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 Phantasia [Complete] [1-1++ APPROVED]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Phantasia [Complete] [1-1++ APPROVED]   Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:29 am

» Name: Fantasia Nevermore
» Titles: Phantasia
» Age: 15
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: N/A

» Appearance Description: Let's start with the certain qualities of Fantasia that are particularly static at this point of her life: She is a below-average five foot and three inches tall female with a thin frame that boasts agility and alacrity. Despite being thin, there is a toughness in the girl's arms and legs that signifies strength. There is very little fat as muscle overtakes most of the mass. It is a combination of her childhood lessons and most recent lone training that gives her this attribute. The girl's weight is also below average with one-hundred and four pounds—a majority of muscle as well. It could be said her kind belonged with the elves, when one took a vacuous look at her. A slinky waist, just barely qualifying her body as a visage of an hourglass. It is clear her chest has begun developing for her transition into womanhood, but it has fallen in line with the wizened figure she possessed, keeping small well enough.

Fantasia's face is a reflection of her elfin body; a narrow ovoid shape with a pointed chin, albeit a pair of soft and smooth cheekbones. Thinly-plucked eyebrows adorned the top of her face, curving delicately above the cloudy gray eyes that spoke a story of youthful enthusiasm, yet somewhat plagued by a deep dark past. Her celestial nose is the definition of petite, even though most of Fantasia's image already is. Paired with thin lips that lie unpainted on her face, it was generally held in a tight line that was seconds away from an innocent smile as it was a slight frown. However one might take it, the final feature of her face was a large forehead—though Fantasia would be lying if she said she didn't prefer to cover it with her spirited wheat-colored hair.

Everything else is subject to change—referring of course to her style of hair and apparel. Her naturally fast-growing hair sees much adjustment, as it can be long at first, cut the next day, and long again a week later. Often time does she shift hair to the front of her face in the form of bangs, but on the infrequent occasion she parts it to the sides of her face in a fashion that creates a golden arc over her face. Her hair, as aforementioned, grows long quickly, and she has many choices to choose from when it does. From just allowing the lengthy locks to fall down her back, to drawing the strands into a pair of braids; there is no set hairstyle for Fantasia that speaks herself. Her clothing is much a different story. Though like most ordinary people she possesses a plethora of outfits, not one of them can be seen lacking a superiority of black. She wears the color in respect for those who have passed away; she wears it also as an omen to those she would destroy.

Most commonly worn is her combat guise with a hooded cloak compatriot. The underlay is fashioned like light armor, complete with pauldrons, bracers and knee-guards. The entirety of the suit mixes plates of sturdy plastic protecting the vital areas as well as commonly-attacked areas, with a toughly woven elastic fabric that allows for lithe maneuverability and minimal hindrance. The cloak boasts no such special features however, and is mainly a travelling drape.

» Appearance Picture:


» Personality:

- Curiosity: Fantasia is a very inquisitive soul, always pushing forward for exploration, investigation, and learning. Looking at the facts; she was a small town human girl thrust into the overwhelming secret world of Souls—Shinigami, Hollows, and Demons, oh my. There is a thirst of knowledge about her to discover what the world truly has to offer, and she'll go at it eyes peeled and guns blazing. Her observational skills have improved quite well in her teens, allowing her to pick out things some people may or may not overlook. It'll serve as an excellent tool for her to use for learning. And as of her immediate being, curiosity is a major driving force behind Fantasia's antics and motives, second only to revenge.

- Vengeful: Ah, not the most pleasant of qualities about Fantasia; etched deep into the poor girl's mind are her tragic memories of loss, loss of her beloved parents. To hollows they perished in the most gruesome fashions, and such sights at such a young age were mortifying, shaping what would be of Fantasia's future self, for youth is the finest clay for molding. A lust for revenge would beset itself in Fantasia, a deeply inlying need for retribution, a goal to kill any and all hollows that she possibly can. No, this does not allow her to sleep with a clear-as-day conscious, but she will come to forgive herself in time, something she can never do for the hollows. Unpardonable actions committed, Fantasia shall bring her wild justice forth in an act of vengeance.

- Respectful: Whereas Fantasia holds only contempt for Hollows, she holds respect for the Shinigamis that have saved her life in the past, overly grateful for the chances at life they allowed, and in awe over the great power they possessed. She holds respect for those who have passed into the afterlife due to the actions of the Hollows, by wearing only black clothing in a state of constant symbolic mourning; such an act has been traditional in her home town of Irokisa. She respects her elders and mentors as they are superior... Rubeus, her first mentor hadn't let her down even in their last moments together. She will strive to show the same respect to any future mentors that take her up as a student. And the elderly who have acquitted prestigious positions and lived through life for so long are more than deserving of Fantasia's respect; she is likely to defer to such people.

- Bipolar: Though it could hardly be called a disease in Fantasia's special case, the girl's shattered soul has a vivid effect on her personality, causing it to sometimes enter states of being that are prone to mood swings. Extreme, rapid changes of emotion with little to no explanation—it is not always easy dealing with the multiplicity of identity within her mind. One wisp of herself can at any time be feeling a certain emotion and overpower Fantasia, causing the swift swing in nature. This factor of her has been contributing to her distance from normal people, estranging her like the lone wolf. But the truth is, as long as she holds her Anima Stone close she is never alone. One thing should be said: This trait can make for interesting conversation on the occasion.

- Outspoken: Another reason why Fantasia doesn't make any friends is this odd mental illness caused by the fractional state of her soul. Sometimes, without being able to help herself, she will speak her mind aloud about what should have stayed in thought form. This strange antic makes her talkative to begin with, as her thoughts generally reign free through her mouth. It also makes her a pretty damn honest person, only because it's so hard to make a lie with this tendency. Forthright and expressive, Fantasia does not hide within her mind even if her words are harsh or critical. Let it be known though, that she is not incapable of hiding her thoughts away...

- Tenacious: Like a leaden bus plowing through all obstacles, Fantasia is a determined soul. It is her perseverance that helps hold together the individual shards of her damaged Soul, and thus what creates this harmony between her and her army of doppelgangers. From her roots, she was always a strong girl, picking her goals and striving for them no matter what. And she has shown to be resolute even in the face of failure; in the face of loss and defeat. Further securing obstinate antics are her duplicates, ever present and willing to help her in her tasks. With the strength of a hundred... there's a point A and a point B, and it's doubtful that there's anything gonna stop her from reaching that second point.

- Graceful: Graceful in victory, graceful in defeat, graceful in form. In more ways than one, Fantasia carries this trait. It is not obligatory for her to show honor and respect to those who contest her irregardless of victory or loss, but she appreciatively chooses to. She has a disposition to be generous and helpful to those who need it, even should they shun her for her strange personality. In another form of the word, Fantasia shows grace in movement and in combat. There is a beauty about her style that seems effortless, though perhaps only those respecting the way of the sword would notice it.

- Haunted: Her past was unforgettable, burned into her mind with a scorching hot brand. There isn't a day that goes by in which Fantasia doesn't think of her lost family or of the malignant Hollows that caused their deaths. She is plagued by these tragic memories in times of weakness, oft shifting her mood for the worse, whether it be vehemence or sadness displayed. There are many triggers that end up causing a sudden recall of these memories in Fantasia, the biggest one being Hollows of course. And my is it not pleasant when that happens.

