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 Sid Iramasha

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sid Iramasha   Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:12 am


• Name: Sid Iramasha
• Original Name: Sid 6.7
• Age: 965 yrs old
• Gender: Male
• Appearance:
• Branch/Position: Banished Iramasha/Rogue

• Race: Mecha Iramasha[Hybrid]


• Personality: In the past, Sid Iramasha was calm and somewhat pure hearted believing that everything happens for a reason really the kid believed in peace into being something of peacekeeper almost like a superhero trait. The Iramasha loved friendship thinking it at the time helps with power and dealing with a deadly situation and in time it would being all the great benefits into being a true hero. After his trial, Sid started changing his ideals wand beliefs were dying this was all his father's fault betraying him and his family for power. When his family and friends turned on him, He felt something dying inside feeling something inside growing a dark rage persona but it never took shape then. The kid always a sense of right and wrong but slowly the iramasha started descending down the dark path of wanting vengeance the sheer thought wanting revenge. But during his years growing up, Sid's heroic and down to earth persona was fading away completely after what his belief of what his clan did to him. In short, Sid was turning from heroic neutral being becoming more like an evil super villain.

Growing up into an adult, Sid took much of an evil persona becoming more more violent in his actions using his powers from personal gain much more becoming an tyrant. In the back of his mind, Sid believed all iramasha and anybody associated to heroics were true blackhearts of the whole world that they had a secret agenda of causing people pain. Through battles, Sid was relentless was in his actions wanting his enemies to suffer true emotional pain and immortalized physical pain when in a battle. Everything of his original persona was dead completely but his past which mad him more into a sadastic enemy to the iramasha clan and everyone. Sid didn't feel no pity, or remorse in his actions also no fear of dying because of his day when he believes when everybody was defeated and destroyed then the iramasha wil die.


• Background: Sidney Iramasha an homeless iramasha who been living among the humans for a while everything about his ties with the Iramasha clan has been erased completely. In fact of the matter was, Cole Iramasha who was Sid's father was making some dirty deals with some demons and whole lot of sacrifices needed to be done. The demons wanted one thing for Cole to obtain the powers to become a demon iramasha, he must perform an ultimate act of betrayal the bastard was planning something bad. Sid was a child at the time playing his childhood friends and doin well in school almost like a normal human kid who but a dark cloud was forming unexpectedly under his head as something evil was going to happen to him. The truth is that he was of Iramasha royalty but someone of the clan erased all that the moment his mother died the iramasha was kicked out his clan someone set him up by nobody could prove it. Sid's father convinced the clan that his son was the mastermind behind his family demise it was lies but they were believing his sorry ass long enough to make him look like a hero tossing Sid like garbage. Sid tried to prove his innocents but the guards warned him never to come back or they would kill him but they allow him to say goodbye to his childhood friend at the gate behind before leaving the iramasha gates forever and no one saw that child ever again. During his exile, Sidney's hatred for everything started to grow the fact that he was betrayed by his clan and the fact that the iramasha was living under poor condition after sleepless nights, he wanted a change from this. Still, Sid wasn't much an evil doer it wasn't in his blood still the iramasha tried to do the right thing the good part of him dying the turning point came years later. The kid got a few jobs under his wing making some good money but the police thought he shold be in school but most people didn't worry that much before of his hiding skills and running away when cops were looking at him funny wondering where his parents were. Still, the iramasha kid was homeless and then he needed to do something fast or freeze to death which the kid made an life altering decision to break the rules to become a rulebreaker.

Growing up was hard the iramasha had to self educate himself learning the tricks and skills of the trade

The iramasha started using his powers to rob things so just he could get by and live a little better things started to get better until the cops started chasing him a lot after some burglaries and crimes. As time and more crimes started happening, Sid's living arrangement started getting his biggest accomplishment was taking over somebody's penthouse. He may have to kill some bitches and some rich bitches to do it but the iramasha finally took over the penthouse of some hotel high rise, Sid was becoming a super criminal and he was enjoying the new dark life. Months later, Sid was taking some girl out for a party honoring some righ guy then after the party the iramasha took the girl home. Both of them were jumped by a gang, Sid had to watch the horror while he was being forced to some tree all tied up as his friend was being tortured then killed. Then after some high fives from the gang they killed the iramasha as well, a dying Sin crawl out to his friend wondering why all people were cruel. Someone was watching the whole thing then took Sid's dead body underground thinking the iramasha wasn't going to die like that and his desires of revenge & anger were unbelievable someone had the technology they could rebuild the iramasha.

