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 Gunnbjorn Adigard "Conner Richardson" [Approved, Arrancar, 2-1]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Gunnbjorn Adigard "Conner Richardson" [Approved, Arrancar, 2-1]   Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:12 am

• Name: Gunnbjorn Adigard (Conner Richardson)
• True Age: 1500
• Appearance Age: 25
• Gender: Male
• Orientation:Free lance at the moment

• Appearance:

• Bone Appearance: On his knuckles his bone piece remains and they work similar to Brass knuckles.
• Hollow Hole: He has two Hollow holes,one in each palm.
• Reiatsu Colour: Green and red

Personality: Connor is a sinister character who loves to fight and though when need be can be a great and clever shit talker prefers to fight with his blade and fist and is rather good at this as well and absolutely loves to kill anyone and everything that gets in his way without remorse. Connor is a Viking at heart and is slightly glutinous and if he wants something he will take it, by force or in any other means necessary including killing, maiming, fighting and other means and he does like to strike fear into others hearts. Connor when in charge of anything really prefers to rule with fear and prefers to get what he wants with the same methods though he has a soft spot for woman and children and would never kill someone under the age of 14 and never touch a woman unless she touched him and even then he would not kill her and he would make sure not to kill her unless he feared she would kill him if he did not do otherwise so in this respect he is somewhat respectful though he will not be winning any humanitarian of the year awards any time soon. Connor is a ruthless and cold killer and is what one would simply call sadistic in his methods and unless you are the luckiest bastard alive you will not die quickly and painlessly if you piss him off but often slowly and painfully and if it is possible he will make sure you know it’s coming. Connor also hates to lose and will do whatever necessary to win and if that means a dirty trick though he would prefer not to he has no quarrels internally about using a trick to win a fight or get what he wants. Long story short, get in his way, prepare for death.

Connor as a Viking at heart absolutely loves to drink and drink he does normally and he can handle more alcohol than most fishes can handle water and he always prefers the more expensive and better stuff such as fine wine and very strong Gin and Tonic and even settles for a Bloody Mary or two from time to time. Beer is sometimes thrown down by him and he loves to get into good old fashioned bar brawls and he loves to spend free time in bars, pubs, and clubs and surprisingly is quite the ladies’ man and usually comes home with his fair share of woman time and is often laid when he gets home from such things and enjoys these things immensely. One little known fact about Connor is he does spend a lot of time to work out to keep his body looking good and is a fine physical specimen and many ladies absolutely adore this part of him as well and he to enjoys this because he is quite a showoff in most regards and loves to get attention drawn to himself in any way possible. Connor takes pride in his abilities and is amazed at how far he has come since becoming a Hollow and is proud of the fact that he can destroy most fighters without even having to try which brings up another trait. Pride, He absolutely positively cannot stand to lose he will die before he loses if he can, and when he dies he wants to die in battle. He also likes the idea of a code of honor as in no cowards, this is his number one rule and if someone is a coward he will kill them without mercy and will do so without a hint of emotion. As a warrior Connor has gotten used to the idea of killing people and accepts it, he has lost emotional attachment in that regard and does not mind killing people at all. This is one of the many traits that make people think he’s psychotic.

Connor does not like to work with technology and he also hates all things modern day and the only things he does accept are guns as a weapon since he finds them comparable to the crossbow and bow and arrow which though they can be a pain in the ass they can be handled easily. You will never see him in a car, motorcycle, bike, plane, or any other motorized vehicle/way of transportation that does not involve him, another person and or a horse because to him, that is the only way to travel and if he sees something that is motorized or not one of those ways of transportation he will attempt to destroy the thing. Connor is barbaric and when he wants to be he can be a ruthless monster of a man and is an experienced thief and he is a very experienced pillager due to his human life and the fact that he never truly gave up that hobby. He also is a rather cocky fighter and is known to be able to use this cockiness to his advantage by giving people false ideas about him whether it be him being weaker because of acting ignorant or him acting stronger this can fool the common idiot quite easily and you could say he is a genuine actor when it comes to battle as well. He is known to be very stubborn and he isn't normally one to be politically correct. As a Viking Connor can eat a hell of a lot of food at once and once consumed 13 chickens 5 turkeys 7 lobsters 2 wild boar and 3 pigs in 1 sitting with 5 barrels of beer but do not take this wrong, he is rather well trimmed out for someone that eats so much and he has a six pack and is completely pure muscle and this is one of the many things he takes pride in.

