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 Riven Croia [APPROVED 2-5]

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Riven Croia [APPROVED 2-5] 1070yuc
►The Dossier◄

Riven Croia


The Seventh King


He is known for his crimson hair that is spiked through the back, two long strands flow into his face. The male has hazel eyes, that are hardened from the life he lives. Though he is gentle and has a kindness in him few will ever know. He's active and very friendly to those who come forward. He wears a black coat, that has fur along the back neck of it. The objects he wears are symbols of the place he came from. These objects are worn around his neck, some are worn upon his waist as well. One thing that should be noted it is that he wears a white t-shirt under the coat, it's unknown why but the male seems to smoke frequently as well. Riven's two red strands of hair seem to naturally come to the front of his forehead, not touching it though. The spiky hair of his is something he is father happy with. Showing some pride in it, as a feature that defined him as the Seventh King. This was the way of the world he lived in, defining things such as this were simply a way for him to pass the times. He will dress casually to most events unless stated otherwise.

A branded mark a bar code and symbol are on his right shoulder, the upper area. This mark is the mark of a King. One who ruled a section of sorts in an area. He is known as the Red King as well as the Seventh, this is part of the past which will be seen from time to time.

├Appearance Picture┤


►The Physical ◄

├ Height┤
6'2" Ft

200 lbs

├Hair Color┤

├ Eye Color┤
Changes depending on the situation. Red and Yellow.

Body Build┤

►Mental Breakdown ◄

Riven is a warm and kind person, though this can fade away when serious showing the side of him he believes to be simply a part he wishes to leave dead. The Red King, a being Riven considers the ultimate evil of his life. The man who devoted his time and energy to wiping clean the slate that was and is of his past. The time spent in that place where the Seven Kings fought and died around one another, each holding an amazing power making them almost demonic to some. Riven's gift however was one more useful to those around him then he himself. His cheerful and happy nature is almost unmatched by the most happy people. He always looks at the glass Half full.

Riven is always on the move, some believe if you look away to long he'll simply disappear. Riven's cheerful and happy nature are simply matters of his presence, he brings things to life in the room. He's got a laugh that infects those around him. But he does seem to desire to protect people and shed tears when life is lost needlessly, his anger towards friends hurt in battle is instant and ruthless. He often says that he wished more of his childhood friends had made it to an adulthood they could be proud of. But some never made it past childhood in the Devil's Vault, that place built somewhere outside the world of man.

├ Controversial ┤
He will stand by the side he deems right, even if it means breaking the law or facing friends. He doesn't back down or know the meaning of the word quit, the worst situations can be made brighter just because of the effort one puts in. Most of the time you'll see him wandering around aimlessly, trying to figure out where he is going, as though he doesn't really have a destination. Just seeming to enjoy the walk he's taking, this comes from the fact that he was born to do something that few had done. Riven seems to have a very controversial belief set that brings him into harm even when he doesn't wish to be in it.

►Physical Skills◄

├Force Palm┤
This move is using the force generated by a palm thrust, he doesn't believe in murder or killing. Riven's nature does experience changes, though he is willing to kill if the time is right and someone has managed to make him mad. Riven is one of the few who gets angry for only the right reasons, it's hard to understand why. But the male has a distaste for killing even his worst enemies. He believes that they may yet be use to him has growth.

├High Speed┤
This is something he developed over time, Riven is able to move an incredible speeds. Matching Shunpo, Sonido, and the Quincy's steps. However this does depend on the tier area of his skill in the art. But he is generally very fast and able to keep up with most, this comes from his desire to avoid combat. He doesn't really name his moves often because he thinks normally people with inflated egos do this.

Our story begins on an island without a name in a time that is somewhat passed. Even among humans this story is long forgotten, the story of six kings and the seventh king. He was born under the skies of the full moon and brought into this world by someone without name. He was never given a true reason for arriving on the island without name. The place that seemed to drift along the oceans around Japan. Some believed it a simple myth, but those on this Island were within the cycle. The souls continued on, it was simply beings here were able to slay hollows and keep them at lower numbers. As a boy he'd obtained a gift, the talent that so many had yet seen. The place was simply a wasteland and known as the Limitless Island. The island was a combination of several buildings. Most were worn out due to the several wars of the Kings that went on, this was a process of time. The areas as they were named after colors, Black Zone, White Zone, Yellow Zone, Green Zone, Blue Zone, and Brown Zone. These zones were in deep battle, the lowest King was the Brown King, she was a gentle person. But often didn't seem to protect the people under her well. This was the zone that he grew up in. Mostly rubble and ruin, this place could easily of been hell. Constant attacks from Black and Blue would send them into ruin, many tombstones marked this area. It was known as in nickname as the Graveyard District. As his childhood advanced he became stronger, some would believe it anyways. Their was once a prophecy of the Seventh King who would be born in the lowest Zone and become the master of the Island.

