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 [Iramasha] Tormentil : 'Lil Miss Jack [Demon] [APPROVED: 1-1+, 0-5+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Iramasha] Tormentil : 'Lil Miss Jack [Demon] [APPROVED: 1-1+, 0-5+]   Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:54 am


• Birth Name: Clarity ''Jack'' Temperance
• Acquired Name: Tormentil
• Age: 432
• Gender: Male? Female? Which one? Dunno.
• Race: Demon
• Branch/Position: Councilmen Number 3 ; Female Head of the Highborn Demon Family



• Appearance: Tormentil has a weird thing ; although appearing male, she is female, and although appearing female, she is male. This said, Tormentil's features are very androgynous, allowing him to masquerade as whichever gender. Even if one were to touch her body, they would notice light bumps but not where there are meant to be some. In basic terms, Tormentil is not afraid to use tricks to make it seem like she's one gender or the other. Like binding her breasts, or stuffing a sock down her pants. Either way, Tormentil's got a killer sense of style. And seems to love red a lot, as that's the most prominent color that Tormentil usually wears. With long, red hair (although they may cut it short at times) and funny green eyes, Tormentil is a hoot visually, considering one almost never knows what they'll pop in. Tormentil stands about at 5'10, pretty tall for a girl a bit short for a guy, but seems to take that in just right. With long, almost slender legs, and a pair of hips that just make certain things wrong, Tormentil seems to like flattering his/her body. A notable feature is Tormentil's shark like teeth : they actually are seratted and cause quite a bit of a bite if said person drags their teeth a certain way. She says it's a memory reminiscent of her ancestors.. but no one can be sure.

• Personality: Tormentil is pretty much a really abrasive person. Always touching, poking, and nudging around, the words ''personal space'' or ''too much information'' doesn't seem to matter to them. In a way, it's like the sense of modesty is chucked out the window. Joking, and always flippant, Tormentil seems to be a goofer rather then a hard worker like her past suggests. She seems to enjoy making people uncomfortable, and loves to act out. Also has a bit of a so called lying streak, but Tormentil likes to mix the turth with the lies, and then some. Surprisingly, Tormentil is not only perceptive, but dedicated as well. Able to stalk someone relentlessly if they have a problem, or she just needs information, Tormentil seems to understand a lot about how people react and feel. This is done via careful observation of mannerisms, and a general knowledge of how people react. Although Tormentil seems to be ignorant, and pushy, she is in fact very considerate. She often finds herself focusing on someone or the other, and reading their personalities in such a short expanse of time. She also is dedicated to researching people she meets or knows, because it is easily funner for her that way. She prefers knowing all that she can before diving into a situation.

Tormentil is a cautious but brash person. This means, that, simply, she will take risks of course, but is often not without a back up plan. It makes it easy for Tormentil to dive into places that most people would think suicidal. So when she says ''trust me, I have a plan'' she more then likely does, even if it is on the fly. She has a strong sense of protecting other people and companionship, although she prefers not to show it. Being lonely by nature, Tormentil often builds walls between her and people. Usually by being abrasive, and by being unbearable. She doesn't mind physical abuse or verbal lashings ; after all, she protects her heart this way. In a way, she never really let's herself truly feel, taking a place as an observer to the stage. This makes the girl a bit airy at times, but she does mean good. She is fiercely loyal to the Iramasha, which is odd considering her wandering type personality.

She holds her promises very dear, and will do just about anything to get them accomplished. Tormentil can be ruthless and often times, just gets rid of things in her way. Moral compulsions mean nothing to her if they are troublesome. In a way, Tormentil only keeps certain moral grounds because they are convenient ; if it comes to a time where they are not, she simply gets rid of them. In a sense, this makes her a cold and dangerous person, since she is not held back like most by values. She is not evil per say, but she has no fear of consequences or repercussions. In a way, she claims she is a neutral evil, an evil to the typical society, but neutral in the fact that no matter what it is, good or evil, it does not hold a platform of alliance to her. A bit selfish, she only looks for the Iramasha's future, regardless if she likes her personal play pets or not. If anyone she becomes acquainted with becomes a threat to the development of the Iramasha, she easily and readily executes them.

