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 Vermillion Jiande(WIP)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Vermillion Jiande(WIP)   Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:41 pm


» Name: Vermillion Jiande
» Titles:
» Age: Unknown
» Gender: Genderless
» Affiliation/Rank: (What Group are they apart of or are they rouge?)

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» Shifter Appearance Written: Vermillion, though he changes clothing from time to time will always keep several things the same no mater how his body changes while in Shifter form. For starters his eyes, the white around the pupil are always a Feint blue, something he keeps hidden behind Thick nose rim Emerald glasses. Fiery Orange hair is always kept Short on the front and sides while allowing a small ponytail to extend just below his neck. His body unless Augemented Is always lank, SHowing Absolutely no signs of muscular Structure anywhere on him. One would also notice that if his mouth ever opens, despite his teeth being a perfect white, his tongue was a strange onyx black, and was thinner than a normal humans tongue.

His clothing will always be of some FIne regal garments, though his favorite outfit is the one shown in the picture above. He won't usually change the Garments unless required for a mission. Though no matter what Outfit he dons, He will never remove those emerald glasses nor take off his Trademark White leather gloves.

Also It should be noted that while his Shifter form is always male, he does in fact have no gender due to the type of creature he is now, that will naturally be covered in the altered stages.

Also it should be noted that no matte what form he takes, though he cna hide them under his clothing that there are always five Opaque white collars on his body. One around each leg, barely above the knee, one around each forearm and one around his neck.

» True Appearance Written: ( His true form is actually his first Transformation listed below in the Adjustable state.)

» True Appearance Picture: ( His true form is actually his first Transformation listed below in the Adjustable state. I just dont want to clog the App with another Pic thats already listed below.)


» Personality:

Im first going to list the Mantra's, or the rules by which Vermillion lives by, Than following such will be his general personality in Public.

A Chilling Calmness

"To lose ones cool in this new world, a world were power ruled over all, and one could easily stab you in the back is an unforgivable Mistake. To lose oneself to an outburst of emotion could easily land you a ticket to the grave."This is One of Vermillion's Mantra's about life, and its a code he follows Closer than most any other. Thus he always acts in a level headed manner that would befit a general of an army. Even in battle He will rarely lose focus for even a split second. To understand everything around you, to decipher every feint movement and never crack under pressure was a key to surviving in these rather Hectic of times. In the end Vermillion takes to every situation in a calculated manner, there is no room, not even for a second to allow himself to slip.

Unwavering Patience

"Does it matter how long a prize takes to Achieve when One is immortal? A day, a month, a year? To me all it means is that the prize will be all the sweeter, like the nectar of the gods." Along with a level head, one must be willing to wait for the opportune moment to strike, to even make the smallest of moves. There is no such thing as to long In Vermillion's book, and whether in combat or not he will always use his time wisely to anaylze every situation before him. Though to be honest, far more brash and violent creatures would likely be driven stir crazy waiting for him to anything, But those beings simply don't understand perfection.

Tactics beyond Compare

"Any Brute Can swing a sword around or demolish a building. No, A true master of the battlefield has already calculated your next ten moves, and has already realized the entire scope of the battlefield." The next mantra of Vermillion, as though he has no issues with fighting himself, finds most combat itself a usually dull experience No, no his true entertainment will always come from dissecting the field of battle and his opponents, to realizing the very limits of there power and abilities.

As a side note to this, he can be rather long winded in how he speaks, and has quite the mouth on him. He enjoys explaining every last detail to ally or foe alike what hes discovered, his own abilities and what hes already learned of thier abilities. Naturally he enjoys explaining his own Perfect tactics as well, but lets just say after a bit some may prefer Vermillion if they just slammed a muzzle over his mouth.

Knowledge is true power

" What? You mean you didn't even take the time to figure out what you were fighting against? There's a term for that my friend, Suicide".. Vermillion is a demon that craves endless knowledge, whether it be practical or not. From demon spells, to the Gotei 13's diet and everything in between there is no limit to what he desires to know. Through knowledge one can expand their power far beyond mere swinging of blades or simple use of speed. Nothing is useless knowlege to this being, and to such a character of patience and calculated reasoning this is his one true vice. But in reality, can one being truly ever know to much? Vermillion would never think as such.