Time stood still in this place, people simply grew into adults and died in battle. This was the way of the world around them, Riven became slowly a being to be known. Upon an evening he and a group known as the Crimson Knights. All six people had skills that made them formidable, beyond regular humans. Including the King who turned out to be Riven. Riven's power was called the Endless Board. He was able to grant powers well beyond super human. Chess pieces as they were to him as the Red King. A name he dawned without permission or earning. It was his Queen's idea, just to correct any thoughts. Riven was never married, the female was his best magic wielder. She was enhanced to a point that made her dangerous. His Knights, Rooks, Bishops, and Pawns served purposes for him. They were known as the deadly Chess Set among other Kingdoms. Sixteen people changed the tide of battle on one evening, this was what made him become a legend among the Brown Zone. They weren't ready yet, as Riven declared himself a monarch though without a land of his own it would be hard to begin to battle. He decided to go into the Zero District, this was the lowest place no one fought here. People were killed for simple sport, by other Kingdoms. His arrival made him seem like the Messiah of the times, he brought order to the Zero District. Soon it was renamed as the Red Zone, the Kingdom of Crimson. He was still only Sixteen years old when he took this entire district. They had a force, people flocked to him and soon the numbers grew.

As the wars went on, the Seventh King was never acknowledged by his peers though he didn't care. His mental skills were extremely high, his cruelty to enemies alone knew little bounds. The Red Emperor was his name and the Five Kings. These people were his protectors, the Age of Hell was coming. Riven's powers grew only more as a King, he went to war fighting Black, White, and Blue by himself. Each wielded fierce powers, but Riven's no quit nature made him win battles. He seemed to be losing at times, but he came out on top. The Age of Hell was only beginning. Wars were fought almost everyday, people died and became forgotten at times by other Kingdoms. But Riven still held funerals for the people whom died. His people often said, their was Riven. Then there was the Red Emperor. The man who brought fear into enemies and inspired his men in the field in ways no one could with simple words. Just his presence alone did it. The Island had stopped, somewhere in a Triangle off the cost of Florida. Known by most humans for it's strangest times, this place was simply a bad memory for those who encountered it. Many who stepped on the shores of this war struck island were scared and running towards any Zone. However visitors were few and this way of things made the people on the Island rather cruel towards them. Finally a conflict came out when he was eighteen that made all acknowledge Riven as a King. He fought against Black and White, beating both of them back and almost killing the Black King, his lover the White almost lost it. She was beaten back by Riven as well, their own people were being obliterated by the Crimson Kings. Those people who devoted themselves to the cause that came.

Finally now, after 2 years of war Riven was known as the strongest among the Kings. However this didn't advocate any cruel behavior from him. He was gentle to his people and taught them school and writing. He was working on teaching them the way of the world beyond their shores, many teachers and such of that were made from outsiders. They learned multiple Languages, Riven himself was able to speak up to ten fluently. He practiced Japanese Tea Ceremony and other arts, this came from the title as King. Riven was fond of children and so many were flocking to him. One day, one fateful day the Kings made a pack. Destroy the Red Emperor or die trying. The Red King and his Crimson Kings who fought under him. They struck destroying all in their wake, Riven in his fury at the loss of so many. Had lost himself to a cruelty he'd never quite done. As the King's came in, the Black King remarked the sun was setting strangle. Riven explained he'd set the people in each of the other Kingdoms on fire. Burning them all alive, leaving nothing standing. The Black King's eyes went wide with horror. For they'd let the monster within Riven out, he'd begun lighting the entire Island into flames. His Crimson Kings were slain, they'd laid around the Zone dead. This heart breaking experience had sent him into shock, making him nearly lose his mind.

