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 Kakeru's upgrades.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kakeru's upgrades.   Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:02 pm

  • Name Of Character: Kakeru Leonhardt
  • Link To Character Profile: Nise no Eiyuu
  • Reasons For Upgrading:Difficult Battle with Kethel unlocking Two forms.
    What Are You Upgrading: Changing Alter and Adding Corrupt, Potential tier increase due to the increase in power.

    Now for the actual template upgrades

    Alter Form

    Alter Appearance:

    Alter Personality:
    Full of Justice.: Unlike normal Kakeru his justice is absolute and anyone who has justice like him he can respect. He always tests the will of their Justice to see just how strong they are in the terms of getting shit done, and to the terms of seeing how well their will is when the cards are laid on the table.

    Cold Focus: Even though he's the Alter of Kakeru He retains his Cold aspect, with a twist unlike Kakeru's aloof coldness, he's more of a hyper effective focus on what his goal is at that time.

    Solo-dolo: He doesn't like being around people, he thinks that camaraderie, having friends, and such are just mere lies that people use to manipulate you into your damnation. You want him to be your friend, good luck. That's like saying to a mountain you'll move on my command.

    Possessive: Once he thinks you're his, you're not getting away from him come hell or high water. He owns you and you are at his beck and call. He wants you in a place when you're going down on Beyoncée? Too damn bad you have to come regardless on how trivial and annoying the person thinking it is.

    Alter Powers: He loses his Ice abilities in this form and gains the abilities to create barriers that can absorb attacks and reflect them, create a seal that can Null Projectiles that hit it, His sword changes from Ice, to A Holy Sword meant to destroy evil. Finally he gains Armor that makes him from 5.10 to 6'9 and much more stronger, while making his energy control high priority without losing too much of his godlike speed.

    Sacred Armor Susano'o: [須佐之男命, Susano'o no Mikoto]: The Armor that he wears or well he's wearing forces him into his soul form that can walk through walls normally sealed into this armor, so his eyes are the numerous amounts of red eyes on the armor itself. Furthermore, it compresses his energy down so that he can have more and more of it. The purpose of the Armor is to slash through Time, What this means his barriers when he creates them can displace attacks, or in when he uses his Nox Nyctores: Interfectum Malus: Ookami, he can litterally cut time as in the slashes are so strong that it seems like time has stopped. Although it's normally only running at 40% full power, it makes it deadly when combined with the Nox Nyctores that's meant to slay evil.

    Sacred Weapon Interfectum Malus: Ookami[斬魔・鳴神- Slaying Evil Howling God]: The weapon that Alter Kakeru gains instead of Yukianesa. It's a weapon that's said to be a holy sword that's made just like Yukianesa in the same creation process, also the blade's metal is made to null magic on contact, although that drains energy from him to do. Also with his blade if he blocks a projectile he can choose to create the seal after blocking the attack. It's the shape of a nodachi with a blunt tip. Although it's a large blade [being about as tall as him] The alter has no problem in using it in BattoJutsu attacks because of his control with it.

    Fighting Style:
    Kokuujin: It's a fighting style using Battojutsu with Ookami in attacks with close quarters combat usually in kicks and quick punches. Unlike Using a lot of light strikes they are heavier being that he has more weight put behind his attacks. Also because he's heavier, and stronger his force of attacks are better than when he's in his normal form making the attacks more savage than elegant.

    Power of Order: A condition that Kakeru exhibits where he can reject and destroy phenomena unless they are resistant. Phenomena would be if he had a copy of a sister, if he was strong enough mentally and emotionally to reject it theoretically he could destroy it. In simple terms, he can destroy something that normally can't be destroyed. (Within Reason obviously. It's based if his speed is higher than the others, and he can logically damage it) This is one of the more powerful skills on his list of tricks. Although it's not used frequently when fighting people he considers weaker than him. When it's used it drains him and puts a strain on his mentality a bit more than his Sacred Weapon Attacks would just alone. Alter's Power of Order is stronger by that it's rejections are much more absolute being that the will of Alter is much stronger than the original. Furthermore, while his PoO is active The rejections can happen in tandem with his Barriers.


    This can not deny a death, as in if his head was lobbed off it can't go lolnope.
    If he can't prove that before the situation happened that he was fine then it doesn't work.
    He has to be able to prove from the situation before wasn't a lie and that he was in the correct when he rejects the change to him. (As in he wasn't already caught into an illusion)

    Example: If Kakeru's outside on a nice and sunny day with no clouds in the skies. Then out of the blue while he's looking into the skies and it's raining Power of Order would go through his memory and what it knows about the environment before and if it was more than probable that he was right he'd reject the sudden phenomena. On the other hand if he couldn't adequately prove that he was in the clear, as in he didn't pay attention to the environment before the change happened it would have to agree with the changes.