Connor is a very blunt man and is known to say how he feels so he is never one usually to keep his feelings towards much of anything unknown to just about anyone and if he has an opinion on your chances are you would know just as much about it as he does and possibly more. Connor is an honest man and does not lie about much of anything and is considered to be as a man an actual decent person though in comparison to what he could have ended up being I suppose that leaves a lot of leeway but he turned out to be a rather good fellow and is respectful outside of being an Arrancar. He would hold the door for an old lady and would help a damsel in distress and is rather respectful of his elders though he does not take shit and Connor was even married before he died to a woman of noble status that he was lucky enough to get after a lot of other bull shit. He is known to have a soft side for animals and if he sees one being abused he would kill the owner and care for it and find it a home. But no he would not live with 30 cats because he finds that to be just as stupid as abuse and puts them under the same category because how the fuck can something live right if the dumb ass has to wait in a 10 mile line to use the litter box. Another thing about Connor is his favorite color is red but his favorite sensation is a breeze which is rather interesting seeing as his Zanpokuto element is Wind and Fire. Connors favorite song is All I Want by a Day to Remember and the Acoustic Version is his favorite version of said song and he also has a very good memory it is almost photographic but he can also remember whole songs after listening once.

Connor outside of battle and being an Arrancar is usually a rather humorous and otherwise jolly fellow and can be somewhat jolly and he will engage in a few drinking songs even now a days when he’s drunk enough which is actually rather often though he puts most bars under before he is past tipsy. Connor is a smart ass in and outside of battle and loves to piss people off into fighting him for fun and usually enjoys kicking their ass for it just because he is bored as hell and nine out of ten times he is bored so this is quite a frequent hobby of his and to him it’s just find a strong foe and kick his ass the end. Connor is also a huge fan of music and he loves to experiment with music and if he could he would love to be around for the modern day music scene because he figured it would be pretty damn fun and he is a rather good singer and can play guitar to and pretty good as well. Connor loves the art of battle and believes it is the only way to die and if you do not die a warrior you were a waste of life as a man and his opinion of such people is rather low, well it is somewhere between the grass and the concrete fucking floor. He absolutely hates people like that and really hates people who do not believe in violence because they don't know what they are missing.

• History: Gunnbjorn "Conner" Adigard was born in Norway in 912 AD and was immediately a rather large specimen at birth being 12 pounds and 27 inches long and his mother Sarah Richardson was a proud mother and his father's name was Agne Richardson and being a proud high ranking warrior of the Vikings he could not be any prouder of his son whom would also become a fine warrior. He was born on the date of June the 2nd and he was born at the crack of dawn, at 5:55 as the sun had just cracked the plains and at 9 months old his first word was "Fight" and his first movement was with a wooden blade in hand though soon after he was able to walk. Connor was taught at a young age the only way to live was the warriors way and he carries this at heart even today and at a young age was taught how to fight and by 5 years of age was as tough as anyone had ever been at his age and he even was cocky enough to mouth off to older people and even started fights with weaker 8 year Old’s of conquered places and would make sure they cried for mercy. He was also a rather smart fellow not that it mattered he was taught at young ages how to fight and by age 8 he was brought into a small school for kids his age and taught even more things on the arts of war and combat and was always at the top of his class but it was not until a spar when he was just a simple 9 year old that anyone knew of his true killing intent and the things he could do.

