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 Beunor Galahad le Noire [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Beunor Galahad le Noire [WIP]   Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:27 pm

[center"> | Z I A M I C H I |


Name: Beunor Galahad le Noire
Gender: Male
Age: 1,000 to 1,200
The Host Race: Shinigami




Personality: Beunor, Beunor, Beunor. If people had to describe him in one word, it'd be douchebag. In two, it'd be king douchebag. Any more and it'd be repetitive. Beunor treats everyone who is actually below him like they were dirt. Only those above him in organizational hierarchy get treated with his ever-so-sought feigned and mostly sarcastic respect. Everyone below him, especially those that try to get on his good side, are always a target for him. If his coffee is hot, he'll decapitate or at least tap the bare blade of his sabre against the peon's neck. If his coffee is warm or cooler, he'll do the same. He gets satisfaction from seeing those people squirm under his pressure. He gets satisfaction from people trying to get under his skin. He gets satisfaction from people being in pain, people shouting in anger, shrieking in fear, howling in sadness, et cetera. Happiness? Even it gives him a satisfaction. However, this happiness is simply that he knows that he can break it. The smiles curved into frowns, their eyes filling with tears of anguish--it is all satisfaction to this man.

Let's say you unsurprisingly get on Beunor's bad side. What will this man do? He has three types of punishment: humilation, physical torture, and his favorite: sexual torture. Humiliation he tends to use on servants and the like to make sure they know their place. That, and Beunor wants to make them realize he doesn't care about them, period. Physical torture is quite bloody and/or painful normally. Beunor loves to use his sabre or his daggers to make sure that his point gets across. That can be taken as a pun as he's not shy of cutting the person in question. Beunor also uses his scabbard to smash in shins, crush one's throat, or knock the wind out of someone. Sexual torture comes in many fashions. Normally it's given to the females that flock around him. However, there is another kind that he enjoys more than anything: Netorare. One of Beunor's favorite words. Someone close to you? And Beunor doesn't feign respect for you? Beunor will do whatever it takes to make people curse him; to make them hate him; to make his name screamed by two people: one in pain and the other in pain and pleasure.

Beunor's good side? What good side? Beunor doesn't keep so-called friends, or rather they don't keep him. Not that he cares, but he will jokingly hold it against them. Those that try to get on his good side get treated worse. Beunor abhors suck-ups as long as they're not a sarcastic person feigning suckng up. To be honest... Beunor doesn't like anyone. It's not that he hates everyone; he just likes seeing people in pain and such more than the actual person. The fact that Beunor is Andrei's host has had a considerable impact on his personality. Despite Beunor being calm and composed, when Andrei is in control of him he appears uncharacteristically eccentric, his movements are twitchy and he grins manically. When ruling Beunor, Andrei is impulsive in his actions, a trait which is not normally associated with Beunor.



