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 Natsuki kirsuche(BBS IMPORT) [APPROVED, 0-4]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Natsuki kirsuche(BBS IMPORT) [APPROVED, 0-4]   Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:49 pm

Name: Natsuki Kirusche

Gender: Female

Age: 1000

Personality: Natsuki is a Stoic and Stark Woman, Serious in almost every way, She believes in all Business and mostly is A woman who can be quite Scary when angered or easily irritable.

she is a no holds bar, antagonistic sorta' woman to her soldier's as she belive's it keep's them on their feet and in tip-top shape, She is one of the most serious individuals you'd meet in a life time, and as such, is easily irritable at time's. it's best to keep your distance, and also respect her.

The most intimidating thing about her, could easily be her eye's, it's best not to stare these so much. Weaker soul's would simply freeze them where they stand, Whilst. Stronger soul's would have a drip of sweat come down from their neck and feel a small tremble in their spine. still feeling the icy cold Emotion from her eye's, She is simply one person, who's not about having fun. among her coldness, she is very irritable as well, usually not one for joke's especially when shizuru or sho tease her, about her insecurities or something of the sort. She'll usually try to brush it off in a cool sort of fashion.

That's because under this shell, she has a complex with her self in which she doesn't like to easily admit thing's, like a tsundere type, she'll try to brush you off or something of the sort, but if she does, she deeply might have something for you.

She can also be a jealous sort of person, around some male's she like's. Especially if she catches your eye's on another woman. then your really in trouble. It's best not to do that, because she simply want's to be the center of who she love's attention. but she wont smother you. explained earlier, she'll just brush it off. Though under this shell, She can be playful. sometimes and also caring. Loving as well. on some occasion's she'll also attempt to be seductive like shizuru but fail badly. if anything.




Natsuki, is to said to be a stone cold beauty, Most say, despite her attitude, she retains quite the feminine body, Her Body, is almost picture perfect, not leaving out anything that isn't out place. Thanks to daily Work out's. She is able to Stretch her body to some pretty unthinkable way's, Which play's well, for those certain "kinky" occasions, for the lucky One, She will deem her lover, She also use's the stretching to land otherwise impossible hit's on her enemy's. She's The normal size for a female, Standing at about 5"3, it's even more of an attraction, though, don't tease her about her size. or you'll be sorry.

her body also has quite the healthy weight. Coming in at about 104.3 Pounds. she doesn't have an abnormal weight or over the top weight. It's because on a daily basis, she usually can be seen training in yoga when she's not fulfilling duties for the hajamatsujiyuu. Another Secret Thing, she love's to do, is belly dancing Though she wouldn't tell anyone this.

She's always been told she has nice hip's and decided. on a secret occasion's to become a belly Dancer And get quite the good pay for it, Her Hip's. Are Quite lovely on her body not too plump not too out of place. just right for someone of her stature.

Not only does the yoga, help but She train's in Kempo. as well taking up a number of martial art's classes. her hand to hand skill is Second to none. though it'd be surprising from someone like her. she has the type of skin. that's tender and soft, and a mostly slender yet still strong body. don't let that fool you though when she hit's.

she hit's like a speeding rocket, Her Skin is quite beautiful there's not a single scratch or out of place birth mark or anything of the sort. just beautiful milky white skin. and last but not least, the most definite feature of natsuki's model type body. is her perky breast's and Nice Tush~ her breast's though not as big as most women's. they are still perky and good to look at. also it fit's her body not leaving an abnormality on her. Her tush is quite Full, often earning look's from male's. she can be seen riding her bike. and even then it would get ya mesmerized if ya stared. She truly does have quite the amazing body. though she'll usually deny she's Hot beautiful or anything of the sort. no matter what people say.