Remorseless, Tormentil when she becomes geared up for battle, is a mix of pure calmness, and a frenetic insanity. It's a strange mix, as she is easily capable of assimilating knowledge, being an extreme stalker, and also sorting it out into various categories thanks to her sharpness, and yet she goes ax-crazy in battle. Manic laughter, and weird puns, and even weirder attitudes. However, this is when Tormentil is still not serious ; she is always airy, and dance like in movement, and very weird when she's not serious. She prefers to ''talk big, and bite big'' rather then truly become what others expect of seriousness. So if Tormentil is still talking, people are pretty much okay. The true horror starts when she no longer speaks ; when she no longer jeers or taunts ; when all of her extravagant things become muted.

Tormentil is then serious, and often overwhelming, using anything and everything to accomplish what she had set out to do. With an almost manic need, she will even overturn gods if she has to. Tormentil's will, and focus are extreme when she finally gets serious ; although they aren't changed from her regular form, as she merely cloaks it. Going as far as torture, rape, and whatever she can do to force her will on the situation, Tormentil truly has no limits. If she could get a result out of stabbing herself, then so be it. She would do so. In the end, Tormentil when she finally sheds her jokester's cloak, is a force to be reckoned with, as the Highborn Demon family found out. In fact, if she had continued her mad ascension to power, she might've even set Ketsu a surprise or five. In which case, Tormentil doesn't really have ambitions, apart from her loyalty to the Iramasha. She is not really a strict ruler, but has a certain modicum of refinement needed.

Tormentil is a strange, free soul, but she expects people to apply to certain standards. Such as not spitting your food over the person you're talking ; or being courteous enough to not attack fellow Iramasha clans mate, no matter how annoying they are. She also expects underhandedness and lying, so she is never disappointed if that happens. She rewards honesty when it's due, and she also rewards maliciousness where it's due. To be fair, Tormentil's eccentric tastes make her a strange leader, but she has the charisma to back it up, and the strength too. Although, she does prefer playing the weak jokester.. many realize there's a reason she's still Female Head of the Highborns, and a Council Member.



• Background: Tormentil's beginning life was, surprisingly, as a human. Born as a human female, with the name Clarity Temperance, she was always androgynous. Thus, Tormentil was forced to, easily, take on the stigma's of people back then. At the age of 12, she quickly found out that these stigmas could go to beatings. By the time she was 19, she had renamed herself ''Jack'' and traveled with a band. Although the glorious 80's had passed, she did pretty well in the 90's too. However, by the time she was 22, the girl realized she didn't have much of a life. Both of her parents were alienated, because they just didn't understand her way of thinking. What friends she had scattered to the winds, and well, her band mates were fighting. In the end, they broke up a bit later, and 24 year old Jack tried to keep his/her mark in the music industry. In the end, it was for naught, and the girl had to find herself a job. She sustained herself until she was 32 : that was the year 2012. When everything became too much. The girl flicked the gun she had in her hand, and put it to her temple, her trademark manic grin on her face. ''Maybe I'll have more fun in the next life.'' she thought then. That's when a huge flurry of feathers appeared before her. Surprised, she shot at it, but the bullet went.. nowhere.

But before her, was a wounded bird man. With curiosity, she brought him to her bed, and treated him. But even her rudimentary human treatments wouldn't work. In other words, the man was dying and she was the first one to have found him. But he didn't seem daunted by his death. It took about a week, but during that week, the two talked, Jack having someone to talk to so closely for the first time in a long time. And when she described the events that the other had walked into, the man clicked his tongue and laughed. Without warning, he offered her a new life ; a clan of people, his people. Since he was dying anyways, he could easily turn her using a risky method. Since his fate was death, it wouldn't matter if he died via turning her, or any other method. Curious, she asked him many questions ; and finally she accepted. It was difficult, but both managed to pull through, allowing the raven man to teach her a few things, before he passed away. Filled with a new life, Jack became Tormentil, a flower and yet a dangerous word. That's when she set off to find the Iramasha.

