physically and spiritually because it is both a physical and spiritual attack, this attack has the potential to cause an immense amount of damage to any opponent; able to even wipe out weaker opponents in a single hit. However, the main drawback to this technique is the same as its strengths; both its size and amount of energy. Because this attack is composed of so much energy, Kyubimon is usually only able to use this attack between three to five times during a single fight, and after using it, she cannot use any of her Fox Fire techniques for one whole post.

Fox Fire – Wisteria Claw: The third Fox Fire technique available to Kyubimon, unlike her other Fox Fire techniques, this one seems to be a direct evolution of a prior technique; Wisteria Punch. As such, the actual effect of this technique is very similar to Wisteria Punch, the only changes being level and what body parts the Fox Fire energy surrounds. As Wisteria Claw, Kyubimon summons the Fox Fire energy to engulf front and back paws, as well as the tips of each of her nine tails. Finally, Wisteria Claw also increases the strength and speed of Kyubimon’s attacks with the affected limbs by a greater amount.


Form Name: Taomon
Description: Although known as the “Beast Form”, while Renamon is in her Taomon form, she is actually much more human-like than in any of her other forms. The reason for this goes back to her concept, being the basis of fox spirits. As such, her strength does not come from a place of bestial power, but instead from her intelligence. Because of this, the “stronger” she becomes all depends on her intellectual growth, and results in a much more humanistic form. Finally, in her Taomon form, Renamon’s Fox Fire element has received a sort of “upgrade”, and has transformed into a Taoism-based element; revolving around the usage of seals that allow her to access the mystical energy that flows throughout the universe. This is, of course, a direct response to Taomon’s more human-like form.
Beast Appearance:

Beast Abilities:
Yin-Yang Seal: The third and final Yin-Yang technique (at least as far as her three natural forms go) available to Renamon only as Taomon, Yin-Yang Seal is by far the strongest of the three, and combines the concepts of both Yang Seal and Yin Seal into one final technique. Now, while the two previous seals focused upon unbalancing the initial “harmony” of any opponent’s energy, this third seal works slightly differently; completely breaking the harmony through the usage of both Yin and Yang techniques. However, while its workings may be slightly different, the actual effects of Yin-Yang Seal can be accurately described as a complete merge of both Yang Seal and Yin Seal, returning the concept of Yin-Yang full circle to a “harmony” for herself. To use Yin-Yang seal still requires some sort of physical contact to the opponent, but as Taomon, she achieves this through the usage of powerful, indestructible spell tags. Once even one of these spell tags makes contact with the opponent, the effects of Yin-Yang Seal begin. Essentially, the effect of this technique is to both dispel en amount of energy from the opponents body, as well as to then seal it off and render them unable to regain it. As for how much energy is dispelled and sealed, the amount and limitations are the same as Yin Seals; in that each spell tag will dispel and seal between five and eight percent of an opponent’s total energy. Not only that, but this effect can only be carried out up to nine times, meaning that after she has struck the opponent with nine spell tags, they will no longer be losing energy. Then again, since the seals only wear off either when Taomon wills it or she changes the form she is in. Of course, as this effect revolves around the success of the spell tags actually hitting the opponent, Taomon actually has a two different ways that she can use them. The first and probably most obvious way is to physically attach it to the opponent’s body, one at a time, by simply slapping it onto them. The second way, while still rather simple, helps to make this technique much more versatile and harder to always dodge, and that is to actually fire the spell tag out at the opponent from inside one of her oversized sleeves one at a time. So, when this is all added up, the true effect of Yin-Yang is to not only weaken the opponent by the amount of energy they have lost, but to also seal that lost energy off from them to cut down how long they are able to fight on their remaining energy. With the maximum amount of hits, this means that not only is the opponent is forty-five to seventy-two percent weaker than the amount of energy they have, but they can only fight one half to one third as long as they would have normally been able to.

Sanskrit Brush Flash: The first of Taomon’s Taoism-based techniques, Sanskrit Brush Flash is a mixture of both a simple and complex effects. For starters, the main effect of this technique is to summon a large, mystically imbued calligraphy brush from beneath her oversized sleeves. This brush is very durable, able to match most race-specific weapons (such as a Zanpakutō) of similar stages. The brush, about the length of a staff, is used by Taomon both as an actual physical weapon, and also for a special attack. By painting a series of mystical Tao symbols in the air in front of herself, she can fire off large, pure beams of light energy from them at her opponent. Although this portion of the technique can take longer than most of her other ones, it is also one of her most powerful; able to purify even many strong evil spirits (such as hollows and demons) and cause massive damage to all other beings.

Fox Sealing Tags: The second Taoism-based technique available to Taomon, Fox Sealing Tags is similar to how she uses the spell tags for Yin-Yang Seal (only how she attacks with them, not the actual effect) and is an effective ranged attack. Jumping up into the air, Taomon will aim her sleeve-covered arms at the opponent and proceed to fire thousands of red spell tags at them. Each spell tag has the ability to bind weaker enemies to the spot and creates a small explosion of Fox Fire energy, but when an opponent is hit by multiple spell tags these effects are multiplied, and if hit by enough even a strong opponent can be bound in place, and they will create a large explosion.

