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 Alexia Bloodmyer...The Vampire Demon

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Alexia Bloodmyer...The Vampire Demon   18/9/2012, 3:10 pm


» Name: Alexia Seras Bloodmyer
» Titles: The Shinigami Assassin, Slayer of Blood, BloodRayne the Death Goddess,
» Age: 3,489 yrs old
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Former Member of Rukongai District; New Member of the Fallen, 2nd Leader of the Fallen

» Shifter Appearance Written: In her shifter form, Alexis is 5'7" and weighs 119 lbs. She has black hair and green eyes. She has vampire yet fair skin but besides that she looks like an attractive yet sexy female with a tribal vampire tattoo which is long along her right leg. Alexis sometimes wears a large Victorian-styled gown that is black, along with heeled platforms. Under her dress is a battle uniform which consists of a revealing corset, black shorts and garters. Yet Alexis wears an biker goth punk style with biker clothing with some leather and biker boots on rare occasions. Alexis wears black pants, a black short sleeve shirt and dark colored boots.

» True Appearance Written: Like her master Lord Zarathos, Alexia in her true form is pure form of a mad demon but her form is almost like and oni demon. The new mad demon she has silver hair and some white strands within her hair and her eyes are pure blue. Alexis has the figure and look of an demon princess with a busty look yet her size her and weight are somewhat identical to a normal human. She had tattoos near her body which are mostly tribal tattoos mostly demonic ones showing her servitude to her master and to his organization. She wears demonic and barbaric clothing along with her true form mostly to show that she is a true mad demon like her master. Sometimes she wears different attires but she'll steal people clothing adding it with her own making a deadly and exotic look. The jewelry she wears is almost a century giving off and demonic looks with diamonds and rubies infused with the demonic gold. The demonic pendant around her neck is red ruby shaped with Fallen Mark of Pain engrave on the pendant.

» True Appearance Picture:

» Personality: Alexia is described as a cunning and relentless individual, characterized by her heroism, ambition, nobility and fatalism, who grows from wisely arrogant to arrogantly wise over the centuries. She is anything but stupid: the true cunning and subtlety of her actions are only revealed to those smart enough to see past her endless deceptions. While her apparent lack of diplomacy seems to stem from her short and violent temper, in reality it is a carefully cultivated tool. Above all else, Alexia's ultimate agenda - to return the dark life to the vampires and ensure Vampiric's restoration to glory - are partially moral and benevolent at the very least, but she realizes her goal may be beyond his reach.

BloodThristy: The temptation of blood is unbelievable for her, Alexia is bloodthirsty monster who will attack anybody who gets in her way for vampire lust. In her vampire form, Alexia with use razorblade on her tongue when kissing somebody but that is rarely. It almost like two of the seven deadly sins of greed and lust kicking in turning her into a unholy vixen doing what is necessary to obtain the sweet red nectar from the neck veins from her enemies and perhaps her allies.

Loyalty: Due to her new demonic nature, Alexia loyalty and servitude belong to Eric Zarathos period the woman who never betray him ever. He the whole reason that she's alive today the demonic woman would never lie, cheat or betray the master. The demonic woman always follow her orders and carries out her mission with a cold persona when fighting when the task is done. She would always bow to him calling him Lord Zarathos even though he prefers Eric much better, Alexis is almost like a demon knight to Eric's demonic cause serving her master. Like a bodyguard, Alexia has a very serious mind protecting her master and his friends from any form of trouble not really caring about what happens to her in the process.

» Likes: Eric Zarathos, Demon Nature, Willing to do anything to survive, Food, Relationship and perhaps family, Vampires, Blood, Blood banks

» Dislikes: The Soul Society, Quincys, Vampire Hunters(mostly Van Helsing), The Weaknesses of Vampires, Arrancar and Espadas

» History: The dark secret that he's been keeping from the Soul Society and the Iramasha clan for decades the truth of what happen to lost captain of squad nine. During the demon holocaust, Eric Zarathos once Kade Hiroshima took an hostage which was the captain of squad nine. She was to help any iramasha with an unscheduled attack on the demon population which were hiding out in a abandon hotel in karakura, she got careless. Yet Kade couldn't the captain not single handedly but the demon had some help from his demon friends her attacks were unstoppable. But thanks to a sneak attack the Devilman army managed to defeat Captain Otonashi, Kade was thinking about killing her on the spot. Their were too many demons dying left and right from the iramasha clan, Mico and Davien convinced him not to because too many have died. Kade and Mico decided to perform and bloodqueen ritual on the shinigami yet she would lose all of her shinigami powers if this was done, Kade thought it would be worth it. Nyx an spellcaster demon perform the ritual as the demons placed Captain Alexia in a prison taking her Zanpakutō away from her everything was going well. Nyx started with the ritual which lasted for seven whole weeks still reports came quickly that the entire shinigami squads were looking for her. The soul of the bloodqueen Bloodmyer was slowly taken over the shinigami body and soul ravaging her mind as her entire life started flashing before her eyes.

