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 Kirino Etokai [APPROVED 1-5-]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kirino Etokai [APPROVED 1-5-]   Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:07 pm

» Name: Kirino Etokai
» Titles: Ms. Etokai
» Age: 25
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Karakura High

» Appearance Picture:



» Personality: Kirino is one of those lenient people that doesn't mind too much. She can handle people being loud, crazy, obnoxious, and maybe even mean or rude. She can deal with all of that and have a smirk on her face the entire time. At least she is like this right up until it comes to her work. If she is working and people are being like that, she'll snap. She'll begin to chase people up and down a hallway armed with a chair if that was the only way to get them to be quiet. When she is free and not busy, she can be the coolest of people to hang out with. She just takes her work very seriously. She liked quality and not being forced to rush or push out thoughts. When it's needed, she can be motherly to a child, strict to a teenager, and a wife to a man. She's a very versatile woman who does her best in anything she tries. She's also very determined and has a certain mindset about the education system. She'll fight for her students when they need it and then for her co-workers when they need it. She goes all out in everything she does, even if it comes out of her own pocket.

» Likes: The big thing that she likes is writing. It's what she does. She also likes intelligence, people who actually use their mind for things. She likes hard working students and harder working teachers. She likes peace and quiet when she's working and to have a fun when she's not.

» Dislikes: She dislikes laziness and rude students. She doesn't like people who act stupid. Her big dislike is walking home alone or at all when it's dark. She has a fear of the dark that she hasn't been able to shake since she was a child.


» Background: Kirino was born November 1, 2387, but never got a chance to know her real family. From what she was told when she got older, her family was extremely poor and her mother and father were too young and still in school. They would never have been able to take care of a child. From what she was also told, they had considered abortion, but decided to keep with their beliefs on that matter and refused to end a life. Instead of that, they handed her over to a orphanage that promised to find her a wonderful family. For five years she waited for someone to come along. Finally they did. She was adopted into a loving family by a couple who were physically unable to have their own children. The two of them loved her no different than they would if she had biologically been born from them. She was extremely happy. She had all the toys and clothes she could want, although drawing had become her favorite thing to do. She started to go to school and was easily one of the popular girls, but only popular for her outgoing personality and her ability to make friends. Life was perfect.

One day, her parents were a little late coming to pick her up from school. This wasn't something that ever happened, so it frightened her. She waited and waited, but they never came. Someone else did though. It was her Aunt from her mother's side. Her Father had gotten into a car accident. It was raining and his breaks stopped working. He slid into another car. Her Aunt took her to the hospital where she ran into the room with her Father and Mother panicking. Immediately she was comforted by the sound of her Father's laugh and the hugs from her Mother. He had only suffered a sprained ankle and a pretty bad cut on his forehead that ended up needing stitches. Soon after that, he recovered and they were back to being the happy family again. At the age of ten, when she was just going into sixth grade, she asked her parents if it was okay to walk home with some friends who also lived in the area. She was told it was okay and they did that every day, at least until her friends began to ignore and make fun of her. Her friends were all 'developing', while she was unfortunately left behind in that matter. Some of the boys started making fun of her at school for being 'flat chested'. She didn't let it bother her until her friends began to do it as well... Betrayed. She decided that she wasn't going to deal with it and began to just ignore them. Not wanting to tell her parents though, she began walking home alone.

One day, she stayed after school a little later to help out at the library, having found some comfort within books. Realizing she should have been home hours ago and that it was getting dark, she packed up her things and left the library as soon as possible. She began hurrying home, but the sun had already gone down completely and it was dark. A small and rather cold breeze began to blow through the city, causing her to hug herself as she walked. The lights along the streets were barely lighting up the sidewalk she had to walk along. Suddenly she heard a noise. She turned around to see what it was, but no one was there. She continued walking, but hurried up a bit. Suddenly she heard the same noise, but this time it was in front of her. She stopped walking, looked, and nothing was there. As she looked around she heard it again, and again, and again... She couldn't see it. Something was following her, watching her, and it was creeping her out more than she could explain. Her heart was racing, she began to breathe heavily. She began to run, trying to get away. Again she heard it, this time much more clear. It was a howl a roar. It was right behind her. She could hear it running behind her, getting closer and closer and closer until she finally turned around to look. It wasn't there. She continued looking, waiting for it to show it's self, but it never did. She turned around to go home and was stopped.