Its rumored hes currently collecting Magazines on pottery from the living realm >.>. Along with that, eighteenth century cookbooks.

I'll fight you, when its Agreeable to me

Through all his calculations, through all that calm air that seems to hover around him, He'd be lieing through his teeth if he denied a good fight, or prospect thereof didn't get him riled up. Though there's a catch for Vermillion, he prefers to only fight on his terms, Charging straight into an opponent is what those who only seek Oblivion deserve as a prize. No, If vermillion is to make a move on an enemy, short of something desperatly going wrong the first move will always be his, and it should always give him the edge. As Vermillion says " Honor in combat is for those to simple minded to Truly grasp victory."

He hunts his prey

" Oh I've had to kill before, sent to do the dirty work of a backstabbing thief. And while I generally don't snuff out flies, I can find enjoyement in it, Especially when they never make a sound." When he moves after targets he knows are weaker, he can wait for ages, days and months are nothing as he slowly observes and inputs everything that he learns of him and her into his mind before ever making a move. Only after he is satisfied will he silently move, and not even a single bird would awaken from his strike.

Naturally he hates rushed jobs, or anything that breaks away from the delicious hunting, why make haste when your having so much fun?

" Whatever it takes"

" Huh, so you say it couldn't be done? Could you have at least returned as a corpse, and not wasted my time with that Dribble? Time I could have used getting the job done?. Vermillion never accepts failure unless the level of power between his opponent and himself is so great, that he may as well have just offed himself. For any normal job however, there is no such thing as turning back. No sacrifice is to great, no Risk or tactic not worth trying if it means victory. If Vermillion has a job, he will finish it even if his body is the price.

These are his general mantras that Determine how Vermillion lives his life. Now for his general and combat personalities.

General Personality, A True Gentleman

Vermillion could may as well be called a class act, He acts moves in a a Suave manner, calling anyone, even enemies "Sir" Or "Miss". His voice will usually alway's be at a calm level tone, and he'd never dare interupt someone when speaking. Even to those he deems beneath him he shows no conciet on his face, and will simply and honestly treat them as he see's the creature on the food scale. If your weaker, or a being he disapproves of he won't hold it against you, But he will make it clear what his opinions are. Calm, collected and never prone to showing much emotion or raising his voice are what most notice about him.

One could also complain about how much he does enjoy talking, especially when its analyzing, discussing a tactic or some form of discovery he's made. The best bet is to stuff him with another bag of wind, like Sszayel and let them talk each other to death ^_-.

On the other hand, to those that are his superiors or equals he offers nothing but the utmost respect. In the end one could best describe him as a Stiff, rigid no-Nonsense Proffesional. Hes the very picture of Regal perfection by mannerisms. Of course, behind that mask is the demons Ruthless Mantra's.

Combat Personality

He prefers to watch his opponents, whether from afar or while engaging them before he makes any kind of moves. Sometimes he would put himself into more danger than neccesary to actually discern the ability of an enemy. But overall he is a mix of Calculator and Bird of prey. He will watch the field mouse scurry before revealing his true face, and giving his opponent the sweet embrace of death.

A battlefield is a chess board, and victory goes to the one who can predict the others moves first, and claim checkmate.

» Likes: Books, chess, Tactics, British tea, Demons even the weaker ones, Quiet scenery in which to contemplate.

» Dislikes: Sweets, Bullheaded fighters, Loud busy places.

Some of Vermillions opinions on the other beings of the world.

He truly doesn't hate any specieis, whether they be human, hollow, angel or what have you. Now of course he holds demons above all but a very few select hollow which whom he respects. But generally the lowest demon to him is ranked above most hollow.

As for Vizards, they are merely an interesting specimen he hardly knows enough about yet.