It came as a shock to everyone including himself, he was facing a boy of 11 years old in a spar and they were both fighting with handpicked weapons thought they were made of wood and he realized he wanted to win because his father was watching and this boy... this boy’s father had been the sole reason his father has been miserable... his father defeated Connors father in battle and did not kill him giving his father a larger burden and he would pay the price, the boy picked a hammer of about 20 pounds and Connor picked a sword and prepared but before he could get ready he was hit in the ribs by the hammer before it even started and the boy was smiling a sick smile as he went to work and broke one of Connors ribs. Connors father yelled at Connor to fight back and that Connor could do it and that was all he needed to hear to get going then, he rolled over and launched a straight forward hay maker at his foes face and as he did this he quickly kicked the boys knee out from under him and put the sword at his throat and the teacher called the match but it was not over though technically Connor won. He did not feel that way when the hammer hit him in the back and knocked him on his face and when he turned around and saw the boy charging him laughing at Connor as he hit the ground the teacher tried to push him away and help Connor but Connor pushed him away grabbed his sword and hit the boy in the face with blunt side of his sword and stomped on his chest as he hit the ground and took the hammer. He placed the blade on the boys head and took the hammer from his hand and spoke two simple words "Your Dead" and he placed the hammer over his sword and like a chisel struck the hammer on the blade as it pierced the boys brain. He looked up at the people gathered standing in shock the man’s father unable to believe his eyes and Connors father.... he was a proud man and Connor smiled at this as he was taken away from the match.

Kids feared him from this point on and many were reluctant to spar him and when he was just 11 he was facing people 13-15 and winning as if it were primal instinct and it, in some sick twisted way was a primal instinct and he would attempt to win no matter what and he never lost. By the time he was 11 he was about 5'5 and a 140 pounds of solid muscle, no fat at all though he ate like a horse he had quite a high metabolism though his muscle growth didn't seem to cease, he was a handsome young man indeed and he always seemed to have a way of winning and fighting was everything to him and when he'd fight many people would gather to watch the child prodigy. Connor never disappointed and when he was 13 he was as big as many of the men and could fight just as well at a full 6 foot tall and 200 pounds of muscle easy he was a force to reckon with and fought with all ages and when he turned 14 he was a part of the Viking military and this was no small feat, he was quite proud of this as was his father since the average warrior didn't get in until 18 and this was not easy for Connor in the least as great as it sounds, he had to work for every ounce of respect he gained but when his first raid came all doubters were put to rest with mouths stapled shut when they saw him go ape shit on the village. He immediately volunteered to go first and took a sword and walked up to the village leader, it was a raid of North America and the Indian asked for peace and for him to state his business. Connors simple reply was a blade through his skull and his shield up to protect him as arrows rained down and Connor rushed the crowd of Indians slashing away in a fury. He turned around to see the leader of their group outnumbered and about to be killed when an Indian went to get him from behind Connor charged with his shield out front and planted him on the ground. The Indian pulled out a knife as Connor watched the man come forward with a lunge of the knife and Connor sidestepped him planting his sword through his neck in a flash and taking it out with a kick at his back. He robbed the place of valuables and held them and when his dad, the leader of the charge realized what happened he smiled proudly at his son. Connor saw it but could not believe it, one more Indian was alive and slipped through and was gunning for his father’s back with a knife when all weapons were down and the place was burning and Connor charged his dads expression changed as he saw his son and drew his sword but realized what had happened all too late. His son for the second time that day had saved his life as he launched a punch at the Indian and knocked him down and took the Indians knife from his hand and beheaded him with one swipe. Connor looked at the tip of the knife licked the blade and let out a battle cry as the rest joined in. His status was legendary now.

