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 Tango Down (NI EVENT Viz/Shizuo/JJ)

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Tango Down (NI EVENT Viz/Shizuo/JJ)   Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:44 pm

Pierre fell from the sky head first, the attack had drained out most of his energy.. He fell greatly discolored but he was still bearly existant, he was thinking about all he had suffered, all he had loved, lost, his friends and family; his family. He didnt have a normal family, none of the Nature Iramasha had, with the exception of Dashel they all had pretty much shitty lives full of pain and suffering, or really non existence since Pierre was asleep for hundreds of years. Pierre remembered all that had happened to him after meeting the N.I. specially when he met James. Pierre was so taken to James he really loved him, maybe too much. James was always there for him, and when he most needed it Pierre was there for James.

Long ago after they found the Master NI gem James touched it and it sucked out all his energy, no one else knew how to bring back James from certain death but Pierre knew where James kept the Water Gem and he used it to save his dear friends life. And this time it was James who would save Pierre once again.

Slowly Pierre reached into his shirt and pulled out a green rose shaped gem he held it to his chest as he closed his eyes and said softly "I did this all for you James, the only person that was real family to me" As he closed his eyes he remembered when James gave him back the gem, before it was dangerous for Pierre to have his own gem, since he was corrupted and unclean he was a little crazy and bad, but now cleansed of his inner demon he could use it. That day James just told Pierre :think fast" as he tossed the gem at Pierre and he caught it as he said "You saved my life with my gem, I have a feeling that you are going to need me to save yours soon, so keep it in a safe place." That meant the world to Pierre, James fully trusted him and wanted him to be safe, this gem meant the world to Pierre now, it was like a piece of James that he could always have with him, to use it when needed like a gaurdian angel just for him. Pierre closed his eyes tight and held the gem as it started to glow.

Instead of hitting the ground hard Pierre slowed down and laid on the dead garden almost asleep as energy started to flow back into his body, bringing color back to his clothes and body, James had saved him once again and from a fall no less... just like the first time they met.
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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Tango Down (NI EVENT Viz/Shizuo/JJ)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:45 pm

Ikne Nitsua
Anti-Nature Iramasha of the Earth

Ikne was successful in getting over Nue in the sky and begin a combo of smashing and crushing blows. But Nue turned it around and tried to deal a kick to Ikne but he meet the weapons of Ikne in the sky, his serpent balls and it seem that it was a devastating kick as he even felt some recoil from it and he proceeded to fall to the earth quickly and what has been stated before that would happen if he got taken off by Nue or missed took place. He quickly divided into the mountain to recover but then the ultimate surprise happened to him. He was trying to recover by consuming part of the wonder but Pierre refused to allow such a thing happen. He used the max amount of his energy possible probably and purified the entire wonder once and for all. Since he was in the mountain he was weakened as well and his clone was demolished with the corruption of the wonder.

He felt unease as he climb out of the mountain and burst out of the side closest to Pierre's current location. He looked at the Nature Iramasha with disgust as he was black and white. He knew that his energy is now at a all time low and he would cease to exist soon but he quickly would put the last of his energy to good use. Quickly he chaos warp from his current location to be over the recovering Pierre. Unless he was somehow stopped he would form one last chaos blast with every last ounce of chaos and anti-nature energy.

[/i] "If I die, at least I'm taking one of you with me!" He yelled with his last few words.[/i]

He followed through with firing and wasn't sure if he would hit Pierre or not and rather would care so long as he did something to them all. Something that would make him memorable so would wouldn't be lost forever.

Whether he did it or not the Anti-Nature Iramasha collapsed and began to disperse his essence breaking apart and fading away. He quickly spoke one last thing before he completely was lost from the them.

[/i] "Remember me, you fools, for I am not the last and never will be the last! My fate, what I am, what I have done, no many will follow my path. Maybe by some luck I will come into existence again and I shall hunt each of you down and slaughter you. But my last words, do not forget or you each shall perish to a force like me." He stated and laughed for a few moments as he faded completely his essence flying into the air dispersing.[/i]

Moving so rapidly no one could reunite it to recreate Ikne Nitsua. He was now going to be lost for eternity probably, it was a wonder what exactly happened to a Nature Iramasha when they died. Perhaps this was it when they completely ran out of energy, both chaos and nature.