Right there in front of her was another child around her age. She had short brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing normal blue jeans and a white blouse. Right then, the howling stopped. Kirino, out of breath and still panicking sat down on the sidewalk trying to catch her breath. “Are you all right?” the girl asked her. Kirino just nodded, still too frightened to function properly. After a while, she calmed down and stood back up. “What was that? Did you hear the howling just now?” Kirino asked the girl and she nodded. “I did. I want to know what it was. I'm going to go look.” the girl said and began walking away. Kirino set a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to stop her. “N-No! Are you crazy!? You could get hurt or killed! There is no way I can just let you go look, especially not alone!” she said in a desperate tone, trying to get this strange girl to change her mind. Her own hand was shaking, trembling at the thought of going back there. The girl looked back to her and smiled innocently, “It's okay! I'm going to be a police officer when I grow up!” Kirino removed her hand from the girl's shoulder and blinked a few times. She wasn't expecting such a brave reaction, not to this situation. “What's... your name?” Kirino asked. This was her way of distracting the girl, or hoping to distract her enough to keep her from looking for the monster that had been chasing her. “It's Seiko! What's yours?” the girl replied with that same smile. “My names Kirino.” she said smiling back to her and holding out her hand in a friendly manner, “I was on my way home before this all happened... I'm not exactly used to walking home so late. Anyways... It's nice to meet you Seiko.”

The two talked for a few moments and every now and then Seiko would turn away and look back to where the howling had been coming from. It was obviously Kirino that she wanted to go look, but every time Seiko thought about it, Kirino would say something else to try and distract her. Still, Kirino knew that she couldn't stay there forever. After about thirty minutes of random chat, Kirino gave up and decided it was time to return home. “Well my family has been waiting for me. I'm already about two hours late, so I have to get home.” Kirino told Seiko with a nervous smile, “I'll see you again some time, right?” Seiko merely nodded and said goodbye. Kirino began to walk off until she began hearing footsteps behind her. Immediately, she felt as if she was being followed by that howling thing again. She snapped her head around to look and was relieved to see Seiko walking with her. “I thought it might be best to make sure you got home okay.” Seiko said with that same innocent smile, “You said you weren't used to walking home alone when it's this late, so if you want, I can walk you home.” Kirino's face lit up and she nodded happily. Seiko not only was staying away form whatever was following her, but she felt she had made a new friend as well. Once she got home, her parents were on the front steps watching for her. She quickly hurried to them, hugged them both, and told them she was okay. She introduced Seiko as her new friend and from that moment on, she did her very best to keep in contact with the only person who didn't make fun of her or treat her like an outcast.

Now it's a couple of years later and Kirino was entering High School at the age of 13. Through the years she and Seiko had stayed in contact, although they went down very different paths in life. Seiko had become rather cold and a lot harsher since the day they had met, but Kirino tried to push passed that and still kept her as a friend. Seiko was doing what she needed to do to in controlling her powers and moving up in the ranks as a police officer. Kirino wanted to finish school and become a writer, so they both went their separate ways. Now, in high school, Kirino was NOT made fun of at all for being the flat-chested girl she once was. This was because they couldn't call her that anymore. In the last year, her development had increased immensely and she grew into a rather lovely body. Her chest was already in the double d's. Her waist had curved inward, creating the hour glass figure that most girls had. Her hair had grown, she began taking care of her skin, and she switched from glasses to contacts during her time in school. Her confidence was at an all time high and the other students seemed to respond to this because her old friends were practically crawling back to her. Noticing this, she told them they could go “shove their insecurities up their ass and leave her the hell alone”. She lived her high school life happily, successfully, and without the distractions of popularity like some of her ex friends.

During this time in High School, with Seiko being gone, Kirino was forced to walk home alone on multiple occasions. Many of these occasions were at night and the same exact thing kept happening. Kirino would hear these low howling noises from behind her. She'd look and nothing would be there. It would repeat over and over again until she ran. Luckily she lived a lot closer to the High School than she did the middle school. She'd hear it getting closer and closer, it's footsteps behind her. Any time she would look, it wasn't there. She gave up and continued running and running until she ran straight into her house and closed the door behind her. Each time she did this, her parents would ask her what was wrong. She'd always answer the same thing. “Oh nothing! Just decided to run home since it was late.” These constant occurrences were beginning to effect her mentally. At every little noise in the middle of the night, she'd jump having been startled by it. She was unable to sleep, which began to exhaust her more and more. She did her best to leave school really quick, but was always distracted by work and students asking her for help. She wasn't one to just say no, and when she did people thought something was seriously wrong. She'd rather not cause a panic over her, so she continued with her almost daily routine of running home to avoid whatever this was that was following her.