» Likes: Shinigamis (Yoruichi especially, though she doesn't know her by name), Company, Swordplay, Revenge, The Color Black, Her Mentors, Lightning, Creatures with Wings, Song

» Dislikes: Hollows, Loneliness, Area of Effect Attacks, Threats


» Background: Fantasia's past is a story of deprivation, of determination, and the inspiration to become something more. All are souls in this world, but Fantasia's shattered spirit puts her in an entirely different class. Beginnings, as per usual, were humble for the young child. In the small detached town of Irokisa, she was born but a normal soul to the Nevermore couple of Lilianne and Ganbaatar. Lilianne was an onyx-haired beauty full of compassion and caring. She possessed a stunning quality of empathy, primarily the factor for marrying Ganbaatar in the first place. Ganbaatar was a dusty brown-haired fellow of simple needs, living with bare bone essentials in the oft-avoided town of Irokisa. He never expected to have found love in somewhat like Lilianne, but the chance was given, and love bloomed.

As aforementioned, Fantasia was born to the pair. This duo raised her with healthy morals and set noble examples for her as she grew up. Despite the shanty-town of a place they called home, the family was able to get through the times graciously without relying on Yen. It was the perfect equation for a bright and sunny childhood, but things could not be so simple for long regarding the young child; her life would take sharp turns unforeseen in the warm shack they resided in, reading stories together by the fireplace. No, not in a place like this. Irokisa was bound for the Hollows, once it was clear the protection here was slim. Hollows; one key of many to Fantasia's identity.

One would think the place safe: the population was meager, and those occupying the grisly place possessed souls lacking in taste, at least for those who would devour them. But the Shinigami's were an extreme issue for the Hollows, and in the isolated town of Irokisa, it was very unlikely that one would even appear and if they did, whether it would be a hasty response or not. Lastly, like beggars in the haggard slums of a city, they could not simply choose their meals. The insatiable Hollows eventually found Irokisa a prime target for meal time, and the first attacks were calamitous for the denizens...

When the Hollow appeared before Fantasia's very eyes, she was only six. She screamed at the top of her lungs, and her parents jumped away in surprise with shocked expressions written over their faces. The beast looked humanoid, wearing a deathly black cloak of some kind, and a bleach white mask depicting a sort of monster you would only see in a nightmare. She pointed at the demonic entity and kept on screaming and screaming. Her parents tried as they might to console her, but Fantasia just kept screeching in terror. Why weren't her parents noticing the beast? Why wasn't anybody? Everyone was staring rather at her, including the expressionless dark holes of the masked one that made for eyes. For a second the beast seemed to contemplate Fantasia's reaction, but that second quickly passed as the chaos began.

Fire. So much fire. The buildings spat flame out of their windows as the heat overfilled the insides; the tar of the streets melted into a sticky black liquid as the fire streaked violently across it. They did not see it coming, the poor citizens of Irokisa, even though Fantasia had. What they did see was the fire, but it was too late by then. Too many had burned... in fact, Fantasia and her mother were forced to witness as Ganbaatar became the first victim of the Hollow's torment. Lilianne tried to cover Fantasia's eyes but it was for naught. They fled the open streets to get away from the spitfire created by this Hollow, with the burning image of the man they both loved in their own way, scarred into their minds. Eventually the Shinigamis would arrive, but the damage had been done. Fantasia screamed herself into unconsciousness, a coma from which she would not recover until a few days.

After that day they did not speak of the man again, as though it were an unspoken rule. The stories were rare and no longer possessing that joyous note. Both of them were locked in a solace of grievance for the following year. Hollows would come again, but often time would run into a prepared Shinigami. No one noticed the passing of these souls when no damage was done. Not even Fantasia did, as she secluded herself to the indoors for the entirety of the year, even as Lilianne needed to leave for work and grocery. It was a short time of a peace, a somber tranquility that did good for the broken child. It was only after the anniversary of the attack had passed that Fantasia was able to overcome her depression. She pushed herself, as inspiration took hold of her one fateful day.

"Child, you're only seven," came the strong baritone voice. As he turned around to face Fantasia, it felt like looking up to a giant, his shadow encompassing her entire stature. He had shaggy brown hair mopped over a contrastingly chiseled face, broad and powerful. She distinctly remembered the rough shave he had on at that time, one that older woman might find attractive. Fantasia stood before him for a different reason, that being seeking his instruction and training. When Fantasia kept her silence and maintained a strong erect stance in front of him, showing that she would not back down from this, he continued. "I don't think you should be messing with weapons like blades, or weapons at all for that matter. You should go back home, Fantasia."

He knew her name. This was a small town, and such a fact was not extraordinary. But she was furiously and stubbornly holding her ground. "I was the only one who saw the demon, but I couldn't do anything! I couldn't protect Ga—... him, from the demon." So small, yet the girl's voice boasted exceptional volume and power, something unexpected from the broken girl she had been mere days before. This man, Rubeus by name, took surprise but still pointed out the reality of the situation, and discarded the wild belief of a demon having started the fire. Fantasia's response was vehement: "You weren't there!" she screamed, and the two pairs of eyes leered at each other with stunning intensity. Silence ensued.

The truth was, Rubeus was as compassionate as Lilianne was. He was a stone giant with warm heart, especially for this misfortunate youth who lost her father so early in life. He kneeled to better equalize the height difference between the two of them, and met her defiant expression with a suddenly consoling grin. "You think you can become strong enough to slay demons with a sword? You think you have such power in you?" The question was promptly answered by the young girl with a booming 'Yes'! With utter conviction she believed she could acquire the power to protect the ones she loved. Rubeus acted out of the kindness of his heart, taking her up as a student initially just because of his sympathy.

As time passed, it became apparent that Fantasia's lessons were transitioning from acts of pity into genuine training sessions. She showed definite talent with the Gladius, considered a light sword compared to the other variants, but cumbersome enough for a youngling like Fantasia. Despite that weight, there was an unrefined grace and vigor about the way she swung the sword, that showed enough promise to convince Rubeus of her beliefs. Months would pass as Rubeus pushed Fantasia forth, faster than any student he had ever instructed. None of them had ever had the sheer dedication to train like this before, and it was refreshing. No, he still didn't believe that wildfire was crafted a by a nonsensical demon as Fantasia had tried to tell him, but he did believe he could make her strong.

When Fantasia turned eight, it was clear what effect her training was having on her body. Muscle was building up in her arms in legs, and she was losing the chubbiness of her youth to her brutal self-imposed exercise. But while at home and not distracted by her mentor Rubeus, her mind was allowed to wander. Sometimes it steered clear of the mine field that was her tragic past... sometimes it did not. One sad night, as she and her mother sat together to eat, Fantasia had begun to simply pick at her food absently. When Lilianne finally noticed her aloofness, she begged the question of what's wrong. Her response, deathly silent as a whisper, was "Why did he have to die?" At first Lilianne hadn't heard, and so more loudly she repeated the question. "Why did he have to die?!" And like a dam giving way to water, the tears began to flow.