Humans on the other hand have captured his interests the most. There lot in life was the worst of all, and yet they always persevered, or better yet found ways to evolve. If anything, humans were the most malleable and mysterious of all the beings in any of the known worlds. Its a rumor that if not being pestered to do anything, Vermillion will actually spend time hiding amongst the humans, though what he seeks to gain from such an activity is unknown.

» History[i] Three paragraph minimum of your characters history; also include how they became a demon via birth or they were changed to one though a deal est.


» Natural Abilities:[/]

[b]Weapons Expert:
Given that he can shift his body to almost any weapon available, its a given that hes trained with them all for a great deal of time, some moreso than others depending on what he feels is needed at a specific time. His favorite weapons, as in the ones he uses at the most frequent basis are Halberds, Scythes and handguns.

Monsterous Reishi Reserves: He needed this to survive, and quickly in order to Constantly keep the Amalghast at full power, to keep himself at peak fighting form. Thus the sheer amount of Spiritual pressure he can put out is near at a Smothering rate. Lesser beings if caught near such release would likely be taken to thier knee's.

Augmented Body: The Amalghast itself controls all his body functions, and can edit his Muscular structure at will. This can mean that when Strength is needed, it can easily pour more energy into such a goal to give him the needed power to Outdo most opponents. The same theory applies if he needs more speed, more defense. But as with all things the Amalghast does, Reishi is required, and an immense or monsterous amount hardly means Infinite, so hes by no means invincible.

Enhanced Reaitsu drain: This is taken from the Zo Koa's natural ability to steal Reishi from its surroundings. Due to the Almaghasts altering of his energies, and its constant need for Reishi it allows this ability to operate a little more than twice as fast as any normal demon would use it, All is needed to keep the Amalghast active, and as such he actually would rarely go to an area were there isn't an abundant pool of Rieshi to absorb(human world being a prime example) Unless there was truly a dire reason to go.

Mental Analyzer to the extreme!: By his very code of life Vermillion is a master at anaylzing any situation or opponent, finding their flaws and weakness in the way they fight. Also this helps him judge attacks and Keep track of his opponents movements with incredible ease, Even beings that are stronger than him Will find it hard to actually get the jump on Vermillion. Of course even if he can read your moves better, it doesn't mean anything if his body cant keep up or react to the enemy.

Weakness: Due to his already very, cautious style of fighting mixed with his delight of analyzing his opponent, its actually common for him to forgo an easy attack of oppurtunity, just to further feed his desire to learn everything about his opponent.

» Unique Abilities:

Amalghast Core: Ill be honest, this will be a little long and i'll do my damnest to explain, and will naturally add more detail as best as I freaking can, and will add more at any admins discretion.

Firstly it should be mentioned that the core itself Shuts down any other power he could even try to use, Such as demonic magics/any other racial abilites. All of that is constantly being fed into the Core itself to make it remain stable at all times.

The Amalghast core itself is a Powerful relic of old that was Forcefully implanted into Vermillions body, The core itself is about half the size of a Tootsie roll and has the appearance of a Silver orb with two rings constantly circling around it. On closer inspection one would find hundreds of miniscule holes pressed into the orb, leaking a neon blue/white energy into Vermillions body at a near constant rate, all the while sucking in the demons own Reaitsu. Now I will discuss here what happens to the Amalghast depending on a number of situations that could affect it, and how they effect Vermillion. It effecitvely is now the Demons heart, brain, power source and everything in between. All of his bodies functions are now controlled through the relic.

Mind you that the Amalgate is rather strong in its own defense, and it normally isn't easy for ANY of these situations to arise.

1. Damaged: Vermillions body will become dangerously unstable, forcing a retreat

2. Destroyed: He dies, kinda sucks as I went through the work of typing all this :<.

3. Negated- If the cores powers are somehow shut down, Much like a computer losing its power so to Will vermillion, and he will become a motionless husk, Once whatever is negating him is removed his body will turn back on. This also applies if he doesn't constantly feed the Amalghast enough power.

4. Though unlikely, if one were able to Alter the Amalghaste, change how it operates in such a way as to...say make it obey a voice command or a certain person, Vermillion would now be slave to that beings whim, and due to how the core controls his own body he'd never even be upset over it!