Zanpakutô Spirit: ~Duran~

Duran, take's his name from a dog, that Natsuki, use to have, that died...once becoming a shinigami and founding out about her Zanpakutō. she decided to name it duran. since, like kenpachi's. the spirit it's self didn't know it's name. That being Said, He knew who he was as a person, Duran, in actuality, is the polar opposite of Natsuki. usually, having a master type of personality, and a loving caring side. he care's about natsuki Above Anything, Usually giving her Life lesson's or telling her about thing's she might have not known before. Creating the typical Student Master relationship. Duran also love's to tease Natsuki, on her insecurities or when she tries to make attempt's at certain thing's that would otherwise make her nervous. He usually love's spending every moment he can to make natsuki happy, and usually does his best to protect her. No matter what, that has always been his one Goal. Protecting Natsuki, From Harm and Following her order's

Spirit World of Duran:

Sealed Zanpakutô:

in Duran's Sealed state, The Blade, is a pretty short katana which make people think that natsuki is a pretty march harmless indiviual like her sword, she's small but ho ho ho, once this bad boy is released it's quite the combatable Zanpakutō. in fact it has been said in stone, that natsuki has quite the strong melee combat type Zanpakutō. the blade has a blue hit with a dragon's head at the hilt a memory of natsuki's mother. as well as a blue sheath with a symbol on it meaning honor in German. she will usually keep the blade at her side, or in a small case in her office.

Shikai Description: When natsuki's Shikai is released a Huge Wave of ice is released in her place. after said ice is released the ice will then turn into shard's, crystalized ice shard's to be exact they will hover around Natsuki, as she come's out With Two Gun's a pair of small pistols, with the spheres on the pistols providing it with unlimited ammunition. She also displays knowledge of hand-to-hand fighting techniques. The Pistol's are quite fast, The bullet's Fire out Through A Far and vast range and very fast at that Each spot that's hit is turned into ice

This Alone, make's natsuki A considerable opponent. in Fact it should be noted, that Natsuki's Ice Zanpakutō is one of the strongest, rivaling even that of hitsugayas hyourinmaru, She is Quite, quick and fast on her feet, as Well. Having A good major in flash Step, though not learning from yoruichi. she self taught her self as well as taking some training from others who were talented with it

Shikai Abilities:

Silberner Wolf Beschleunigung(Lit: Silver Wolf Acceleration): Natsuki while in her Shikai Will spin her gun's Around Firing Off crystalized shining shard's in which she can Fire up into the sky, With this, she can create a storm of ice shards capable of piercing flesh. The shards can move at speed of 100+ mph. If they miss the target, Natsuki Can Trick the opponent by leaving the shell's Around them. once the shell's are anywhere near their vicinity She will have a wave of ice Hand's come up and grab them sending a wave of cold freezing tempatures. She can Also let the shells go inside the ground, if she deems so blasting them down inside and deep in the ground at that, she can have the Ice bullet's come up in the form of spiral's piercing the enemy. it should be noted that if touched by the ice, if your freezed inside of it. If left to long the ice will pull all heat from the body and kill the person trapped inside.

Grenzenunterbrecher, Blendend Schwall(Lit: Limit Breaker, Dazzling Barrage): In The Second Mode of her Shikai, she will Summon, Duran out by her side, She will then jump on his back and then. with an amazing form of speed, She Will Then Spin her gun's Around, Like a cowboy, or marksman while Duran Will Create Huge Wave's of Ice mirror's, Around The Field. Creating An Entire, Almost dome like structure of Ice, Inside the Dome, Stand's the mirror's, it's best to think of another plan then to attack the mirror's, The mirror's Will create image's in natsukis Place, of around ten, even twenty, though this will cause her to exalt more reaitsu, it's more worth it. These Ice like Mirror's Are Diamond Like Structure's, When crushed she will have them float around in the dome and then Become a piercing And Destructive Storm Wave of Ice Shard's that will pelt down on the enemy, with an immense force. Effectively piercing them...if one where to melt all of the Ice, she creates, this would work to natsuki's plan, even accepting fire type's. She'll lower the ice so it can be melted....then a wave of water will come around her in which she Will have the water sparkle and have a dazzling silver color come around it and then form it into a 50 foot tall tsunami, effectively taking out said, area, or opponent(s)