But Lilianne was already pulling her into her lap, holding her and whispering consolation to her. Most people would not know the answer to the question, but Lilianne knew what to say. "No, Fan, he did not need to die, but I know him. I know he wouldn't have wanted us to die with him that day, and the fire had come close. In fact, I'm sure he did something the moment he passed away, something that kept the flames away from me and you." Fantasia looked up with moist wide eyes, surprised at the thought of that. Lilianne would stroke her daughter's cheek softly as she continued. "He loved you very much, and wanted you to stay alive more than he. And when the time comes, where you grow up and live your life, you will be reunited with your father, and me as well. And we'll all be together once again. How does that sound?"

It was something Fantasia needed to hear, especially then. Her spirit was beginning to recover from the traumatic experience, and things were finally looking up again. For the next few years she would continue her lessons with Rubeus, gradually transitioning to heavier and heavier blades to work with. She enjoyed the time she had with Lilianne and her compassionate tendencies. And Hollows had stopped attacking... however, that last fact had deceived the Shinigami into a false sense of security. It was only a matter of time before the Hollows figured out that they were not dutifully watching of Irokisa anymore. And when, not if, it happened, everything Fantasia had begun to heal would fall to pieces, and end up worse than before.

The afternoon lit up with screams, terrible terrible screams. The Nevermore family could hear it as they had dinner, and it was enough for them to become curious enough for investigation. And as Fantasia walked out the door of their humble abode, deja vu struck with excruciating force. Frozen in place, she was now witnessing another hollow. It was like a giant snake covered in black wraps, and it possessed a sinister white mask just like the first hollow. Just like the first, it looked at her in a moment of contemplation, or at least she thought it did. But the next thing she knew, everything was playing in slow motion, including the blood-curdling screech that came from the woman beside her. A scream like just the rest. As Fantasia slowly turned her head toward her mother, she instantly regretted it.

Agony assaulted the poor girl as she laid her eyes on the gruesome sight. From every pour of her body, blood began flow out of her as her body wrinkled up like a used wrapper. Stuttering flashbacks of her father on fire shifted back and forth in place of her mother, doubling the pain that stabbed through her gut and heart. She had to jerk her head away from it all, and the world would deafen itself to her, quieting her mother's scream. She opened her mouth to yell, but nothing came out. She closed her eyes, but it only magnified the terrible images she was witnessing in her mind. As hope was draining out of her, Fantasia forced a burst of hatred and determination up, and started rushing toward the serpentine Hollow. She had it in her head to kill this thing with bare hands, and the Hollow shifted its attention to the young girl, preparing to unleash the same blood magic it had released on her mother...

A crack sounded in the sky, like lightning. But there was no storm, no clouds. Something came down though, and it crashed right into the top of the Hollow's head with an impact so hard that the tremors could be felt in the ground below. A plume of debris rose, and dust clouds shot outward from the site of impact, knocking Fantasia back clear off of her feet, onto her back with a rough thud. The particles filled her lungs and sent her into a fit of coughing and hacking, all while she tried to recover her standing. She pitifully waved her hand like a fan as though it would blow away the dust, but eventually it would settle by itself and grant Fantasia a clear view of what had happened. No longer did the beastly Hollow stand—it was crumpled up in the crater now existing in the middle of the street, seemingly dead. A dozen meters up above it, just floating there in the air, was a purple-haired woman with dark skin.

Yoruichi being her name, she turned to scan the town for the destruction it had caused. Bloody corpses lay strewn throughout the streets and most people had fled the site of the deaths in fear. But she was surprised to look down and see the young blonde child standing hardly far at all, looking straight at her. Now, normal humans would not be able to see her, or the hollow for that matter, but this young one was clearly looking directly at her. Several feet behind her was the dead body of Lilianne Nevermore, and she felt a pang of pity for the girl, knowing what she must have witnessed. "I'm sorry, child," she said, knowing that the girl would hear her. With that, she shot high into the sky and away from this place. Fantasia try as she might to crane her head high enough to track the mystery woman's flight, but something snapped, and she fell to the ground unconscious.

Fantasia awoke to a cotton warmth, and opened her eyes as she pushed herself up. She was in a... a bed, tucked underneath a duo of blankets and resting against some soft pillows. To her side, morning sunrise light shone through the blinds of the room's only window, casting a yellowish orange light across the room. Given her poor stature, the sleep was comfortable to say the least. There were no nightmares this night, and in fact she got through the sleep in a state of dreamlessness. The thing was, she had awaken in a stranger's house, and a bedroom that was not her own. That begged the question where she was. Still clothed in yesterday's grimy apparel, she made her way out of bed and upright, trying her best to shake off the morning grogginess. She quietly shuffled out of the door, to find the one man she needed at that time.

She buckled down to her knees, placing her face in her hands and sobbing as hard as she possibly could, releasing all the sadness that had pent up the prior day. Rubeus immediately stopped what he was doing and ran to Fantasia to wrap his arms around her and offer whatever consolation he could. For several minutes this situation persisted, a sad time indeed. Not until at least five minutes did the young girl think of quieting down, but when she did it was pure silence that now pervaded the room, besides her occasional sobbing gasp. Rubeus whispered his condolances for the loss of her parents, but he himself was in an odd position. Before Fantasia had entered the room, he had been packing his belongings into a travel suitcase. He did not know what to do with the girl if he did not plan to take her with him. He had also never experienced parenthood, which further explained his discomfort with the situation. He was compassionate all right, but he truly could not take Fantasia with him. He could not support her as well as himself.

"I'm sorry," Rubeus finally finished in a low hearty voice, before standing and returning to packing his things. Fantasia would look up with teary eyes for a moment, understanding what he was doing. Exasperated, she accused him; "You're leaving?!" to which he answered affirmatively. "But this is your home! You can't just go! And what about me?!" Rubeus' expression was austere, as he knew this conversation was going to have to happen the moment he took her off the beaten streets and gave her a proper place to rest. He exhaled and focused back on Fantasia. Sometimes, life was just not fair.

"I must... we must go. You remember when you told me that a demon caused that fire in the streets? Well now—and maybe I'm out of my mind for this—I believe you. Because what happened yesterday was not natural, with people just dying in such a way..." He shook his head when he recalled what he had seen, before continuing. "Whatever it is, this place is not safe; not right. There is no more business for my dojo here anymore. And it's not only me... everyone is leaving now. You should too." There was pause, after which Fantasia posed the question, "Are you taking me with you?" It was so unfortunate then, and almost painful, that Rubeus had to shake his head in response.

"W-What? What am I supposed to do?! What about my training? What about my family?" Rubeus cringed away from the tiny yet fierce voice coming out of Fantasia. He was silent for a moment, and his eyes glanced at the silver glimmer in the corner of his eye. Hanging on the wall was a sword passed down through his family, something that he knew wouldn't continue since he would not find love. But he took a long look at the weapon, and walked toward it with solemn slowness. He gripped the the handle of the blade and unhinged it from the wall, waving it around through the air as if to test it. After that, she walked toward the young Nevermore with sword in hand, bringing it above his head... And he cut the tension as he brought the tip plowing down into the wooden floor before Fantasia, causing her to jump. "Pull the sword out," he commanded.

