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 ♣•'Da Ballroom Boogie: A Gatherin' of Ghouls n' Souls•♣ - ♦A Royal Party♦

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: ♣•'Da Ballroom Boogie: A Gatherin' of Ghouls n' Souls•♣ - ♦A Royal Party♦   Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:26 pm

☨ Katana Broadshield☨
☨The Unliving Blade☨


Katana's ever-open eyes were, well, ever-open as normal. She merely stared at Mana as she spoke, her gaze unchanging as she watched the demon Queen. "Even so, you must expect the unexpected. Especially at a party, no?" She asked, a tiny smile cracking onto her face as she watched Mana.

"That however, I doubt." She said, as her sharp hearing caught her saying she thought Kanda could get back to his former glory. "His tone lacks sharpness; he's like a dull blade that was thrown out because it could no longer cut. Adopted by another to burn down for precious metal, perhaps, but having little other use, will eventually fade into obscurity." She said simply, almost prophetically. The look she gave the chibi slideshow showed just how badly she wanted to cut the thing down, and she smiled again in amusement as her own chibifid form made an angry face at the other chibis, waving around her chibi sword of chibiness.

Katana looked about herself; she had lost all interest in the Arrancar man. Instead, her eyes searched for and fond Cupcake up on the balcony… Katana's eyes shot wide as she held both hands over her ears, protecting her sensitive hearing as the gigantic cannon went off in a massive wave of confetti. She slowly took her hands away from her ears, sighing as she reached a hand up, a piece of confetti flowing into her grip before it was suddenly split in half, before falling to the ground, before Katana began making her way through the crowd once more, deciding to stand watch up on the balcony, simply stating...



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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: ♣•'Da Ballroom Boogie: A Gatherin' of Ghouls n' Souls•♣ - ♦A Royal Party♦   Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:55 am

Raiko looked up at Queen Mana hovering over head giggling. "I must eat constantly" taking her free hand and tapping her own head. "If I don't the voices won't leave me alone. Hmmm like a boar..." placing her platter on the floor Raiko would let out a heavy breath. Her body would start to transform as a red ring of energy passed over it leaving what looked to be a young boar. She would laughingly say to Mana "now I look like I eat. I just hope I don't start acting boorish."

Trying to pick up some food with her hoof it would fall back down. " Aaaww~! Maybe I should have given more thought to this..." using a two pronged approach with both her hoofs she managed to get some of the food to her mouth. But with the limited sight range of a boar when Raiko went to take a bite of food she bit in to her right hoof as well. Chewing on it for a moment "Hmm it kinda tastes a little porke." tipping her head down she would see the bleeding hoof. As tears build up in her eyes she would start to rolled around on floor crazily. "
*squeal!!* "
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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: ♣•'Da Ballroom Boogie: A Gatherin' of Ghouls n' Souls•♣ - ♦A Royal Party♦   Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:14 am

Artist: Soho Dolls - Song: Prince Harry - Word Count: 1582

It seems the festiveness in the Queen's Palace had been proceeding along quite nicely. The clones were getting to know some of the party guest much better then they had previously before, the overall comradery of the atmosphere was intensifying in nature and it was time to really start swinging about. So, as we zoom in to focus on what Mana was doing, she had been next to her delightful Cupcake having a slight laugh. "Of course, it's always fun to do such a thing with a shindig like this, sugah." Chuckled Mana, in reference to the Young Demoness's reaction towards The Demon Queen's duplication of herself. It was quite amusing for her to watch how easily entertained Cupcake was at such a simple bending of her body. In Mana's viewpoint, the pink haired girl had became so excited by this that she herself had started to change before The Queen's eyes. From seemly nowhere, The Demoness had conjured up a tail to directly upwards behind her, as if Cupcake did not have to think even twice about such a bodily alteration.

Chuckling a bit at this, Mana stated, "Now you are thinkin' like Mannie-Wannie." Cackled The Queen, now letting out a witch's laugh in response to the sudden explosion of part favors that was a curtsy of Cupcake. Really, it was at times like these where she forgotten how much she had enjoyed being around the company of some of her fellow demon's who could get in sync with how Mana acted. It's why, while looking at Cupcake go quite nuts inside of this party, that she was going to become a well adjusted Asthavon member. However, she wouldn't have time to dwell much in these comforting thoughts. It seems someone else had to leave this party, and that person was the Sexta Espada. (The next action are occurring because he was slain in another thread. Keeping in this thread will be moot as the owner is banned as well and we need to proceed with the thread). Giving him a stern stare while Cupcake had distracted everyone else within the vicinity with her antics, Mana would remove him from the area by tapping into her shadow prowess. In a matter of milliseconds, she would have her morphs of darkness quickly siege upon Kanda's well being. If held in hand properly, she would then think of somewhere far off in a desert at nightfall and send him hurling there at the speed of darkness; essentially warping there by being able to sense the shadows in the random and unknown tundra she had hurled hopefully him into.