His father called him out of the celebration feast and handed him a piece of cloth, or at least that's what Connor thought it was until further examination showed what it meant, he was 15 now as the raid lasted 3 days and his birthday passed the final day and when he saw it he could not believe it, he was the leader now. He smiled at his father and hugged him and told him he was still co leader of it at least or he could not accept such a gracious offer and reluctantly, his father agreed and told the rest of the people of the change in status, disapproval was expected but instead a round of cheers was what was heard to Connor and his father’s honest surprise. He then heard news that a group of Vikings had defected from them and headed north and this pissed Connor off and he smiled "we will work our way North and smite them and send them to hell where they belong with the rest of the cowardly fools and so help me when we return we will feast like the kings to sate our hunger after the ground beneath our feet has been stained with their fucking blood" he shouted as the rest of the warriors joined in with a sudden battle cry they dropped the feast and headed out. They pillaged for 5 years and by this time Connor was 20 years old and 6'9 at a full 250 pounds. He began to pillage this village to but this one’s resistance was stronger than the rest, the chief declared a one on one fight with Connor and Connor obliged and he was winning until the chief drew a knife, in a fist fight, it was cowardly and everyone was about to step in until he held up his hand, knife or no knife he would win. The chief came in with a slash at Connors throat which he jumped back to avoid and then he went for a stab at Connors stomach which he side stepped and as he dodged it he launched a straight punch at the Indians jaw and broke his jaw and cracked his skull partially. The Indian got up as he attempted to slash back but as he did Connor sidestepped and with a twist of his wrist snapped the Indians neck. He looked up to see arrows raining down on him and before he could grab his shield 3 caught him in the back but he lived. His dad called for him to get some help and he had to watch as the battle unfolded and he had never realized until then how great a warrior his father was taking on 3 at a time and then an arrow got him in the back and he turned around cut three heads off the people he was fighting and charged the man who shot him with his shield and planted the Indian on his ass and slashed his throat with his sword. Connor saw someone rushing his father as he engaged and got up and ran towards the coward as he attempted to stab him in the back and Connor took the stab in his thigh as he deflected it and he quickly took his sword and shoved it up the Indians throat and out his skull. The day was won with few losses until one major moment shook him greatly.

The boy’s father he killed when he was six lead the charge as the defected Vikings flanked them from over a hill and Connor and his father went back to back, he would not die today. The battle was hard fought and it came down to Connor being off somewhere fighting at the wrong time when he heard his dad cry out and hit the ground and die from the man who smiled at him and when Connor charged him he rode off saying nonchalantly "Another time perhaps Connor boy" and as Connor rushed to his father’s side he knew it was too late, he had a blade in his heart and as Connor watched his father struggle for breathe he caught his father’s final words "never forget, kill him and remember, your my boy and I am proud of you". Connor cried as his father died and soon the raid was over with many casualties suffered due to the cowardly bastards who killed his father and they would pay with their lives. He went home and 5 years passed with successful pillaging as his mother passed away he soon met the love of his life and married her at 25 he was still a good man and drank with the best of them and was always a well-respected and loved warrior and he normally did not have to fight in the village but when he did it was usually over fairly quick. He kept this status for a few months until a raid made him meet an old foe, it was the man who killed his father and Connor knew what to do.

Connor charged the man in the middle of this battle and slashed everyone in his way as he saw the man in his sights and charged him quickly with his shield and planted it in the man’s face and knocked him back and grabbed for his sword as he slashed upwards and connected with the man’s sword as they both got up and circled each other. They say when two great warriors square off the world stops moving for a few moments and watches the two fight, all living creatures hold their breathe in and anticipation and time slows as the two prepare to fight, they say that once this happens one person will die. This did not happen exactly, Connor charged making the first attack with his sword and made a slash at the man’s face and missed as the man launched his sword at Connor, Connor batted it down with his shield and stepped off of it and jumped up and aimed a slash at the man’s chest and connected and drew blood as the man then planted Connor down with his shield as Connor rolled over on his stomach and blocked the oncoming sword coming at him with his own and heard his father’s last words echo in his head, kill him. Connor squared his shoulders and charged the man with his shield and then he dropped it as the man prepared for a charge and made a slash at his throat as the man made a stab at Connors heart. Connor saw a Valkyrie ride by pointing at him as the sword punctured his heart and he cut the man’s throat and the battle was won but Connor, he was gone. He died and was sent off into the sunset on a wooden boat headed north which was lit on fire with flowers all over it and a picture of him on it and as it burned and went off into the sun set a monster was formed that Connor never wanted to be.

He looked around as his soul became lost and as a Hollow he lost all rationality and killed everything he once loved and soon began to consume other Hollows as he became hungry with the desire for power and rose up quickly into becoming a Gillian and was able to kill Shingami right and left and with their countless attempts at murdering him, he grew to hate them. Every single one he ate made him more powerful and he became more powerful by the day and consumed 1000s of souls of every race and variety and grew to be all powerful as an Adjuchas and knew what the next step was in his transformation but knew it would take work and he wanted to get stronger first before he did anything, and soon his work at becoming strong would be complete. He killed a Vice Captain by simply twisting his neck and the rest of his squad became nothing but a carcass as he blew them to bits with Ceros. Oh the good old days were what he would call these later on and by now it had been 400 years since his death not that he was keeping track and he was ready to transform into something more then what he was, something stronger than a Hollow and he knew how. How to become an Arrancar and as he learned how he finally tried it and with a scream of pain he ripped off his mask and could not believe his eyes. He looked almost human, what in the hell was the only thing that entered his mind.