[Exit Thread]

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Subject Post 23PostSubject: Re: Tango Down (NI EVENT Viz/Shizuo/JJ)   Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:11 pm

SHIT!" Nue thought , as the foe seemed to warp he warped above pierre it happened so fast, very fast and nue had no time to think. First he used his own chaos warp his mind, and body filling with the desire to defend his comrades desire which burned in him like it was a flame. A unkempt flame which wouldn't allow him to stand by while his comrade was harmed as nue saw all the energy drain all of it. That's what prompted him to do this, in a reckless act he threw caution to the wind the pain in his leg forgotten he somehow managed to slide in between the attack and the foe suddenly he had in a display of savagery that was rarely ever seen from him, he focused his chaos energy, for the first time forcing it from his sword. He forced it into his hands, the rejection was painful but from sheer will power determination and most important: primordial rage.

Nue was now in the line of fire he was putting his life on the line, as his arms hissed he quickly using a shred of his seishin smacked pierre out of distance, his own body now beginning to vibrate, signals of rejection coming from the induction of his massive reserves of chaos energy.

Deep in his mind he now had focused a realm of primal focus he forgot his purpose, he forgot death, he forgot his pain. He blocked these out as this was his turn, his turn to do his duty as a nature shaman. He felt like his body was at war with itself, and he sent a mental flare within it: 'SHUT THE FUCK UP SCUMBAG ENERGY I'M NOT ASKING FOR MUCH JUST SOME FUCKING HARMONY COME ON !!

Asserting control from his mind, his will, his determination he beat his chaos energy into sublime submission, like it was a child who needed to be taught a lesson. Everything was moving so fast though, his own energy was throbbing his seishin was fighting him every step of the way, but he beat it all beat it into submission , he did what he knew was what needed to be done.

Thats when the attack hit, chaos energy finally forced itself to the surface as he focused it through his own energy using his pain indurance will power, determination, and deduction. He used it all his seishin fanned infront of him focused into disks on his palms, chaos energy crackled from it, his arms his hands bled. Acid blood which smashed into the ground eating away at it, he was fighting now, fighting to keep his comrades safe.

It was a large attack, nue began to feel cracks in his skin, his arms where cracked a crack on his cheek, he remembered though his comrades now, they where behind him not in spirit not in body but in his heart. They are who made him rediscover something he lost . Huh.. so this is what its like to want to live.. they are calling me. . . my comrades my precious comrades are calling me. I can't loose here, because if i do . . i will have failed the people who gave me purpose.. who helped me.. Pierre, dashel , austin, Osiris.. all of you, i must survive. SURVIVE SO I CAN PROTECT ALL OF YOU, "

Now, slowly the chaos energy began to split, his body wracked with pain. It was like deep inside, someone was breaking, in fact he finally understood . . . It took him long enough, but the smile gained afew feet, metaphorically as his body was beginning to resolve itself, his mind digging deeper. He did hear the last words of the monster though, that warrented a answer. . not the answer you would expect but, as the initial shock wave hit, nue disengaged his seishin or half of it to form a bubble which air locked the area within. This area was now the inside of a "Containment pocket" or a place where the maximum would take place and nothing more or less.

Nue felt, his comrades where ikne had hate nue felt something he could not quite place yet. His body was shaking and pain was coursing through his body. But he felt none of it,he was beyond it in his current mind set, as he focused harder and harder, his teeth showing veins bulging. His muscle mass had begun to double in size, as chaos energy, yes raw chaos energy began to focus in his right fist. It tightened his skin was dissolving from the energy but, it began to slow, his eyes narrowed and he looked back in the last hole as the energy was still not exploding as for now he had been keeping it in check through pressure. . . and he quickly said something to pierre through the closing gap.

"I want you to know, i understand now you live for those you protect but you survive for those you, never want to loose. The-.."

