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 Lugh Beowulf [Approved, 1-5;1-1;0-5, Guardian Beast]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Lugh Beowulf [Approved, 1-5;1-1;0-5, Guardian Beast]   Wed Sep 26, 2012 4:32 pm

Guardian Beast Template


Name: Lugh Beowulf
Nicknames: Sinat’lis Mgeli (სინათლის მგელი; lit. Light Wolf); Damn Brat (by Kiritsugu);
True Age: Somewhere between 180,000 and 130,000.
Gender: He doesn't have a specific gender, so in the unlikely event that he finds a mate, he can adjust his sex according to his partner. He stays in his male form mostly, though.
Personality: Lugh is a puppy. He hates being called one, but only because he feels he'll be looked down upon because of his youth. And truthfully, he is and has been looked down on by it. Nowadays, it's by Emiya Kiritsugu, but his former family looked down upon him as well. However, how is Lugh a puppy? Lugh is energetic to the point to where it's hard to keep him still if there's fresh meat in view. If he's tempted with a toy or something Shimura makes with her wires, he'll go for it. He attempts to resist at first, but it always succeeds.

However, Lugh being a puppy is also a good thing. He is more protective of Shimura than her husband or son. Lugh treats her as the only person he can rely on, and he tries to return that favor. Granted, he may not be very threatening while in his humanoid form, Lugh has the bite to make up for his bark. And Lugh's best trait is probably his loyalty. Despite him slightly loathing Kiritsugu for how brute-like he is, Lugh would try to protect him if needed. This is not because Lugh likes Kiritsugu, but because he knows Shimura does. He sleeps in her lap because it's comfortable, but he's also close to her in case he's needed.

General Appearance

Appearance: Lugh, despite being a shapeshifter, definitely prefers one form. Yes, it may not be his "sexiest" form, but he much prefers it to his others. It's actually the closest to his original appearance as can be. Blond hair that is as smooth as snow. Skin whiter than a blizzard. Eyes greener than jade. These all make up Lugh's appearance, but he also has a pair of pointed, almost lupine, ears. That is the first giveaway he is not normal. The next is his teeth. He has long canine teeth, and the rest of his teeth are meant for tearing into meat. His body has no scars, and he could easily cover them up if he did.
As for clothing, he took after his master. His jacket is lined with fur related to his own fur, giving him great comfort. The outside is solid white, much like his master's. The middle of the jacket is triple-lined, making it incredibly warm. He does not wear anything under the jacket save for a black choker. He does wear two black leather gloves. His pants are lined like his jacket on the inside, but are closer to his gloves on the outside. He strangely does wear socks, which are pure cotton. His shoes are black leather with snow treads.

Animalistic Traits: Aside from those mentioned above, Lugh also has a great sense of smell and hearing as well. He's rather energetic, much like a young dog.
Appearance Age: 12-ish
Height: 134cm
Weight: 35kg

Natural Abilities

Natural Techinques:
  • Shapeshifting: Lugh's main ability. Even though he is still a pup by standards of his pack, he still has some nifty use of this ability. Mainly, he uses it to show that he can switch genders at will. However, he rarely does so. When he does, he takes the form of a schoolgirl not much older than his normal appearance.
  • Claws: Underneath his gloves are extremely sharp claws. They are as sharp as the sharpest sword and as tough as steel. Of course they do not have much of a reach in this form.
  • Bloodlust: Lugh is a wolf. He needs to eat meat. And to eat meat, he has to kill. However, his urge to kill and devour sometimes overwhelm him from telling friend from foe. All it takes is a good blow to the head and he'll be back to his normal senses.

Other Weapons: None.

Guardian Beast

Element: Werewolf


Untainted Appearance: Lugh is stuck in a constant Untainted. This is because all werewolf-style Guardian Beasts have a first form which they can immediately change into after learning of it. Once they learn it, it's part of them and will be released without any hesitation. Lugh's Untainted is that of a wolf. On all four legs, he is 120cm tall. His fur is closer to that of a lion's than that of a wolf, but that is his special colors. His fur is a blond-gold, which earned him the name of Lugh.

Untainted Abilities:
  • Howl: Lugh can use a howl that echoes to his master's ears to signify something. When it reaches her ears, it is translated to her tongue. It is only usable when they are in the same dimension.
  • Teeth: Lugh's teeth are incredibly durable and sharp. They are meant to tear through multiple layers of flesh and fur toget to the muscles underneath.
  • Regeneration: Lugh has some good regeneration. It is hard to kill him when in his wolf form, as he is quick as well. He can recover from most non-fatal stab wounds, trauma, and punctures with some ease.
  • Claws: Lugh's claws are slightly shorter in his wolf form, but they are twice as durable in this form.
  • Magic Resistance: This is Lugh's prized ability in his wolf form. He is capable of withstanding Kidō up to 20 and equivalents with little to no damage. This is because his body is an astral one, a rarity in Guardian Beasts.


Unleashed Appearance: Lugh grows 50% in size. This is closer to a full-grown wolf (which those like his father would look like in their Untainted) than his normal one.

Unleashed Abilities:
  • Howl: Lugh's howl now can breakglass in a 100-meter radius of him.
  • Teeth: Lugh has longer, sharper, and tougher teeth. They're meant for tearing through light armor to get to the meat.
  • Claws: Lugh's claws are now a few inches in length. They can kill someone on their own, rather than being a support-ish part.
  • Enhanced Magic Resistance: Lugh's prized ability is upped even more. Kidō up to level 20, he suffers no damage whatsoever. Kidō up to level 40, he has reduced damage.
  • Enhanced Strength: His strength is amassed by two things now. His sheer size allows for more muscles, and his existing muscles are at their prime. Lugh can pounce onto a car and crush half of the roof to get to his prey.
  • Enhanced Speed: Lugh's speed is enhanced the same was as his strength is. He can use his leg muscles to move faster, leap higher, and make longer strides.
  • Enhanced Durability: Lugh also has a thicker fur in his Unleashed form, which makes it harder for low-velocity weapons to penetrate. He can also survive in extreme low temperatures longer.