Now, with that pest ejected from her party, she could start to focus her mindset on having more fun. Phasing into the clone that was busy chatting it up with the likes of Baltazar, Mana had risen an eyebrow at his reactions to her. It seems the man did have a softer side to him with that chuckle. Snickering a bit herself, she would go on to keep up with this conversation between the two of them. "Ah, so you must be the strong and silent type, eh? Hehehehe, you must be a real hit with the ladies then." Joking light heartily, Mana would tap his shoulder and laugh a bit. "But I'm happy ya' came out here to this little ball of mine. The more that gather join our ball in the mists of the night? The more lively things will get!" With that said, Mana would wave her hands and attempt to flick a spot of green colored dust towards his direction that had generated from her body. "Well, for a little compensation, here is a little parting gift for you to keep after this party. Have fun with it."

What did she just do? Well, since Mana was drunk on her own power, among other substances, she had given him a slight blessing. Following his leave of this thread, he would see one skill increase in his general strength. This was a very powerful spell that Mana had compressed into a smaller state and hopefully he would see a boost in his overall strength by the next morning. It had a about a fifty-fifty shot of working, so she wasn't entirely sure if it was work, but she was confident in her magic at any rate. Moreover, if this didn't work out for him, the spell in question would at least deal with some of the strain Mana had noticed his body was in from the gripping of his head. She knows that is an all too well scene of mental stress, and thus, had sent proprieties in this spell to hopefully balance out his body stabilization to see increased clarity in his mind, more equalization in his ability and allowing for easier use of his attributes proceeding the end of this get-together with the Queen.

"Heh, I believe you should probably take a breather, champ. You look like you are about to kick the bucket. Check back in the morning and tell me how ya feel." Chuckling once more, she'd hand Baltazar a cup of wine out of some sort of empathy for his pain. "Also, killer, you should take this cup with you. Drowning out those pesky mental pains will be nothing but a task with my wine. It's infused with special properties to swiftly heal ya' body up and make ya all sexy n' stuffs." Obviously getting more intoxicated at this point, Mana gave him a thumbs up and looked to the side as she rolled her eyes. "Or you can try to see if you can tough it out here in the ball of the dark. It's all up to you, sugah'."

Transitioning back to the clone whom was parading around Katana's back, this one had been seen as smirking a bit when Katana made her remark about expecting the unexpected. "Well, I'm pretty sure that rude soul would have benefited from that lesson, eh?" Pointing at the sudden, and hopeful, disappearance of Kanda Yuu, she'd been seen snickering mischievously at what her powers had to make him fade away from the party. "And I'm PRETTY SURE he won't be EXPECTING this from the unexpected!" Words beginning to sound slightly confused from her intoxicated state, Mana had vomited roughly twenty dozen tentacles in the form of.... sausages. Yes, we'll go with that. These "sausages" had been seen as barking very loudly throughout the ballroom fall, were seen as having vibrating...pulses...throughout most of their composition and were swiftly seen as disappearing in a few seconds as Mana's shadow's had consumed them all. Pointing at where the... sausages...once were, Mana had grinned slyly. "Guess where I sent those little nasty dogs?" Teeth becoming more sharp, similar to shark, you could completely see the mischief written across The Queen's face. "I shadow warped them inside of his pants. So he should be getting a rude awakening soon..."

Letting out a hardy laugh soon after that, she'd slap her knee, form a large mug of the finest demon booze in her hand and take a hard gulp. It was clear that she was beginning to take it easy at this power and it was a sight to behold after all of the shit she had put up with throughout this whole year. Even a demon overlord like Mana needed to have time to take a breather, catch herself and become a bit more social after all of these constant fights she's been placed into over the past two years; not to mention constantly being thrown into the lime light and starting to have more of the world pay attention to her as a big time super villain in their eyes. At any rate, she'd watch Katanta slice up the party decorations Cupcake had sent in every direction and give her an approving thumbs up. "Nice accuracy. I see you are as SHARP as ever, Katana." Was that a terrible pun, or did she intend to really said? Mana was too drunk to care and just laughed very loosely yet again.