Project Sid 6.7 was born that months later most of Sid's brain was downloaded into software to keep him alive until the neural cyber organism could be given a body. Then Sid met the programmer & mech scientist responsible for his rebirth a cyber hacker named Jerry D. Lindenmeyer, he explained what happen to him pissing off the iramasha. Jerry wanted give Sid another chance to get his revenge on everybody who wronged the iramasha but the scientist had big plans wanting the creation to get stronger. Jerry Lindenmeyer started download a lot of software programs and updates with SId's brain making him somewhat stronger both physically and mentally to make into a better iramasha then he was before. Finally, After so many training programs and software updates the mech sientist finally recrafted the iramasha's body making it stronger replacing both and some parts of his chest and all neck and eyes. Syn was alive once again and then killed the cyber hacker with his new abilities thinking nobody should know that he's alive again thinking everybody was open game now and the only on his mind now was getting revenge on everyone and everybody who got in his way.


• Seishin Buki Name: TX Armor

• Seishin Buki Appearance: The TX armor is almost like a power armor which is worn by ninjas even samurais when dealing with deadly enemies, this armor gives the user the advantage in battle. The armor was designed after ancient samurai designs. It includes spiked shoulder pauldrons. The purpose of the Japanese aesthetics was to instill fear in enemy soldiers while compensating for the armor's lack of defensive strength by angling the pieces to reduce ballistics penetration and providing a sleek, aerodynamic figure. he helmet features seven angular spikes, one to each side, and the face plate is fused into a single piece and contour. The top rear guard of the helmet is pointed, revealing a protruding spike. The bottom rear, around the neck, forms a neck guard, like that of a samurai helmet. Its shoulder pauldrons are replaced by three metal plates arranged in an overlapping fashion similar to the armor of a Japanese samurai, also known as the "sode. The chest armor features a thick, round collar piece protecting the neck, as well as an angular strip of armor that appears to be strapped over the chest, featuring a small delta in the center.

• Seishin Buki Abilities: Augmented Enhancements: Xathis had iramasha scientists and cyber scientists make thr armor stronger with stronger abilities and powers it but everything came at a price . The cybernetic scientists told him if he wanted the augmentation powers within the body power armor with with some greater abilities then something had to be sacrificed to do this. The iramasha scientists told him iramasha transformations would have to be sacrificed which his hybrid transformations were infised into the power armor. The infused power of the armor gives the user many physical augmentations like augmented strength, augmented speed and augmented defense when worn.

Flight: The armor gives him the ability to fly. The fight ability gives him to go to different places whenever he wants do so. A cyber iramasha flies with gravity receivers on his feet giving his gravity flight boost allowing him to travel in the air. Xathis is really something of super jumper travelling to different points of the world reach amazing airtime of trying to dodge a great attack or leaping to building. If his gravity receivers are destroyed, Xathis won't be able to fly until his feet are completely fixed which will take 5 days to heal through his seishin powers.

Gauntlet Striking Power: When using these cyber gloves for punching, Xathis's striking power is increased by 50% percent. Because the cyber metal rings kinda lock the iramasha fingers allow enemies to feel his punches effectively with deadly pain.

Magical and Elemental Defenses: A new feature to the power armor all due to the scientists making the newer modifications to the Seishin Buki. The power armor itself not only had durability but built into it the armor had some high resistant to magic and elemental defenses. This was all due to a wizard infusing the power of Judas High Priest into the armor placing microchips and upgraded magically blocking software within the power armor making it magical & elemental defensive to take those attacks and watch them backfire. Yet the suit isn't fullproof or invincible too many magical attacks can damage the armor.