    Unlimited Mode: Removing all restrains from the 40% capacity of usage of energy to total usage the Armor compresses all of his energy down so it can last even longer giving the appearance of Limitless energy. His Barriers form faster and are much stronger, with less energy having to be applied. If focused with enough energy, His barriers can be nearly impenetrable to most attacks. Also when they redirect an attack it effectively doubles all parts of efficiency of the redirected attack. In short this means the Power, Speed, AOE, and in a sense doubling the actual attack. (As in making a single attack two.) Also once he breaks from this form He's suspect to falling into Corrupt Form because of the drain on his mental apparatus.

    Drive: |Zanshin|: Unique to Alter Kakeru He creates barriers that has two main functions, one is to seal attacks away, and the other is to reflect them back. Depending on the seal that's created when he generates the barrier around him. It'll do one of two things mainly one is to reflect as in it takes the attack then flips it back with the same force with a harder push in the ass. The other one is to seal it away as if it didn't happen. The more he uses the Barriers the faster his energy drains. Depening on how complex the barriers are as well the more energy is used. After a long battle he'll be thoroughly exhausted and will have to revert to normal form, because of the strain of the armor and his weapon places on him.

    Zanshin Skills:
    Kokuujin: Seiten no Hekireki: Drawing his blade high into the air he generates a strong holy wave around his blade while using the barrier to form a strong explosive point of impact that speeds up the attack, while this attack is powerful, it takes a bit to get charged up to full power. It can be released earlier, but it's less effective than at full power. After one turn of Charging, stationary, and two non-stationary. It launches like a large hurricane destroying what's in it's way.

    Kokuujin: Rehyou: Essentially the stronger version of Kakeru's Kokuujin Yukikaze, Whereas Kakeru Freezes the opponent he traps him into a barrier then slamming his blade on the barrier he breaks it and reflects the force of the attack upon the person or persons who attacked him. He has to be faster obviously to catch them into the barrier. Once trapped in the barrier if they are stronger than him they can get out possibly before they are hit with their reflected attack.

    Kokuujin: Tsubaki:This is a strange one. Kakeru places His sword into his sheath as he for two turns has a veil of light around him as he then compresses then makes the light into a ball or a beam shooting it out. As he does this he creates a barrier at both ends then collapses them to create a wide AOE Holy explosion as this happens Kakeru draws his sword then slices through the rear barrier then causing the explosion from the rear to over take the front causing a large scale explosion.

    Kokuujin: Ogi Akumetsu: Creating a massive barrier to take an attack in, If he's fast enough he'll capture him into the barrier. As he caught in to the wide area Barrier that's around him he'll begin to slash around the barrier as the barrier will implode upon itself creating the original attack it received about three times as powerful, fast, and with three times the impact than before. After this attack is over it's one of the most draining to do because of the massive amount of control of the barrier is executed.

    Overdrive: |Kishin|:Unlike his Unlimited form which powers up his Nox Nyctores so that it adds the property of Cutting time like the Armor's original purpose in this way when he slashes his slashes appears to be rapidly changing speeds as if it was a wild slash type. This is only the basic effect, the focused one? He can slice through time, as in his blade cuts through space and time for him to create rifts in time to distort attacks and makes the Holy property of his weapon into Divine Rifts that can absorb and reflect attacks back. He can sustain this for a short amount of time before it recharges. Takes two turns for the Recharge and lasts 10 turns before it has to be charged up again. This forces him into Corrupt from from the strain of the Overdrive, and the mental strain to control the armor's properties in his weapon.

    Tachyon Resonance: He can use and generate Tachyons using his sacred weapon and his energy to resonate with the particles. Furthermore with the particles comes a good amount of kinetic energy manipulation also making him able to use those particles in battle. He can use them as he see's fit it's dangerous, but effective in and out of battle.

    Corrupt Form

    Corrupt Appearance:

    Corrupt Personality:
    Conflicted.:Having twin origins is always a problem, since it causes an internal struggle of him fighting his emotions, but within that struggle there's an eerie calm that takes place that makes his decisions rational and at the same time conflicted.

    Calamity Trigger: He has certain triggers that forces his power out more and more. This one is a psychological game play by his order that forces him to use more of the Darkness EXS in an orderly way as in forcing his voids to be more in a structured pattern. Personality wise, he's suspect to breaking a bit more often.