He realized he had a Zanpokuto and began to train with it so he could learn to master what skills he had now and soon began to learn all sorts of things about himself, how to release and go into Resseruccion and Bala along with other techniques that slowly came to him and he caught a lot of attention with his power. Hollows challenged him a lot to test their luck and never exactly had the odds end up in their favor per say if you look at what was left of them when Connor finished with them and if they tried to run they would not last, he would kill them even then and he knew exactly how to work out his battle skills without having to act like he was trying thus giving the opposition false hope because he didn't like that and he crushed any shred of hope they'd have without a shred of doubt. Aizen later on in times when Connor had mastered his skills asked him to join the Espada and when Connor said no and Aizen lashed out he simply launched a Cero at the ground and escaped though he would later learn he was lucky enough to not look at the Zanpokuto and blind them with the Cero and escape as he did and he quickly hid his Reitsu. Hueco Mundo was not home, just where he lived and it has remained that way. Nowadays he lives their but nothing he could ever do could make it a home and he has no idea what the next chapter is in his life. We will find out soon enough.

The last mission was enough for Conner to know he wanted to be on his own.Connor walked through Hueco Mundo as the pale sun reflected the dim lit night,he was sent on a mission to gather supplies,send a message,and slaughter,fun fun fun,that was all it spelled for Connor.He walked on top of a ledge of a cliff and stared down at the peaceful village and noticed 5 patrol guards,hard to loot with people looking around,he quickly jumped down making a loud thud so the guy would come near and to Connors satisfaction he went alone,Connor waited and Sonido'd behind the guy,fast,and made a quick lunge at his neck and snapped it with his hands the put a knee in his spine and broke it and finally tore his head off and threw it towards the people so they would scream.They screamed ten seconds before Connor was behind them with a grin "Nice to meet you,shame it will only last a minute" he said this with a grin and shot a Bala at ones head blowing it off as the others looked on and he turned to the other launching a Cero killing the two and leaving a bloody pile of ash to substitute for what was once their bodies.He felt a small cut on his shoulder,almost like a paper cut, when he turned he saw the man had released all his power in one slash and looked scared.Connor shook his head as he slammed him to the ground and with a quick slash cut off both of his legs as he screamed and then made another cut at his stomach as he continued to scream and he blew off both arms with a Bala.He watched and laughed as they screamed and they all woke up in utter horror of the utter cataclysm that was taking place.He laughed as they walked out and he turned towards them and blew off his head off.

Connor felt invigorated,deep down,this was what he was meant to do,this was what he did,no matter what they thought of it or anyone else did for that matter,it did not matter to Connor,he could give two shits less and he was pretty obvious with that fact and sighed as he saw the people begin to run and he continued to slaughter everyone in sight for shits and giggles,he grabbed a man and put his finger to his head and launched a Bala destroying the mans head like a crushed grape.What was left of his carcass was tossed aside and forgotten as he tossed the body towards the death pile after looting it.Connor looted homes and killed families the whole night and all that was heard that name were helpless screams,tortured cry's,horrified calls of terror and sorrow,breaking bones,and death,the smell of death and gore filled the air.The sight of it reflected a perfect image of what had just happened,blood,death,more death,and dominance by a evil man that controlled everyone's life here and fully intended on leaving anything breathing air as a lifeless carcass their that night,he grabbed a man and drop kicked his skull into his wife crack both of their skulls killing them,he grabbed a man and impaled him on Connors sword head through back and pulled the sword off and cut a man in half.He saw a girl running and launched a fireball at her head and laughed as he pickpocketed the dead,the living,and the houses of the dead and living.As the villages once quite sounds of slumber turned into endless screams of terror and then back again to quite sounds of slumber,Connor wondered if anyone would know how truly deep a slumber they were in now.Connor walked off and blew up the town with Ceros Balas and fireballs and his last move, give all that he had looted to his leader.He returned to his leader and bowed "Your money and valuables sir",he said this and walked out and held a small grin.Eh hell,life was fun. But he knew this was enough excitement for him,he wanted to do this more often sure,but not because he was working fo someone.He wanted to be alone,he never returned and never turned back as he walked off the pale lit moon still reflecting over his skin.