That being said, Vermillions body itself isn't like any other demons. He is now a living, rather dangerous mixture of Chemicals from the Amalghast core his demonic energies enhanced to the near breaking point from them. He has no Vital organs per say, as the relic itself acts as his brain, heart and operates all functions of his body. So firstly, unless the core itself is directly hit, Since the core would find it a detremant he feels no pain outside of damage to the Amalghast itself (Still doesn't mean he doesn't take damage when hit!) The core itself has allowed him to change the Composition of his body in near any way he desires, in a sense. This effecitvely has given him an unreal method to protect himself and attack, all that will be listed below.

Firstly his defenses and what he can generally do in that regard

1. Since his body is how I described above, Attacks that do such things as cut his head off, blow a hole in his body Will do in actuality no Physical damage to Vermillion. But wait! That hardly means hes some invincible Juggernaut. The relic inside his body, The Amalghast core requires a rather intensive amount of Spiritual energy to remain active, without such Vermillions body could decompose, or even be completely. destroyed. Attacking and hitting him, lopping of limbs or just kicking him around all use up that Vital energy that he requires to keep himself stable. His stronger attacks also Take a fair amount of energy to keep going. Also, while the Relic itself has its own defenses, and is a very hard to destroy with just a mere swing of the sword, Somehow damaging it even a little Could critically damage his body. Destroying Said relic, while Unlikely Would erase Vermillion from existence itself. But he does have one key advantage in that second area...

2. His body has no actual Composition, and using the relics power he can shape shift his body in near any fashion. Also due to the fact his body has no Composition in the end, even the seemingly most painful of attacks won't knock him unconcious, unless it was so strong that it actually forced the core to shutdown Temporarily. As such, any of the feats he does with his body won't actually effect him in that fashion. While I will list some key examples blow, his greatest talent is being able to shift the Almaghast at will around his body. If he see's a blow that would strike the core, he can move it into his left arm, his skull or any other safe location. This also means that due to his ability to change his bodies shape in almost any way, allowing for some of the examples below.

Before examples it Should also be noted that due to the fact that the core controls his bodies functions now, that it can fully function them even from afar, as in not attached to his immediate body. What that means is lets say He removes a hand and grows a new one, the hand that was removed could still be controlled. The hand could still attack in the various ways offered, Grow an eye at Vermillions whim and scout out a location or even be left behind with troops to inform them of thier orders. But onto those examples.

Example A: Opponent moves to punch Vermillion in the head, He can either move his entire head to say, his left arm. Or if hes feeling really fun, simply make his head split in half and reform around the fist, in that case trapping the opponent.

Example B: If such an attack is comming that would incinerate him and the core, he could easily rip an arm off..or even his eye and hurl it aside, Regrowing his entire body so long as the Amalghast itself is safe.

Example C: If an opponent wants to swing a sword to cut him in half, He can split his own body in half for them! Fully conscious and still attack back.

One of his favored tactics is in fact to allow an opponent to get close to deliver what would seem a fatal blow, only to now strike that at point blank by forming spikes from his body, firing them into his opponent, or pulling weapons from his body to strike at point blank while the Amalghast Liquid could wrap around the opponent to bind them.

Example D: Theres a base that needs scouting, he can easily just remove a chunk of his shoulder, make it grow an eye and it will be able to move, scout out the locations and Vermillion could easily see from the removed chunk of flesh's view, even if he already regrew it onto his body.

3. Regeneration- yes he has this, and due to the fact of how his body is comprised the speed at which he actually recovers is actually remarkable. In Vermillions own Words." Striking me is the same as a child kicking at the waves of the ocean. Sure you may change its shape for a moment, but you do nothing to redirect or change it.". Now his regeneration as much as he boasts would naturally depend on his tier. But know that the MORE he has reconstitute his body, the more Vital energy reserves he must expend, Though once again depending on his tier his energy reserves would likely be immense. A key example of how he can put this incredible ability to work. How that can work has been listed above.

Once again, in case it was missed Attacking him DOES damage him, even if it doesn't look like it at first between his body shifting and his regeneration. Forcing him to lose energy upon being struck, or by reconsituting his body can lead him to death or being forced to retreat.