One day in her 3rd year of High School, at the age of seventeen, Kirino was once again volunteering at the library. She was putting away a large amount of books when she realized the sun was down. She panicked. She dropped all of the books, grabbed her things, and ran out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for Kirino, she remembered her mother asked her to go to the store, which was an entire block farther from her house than she would have liked. She went and did the shopping she was asked, but the way home from there was a lot darker and less populated than the way she usually took from the school. Carrying everything she was carrying, she wasn't able to run as fast. Then she heard it. That same howl. Her eyes widened in horror as she did her best to quicken her pace. She heard it howl again and still she tried to get home, but it was getting closer. She could hear the stomping of it's feet getting closer and closer. She began to feel the vibrations of the it hitting the ground. It had never gotten this close before, not close enough for her to feel it. She was almost there, but to her luck she was tripped by a raised piece of concrete that the city should have fixed a long time ago. She went to stand up and grab her things, but something stomped down on her back. It raised it's foot just enough for her to breathe in and stomped down on her again, and again, and again. She wasn't able to breathe or scream for help. Finally it stopped and picked her up in a large hand. She turned to it and her eyes widened. She couldn't see very much of it at all.

Kirino was used to seeing spirit beings, so this things power must have been the reason why she could never see it coming. It was also extremely large in size from what she could tell, allowing her to come to the conclusion that it was extremely slow and could only catch her because of her tripping. Why was it so determined on getting her though? All of these years it stalked her, followed her everywhere, so why? It began to squeeze her body. She could feel her ribs beginning to crush under the strength of it's grasp. She couldn't breathe and the pain was too much. Hearing a crack and feeling pain shoot through out her entire body, Kirino passed out in the hands of this beast. Everything went black and her body went limp. She woke up the next morning in the hospital, shocked to be alive. Her parents were currently talking to a Doctor who said that the healing went well and she should be fine to go home in a few hours. Her parents saw that she was awake and comforted her. Soon Seiko walked into the room. “Are you all right?” Seiko asked and actually sounded very similar to when the two of them had first met. Kirino smiled and nodded to her. “I found out what's been chasing you all these years. It's dead.” Seiko said. Kirino's eyes widened. She had never told her parents about it. Seiko had already explained everything to them. They were a little mad that she didn't tell them, but were just happy she was okay and it was over. Kirino thanked Seiko. In truth, that was really all that she could do, until one day she would repay her, but until then they'd just stay good friends.

After returning to her third year of High School, Kirino realized that she had a gift. Many people through out this world had gits, powers that they used to fight, protect, etc... Kirino didn't think she was going to get any. Her mother and father were powerless humans, besides the ability to see spirits. She had figured she would end up being the same way. Her power was very complex, hard to master, and grasp. There were so many elements to it that she really had to take time to realize her full potential to see what she could do. Although, she did come up with a way to use this for her future job at Karakura High School. Another thing she realized was that the night she was caught by the hollow that had been chasing her effected her more than she thought. Any time she is out at night and is alone, she becomes paranoid and begins hearing that same howl until she is home or with another. It scares her because she was told it was dead. These sounds constantly made her wonder whether it truly was, or whether there was another out there. She did her best to ignore it and moved on with her life. Kirino soon graduated college, having left High School behind her. She found out that Seiko was made Police Chief and she was soon to start her job at Karakura High as an English Literature and Writing Teacher. It seemed that the both of them were doing things that they loved.


» Racial Powers:

Anima Stone:


Kirino's anima stone always hangs from her neck in the form of a pendant. It's power is a constant barrier that surrounds a five foot radius of her body, only if she's actually wearing it. It allows people near her, except if they are hostile. It automatically absorbs attacks, stopping them on impact. This doesn't mean that the energy of the attack is absorbed or anything like that. It just means that once the barrier is hit, the attack is stopped, like hitting a rubber wall. If it's hit by an energy attack, it will also be like hitting a rubber wall and the attack with fall to the ground or just stop. This is literally any type of attack that this barrier can block as long as it is laying around her neck. No one can take this necklace off of her. It has to be done by her. The fact that this is jewelry, she doesn't wear it all the time, so if it isn't stated some time in a thread that she is wearing this pendant (must be stated before an attack/combat) then she is highly vulnerable.

Soul Detection: This is only activated within her active territories. She has the ability to see exactly where everything and everyone is located. She can see exactly what they are doing. It's sort of like having a satellite in the walls, floors, and all non-living objects within her territories.