• Sealed Zanpakutô: Blade not the guy XD

• Racial Abilities: Sonido along with Heirro,Cero,Bala,Gran Rey Cero and later on possibly Cero Oscouras.

• Unique Abilities: Wind Fist-Connor builds up wind in his hand and concentrates it thus allowing it to do either penetrating damage if Connor makes a motion with his hand as if it were a spear at you or to knock you back twenty feet launching you forwards.Can be used Once a post.

Blazed Trails
Technique Description:With this move Connor travels at the speed of Sonido leaving a blaze of fire in his wake that if it touches you can give 1st degree burns and if your dumb enough to stay in for to long,2nd degree.Once A Post.

Sonic Boom
Technique description:Connor can build up wind pressure in both hands and when he claps it releases in a violent burst that will knock anything within 15 feet if him on their ass 20 feet away with decent cutting damage from it on them.

Fire balls-Conner can condense fire into a ball almost as if he is packing snow and launch it at high speeds,does damage equal to a Bala is half as fast and gives first or second degree burns.5 a post.

Technique Name: Wind and Fire sword man
Technique description:Connor has a line of fire follow every horizontal,or diagonal swipe he makes and it can distract someone or give first degree burns.If makes a stab or vertical cut it will go faster and have more push behind it (Like the wind)3 Post duration 3 post cooldown.

Wind effect increases strength and speed by a bit.4 strikes maximum per post for the 3 post duration).

Connor claps his hands and out from them he launches fireballs on a pressurized air current,he can do this once every 5 post and it doubles the speed and increases the amount of fireballs a post by one.

• Resereccion Name: Winds Of Flame.

• Resereccion Release Phrase: "Engulf the heavens,winds of flame"

• Release Actions: He speaks the words stated above.

• Resereccion Appearance: In Resseruccion Connors shirt disappears below the chest revealing his abs and well-toned body. It shows a Heirro like armor of his Bone take over his stomach, back and shoulders. His Bone fragment on his knuckles gets thicker to. He wields two blades both being swords one resembling a sword with the Japanese word for Wind on the grip for it and another with the Japanese word for fire on its grip. The fire one has an orange tint to the blade and is a double edged sword. The wind blade is a Katana and has a sharp tip on it with a white and green tint to it. His right eye is red and his left eye is green as well which is rather mysterious and his armor has a fire and wind sign on each shoulder.
• Resereccion Abilities: He manipulates fire and wind in various ways for combat similar to what his original powers were. Only differences are now the powers are much much more powerful and can be condenses and controlled more freely.
Techniques: Wind Fire Cannon- He points his blade at something and launches a pressurized fire ball at the opponent much like a Cero,does energy comparable to a Cero but goes slightly faster and inflicts second degree burns on full contact.He can use this once a post.

Blazed Winds-Connor controls some winds in a 15 by 15 radius and controls them but the difference is though they move like wind and are wind they are as hot as fire minor contact is 1s degree burns, good contact 2nd degree burns and full contact is 3rd degree burns. 3 post duration 2 post cool down.

Winds Of Destruction-Connor slashes his blade and 3 times a post a slash of wind emits from his blade that heads at the foe at a very high PSI and when it hits they get Bala damage and it goes at Bala speed and once it hits it also does the slashing damage as well. 1 post cooldown.

Fire Beam-Connor fires a blast similar to a Hadō 4 at the foe but it is in fact around Cero in power and would do piercing damage on top of the Cero power damage.

Blazed Wind Armor-Anything that comes within 10 feet of Connor will get a blast of slicing hot wind launched at them that inflicts second degree burns and slashing damage if it hits them with one of the 6 1 foot tall and wide blast of Wind from the wind blast.The winds are like tornadoes and launch them back a few feet to.