IN general, this part mentioned above wouldn't really change as he changes into an altered state, except that due to the stronger form one could suspect a faster energy drain.

Also if you want an anime exmaple to sorta look at. Look up Elder Toguro from Yu yu hakusho on Youtube, it does offer a base idea of whats being aimed at in terms of regeneration/body modifying.

How The Amalghast can be used for offense

The Amalghast core as mentioned above has two main abilities. The ability to shape shift his body into any way has already been explained in its defensive ways, but now onto how he can use it to attack. This is again, because his body has been altered by the relic itself, Removing boundries that most any other living being face. As its been stated, his body can shift in any way near imaginable, And like his defensive options that Isn't just limited to his defense.

1. Easy enough, he can shift his arms, legs, near anything into a weapon. From swords, to axes, to spiked balls nothing is to far from the imagination. He can even turn his fingers into say, guns and and fire the energy seeping from the Amalghast as Projectiles. BUt that isn't enough, Not for Vermillion. If needed he can sprout weapons from his body to stab at his enemies, grow, say an arm and a hand from his shoulder with another weapon ready to be used. Its one of his common tactics That if an opponent foolishly charges him, that spikes protrude from his body like a porcupine, and they either run into it, or try and slow down or even back away, in which he fires them like missles.

2. As stated before, his entire body is the weapon. So to offer more detail, he Can sprout arms/legs/mouths/anything nearly from removed limbs already and from his own body to aid in his assault. By most standards his only limitations are his immense energy reserves and imagination.

NOTE: Once again, Elder Toguro is a good reference point for the whole weapon shifting stuff etc. I like to give SOME kinda anime link or something they can see on youutbe etc, just in case I screwed up the desc somewere.

The Second method as mentioned before Is the Chemicals the Almaghast have produced that mixed with his own Demonic energies. Now these powers only surface in His altered stages, barely revealing themselves during Vermillions basic form. But essentially This takes the demons Zo-koa powers to an entirely new level, Giving it shape and form. Yes some use it to add incredible speed and armor, And Vermillion will do the same, And he will certainly make use of its abilities to drain Reaitsu if he wishes to live.

The Mixed energy itself looks to be a thick Viscous black liquid with a blue light gleaming inside of it. One would notice that the entirety of his inside body looks like that already. Anything it clings to it can drain the Reaitsu out of and feed back to the core, even if the chunk of the strange material is detached from Vermillions body.

In his basic state, which will be discussed here he can fire it off like a deadly projectile, with destructive power and speed easily comparable to the Cero etc. He can fire it off like bullets from his body for piercing the body, or make it into a more liquid form to trap an opponent and drain them of thier Spiritual energy to feed himself, The stuff able to be a solid thick mass like a sword, or a trapping blob of quicksand that devours its foe. But onto examples!

(how the amalgate adjusts given each change in form will naturally be discussed in its own section)

1. Upon firing the Amalgates unique energy from his body, he has two choices, Liquid mass or hardened mass. With the direct method, or the hardened mass he can fire off this dreaded energy from anywere on his body, from his fingers, chest, neck or anything in between. Though they lack the flashiness of a Cero they are no less highly dangerous, Capable of moving at breakneck speeds and able to pierce or shred, depending on how he shaped it through most defenses with ease. Once the mass, hardened or liquid escapes his body its shape cant be changed, and it can no longer be manipulated. But mind you, if say hes extending it from his body and it actually never detaches, he can change it at will. Off the body, no more change, on the body and its good to go.

The hardened mass is what would be use to make weapons sprout from his body, or generally create weapons for him to use at any given time. Consider this the more blunt force attacks in his arsenal.