Of course, the demon family were pretty much a bit rude. A bit was being nice ; because Tormentil was new, turned, and considered weaker, they turned their noses at her. Him. They didn't even know Tormentil's true gender, considering the fact that Tormentil would switch pronouns that he used around a bit, depending on the day. This small manipulation was quite fun for Tormentil. However, it turned out that this newly born Demon Iramasha was easily outclassing the so-called lower branch. Without much hesitance, Tormentil easily got to the Highborn branch, even though she was technically of a lower birth. After the scandal with then male head and an Angel Iramasha, Tormentil targetted the weakened Female Head. And easily beat her, almost like a sudden raging flame. The fact that she could easily fit into both Female and Male head roles was astonishing. Since then, Tormentil has kept access to the Male Head restricted, letting only those who best her take a crack at it. But not many could stand the strange girl.

Eventually, she managed to make it to the Council. As a turned human, that rose up the ranks in a rapid succession, considering her youth, it was an honour. From then on, Tormentil settled into a semi-comfortable life. But she hated being bored.. so sometimes, there were quite a few antics. But that is the key of the game, which Tormentil loves so. A sad, but easy story for her to tell. Yet still, there is something missing, in between the lines.. but Tormentil never elaborates.



• Seishin Buki Name: Hack and Slash

• Seishin Buki Appearance: Hack and Slash, or Slicer for short, is Tormentil's seishin buki. Strangely, it has several looks ; in it's most common appearance, it is a Chainsaw. With the hilt being deep red in color, and the entire thing being rather long, it seems almost intimidating. This can also switch to a dual pair of scissors, both fitting in each hand and about the size of said hand. This seems strange, but the scissors are actually more powerful then the chainsaw. It some how becomes part of Tormentil should she change forms, allowing her to access the abilities of her Seishin buki anyways.

• Seishin Buki Abilities:

-- Physical and Spiritual Damage --
This Seishin Buki can cut through both physical and spiritual bodies. Tormentil can actually set this, by flicking a switch on the hilt of the chainsaw, or using the scissors either upright or upside down. Whilst attacking physical bodies, it does not effect the spiritual body of a user, allowing Tormentil to give a surprise attack on those still made of flesh. (like born iramasha, or humans, or even people in gigais.) On the flip side, switching it to a spiritual blade allows the user to cut through the spiritual body, without effecting the physical one, making it a generally useful attack pattern.

-- Reformation --
Hack and Slash can reform itself, no matter what damages it. From concept breaking to nullification, to purely negative energies to just being blown to bits, this Seishin Buki will always reform itself. Why? Because it is bonded to Tormentil and thus, will always come back into it's full form. (this applies to Tormentil's body in her forms, allowing her to come back as long as there is a scrap of her somewhere, such as a hair on her bed.) however, depending on the damage, it may take some time. (usually, it can take anywhere from an IC week to a month, depending on the damage.) This makes the weapon completely able to be neutralized, however, still remain. It doesn't change it's basic structure to unbeatable ; it just makes it unable to ever disapear. This is because Tormentil formed this Seishin Buki when in contact with someone important that she doesn't speak of.

-- Axis Revolving Method --
This is another strange ability given to Slicer, more specifically in it's chainsaw form. (although applicable with the scissors, that actually needs to include Tormentil's own capabilities.) In a sense, Tormentil can control the axis of her chainsaw spinning ; either in forward or reverse. Also, she can control frequency, and speed of the spinning, allowing her to disengage attacks in a more long ranged manner, or even apply more force to whatever she is fighting. This is often done on a whim, but it's said that if Tormentil concentrated, she could bring her chainsaw's blade speed into Mach levels. This modification of frequency, speed, axis and method, allow Tormentil to, in a sense, ''cut through anything.'' That said, it's usually only a combination of these elements that allow her to cut through things that regularly, she would not be able to. A prime example, is generating enough counter-force, push, and speed, that would allow Tormentil to break through a gravity field of sorts, or a barrier. Tormentil can usually regulate this with a few words, and often does it on the fly.