Diamantstoß, Beschleunigung(Lit:Diamond, Thrust Acceleration): in this third shikai State Natsuki will make a small Whistle having A huge Silver ice pillar Block her away from an opponent. though the Crater seems harmless. it is actually, So natsuki can come up with new types of Cartridges called 'Plutonium Cartridges' - highly explosive shells much more powerful than the Chrome Cartridges she uses, able to fire Diamond Cartridges,

which freeze the molecules of their target with 'absolute zero' temperatures. Once she come's out from the pillar she will kick it the huge pillar up and then Fire a huge destructive ice bullet thanks to the power's, Gained From her new Cartridges. The Pillar then Will Glow With A Wave of blue energy, releasing A Destructive Snow Storm Around the Entire Area, that she's in. this will also create an even bigger dome. in which the icey tempature's are always at absolute zero, Making it hard to stay warm. Even if you are a fire type too.

Another Move she can perform is the Accel gattling blast. she will jump on top of durans Back. and then put her blade's into his own Gun opening's in the back of the cannon's on his shoulder. with this she will have her hand glow a icy blue with a german symbol for Burst. As she then punches her Hand into duran's back. with this the catridges will start firing off A Wave of over. 100,000 Diamond bullet's, with a huge destructive and icy effect freezing everything, or any opponent that tries to get in her way

Release: "With A Blazing Silver heart of the Wolf, Duran Come forth and pierce the Great Dazzling Sky!"

Bankai Description: When, In Bankai, Natsuki's appearance take's on that of a valkyrie of the sort's, without the wing's, she gain's new outfit, With A Longer Hair piece that appear's on her body, When ascending to Bankai, She will throw her gun's up and then have a dazzling wave of silver an shining bright light engulf her and Duran, Once, Set.

she Will have a Wave of Metal's of Sort, though in the form of the suit in the picture appear around her body granting her Immense speed, Strength, As Well as physical cowess. and Even More Ice Firepower then in her shikai stage's. as stated Above, She Also has The Gun's Combine to Form. A More Potent Weapon, Which Resemble's A Cannon of the sort's, This Control's The element of Wind to Form with Ice, To Form A Strong Weapon of unparaled Power. Duran's Form also Change's to A Piercing bright White, With blue insignia's and a overall different and more powerful appearance.

(Natsuki and Duran's Appearance's now that they've Reached their Bankai Stage)

Bankai Abilities:

Tausend Tage Eis Schneesturm(Lit: Thousand Day Ice Blizzard): When Natsuki make's her Way out of Bankai, She Will have Duran Fire Huge Snowball's Which hold A Sort of Nullifying Reiatsu Effect, in Which it can distort the reaitsu of her opponent's around a certain Area of herself. Once it hit's the ground. it creates A Huge Dome, in Which the sky will turn dark above the User, Natsuki Will then Spin The New Formed Gun, Around Then Fire over 1000 zero level temperture ice Over The Opponent,

Using the element of Wind, she can create a screeching sound from the ground, when firing the ice to disharmonize the opponent. making it hard for them to dodge, Said Ice Wave's, She Will then Have Cold Wind's Slice up your body from inside the Dome. Though, she will usually need to release the dome to save up reaitsu. She'll usually Have it go in the form of something else she desire's. While the blizzard it's self still Stay's. The Same Creating A Destructive Storm

Heulend Silberner Wolf(Howling Silver Wolf):Natsuki's Most Strongest and Final Attack in Bankai. She will have Duran and her self Float up high into the sky Almost near the space it's self, During the Storm That's Already out, Natsuki Will Form A Huge and powerful Distorting and Finishing move Where The moon will appear above her but with a silver glow as her appearance seem's bigger like that of a giant. she's still the same size. it's a simple reflecting technique with the moon. That being Said,

She Will then Have Duran go inside of the Cannon She will then Spin Around Creating A Huge Cyclone Tornado In Which she will gather All Powerful Air from the tornado and then Pull The trigger releasing Duran Himself in a Blazing Silver Wave of Destruction Hitting the earth.