Lastly, Mana would finally give some much needed attention to one of dear Ashlei's little sisters whom had happened to be attending this joyful gathering of Arrancar and Demon's alike. Seeming to watch her intently as she began to go about needing to constantly eat, The Queen was seen oohing at the transformation Raiko had transformed into. Apparently, she had just shape-shifted into some sort of boar and it was sort of cute to see the way in which the Miscehvang devoured her meal. "Aww, you are so cute!" Squealed Mana happily, grabbing Raiko very closley and hugging her. "I'm going to call you Mrs.Boara-Kins and you will be my pet." Cackling a bit, Mana went on to pet Raiko and grin in a sinister manner at the thought of going out with that accusation she had just declared to the young Arrancar.

And so, alas, it seemed things were beginning to spiral further into chaos. Where things were going to go at this point? Mana truly did not give a single damn and would like to see where everything had went. The nuisances had been taken care and this party was allowed to thrive, dive and mix all throughout the place until the morning dawn's had pierced through the window's of the demonic festival. So party on party goers, party onward into the sun's basking warm glow.


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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: ♣•'Da Ballroom Boogie: A Gatherin' of Ghouls n' Souls•♣ - ♦A Royal Party♦   Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:54 pm


And SPLAT! Right in the face, and right before Mana said bye bye Arseface! The pink haired girl tilted her head this way and that, now missing a Mana. ''Oh my, I lost'er.'' she said, before shrugging. This was a party right? SHE LOVED PARTIES. That was the main point, as the cat tail suddenly turned into a giant, fluffy, fuzzy tail. The girl was debating on what to do, before she had an idea. MORE CANNONS. There wasn't enough confetti, as the demon gal just clapped her hands; and without warning, five to six cannons set up mere seconds before for this purpose, went off with a giant BANG! Probably scaring some of the more battle hardy demons. And with a giant laugh, Cupcake was rolling around on the ground, loving the shower of just confetti that rained down. But the girl blinked, and stared at the beautiful pieces of paper, as they just fluttered down on the mass of demons. For a second, the girl could just imagine herself as one of them, floating down and landing on the ground, and having lived out a bright, boom life? Just lay there to die. That sort of thought line was something Cupcake liked to avoid, hence her sudden need for parties. The girl now knew what she had to do; the girl, with a swipe, replaced all the food in the all with a different kind; Cupcake food. That meant anyone eating the food? Would get spanked with something as amusing as the next! Genderswaps, tentacles, chibi's, animal forms; anything and everything under the sun of comedy! All for the sake of a laugh, that was Cupcake's goal with this entire food switch-a-roo. And well, Mana would probably get a hoot out of all the weird effects that Cupcake cooked up for her!

But then she was out of stuff to do again. Should she talk to someone, do something? The Banshee felt all nervous now, or rather, a bit lonely. Mana was fun, sure, but the girl had a different side too! ''Gah gah, what to do what to do!'' she debated, not having much to go off with, as she wasn't the most important guest of course. Nope, but she didn't mind that, as the girl made a really concentrating face. She wanted to do something! It just felt boring to just be the only one with antics. Hrm. Maybe she needed a partner in crime or something! ''GAH! I dunno, MORE CONFETTI!'' she yelled out, as her mind seemed to be overloaded with the fact she had stayed in one thing too long. And then BOOOOOM went the cannons against, raining more con- wait a second. This was too sticky for confetti. With a frown, and a lick, she then squealed. ''CUPCAKE CANNONS!'' she squealed out! She had forgotten she had switched out the steadiness for more RANDOM item explosions! That would totally explain the sudden rain of cupcakes on the demons; many were probably confused, and then, some started to laugh. Cupcake knew that Mana was their insane Queen, and thus such random things weren't knew.. but on the other hand, the Party Demon knew that Mana's random stuff would be bad for some people. Cupcake's were all good good for everyone! Well, 'cept maybe for those with diabetes. But who cared right?

''A'IGHT. TIME FOR SOMETHING ELSE THAT'S FUN!'' she exclaimed, before grabbing a piece of food. With a devilish smirk? She chucked it at the Mana on Katana's back; thus smacking a pie right dab into her motherly friend's face and her awesome boss friend sister mother something or the other's face. ''FOOD FIGHT!'' she said, as the cannons wound up and then BOOM. They chucked out pies.. and then the chaos would begin with flying pies, as Cupcake's super fluffy tail started to twirl in happiness.

a beckoned run away leisure

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♣•'Da Ballroom Boogie: A Gatherin' of Ghouls n' Souls•♣ - ♦A Royal Party♦
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