2. The thicker ooze that makes up his body is in reality far more dangerous as much like his body, it can be shifted into whatever he needs upon release. Now mind you, whatever shape it takes upon leaving his body it is stuck with, But given how much he can seep out from himself, its rarely a problem. But it generally moves slower than the hardened version above, but whatever it touches, it can drain thier spiritual pressure dry to power the core.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most opponents who have good senses about them could feel when an attack is coming, aka if someone is charging him, or impales him and hes about to fire spikes from his body, they'd sense it and have time to try and dodge him. The attacks aren't invisible etc, and the fact that the core itself has such a unique Energy pattern to it can actually make it easier to pick up in battle. Also remember that everything he does drains him of his precious Reishi, attacks, getting hit and the moment he leaves his first stage there comes an upkeep to be paid to keep his core running.


Note: Im aware that until tier is listed your not allowed to have forms, so naturally if his tier doesn't allow for said form Id simply black them out until his power was up to that rank.

NOTE: While I listed above what the Various benefits of the Amalghast offer, how much he can use and the various ways mainly depend on the current Stage he has taken, naturally each stage allows for more and more devastating techniques along with better mastery of the unique energy that makes up his body. For the time being, the basic masteries listed above in the other powers section all apply to the Crui form, and any real differences will naturally be listed below.

[b]Second note: Given the IMMENSE possibilies given how the amalgate works(manipulating his body etc etc etc) Each stage will likely offer 1-3 new nifty tricks only, But the usual real new power is just that the Amalgates offenses/defenses and manipulation grow stronger and more varied.

The stages for Vermillion in reality are moreso to keep the energy consumption in check from the Almaghast core.

Zero Stage: Almaghast Crui

» Adjustable State Appearance:

As stated, This is his base form that he is most commonly in, and is the same exact as his normal appearance. Nothing special or flashy about it.

» Adjustable State Benefits:

In this stage, other than what was listed above He gets no Other special techniques and moves. If I had to liken this to anime, Think of it like Frieza's first form. It CAN be used to wipe out ants, but its true purpose is to keep a lid on his power, and to truly minimize the cores absorption of his Reishi.

First Stage: Almaghast Greln


Vermillion sheds his human like shifter form when entering the second stage, and becomes closer to the original form he had before taking the Almaghest Core into his body. His body was now comprised on a completely black wispy material, some almost could mistake him as a ghost. His eyes were now a piercing blue, but there were no Visible pupils. Also, Attached to each arm were still one Metal band each, and the band around his neck still existed as well. Blue light crackles throughout Vermillions body, occasionaly lashing outside of his body, but all through his shadowy frame one could spot occasional flashes of blue light.

His body size itself doesn't actually change, a few inches short or taller at the most, though its actually hard to tell since his body seems to almost always be shifting. Sadly, even with the flashes of light eminating inside of his body the core itself would still remain Invisible to the eye.

Unique Abilties:

Greln Wind: This attackl itself is a Barrier that is projected in an entire Circle around Vermillion. It gets its name because it looks like a thin black wind, it extending out to Ten feet around him. It acts as a permanant defense, And is usually the first thing Vermillion will do upon Reaching this stage. The barrier, to ranged attacks acts as a powerful wind, blowing them to the side or around him. To melee attacks however it has next to no effect, in fact the Combatant rushing into the barrier itself though won't even feel the wind, but beware as the Barrier itself will drain a melee Combatant that remains within its area for to long.

It can be overcome by Ranged attacks, but Given that Vermillion can fuel as much power as needed from the core, it Would need to likely be an attack that had greater energy than his Greln form could provide.

Solid Lightning: This is an enhanced version of the "Hardened" Amalgate energy. Its general appearance is of flashes of blue light, As its the super hardened material now mixed With the direct energy of the Amalgate core, that is further released in this form. Its Destructive power would now ramp up three times than what Vermillion was capable of in his previous form, and can be used to supercharge the weapons or whatever he protrudes from his body. It should be noted that while it isn't actual lightining going into the attacks, but great amounts of energy from the AMalghast, the attack recieved the name because the blasts look like surges of lightning due to the speed at which they move.

Amalghest Offense/Defense Beta: At this state the amount of power he can place into his hardened and Liquid Amalgate energy can now make it move at a far faster rate, the destructive power also ramping considerably. Also He can Augement his body to a further rate with Strength and speed as well using more Amalgate energy. But the general amount he can produce from his body remains largely unchanged, as this is a Light combat form that is mostly preferred due to its low energy consumption. At this point he can augment his body and attacks to the levels rivaling evne the most experianced of shikai users etc.