Beast Appearance: Lugh is 200% the height from his Unleashed. This is the pinnacle of a Werewolf's transformation: the half-wolf.

Beast Abilities:
  • Howl: Lugh's howl in this form is rather powerful. Within a 50-meter radius, the howl can cause inner ear damage.
  • Teeth: Lugh's teeth are nigh-unbreakable now. His front canines can bite right through a normal person's arm just in length.
  • Claws: Lugh's claws are closer to humanoid fingers now. His palm is roughly the diameter of a normal male head. His fingers are closer to being half an arm's length wit hthe claws themselves being about the size of a normal human's hands.
  • Enhanced Magic Resistance: Lugh's Magic Resistance is only slightly pumped up in his Beast Form. He can now take up to 50 with no damage, but any higher will still cause normal damage.
  • Enhanced Strength: Lugh can crush a normal human's ribcage and spine by putting about 35% of his strength on there. However, most of his strength is in his legs.
  • Enhanced Speed: As mentioned above, Lugh's main strength in this form is in his legs. This allows him to make leaps of great distance and run much like an Olympian.
  • Enhanced Durability: Lugh's muscles are much tighter, and his fur much thicker. His durability is not something to scoff at.
  • Invincibility: This is Lugh's main trait from his Werewolf heritage. No, he's not completely invincible. He just can't be killed by a non-silver weapon. It takes a silver weapon to kill him while in this form, but he can be wounded enough to revert back to his original form.
  • Mental Instability: This is the main drawback from his final form. Lugh will go insane if he stays too long (five posts or more) in this form. If he doesn't force himself to go back to his base form, he will need to be forced to go into it by someone wounding him enough to be forced back. Kiritsugu Emiya has a set of silver bullets just in case it does happen.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
Lugh is not a regular werewolf-style Guardian Beast, but instead a living, pure phantasm creature, in the form of a golden werewolf. He wasn't born in a normal sense, but naturally appeared in a similar fashion as the True Ancestors. Lugh is a phantasm creature that has existed since long ago, but at some point "fell as a droplet in the werewolf clan between one hundred and two hundred millenia ago". He was found in a cave by a group of werewolves and was well received by their village. Due to all werewolves having been descended from a single golden werewolf, they revered him because they believed that Lugh would bring about a revival of their species that had been in a decline since their peak long ago. There had not been a single golden werewolf born since the beginning, so all of the kings among them had been silver. They gave him the name "Lugh" because he was always happy and seemed like a special existence. Upon finding out that Lugh doesn't age or show any inclination to breed, he became ostracized by the clan because he would not bring about their revival as they thought.

And so, they finally decided to get rid of him. Lugh did not understand this. Because he was not born, he did not have the urges like his family. He did not have instincts aside from "survive." Breeding? He had no idea what that was, and when he did learn, he didn't see the point. And thus, Lugh's own "kin" attacked him. He was not very strong when that happened, and so Lugh was left to die. They had no need for someone who would not cause their clan to be revived. Lugh would lie in the snow for a week. He could easily have healed, but this was his first taste of pain. He was useless. He felt he could not survive. And then, he felt an embrace. Warm, that's all he could feel. Warm, that's all he wanted to feel. He did not have the strength to return the embrace, but knowing he was safe, he finally slept.

Sleep, that's all he could do. He slept for four weeks until he awoke in a small cabin. There was a single woman in there, her white hair and pale skin stood out against the wood walls. Lugh doesn't remember anything after that. Lugh does not remember when she introduced herself to him; or when she revealed she too was different, abandoned by her own family. He remembers her name, Shimura. Lugh treated her like a protector, and that was the first taste of family he had ever experienced. And because of that, Lugh felt that he should return her love. He could see that she was different, and he felt that his title of a pure phantasmal creature could help...

Neither he nor she remembers what exactly occured for their contract to be formed either. It was like Lugh was the key to her innate abilities. He watched as she worked more and more on her abilities. And as she became more and more known, Lugh's former clan's head became interested. He saw what Lugh had created and finally acknowledged him. That meant a lot to Lugh, but he ignored his praise. He had left Lugh to die, so why should he mean anything to Lugh? And so, Lugh ignored his "father" and became the first Guardian Beast to turn into a "spirit form" where he became one with his master. And unfortunately, Lugh forgot how to materialize himself until around 500 years ago.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Lugh Beowulf [Approved, 1-5;1-1;0-5, Guardian Beast]   Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:36 pm

Reserving the rights to check this, even though it's for me only, XD.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Lugh Beowulf [Approved, 1-5;1-1;0-5, Guardian Beast]   Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:10 pm

center]Application Checklist[/center]
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Tier:1-5 for base. 1-1 for Unleashed. 0-5 for Beast.

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Lugh Beowulf [Approved, 1-5;1-1;0-5, Guardian Beast]   Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:11 pm

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Adept

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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Lugh Beowulf [Approved, 1-5;1-1;0-5, Guardian Beast]   Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:48 am

Cleaning this out! Feel free to pm me to move it back!
Don't worry this isn't deleted! Your app is now in archives!

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Lugh Beowulf [Approved, 1-5;1-1;0-5, Guardian Beast]
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