Fantasia didn't bother arguing, and she wrapped her hands around the grip and started pulling it her way. The sword hardly bowed, and certainly did not dislodge itself from the floorboards; it had pierced the ground pretty deep. So she got up, and took a firmer grip. With all her strength she pulled and pulled, and after a quick moment the blade came loose and she stumbled back a step, surprised at how heavy the sword was in her hand. As soon as she had succeeded, Rubeus barked another command at her, "Now perform the first form, just like I showed you." One of his early lessons—Rubeus taught her certain successions of swings, that were just like dances in Fantasia's perception. She hesitantly started the graceful feat of swordsmanship, performing it in utter silence while her mentor watched. She tried her best to keep her movements fluid...

When the silence drew on too long, Fantasia stopped and began to inquire about why she was doing this, but Rubeus interrupted and told her to continue the form until it was done. Puzzled, she completed her task, and ended it with a bow toward him. Rubeus had seen what he needed. "There is nothing more I can teach you young Fantasia. That sword is a Claymore, one of the heaviest and most powerful swords in existence, and you have just shown me that you can wield it with adequate grace and finality. You are only ten years old, and you have shown more skill than I ever could have dreamed of. I am so proud of you, Fantasia." He put his hand on her head, and rustled her hair like Ganbataar used to do... a warm sentiment. "I cannot take you with me, Fantasia. But I know you can find your own path now... I know it."

So that was what it came to. Fantasia stood on the doorstep, watching the man depart from the house that was now no longer his. She held his family's sword by her side, now able to call it her own; a parting gift. She watched the horizon until she could no longer see the giant of a man, and with great finality, she realized she was truly alone now. She looked around the block, noticing that Rubeus wasn't the only one with the idea to leave. Adults and children alike were departing from their homes, or packing so that they could in time. Fantasia, though, would return indoors, choosing not to go back to her own home and be reminded of the loss of her parents. She was in a state of indecision, simply allowing time to pass her by, every day peeking out the window to see yet another family leaving Irokisa in the dust. Sometimes she was afraid she would see another hollow, but every time that thought came across her mind, something in the corner of her eye would draw her attention and she would jerk her head in that direction to catch a brief glimpse of a woman's figure, just floating in the sky and watching over her. Or perhaps it was her imagination, recalling the purple-haired one again and again. She could not tell.

Though she did not allow the weeks to pass with lethargy; Rubeus had told her that her swordsmanship was adequate, and adequate was not good enough for her. She needed to become unmatched, so that she could defeat every Hollow that ever threatened her, or that ever threatened anybody. So she would practice all of her forms with the claymore, and attack the various inanimate objects within the house with the weapon for training. Then for exercise she would do push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks by the hundreds. Every day she felt as though she had not improved, she would double the number of reps she would perform the next day and from then on. If she so much as stumbled or dropped her sword while practicing one of her forms, she would repeat her set of exercise immediately as punishment. She was no slacker.

But while she showed her strength during the day, her weakness came out at night, crying herself to sleep almost every time. The only good nights were dreamless ones, because whenever the dreams came, they swiftly distorted into nightmares. It was often that she dreamed too, causing her to be afraid of sleeping to the point of losing sleep throughout the entire night. How long would this pitiful loop continue on? A full month, it appeared, as it came close to Fantasia's eleventh birthday. She would find herself under her blankets but unable to fall to sleep. She was sobbing into her hands, tormented by her very memories of love and loss—a typical night it seemed. But through the girl's finger shined a glimmer that caught her by surprise. She brought her hands away from her face to see the source of the sudden light, and it appeared to be originating from her claymore resting against the wall across the room. A sapphire light was pulsing from the cross guard quite sporadically, painting the walls blue with each oscillation.

From what Fantasia could tell, as she drew out from under the sheets and closer to the blade, was that there now happened to be a blue gem embedded into her weapon; it had never been there before. As she crawled closer to it, the faster and brighter the gem began to pulse, and the dimmer and more ethereal the rest of the world around it became. When she was at the edge of the bed, she gained a state of weightlessness as she was now thrust into a void who's only occupants were Fantasia and her Claymore. A voice invaded her mind, sounding so familiar, "You are not alone." Just like that, the gem expelled a blue mist that quickly took the form of Fantasia herself. Within seconds she was looking at a complete copy of herself. "You have us," it said, as two more doppelgangers were brought into existence around her.

At first she was obviously confused by these events, thinking this was all just in her imagination. "B-But... you're just me. You're not real." They certainly looked real, flesh and blood copies of her. The first clone responded, as the Earth returned to reality, and the laws of space returned to her perception. And it became clear that they were real and present within her world. "We are real, Fantasia, and we are all you. We, together!" One tilted her head at her, another gave her a small smile. They were present not just in reality, but in her mind. For something unique had occurred to Fantasia, and that was the shattering of her soul. It had not been destroyed, but simply split into many many pieces. These clones were all her, and it was because of that that she easily accepted this truth of "We", not "I".

She slept in good dreams that night, and woke the following morning with a conviction in her mind. She dressed all in black, in respect for those who have died around her, and she packed lightly for the lone travels she planned to take, finally leaving her home town of Irokisa. Her Claymore... she found a black strap she could use to attach it to her back, and the weapon's respective scabbard. Only black clothing, she would take with her for apparel; but she was not picky with the food, taking what she could to survive out there alone. By noon that day before her birthday, Fantasia would be out of sight of the place. And thus would her four year journey to a better place begin. She walked across Japan from town to town, city to city, learning what she could and finding ways to survive to the next day. Never did her self-imposed training cease, and now she had her duplicates to always be there for her both in the physical and the ethereal.

By the time she had turned fifteen, and had followed the rumors of a safe place to the massive town of Karakura Central, Fantasia had become a new girl, almost a woman. She was incredibly fit, and well practiced with her clones though such prowess came almost naturally. As for company, the only company she kept were her clones; after all, her new strange personality estranged her from nearly everybody, not allowing her friends. But she had what she needed! And this Karakura Central... she felt as though she could and might settle down here for a new beginning. Maybe she could find somebody to continue her instruction, or perhaps help her with her newfound power.

This is Fantasia's continuing story of deprivation, of determination, and the inspiration to become something more. All are souls in this world, but Fantasia's shattered spirit puts her in an entirely different class. Her soul is in shards, all held together by one powerful epicenter. A motive of love, of determination, of vengeance...

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» Natural Attributes:

-- Claymore Fighter: Given most of Fantasia's training is in fighting with her Claymore, she has improved specific parts of her body to accommodate the style. Her arms possess the majority of her strength, capable of swinging her cumbersome blade with such speed and dexterity as though it were a light Gladius; though she is no superhuman, and unless she is using her Soul Power, she still must use two-hands to fight with it properly.

-- Multiple Persona: Because of Fantasia's Anima Stone, her mentality has been distorted to feel as a multitude of people at once. Though it is more than just a simple mental deficiency; because of the multiple personas she possesses, she can make them work together as a unit and grant much greater willpower and determination than is possible for a normal human. Additionally, for those who attack with mental assaults, her multiple persona creates difficulty for those trying to lock down on her mind.