• Powers:

-- Memoriam --
Tormentil needs to have the target's blood, and consume it, along with touching them afterwards. Only then, will this ability activate. In that space of time, Tormentil acquires every memory that the targets hold. How is this done? By freezing the entirety of space and time. From there, a roll of cinematic like tape comes out, showing the person's memory of their life. This includes buried, forgotten or unwanted memories. Even erased memories remain in the subconscious ; and should a person even go that far to remove them, their imprint. In a way, this allows Tormentil to acquire knowledge on the person beyond the normal scope of means. This is done in the space of a single moment, meaning just a glancing touch won't do. In most cases, people won't even be aware that their entire memory had just been copied and translated into Tormentil's database. However, those with space or time powers will surely sense that something happened. This ability is no more then that ; the observing view of one's memories stored within Tormentil. However, this can offer a great advantage in battle, once learned. To sort through all the memories, it will take on average, 3 posts for those of Tormentil's tier. Higher require 5 posts, and lower only require 1. This ability is a sort of information gathering and CANNOT directly influence thoughts, memories, or events, other then being used for Tormentil's knowledge.

-- Memoria Infernalis --
As memories seems to be one of Tormentil's strong points, this is a secondary ability, derived from Tormentil. This said, Tormentil can actually use the mass amount of memories she's accumulated as an actual weapon. This said, the rolls of memory mentioned in Memoriam? Tormentil can actually summon and use those much like one would an element. Tormentil can make chains out of these memories to hold down people, or sharpen one like a blade. This said, each memory that is destroyed, blocked or otherwise hurt, is in fact, transferred into the one that did such an action. These are not the core of the memories, so they won't be erased from Tormentil, but rather, transmittable copies. So if someone sees a memory blade come at them, and tries to block it, they would shatter, and then inherit the memory, suddenly recalling it vividly like an illusion. That is done in the space of a second : often, not enough time for Tormentil to take advantage of it. However, this allows Tormentil a weapon that few would actually comprehend. As more memories get transcribed into someone, the more they become overwhelmed, due to the forced activation of their memory recalling capabilities. In a sense, this can throw off their sense of power and control, simply by overwhelming their mind with massive memory recall.

Tormentil can also choose the type of memory, making it even more dangerous. They can be all happy ones, sad ones, angry ones : the theme is usually up to Tormentil's discretion. In a way, this is a form of mental warfare, which Tormentil seemingly adores. And if the memory is not blocked/stopped/destroyed? It will physically/spiritually damage the body of the one that did not block it, as the original attack intended. In either case, it's a lose/lose situation. However, when using this capability, Tormentil is restricted. This is not accessible in her forms, nor can she access her forms as long as she' using this. Also, the memory broken and viewed, is also forcefully recalled by Tormentil. (This ability requires also fair play : as such, the memories viewed by the opponent are decided by their player, as long as it correlates to Tormentil's memory theme. Unless it is a memory from Tormentil's own past, which would be decided before hand, in the post. Also, as a note, those of a higher will power then Tormentil can ignore the memory, but will still remember it. But they will not be paralyzed by it either.)

-- Acrobatic of Madness --
Tormentil has heightened physical capabilities, almost like an acrobat. With double joints and flexibility to make even a contortionist envious, Tormentil seems to be the type of fighter that can get into a box, pop out of it with knives, and still smile. Tormentil's acrobats are a well known component to her practical jokes, and thus often people find themselves surprised at how in-depth they actually are. As a stage performer, and in her life, Tormentil had trained both as a gymnast and a circus freak, having joined the circus towards her late 20's for a bit. In a sense, it makes Tormentil capable of pulling things off most would think impossible. Such as a straight up series of back flips mixed with kicks and punches. Yeah. Tormentil has a basic kinetic knowledge of fighting, allowing her to mix a bit of half-assed martial arts, but nothing more. This quality goes through to her other forms as well.