At this stage, even when not attacking the Almaghast core is now draining a slow but steady amount of Reishi from Vermillion at all times. Its not a real threatening amount however.

Stage two: Amalghast Flux


Appearance: When entering this stage it can become quite obvious to any opponent as from his shadowy body hundreds of large metal bands begin to lash out from It's body, begininng to coat the demon like a cocoon. Every inch of Vermillions Would be covered in seconds, at first looking more like a rather large lump, before taking a humanoniod shape of ten feet tall. The strange bands would hang from its body on multiple locations like Bandages, Now glowing blue eyes forcing thier way out from the head. The Crystalline white bands that had been on his arms and head after the Greln shift, were gone except for the collar around his neck. Also of note a strange Grey steam is now constantly leaking from Vermillions body, though its not thick enough to actually Obscure any vision.

Flux is his primary combat body against threats, as it offers the best balance of control and power without Exerting to heavy a strain on his Amalghast core.

Unique Abilities:

Meizen Hole: This technique is activated as Greln wind in a sense, a defensive moved used to Conserve energy that would be taken through damage. When a ranged energy attack or Melee attack would go for Vermillion the bands that make up the body would begin to snap open. Inside the bands, hidden away was a black Void, no A twisted bubbling mass that like his last form emits a haunting blue light. Ranged energy attacks, or even melee ones such as Kidō etc would be sucked inside in which several things could happen.

1. He could mix thier energy with his own, Fireing it back at his opponent while easily Multiplying its speed and power.

2. He simply devours the attack to help power his Core.

3. Hes overwhelmed and it takes damage: Like Greln wind it can be overwhelmed, but again given how much Reishi he can now use in this form, it isn't easy.

For Melee attacks, as they draw closer to the now opened void in Vermillions chest the Meizen Hole will begin Sucking the Kinetic force out of the blue, effectively weakning it by a decent amount, the energy here always used to fuel the Almaghast.

If same tier: 30% reduced damage

If higher: 5% taken off for each tier higher

If lower: 3% added per tier.

Corrosion Geist: The Greln form allowed him to manipulate the energy into streaks of pure energy. In the Flux form, by drawing from the disgusting abyss that is his body now He can produced a Poisonous Corrupted version of the Almaghast energy. While it doesn't have the same Explosive Strength of the Previous form, its far more deadly in Several ways. Vermillion, for starters will usually coat any attack he makes with this new Form of energy, usually notable by the thick Blue ooze, the blue here however, instead Lustrious and blue is now a Thick murky dark color, Black gunk seeping around instead the gunk. The toxins themselves can do several things.

The Ooze itself is useless until actually landing on the foe, but once an attack coated with the Corrosion Geist hits an opponent the ooze will seemingly come to life, clinging hard to its opponent. The Geist itself can be destroyed by even Moderate Reishi, the problem is that the Reishi itself is devoured by the ooze and always transferred back to Vermillion, thus constant hits could easily drain opponents dry, even if they work hard to remove the ooze.

The actual effects of this retchid Substance is that while attached it will slowly eat away at armor and flesh. It can even drain the Reishi of energy barriers, and in time can even make the Strongest of Hierro's useless. In effect its like a powerful acid, Draining the defense of an opponent, and even slowing them down if they let the gunk spread to much.

Note: He MAY also used Solid Lightning from his previous form, but only one can be applied per attack, one can tell the shift is taking place if his body starts to emit a blue haze, and naturally one can assume hes reverting back to his Corruption geist once the haze is gone.

Defense/speed dropping amounts

(will put once I figure it out >.>)

Note: If the Corruption Geist lands on anything that emits reishi ( like...say a building in Seireitei) it can drain that dry and even spread.

Note: This ooze while capable of draining reishi if attached to a Zanpakutō etc can not destroy them, as that'd be stupid.