-- Unusual Hair Growth: For some completely inexplicable reason, Fantasia Nevermore has an unusual issue with her hair, and that is the fact that it grows at several times faster than the normal rate of any human. She deals with this issue by frequently cutting it, thus transforming her into quite the hair stylist. However strange or irrelevant this situation is, it's part of who she is.

» Racial Powers:

- External Anima Stone: Fantasia's Anima Stone takes the form of a sapphire embedded into her claymore where the hilt and the grip cross. Not a second goes by where Fantasia doesn't hold her enchanted blade close to her; it is the source of her power and the source of her sanity. Appropriately named Legion, the Anima Stone grants Fantasia a sense of many—that is, she is not one but several. She hosts within her mind a score of duplicates, which she can channel outside of her self into a personal army of clones. They share the same mind, same thought, same motives, but are able to act independently of each other. It brings new meaning to the phrase, "an army of one."

Due to the lifelong symbiosis with the stone, it also has a profound effect on her personality. As long as the sapphire is in close proximity to Fantasia, she can hear the voices and feel the presence of her duplicates. She refers to herself as we instead of I because of this. Though if the Anima Stone is taken far enough away from her, she loses contact with them, and her mind becomes more barren. Such a situation would cause Fantasia more than just discomfort, as she has come to a point where she depends on her sense of "We".

Now given that all of her abilities play off of this theme of clones, there must be a set standard for these clones: They exist physically, able to interact with the environment just as Fantasia herself can. They also can individually be injured and bleed like her as well. They all possess her looks and whatever she has on her at the moment, especially including her Claymore. More things they share are combative attributes such as speed, strength, and fighting style. Their minds are completely similar and are linked to each other in the form of a hive mind—boasting perfect synchronization. In terms of powers, the clones are unable to utilize any unless stated in the ability itself. Their life expectancies can be summed up in their primary passive ability, Diffusal Aura.

- Soul Sorcery:

-- Diffusal Aura: This ability is ever-present in every clone brought into existence by Fantasia, though not Fantasia herself. It addresses how the clones maintain themselves; they passively sap the energy of any source besides Fantasia in a wide fifty meter radius, including living beings or inanimate sources alike, and use the energy to perform self-maintenance. The energy needed is not very much at all, and therefore the effect is almost irrelevant to those affected... by one clone alone. As the number of clones existing at once increases, the faster energy is sapped from valid targets. Five clones draining the energy of a man at once could be equivalent to the feel of a constant job. Ten at once would deprive like a constant sprint. Hundreds, a rare but possible situation, could bring a being down to his knees in seconds, deprived of energy. Luckily the more targets there are to sap, the lesser the damage as the effect is equally distributed between them all. Should there ever be a case in which there is no energy to absorb from the environment, the clones acquire a very limited life span of twenty seconds. The clones disappear in a flash of blue light, taking everything that spawned with them back into nothingness.

-- Juxtaposition: The most common method in which Fantasia can generate a doppelganger of herself is by drawing the blood of another with her Claymore. In an unbiased fashion, the sword saps whatever energy it can from the wound and utilizes it to form a clone of herself nearby. The amount of energy needed is actually pretty small, and therefore it won't have too astounding an affect on the victim, though the loss will still be relevant. Clones can use this ability just as well as Fantasia herself, crafting a recipe for exponential power.

--Juxtaposition - Second Wind: This is the easiest form in which a clone can be generated, and it's very similar to Juxtaposition. Though with every wound she can create a clone of herself, she can also get lucky with a whiff of an attack. Should she miss an attack with her Claymore by no more than one foot, then it will draw in a very minute amount of energy from the nearby target. Should this be done two times, enough energy will have been collected to perform Juxtaposition. This can only be done a maximum of once every three posts, so that it does not reward Fantasia for failure too excessively. Also unfortunately, this ability does not work for her clones.

--Phantasmal Split: Alone, Fantasia is a mediocre fighter at best compared to the otherworldly beings that grace her planet with her. She relies on her duplicates, an army at her command, to oppose her enemies. There will be times when it is too difficult to perform Juxtaposition by herself, and therefore she will need a gracious start—Phantasmal Split is that start, a simple ability that instantly creates up to four clones nearby, ready to fight, and grants Fantasia the option to instantaneously switch positions with any of the summoned clones. This ability is not something that can be used continually as it has a cooldown of five posts minimum. This ability can be used by the clones, but it shares the same cooldown, so that it cannot be abused.

-- Voltaic Charge: Fantasia is just beginning to discover her affinity with the element of lightning, and it is first exposed to her in the form of an enchantment. Once per topic, Fantasia can imbue her Claymore with the nature of lightning, heavily increasing its piercing power to cut even the hardest materials, such as diamond and titanium, like cheese with only moderate effort. This enchantment lasts for five posts in a row before fading, however by sacrificing ten of her clones, she can recharge this ability immediately—a hefty but strategic decision.

-- Repercussion: A somewhat effortless method of producing clones, yet also a dangerous one; this is a defensive and passive technique that automatically activates when the original Fantasia is struck by an attack. Granted the attack actually presents enough force to damage her, 20% of the energy and force behind the attack will be nullified and absorbed for the sake of clone production. After the attack completes, a number of clones will jump out of the female's body based on the power of the attack. Something small and simple that would leave anything from a heavy bruise to a moderate laceration to a crack in the skeletal structure, would bring a single clone into being. An attack above that power, up to heavy lesion or broken bone or injured organ, would bring two clones into existence. And anything more fatal than that would bring four clones into play at a time. Note that even if an injury suffered may not be exactly as those listed above, that anything along the same degree would apply.

--Flight: A very basic ability that arguably doesn't even need a title: It is the capability of free flight using the Soul Power within Fantasia's body. This ability is common throughout all the races, given to practically anybody with Power. Little energy is required to maintain this.

- Soul Dash:

--Substitution: A necessary ability, if Fantasia wishes to keep up with the other races. A near-instantaneous displacement technique with a twist: Doppelwalk leaves behind an after-image of the girl, which quickly becomes a fully-fledged doppelganger in her place. Meanwhile, Fantasia will have appeared in an entirely different location within a suitable range of twenty meters from the original spot. This takes Fantasia's own energy, and thus can only be used ten times in any topic. Each level increase of Fantasia's Soul State will allow an additional two uses per topic (Total maximum 16 uses).

- Soul Detection:

--Soul Sight: Soul detection, almost completely at it's most basic form—Soul Sight grants Fantasia the ability to sense spiritual beings quite clearly. However, as for detecting one's power level, Soul Sight is aggravatingly vague, granting almost no distinction whatsoever. The one special trait of this brand of Soul Detection is that Fantasia can sense the presences of Soul's hidden from view, such as those within Zanpakutō, or multiple entities inhibiting a single mind. Fantasia can detect and acknowledge their presence, and get the general gist of their type.