-- Battle Mad --
Tormentil can activate this at will. It allows her to, literally, stop thinking. At that point, her entire body is on overdrive, instinct wise. It turns her to little more then a beast, only noises coming out of her throat and incomprehensible words. This allows Tormentil's entire physical capabilities to be increased much higher then they would normally, at the cost of any skill use. That includes Chaos Energy as well. Hence, this has a time limit of 5 posts, before disengaged for the entire thread. However, this form is extremely powerful : the last time Tormentil used it, in the barren area they had chosen to fight, she leveled the entire place with a few well placed blows. This can possible, if she's at 1-1 tier, boost her up to somewhere like 0-4 tier or more. That's how strong this form is, as it sacrifices everything that Tormentil can use in one, singular, gigantic power-up. The only ability that remains, is her Seishin Buki's Reformation. This however, is sped up to the point that Tormentil can reform cut limbs in a single post, and heal non-mortal injuries in one post as well, whilst life threatening ones have to be healed in 2-3. However, once this mode is finished, if Tormentil has sustained a life threatening injury, she will be weakened by half. Three of these will render her into an instant coma, due to the amount of energy it took to heal her. This is only able to be activated before she enters an ulterior form.

-- Raven's Gift --
This is a gift off the Iramasha that converted Tormentil. By implanting his soul into her, he formed a bond that allowed her to convert to his race. When he died, she inherited his abilities. However, Tormentil has not readily explored those abilities yet, only having found a few minor ticks in her forms. In her natural form, she can easily sprout black wings, heavily reminiscent of an angel in some cases. She also has advanced, selective hearing, and advanced selective sight. This means, simply, she can choose when to expand her senses, rather then it being active at all times. The wings are large and strong enough to allow Tormentil flight with another person over long distances. It also gives her an innate thermal sense, thus she knows when it's hot or cold at a distance, and can read air currents. This allows her to, in a way, identify if someone is near by physically, or even read her opponents by their wind movements. However, this isn't 100% accurate, but it's enough for her to make general guesses. She also is capable of communicating with birds via chirps and calls, and can even reproduce any bird sound perfectly. This all transfer to all of her forms, and they each have their own additives.

• Chaos Moves: -



•Demonic Release: Akai || Tormentil's shape changes quite a bit. Still androgynous, one notices that this form is actually male on a second look. Her red hair shortens quite a bit, and Tormentil's eyes become strange. A pure blood red with a slit, looking very demonic in nature. The clothing changes to tight red pants, and a sort of fur coat like best. This appearance seems to be more violent, and wild. There are red marks covering Tormentil's hand to the elbow or shoulder. Tormentil's Seishin Buki is absorbed into his form. In a sense, this form is mostly a trap based one, using it's physical capabilities inherited to push the opponent towards where they could take the advantage.

-- Carmine Bloodbath --
The first ability of this form is rather simple. This reveals Tormentil's true fighting nature, as a long range specialist. Where as his regular form could easily show close range combat, and that this form looks similar, this is a false assumption. This ability proves that. By using only bloody memories, Akai as this form is called, influences the stains on his arms to grow bigger. These stains are dangerous to the touch, as they resonate with blood. Once they find a blood length, they can easily form painful ailments in one's blood. That is only a secondary ability : the true nature of these stains is to channel the bloody memories into functional, dangerous scenes. In a sense, these stains allow him to place similar stains all over the area, thus causing death traps for those that step onto them. The blood length can go from simple ailment, to instant boiling of the blood. It all depends on how big the stain is. The bigger the stain, the longer in contact, the more dangerous the consequence. Ailments include nausea, fevers, dizziness, drowsiness, sluggishness, nervous twitches, paralysis, and generally other such oriented thing. Each ailment will be notified in the post that the stain is placed. (As a note : all stains last 5 posts before starting to reduce and disappear 2 posts afterwards, unless renewed.)

-- Carmine Spree --
Due to the stains, and the initial function, Akai can even form an energy shot out of these, and start spreading them out like bullets. Think of it as cero balls holding the above capabilities, being shot at someone from the original stained arms. Also, it is a general elemental control of the stains, allowing free form manipulation such as spikes, chains, weapons, and other general things to be made out of these stains. That is more or less the function of this ability, to be able to spread the stains at any range. Also, there is a passive side : the long Akai stands or touches an area, the more that area will be stained. This is a capability that is relatively secret, and part of Akai's plan to pin and trap an opponent, as too long contact may cause death.