Almaghast Core Offense/Defense Gamma:: At this stage the levels of which he can Augement his body and gather Reishi into his attacks is again increased, but while still a great boon in his power, It isn't as high a power boost as the last form, but even so the power he can apply behind his attacks, and his speed are now nearing their peak, his powers already Tremendously high. Naturally the ways he can Manipulate his body increase as well, Once again Offering the Hardened and Liquid Almaghaste even more power. At this stage the power itself is near five times stronger than his Crui form, Usually the strength rivaling even experianced Bankai's, etc.

At this stage, the core itself is becoming a more taxing burden depending on how brutal the fight Vermillion is currently in, thankfully this forms abilities can mitigate that problem.

]b]Final Stage, All seals Removed, Almaghast Omnis


Appearance: With the Final Seal broken, the Amalghaste core will begin to soak in his entire form, the bands that covered the Flux form expanding into a mettalic silver Armor, it almost looking like the scales of a lizard, Wings bursting from his back and kicking up dirt from the ground with each movement. A long slender tail would sprout from the middle of his back and slide down to hang between his legs. In the center the core itself becomes present, A small Circular orb with the Latin word for " Mass" Surrounded by a small glowing Yellow orb. With a loud crack, the same yellow light that surrounded the cores center would begin to illuminate across all the lines in his scaly body, almost forming connecting patterns as they weaved through his flesh. At that point the glowing field around the center orb would dissipate, and slide back into his body.

Unique Abilities:

Important: In this form he can no longer shift his body, form weapons from anywere on him etc, the Amalgate itself has expanded and encased his entire body, and as such those old techniques can no longer be used.

Amalghsate Body: The Amalghaste core, which always remains hidden inside Vermillions body has now come forth, consuming the demon to create the body above. This means that the incredible defensive systems the core had are now covering Vermillions entire body, but that also means doing excessive damage to this form can deal a great problem for Vermillion. However in this form the Energy the Amalghaste Gave to Vermillion is now at full strength, Offering him now a staggering defense, offense and speed. He is now using the full power offered by the core at his point.

Almaghaste Territory: Raising a single hand to the air, and one to the sky The very area around him begins to Shift. Appearing from his body would be two droplets of a a yellow and blue ooze, that upon touching the ground begin to spread at a rapid rate. The ooze spreading in the sky would stop twenty five to thirty feet above him. The puddles will then expand to Fifty feet in a circle on the ground and sky. These mass's of energy will follow Vermillion around were he moves, and even if attacked can quickly regenerate whatever chunks are destroyed. Its appearance would be akin to a sea of the colored ooze above and below them, moving about in waves.

Vermillion will always be at the center of the Two pools. Even if he is hit..say into a building the two masses will follow him and reposition themselves above and below him once more, Meaning that even if you try to run, the pools will follow him as he gives chase.

The territory itself acts just like the Amalghast energy before, but now on a mass scale. Were as before he could merely spawn the hardened or liquid force from his body, now he can call upon it from the two Sources. Creating now looming walls, rainstorms of bullets are now possible through this. With the Amalgates power is now at its maximum, there will be another Spike of power for the Liquid and Solid Amalgate energy. At this point it will have reached its peak, The destructive power and speed of His hardened and Liquid Amalgate near seven times faster than in his original Crui form, reaching staggering levels of power, But theres a catch.

Weakness: As with all thigns that grant incredible power, theres a catch. The sheer amount of power this form absorbs is so high that unless he is already in an area of High Reishi AND is absorbing a steady supply of it, Vermillion will be hard pressed to even keep this form going for six posts. Though if he somehow gets recharged mid battle( from an ally..a healer etc, Something!) Than he could retake this form after losing it.

Meizen Wormhole: This is Effecitvely the same attack as seen in the Flux form, but there are two key differences. Firstly it can absorb a greater deal of Energy from Both melee and Ranged attacks. The other more notable difference is that it no longer comes from his body. But instead Spat out by the territory of Amalghast. Which means energy ranged attacks could easily be sucked in by the first hole, and a second could form from anywhere in the territory to spit the attack back out, giving opponents much less time to react.


To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)
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