• Powers: Cybernetic Enhancements: After his rebirth into a cyborg, Sid was given various enhancements done his body after being saved by the mech scientist. Due to his systematics, Sid was given cybernetic physical abilities allows him higher to become better then any normal human or any normal iramasha. Through the updates done of his cyber body, Sid has enhanced strength, enhanced speed and enhanced reflexes all due to his programming and software programs infused even programmed inside him. Making Sid almost something like a superhuman stronger.

Hand to Hand Fighting Combatant: Through his programming, Sid was trained to fight and condition to become a good hand to hand combatant through his battles and his training simulations. Sid is deadly lethal using punches and kicks being highly unpredictable in a fight using speed and reflxes to take on or kill his opponents. The iramsha does using his full strength into his punches to let his enemies know who there dealing with. Sid is skilled & trained enough to even hold his own against stronger fighters for short amounts of time.

Elemental Powers[Metal/Electricity]: Through his cybernetics, Sid trained his cyber iramasha powers how to use magic which was a painful process to learn magic but finally the iramasha learned the elemental properties of both metal and electricity. He had some problems in beginning controlling both elemental powers leaving him with some short circuits to his iramasha systems. After bribing some demons, Sid was retrained to completely control his elemental powers depending on his own physical strength detemines the strength of his elemental powers. Through training he been able to create different styles of elemental attacks and defensive powers with his two elemental powers.

Cyber Computer Marksmenship:

Cybernetic Powers: Sid's body was redone with a cyber enhancements replacing his iramasha body, some parts of his chest, arms, hands shoulders, neck and finally his eyes. The iramasha body acts something similiar when a person transforms. When using his cyber iramasha arms, Sid arms or body transforms taking on a different chracteristic when using a cyber attacks. The iramasha's cybernetic body doesn't transform when using cyber defenses they used his energy whe using defensive abilities. However, Sid's defensive powers can be weaken if he shot water attacks or stronger attacks depending on the enemy's attack strength. Also Sid's cyber attacks can be defeated or counter by a stronger defense or strong energy barrier depending on the strength and defensive power of that enemy.
Cyber Attacks
Palm Repulsors
Small Double Arm Chainsaws
Energy Beams
Machine MiniGuns
Gun Turrets
Super Missiles
Energy Grenades
Mini Smart Nuke

Cyber Defenses
Energy Shields
Cha-Cyber Firewall Barrier
Nanotech Cyber Healing:
Mental Super Barrier

• Chaos Moves: Chaos Link: Chaos Link is a technique where advanced and master users of Chaos Energy can enter someone's mind in order to read their memories and past experiences. They can also share their memories with the person they linked with. However, the link can only happen if the other person accepts. There is no way to perform Chaos Link against someone's will.

Chaos Restore: An Iramasha with Advanced or Master control over Chaos Energy can replace a limb or non-vital organ with ease. For Advanced it takes one post; for Master's it's almost instant. You can only use this move three times in a thread if you are advanced with a cool down of 3 post, and six times if you are a master with a cool down of two post. If you try to go over that limit there is chance something can go wrong.

Chaos Orb: A technique that uses a ball made from Chaos Energy to track a particular individual anywhere they are. There are a few restrictions about the person that is subjected to pursuit. The user must know that person's reitsu's pattern. If someone can be targeted for pursuit, they maybe very far away, the orb will be able to confirm their position.

Chaos Break: Chaos Break is the brother move of Chaos Soul. Upon usage, a mirrored version of the Chaos Soul seal appears under the user, and two clones of light or shadow appear, as usual. After entering the mind of someone, seals on their powers and inner Devils can be attacked - Advanced can break most seals, while Masters can only be stopped by other Masters using Chaos Soul at the same time.