creating A Destructive Blizzard Around An Entire Area Such as a city, or even an empire it's self After this blast, The opponent will feel as if time it's self is frozen inside of this huge blizzard as well as having a huge wave of distortion inside of their body due to Natsuki's Ice inside of their body from the Attack, Effictively killing them or causing long paralyzation. That being said. there is a downside, she can only use this Twice. Prolonged Usage. Result's in heavy amount's of reaitsu. if not all of her reaitsu being drained. Even Death in A Case of using it way too many time's


Natsuki, Was Born in Germany originally, Her mother was Japanese, While her father was a skilled German Businessman. Her mother was a strict Woman. Yet Sweet and reserved. Not abusive in any sense. Her Father was usually a light hearted Man. Void of Any strict nature, he usually Made Sure natsuki had the best. Spoiling Her Rotten. There wasn't a single thing. natsuki could be upset with about her life. UNtil her mother started doing a Job, For A Certain organazation. After that. the next day, she would end up dead. Through from what cause natsuki did not know. she was really sad and upset about losing her mom. and felt she had to grow up for her father who had began to get older and diseased through the time's. Natsuki Would Watch over him Daily making sure nothing went Un-nursed for her dad. Before Death. Her Dad. Bought her A Dog by the name of Duran. She felt it was the only memory of anyone she ever loved in this world and did her best to take care of it.

though one day. She would end up sacrificing her self for duran's life jumping out and pushing the pup out of the way of the car....Next thing she knew. She would Awake in the Soul Society...Strangely it all felt knew to her. Like a foreign country of the sort's. it wasn't anything like japan. America. Germany or anything humanly. Here is where she would meet Shizuru Fujimura a sweet and lovely country gal Along with another named Sho sora. At First Natsuki didn't really Care much for knowing them and if anything only hung around them to get something good. But eventually she would see good intention's in them and became apart of their friendly bond. They would all train together daily. and Pass the Academy exams and become skilled officer's.

Natsuki Got her's Through Hard Training.... in Fact, She constantly studied, each day before the exam's, she failed it once and didn't get what she had wished for...but the next year she Took up extra classe's and gained more information and then passed through with flying color's. Shizuru who had through some convincing got Natsuki Accepted into A Good Division and become a seated officer... in those day's Natsuki trained just as harder pushing her self to absolute limit's... She was able to control her Zanpakutō spirit and find his name, And Through even more year's of training. She Would Learn her Bankai Stage and learn how to perfect it. since it was hard for her to control at first....But She Was able to tame duran enough to get The stage's desired, even being promoted to be a vice captain by more word of mouth and her hard work attitude.

until of course shizuru and sho's freak accident's in which they became vizard's and were banished with the rest. Natsuki Was hurt by the decision...and had to make a decision of what to do...Would it be to stay With her friend's? Or stay in soul society, eventually through some long thought before they left. Natsuki caught up with them and they departed for human world. through their time's they had seen the trouble's in this world and the war... and came to a decision to make a group which would bring peace to the world. if not perfect. Near perfect peace in a place where people could live loving each other instead of constantly hurting one another. Natsuki became the third head, and leader of all affair's that went on always keeping a close eye on thing's if they got too out of hand.

During Her Spar with John.