As the island burned, it was becoming more and more evident to the Kings. That this man would destroy everything in his wake, his words were simple. I will burn it all away, pain, people, and you monsters. The people who once worshiped him as a savior were rallying behind his rage. Many were killing the Black Zone Peace bringers, the people coming to try and bring peace. The kingdoms began falling into what became known as the Age of Chaos. The Age of Hell was over, now all among the Kingdoms pure chaos broke out. Riven was Eighteen still, but remained out of the matters that came from this all. The Black King was slain along with Three others the day his people died. He wept openly, till finally Riven's emotions moved the Island. It had moved closer tot he shores of Japan. This place was just a sad memory, the other kings were dying. And people were slowly fading, one night on his 19th birthday. Riven was moved from this living Island. Were no limits were known to the Kings and those under them. Riven's memories of this life were mostly forgotten, the people he lost. Only that he once ruled and had been a king of great power and wisdom remained in his mind. He washed up on the shores of Japan, almost seeming lifeless. A nice family known as the Croia family found him, they were a family that practiced high amounts of Martial arts.

Riven's injuries were few which surprised even doctors. He'd washed up on shore, the Island that many remember sinking that day seemed to vanish. His academic record as they tutored him at him was far beyond that of a genius. He spoke almost every dialect of Japanese they attempted to teach them, at first he tried several languages. His studies in Martial Arts impressed his adoptive father Mikoto Croia so much that he called his son a prodigy of the arts and world. Little did he know of Riven's past and training as a King that fed those reflex's that matched some Gods. His skills with weapons when facing them were high, his father noticed a certain degree of power the male showed with handling somethings. At Twenty years, Riven fought his first hollow and killed it in under 2 seconds. This hollow had been a Menos Granda, second level. His powers were becoming stronger as he aged, but so too was his wisdom. The Red King had come to a place he could finally call home. Something he could finally be remembered for, this town known simply as Karakura Town. His mother and father the Croia's Mikoto and Celestia had become the figures he'd lacked as a child. His warm and cheerful nature seemed to bloom around them. This place suited him so much better, that the past was just that. The past and a memory forgotten, sometimes he experiences nightmares in his sleep sweating and thrashing around. As though he'd been in a war of true horror. Not many know the truth yet, including Riven.

Taking many jobs as he aged, to twenty-seven. The male became one of the first and few people who could do most anything, but took few jobs. His family didn't call him a bum or anything of the sort, he worked from time to time. He finished college and got three degrees in his time. A Masters degree in Teaching, his family teased him from time to time about the next one. He became a Language expert as well, the world called them Linguists. And his final had yet to be finished was Medicine, he learned how to treat injuries and was called a prodigy in this art as well. But unable to keep his tears back or make money here because he couldn't stand to see people suffering at all.

►The Kings Chess◄

[size=18]├The Game┤

Riven's power is known as The King's Chess, this allows him to give powers to others and take one for himself at a time. He may not change for another 5 turns, taking the benefits that he gets. People whom Riven gives powers to will be blessed with them till the day they part his company or decide to die. Upon death the slots from Bishop, Pawn, Rook, Queen, and Knight are freed yet again. These powers make them dangerous and well on par with most races they come in contact with if they are human, Riven can only maintain up to 14 pieces at a time. His power over his own use of it is limited due to this. King as the piece he is, may only access each piece power for 5 turns and then is shifted to another one he picks. Continuing on in a cycle, each piece grants certain powers and gifts. Bishop and Queen being the only two that are usable for healing, by simply uttering the word Shift he can switch into a new one of his choice. He cannot change but every five turns, this is his limitation. People must remain in a constant contact with the King, this will allow them to keep their powers and recharge them so to speak.

As the name implies this grants some endurance that is inhuman in most societies, but among the Eight Pawns that a person may have. Riven limits himself to a head pawn among most of the others. The rule of this power are simple and will be stated above. Pawns are mostly just that, however they are allowed to claim one power from another piece and keep it, they are often called the weaker pieces. But in Riven's mind the pawns are the greatest treasure a player of chess may have. Durability goes up by two for those using this, Riven's again only by one. However should a pawn chose to switch it's powers with another spec it will gain that specs powers instead. Note a pawn cannot use powers stronger then the class he is changing into.

Rooks are given insane strength, this power lets them crush stone and concrete with their bare hands. They are living breathing weapons, this power is granted rarely though and Riven prefers to not use it himself. However this could be seen as a nightmare for some. Very few Rooks were used in his time as a King, he kept to one because most of them were dangerous and often fought hand to hand. Able to destroy armor and still fight at a fairly quick pace, this would equal them up to the levels just below superman's strength to give an idea if one was needed. This form gives two to strength to those under it's blessing of the mark of the Rook. Riven gains one point to his strength from this form.