-- Stained Eyes --
Akai's strange eyes allow him to not only see in dim light, but also track and notice energy signatures. In a sense, he can see with his eyes how much energy a person is, what type it is, and how much there is. And when they leave an area, he can see a faint trail that could allow him to hunt them. A good way to counter this is to suppress one's energy, as he can only read active and let out energy. Suppressed energies are too hard for him to read. This gives him a good tracking capability during battle, as long as there is enough energy to track someone.

-- Raven's Gift : Akai --
This is a gift, given to Tormentil by the man that turned her. In Akai's form, this gift mutates. Capable of growing the raven wings, Akai can also infuse them with his staining capabilities, thus tinging them with hints of blood red. These feathers can be manipulated once detached, as long as Akai is within a 50m range of the feathers. They can also act as a homing beacon, such as if a person takes a feather and runs. The feathers are naturally sharp at the tip and on the sides, and holding them too long causes one to be sick. The secondary part of Raven's Gift towards Akai, is the capability of letting out sound screams. These screams are formed by the stains, and put into an audio form. More or less, Akai takes in a deep breath, and lets out a super sonic sound, that has the wave cone shape of the red stains, bursting towards the direction. It can effect physically the area, such as tearing up the ground, or ripping someone to shreds. The frequency depends on the damage, and the higher the frequency, the more deadly the stains are.

• Hell Evolution State: Tenma || This is Tormentil's second racial state. In fact, she actually looks relatively normal in this form. With red hair and capturing eyes, that are slitted in their own way, she has a normal look to her. The only odd things are her clothes, which lack red apart on the drifting manteau. Her Seishin Buki is actually fused within her in this form as well. However, she gains an important item. In this form, she may seem less threatening, as she reveals a purely girlish look, however, if she activates to this, things are serious. This is Tormentil's original human look in a sense. It represents Tormentil in ways that few can understand, and various things seem to be happening around her.

-- Overwhelming Presence --
If one is standing around Tormentil when she accesses this form, they can immediately tell this is on a different level. This form is called Tenma for a reason. She has overwhelming presence, capable of sending anyone three tiers below her to their knees by sheer pressure. This intensity is not actually made of energy : it is Tormentil's own physical presence. This is the result of her will power and focus put together in a very dangerous aura, that could possibly even make those of a higher tier lightly flinch. It is a vicious, deadly aura that makes all animals that are not controlled in the area flee : from the birds, to the mammals, to even the insects. Nothing wants to stay around Tenma. The sheer overwhelming presence can, if she's not careful, crack the earth around her from the sheer weight. Tenma can actually use this presence like a weapon, forming a sort of pressure wave system, by increasing her presence in increments. She only once increased it to the point of actually making a crater, and that is only half the total pressure she can put. Simply said, she is a sheer monster to be around.

-- Blades of Misfortune --
Tenma is a sword wielder, one can tell. However, the blades that she wields, as she changes them around, are each as unique as the other. All of these blades have excessively poignant meanings. All of these blades are formed out of misfortune or other dark emotions. Each blade is as unique as the last, so Tenma's style changes with them. This is simply to make note of these blades, as Tenma has yet to find any, but simply hears them calling to the back of her mind. In a sense, to make these blades, Tenma finds herself at the location of a misfortunate event, or a tragedy. War is a good place to be for sword creation. Once there, she drips some of her blood on the ground in the area, and begins an incantation, to form the blade. These blades are considered Demonic in nature, and can be given to others, as long as they wield it. Tormentil can hear the voices of a blade aching to be created, and only if she switches to Tenma can she create the blade. In a sense, Tenma's mission is to ''carve misfortunates into a form that causes more, and give them to those that earned the respect.'' In a sense, these blades are evil and some have their own identity. But as said, once Tenma creates one of these blades, she will know for sure. For now, she simply uses a normal Katana.