Elaine, the daughter of King Pelles, the Grail King, used magic to trick Sir Lancelot into thinking that she is Queen Guinevere, whom Lancelot loves. King Pelles has already received magical foreknowledge that Lancelot will give his daughter a child and that this little boy will grow to become the greatest knight in the world, the knight chosen by God to achieve the Holy Grail. King Pelles also knows that Lancelot will only lie with his one true love, Queen Guinevere. Destiny will have to be helped along a little, therefore; a conclusion which prompts Pelles to seek out "one of the greatest enchantresses of the time", Dame Brusen, who gives King Pelles a magic ring that will make Elaine take on the appearance of Queen Guinevere.
Sir Lancelot and Elaine sleep together, but on discovering the deception, Lancelot at first tries to kill Elaine for her complicity, but when he finds out that they have conceived a son together, he is immediately forgiving; however he does not marry Elaine or even wish to be with her anymore and returns to King Arthur's court. The young Beunor is born and placed in the care of a great aunt, who is an abbess at a nunnery, to be raised there.
"Galahad" was Lancelot's original name, but it was changed when he was a child. At his birth, therefore, Beunor is given his father's own original name. Merlin prophesies that Beunor will surpass his father in valour and be successful in his search for the Holy Grail. King Pelles, Beunor's maternal grandfather, is known as a descendant of Bron, Joseph of Arimathea's brother-in-law, whose line was entrusted with the Grail by Joseph.
Upon reaching adulthood, Beunor is reunited with his father Sir Lancelot, who knights him. Sir Beunor is then brought to King Arthur's court at Camelot during Pentecost, where he is accompanied by a very old knight who immediately leads him over to the Round Table and unveils his seat at the Siege Perilous, an unused chair that has been kept vacant for the sole person who will accomplish the quest of the Holy Grail. For all others who have aspired to sit there, it has proved to be immediately fatal. Sir Beunor survives this test, witnessed by King Arthur who, upon realizing the greatness of this new knight, leads him out to the river where a sword lies in a stone with an inscription reading “Never shall man take me hence but only he by whose side I ought to hang; and he shall be the best knight of the world.” (The embedding of a sword in a stone is also an element of the legends of Arthur's original sword, The sword in the stone.) Beunor accomplishes this test with ease, and King Arthur swiftly proclaims him to be the greatest knight ever. Sir Beunor is promptly invited to become a Knight of the Round Table, but under the name "Galahad." Soon afterwards, King Arthur's court witnesses an ethereal vision of the Holy Grail. The quest to seek out this holy object is begun at once.
All of the Knights of the Round Table set out to find the Grail. Beunor for the most part travels alone, smiting his enemies, rescuing Sir Percival from twenty knights and saving maidens in distress, until he is finally reunited with Sir Bors and Sir Perceval. These three knights then come across Sir Perceval’s sister who leads them to the grail ship. They cross the sea in this ship and when they arrive on a distant shore, Perceval’s sister is forced to die to save another. Sir Bors departs from the company in order to take her body back to her own country for a proper burial.
After many adventures, Sir Galahad and Sir Perceval find themselves at the court of King Pelles and Eliazar, his son. These men are very holy and they bring Galahad into a room where he is finally allowed to see the Holy Grail. It was then that Beunor realized the Holy Grail they had searched long and hard for was nothing but a fake. The real one never truly existed on Earth, and that made Beunor question many things. The first was his father. Did he lie to me to keep my hopes up? Then, it was Arthur. Did he lie to me for his own glory? Then it was to Perceval. Did he lie to me for his own amusement? It was at that moment that Beunor, the once proud knight, snapped. He killed Perceval, King Pelles, and Eliazar in one movement.
Beunor never returned to Arthur to seek trial, he had no honor left. He claimed Pelles's kingdom for his own, where he ended up burning the massive territory to nothing but a charred wasteland, still uninhabitable to this day. He died of his own hands, stating that there werenone who could kill him without claiming honor as their motive. And that was Beunor's end for his life as a human. Beunor should have been sent to hell immediately after his death, but he was not. By the will of his own power, he purified himself, but did not go to the Soul Society. It was due to this strange self-purification that he was already gifted with a Zanpakutō. He could release it to its final state, but could not hear its voice.
It was then that the man once known as Andrei von Zarkonheinz met Beunor. Both were ambitious, cold people. Andrei was dying, and Beunor was the only way for him to survive. Thus, Andrei made a deal. Andrei would force the Zanpakutō to speak if he could survive within Beunor. Beunor is a sadist, so he was intrigued to see what would happen to cause the Zanpakutō to speak. However, Andrei merely replaced the original Zanpakutō spirit, laying dormant inside Beunor.



Ziamichi Spirit Name: Andrei von Zarkonheinz

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance:
Andrei is a young man who is 34 years old. He stands at 6 foot. Andrei's build is quite slender, with broad shoulders and he weighs 69kg. His blood type is B. He has sharp facial features with a pointy nose, narrowed eyes and full lips. His hair is neck length, wavy and a pale blue color, his eye color is violet but the rims of his irises flash red whenever he feels slightly annoyed. In the manga Andrei's eyes have slitted pupils like that of a snake.
Andrei is nearly always seen in his Military uniform: which consists of a black, or possibly dark blue, ankle-length overcoat with gold trimmings on the chest, sleeve cuffs and neck-guard. Like his subordinates Andrei wears black trousers and knee-length black, buckled boots and white gloves. His uniform has a small half mantle hanging off his left shoulder emblazoned with the Barsburg Military insignia, and on his right he has a golden epaulet and shoulder boards as an indication of his high rank. It is unknown what is worn under the overcoat but it is possible it is a plain white shirt. Andrei's uniform is more decorated than those of his subordinates, a major difference being that Andrei has a peaked-cap which is trimmed with gold and has the Barsburg Military insignia in the center. Andrei is very fond of his military cap, and does not like to take it off - the reason is unknown.