This grants a mastery of weapons, helping the user get a natural talent with swords and other weapons. Opening a world of attacks with them, this grants a user better skill fighting with weapons and against them. Not to mention spells that come with it, the user is able to create weapons on the spot to fight. However Knights were also kept to a small number during his time as a king, keeping it low enough that they weren't used very often. Knights may craft any weapon they imagine, however these weapons aren't indestructible and sometimes will bring upon problems if the wielder of the Knight Status is weak and fighting against someone else. Some Knights do manage to form the perfect weapon that can face down these. This form grants two to weapon skills only for those under the mark.

When this form is used by Riven, his weapons are more on then regular knights, however he doesn't have quite the same set. His weapons are often on fire, due to his holy flames this is the way Riven's powers work. Like most Knights, Riven gains a one to his weapon skills during this form.

This allows a user to heal people, it's only power is in pure medicine based power. Riven did take two Bishops as a King, for they were the most valued people he had in life. They were bale to treat sickness and do many great things within human reason. The magic they possess can heal large wounds, though this may take time depending on the injuries. This power again is only useful for healers, it's something Riven sticks to himself.

The leader of the pieces who often is just below the King. The Queen was a piece given to one who had great understanding of magic and the world. It unlocks the users strength making them the ultimate bodyguard, they are magically powerful and able to cast stronger spells like Kidō and cero. Not those spells themselves, but they are able to cast stronger spells of them if they use those. Race isn't a factor for the pieces this piece may never be found again. Riven's not forgotten his powers, only the people whom once dear to him who died. The Queen gets enhanced magically powers along with some physical powers, she or he must remain close to Riven to reap the benefits.

The Kings privilege is two things being as this is the only gift Riven is able to frequently use. He is given the cleansing flames which can act similar to a Shinigami's Zanpakutō, able to send hollows to the next destination. This flame is pure and blessed it will continue and flow with in the Soul Cycle. His other and final privilege is that he may assume powers of the other chess pieces for five turns apiece repeating the process going down the list. He has no choice on when and where it happens, becoming Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen. These powers are able to be switched in between however, but he cannot switch but every fight turns. After being a piece he is on a ten turn cool down for that piece. Limiting him from returning to it after five turns, Riven's gift is also a curse in many ways.

The buffs gained aren't the same as the other classes of the pieces. For example, Rook will gain two to Strength normally by getting this, most Rook people are martial arts experts so they use this to their advantage. But when used by Riven, he only gains an up of one. The only people able to get two are those he grants the powers to. They must remain close and not all classes get a two benefit. Pawn for example sacrifices it and Queen and Bishop only benefit in magic powers that they didn't have before. Or by getting an increase to their already great skills. Bishops powers are healing only however.

His power of fire, now he's able to bath an entire area in flames, but his control over said thing can be used to a point of simply using it around his hands to hit weapons. This is by causing a small combustion with the fire around his hands back. The male can send balls of fire as well, the use of the flames that purge darkness is all up to the wielder of them.

General Skills
  • Durability:Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill:Beginner

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Beginner
  • Soul Sorcery: Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Advanced
  • Soul Detection: Advanced

Riven Croia [APPROVED 2-5] SADEASDSADQWEE4R_zpsobwx0yol

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Application Checklist
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  • Appearance Present [X]
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  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Neat.
Tier: 2-5

Riven Croia [APPROVED 2-5] WVMWLOu
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►The Seven Kings◄

As many may know from the history above the Seven Kings ruled the Island of Immortals or Limitless Isle. This place however had a much larger tale and effect on them, each King and key person were named after Greek Myth. Read on and some my surprise you, for not all is as it seems. Names will be provided with a brief description on the said person who represent that person.

The Black King:

Known as Hades for his cruel nature and way of harming anyone he could with his lover the White King, the two seemed to cause more chaos then they ever knew. The Black King's real name was Edgar Carver, he was an A blood type and his powers weren't to impressive but his nature and personality were something that caused all sorts of fuss. Age was 600 years old.

The White King:

Almost as cruel as her lover, the White King liked torturing people and held an almost sick nature about her. It wasn't something people commonly cared for. She represented Persephone, her powers are unknown as for her real name. She was known as Elizabeth Vorhe, age was 300 years old.

The Blue King:

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Arching Due to Request.
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