    Continuum Shift:This Trigger is from Kethel's Origin being housed within' him. This causes the attacks he makes with his Darkness/Red Voids wild in the terms of they are move savage type attack basis. Personality Wise, he can shift his emotions at will with no problem of repercussions of his conversation style changing.

    Chrono Phantasma: This is a strange one, as in he always is focused on his goals no matter what. This means no matter the situation he holds fast to his goals. This is a contradiction on both Continuum Shift and Calamity Trigger because they want his emotions to shift, whereas this one forces his emotions to stay static for a certain time period then shift.

    Unholy Weapon Danretsu no Menzaifu [だんれつのめんざいふ」:This weapon he can summon at will. It's a Katana with a Red and Black colored blade that has no hand guard, but the strange thing it can materialize his Corrupt Abilites on the blade and at the same time, it can sever bonds. What this means in short that if he puts energy into the blade that's not from his Corrupt abilities, he can slice through defenses much more rapidly than before and crush guards with ease, if the timing calls for it. When he attempts this however, he must be either faster than and Stronger, or Faster with more endurance to break the guards. Also the weapon's elemental is classifed like his Abilities, Darkness/Red Void.

    Corrupt Abilities:His Skills stem from the mixing of his origin and Ketheldrein's making the |EXS of Darkness|Red Void. This uses three systems The Darkness itself, The Void, and finally Tachyonic particles laced into attacks. The Darkness serves as a medium for the Tachyons to be used and imploded/Exploded by will. The Red Void serves as one way he can attack, filling the Red Void with the Darkness to create not only Attacks, but Black holes and such as well. Also he can use the Red Void on their own to absorb and reflect attacks back. Finally when he uses all three in tandem, his Voids not only can explode and such they move at such a rate that they are hard to see, and even harder to dodge. [Kakeru must be faster for the attack to not be perceived in time for a strong defense.] This one is the most draining of his combinations, but he only uses it when he has to absolutely destroy something , because that's the nature of his Red Void and Darkness.

    |EXS| Techniques:
    Orbita: It's a high speed Spinning Red void that on contact explodes outwards with tachyonic explosions to cause massive damage. if he adds more energy to the attack He can grow the attack to be much larger than before, and cause it to draw enemies back if he has strong enough of a magic over the person he's fighting. When it's laced with more Tachyons than Red Voids it has a stronger explosive capability. Whereas if it has a stronger red void it can potentially capture better than harm.

    Astral: Using Danresu no Menzaifu, he collapses a Red Void as it draws the person into an explosion of Darkness and Red Void. Finaly as that internal explosion happens the person is launched away. If Kakeru's strong enough to do that. Furthermore, If more energy is placed into the attack it draws like a black hole. While it acts like a pseudo black hole, the attack once it's laced with Tachyons can remove existence, if he's strong enough and has enough energy to sustain something like that.

    Kagiotsu Kakeru swings his blade in a direction and opens up a void that can take in attacks and such, as the Void is created by the blade it creates a lining of darkness around the red void that helps to sustain it opening longer in case the attack it's eating up is a long term attack. While it's open it an eat an attack, as long as Kakeru has the energy. If it closes he can morph the attack and reopen the Void so that it's reflected back at the person, and the other one is displace it into an endless void effectively removing the threat. He has the energy to do this, the more energy he has the more effective Kaigotsu is.

    Akai Vorteshu Kakeru Slams his blade downwards as a large spiral of Red Void and Darkness swirling around begins to slice and dice as if it was a tornado. Of course if Kakeru's not careful he could get cut up with the attack due the centrifugal force of the attack being so strong from the swirling of the elements to make the Vortex. Also while the vortex is up it can protect him from on coming attacks if he's strong enough in the magic department to be able to resist the attack power of the opposing attack.

    Menzaifu no Mai Considered the ultimate attack of Kakeru He creates a large Red Void after he slashes into the person as it generates around them then the red void collapses around the person as it acts like a nuclear explosion that implodes upon itself to seal the large explosion into that person. This can only happen with his entire focus on using Both his EXS and Danretsu no Menzaifu. As this is the most taxing attack also the most dangerous because if he's not careful he could blow himself up in his own crossfire.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kakeru's upgrades.   Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:11 pm

After reading through everything here? I believe everything that was listed seems legit and I'll be accepting this upgrade. It's up to you to add them in the app now and begin stylizing it and what not.


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Kakeru's upgrades.
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