» Evolution Powers:


The power of “territory” allows Kirino to completely control an area in which she has claimed. The area can be an entire city, neighborhood, or as small as a classroom. Once she has claimed a set area, she has the ability to activate and deactivate her control over it. Once activated, anyone within that area will be enveloped into her territory. It is like they are temporarily transferred to another plane or realm. Anyone who enters the area in which her territory claims AFTER it is closed off, will see the regular surroundings that would be there. A lot of the times, she uses a door as a portal into her territory. Once it closes, they must abide by her rules and regulations. Of course, if they are brought in, they aren't just unwillingly forced to abide by this. Before they move any further, she MUST ask each person within the territory “Do you accept these terms and conditions?”. If they accept, they can move forward. If they do not, they will immediately be transferred out of the territory and end up at the place right before they had entered.

Within this territory she can do practically anything she wants, but the size of the territory will always be equal to the size of the territory in which she has claimed. As the people enter her territory, they will be met by a complete blackness. They'll be standing on black, looking at it, and it will be above them. The door behind them will immediately close and Kirino will speak to them through a mental connection that actually sounds like an intercom. She will state the rules of what is to come, ask them if they accept, and then everything goes from there. If they do not, like stated before, they will be transferred out of the territory and will not be able to re-enter it. Now, those who accept will be put through many tests, challenges, and battles, depending on what type of territory that Kirino has spawned.

Note: All of the things within these territories are REAL. Yes, they are conjured up by her mind, but they are one hundred percent real while you are in her territory. They are not illusions of any kind.

Current Mastered Territories: Each of these territories can be created at any time a territory is activated. These are just named for the ones she usually uses them for.

The Classroom: When this territory is activated, it is only to allow her to watch everything very closely. It is a very simple and easy territory that all school rules are in place. If a rule is broken a red dot appears over their head. They are unable to see this dot, only she is. By clicking this dot, it opens up a screen that is invisible to anyone else's eyes. This screen will tell her exactly what school rule the student is breaking. Obviously she uses this to catch her students cheating, not paying attention, or things along those lines. This is one territory that she will not have to ask them if they accept the terms and conditions because they have no real consequences. They won't get hurt or lose their life if they break the rules. The most that would happen is a suspension, detention, or a trip to the principals office. The terms and conditions are pretty much set by the school. A student who enters a classroom has an obligation to follow the school rules. This territory just helps enforce them without having to add security cameras.

The Arena: When this territory is activated, it creates a set area that is about the size of a running track at a school. Within this area, students are aloud to play sports games, fight, or things along those lines. Before the actual arena appears they must AGREE upon rules. Once the rules are set, the arena will create an area that is suited for the event that is about to take place. For instance, if there is going to be a soccer game, it will be a grassy field with a goal on each end. The lines around the field will be made up accordingly and there will be a score board that automatically takes score. There will also be a set of bleachers on each side for the people who wish to watch the game. Another example is if people wish to fight, after the rules are set, a large building that is similar to a gym will appear around them. Inside the gym will be the proper equipment for the fight, depending on the type of fight.

The Maze: When people walk into this territory, after agreeing to the rules that Kirino has set, each person will walk through their own door. Each door will lead to a different part of a maze. While going through this maze they will constantly meet dead ends. They will be tested in multiple ways, whether asked question, battling, tricked, or anything along those lines. Depending on their answer, another area will open up. Sometimes they'll then be lead into a trap or a dangerous area. Other times they will be moved farther into the maze to be pushed closer towards an exit. If they do three challenges/tests incorrectly in a row, they will be immediately removed from the territory, IF that is the ending rule that was agreed upon. If the person agreed to a 'death' penalty or anything otherwise, then that will be what happens.

The Library: When people walk into this territory, they are met by a young woman in a suit. The door closes behind them and they are asked to sign a roster to be permitted into the library. They are warned that signing the roster forces them to comply with certain rules. They are also warned that once they enter the library after signing the roster, they will have one hour to find their way out (sometimes the time limit may change). Their first clue will show up shortly. After that, when they enter the place it is an extremely large library. The smaller the area that was claimed as a territory to activate this one, the taller the building seems to be. It can be anywhere from one story and larger than four football fields or fifty stories and the size of two-three classrooms.

Death Territories: Unlike what the name obviously implies, this does NOT ALWAYS mean that if you fail you will die. She can turn ANY of her territories into a Death Territory if she wants. She CANNOT do this if people are already inside them, like in her classroom. Kirino uses these types of territories if someone is chasing her, attempting to hurt her, or anything like that. These are the territories that never need to ask if the person accepts the terms and conditions. To activate one of these, Kirino will summon a door as quickly as one's heart may beat. She will move through the door and immediately be teleported to her own area, which is where she watches everything. Above the door there will be a sign that warns the person that might be entering. “Enter If Death Is Your Choice” is what it says. If they choose to enter or just ignore the sign, they will automatically be forced to follow the rules of the territory. If they don't enter, obviously Kirino is safe. Within these territories, if the person breaks a rule, does something incorrectly, or takes the wrong path, then they could run into traps that could kill them in the end. It's all about making it to the end without breaking any rules, cheating, or taking the wrong path.