Bits and pieces of Alexia's memories were started to break apart of how her entire family was killed by some human killing machine named Genocyber. She remembers of how that ungodly beast took her life and then of how she her own body and seeing her dead body and somehow a chain was chained to her ghostlike body. But Nyx's ritual were ripping apart of her mind as many fragments of the shinigami's past of how she became a Shinigami when a shinigami saved her life. She lived within the rukongai district for a long time until finally deciding to something worth while by entering the soul society and passing the all the academy exams. Alexia started training her powers making her body and Zanpakutō constantly and following orders and doing missions when she was told by her captain. Finally after countless missions, Alexia finally gaining respect which led her to become a vice captain she made some orders to the squad members but always following orders from the captain. Throughout the years, Alexia became well known within her squad helping members of squad nine with any problems they might have the woman was an honest person. The greatest accomplishment of her life was after her dojo training, Alexia finally managed to gain her bankai powers from her Zanpakutō Daigonsheno. After every successful mission, Alexia would read from the shinigami archives trying to find better fighting tactics and helpful hollow takedowns which could prove useful in the near future. Alexia started doing covert missions for the iramasha clan trying to grow better relationships with the other races residing within the soul society. Decades later, Alexia was given a chance to become captain of squad nine which central gave to her due to knowledge and leadership skills on and off the battlefield. She liked how things were going for her yet years later she was given an order to attack some demons from an superior iramasha he told her that the demons were attacking iramasha for sport. This led the demon holocaust were a bunch of demons were being killed some of them were evil and some of them were family trying to protect their younglings, Kade was pissed off. The Devilman army attacked many members of squad nine and two strongest demons attacked the squad nine captain which was suicide. They were killed but it led to a sneak attack........Alexia was actually defeated.

Nyx's ritual was near completed the vampire demon's soul was taken over the shinigami's body and mind the shinigami felt her brain was completely on fire. The vampire demon named Lyra was successful in destroying all of Alexia's memories completing the transfer turning the shinigami into a demon. The final thing to make it permanent the witch took the Zanpakutō infusing it into the new demon creating an assortment of new and different for the new demon. Lyra felt a whole lot better thanking Nyx and the Devilman army for giving her a second chance yet the vampire demon had all of Alexia's memories which could prove useful in the future. Lyra thought keeping Alexia would bring shock to any shinigami that approach her which the vampire new name became "Alexia Seras Bloodmyer". But any demon would be able to call her Lyra because of her soulless past. After some hurtful events, Devilman army seperated but Alexia is completely loyal to the new Kade Hiroshima which is now known as Eric Zarathos.

» Natural Abilities:

» Unique Abilities: Flying: Alexia has the ability of flying to different places whenever she wants do so. A demon needs to fly or super jump and with his new power can travel anywhere she wants. She used her power also when he in different states too.

Demonic Healing: The Necronomicon taught her of fast demon healing skills with the book destroyed the knowledge was passed into his brain. Demons will come from her very blood rehealing bruises, cuts wounds, damaged limbs etc. But the power is very limited because the book was destroyed so the ability won't last forever really this ability can use seven times. Because her blood will get signs of fatigue and sluggish causing him to faint.

Enhanced Demon Strength: Because of years of a vampire, Alexia has increased her muscles to withstand pain of strong powerful techniques for long time. But somebody's bankai, iramasha forms, espada's segunda etpa might be a problem if she didn't use his demonic techniques. Alexia has been training hard because in hell demons would tear a demon apart show strength is the only way to stay alive. Alexia's strength is very strong but not strong enough.

Master Swordmen Specialist: Alexia isn't an expert of this ability but she does have many years of practice during her vampire demon years. Creating different and stong techniques or attacks when using a sword in battle. However, Alexia can be defeated if some was stronger also with keen intellect may have skills necessary in defeating him in battle. The vampire demon Lyra has taken many of the abilities of the shinigami's body accessing her memories and her shinigami zanjutsu skills making herself better in battle. But she's still master not an expert.

Nemesis Fireball Blast: A tri-ball of fire energy blast. A medium strong attack if Alexia wants to catch people off guard. It be charged into stronger fireball attack but it can dodged or blocked however. If the fireball is charged for 1 post it can cause damage to body part and create a truck of burns and bruises. If charged for 3 posts it can do major damage.


» Hellspawn State Appearance:

» Hellspawn State Benefits: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

» Unholy Vampire Queen State Appearance:

» Unholy Vampire Queen State Benefits: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

» Demon Sindel State Appearance:

» Demon Sindel State Benefits: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Alexia Bloodmyer...The Vampire Demon   20/3/2013, 5:56 am

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Alexia Bloodmyer...The Vampire Demon
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