Ziamichi Personality:
Andrei does not change his behavior or go out of his way in order to impress or please his superiors, and the opinions and comments of other people hardly affect him. However, Andrei does seem rather sensitive when someone mocks his family, as he was shown to be very offended when the Antwort King mockingly referred to him as 'low-born', Andrei being quite willing to sympathize with King Antwort's situation until he had said that. Andrei holds a lot of respect for those who are willing to make sacrifices for their country. Andrei is strong-willed and never complains about pain or tiredness (despite that he only gets 3 hours of sleep a day). He is quiet and always polite when speaking to others, rarely showing any facial expressions and always speaking in mono-tone. Despite being rather unemotional on the surface, Andrei is aware of his subordinates' feelings and well-being.

He often prefers to work quietly and alone, rather than dealing with the antics of his subordinates. Andrei is very tidy and organized, as seen by his tendency to sort his garbage before disposal, and likes to complete his work quickly and to a high standard. He dislikes anyone who distracts him and is usually very busy with paperwork, military meetings or court martial. He is rarely caught off-guard and shows surprise only when his opponent is stronger than he has thought. Andrei can be very cunning and is a master of manipulation. Whereas Andrei is level-headed on the battlefield, he is quick to loose his temper and is not above using violence, mainly whipping or using zaiphon, to discipline his subordinates if they do stupid things (e.g. joking that Andrei's cap grows in his head) to annoy him, but Hyuuga is the only one in the Black Hawks who dares annoy Andrei that way. Andrei has a great respect for power, as his motto is "Justice without power is vain."

Ziamichi History: Andrei is the elder brother of Tsubine Zarkonheinz. He was the original heir to the Zarkonheinz clan, but was banished when he was 18 due to reasons unknown to this day. While on his own, Andrei fought for himself, eventually becoming one of the first humans to commit genocide. He was killed by a group of constables when he was 23.

When he arrived in the Soul Society, Andrei quickly enrolled in the Shinigami Academy. He had a massive amount of Reitsu to him. His Zanpakutō was a rare armor-type and was able to counter most other Zanpakutous. He was quickly promoted to captain of the 3rd Division and achieved Bankai soon after. His Bankai became well known, with the strange-shaped armor. When his brother, Tsubine, joined the Gotei 13, it is rumored that it was Andrei's influence that made him the Lieutenant of the 13th Division.

Andrei was then sent to the world of the living as part of a special mission to recover a man known as "O." O was a rogue shinigami who had stolen some very critical information. As Andrei arrived in the area that would eventually be known as Siberia, he was almost crushed by the massive reitsu in the area. It was strong enough that the hell butterflies were killed as soon as they entered a 2 mile radius around the source. Andrei was slowly able to make it close to the source.

As he was within 100 yards of the source, he saw the man known as O. The skin had been ripped off of the front of his body. There was only bones and organs showing. Andrei saw the source. It was a large suit of blue armor holding a red sword that was taller than Andrei. The armor turned its head and Andrei was blown back about 300 feet at an amazing speed. He was stopped only by a large mound of rocks. This broke a few of his ribs and bruised 2 more. The figure then disappeared and suddenly reappeared in front of Andrei.

The figure was much larger than Andrei, and the sword he had was only a few inches taller. However, what was scaring Andrei was the large gaping hole that separated the waist and torso. It was like a mouth with a large red orb in the center and reishi eminating from it. There was nothing he could do against this massive suit of azure armor. Andrei soon blacked out because of the massive reitsu.

He awoke inside of Hueco Mundo, tied to a "tree" in the forest of menos. He noticed that it was difficult to breathe. Andrei could not do anything. As a group of menos surrounded him, a voice in his head rang out "accept it now." Andrei had no idea what was going on, but he unconciously said "...yes." Within a few seconds, white materials started spewing out of his mouth. Before any of the menos could react, they were destroyed by a bright white light.

Andrei was no longer Andrei. He looked like a skeleton mixed with a tricked-out muscle car. He made a large crater in the center of the menos forest. Andrei was then confronted by a red-haired Shinigami. After a long fight, Andrei was incapacitated. Within Andrei's mind, the fight between the two versions of him was going good...for his hollow self. When Andrei dealt the final blow, he had somehow managed to stab the inner hollow with the tip of his own blade.