"Heh, You always have a plan, for my plan. this is really turning out to be fun!" Natsuki said with another happy fun filled adrenaline rushed laugh, nothing that showed any psychotic nature at all. but more of a happy expression that she never showed to anyone much. not even her main two friend's she's known since their days in soul society. Despite all of this, she really was enjoying the fight. it was getting her muscles and heart pumping fast, Like Mini burst's of adrenaline with each turn of the battle. She found it funny but when she first met John. she didn't think much of him, as the fourth leader but then again she never thought much of any one member really, which is why she was so freaking antagonistic to everyone in the organization. She was always the serious type and Mean to boot, Unlike Shizuru or Sho, two people who were always very open minded and kind hearted to everyone just about. Natsuki envied most of them for that fact, sometimes she wished she could be that happy, that peaceful, that sultry. Like everyone of them, she didn't know why but most of the time she always built up a wall around her self from almost everyone, probably because she was always afraid of being betrayed in the end or hurt by anyone, but for some reason today, it felt different. she felt as if most of the ice around her frozen heart was slowly melting, not anything based on affection, though, secretly, no one knew about it, but Natsuki was developing a small crush for the Quincy. But she probably dug that in a hole due to the fact of what her race did to theirs. But today felt better she didn't have to have any worry of work, or anything of that sort. she could freely have fun, and play for a day. just this once. she smiled as she quickly dodged one of the three arrow's getting hit by the other two in which some of it damaged her a bit making some blood drip out, but she wasn't being affected by it too much, due to the adrenaline in her veins. Next she definitely had to make sure to dodge, the seele scheineder even though she could most likely count that John would de-activate before it, but even the most smart of warrior's had their slip up's and she had to be safe so she used Flash step to avert the Arrow, and then thought up another plan, and decided to slice a nail across her skin making it drip it out, with that she used her great use of shunpo, and created a very convincing clone of Reaitsu and Ice, And also quite a bit of her blood, but not too much that it would kill her, she then used some ice mirror's she created, cloaking her self from sight, to make it seem as if the clone was even more real, as it bursted forward towards john, it stopped for a minute as it blushed, then out of nowhere it began to throw off the tank top, revealing quite the identical set of breast's of natsuki's to john's eye's, while natsuki slowly moved through the air and then re appeared above him creating another ice blade to go in and attack him with, while the clone would be the distraction of ecchi and what not. she knew it was dirty, but it was all in good fun.

Roleplay Sample:

"Hey kid.... Hey....Kid Wake up...." A Female's voice could be heard. "Kid...wake up.....are you fuckin deaf or somethin?" Then out of the fine blue. A boy's voice could be heard. "Hey hey Natsuki give the girl a break you don't know if she's really dead or not". The Young Male's voice said. in the deep part of rukongai. A

Young girl with amber brown hair lay down on the ground laying down. Sleeping she didn't Wake up Yet. As she was kicked in the leg She quickly raised her head up looking around and up and down looking at her body. Covered in some rag's, She opened her eye's to reveal the lovely crimson orb's that could put you in a daze. "No.....i...wanna sleep more" this earned a yell from a Dark blue haired female who kicked her again. "COME ON DAMMIT! we're gonna try and go steal some food today! and we don't need you sleeping all day" Her name was natsuki. Not sweet or candy lovely. she was the most serious of the group and often as such always made sure thing's went in a certain way. Her semi-jade green orb's, glaring down on the female. the male laughed and patted natsuki on the back with a chuckle.

he had short black hair and red eye's With quite the built figure for his age. His name was sho sora. "Come guy's stop having your lover's quarrel so we can go out and get some food" he then pulled out a few Shinigami dollar's and looked at them. "it's on me" Sho said as he picked up shizuru. Shizuru smiled and as such gave him a huge hug. "Oh thank thank thank you! Sho-kun!" Sho chuckled turning his direction toward's natsuki. "There? see how you can get her to wake up at the sound of a meal?" Natsuki pouted and turned head. "Yeah Yeah let's jsut go i wanted to steal it but whatever" Sho replied to that comment with another joke. "and it's that exact attitude that's gonna get you put in the slammer one day! hahahahaha" Natsuki had an emberassed blush and yelled at him. "HEY! I'll have you know i'm not a barbarian i'm quite the respectful woman when i need to be" Shizuru chuckled and smiled as they walked through the city. They Were friend's since their birth in this World known as the soul society. Different from the real world by far. Shizuru alway's noticed these difference's for some reason and viewed them better as the old world.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Natsuki kirsuche(BBS IMPORT) [APPROVED, 0-4]   Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:51 am

Approved, 0-4 for ex Hashiamatsujiyuu head
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Natsuki kirsuche(BBS IMPORT) [APPROVED, 0-4]   Wed Apr 06, 2011 5:41 pm

Oh Natsukiiiiii Kiiiiiiiiiiiins.
Re approved. Same tier

Smiley face
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Natsuki kirsuche(BBS IMPORT) [APPROVED, 0-4]   Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:48 pm

Powers need more detail before being able to be re-approved.
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Moving to archives due to missing activity check.
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Natsuki kirsuche(BBS IMPORT) [APPROVED, 0-4]
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