-- Ghost Blade --
A unique type of sword style fitting the blade toting girl. Tenma doesn't necessarily need much more then this in most cases. This style is unique to Tenma, and unable to be copied, adapted or bled through, because it in fact uses Tenma's very own constitution. The only way it can be used by someone else, is if they take her life force. This style is relatively simple in concept : What you see isn't what's there. There was many theories about this : dimension breaking, blinding speed, illusions, tricks. But however, there's only one truth : and it's none of those. To be simple : ''What you see isn't what's real.'' most would claim that to be an illusion, but it isn't. Because the blade that you see is real. But it's not the real attack. The perfect way to point this out would be in an example.

Tenma cuts horizontally, right to left. However, the actual cut that shows, on the person that did not dodge, is also horizontal, but from left to right. The simplicity of this is that there is a secondary function to the style. It basically mirrors and attacks in a after thought. It's a mix of dimension hopping, and speed to accomplish this : simultaneously as the original strike, there is a second one overlapping it from the exact opposite of it. Therefore, it makes dodging Tenma's real strikes extremely difficult, since one needs to both be in the physical area to block her physical strike, but yet manipulate a secondary dimension where the second, superimposed cut comes out of. It's a hard way to fully block any strike, thus preferring is the key point to this style. However, she is not limited to such things : in fact, Tenma's nature reflects Tormentil's, in the way that she is truly a long range attacker rather then close range. As such, there is a varied amount of techniques that cover within this blade style, in order to compensate for the so called lack of distance, which is actually Tenma's point. Since the Ghost Blade more or less infuses speed and dimension transcendence, it makes this style very powerful.

- Infinity Edge : This technique engages a wave of energy using the style. It is an air slash, capable of reach up to 70m in distance, due to the expelled force. The close range that this hits at, the more damage occured. Even being hit at the maximum of 70m, is about the strength of a normal bankai.
- Portal Blade : This technique is a simple one. Within a 50m area, if Tormentil slips her weapon into the secondary dimension, she can make the blade re-appear anywhere within that area. That said, it has to be within that area. But as long as it's within that range, the blade can come out of nowhere.
- Duplicating Reproduction : This technique can be used in conjunction with others. Tenma creates copies of the blade she's wielding. An example is if she's using Portal Blade, she can make several blades come out in several areas and directions. However, it reduces all ranges by half of their original span. If used by itself, it just allows her to dual wield, and use all skills at full range on both.
- Trickster Vanishment : This technique simply allows Tenma to fully include her blade into the ulterior sense, hiding it from physical sight for that post. It can only be done on one blade at a time, and the blade can still be heard, smelled, or sensed if it is a special blade. This technique is best used for assassinations or first strikes, so that the opponent cannot guess the blade's range.
- Blade Extension : This technique can extend Tenma's blade in a simple, straight attack. The metal suddenly warps and elongates from the second area, and strikes towards the opponent with a sudden lunge. It also has a phantom second strike, coming from either above or under. It has about a 2 second delay before hitting.

-- Raven's Gift : Tenma --
Keeping with Tormentil's gift, Tenma also has a version of this. She can use all of Tormentil's capabilities, but instead, her feathers, manipulable like in her Akai form, are instead tinged with steel and are thus blades. They can be used subconciously like a defense mechanism, or actively used like flying feather blades, impaling her opponents. She can even use her Ghost Blade ability with these feathers, thus making it almost two times as deadly due to the shortness of the blades, and the random placement of their locations.

• Raijin



• Class Title: -

• Class Traits: -

• Skills:

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Warp: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Gem Creation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

a beckoned run away leisure

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [Iramasha] Tormentil : 'Lil Miss Jack [Demon] [APPROVED: 1-1+, 0-5+]   Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:57 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Good work
Tier: 1-1+ Base & 0-5+ after her first release


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Due to prolongued inactivity and a missing activity check, this is being sent to the inactive characters section.
In order to claim your character back, feel free to post in the link below.

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Archiving because at this point it's pretty clear that this member has left.

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[Iramasha] Tormentil : 'Lil Miss Jack [Demon] [APPROVED: 1-1+, 0-5+]
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