Before the red-haired shinigami could finish Andrei off, he returned to a semi-normal form. Andrei was unconcious for about three days before he woke up. When he did, he literally blew a hole in the top of the Menos Forest. He exited the forest and met up with another traveller. This man showed Andrei how to use his newfound hollow powers. Andrei's power increased 10-fold over the next century. It was the overexposure to Hueco Mundo's hollows reitsu that gave him a final form...

During the Kin conflict of 2013, Andrei fought alongside Kin. However, when Kin was defeated, Andrei fled to China. Using a Cero, he was able to clear a path through 1/8 of China, without a single building in his way. In total, he killed almost 200,000 people. It was when he reached the ocean, that he was confronted by the Gotei 13. Within three minutes, 20 shinigami were murdered without Andrei even releasing his Zanpakutō. However, he did not expect there to be a Sealing Designation placed upon him. Special members of the Kidoushuu appeared. Andrei could not fight all of them off, despite his immense power. Because their numbers were diminished, Andrei was not fully killed. He disappeared, where he met a man much like himself. Thus, Andrei became Beunor's Ziamichi Spirit.

Ziamichi Powers: (what powers does your Ziamichi Spirit have?)



Unique Traits:
Holl Ddynion y Brenin: (Welsh; lit. All The King's Men) This is a special ability, gained by Beunor's history. It was actualized by Andrei's merging with Beunor. When Beunor fights an opponent, if they openly identify as a knight (this would include Knight Sugiura naturally) or a king, as well as anyone from the Round Table, will have extra damage done them. This isn't done like a deeper cut, but any armor donned will be useless.
Forms: None.

Drawbacks: The more Beunor uses Andrei's powers, the more energy Andrei accumulates to re-form himself as he once was.

Control: 9.99


Fighting style: Beunor's fighting style goes back to his personality and ties into his Zanpakutō. It is a fighting style meant to force the other person to release their powers. It is one that uses advantages gained by not using one's powers into major weaknesses. It plays on how most people react to being humiliated. He fights bare-handed most of the time with his style. His movements are quick and close. He only moves out of reach for a moment's notice before returning to quite close range. In order to further confuse his opponent, he might even give them a slight kiss on the cheek, which he calls a 'kiss of death.' He finds all of their reactions amusing. Most of the time, he even fights with a hand behind his back. All he wants to do is humiliate his opponent, and what better way than saying "I'm fighting you with one hand, how does that make you feel?" If need be, he will use his Zanpakutō still in its scabbard to further humiliate and taunt his opponent. When he uses his Zanpakutō, it means he's getting tired of having to deal with an opponent who won't act like he needs them to. As if to taunt his opponents more, when Beunor draws his sword in a normal situation, he will say "Beunor, Battō," which means "Beunor, Ready for Battle." If he needs to draw it in a rapid way to defend himself, he will say "Beunor, Kinkyū Battō," which means "Beunor, Ready for Emergency Battle."

Sealed Zanpakutō: Beunor's Zanpakutō is quite different than a normal one. Like his Ziamichi, Beunor has a non-Japanese Zanpakutō. It is a cavalry sabre 100 centimeters long, locked in its hilt. If it is drawn from its hilt in an area with any sort of spiritual energy, the Shikai will release. The handle is golden coloring with a streak of blue near the tip, which is adorned with a sphere that emits a green light when Beunor is about to unsheathe the weapon. The button appears to be connected to the sheathe; once it emits the light, the lock on the hilt is released. The sheathe is dark blue and contains several golden colored straps over it.

Shikai: Ō Kotsu no Kishi-Tachi yo (王笏の騎士たちよ; Jap.Ye Knights of the Scepter)
Shikai Abilities:

Honō no Katachi (炎のカタチ; Jap. Shape of the Flame): One of his most potent abilities is Honō no Katachi. It acts much like a Cero mixed with a shield. Honō no Katachi acts like a cero when initially fired. It travels for five meters before expanding. Rather, it "blossoms." The tip of the attack spreads apart, creating a much thinner, but wider, shield-like attack that does not move. It actually doesn't even block anything well. A better way to describe it is a net. It fires in a tight beam that can do damage, but it truly is a net. The opponent would think it's an attack in itself, and a very linear one. A normal opponent would dodge enough to avoid the attack, and that's it. Then it expands while they charge. What happens? It is like passing through a thin layer of energy. If a perfect hit, it causes burns up to a 3rd degree and also causes a form of confusion after the opponent passes through it. This can be used once per post.