» Evolution Powers: -

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance: There are no physical changes to the appearance of Fantasia, but she and all her clones will seem to have a breeze constantly blowing through their clothing and hair, causing it to gently rustle around in the psuedo-wind.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities — Eagle Song: In order to measure up to the other races great physical prowess, Fantasia must utilize her inner Soul States, having been a part of her after the shattering of her Soul. Fantasia utilizes an aura of power that not only affects her own power but the power of each clone in the vicinity. When activated, Fantasia's legion will become a stampede of enhanced speed, reflex, and strength rivaling an average Shinigami's Shikai form. Vision is also improved to match the speed. Further equalizing the battle field, the Eagle Song reduces the cooldown on 'Juxtaposition - Second Wind' to two posts instead of three. The song, this silent symphony of power, lasts all the while Fantasia is in this form. Finally, the Eagle Song grants augmented abilities to Fantasia to more swiftly form an army of clones, as is her main purpose:

-Energy Metabolism: A small, sometimes overlooked ability of the Eaglesong is a passive add-on to the original ability "Diffusal Aura". Alone, the Diffusal Aura saps all types of energy from any available source in the vicinity, without bias, yet also without security. This ability inputs a special system of metabolism within each clone, that breaks down foreign energies and takes only the necessary power and expels all negative compounds of the energy absorbed. This makes it so that tainted or poison energy types will not interfere with the clones systems, and that the energy taken in is fuel and nothing more.

-Doppelwalk: This ability is an enhanced method of churning out doppelgangers while making an offensive maneuver at the same time. Soul Power is collected at the rear of Fantasia, and whether in flight or on the ground, this energy will be used to propel her forward in a speed that blurs her image, travelling up to a stunning thirty meters within the span of a fraction of a second, to perhaps set up for a close quarters attack or avoid an otherwise fatal assault. On the way to her destination, up to five afterimages will be left behind in an equidistant trail, which all will turn into fully-fledged doppelgangers of Fantasia. This ability is not something that can be used continually as it has a cooldown of four posts minimum and can only be used five times in any given topic. This ability can be used by the clones, but it shares the same cooldown, so that it cannot be abused.

-Trinity Force: In order to perform this ability, Fantasia charges Soul Power into her Claymore to give it a light blue hue around the blade. After a good five seconds of charging, the attack is ready to release at any time with a powerful swing of the sword. The glow will cease as three light blue missiles made entirely out of energy will fly out toward whichever targets Fantasia pleases, even should that target be a nondescript section of the ground. As the projectile reaches its target, a blue flash is released with explosive force that burns like fire and repulses most objects including people away from the epicenter. As the explosion resides, a clone will take the place of the exhausted missile, ready for battle. This ability cannot be used more than seven times in any topic.

-- Mimeo Nixus: This ability is a very phlegmatic action, where Fantasia or any one of her clones takes the time to charge Soul Power into a light blue sphere of visible energy in front of them, and then containing it within a defensive membrane one meter in diameter. This creation will float in place, passively stealing energy from any source in the exact same way the Diffusal Aura does, and using that energy to create a clone of Fantasia nearby once during each post, including the post that the Mimeo Nixus was created on. Now, this foundry of duplicates can be stopped by destroying the membrane and causing the contained energy to explode in every direction with destructive power, though stopping the production. However, this membrane is a regenerating shield meant to keep all physical and energy based attacks at bay, up to a point. Able to take up to the focused trauma in any one point of the shield that a foot thick plate of solid titanium could, and replenishing itself during any point where it goes two full posts without being damaged adequately, destroying this can prove a problem. Now, unfortunately Fantasia can only use this ability while in her Soul State. She can maintain up to one of these spheres per active level of her Soul State at a time. Additionally, the strength of the shielding doubles with each increase in the Soul State above one. This ability has a cooldown of three posts AFTER the last Nixus was destroyed, so that it cannot be easily maintained on the battlefield.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Appearance: Fantasia will retain the qualities of the Soul State Evolution Stage 1, but now in addition, a holographic representation of enlarged butterfly wings will be visibly attached to the back of her and her clones, glowing a radiant bluish-white and showing a degree of lively animation. Each Fantasia's eyes will also be glowing white, streaming a trail of light whenever they move like after-glow.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Abilities — Butterfly Dance: In addition to all previous abilities, this state further augments Fantasia's Soul State, heavily increasing her and her clones' physical prowess now to match an average Shinigami's Bankai form in all of speed, strength, reflex, durability, and senses. In this form the basic 'Juxtaposition' ability will spawn two clones instead of one now, while the 'Juxtaposition - Second Wind' ability will only require one whiff of an attack to create a clone. Also in the spirit of swarming the enemy; every two posts in this form will cause a clone to appear on its own, utilizing the overflowing power of the Butterfly Dance. And of course, a new set of abilities will make itself available to Fantasia while she remains in this form.

-Overload: A new passive ability grants itself to all clones while the Butterfly Dance persists: when killed, now the clone will utilize all the power present in their phantom form to craft an explosion, instead of letting it go to waste. So, at the moment of death a blue electrical explosion will occur with a wide range of five meters in every direction, shocking and singing any life forms in the vicinity while simultaneously blasting them away. Should they be within two meters of the explosion, the electricity will cause side effects to those successfully caught by it; the currents of electricity will persist within the victim's body, shaking focus and concentration while slowing reflex by half.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Appearance: Fantasia will retain the qualities of the Soul State Evolution Stage 2, except for that the shape of the wings will shift into the feathered wings of an angel.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Abilities - Angelic Chorus: This is Fantasia's penultimate form, to only be used as a last resort and for good reason. The stage is an unbreakable promise: once activated, she will remain stuck in it until all of her energy runs out and she falls into unconsciousness. The following coma that will irrevocably be induced can last anywhere from one week to one full month. However, the augmentation of her abilities is rivaling that of a deity. In this form, Fantasia and all of her clones will acquire physical prowess like the most powerful of Shinigami in their ultimate form. Additionally, a clone will now spawn every single post instead of two without any required action, and every clone killed or destroyed will split into two like a hydra. In this form, Fantasia can use her ultimate ability, a true leveler of the battlefield:

-Shatterpoint: This is Fantasia's ultimate ability and requires a target with a soul to work. She, and only the real she, will need to keep within a close proximity of five meters for 2 uninterrupted posts, continually attacking them; all the while wisps of light blue energy will surround the two of them like electrons to a nucleus, projecting a force that traps them together and repulses everything else away with a powerful but not indestructible strength. When these conditions are met, Fantasia will 'shatter' the target's mind, immediately breaking concentration as the two are violently thrust away from each other with an invisible force. In between the two will form a unique clone, not of Fantasia but of the target, retaining all of their powers, equipment, apparel, and energy. This clone does not follow any of the normal rules that the rest of Fantasia's doppelgangers do, simply mirroring the victim. When a fatal blow is struck to the clone, it will explode in a flash of harmless blue light. This technique can only be used once in any topic.


» Weapons:

  • Item Name: Edge of the Legion
    Item Type: Personal Sword of Fantasia (Claymore)
    Used For: As it is a sword, it is intended to be used as an offensive weapon. It also is the medium for Fantasia's Anima Stone.
    Item Description: The Claymore sword by itself is a heavy two-handed double-edged sword, symmetrical in design. The pommel is of silver steel, capping the bottom of the grip with a small spike. The grip itself is a simple metal cylinder with black tape wrapping to roughly increase the security of the grip. The hilt is minimal, like two metal feathers perpendicular to the blade itself. Finally, the blade, which is four inches width at the base all the way down to the sharp point at the tip. The heavy metal is thick so that it does not bow easily to any attack. One of the heaviest swords available, this Claymore is for the strong swings and thrusts.