Death Territory #1: Survival Zone: This territory is a large forest, thick with trees and plants. The entire place is similar to that of an African Rain Forest. The trees are tall, so thick in some places that it blocks out some of the sun. The ground is covered with leaves and twigs. You'll immediately hear animals all around you. Birds can be heard, along with the occasional hiss of a snake or growl of a tiger. Kirino will speak and explain the rules. Once the rules are explained, they will be forced to survive out in this wilderness for what SEEMS like an entire week, since they will move through 7 days and 6 nights. On the outside, it will only be a few ours. Time within this Territory is sped up, although the person doesn't realize it.

  • Rule 1: You cannot use any of your spiritual power. (With this rule being accepted, a bracelet will appear on the persons wrist that completely seals ALL spiritual pressure, now matter how powerful the person is. The reason this is able to seal ALL spiritual pressure is because it is up to the character to actually agree to THIS ONE RULE. If they do not agree, suddenly they will be able to hear hollows off in the distance, causing the challenge to become a hell of a lot harder.)

  • Rule 2: You will have to survive on your own, leaving all of your weapons behind.

  • Rule 3: If you break any of these rules, your punishment will be ________________________ (death, loss of something valuable, the destruction of belongings, a severe injury that automatically appears on the persons body)

Death Territory #2: Trivia Game: This territory will be used if there is more than one person, or she needs to put them through another territory. If there is one person and they need to be put through another territory, then Kirino will conjure a 'computer' character that they will go up against. (Computer generated character will be played by someone other than SerenityVerdant IF that is what the opponent feels is fair) This territory is literally no different than a game room for a TV show. There will be a set amount of podiums that the characters will stand at. Each character will be forced to answer questions. Some questions will be multiple choice, fill in the blank, true or false, define, and matching. The person who answers the question correctly wins. If both answer it correctly, it's the person who got the answer entered fastest. (This will be tested through skype, PC, or PM. The person who sends the answers to me fastest is the winner.) The re will be a total of twenty questions, although that number can be adjusted. The person who wins gets to go free, but the person who loses gets the punishment. (Death, loss of something valuable, the destruction of belongings, a severe injury that automatically appears on the persons body)

Beating The Territory: If someone makes it to the end of one territory, Kirino has the choice of letting them leave the territory or putting them right back into another. The maximum amount of regular territories she can put someone through in one day(thread) is four. The max amount of Death Territories she has the ability to put someone through is two. She does not have the ability to do any more than that. If she chooses to put them in another territory, they will merely walk through another door into a room of blackness, exactly how they walked in the first time. (Excluding both the classroom and the library territories.) From here, they will once again have the rules of the territory explained to them. They will once again have to agree to these rules (excluding Death Territories) and continue on. If Kirino maxes out her territories or decides not to put them through anymore, she shows them a door that allows them to exit. They'll be right in the area that they entered the territory at in the first place.

Exit Doors: When Kirino wants to leave or deactivate her territory, she merely walks through one of the Territory Exits she has. She has a total of four spawned when she activates a territory. The first one leads to her home. Walking through it is exactly like walking straight into her apartment from the front door. The second one leads her her parents house, which is exactly the same as walking through their front door. The third leads to her classroom at Karakura High School. It's also exactly like walking through the classroom door, although students may occasionally see her appear out of no where. The fourth one is right where the entrance to the territory originated. She'll end up right there with the rest of the people that were in her territory. Her territories can't be active while she is gone. If she leaves the territory while people are in there, she can freeze time for them for a while. When she returns, she'll automatically reactivate the territory and they will start off right where she had left them. Of course, she can only hold someone within her territory for a maximum of three days. Any longer than that and she'll end up draining her own energy to the point where it could kill her.


Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept 

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Advanced
  • Soul Sorcery: Adept
  • Soul Dash: Beginner
  • Soul Detection: Advanced

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kirino Etokai [APPROVED 1-5-]   Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:10 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: This is approved, due to territories being her only power combined with her personality being such that she wouldn't ever try to kill someone unless they repeatedly tried to cause harm without just giving up and going home (plus it is solely for self-defense). Just be careful with the trivia thing.
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Kirino Etokai [APPROVED 1-5-]
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