Kyōkai-sen (境界線; Jap. Border): Another misleading ability of his is Kyōkai-sen. It compresses the reiatsu around the blade's edge and colors it blue. It can then be fired off the edge of his sword, giving the impression he uses either reiatsu-based, fire-based, or wind-based powers. It can be used once per post.

Eiki no Yaiba (鋭気の刃; Jap. Blade of Fervor): Eiki no Yaiba is his true ability. It can be called "control" or "command." It is the reason he wants to taunt opponents. His overbearing energy (though it may not be more powerful than others', his personality makes it seem more overbearing) slowly takes control of abilities. Not before they are fired, but after. This is based on the theory that every ability has its own specific signature. It only applies to one person (ex. if person a uses a cero enough for the signature to be hijacked, person b's cero is unaffected). Eiki no Yaiba basically slowly hijacks the signal of the ability. Once it is hijacked, it can dissipate, slightly change direction (if an attack like a cero), drastically change direction (if a homing-like attack), or stop it altogether. This does not, however, work on passive abilities such as necromancy or boost-style abilities. However, it can work against immunity-style abilities if he comes into contact with it. Natural and unreleased abilities require 2 uses for him to be able to hijack the signal of. Shikai-level abilities require 3 uses for equal or lower tier, 4 for higher tier. Bankai-level abilities require 4 uses for equal or lower tier, 5 for higher. Anything higher in level requires 6 uses.

Bankai: Sword of Damocles
Bankai Abilities:
Daraku Shita Ō no Ken (堕落した王の剣; Jap. Sword of a Fallen King): Daraku Shita Ō no Ken uses the story of the Sword of Damocles as a basis. Above Beunor when he releases Bankai, a blue sword hovers above him. It is gnarled in appearance, with something similar to bones wrapping around it. It has a blue aura around it. At the conclusion of his Bankai, the sword fill fall towards his opponent. It won't be a homing-like attack, but it will fall towards them.

Amagoi no Odori (雨乞いの踊り; Jap. Rain Dance): Amagoi no Odori is another feint ability. Iit uses his own reiatsu to create a torrential downpour of reishi swords. It works like a Quincy's spirit weapon, as it fires from the sword above him. It can be used once per post. Note: they can be weilded by those with a similar reiatsu signature to Beunor.

Tokkun (特訓; Jap. Crash Course): Tokkun is Beunor's special ability around his sword. It is a feint ability, like most of his other abilities, but it is not a weak one. It is based around cavitation, which is the formation and then immediate implosion of cavities in a liquid – bubbles – that are the consequence of forces acting upon the liquid. To be specific, it is inertial cavitation. This is the process where a void or bubble in a liquid rapidly collapses, producing a shock wave. Thus, it basically creates a drilling/propeller effect. However, it is not a sharp drilling. No, it is an almost-flat drilling effect. That is because Beunor does not use it to penetrate. Instead, he uses it to mangle and tear. This is because the shape of the twisting shockwaves are not in a "stereotypical" drill style, but rather in an auger style.

Chikai no Yaiba (誓いの刃; Jap. Blade of Oath): If Eiki no Yaiba is "command," then Chikai no Yaiba is "conquer." Chikai no Yaiba uses the same concept of Eiki no Yaiba. The concept is that of "every ability has a signature." However, Chikai no Yaiba works in a much different way. Natural and unreleased abilities require 1 use for him to be able to hijack the signal of. Shikai-level abilities require 2 uses for equal or lower tier, 3 for higher tier. Bankai-level abilities require 3 uses for equal or lower tier, 4 for higher. Anything higher in level requires 5 uses. Unlike Eiki no Yaiba, Chikai no Yaiba does not control the ability. Iin fact, it copies part of the ability--the appearance. While it looks like the opponent's ability, it is far from it. If the opponent takes any form of damage from the copied ability, its signal is "blocked." This does not mean that the ability is useless overall. No, it is only useless against Beunor. As long as he is in the thread, that ability can not be used. It lasts until either Beunor dies or his Zanpakutō is destroyed. It lasts even after Beunor's Bankai has ceased.



NOTE: Ziamichi's will have three to four skill sheets possibly. One for general skills, one for racial skills, one for the host's skill and possibly one for the spirit's skills if they are a different race.

Ziamichi Class: (Ranging from E to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of demons. Don't do anything to this, the staff will decide how strong your demon will be from how good your application is and how good your role playing skills are.)

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Ziamichi Skills
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


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Beunor Galahad le Noire [WIP]
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