    However, due to it also possessing Fantasia's Anima Stone in the hilt, it also channels her brand of Soul Sorcery as well, and over time has acquired astonishing traits and synergy with Fantasia to greatly assist her in combat with grander foes:

    - Stand United: The greater numbers Fantasia is able to bring out in clones, the stronger the Edge of the Legion and its possessor grows. It makes up for the girl's initial human weakness compared to the other races she must face. As time passes on and Fantasia's numbers grow, the weapon imbues its wielder with a passive strength, speed, and reflex boost, while also increasing the sharpness, weight, and durability of the weapon itself (Not Fantasia or her clones). Each clone in existence grants a boost of 10% speed, strength, and reflex to the wielder's current total capabilities at the time, whether the wielder be Fantasia or a clone of herself. Each clone will grant a boost of 25% sharpness, weight, and durability to each sword, cloned or not. It may not be so much a big deal to begin with, but it can quickly get out of control for any opponents if too many clones are spawned.

    - Featherballast: This is an incredibly simple passive ability, that counterbalances the weight of the great Claymore, regardless of any weight increases that may be applied to the sword itself. The weapon has grown somewhat of a activeness that has allowed it understand Fantasia's needs and conform to them. This being a prime example, the weapon has grown incredibly light in her hands, like that as a feather. And yet as a paradox, it maintains its weight against everything else. Never has such a cumbersome weapon been so graceful. This ability applies to clones and their respective swords.

    - Mirror's Edge: Similar to Featherballast, this is a passive trait that has overtaken the Edge of the Legion as Fantasia's need for it grew. It applies a special ability to the blade section of the Claymore that allows it to combat magical abilities such as Cero, Chaos Blasts, other SOul Sorcery, et cetera, whereas before it was simply just metal. Specifically among these abilities, the blade is meant to deflect long range attacks of a magical or energy or similar type—projectiles, waves, and beams can be parried by Fantasia's blade just as well as a physical attack could, essentially. This ability can be used by clones.

    - Recall: This is a very essential, but limited ability. Simply, when used and while within one-hundred meters of Fantasia, it calls her blade back to her, causing the weapon to fly to her awaiting hand by blasting through what it can and circumventing what it can't. This ability has a cooldown of five posts, unfortunately. Clones can also use this ability, and each has its own separate cooldown.

    - Butterfly: This ability shows just what incredible swordsmanship combined with Fantasia's Soul Sorcery can accomplish. A skill that becomes more potent as Fantasia's Soul State increases, Butterfly is a magical maneuver that plays into her duplication capabilities. When activated, she utilizes a technique which splits her body into several separate phantom images—they are translucent, misty, and hard to focus on apparitions that seem to be ethereal, especially when each image is capable of moving through the others without tangible contact. However, whenever the image interacts with anything else, they will be as physical as reality. That means they can kill, just as well as they can be killed. If the case be that one of the images dies, it will disappear into nothingness, and if at any point there is only one remaining image, that image will solidify into Fantasia and end the technique. This ability lasts for one full post if there is two or more images remaining, ending immediately upon the next with the real Fantasia taking the place of any one of the remainders. Normally, this creates three images and has a cooldown of five posts before it can be used again. In Soul State One, the amount of images increases to four. In Soul State Two, the cooldown is reduced to four posts. And in Fully Awakened Form, the amount of images increases to five. Note that if Fantasia is not wielding her sword in her hand, this ability cannot be performed; neither can it be performed by clones.

    Obtained From: Her first mentor, Rubeus, had gifted her the weapon once she had completed her lessons of sword-fighting. As time went on and Fantasia's Anima Stone imbued the weapon with Soul Power, its capabilities became astounding.
    Yen Price: N/A [Already Owned, Upgrade by Training]
    Notes: This is Fantasia's signature weapon, and she is rarely seen without it due to it possessing her Anima Stone. Additionally, this weapon comes with a scabbard that can be strapped to her back.


See Skill Sheet for More Information

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Anima Stone Strength: Advanced
  • Soul Sorcery: Advanced
  • Soul Dash: Adept
  • Soul Detection: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced


» Roleplay Sample - OMG Old Naruto Post:

The month was March, the day was the twenty eighth (her physical birthday), the hour late at eight... the minute marker was at thirty seven, the second marker at fourteen, and the millisecond marker at eighty three. Midnight blue was the current color of the sky, speckled with points of lights called stars that served as blueprints to the constellations above. The moon was before her, shining brightly as it reflected the sun's light, yet the sun itself hid neatly below the horizon at some point behind her and to the left; its position was indicated by the waning crescent phase her eyes focused on at that very moment at eight thirty seven, fourteen seconds and eighty-three milliseconds. Her eyes shifted to a new focus in the span of thirteen milliseconds: the swaying trees. The wind was quite substantial this fine night on the Island of Joubon, with the chilled gusts assaulting her uncovered face with an irritating consistency. May the tree's trunks have bowed to and creaked in the winds—she remained upstanding with her tenacity. Only her black cloak and dark blue hair ceded to the winds, yet she would not. She managed a perfectly vertical form even as she strode forward through a naturally-formed path in the woods, large enough to allow the moon to shine through, yet narrow enough to beg the question of what lied in wait around her.

Eight thirty seven, forty one seconds, and fifty one milliseconds: The sound of her footsteps were beginning to grow as perpetually monotonous as the wind, boring herself. She had a principle about boredom, which was more or less along the lines of, 'If it gets boring, I'm out of here'. She was nearing that point where she figured she should just call it a night, turn around and head home to her unpretentious hideout. One might wonder what the hell she was doing out here in the first place, marching through the woods alone and in the dark. Well, it was an allure; and all good things started with such a draw. So far throughout her life, she had experienced only splendid events from trusting the mystical feelings that stimulated like a soft whisper and tugged at her essence like the smell of food to a beggar. Some of said experiences even consisted of life-changing phenomena, so who was she to argue with that? The only issue the woman seemed to have here is that the feeling didn't grow stronger or weaker as she progressed forth. She could tell in which direction she should be heading, but otherwise the sense could be considered... vague. With conflicting thoughts, Nozomi continued onward in hopes of finding something beneficial.

Eight thirty nine, twenty seconds, and eighty nine milliseconds: It was only seventeen seconds ago that the blue-haired woman had switched to tree-by-tree travel, leaping from branch to branch on the safest path possible. This decision had created chaos within the sound of her footsteps, as the taps of her feet were no longer consistent in time, but distraught based upon the differing lengths between branches. Additionally, the sound of her footwear on wood was much more satisfying than on dirt, pleasing enough to continue a little longer. The last factor attributed to the decision was that she was moving at a much faster pace, several times quicker than the previous walking speed. It was of course because of that, that at this time of eight thirty nine, she stopped herself just on the edge of a clearing—there was no tree in front of her to leap to. And being a clearing of course, the light of the waning moon illuminated the grassy field before her quite decently. Because of that, a sight as bright as day, Nozomi spotted a larger-than-average ape; from what she could calculate, he would be almost twelve feet tall if he stood erectly. The image became even more unusual due to the fact that this bipedal creature was wearing a pair of leg bracers, as well as a belt with a luxurious loin cloth. He also wasn't doing what was considered normal for monkeys either, seeming to meditate in a cross-legged position with his eyes closed.