Talisman Spell Barrier: The third of Taomon’s Taoism-based techniques, Talisman Spell Barrier is, as its name implies, a defensive technique. To use this ability, Taomon must first summon one of her red spell tags, the one used for this particular technique, however, being nearly four times as large as her normal ones used for attacking. Throwing the large spell tag into the air, she must then strike it with her calligraphy brush to release the energy of the spell tag. As the energy is released, it causes a flash of blinding light before; only seconds later, a medium sized spherical barrier appears around Taomon herself or around one ally of her choosing. The barrier itself is quite strong, but is only able to block one attack per usage, so the best tactic with this move is to use it right as an opponent uses an especially strong technique that strikes once to save herself or an ally from damage.


Form Name: Sakuyamon
Description: Unlike other independent Guardian Beasts, Renamon is able to reach one higher form, but only through fusing herself with a person whom she shares a deep bond and contract with. This process is known as a “Biomerge”, however as of yet, Renamon does not have a connection with which to achieve this form.
Biomerge Appearance:

Biomerge Abilities: Unknown as of yet.


Form Name: Viximon
Description: This is a special “form” that Renamon is forced to enter only when she has run out of energy. It can technically be considered as a sort of “infant” form of hers, and while in it, she is unable to actually fight any. In fact, the only thing she is able to do in this form is regain her energy. Once she has regained enough energy, she will automatically return to her normal, Untainted form. Normally Renamon is skilled enough to keep from using up all of her energy even up to her Beast form, but if she has to fight many consecutive battles in her higher forms, or most times after her Biomerge form has worn off, she will revert to this form.
Fresh Appearance:

Fresh Abilities:
Enhanced Energy Restoration: In her Fresh form, Viximon has only one ability; to regenerate energy at an accelerated rate. Because this form can only be entered if she has used up all of her energy, it serves only as a sort of “stand by” transitional stage, and her recovery can be sped up even more when she is surrounded by more spiritual energy. Still, the amount of time this recovery will take depends also on how she used up her energy; as the higher form she was in before entering this one the longer it will take. Generally speaking, this regeneration can take anywhere from 1-3 threads.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Unlike many (but not all) Guardian Beasts, Renamon is not actually the legend of one particular being or spirit, but instead is the concept of an entire legend; the Kitsune (Fox Spirits). Because of this, Renamon does not actually have her own “history” before her birth as a guardian beast, as her entire legend is shaped and formed the concept of every fox spirit. As such, the concept of her being and overall strength is changed and enhanced as the legend of any Kitsune is born or strengthened. However, because she is an amalgamation of so many different legends, Renamon herself has a unique existence and set of powers derived from the base legend, but that do not necessarily correlate to what each individual legend can do. Because of all this, Renamon herself is actually one of the older Guardian Beasts, as she has existed since the beginning of the Kitsune.

In the beginning, Renamon started off as a relatively simple Guardian Beast, due mainly in part to it having been so long ago, and because she was essentially the “beginning” of her legend. This, however, did not last for long. With both her own training as well as the evolution and branching out of her concept, Renamon quickly grew strong enough to protect herself and more. Also, unlike many of the other beginning Guardian Beasts, Renamon was “born” with a much higher level of intelligence, allowing her to be able to beat even many stronger opponents because of it. Because she was born into a constant fight for survival and evolution, Renamon quickly developed a more “realist” perspective of the world, and viewed both her and her opponent’s existence in a cold, logical manner. While this kept her alive even past her early years, it wouldn’t be until the emergence of a new facet of her legend that Renamon truly became the warrior she is known as today.

A few centuries after her initial conception, a certain legend, a direct branch from her concept, was born. The Kyuubi (or Nine-Tailed Fox) was the first evolution of her concept, and with it, Renamon found herself receiving a great amount of growth. With this growth, she soon discovered the path to her next form. Oddly enough, even though she had not gone to any stage above Untainted, she had been easily able to hold her own against any opponent; a fact that earned her much fame, or infamy, throughout the Guardian Beast lands. So, after this development, it was only natural that the legends of her strength would grow. However, this was still many thousands of years before the current day.

As more time passed, and Renamon continued to fight, something soon became clear to her; she had not reached a true “next level” of strength since the birth of the Kyuubi. This development was rather odd to Renamon, as she had continued fighting and training for many years, and the concept of her legend had grown much since she was first “born”. Of course, it was not that she was no longer becoming stronger; as with the evolution of her concept; she had been growing stronger the older she became. Because of this knowledge, Renamon began to undergo many internal changes, looking for the reason she could not reach the next level of strength. Though this search would take her many centuries, she eventually found only one conclusion to her question; she could not reach the next level alone.

While this seemingly went against her own personal beliefs, Renamon could not deny the fact that she had been unable to reach the next level of power on her own. Armed with this knowledge, Renamon reluctantly began to search for a “partner” that could finally help her attain a new level of power. However, because of her personality, it would take her a while until she found a being able to meet her strict criteria. Eventually, however, Renamon was able to find someone whom she believed could help her attain a new strength; Rika. Not only was this girl strong, but there was something about her that Renamon recognized as similar to herself. Forging a contract with her, Renamon was soon able to realize the next stage of her powers, and unlock them. However, there was still something missing.

While she may have reached what she considered to be her full power, there was still something essential missing from her potential. While Rika had helped her to achieve this new level of power, the two of them were still nothing more than “tools” to each other; both of their reasoning for becoming partners to become stronger. Quite simply, they were not true partners, and as it stood, neither one was able to reach the full potential of their power. As she began to realize this, Renamon was beginning to find that, oddly enough, the thought of becoming a true “partner” to this girl was… well, not an unpleasant idea. However, as of yet, it appears as if this thought has only occurred to Renamon.


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Renamon Spirit of the Fox [Approved, 0-4, Guardian Beast]
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