Fire Burst-After one post of Connor charging he can release a bunch of energy in the form of an extreme burst of fire,this inflicts 3rd degree burns on contact and numerous cuts from wind release as well. It has a 50 by 50 area.

(Leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills

  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill:[/] Adept

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Beginner
  • Sonido: Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Adept
  • Hierro: Advanced

• RP Sample: Destruction,death,blood,fear,war,fighting and more death,these were Connors favorite things and he could feel each and every one of them in the air as he slaughtered a nearby village who had been attacking each other,for such a peaceful place they fought tooth and nail,they were however no where near the brutality and even less close in the savageness of the former Viking way of war,it was like comparing a fight between two babies fighting, to a fight to the death.Connor watched smugly as the smell of death filled the air until one side pulled guns,this infuriated Connor as he watched them fall back behind their modern technology to win a fight they started,ridiculous and unworthy for a warrior,that was all it was,if they were going to be warriors they were going to do it right or die and it just so happened Connor knew which one he would be enforcing at that moment,he got up off the rock he had previously been sitting on and stood up,now you see me,now you don't was the funny phrase that popped into his mind as he Sonido'd through the crowds of gun wielding idiots as he began cutting them to ribbons though he was grinning more at the thought of inflicting death to people then he was at the thought of now you see me now you don't.He wasn't fast but he was fast enough god dammit,he continued slashing them to ribbons and launched a Bala at their weapon storage as they ran into it and he launched 3 Balas more along with a Cero to decimate it. He began to help the people ransack the village with glee,just like the old days.Oh the smell of blood and death,of all things he missed he missed it like a child and it was just as important to him in his thoughts,death and war,the things that made the world go round.He followed them to their home and began to listen.

They began to speak of how well they fought and the lives they lost and Connor heeded no mind,he was making them feel better though they were damn near obliterated,he listened in as the talk became more and more ignorant with time as he listened his bullshit meter went from bullshit to I'm going to kill you if you breathe a word similar to that again bullshit and the man kept going on about how HE had won the war for them and they should all celebrate for him and it was at this moment he snapped and barged in.The leader gazed up at Connor with fearful eyes as did the rest of the people as Connor pulled a bullet out of his Heirro and flicked it at him and it went through his stomach and as he bent to feel his stomach he hit the ground hard as Connor kneed him in the head.He cracked the ground and hit his skull against the ground and Connor then smashed his face against the ground with his boot and launched a Cero at his body to be rid of it.He couldn't tolerate a lot of shit and it just so happened that ignorance was not something he liked very much and much less could he stand that bullshit especially when it was uttered from someone of the same race as he,he saw all the people charge him and he sighed as he demolished them with hordes of Bala and Cero and slashes and 20 minutes later they were all dead except one man who crawled away in a bloody trail in his wake with no hope of living.The man begged for his life which was cowardice in the eyes of Connor,Connor pretended to walk away before kicking the man into the wall of the building then launched a Cero at it blowing it and the body to smithereens.He cackled wildly as he walked away from the carnage and destruction,which was all that was left in his wake as he cracked his neck and walked towards the mountains where he saw a man standing alone.

Connor wore his dark black armor that covered his body with pride,it covered him almost from head to toe and the armor even covered his shoes and was strapped in so that it was tight and never came off and he smiled as the only exposed skin available on his body was on his hands face and neck,not a bad way to fight but the armor would break easily in a battle with someone with Spiritual abilities.His sheathe hung loosely on his back as the longsword protruded from his back and the sheathe was somehow inside of the armor and it was a true relief to have it sometimes for the simple fact that he had a place to keep his Zanpakutō when it wasn't in use,he sighed aloud as he walked up to the boy at hand who looked much less man like up close as he looked at him,this was not to be mixed with weakness though and as he began to speak something stopped him,he felt something in the air,something...exciting...

Devon Born 2-1 Arrancar

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Gunnbjorn Adigard "Conner Richardson" [Approved, Arrancar, 2-1]   Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:52 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: You will not be able to use the Gran Rey Cero for the time being until you become more powerful.
Tier: 2-1


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Unarchive please.

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Moving this to archives!
Simply post in this topic here, in order to come out of archives~!

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Gunnbjorn Adigard "Conner Richardson" [Approved, Arrancar, 2-1]
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