Nozomi crouched into a frog-like position, observing this strange creature from afar. After twenty four seconds she determined that this was the object of beckoning, and a reason to stay awake a little longer; however after another six minutes and forty five seconds, of which her expression gradually shifted into a grimace... the impatience began to emerge. There was no change in the situation down at the center of the clearing, and no actual movement aside of breathing. Giving up, she exhaled loudly by groan, and that would be the mistake of the night: Like lightning the creature jerked its head directly at her, eyes practically ripping open to reveal a pair of savage fire-red eyes. Without even pausing to give the woman a shocked inhalation, the being spoke in an overbearing bellow that filled the entire forest with its presence, ruffling leaves as the reverberations echoed outward. "Human. You would do well to withdraw from this region, and disregard any recollection of this night. Abscond..." And then as his words subsided, only silence remained. Not the wind nor the trees even had a rebut to his great voice.

Yet Nozomi was a masochist and had an affectionate knack for trouble. It would be out of character for her to do as the bellowing pansy requested, so she would hop down from the tree and into the massive clearing and begin pacing forward with a sense of purpose. A wry smile and a mischievous gleam of the eyes were plastered onto her face, and the monkey would appear to raise an eyebrow. It would happen and disappear so fast that the woman couldn't even be sure it had happened, but when it became absolutely clear that she was not intending on leaving the beast alone, he frowned. Slowly, he stood up all the way, the full twelve feet that gave him such a dominating presence and overshadowed hers. "Human, you walk the border of annihilation, the path to your own demise..." he announced in his domineering voice. And Nozomi would answer the monkey with a hum of agreement...

...As she continued to walk the fine line.

The Beast was incredulous at the antics being displayed here, at how oblivious one could be in the presence of a being so powerful. Perhaps it was unfortunate that the human would be meeting such an untimely end at the hands of her own foolishness, but then again the Beast would sleep this night with a clear conscious, not a care in the world about reducing this roach population by a notch. It would raise its foot—so simple a maneuver—yet the currents would whine in response, building up in volume the higher it was raised. Nozomi became wary of the action the instant it was played out, and her worries were justified soon afterward; the primate's foot crashed into the ground as the high-pitched wails of the winds came to fruition.

That's when the low-pitch reverberation pervaded the entire clearing and beyond, causing the trees to careen and even Nozomi's eyes to become disoriented. But her eyes were of a higher power, and recovered swiftly; swiftly enough to catch sight of the shockwave rippling through the grass toward her. A slower man would not be able react to this precarious situation fast enough, yet she was not that slower person. Milliseconds before the wave passed through the woman, her body was flying through the air where she remained untouched. For a mere second she would rest, until she saw what lied in wait for her next. An unknown force jetted out of the hind end of the massive beast, tearing up the field of grass behind it and scattering the individual blades up and around haphazardly. This was merely the indication that preceded the protrusion of the eight long monkey tails, whipping around wildly yet fluidly.

She had little time to widen her eyes in surprise before the eight appendages stretched beyond their physical shape and lunged for me from different angles each. Still in midair, there wasn't a hope of evading them. Instead she threw up a crimson barrier all around her with just enough translucency to see the results; all of the tails hit it at the same time with a teeth rattling force. From that impact alone the shield already showed cracks throughout its surface. Nozomi continued to suffer a lack of time to recuperate before the attacks resumed: The tails entangled up and came crashing down atop the shield with a jarring blow. With the sound of glass shattering, the barrier was destroyed and its creator was sent hurtling down to the ground like a meteor. Her impact created a crater, and if it were not for the armor she was currently wearing, she'd most likely have just inherited a set of shattered bones. For what it was, her back was aching now.

No time to waste pandering over such a nuisance, because speaking of meteors, a great fireball would spew from the beast's mouth headed for me. Not wanting to look directly at the impending inferno, she judged its distance by how bright the land around her became, and figured the best way to get out of this mess was to go further down. Her strewn body would seem to dissolve into the dirt with ample time enough to keep safely away from the blaze, making her way clockwise around the beast. However, she had the breath to stay submerged for quite a while, so I would use it to contemplate what she had just witnessed for that time. From first impressions she had thought this would turn out to be something so simple as an intelligent beast... But at this point she realized it was so much more. With the fireball and shockwave it had created, a shinobi summon could be one possibility, but perhaps not the right one. The one outlandish idea that came to mind as a second possibility felt all the more right based on two facts: This giant monkey had a massive reserve of chakra to match, and it had a multitude of tails as opposed to the usual one. So, the possibility presented itself—was this the eight-tailed beast?

"Hiding, are we Human?" roared the eight-tails with a voice powerful enough even to penetrate the layers of earth and still be heard clearly. In answer to his taunt Nozomi would begin forming several hand seals, charging her chakra throughout the field that the beast resided on. From such a pretty soil to a dark black mud it was transformed, and all the green gras would be swallowed into the darkness. She would rise from the tormented soil, now standing atop the surface of the mud, yet the beast would not have such an easy time. With echoing cries it sunk like a rock in quicksand, especially with the amorphous hands of tar being formed to pull it further down. In addition, its chakra would be consistently drained over time... Yet, as she watched its struggle go on, she witnessed as her technique was hardly denting the massive supply of the eight-tails.

A terrible scream released itself from the ape as it cried up into the night sky, and with that came a primal surge of energy that clearly boosted the size of the being. With this sudden strength, the beast ravaged the tethers of mud that attempted to drag it into the depths of the tormented soil, and with newfound freedom it would refocus its malefice upon Nozomi. Its arms coiled back like pistons as a spiraling sphere of blood red energy began to form in each open palm. Knowing most assuredly what was coming next, Nozomi began to wildly form hands seals in preparation for a counter attack, lightning channeling visibly around her body. A massive shockwave was forming, readying to intercept the duo of spheres coming her way.

As the projectiles launched from the respective forces that be, a deafening silence overcame the entire forest and time seemed to slow down exponentially the closer the attacks came to each other. When they finally made contact with each other, a bright light formed at the epicenter of all the chaos, sputtering sporadically with flashes of lucency. Then, as the theory of the Big Bang goes, the point of light expanded at an alarming rate, encompassing the entire battlefield.

And then darkness...

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Application Checklist
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Will Skills
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Comments/Notes: Pretty good for your first app on the site. So, I'll give ya the boost ya need.
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✖| TLC NEEDED! Gao! |✚
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Archive Warning!
Putting a message here wondering if you still want this!~ x3 but I seen you've been very busy with Nozomi so I would think you wouldn't want this to leave.
Gao! If you wish to keep it, reply to this within a week!

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Planning on keeping Fantasia, have an app update in the works and new plot as well.

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Actually archive this application please. She is making way for THIS.

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Phantasia [Complete] [1-1++ APPROVED]
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