The gap closed and to the outside world this conflicting battle of will became locked , a gap which would ensure the survival of his brethren to the last outcome, now nue focused harder, digging into reserves he never knew he had of determination. To think any iramasha would be so consumed by rage, consumed by rage.. as nue was right now, he was filled with a different kind of rage though. It was a rage a just rage, one that was for protecting his freinds and in his mind another, one last mental blurb went through it.
"It took me this long to figure it out, in a life of madness i had no future, but i chose to ignore the blatant truth infront of me. . . "

now, raw emotions determination power coursing through him he began to talk slowly, his words came with whispers at first hoarse from strain. Slowly though, it built up into roars and shouts of determination.

"You can break me, you can insult me, spit on me. Crush me, rip me up into tiny pieces, you can kill me. You can erase my mind, you can destroy my body, you can erase the very fabric of my existence. You could set me on fire for a million years-"

Slowly the chaos energy began to build in power, around the arm that was right now pushing into the massive , blindingly dense orb of energy that surmounted the whole entirety of a beings existence, a existence they sacrificed to bring fourth such a power. This energy slowly stopped burning him, it burned his knuckles, some bone showed the cracks in his face where still there but, slowly the power grew his voice grew stronger more prominent in its confessions.

"You may smite me for my sins, you can call me a monster, you could kill me over and over for eternity, and you could gouge my eyes out, feed me to the crows. Though, i will keep standing one foot after the other for the comrades i have. You put your life on the line for those you cherish, but you put your existence on the line for those you truly can call a friend, your family. They are there when you are sad, they are there when you feel like death is knocking on your door. They are there when you are happy too, they are there in the ups and downs. - BUT!"

now nue was for the first time crying, his eyes shining with emotion he thought so long ago he had lost, his body was in the epicenter of pain, wave after wave of searing raw heat from the power before him, his fist grinding at it, while the rest of his seishin not in the bubble had formed a gauntlet in his other arm which he was using to hold it in check. To think the energy the chaos energy which his own energy hated to its very soul was still growing, not growing in rage but instead with resolve. Resolve to protect and make sure the comrades he cherished so dearly would live on.

"BUT! they are the people who accept you most, they know you like the back of their hand, they cry with you, they know when your hurt and they are there to get you back on your feet. They are the home you go to, the home that is with you no matter where you go, Its a home thats not of physical form, but something more its a home in your heart. A home, that CAN NEVER BE REPLACED. This is WHY.. This is WHY.. THIS IS WHY!"

now, with this last roar of emotion the chaos energy grew and grew, it grew raging free unkempt as his fist sank into the orb his gauntlet was cracking, and the raw blast was getting bigger. but his fist was going in as his eyes widened they where wild and open, open as his teeth gritted his veins bulged, his muscles bulged the orb was shaking, but it was holding.


Nue finally roared, his fist punching through, straight through the blast and even though it was silent on the outside of the bubble he erected, the inside was blinded with light, as his seishin on his arm pushed inwards and the ground shook even outside the bubble swelled several times in size. Everything.. yes everything was lost in the blast his body the air lock, the blast exploded outwards, brilliant but nue's gauntlet had dissolved forming a skin tight layer around him as its main purpose was saving him. The blast though blinded everything..

Minutes later is when the barrier dissolved and the rumbling ceased, he was injured battered and cracks ran through his eyes and arms. standing in a crater he was looking up at the sky, blood of acid rolling down his arms, chaos energy slowly dissipating from his right arm, leaving its scarred cracked and charred surface the insane grin was gone, the sky was clear now and nue slowly looked down, down at his hand. Opening it was a chore now but he did petals of gray slowly where fading, dissipating while light bathed the world in its glow. A glow of promise which seemed to bring a close to this battle.. but more importantly, as the sky was blue, pure blue.

Nue, slowly looked up, blood on his lips a crack running through the left side of his face. His normally emotionless eyes where full of life like never before and probably too silent for anyone to hear .. his lips moved words lost in the wind as blood continued to pool eating at the ground. His lips moving forming the words which he had finally learned.

"For they will always be my home"

now, nue looked at pierre and repeated the words softly to himself as he slowly began walking over, driven by will alone at this point, the last of his seishin disinigrating like glowing trails of stardust behind him.

"..My home"..


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Subject Post 24PostSubject: Re: Tango Down (NI EVENT Viz/Shizuo/JJ)   Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:40 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
┣▇▇▇═─          ☠          ─═▇▇▇┥

It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Tango Down (NI EVENT Viz/Shizuo/JJ)
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