Chaos Moon: Focusing Chaos Energy into your hand you make a some what temporay light sorce of chaos energy. It has only been attempted by Angel Iramasha but it might be possible for Hybrid Iramasha to use this as well. A blue ball of unstable chaos energy is created over two posts. When this ball of energy is realeased all Iramasha of the same branch will have a boosted form of Chaos blast,Chaos warp and Chaos Control for also long it's in the thread. But as for the creator his abilities will be slightly weaker and also the moon can be consumed by another Iramasha of the same branch to gain immense power. If this happens they will move up a tier for 5 posts unless they are 0 tier in this case it will only be half tier making them a + or next rank but not with +. This can only be used once a thread. Remember through that if absorbed or used it is unstable somewhat and might make you moves a bit unfocused. A wider chaos blast and a choas warp that is off a distance of where you wanted to be.

Chaos Burn: Alex concentrates holy and chaos energy into his pointer finger, making a small structure of holy power that extends 4 inches from the tip. He an cut the enemy with it and it penetrates better than his normal attacks. It lasts for 1 post with a 2 post cool down, and it may also be generated from Fure's sword tip for a cooldown of 3 posts.

Chaos Vortex: Chaos Vortex is a restraining Chaos Move mostly. It starts by the user summoning up a large amount of Chaos Energy for one post. After a one post charging period, a vortex that can be of any color appears above the user's opponent. Once there, a large beam of light, that can also be any color, shoots from the center of the vortex and encases the opponent within it. From there, the walls will soon begin to become extremely heated to the point to where if you even touch them your hand can possibly melt and there will also be lightening surrounding the walls to detour people from escaping. After the walls come down, the gravity inside of the vortex will be becomne five times stronger then Earth's gravity and will most likely cause the opponent to fall face first into the ground. It can also make it difficult to use any other kind of energy besides Chaos Energy due to the sheer amount of Chaos Energy that's slamming down on the user. Not to mention that the gravity can eventually begin to tear you apart if you are severely weakened or on a two, three, four or five tier. The only way to counter this is to either shoot some type of strong energy into the vortex to disrupt it, place a defensive Kidō around you until the vortex is gone, use Chaos Control to teleport yourself out of the Vortex or place your own barrier around you or raise your reitsu if you are stronger then the user. The Vortex can also only be up for a maximum of three post by a master, two post by advanced and one post by Adept. But when the vortex is about to disappear, all the energy it collected will explode and cause a massive explosion. If the user is not careful, they can also get caught up in this blast. The drawbacks to using this power, though, is that you can only use it three times per thread. So, after you use it once you cannot use it for another five post no matter who you are. It can also cause moderate exhaustion for three post after it's summoned and can slow you down for one post.


• Class Title: The Hybrid of Dark Cybernetics

• Class Traits: Cyber Update Power: This is something of a power up system mode which gives him more power and makes him stronger. Sid's power up appear to work by focusing the energy through the body so that it can swell in the cyber arms, doing so increases cyber strength and speed. While in the powered up state, the energy aura's color becomes pure red. Four Skills will be boosted by one for 6 posts after his stamina will be completely drained making him look a little sluggish and a little weak. Sid only this technique unless if he's in a deadly situation or fighting someone that the only good time to use such a power.

True Eradicator: The trump card attack wheres he lights a spark of energy on his index finger. Once enough energy is gathered, this spark may grow to the size of a small dark blue moon and is thrown towards the target. Typically, this attack is used to destroy many buildings or a small city or as a last-ditch effort to severly wound an opponent. When it hits something it almost like an big and massive explosion but it can be destroyed if it blasted in right in the center depending enemy's attack power or by a much stronger energy attack. However this can be charged into a much stronger attack which is called 100% True Eradicator which takes 3 posts to charge and the user must completely still when gathering energy for the attack. If the user is attacked the attack is no more which he have to do it all over again. The 100% True Eraidcator is made when he places his hands forward as he forms a sphere of pure white energy that has another dark blue sphere inside it that turns black in the center and has silver electricity flowing around it. If he charges the attack for a few seconds, it seems to take on a decagon shape, but most commonly looks like a circle. Once he fires it, it leaves a shot black trail of energy behind before it hits the target, very easily causing a medium but large nuke-sized explosion

• Skills:

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Warp: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Gem Creation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


• Roleplay Sample: (If this is your first application on the site, please be sure to show us a post from another site or make a new one to show us how you RP. If you have already made a character, you may remove this!)
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Sid Iramasha
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